After all, she thought, I deserve to enjoy myself after allowing Uncle John to do everything but have penetrating sex with me for the past fifteen years. Yes, Barbi Sampson determined, I'm twenty-three, single and now have enough money to do as I please. That the money came from practically being a whore on her part, for Uncle John she understood. Her recently departed Uncle John being fondling her at the age of eight, and now Barbi was reaping the benefits.

Uncle John had died of a heart attack as they were making hay. Barbi had been driving the tractor, and Uncle John was on the wagon grabbing the bales as they came down the shoot from the bailer. "BARBI, UGH," she had heard him scream above the noise from the tractor and bailer, and turning to look behind her, saw her uncle fall down over the first level of bails on the wagon. Stopping the tractor, she jumped from the seat, ran back and climbed up onto the wagon, where she found Uncle John would not move. How she knew she didn't know, but realized her uncle was dead.

Getting back on the tractor, Barbi drove to the house and shutting off the tractor, ran inside and called the sheriff and related what had occurred. The doctor and an ambulance arrived shortly after Sheriff Pat Bowen pulled in the drive and stopped next to the tractor. Doctor William Case examined Uncle John, and announced that he had passed away from a heart attack. Unknown to Barbi, her uncle had been to see the doctor the past Saturday, and had been instructed by the doctor to stop working so hard as his heart was in serious shape, with a very irregular beat.

After the funeral, and several men offering to help Barbi with the farm, she declined each offer in a polite way. She informed the sheriff of the small community that she would sell the farm and perhaps he knew someone who would be interested in purchasing the land, cattle and equipment. Her parent's attorney, C. Barton Hall, assisted her in disposing of the property, and she was surprised to find her uncle had considerable investments in oil wells, and a hefty bank account. By the time the estate was settled the following spring, Barbi had close to three million dollars.

The wind whipped across her face and her long blonde haired ponytail floated out from under the scarf she had tied over her head and under her chin to keep her hair from blowing in all directions. Driving the new 55 Chevy-convertible, Barbi had been hearing car horns and guys shouting at her as she drove down the highway.

Thinking to herself, I should be unhappy with what Uncle John had done to her for the past fifteen years, but when it started she didn't know the real problem of being molested. Now she was on Route 40, and heading toward Indiana, after leaving Columbus, Ohio at eight in the morning, having begun the trip in Pittsburgh yesterday.

Thinking she should stop for breakfast, she waited until she saw a road sign, advertising a truck-stop, a couple miles ahead. It was nearly ten, and she hadn't taken time to eat after leaving the small motel with 14 rooms, just West of Columbus. As she eased off the highway, she saw that the truck stop diner was busy. Uncle John had taught her to always look for a truck stop when they traveled, as they would have the best food. That wasn't all Uncle John taught her, but she always found a diner with the parking area full of trucks, had the best food.

After eating, and having two truckers hit on her, she was glad to be back on the road. The sky started to darken by four in the afternoon, and Barbi decided to pull into the next decent looking motel. She passed three motels before she spotted one that was painted white with light blue trim and reading the name, she smiled. , "Sleep Tight" the neon sign said, vacancy, was lit under the motel name. Entering the office, the clerk appeared to be nearly seventy, and she smiled as Barbi walked up to the counter with tiny blue bears in sleeping poses on the counter top.

"Hi honey, traveling alone," the matronly lady asked, still smiling?

"Yes, just I, and I would like a room next to the office if possible."

"One-O-One, and that is next door, and you can have the room for fifteen dollars, and tax of eight cents."

Barbi liked the lady immediately, and asked, "Is there was a restaurant nearby?"

"Sure is, about a quarter mile that way," And the lady pointed toward the direction Barbi was traveling.

Parking her car in front of her room, Barbi removed only the over night case, and was about to enter her room. Then decided she would take one suit case from the trunk, as she didn't want to get later if it started to rain. In the room, Barbi saw a radio next to the bed, and a black and white TV on a stand at the foot of her bed. Turning on the TV, she saw the picture was fuzzy, and was likely because the motel was in the middle of nowhere.

Unpacking a skirt and blouse from the suit case, she hung them up and decided to take a bath. She removed some bath powder from her over night case, and started the water running in the tub. Bubbles start to form as she poured the bath powder in the water under the faucet. Removing her clothes, Barbi looked at herself in the mirror and smiled, thinking of the last time that Uncle John had looked at her nude form.

Laying back in the tub, Barbi let her mind go back to when she first went to live with Uncle John, who was her father's brother. Her parents and Aunt Mabel, Uncle John's wife, had driven to see her grandpa and grandma, her father's parents.

Returning home they were in an accident and all three were killed as her dad had driven off the road into a river, and all three drowned. Barbi remembered she was only eight, and cried for several nights at the loss of her parents. After the funeral, the court determined that she should live with Uncle John, and she took her clothing and personal things and moved in with her Uncle.

