The school bus had stopped, after the long drive back, for the Jefferson High School football team, which had lost their fifth straight game. The season was over, as this had been the last game of the school year. A sophomore cheerleader, Kandi Barnes, was let off the bus at the country dirt road leading to the farm where she lived with her father and mother, Jim and Roberta Barnes, and her brother, Jerry. Jerry was a junior, and on the school's football team.

Jerry stayed on the bus, as he had plans to be with his friends after they were released at the school by the coach. The 17-year-old, was strong, and only a junior in school, the school's best running back to who had ever played for JHS.

This school year, even though he scored more points during a season than any other player, in the football league, that Jefferson High School was a part of, Jerry knew he would not be named the league's top running back. Not with five straight losses for the season, and tonight's, sickening 52 to 21, loss to Brockville Central High School, and Jerry the school's star running back, knew the award was lost for him this season.

Kandi Barnes was a cute girl with long brown wavy hair, and a constant smile on her face. She had waited for the bus to move on, so she could cross the black topped county road, and walk the nearly two miles to where she lived with here family. There was hardly any moonlight, and in the distance, she could see the lights from the Smith farm, which was just before her parent's farm.

Within a few minutes, Kandi saw lights from a house down the road she was walking on. Then lights from a vehicle driving up the road behind her, made her hope it was someone she knew, as she was tried, and still had more than a mile to her home. Stepping to the side and standing quietly, Kandi knew it had to be someone she knew, or they wouldn't be on this road, so she had no fear. This was a peaceful farming community, and all the farmers helped each other in the time of a crisis.

The driver of the car, saw the girl in her short cheerleading outfit, walking down the road as the headlights on his vehicle illuminated the back of the girl as he was nearing her. Stopping the conversion van he was driving, he let the passenger side front window down, asking, "Need a ride?"

Peering inside the van, Kandi could not see who the driver was, as the interior lights weren't on. Thinking she recognized the van, and the voice as that of a man who owned a farm a few miles down the road, Kandi replied, "Sure," and opened the door, noting the light did not come on as she opened the door of the van. Once inside the van, the man pressed the button that brought the window up. He also pressed a button on the dash of the vehicle that locked the doors separately from the regular electrical door locks.

The van was customized so a person could travel and camp out in it, have a small refrigerator, a sink with both hot and cold water, and even a small electrical toilet. The sofa, along the one side of the van, had an electrical button, that allowed it to open the sofa into a narrow bed, that would sleep two people. None of these facts were known to Kandi, as she tried to determine who the driver was, as they took off down the road.

"Big game tonight, and did you cheer the team to victory," the pleasant sounding voice asked?

From the sound of the man's voice, and his not knowing the outcome of the game, caused Kandi to have concerns, as she did not recognize the voice, and anyone who lived in this area would know the results of the game. Looking in the direction of the man, Kandi, replied, "Guess I didn't cheer enough as we got our butts kicked, 52 to 21, and I thought I knew who you were when you stopped, but I don't." Kandi, still could not determine who she was within the van, and asked, "Who are you, as I thought you were Mr. Iles?"

"No, I'm not Mr. Iles, but I saw you walking and thought you might need a ride, so I'm just being a good friend, and giving you a lift, but I'm Ted." Then he asked, "What is your name?"

"I'm Kandi Barnes, and thanks for the ride, Ted, and the farm ahead, the house with the two lights outside is where I live, so you can let me out at the drive, if you wish?"

When the van speeded up, and drove past the driveway leading to where she lived, she became alarmed, and in a shout, hollowed out, "STOP, THAT IS WHERE I LIVE, LET ME OUT, TED!"

Instead of replying, the van's driver, swung his arm out, and his cupped hand slapped the side of Kandi's face, knocking her against the van door, even with the seat beat fastened across her chest, and around her waist.

Immediately Kandi started crying, and she knew untold fear, as she knew the man was abducting her, and she huddled against the van door, while attempting to open the securely locked door. When she couldn't get the door open, Kandi searched the door until her fingers found what she thought were the control buttons that would lower the window. Nothing worked, and Kandi knew she was a prisoner of the driver as he speeds down the road.

