Professor Tachiburu Nakazawa was feeling good. She'd just collected armfuls of accolades and plaudits from her colleagues in response to her keynote speech and she'd basked in the warm glow of their adulation at the end of conference celebratory dinner.

She had always been a prodigy. She sailed through her bachelors degree at 20, achieved her Masters at 22 and finally her PhD at an unprecedented 24, followed by a brilliant period of post doctoral research in which she had identified an enzyme that could nullify Prisons. She was already at the pinnacle of her field and she was still a year shy of 30.

She was a tiny lady, barely 5' 1" with a slim, almost boyish figure that she usually swathed in laboratory whites, with a cute heart shaped face that was given to a ready, if self effacing, smile. Her career had taken precedence over any romantic entanglements and so, at an age when most of her contemporary's were worrying about childcare facilities and after school clubs she still remained a virgin.

It was not that she hadn't had any offers; she was attractive enough to turn any male's head, with that cute waif like look about her that made even the most Neanderthal redneck turn all paternal and protective. Its just that there was always 'that', just out of reach, scientific discovery to be made that attracted her attention to the exclusion of all else.

She was on her way back to her hotel by the airport but had managed to get herself a little lost. She wasn't normally the nervous type but the combination of a little alcohol, the dark, unfamiliar streets and driving on the wrong side of the road was starting to unsettle her a little.

She was somewhere in an industrial area, there were mean shacks on one side of the road and large hanger like buildings on the other which she surmised must be railroad repair sheds or warehouses judging by the multitude of lines snaking into them. She knew she was near to the airport because she could hear the roar of the engines but she couldn't get a fix on them.

It was a poorly lit area and there were very few people about. She was peering up trying to make out the road sign when she sensed someone in the periphery of her vision. She looked forward in time to see a large black man directly in front of her car. She had no time to react and she winced as she felt the thud as she hit him.

She immediately sprang out of the car to find him writhing in the road holding his knee.

"What the fuck you wanna go and do that for bitch?" he shouted, "you gone and bust my leg."

"I'm so sorry it was an accident, can I help you?"

"Accident shit bitch, you plain weren't looking where you was going.

And now I'm hurting bad."

She squatted down next to him, concern etched on her face, "can I do something to help you?"

"Yeah you can find me a lawyer 'cause I'm gonna sue your ass."

"Is there a telephone near here that I can call a doctor?"

"Yeah right! Which fucking telephone company's gonna be crazy enough to put one down here?"

"Then please let me take you to hospital."

He allowed her to help him to his feet, with him leaning on her, then led him to the passenger side of her car.

Once he was safely inside she climbed in to the driver's side and started the engine. "Which way is the nearest hospital please?"

"You not from around here?"

"No I am from Tokyo."

"You a long way from home lady," he observed. "Listen I don't wanna go to no hospital, ain't go no insurance anyways, you just take me home ok?"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah I'm sure. Turn down here ok?"

He guided her through a series of backstreets until he came to a mean looking house that had definitely seen better days. The porch was leaning drunkenly and some shingles were missing from the roof. It looked forlorn and uninhabited.

She again helped him from the car, with him wincing with each step. Then just as they reached the porch he grabbed her by the waist and, kicking open the door, he threw her inside. She was too dazed to react and she fell heavily. Moments later he dropped on top of her knocking the wind out of her.

He pulled out a knife which glinted wickedly in the half light, "no noise bitch or I'll carve you. Understand?"

Mutely she nodded.

He stood up, kicked the door closed and switched on the light saying, "let's see what we got. Ooee, you a pretty little thing. We gonna have ourselves a party."

"I don't want a party I just want to go to my hotel."

"Shit bitch, what you mean you don't wanna party with me, ain't I good enough for you?"

"No please its just that I'm tired and I want to go to bed."

"Seems like we thinking along the same lines there bitch."

He picked her up from the floor and threw her onto a stained mattress that sat along one wall. He then fell on her again and started tearing at her evening dress.

"I'm gonna get me some relaxation therapy", he panted as she struggled fruitlessly against him.

He tore the dress from the hem to her waist then threw it up exposing her lacy white panties.