Uncle John gave her the large front room where he and Aunt Mabel had slept, and he moved into the smaller back bedroom, on the second floor of the big farm house. The room was sunny and had three windows overlooking the front of the farm driveway. She could set in the window seat of the middle window, which was a bay window with a bench. A few days after the funeral, she had moved in her things, Uncle John took her to town and purchased her a new bedroom set. It was ivory colored, with flowers on the head board of the bed, dresser and chest of drawers.

For the first month, she was treated like a princess. One night as she was getting ready for bed, a storm being and the wind blowing the trees outside her window very hard. The rain was heavy and the wind drove it against the window pains and she became frightened and started to cry. Uncle John heard her and came into her room to see why she was crying. When she told him she was afraid, he told her to jump under the covers and he would lay next to her and protect her.

Uncle John moved his arm so it hugged her, and she moved until she was plastered against him. For a brief time they lay and talked and Barbi could not remember falling asleep. During the night she woke briefly, and thought something was inside her panties, touching her between her legs, which she wore under her long night gown. Then she went back to sleep.

After that night she and Uncle John slept together in her bed. "Barbi, you mustn't tell anyone we sleep together, or you will be placed in a foster home," She remembered his telling her.

Different nights she would wake and think something was touching her between her legs. Barbi was young and would always fell right back to sleep. One Saturday afternoon, after she and Uncle John feed the beef cattle, and gathered the eggs from the couple of hens he keep, she was surprised when he told her, "What say we take a little vacation before school starts?"

"Where would we go," She remember asking?

"How about we take the train and go see the Grand Canyon, would you like that little lady?"

"Do you mean it, Uncle John, really and truly, we can go to see the Grand Canyon?"

"Sure, and I've already got the tickets," And handed her the train tickets and a couple of brochures that told about the train, and one that showed the Grand Canyon. Uncle John then said they'd drive into town for dinner after they cleaned up from farming all day and getting dirty.

"Go into the bathroom, fill that big old tub, get undressed, and wash really well."

Barbi remembered she had turned on the water to fill the tub, and then undressed. While standing with no clothes on, Uncle John walked into the bathroom and he was naked. Thinking back, Barbi remembered seeing Uncle John's thing hanging down between his legs. She knew what it was, but it was the first one Barbi had ever seen.

"What say we bathe together, Barbi, and that way we can get ready to go eat in town quicker?"

Climbing into the big old bath tub, she recollected how she watched Uncle John's think get bigger around and longer, and then stuck almost straight out from his body. "Uncle John, mom told me it wasn't nice for a man to see me without clothes on, and I must never ever look at a naked man."

"Barbi, this is just for you and me to know about, and I want you to promise you will never speak to anyone about this, or our sleeping together, promise?" She seemed to remember that Uncle John told her something about his seeing her nude, and she him, as he was taking the place of her mom. The details on that were hazy, but at times she had teased him and would call him mom, but other than that, him memory didn't give her strong images or thoughts.

"Okay, but do you touch me when we are in bed, like you know?"

"How do you mean, touch you, and where?"

"Like, you know, maybe in my panties, you know there," Barbi said and pointed between her small rounded thighs.

"Why are you asking me that?"

"Cause sometimes, I wake up and think you have your hand inside my panties and touching me where mom said no one should touch me until my husband did when I get married."

"Yes, I caressed you, so you would sleep well." "Do you like my touching you like this," Uncle John asked and then put his hand between my legs? I wasn't certain what to do, and it was only a minute or so and I remember how his fingers were playing with my thing, and I got excited. Then she remembered how it felt good and jiggled and Uncle John had made crazy noises and said it was a game. But he had told her that she must never mention this to anyone else, as this was a private thing between her and him.

Her mind replayed that occurrence and for several minutes, Uncle John moved his fingers on me, and then took my hand and placed it on his thing that was really hard. He showed me how to move my hand on it and before long he cried out, "Barbi, your making me cum!" I watched in fascination as stuff shot out from the end of his hard thing. Some of it splashed on my chest and arm, and all over my hand. Some had landed on Uncle John, but he ignored the slick feeling stuff, and as I started too removed my hand, he grabbed it in his and asked me to hold onto him a little while longer.

"Uncle John, what is that stuff," I remember asking in my innocence? This happened around 1945, and in those days' children didn't have the knowledge of sex as they did in later generations. After a while Uncle John moved me, and I sat on his lap facing him. He explained in his crude way, and not vulgar, but crude as Uncle John had only completed seven grades of school. His father needed him to help on the farm, so that ended his formal education.