Kandi knew that her parents would not be aware she was missing until likely in the morning. They would assume she was with her brother and their friends, and when Jerry got home, they'd believe she did as well, and that they both went to their rooms.

"Where, where are you taking me, and why," the naive young girl asked? There had been no major crime in this community since the Hudson's, who lived several farms from where she lived had eight of their cows stolen about five years previously. That she was being kidnapped, Kandi was aware of, but why she couldn't decide. The thought that she might be sexually assaulted, didn't enter her mind, and she assumed the man thought he could get a lot of money from her parents to release her back to them. For Kandi her assumptions were flawed.

Patrick Thomas Nugent, who always told the girls he was with that his name was Ted, lived about two hundred miles away from where he was driving with the girl, and it was only because he had made a wrong turn, that he was on the road when he saw the girl getting off the school but. He had waited a minute or so, then turned down the road in the direction the girl had walked.

Ted wondered if he would find the girl, and if she would get in his car? Viewing the shapely legs of the teenager, his mind was once again thinking about finding one more innocent girl, and the pleasures he could find between such a victim's legs. For the past seven years, Ted had been finding girls he could pickup and enjoy sexual pleasures with, and some were just that, pickups, who got in his van, and allowed the handsome older man to enjoy their young bodies, especially when he gave them a hundred-dollar bill.

Other girls had not been willing, and he simply assaulted them, some returned home, and others were lost in society. When Ted read about their disappearance in the newspapers, or on the television news, he would usually find that the girl was listed as a runaway, by local authorities.

"Please, mister, Ted, why are you doing this, I'm a good girl, and I want to go home to my mom, please let me out of the car," Kandi said in a tearful and pleading voice?

"Just shut up, climb in the back and lay down on the floor, and if you don't, I will need to hurt you, hurt you, really badly, understand?" Then Ted asked, "What is your name, and how old are you?" Then Ted noticed that he was approaching a stop sign, and noted he was reaching a state highway, and looking at the road sign, saw it was the road he wanted, and determined he needed to make a right turn to lead him to where he lived.

For the next five hours, Ted drove along the highway, and spoke very little to the girl lying on the floor of the van behind him. Finally, as the watch on his arm should, it was almost a quarter till five in the morning, Ted turned into the driveway, leading to the cabin, located nearly in the center of the wooded forty acres of land he owned.

Using the remove control in his van, he opened the door of the barn like building where he parked his van, and pulled inside. Then Ted climbed into the back of the van, and placed a piece of cloth over the eyes of the girl, and tying it behind her head, telling her, "I will hold your hand and lead you into the house, do not try to remove the blindfold, and do as I tell you, or I will beat the crap out of you, understand?"

"Yeah, but why are you doing this to me," Kandi asked? During the ride, Kandi had cried so much, she was no longer able to cry. Then she felt herself being led into what she assumed was a house, and then down some stairs to what had to be a basement. Once she was down the stairs, the man removed her blindfold, and when her eyes were accustomed to the light, she saw the man was wearing a ski hat, made like a mask over his head.

"Okay, take off your jacket, and hang it up on the hook over there on the wall," Ted told her, and as he spoke, he pointed with his hand.

Looking at her surroundings, Kandi saw the concrete block walls of the basement room were not painted, and were bear of any decorations, and other than a sink, toilet, a shower, the only other thing in the basement was a large bed. When Kandi turned back toward the man, she saw he was removing his clothes. She froze where she was standing, and was unable to speak, as she noted the man was down to his underwear, and then he was pushing them down his legs.

When the man, who had told her his name was Ted, was fully nude, Kandi saw he was excited, and she became alarmed in the worse way, he is going to rape me, she understood now why she had been kidnapped. Looking at him, she noted he was a very large man, and his body showed he must be twice the size of her father. The arms and legs on the man were thick and she could see the muscles in them.

"Well Kandi, let me see you do some cheers, like all the ones you did tonight, and see if you can lead me to victory, like a special victory over you," Ted said, laughing at his own humor/

Kandi wasn't so naive that she didn't catch the true meaning of Ted's comment. When she didn't start cheering immediately, Kandi was shocked at how fast he crossed the room to where she was standing and slapped her across her face.

"I said, cheer, now cheer!" Then Ted walked over and sat on the edge of the bed.

