I rushed home eagerly with my mind totally flustered. If it weren't for the laser protective bars I probably would've walked right onto the hover-train's track. As I made my way through the incredibly crowded city, dodging holographic advertisements on every corner and ducking whenever some idiot flew his transport pod right over the heads of the pedestrian walkway, I kept clutching my hand over my jacket's hidden pocket. I felt a compulsive need to constantly check to make sure that the chip I had sought so diligently was still safely nestled there.

It was difficult making my way back home, what with taking the walking path through the narrow skyscrapers that marked every street in the city. Whenever I got stuck behind some inconsiderate person, apparently I wasn't worth moving for, seeing as I was only a teenage boy.

I would look up and watch the incredible flurry of activity as the dozens of different levels of transport pods and tubes that made up the city's internal navigation system criss-crossed, nearly blocking out the sun; in fact, the lack of light meant strategically placed artificial light emanated from the walls of every building to keep everyone from stumbling around in eternal darkness.

Finally I reached my home and my heart raced as I noticed both of my parents' absences. They wouldn't be home from their jobs for hours, and at 15, too old for a baby-sitter, I had our spacious modern apartment to myself. Carelessly I tossed my book bag onto the sofa (though still called a book bag, in actuality it was just a flat panel that was loaded up with all my school crap) and rushed to the entertainment center.

Carefully I entered the combination to my jacket's pocket and watched eagerly as a compartment seemingly appeared out of nowhere on the formerly seamless material. With a ridiculous amount of tenderness, I reached into the pocket and pulled out the chip.

I watched as it glistened with its shiny reflective covering and carefully I placed it into the entertainment center's receptacle. With that the entertainment center took over and the chip floated gracefully upwards in the receptacle chamber and began spinning faster and faster as a beautiful blue laser struck it, giving it an almost ethereal glow.

In front of me the air molecules seemed to stir and a large perfectly flat transparent rectangle appeared before me. Quickly the entertainment center loaded its default menu and I asked it to give me details on the chip's program. Details flashed on the floating rectangle:

"Origin: Masahiritu Entertainment Corporation Title (translated): Virtual Super Fun Happy Girl Time! Rating: Highest level of Restriction. Please enter password to unlock program..."

I gave the program its password as I took off my jacket; my crotch was already hard with anticipation. The screen flashed and now a menu popped up, which had been auto-translated by the computer from its native Japanese: "Please with respect be giving your girl description."

I pondered this for a moment and announced in return, "36C, thin, Caucasian, tall, blonde with black roots, ummm... curvy?" The entertainment center hummed as it seemed to go through a million calculations and the floating menu flashed with colors.

The walls took on a new glow as the holographic projectors warmed up. Then, a moment later, standing in front of me was an absolutely beautiful woman, exactly matching my description. My pants were now nothing but an elaborate tent for my cock. There she stood, wearing a tight latex suit that hugged her large breasts and absolutely perfect ass. The screen reappeared before me and more questions appeared. I rushed as quickly as I could through the incomprehensibly translated menu and finally when I finished the screen disappeared and I was left alone with my dream girl.

I was nervous, but not too nervous to notice how tightly the latex hugged her virtual assets and how constrained my pants now felt. She just stood there coldly, blinking every once in a while. This was the image in my mind with which I had masturbated for so many years; this was the moment I had been waiting for. I guess I could be called awkward, but at 15 I knew I absolutely needed sex, and I couldn't get it from anyone living. For months I had scrimped and saved for this day, and then stroked myself off imagining this moment.

Finally I knew I had to speak. "I, uhhh, computer... uhhh."

Luckily she responded with a soothing sexy voice that made my loins burn, "Please, call me Sarah. Would you like me to fuck you today? Or perhaps a striptease? I am well versed in 700 different sexual techniques and can be trained with new ones at your leisure."

She was just so real. I actually felt nervous around her, not sure how she'd feel about me, ignoring the fact that she was just a bunch of photons and laser fields. I tried to pull my shirt down to cover up my raging hard-on. The program was incredible and adapted right away, "Ohhh. Poor baby, that looks like it hurts. Want Sarah to make it better?"

I literally gasped at the statement. She, or more accurately the computer, studied the situation briefly and decided on a course of action: "It's okay, Sarah will take things slowly for you, my young Master. Just sit down over in that chair and I'll give you a little show." She winked at me and then walked over towards me.

She reached her hand out and I was stunned when I felt it touch my arm and guide me to the chair, where I sat uncomfortably fighting my dick and my extreme embarrassment. Her hand had felt so real, the thought that the rest of her could feel that real made my dick jerk briefly in my pants, fighting its imprisonment.

"Hmmm," she said, "Not much use doing a striptease in an outfit like this? Hell, you can already tell I'm shaven where it counts with this one. Computer, give me outfit 35b." Her body flashed with a brilliant light and for one brief millisecond I could see her naked splendor, but soon she reappeared from this halo of light wearing a tight shirt (no bra), and a red frilly skirt that went down to her knees where it covered the ends of white thigh high stockings.

At the bottom she wore black "fuck-me" stiletto heels. She had a new air about her, as if she were now in charge and in control of everything. She leaned one lovely hip forward straining the skirt and snapped her fingers prompting some strip club style music to fill the room. Following the music, she moved her hips from side to side and stretched out her body, straining the shirt against her breasts.

Now twisting around she bent down stroking her leg with her arm, giving me an excellent view of how tightly the skirt hugged her ass. Her curves drove me wild and soon I had to pull my pants to my knees on the chair so that my dick wouldn't blast off right into my shorts.