His finger continued to play between my legs and it felt good. Uncle John explained about what he was doing and that later when we went to bed, he would show me more things to make me feel good. Then Uncle John pulled the plug and let the water run from the tub, and we rose from the tub, and got out. He dried me off, and as he did, told me how pretty I was, and made me laugh as he ticked me.

Going to my room, I put on fresh clothes and brushed my hair. I walked to Uncle John's room where he was dressing. Although he slept with me, he had not moved his clothes from his room, in case someone should inquire about our living conditions.

We went to town and ate in the small restaurant where all of the farmer friends of Uncle John ate with their families. Several of his friends stopped by the table, and I found children my own age to speak to, and they asked me to come visit and play. I was surprised when Uncle John told a couple of the kids he would drop me off on Sunday, if that was all right with their parents.

After we ordered our food, one man said that he should join him and his wife at their table, and their two kids my age could set with me, while they visited. This was great, and Uncle John and the man discussed about our trip and the man said he would take care of the farm, as my uncle had done the same for him two years previously.

That evening as Uncle John drove us home, and I spoke about my never telling about him touching me, or our sleeping together. I promised him I'd never tell anyone, and knew we weren't supposed to be doing things together. Being alone, with my parents both dead, I recall telling Uncle John, "I enjoy knowing you like me Uncle John, and you try to make me happy, so maybe we can pretend that we are husband and life like mom and did."

"What do you mean, what did your parents do?"

"Uncle John, one morning I walked into my parent's bedroom, and they were naked, and daddy was on top of mommy, and she had her legs wrapped around dad." Then I explained how I watched and it seemed that his thing was going in and out of my mom, but I got scarred and ran back to my room.

When we got home, it was around eight at night, and my uncle said we should go to bed early, and then he told me, "Don't wear anything to bed tonight, not even your panties."

The summer heat was humid, and I had been sleeping on top of the covers because of it being hot in the house. My room did get a nice breeze and that helped make it comfortable, and an oscillating fan kept the air circulating. Climbing onto the bed, I was apprehensive as to what would happen, but I knew it had to do with sex, as mom had explained some things to me shortly before she passed away. Besides I had been watching the cows and saw them when the bull mounted them, and Uncle John had told me that it was the same as humans did when they wanted to feel good.

Laying in bed, and snuggled next to Uncle John, I listened as he explained that he would never have actual intercourse with me, but would make me feel good. Then he explained in his own way what sex was about, and told me to call his thing, "Cock." My thing, he explained would be referred to as. "Pussy." The stuff that came out of him in the tub was called "Cum." When I moved my hand up and down on his cock, it was called "Jack-off." He told me all about masturbation, and that both girls and boys did it, sometimes with each other. By the time he was done, and telling me all he could about sex, I knew he was going to "Eat my pussy."

Uncle John had explained when people touched each other and it felt good, they would moan and say how wonderful it was for them. I recall his telling me that it was okay to do "It" for the other. Uncle John explained about a man putting his thing inside a girl, in the opening between her legs, and it was called "Fucking, or simply Fuck." He asked me to never let anyone do that to me as I would likely become pregnant and be taken from me.

"Was that what mom and dad were doing," I remember asking?

While he was talking to me, my hand had reached out and found his cock, and he hadn't asked me to do it for him. When I first got it in my hand, he was kind of limp like, and I felt it get hard and my small hand could not reach around his cock. Asking Uncle John why it got hard, and long, he explained as best he could be what happened when a wife or pretty girl like me, touched a man, he became excited. Then he explained about how it would be hard so it could push into a girl's pussy, and make her feel good when it moved back and forth inside her.

Uncle John then explained about a girl having a "Cherry." I could not understand exactly how that worked out, so he got a hand mirror from my dresser, held it and showed me my pussy, and pointed out my cherry. This was something new to me, and I wondered why I had never taken a mirror and looked at my pussy before?

We must have talked for an hour, I remember, and as I sat in the tub reminiscing, I had been in the tub so long the water was getting cool. I let some out and then turned on the hot and refilled the tub. I was surprised how hot the water in the motel was. The water heater on the farm was small and didn't produce a lot of hot water, so this was nice.

Remembering back to hearing about sex for the first time when I was eight, I was surprised when Uncle John kissed me. He had never kissed me before, and when his lips were on mine, I was shocked somewhat. Feeling his tongue push into my mouth, was a real shock! After a while I found it fun and for some reason it being to make me excited.

After kissing for a while, Uncle John started kissing my neck and ear, then moved down and kissed my tiny little nip, as my mom had called them. My mom had explained they were nipples and even showed me her breast and nipples so I would understand. The feelings of his tongue licking on my small pink nips, made me giggle, and my hips rolled like on the bed. However, at the time I didn't collate the two as sex of some sort.