For about five minutes, Kandi went through her cheers, she heard Ted tell her to do the cartwheels and other moves she did, like standing and flipping upside down, or whatever they move were that she did when cheerleading at the football games.

Kandi begins to jump, do handstands, cartwheels, and all the other movements, that she knew allowed her legs and the lower portion of her body to show, which was covered by the tights when was wearing. She had planned on wearing the short-legged shorts under her cheerleading costume at the game tonight, but the other girls wanted her to wear the tights, and especially Becky Sue Johnson, the captain, as she wanted to show off to her boyfriend, the team's quarterback. So now she was certain Ted was looking at the private area of her body, even if it was covered by the tights.

"I'm tired, can I stop now, please?" Kandi had no idea what time it was, but with the game and all and now the ten minutes or so of doing cheers, she was exhausted. In addition she had now been up nearly twenty-four hours, but she didn't realize that.

"Sure, you can stop, and now take off your cheerleading outfit, I want to see what your boyfriend is getting into."

For the first time since she had started to do the cheers, Kandi looked at Ted, and saw his thing was sticking up in the air. "I don't have a boyfriend, as my parents say I'm too young to date, as I'm only 15- years-old, and I don't do the type of thing like you're suggesting I do."

"You mean to tell me you're a virgin, really, and you're a cheerleader?" Then Ted added an insult to his comments, "Hell, I thought all cheerleaders fucked, including fucking the entire football team!"

Kandi started crying once more, and when Ted shouted at her, "Shut the off fucking tears, strip those damn cheerleading clothes off. Or will I'll have to come over there, and slap the crap out of you, STRIP!"

"Please don't make me do that. I'm not like that, really." Thinking to herself, Kandi knew that only one man had ever seen her without any clothes on, and that was Dr. Martin, and he had only seen her three times in the nude, and even then she had a hospital gown on when he examined her. Kandi recalled the first time she had been seen by the doctor that she remembered being in a gown was when she ten, again at thirteen when she started her periods.

Then again last year when school started, Dr. Martin, had examined her for the physical necessary to be a cheerleader. When he had felt of her breast Kandi, was slightly embarrassed, but he had worn gloves, and when he had her place her legs in the metal stirrups, and he looked at her vulva, he had only lightly touched her sex, and had taken a swab for medical testing.

Ted slapped his hands together, and the resounding sounds, and his shout, "STRIP, STRIP NOW," was so sudden, Kandi felt weak, but knew she must do as the man was telling her. Slowing, as if to prolong the ordeal, Kandi first removed her shoes, then her socks, and standing back up, looked at the man lying on the bed, and she saw he had his hand around his thing.

Using his other hand, Ted indicated he wanted her to remove her top, and Kandi reached down and catching the slipover garment in her hands, slowly pulled it up until it was below her bra-covered breast. "Please, don't make me take my bra off."

"GIRL, IF I COME OVER THERE, YOU'RE GOING TO BE IN A HEAP OF TROUBLE, NOW TAKE THAT OUTFIT OFF!" Slightly lowering his voice, Ted asked, "Do you understand?"

Without replying, Kandi continued pulling the uniform top off her body, and she was now standing with her bra covered 34-A breast available to the man's eyes. Looking across the room, she saw Ted clinch his fist, and make a swinging motion, as if he would strike her if she didn't continue.

Kandi moved her hands down and unbuttoned the button on the left side of the uniform skirt, then unzipped it, and before letting it fall to the floor, once more looked at the man observing her. She saw his fist once more swing like he would strike her, and she believed he could reach over to where she was standing, and she allowed the cheerleading pleated-skirt to fall around her feet.

Picking up the skirt, Kandi carried it and the top over to hand with her school jacket. Turning around, she considered the tights to be no more than a pair of panties. Her face was red, and the sign of embarrassment, the red color of her face had traveled down and her body was red to her bra encased breast. So much so, was Kandi embarrassed, the lightly reddish-tan freckles were almost invisible from her shame of being so undressed.

"Take the bra and panties off, now," Ted told the frightened teenage girl.

Kandi, moving her hands slowly to the front of her bra, unsnapped the clasp holding he cups together, and also keeping the supporting garment tightly on her body. With a slowness that Ted was enjoying, as if he was watching a stripper teasing her customers, he observed the girl pull the material apart, and as if it was taking forever, watched as first the inner part of her cleavage was bared to his view.