"Mmmm," she hummed as she observed my hard-on, "I can't wait to feel that inside of me." Obviously those Japanese programmers hadn't skimped on the English translation where it counted. Just then as she continued rocking her hips to the beat, she snapped her fingers and a strip club style pole appeared in the room. Suddenly she spun around and turned her back to me.

Again she hunched over, and her skirt almost seemed to hug her ass tighter than it had before. But this time, as she straightened back up, she suddenly pulled her shirt over her head. I could just barely see the edge of her breasts, but I was busying carrying my eyes from her ass to the start of her now naked back. Following its tan curve with my eyes, until I settled on her head, which had turned sidewise.

She gave me an all too devious smile, and after winking, she suddenly spun around again, revealing her breasts to me in all their splendor. They were perfect: Exactly as I had imagined, exactly as I had dreamed. They were large, yet at the same time firm, and they hung slightly on her chest creating a curve and slight shadow that was absolutely to die for. And they were framed by her beautiful taut stomach, and her long blonde hair. I'm embarrassed to say it, but I exploded right there into my boxers.

I suddenly placed my hand over the large wet spot; I was so ashamed and for a moment, forgetting what she was, I actually thought she was going to leave. But instead, she just smiled and giggled and then said to me, "I hope you'll have some left for me, there's nothing I like better than slurping down some hot cum from a big strong guy like you, or feeling a cock just explode in my tight little twat."

During all this, she never lost the music's beat. In fact, her dance had progressed. Just then, with another wink, she tore off the red skirt revealing a pink G- string that was so tight, I could see the divide between her pussy lips through the material.

Now she positioned herself so that the dance pole was between us. She pressed herself against it so that the bar went between her breasts, pressing them apart and making them look even larger than before. Then she grabbed it with her hands and lifted her feet off the ground. She pressed her pelvis and the G-string against the bar and started shifting around. Then she swung her legs out and did a little spin around the bar before settling down on the ground.

She took one hand off the pole, and snapped her fingers again. A giant crystal clear champagne glass appeared, full of water and bubble mix. With an incredible leap, she landed ass first into it and giggled as her stockings were soaked. She lifted a leg high in the air and positioned her head against it; she unsnapped her heel and threw them off. Then she did the same thing with her other leg and took off that heel.

Suddenly, she stood up in the glass and turned away from me. A bright light was now behind her creating a heavenly silhouette, but at the same time, not blinding me. Her ass was so beautiful; it had just the right amount of curve, and in my mind, I briefly pictured it gyrating and rippling as I slammed into her from behind. I returned to watching her, after that momentary thought. She bent down with her legs spread, and the sight of her G-string's material pressed so tightly against her honeybox reignited my raging hard- on. She slowly and sensuously removed each of her stockings, until she was wearing nothing but the G- string.

She stood up again and twirled a little in the soapy water so that she was facing me. That same devious smile was back, and I managed to push even further forward on my seat, nearly falling off with anticipation. She licked her lips, and I was so infatuated with her tongue and beautiful red lips that I didn't even notice that her hands had shifted towards her waist, and that her back was arched, further accentuating her already perfect breasts.

She put her legs close together, nearly crossing them. Her thighs were very tightly together, right up to the front of her G-string, and with a quirky laugh, her panties suddenly snapped apart and were pulled through her tightly pressed legs, falling off somewhere behind her. In that moment my eyes nearly shot out of my head.

BAM! There she was, naked. My eyes of course focused on her crotch. I could see her beautiful amber pussy hair, very neatly trimmed, and I knew from her statement earlier that beneath that, she was completely shaven. I was dying with anticipation for her to unpress her thighs so that I could get more than a fleeting glance at her pussy lips, but just then, she suddenly through her legs in the air and splashed down into the champagne glass.

Her legs were apart and I saw her hot, wet, pussy lips (just as perfect as the rest of her) but she was in constant movement, swirling her legs everywhere and splashing water and bubbles all around. Then in a very odd move she wound in a position that would've confounded most gymnasts: with both her legs high in the air, but with her head between them.

I almost didn't this realize because of the incredible gleam of energy and excitement in her eyes that I now had an incredibly explicit view of her pussy. My eyes roved from her perfectly cut pubic hair to every facet of her pussy. I examined excitedly from afar the curves and colors of her pussy. Her pussy was spread slightly and I could see her inner lips, and the hood that all my instinct told me housed her love button.

Moving past her glistening love box, I could just barely see her starfish, before my eyes pulled right back up to her pussy. And I just sat there, eying her for what must've been 5 seconds, though it felt like a heavenly eternity to me.

The music took on a new beat and she pulled her head back and swung her body into a spin in the tub. Her magnificent breasts, just like the rest of her body, were now glistening with water and I longed to suckle her aroused nipples. She settled again, her crotch facing me again, but this time with her back arched and her legs forward and resting on the glass. Very deliberately, she took one hand, licked it thoroughly, and plunged into herself with a frenzy of rubs and probes. Both tender and strong, she stroked and kneaded every part of her genitals, in ways I didn't even know existed.

More and more she started plunging a finger, and then fingers, between her now gaping lips. Her hips were rocking now and the music softened, allowing me to hear her excited and impressive moans. Soon she had 4 fingers shifting in and out of her pussy, with her thumb pressed and vibrating against her clit. Her movements and moans became faster and faster, until suddenly her hips bolted into the air and she screamed out with pleasure.

Her hips held there in the air after the peak and her hand slowed, though it showed no signs of stopping its constant stimulation; her gasping breath began to turn into long exhales and inhales as she recovered from her massive (but simulated!) orgasm, and then she just dropped back down into the water, looking tired and content.

I actually had to look down at my crotch just to remind myself that I had ejaculated again.



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