Then Uncle John was kissing my tummy, and kissed his way down my right leg, and back up, then did the same on my left leg. When he kissed his way back up my left leg, his mouth moved and kissed my pussy. My butt bumped up from the bed, as the feeling was so unexpected. I could feel his mouth kind of pull my little thing inside, and his tongue was licking all over my pussy, and in between the lips that he called labia.

Never would I have thought someone would lick and kiss the thing I peed from, but my young age of eight, did not stop me from telling my uncle that he was making me feel great, "Oh Uncle John, that is nice, but feels so funny like, and even in my tummy." Without knowing it was possible, I climaxed after a few minutes of his licking what he said was my clit.

"Let it cum, let it cum Barbi Girl, get off for me," Uncle John told me in a muffled voice as he never stopped licking as he spoke. Then I cum, "Oh, my OH," I said in a very high, and pitched voice, that didn't sound like me.

I lay in Uncle John's large and hairy arms after my virgin climax. I moved so my pussy straddled Uncle John's left leg. From that moment, I knew that I would never reveal what Uncle John and I did together. And I considered, in my young mind, that I was his wife. Romantic thoughts passed through my mind, and I had fantasy thoughts of being a princess like those my story books.

Not exactly certain as to what had happened, I asked Uncle John and he explained it was like when his stuff squirted out of his cock, except mine didn't squirt. Later on, maybe when I was eleven, he had put it between my legs and moved it back and forth, and when it squirted, Uncle John became really excited. After we lay with his thing between my legs, he told me I could have the pony I had been wanting.

I seem to recall that Uncle John would have me hold his thing between my legs and he moved it until his stuff shot out and got all over me. In my memory I still remember how I liked it when he was ready to cum, he would jack it off, so the stuff landed on my sex

A few weeks later, we left on the train for our vacation. I traveled as Uncle John's daughter, so people wouldn't ask questions. Sometimes I almost called him Uncle, but always caught myself. I started calling him daddy, and did so until he died during some of private moments together. We shared a compartment on the train and as we had since he first performed oral sex on me, we continued it during our vacation.

The first night on the train, Uncle John taught me how to give him a blow-job, or to suck him off. This was pleasant, but I found it necessary to think his cock wasn't used to pee within order to take it in my mouth. One of my favorite things was a popsicle, and when I told my uncle that I would call it a popsicle, he loved my name for his cock, and said, "Yea, it's a popsicle all right, and if you were older and I shot cum up your pussy, it would be a popsicle, and I would be the pop." Even I thought that was funny, as I had an understanding of what he meant.

Taking Uncle John's popsicle into my mouth, I held it between my lips, and then just the large part on the end, that he said was the "Head" of his cock. He told me to move my mouth up and down on it and to move my tongue around on the end, especially to lick the slit on the end. He was so thick, but I could not get him all the way in my mouth to suck him well.

After a minute of so sucking Uncle John's cock, someone knocked on the compartment door. "Damn," Uncle John said as he rose from the bunk and put on his house coat.

Whispering to me, get under the covers, Uncle John opened the door and the porter was there and asked, "Sir, would you like some coffee, and perhaps milk for your daughter?" Then the porter added, "We have sweet rolls as well."

"Yes, we'll have some, please," my uncle told the porter, and took them and then took his billfold from the small shelf, and paid him.

After drinking our refreshments, and eating a roll each, we got back on the bed, and I took my uncle's cock into my mouth again. This time he instructed me on how to move my head up and down while using my tongue and lips to get him off. For whatever, I had not thought about him shooting his stuff out of his cock, and when it splashed into my mouth I gagged and choked and had to pull my mouth from his cock.

I commenced crying from knowing that I hadn't kept it in my mouth, but my uncle hugged me and said I had done really well. "Honey, my cock is nearly eight inches long, and almost four inches around when it gets hard." Then he told me, "Barbi, your Aunt Mabel couldn't take me in her mouth as you did in your small mouth. And your aunt would always gag, when I shot cum in her mouth."

Hearing my uncle describe about my aunt not being able to do it as well as what I had done, made me decide to swallow his stuff when it shot out the next time. Which was the next night, I remembered that occurred? I didn't really start swallowing his stuff completely until the last night on the train returning home from the Grand Canyon.

We rented a motel room in the town of Williams during our five days at the canyon, and would ride the excursion train from town to the canyon. We rode the mules down into the canyon and the mules would bump and bounce me around, but Uncle John and the mule attendants had fastened me onto the saddle with some belts. Looking over the edge of the trail and down into the canyon, made me afraid practicably the total ride. But thinking back, I decided to head for the Grand Canyon once I reached Nevada.

Each night in the motel, my uncle and I would take a bath together, and I loved playing with what he taught me to handle very gently, his "Nuts." The second night in the motel, he had me sucking and chewing his bag and nuts, and I enjoyed feeling the round balls moving around on my tongue.