Then the first signs of her lightly-colored nipple were coming into view, then he was viewing both tits of the young girl, as she slipped the bra from off her arms. Damn, her tits are like ice cream cones, and he looked at the smallish nipples, and wondered if he was about to be the first man, or he reasoned he should say boys, to touch those hooters?

"Can - can I leave my tights on, I won't s..."

"TAKE THEM OFF!" Ted knew what the rest of the question was, the girl was going to tell him. She wouldn't tell anyone what he had made her do, and he had heard this before, and at least nine or ten times since he had started finding girls to have sex with.

Moving her hands down to the waist of the tights she was wearing, Kandi caught the sides of the last article of clothing she was wearing in her fingers, and slowly pushed the toughly clinging garment down over her hips. When she could feel the tights reach the start of where her red pubes were growing at the top of her sex, she paused a moment, then with total abandonment, knowing she had no other choice, Kandi pushed the tights down her legs and off he feet.

"Toss them over here to me, pretty one," the man told Kandi, and she saw he was lightly stroking his thing.

Kandi knew what he was doing was masturbating. Even with the embarrassment of being forced to disrobe and be nude, the act of Ted playing with himself, fascinate Kandi. Pitching the tights to the man on the bed, she saw, with total disbelief, Ted takes the tights in his hand, places them over his mouth, and she heard the deep breath he took in smelling the crotch of her tights.

For a moment, she starred in shock at the actions of the man, them she heard him once more tell her, stand on your hands and hold your legs wide open, I want to see where that hair stops growing on that pretty thing between your legs,

"NO, I WON'T DO SUCH A HORRIBLE ACT, AND YOU'RE..." before Kandi could say sick, Ted was off the bed, walked over and slapped her face with such force she was knocked off her feet.

Kandi watched in stunned silence, while not even a single tear came to her eye, as Ted walked back to the bed, lay back, and once more was stroking himself, while sniffing at the crotch of her tights. She did the hand stand, and as he asked her, she spread her legs as far apart as they would stretch open.

Frightened, but remaining on her hands, Kandi saw the man walk over to where he was in front of her. She could see, from upside down, that he was looking into her female opening. And she could tell her sex was spread widely apart. She wanted to cry and shout out her revulsion at being so humiliated, in being looked at in such a manner, but Kandi stayed on her hands. Kandi was afraid to move after she had literally been slapped off her feet.

Ted looked down between the widely parted thighs of the 15-year-old girl, and saw the red hair as it grew from her mons, down alongside her labia perhaps half way. Then he noted how her sex was split open from having her legs so far apart. "Don't move, I want to see something, and when I touch you, stay where you are of I will slap you even harder than previously."

Moving his hand between the girl's legs, he placed his index finger at the opened oblong slit between her legs, and lightly touched her sex. To his surprise, his touch seemed to produce some sexual response in the teenager, and as he saw and felt her sex become slightly wet. Then he pressed the tip of his finger inside her young parted slot.

Kandi was afraid to move, her desire to not be touched was overruled in fear he would strike her and hurt her terribly. Then she felt the cruel man pushing his finger inside her, and it seemed he had moved a second finger in her sex, which is what Ted had done. He used the two fingers to push the small, nearly nonexistence, inner lips of her sex open, and looking into the gapping teenager sex, saw her hymen. Damn, she is cherry, and light pushed both fingers into the girl until he heard her cry out from the pressure on her cherry.

Unbeknownst to either of them, this was the exact moment that her mother found that her pretty daughter was not in her bed, and that it hadn't been slept in all night. She walked quickly to her son's room, and found him asleep, and she woke him, and asked, if Kandi had come home with him after the game? Jerry informed his mother what had happened and he had seen Kandi remain on the bus, and she was riding it home.


Thinking to himself, then he told Kandi, "Don't worry pretty one, I won't waste that cherry with my fingers, hell no, I have something better to pop that tight thing with," and as he walked away, Ted, was chuckling at his own comment. Then he turned, seeing the girl was likely to fall down in a moment, from having remained standing on her hands so long, said, "Okay, you can stand back up now."