She tried to fight him off as he grabbed the waist of her panties and tore them off exposing her crotch to a man for the first time. But it was hopeless; her 90 pounds against his 200.

"Yamete, yamete!" she cried reverting to Japanese in her terror as he put his hands between her thighs and forced her legs open.

"Cute", he grinned as he saw her tiny slot, then he pulled out his penis.

He was proud of his prick, it was long and it was broad and it hadn't had a lot of use lately so it stood like a steel pole in the light of the naked light bulb.

And he was carrying a full load of potent seed that was looking for a new home.

He stroked it a couple of times enjoying the look in her eyes.

"Please", she whispered.

"There you go bitch, you just beg for it", he quipped, "you ain't seen one like this eh?"

He inserted himself between her legs and lay partly on top of her as he guided his prick towards her crotch. He was in heaven as he felt the cool silk of her thighs and the heat of her crotch.

"We're gonna make ourselves a nigger baby," he breathed as he pushed up against her crack, then with one brutal lunge he started to push inside.

"Yana! Yana!" she screamed as his huge head forced open her cunt turning to a yelping screech as he tore away her virginity.

He was pleased and surprised to find that she was cherry; he was going to enjoy seeding her.

They struggled together as he rammed more and more of his prick inside. She was so incredibly tight it took all his strength to force it in but eventually he had it tucked up safely inside nudging the inside of her belly button.

He looked into her eyes, their noses touching, as he savored her warm tightness, which engulfed him. She still struggled under him but it was far too late for her. There was no way he was getting out before he'd dumped his cum in her tight little womb.

He started the old in and out, enjoying the exquisite sensations as her firm little body squirmed under him like a fish impaled on a hook. At first the going was slow because of her tightness but then her natural defenses started to kick in, lubricating her and making the going easier for him.

It had been a long, long time since his last time and he couldn't restrain himself for long. He stopped a couple of times to let his impending orgasm die down but her tightness and the squirming of her cunt just drove him crazy so he just went for broke and started pounding her as fast as he could.

The slapping of his balls and her whimpering panting were the only sounds for a few minutes then his balls started to tighten and his prick got longer and fatter.

She tried to push him off, her little legs fluttering around him. She knew what was going to happen and was trying everything she could to avoid the ultimate conquest.

"Yamete, yamete!" she cried.

"Here you go bitch, ready for your first load?" he gasped then rammed inside as deep as he could then unleashed his torrent.

"Nnnnur!" she cried as she felt his seed spurting deeply inside her unprotected womb. With each spurt she shuddered in disgust, knowing with an age-old instinct that he was impregnating her.

Her eyes clouded over with tears and she whispered softly in panting Japanese as he kept pumping months of accumulated cum inside her.

Finally with one last lunge he was spent and he collapsed onto her, all his strength having gone with his orgasm.

She struggled to breath under his suffocating bulk as she felt his huge prick start to soften then slither out of her, followed by a gush of cum that trickled down her ass crack. It seemed like the final straw for her and she started to howl in anguish as more cum meandered out of her.

He rolled off her and lay panting on the bed, spent.

She curled into a fetal ball hugging her legs and sobbing.

They lay like that for long minutes and then she dimly became aware of his heavy, even breathing. He appeared to be asleep.

Carefully she uncurled herself from the bed and made her way to the door terrified of waking him. The screech of the hinges seemed like banshees to her and she was sure he'd wake, but his sonorous breathing continued.

Luckily she still had her car keys in her hand and so was able to flee. She drove blindly trying to turn onto wider roads where possible and luckily she found a sign to the airport.

Half an hour later she was huddled under the shower chillingly aware of the huge load of cum that she had unwillingly taken from him, which was now running down the inside of her thighs from her ravaged cunt. She touched herself down there, feeling the tender throbbing tissue and her hugely enlarged hole. When she brought her fingers away they were covered in sperm, which started her sobbing again as she curled up in a ball in the corner of the cubicle.

The next day she contemplated reporting the matter to the Police but then she'd have to admit to the accident and she wasn't sure what the penalties were here. Anyway she doubted if she could find the place again. So she decided to try and push it out of her mind and get on with her life.

She flew out that night carrying a new life inside her.



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