By now, I remember my living with my uncle two months, and he had made me a sex partner. The experiences weren't unpleasant I recollect, but as I got older, and I believe it was when I turned thirteen, and my periods started, that I wanted to stop the sexual play with my uncle.

Then I remembered the time when I was around eleven, and Uncle John had been licking me for a long time. Each time I was ready to get off, he would stop licking me, and told me he wanted to really build me up once so I would cum really hard.

The memories aren't exact, I'm certain, but I think he must have built me up for over an hour or more. My hips were bumping against his mouth extremely hard to keep the contact with his tongue. My voice begged him to let me cum, and that it was almost hurting I wanted to cum so bad, just building up and letting it peak, only to stop. Then he pushed his tongue hard against my developing clit, and when I felt myself ready to cum, my hands grabbed onto his head for the first time ever when he was eating me out. I pulled him hard against my face, and a steam of pee escape from my urethra as I climaxed so hard it hurt. I continued peeing for at least a half minute, perhaps longer.

"Pee Baby, pee for me, let if flow, Barbi," Uncle John kept saying. After that time, he would sometimes have me pee on him while we took a bath together or when he was eating me out.

God, I can't believe that Uncle John had me pee on him the night before he died. He had me stand over him in the tub and let it hit his face, and he would drink it as it splashed against his face. Uncle John had asked me several times to let him pee on me, but I always declined.

One night in bed, I remember we spoke a long time about my not giving blow-jobs again, and he not eating me out, or our sleeping together any longer. Uncle John listened to what I had to say and told me, "If you want to stop, I understand." Then he told me, "Barbi, if you continue sex with me, I will get you a new car when you turn sixteen, and the farm and all my things will be yours when I die." Somehow I believe Uncle John was around forty-three at the time, but I can't remember for certain of my exact age at the time.

Uncle John was convincing, and to prove his point, two days later the two of us went to his attorney and his will and other documents were drawn up leaving me his estate. At that age I did not realize what my inheritance would be, just that someday the farm would be mine. That, I guess, must have been ten years ago, so I would have been thirteen, and Uncle John would have been forty-three, as he was fifty-three when he passed away.

Around the time I was twelve, my breast started to rise up on my chest. They were like pink candy kisses, similar to those wrapped in tinfoil at the candy counter in the 5 & 10 cent store. They became very sensitive and I found it enticing to make him beg to let him nurse on the bumps growing on my breast. It was another six months, if I remember correctly, that Uncle John told me one night as he started to eat me out, that he said, "My Barbi girl, has little fine blonde hair coming out on her pussy."

The night of my nineteenth birthday, is one I will always cherish in the relationship between Uncle John and myself. I remember it being the only time his cock ever touched inside my pussy. For some reason Uncle John wanted to rub his thing on the sparse hairs over my pussy. That was the only time he ever pushed the end of his thing inside me. I seem to remember that it took a long time to get it inside, and just inside, but I wanted him to do me. He kept saying, "No, I can't take your cherry, but the man who does, is going to be one lucky son-of-a-bitch." Jacking his cock at the same time as he moved just his cock head inside my pussy, Uncle John kept telling me how hot and tight my little cunt was.

"Take me Uncle John, push in me, I want you to fuck me, and you'll be the only man I will ever want, if you fuck me," I still remember saying those exact words since that time. I felt he was about to shoot his cum inside my still virgin pussy. My voice cried out as his thickness had rubbed my clit until I climaxed. Uncle John let his cum filled balls empty into the entrance of my cervix, the ultimate opening to my uterus. Thinking, perhaps I would conceive a child for us in my womb. Those memories came back to me out of sequence with my thoughts of my uncle and me. I knew that I missed his tenderness.

Some would say he took advantage of me, when he first touched me at the age of eight, was undoubtedly true. When I became sixteen, and after that age, I found him to be a wonderful man, and he loved me is certainly true. I reached over and took some notes and cards out of my over night bag. They were soft and gentle words of thanks for being his partner during the time after his wife's untimely death, along with my parents. The one card that I had kept was the one he gave me on my nineteenth birthday, and the only time I ever felt his cum inside my sex.

The card read, "No person, not one, could make such a feeling of togetherness, for me, as you have done my precious woman, and Happy Birthday wishes to you." Uncle John had signed the card, "The man who has gained a life time of feelings from a little girl who has became a woman, during my time on Earth, Love, Uncle John." Then he added a PS, "Tonight may end up being special, if not, it will still be special."

As I read the card, and remembered that night from four years ago, tear formed in my eyes. Uncle John never said he wouldn't have sex with me, and that is one thing I wish had learned.