"Can I go, I need to use the bathroom, really I..."

"Sure, go ahead."

"Would you leave, so I can be alone?"

"No, so go and do whatever you need to do."

Kandi was beyond caring at that moment, she thought, and she walked over to the toilet, sat down and she had no more been seated, that she started to urinate. When she was finished, she reached for the toilet paper, and taking some in her hand, wiped her sex, removing any urine on her sex and drying her pubic hair.

Unsure where the man wanted her or what he wanted from her next, she stood up, and looking at him, noted he was still lightly stroking his erection.

"You have to be tired, and so am I, so come over here and lie down on the bed with me," the man told her, "And we will take a snooze together."

Fearful that she might be assaulted, and likely raped, Kandi moved slowly to the bed. When she reached the bed, she lay down, and she suddenly found her left arm was caught tightly in a handcuff, which was fastened to a chain and it was evidently secured to the bed frame.

"Get under the covers, and we will sleep, and you can't escape, so don't try, today is your lucky day, Kandi, your lucky day."

While sleeping, Kandi became cold and she was unaware that while she was sleeping, she had turned on her side and snuggled against the warmth of the large man she was in bed with. Ted woke around noon, and found she was pressed against him, and his manhood was still about half erect. Ted liked feeling the pointed breast, against his side, and he found her leg laying up on him, and her sex pressing against his leg. Ted wrapped his arms around the sleeping teen girl, and within a few minutes, he was also sleeping.

Kandi woke, and found she was in the arms of the man who kidnapped her, and her young body was pressed tightly against his. Not realizing she had moved against the man, and not him to her, she could feel her right leg was resting on top of the man's penis. The knowledge she was feeling a man's large thing for the first time in her life, although it wasn't in her hand, produced fear and curiosity in Kandi.

The teenage girl moved her hand down and let only her finger tips touch the man's fat penis, and as she did, Kandi thought that she would likely be raped when the man awoke. Quickly Kandi pulled her had back, and when she did so, her movement was sudden, and she bumped her elbow against the man.

Ted awoke, from the elbow striking him, and looking in the face of the girl next to him, he knew she must have accidentally struck him. "Good morning, and how is my lovely cheerleader this morning?" Then he moved so he was able to press the girl tighter to him, and allowed his mask covered-head, to move and he brought his lips onto those of the girl in the bed. He was kissing her, but the girl was soon struggling to pull her lips from his.

Finally, Ted, had enough of her resisting, and he reached out and struck her side fairly easy, but it was enough of a threat, Kandi stopped trying to keep him from kissing her.

After a short time, Ted used his feet to kick the covers off the two of them, and when they were uncovered, he commenced kissing the nipples of the 15- year-old. Opening his mouth, Ted commenced sucking her nipples, and took almost her entire breast in his mouth. While enjoying the feeling of Kandi's nipples harden as he sucked first one, and then the other.

Kandi wanted to struggle and escape the feeling and personal assault on her solid breast, but knew she would likely be punched by Ted. When she felt Ted's hand, move across her stomach and touch the hair growing over her sex, Kandi mumbled, "No, no, don't touch me there, please stop," under her breath, but it was sufficiently loud enough for Ted to hear her pleas. Then she felt the hands moving between her legs, and Kandi was asking Ted to stop, but her requests were ignored.

Ted moved his fingers and found the narrow crease between Kandi's labia, and lightly stuck his index finger in the small entrance, but not deep. Moving his finger tip up and down between the labium of the teen, he felt his finger stroke her prepuce. Using his thumb and index finger, he squeezed the skin covering her clitoris. With slow strokes and squeezing of her prepuce, Ted could feel the wetness forming in her middle of her vulva. Continuing to nurse on her breast, and enjoying the feeling of her sex becoming wet, Ted, decided to take the girl.

Kandi was scarred, and when she felt the large man moving her onto her back, she understood he was going to rape her. Looking up into the eyes of the man, whose face was covered with the ski mask, Kandi saw the lust in them. "No, please don't rape me, I'm a virgin, noooo, ohhh, no," Kandi sobbed out, as she felt the man settle his body between her thighs. The instance the man's penis touched her sex, she was not aware how overly thick the penis was that was now nudging the portal of her sex. When it sunk just inside the otter lips of her vagina, Kandi understood that she was just moments away from losing her virginity.