The night that I received his fluid inside my pussy was beyond belief as I felt his cum running from my sex down across my anus. When I stood up, I felt his cum running down the inside my thighs. I had started to walk into the bathroom to wash off his sperm, but I stopped and looked at my uncle. "Uncle John, I feel your cum seeping from my pussy, and I wish you had deposited it so deep in me, that a child would be growing this very instance in my womb." Never will I forget the warm feeling in my sex, only to feel Uncle John's cum turn cool as it dripped from my cunt and down my legs.

Uncle John moved from the bed and hugged me in his large arms. I remember that it seemed I would pass out from the excitement I had received. Then he moved with me to the bed, and I lay on my back, with my legs hanging over the edge. Uncle John kneeled down between my spread open thighs and began to kiss my pussy. There was no doubt, the cum, covering my sex, and on my thighs, was transferred to Uncle John's face.

"My god, Barbi, I'm eating my own cum, from your pussy when I lick inside your sex." I remember him telling me my labia, he called them, my "Pussy Lips" was so small. Uncle John said my labia minora, the inner lips, was almost nonexistent they were so small. His description of my pussy was as tight as was when I was eight and he first had eaten me. This memory from the past now made me cry, and I realized I had loved my uncle more than I had ever considered.

After making me cum from "eating my pussy" and telling me to cum on his tongue, Uncle John stood up between my legs as they over the edge of the bed. Again I felt Uncle John move the head of his cock inside my pussy lips, but again only the head parted my sex. This time he moved his cock in and out of my opening, and each time the head slipped inside me, I would ask him to go deeper. Finally I could feel him tense up, and I knew he was again going to deposit his thick sperm filled cum inside my aching pussy.

Then I knew he was cumming and he cried out, "Barbi, I'm cumming in you, OH I want you but can't, AWGH!" Then I knew he was giving me his male juices, and I begged him, "Take me, please Uncle John, oh daddy, fuck me - fuck me, I want you to do it all the way inside me, please fuck me?" Yet his willpower stopped him from shoving all the way up into my tender body.

Then I attempted to bring my memories back into focus and keep them in order of our sexual and personal relationship. Unless someone had experienced the feelings that passed between us, they could not understand that it wasn't incest between us. There was a feeling that went back to when I was around six, and I was playing in the hay mow, and how I lay on the bales, listening to the rain on the barn's tin roof. Uncle John had found me in the mow and I explained how the rain sounded so nice, and that it made me sleepy. Then he held me in his big arms and told me to listen to the rain until I fell asleep.

During high school, and after I graduated, until my uncle passed away, I was allowed to date. Out of the relationship with my uncle, or because I did not want my dates to touch me intimately, I stayed a virgin. I became known as a virgin to conquer, or marry so they could be the first with me. My girl friends said my class mates and guys I dated all said they wanted to do me, at least once. Everyone knew that someday I would own my uncle's farm, and I would be wealthy.

I used to think that it was all a game, having the intimate and sexual knowledge between my uncle and me, while restricting my dates to a quick feel, if they could before I stopped them.

That made me think about the time I was with Ralph Wilson, and how he had slowly worked his hand under my skirt. I felt him moving his hand on the top of my thigh, then on the outer side of my left leg. Ralph had taken at least ten minutes before I felt the light touch of his fingers softly caressing the insides of both my thighs. It felt good, and I enjoyed the sensations he was causing in my body. His touch was tender, I still remember, I as I felt him wishing to reach the goal of his exploring, the moist slit between my legs.

Ralph had been the first boy I had dated that didn't grab of being rough in his attempt feel me up. He exerted little force as he attained the desired results he wanted, and his fingers felt the few maiden hairs that were outside the legs of my panties. For whatever the reason, I wanted Ralph to touch me, and his slow and the soothing contact of his finger tips, against the inside skin of my thighs was deft, and pleasant. At the time I thought that even Uncle John did not have this touching ability.

For several minutes Ralph fingers moved so lightly across the smooth skin of legs that it was almost like the feeling I got when I laid nude on top of the bed covers, and felt the cool air brush across my skin. Then it was like a bolt of lightning struck my body, and Ralph had moved his fingers behind my knee, and lightly stroked his finger tips in some type of a circle. My passions were never more stirred up than they were at the time, and I guess I must have been around seventeen.

Using his other hand, I felt Ralph unbutton my blouse, then unsnap the clasp at the waist of my skirt, and pull down the zipper. I didn't assist him nor resist Ralph in his actions. My body told me to let him do as he desired, and the experience would be one I found enjoyable.

When he reached to remove my blouse, I eased away from the back seat of his car, and then he removed my skirt. I was setting in front of Ralph in only my bra, half slip and panties. These were some removed and a boy was viewing me nude, which until now only Uncle John had done.

I remember the feeling of peace as Ralph laid me back onto the car seat, and then he removed his clothes. While I lay on my back, I looked out the rear car door window and saw the darkness of the sky, with the twinkling stars, and I could not see the moon, but the trees in the field on his dad's farm where we were parked, cast an eerie pattern as the moon shone through the leaves. Ralph's lips nursed at my nipples, and his fingers were still lingering across the skin on the inside of my thighs.

That night, I remember, was one I can never forget, as my body craved the touch of someone other than Uncle John. I wondered if I was cheating on my uncle by enjoying another male's touch? As hard as I try to remember, the feeling of Ralph's fingers stroking my thighs I cannot describe, but was very appeasing.

Ralph moved his lips down and kissed my stomach, and I felt a strange tenderness from his lips as they moved over my abdomen. With a slow tantalizing brush of his lips, he kissed the smooth skin of my inner thighs. His actions, I remember now, were almost tormenting and teasing promise of something exceptional would produce in me a fantastic and the ultimate sexual gratification.

During this time, Ralph had been kneeling on the floor of the car, and I remember how he raised my left leg in the air, and moved his body so he was between my spread open legs, and his lips were kissing the back of my thighs. When I felt his tongue, move from between his lips and lick the smooth skin at the back of my knee, my body seemed to jerk. Slowly Ralph had licked down my leg, every so often he would tape a moment to kiss around the spots he had just licked. When he got to my feet, he kissed them on top, then his lips moved and kissed the souls of my feet. Nothing could have led me to believe that a person could have erogenous zones on their feet, but I found out from Ralph, they exist on the whole foot.

Then for the first, and even to this day, I thought as I lay thinking of my sexual experiences, my toes were sexually stimulated. Ralph took my toes, starting with the large one, into his mouth until he finally held my little toe inside his mouth. Ralph's tongue was gently exploring between and all around each toe. He did this for sometime, and then he took all my toes, and as much of my foot into his mouth as he was able to accomplish.

Then I remember, as he sucked my toes and foot, a tremor flashed through me, and my body jerked up from the back seat of Ralph's 48 Plymouth 4-door sedan. If I remember correctly, I cried out, "What was that, my god Ralph, you're making me feel so good!"

As I lay on the seat, I realized that I had just climaxed without any contact with my clitoris or fondling of my sex. Then Ralph begins to make love to my other leg, and this time, he repeated his action on my right leg. Again he was sucking my toes, and when he licked between them, I was thinking, why hasn't Uncle John done that for me?

Then I felt Ralph moving up and he kissed my small thatch of maiden hair, and then he licked it completely, from across my moms, from one side to the other, then down along my labia. Never once had he licked my pussy, and I wanted him to suck my clit, and had he desired to do so, he could have bitten it until it bled, and I wouldn't have made him stop.

What must have been two hours of having him tantalizing me with his lips, he moved up over my body? I knew he was going to make love to me, and by now that was what I desired more than I had ever wanted with Uncle John, Oh how I remember feeling Ralph move between my legs, and then he was resting his body on mine. I could feel his hand reach down and grasp his erection, and guide it toward my pussy.

When it brushed my pussy, I could tell I was gaping open, and just as he touches the head at the part of my labia, Ralph shot a load of cum, larger than any I have ever felt since. He keeps going off, and when he stopped ejaculating, he lay on my body and begin to sob.

I moved my arms up and hugged him to me, and I remember telling him, "Its okay, Ralph, you will get hard again and you will be the first and only boy for me, I've never let any date do what you just did to me, so you're the first boy to get so far with me."

After several minutes, Ralph stopped crying, and then he told me, "Barbi, don't tell anyone what I did, and that I went off all over you before I could put it in you, please?"

"Ralph, I will never tell anyone about this, and you made me cum, just making love to my feet, and you will get hard in a minute." Then I remember asking him, "Ralph, I've never done it to a boy, but if you want, I will try to kiss and suck your thing to get you hard."

"No, that's okay, but you're beautiful, and am I really the first guy to undress you and do things with you?"

Now I think back about that night with Ralph, I wonder why I continued remaining a virgin? After high school, and a group of us were in the local hang out, when one of the guys asked if we heard about Ralph Wilson? I believe it was Joan Beckman, who said, "Yeah I did, and they say he had turned queer and is doing guys, how disgusting."

That was when I found out why Ralph never kissed my sex, and didn't want my mouth on his cock. Yet to this day, he was the best lover I ever had, from making gentle love with me.

The only time I really had a penetrating relationship with my uncle was on my sixteenth birthday. We had taken a trip to Chicago, and we had connecting-rooms at the hotel, for appearance sakes. That night I tasted alcohol for the first time, as my uncle bought a bottle of champagne at dinner in the Palmer House Hotel restaurant. I had two glasses of the white sparkling wine, and it went to my head and I became giddy, and laughed at nothing. The waiter knew I was celebrating my sixteenth birthday, and thought it was wonderful that my father brought me to Chicago to celebrate.