Ted had an overly thick penis, and it was average in length, and he loved knowing he was so thick, that it caused virgins to cry out more than most girls did their first time, to have a man shove his penis up into them. Another thing Ted had found, was he enjoyed in taking a virgin was to work the end of his cock back and forth in the edge. When he felt the girl moving from his stimulation, if they normally moved only slightly and wanting to be penetrated, he would jam into her with brut strength.

For more than three minutes, he moved his peach sized cock head, just between the labia majora. When he heard Kandi, begin to make sounds with her voice, while pleading for him to not rape her, he knew he was going to take her immediately. He tensed up, and reaching between them, adjusted his cock head so it was directly in the center of her virgin pussy.

Suddenly and with complete control, Ted, shoved with all his might, and the thick cock pulled the outer and inner lips of her labium, in with his driving cock. At first he felt the resistance of the virginity try to keep the thick cock from entering, and tearing open the membrane that was guarding the entrance to the womb of the 15-year-old girl. Ted felt his cock ripping open the thin piece of skin, and he heard the horrendous cry of pain as he pushed the hymen apart, and he was buried more than two-thirds of his manhood into the gripping pussy.

"NO! HELP ME! STOP! NO! TAKE IT OUT! YOU'RE KILLING ME!!" Kandi cried out at the sudden tearing and burning pain when the thick pens split her open. Kandi felt the rapist, make two short moves in and out of her sex, and then she knew he was buried as deep in her young body as he could reach. Tears ran from her eyes, and she was pounding the man's head, shoulders and back as he pounded deep inside her body.

"Stop, for god sakes stop, your hurting meeee, no more," Kandi was crying out, over and over, and the man stroked his penis in and out her body. Then she felt him give a shove deep and stay as deep into her as he could reach, and Kandi understood the man was spelling his sperm into her sex. My god, what if I get pregnant?

Ted grunted out as his cum moved from his balls, and out through his thick penis, and as the first shot of cum left his cock head, he cried out, "Yeses, now, I'm cumming, oh hell you're tight, yeah." After cumming, Ted lay on top of the girl, did not realize his large size was making it difficult for the girl to breathe.

When he felt his cock shrinking, and the muscles of her vagina trying to shove him out of her sore and, he knew, torn and bleeding sex, Ted wanted to set up from between the shapely thighs of the girl, and look at the mess he knew he had made between her legs.

"Did you like it your first time, Kandi, and enjoy getting your cherry punched out," Ted asked, in a mocking voce, and he held her legs open and looked as the mixture of her blood and his semen, seeped out from her pussy? When he didn't hear a response, he asked her once more, "Did you like my fucking your cherry out of your young pussy, tell me!"

"NO, I HATE YOU FOR RAPING ME, YOU BASTARD!" and Kandi was surprised at her first ever swear word. Looking up at the man who raped her, Kandi's eyes were full of hate, and if she could, she would kill him, he took my honor, something that I wanted to save until I was married, or at least in love with the other person.

"Please would you move, and stop looking between my legs, you're sick, and I know why your starring at me like you are, you sicko son-of-a-bitch?!" Kandi was tired of crying, and she knew she must find a way to settle the account between herself and the man who just raped her.

Moving from the bed, Ted unsnapped the handcuff from her wrist, and smiling as he spoke, told Kandi, "You best wash the bloody mess off between your legs, I don't want to eat your pussy with my own cum, and your blood, on it."

"You're really a fucking asshole, yes, you are!" Then Kandi knew she needed to clean herself off, as she could see her blood on the body of her rapist. Looking between her legs and seeing the blood on her own body, and what she knew was Ted's sperm, Kandi also saw the mess on the sheets of the bed.

Walking to the shower in the room, she felt a pulling sting and burning sensations pass through her body, and her vagina felt like it was raw inside. Stepping into the shower, she could see even in the shower she was on display as the door of the shower was clear glass. For several minutes she stood under the flowing shower head, allowing the water to wash away the evidence of her lost virginity. She saw her rapist moving toward the shower, and watched in horror as he opened the shower door and stepped inside with her.

After washing off, Ted reached out, took her left breast in his hand and lightly squeezed, and then he reached down took the hair at the top of her cleft, and tugged it sharply, causing her to cry out from the pain.

She looked through the shower door, as he dried his body, and then walked up the basement stairs. It was nearly an hour before Ted returned, and when he did he was carrying food for both of them. Kandi had not thought of eating, but when she saw the food, pains of hunger passed through her stomach. Stepping from the shower, she accepted the towel her rapist handed her, and quickly drying off, wrapped the towel around her body.

They moved over to the bed, and she ate the two pork chops, corn-on-the-cob, and the salad within a few minutes, and she enjoyed the cold milk, and asked if she could have more. Ted took her plate and glass, and went back up the stairs, and within a couple minutes was back with an equal amount of food, which Kandi promptly devoured. The cold milk felt good to her horse throat, which she knew was from her crying and shouting when the brutal man raped her.

After they were finished eating, Ted carried their empty dishes back upstairs, and placed them in the dish washer, then went back down the stairs. When he returned, he saw Kandi was most likely completing her need to use the toilet. When she was done, Te watched as Kandi walked around the basement room, and wondered if there wasn't some way she could escape from this prison.

Ted knew what the girl was doing and thinking, and told Kandi, "Come here, I want deserts, and guess what the desert will be I'm going to have?"

Kandi knew he was speaking of having oral sex, as the boys in school were always asking the girls if they could have them for deserts. Afraid to not obey the man, Kandi walked over the bed and lay down. She held her legs together, but the large hands simply pushed them apart, and soon she felt a man's lips and tongue kissing and probing her sex. In spite of her not wanting to enjoy the oral stimulation of her sexual parts, Kandi found it impossible to not move her hips, after several minutes of the man pleasing her between her teenage thighs.

Just as it was starting to feel better, Ted stopped licking her clitoris, and moved up over her, and guided his peach size cock head to her sex, and in a few strokes was buried deep inside her still bleeding sex. It was at least ten minutes until Ted once more empted his cum up inside her sore pussy. Then Ted took her arm, and locked the handcuff around it once more.

Kandi wondered what her mom was doing, and her father and brother, and if they knew what she had went through for the past hours. Kandi had no idea what time it was, or even how long it had been since she had been kidnapped. Exhaustion, and fear, soon allowed the teenage girl to fall asleep.

At her home, the police were set up in the even a kidnapper called and wanted a ransom. For the lead detective on the case, he wondered if the case wasn't like several others over the past years, and sometimes the girls were released and other times, their bodies were found. Yet some girls were never heard from again. Keeping the information from the parents, but advising the other detectives of his thoughts, he sat down at this laptop computer, and checked his notes, and the history of the other girls being taken and assaulted, and even murdered.

Roberta, her tears no longer flowing from her eyes, visualized what her daughter must be suffering, and gave a silent prayer her precious little baby would not be harmed. Within her heart, Roberta knew what a crazed man would do to a beautiful looking teenage girl. She could only hope, amongst her fears, that her worse fears would not bear fruit, that her teenage daughter, Kandi, would be safe from sexual harm.

The room was dark, and Kandi panicked when she awoke to the darkness, and she reached her hand out to see if she was alone, or her rapist was in bed with her. Her hand struck against the man, and she heard him speak, "So, you woke up at last did you, so I guess we might just as well enjoy our closeness."

Kandi, felt the large man move atop her, and force her legs apart, then he was working his thick penis up and down the sore slit of her sex. In a short time, she was once more being raped, and this time the man seemed to be taking her harder than the other times. After a short time, Kandi felt her legs being moved up onto the man's shoulders, and he held her hips up from the bed. This allowed the man to rape her harder, and she was asking him to not be so hard, and not pound into her tender inner body. Her pleas went unanswered, but knew he was now stroking in and out of her as hard as he possible could slam his large thing up her sore sex.

Ted was thoroughly fucking the teenager, and he loved hearing her beg him to not do it so hard, and this made his pleasure even more to his pleasing. For more than five minutes, Ted rocked the young girl's sex with as brutal strokes he could give her. His fingers were gripping mid way on her shapely thighs, and were embedded in the meaty flesh of her upper legs. Two days later, the evidence of how hard he had gripped the girl's thighs, was evident. Wherever, he had sunk his fingers in her flesh, there were rounded bruise marks, and evenly spaced to where his fingers had buried themselves in her thighs.

For another week, Kandi was subjected to sex whenever her rapist wanted to take her. Her mouth was not forgotten as a place to place his body fluids, and she learned to recognize when her mouth would soon be filed with his salty cum. The worse ordeal was when he would perform anal sex on her, and the first time he subjected her to taking her up her anus, he was not satisfied until he took her anal opening three times.

How long she had been held captive Kandi could not tell exactly, so she used a method of knowing when he would wake her for sex, and she considered that was the start of another day. Nature played a cruel trick on the pretty teenager, and when her cycle was at the point of her being fertile, Ted was at his peak of sexual needs. For three days, he rode her body hard and deep, assuredly two dozen times. When his sperm hit her egg, and penetrated the outer covering of the egg, Kandi wasn't aware, but during those three days she became pregnant.

Kandi knew she must find a way to escape the terrible man, and she decided to pretend to enjoy sex with her rapist. Ted was caught off guard, as this was the first girl who enjoyed his doing her. Working hard to fool her rapist, Kandi would cry out how much she wanted him, and started using the words, "Fuck me, oh, Ted, fuck me!" Ted accepted her thoughts, and he no longer was fastening her arm in the cuff.

Waking after a long bout of being taken hard and deep, Kandi pretended to still be asleep, and listened as Ted told someone he was speaking with on his cell phone, "I'll be there in about fifteen minutes, so wait on me."

Ted left, and did not fasten the hand cuffs to the girl, and when he returned, she was waiting on him behind the door leading into the back of the house. Kandi had looked around the house and found a pistol, and when Ted walked into the house, she told him, "You fucker, you move, and I will kill you."

Forcing him to walk down the stairs in front of him, she said they were going to play a game, and she was going to rape him. Telling him to undress, and lie on the bed, then fasten the cuff to your arm. She watched, and when she said he hadn't made it tight, said, "Look, I do what you want when we play, so you do so as well."

Ted fell into the trap, and thought that he had gotten to the girl, so much she wanted to fuck him. When she was satisfied that the cuff was completely against his skin so tight, the cuff would not turn, she reached in his pocket and took the key to the cuffs.

Moving until she was standing on the bed over him, Kandi allowed herself to urinate on Ted, aiming her stream so it hit his face. "Damn, Kandi, that is great." Then he watched as she defecated on his face.

Squatting so she was directly over his face, she wiped her anus across his lips and, and when she was satisfied, she moved off the bed. "Ted, I hope you enjoyed the times you raped me, but I just showed you what I think of you, you're just a cesspool." Then with a smile on her face, "You're going to roast in hell, and it won't be that long from now, you fucking asshole."

Kandi took one of his cigarettes with her after she had showered, and dressed in her cheerleading outfit, and went up the stairs. She wiped the gun off, remembering how fingerprints could identify her if they suspected her of what she had planned.

Lighting the cigarette, and having placed a small piece of paper in her mouth so she left no spit on the filer, she let the tobacco product fall onto the newspaper lying on the sofa. For more than ten minutes she watched the paper catch fire and then the sofa. The sofa was resting next to the drapes on the window, and they soon were burning.

Leaving the house, Kandi, went to the barn, backed the small size pickup out of the barn and took off down the road. Looking in the mirror, Kandi saw the house was engulfed in flames, and she knew it would soon, if it hadn't already burned so the upper structure fell into the basement, and Ted would watch himself burn in hell.

Kandi ditched the pickup, and having taken a jacket from Ted's closet, which she didn't know, had belonged to one of his other victims. With the money she had taken from his wallet, and found in his desk in the living room, she purchased a bus ticket, and when she walked into her parents home, her mother fainted. It had been two months since her little girl had disappeared.

Kandi refused to say where she had been, but when it became obviously she was with a child, she had an abortion, without her parents or anyone else being aware of what she had done. She had turned 16-years- old, and after having her driver's license, and drove herself to the clinic one Saturday morning.

The officials where Ted lived were unable to resolve why he had chained himself to the bed, and set his house on fire.



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