After we arrived in Chicago, and reached the hotel, I unpacked my clothes, and Uncle John told me, we're going shopping for me some clothes for school, and a dress to wear tonight at dinner. I cannot remember all I got that day, but it seems that my uncle must have spent a considerable amount of money.

By now the water in the tub was cool again, and I was started to winkle, so I got out of the tub and dried off. Walking to the bed I lay back and tried to remember all that had led up to my becoming wealthy after the death of my uncle. But I continued to remember the deal I had worked out with my uncle, and his being allowed to enjoy me in a sexual way. To my mind came a weird thought, why did he not want to ever have intercourse with me?

After dinner, we walked around Chicago, then returned to the hotel and to our rooms. My uncle had been so nice to me. The trip and clothing Uncle John purchased for me, and the alcoholic, made me in a frolicking mood. Standing on my tiptoes, I stood in front of my uncle and raised my lips for him to kiss. Uncle John stood about six-six, and I was like five-two at age sixteen, and I'm only five-four now.

Uncle John wrapped me in his large arms and when he kissed me, I wanted more that night I remember thinking. Never will I forget the feeling as I rubbed my lower body against my uncle's hard cock. That night I wanted to be a complete woman, and have sex all the way.

I stepped back from my uncle and turned away from him, and slowly started to undress. When I unsnapped my stockings and rolled them down my legs, I had my back toward my uncle. Stepping from my heels, and removing the stockings from my feet, I was only wearing my panties and bra. Soon I had them off and as I reached to place them on the dresser, they fell from my hand. I remember I was still standing with my back to my uncle, and evidently when I bent to remove my panties, he enjoyed the view of my hips. That, I'm certain, was the first time he ever saw me bent over, and nude, at least as a teenager.

While I was bent over, he walked up behind me and to my surprise he had undressed very quickly and his erection was pressed between the spread open hips that I was displaying, as I was bent over. Yes, I remember thinking, tonight he is going to fuck me and get my cherry.

For several minutes I felt like I was on fire, and I again wanted to have sex for the very first time in my life. I will never forget the heat that seemed to pass from between my legs and feel it entering my entire body. Uncle John moved me to the bed and told me to rest my hands on the bed and stay bent over. I will always remember feeling how wet I was between the lips of my pussy, and feeling Uncle John's cock rubbing me in the most intimate manner. Then I thought that I will now have sex. That didn't happen exactly as I wanted, I remember.

Uncle John moved the thick cock of his against my tiny butt hole. I felt him trying to push inside my rear hole, and it was beginning to hurt. Never can I forget as I asked him, "Uncle John, not there, I want you to fuck me, take my cherry tonight."

Then I recall the most painful feeling I had ever known, and the large head of Uncle John's thick cock was splitting my anus open. The pain and burning sensations were terrible I recall, and yet he being to move slowly deeper and deeper up my butt.

"STOP UNCLE JOHN, PLEASE NOT IN MY BUTT, DO MY PUSSY, I WANT YOU TO TAKE MY CHERRY PUSSY, GOD NO," I cried out as I remember he was finally buried all the way up my butt with his eight-inch long cock.

I never forget trying to escape the pain and derogation, I felt from being butt-fucked as Uncle John called what he was doing. It must have lasted at least fifteen minutes I remember. I felt my butt being torn open by my uncle's large cock. The only feeling I remember being good was when he pushed forward and his bag of balls would swing under me and strike my pussy.

When Uncle John went off, he shoved so hard that I fell onto the bed, and he landed on top of my back and it seemed he entered me another inch. His climax seemed to go on forever, and when he finally pulled from my butt, I heard the emission of wind passing quickly in a loud fart. I was so embarrassed, but Uncle John told me not to apologize as it was natural when a woman gets it up her butt. After resting for a while, Uncle John said we should shower, and wash off.

When I stood up, I could feel his wetness starting to run from my anus. Uncle John must have seen it as well as he told me, "Bend over Barbi, I want to watch my cum running out of your tiny ass."

Doing as he asked, he moved up behind me and I felt him again entering my sore and burning butt hole. "No, not again, Uncle John, it still hurts, if you want to do it, do it in my pussy." Instead he again moved me over to the bed and had me bend over on it, then asked me to get on the bed on my hand and knees. Now I was on the bed and my hips were at the edge of the bed, and he was standing behind me and again he probed deep and hard inside my butt. This time it felt better, and I told him something, but I can't remember what I said to him. He rode me harder than the first time, them he cried out, "I'm cumming in your ass Barbi, yeah I'm cumming in your asshole, I got your cherry ass girl!"

Finally we became what was assuredly a married couple as we slept together, but I cannot recall how things progressed until I turned eighteen. After I graduated magna cum-laude from high school, Uncle John surprised me with a big party, and my relatives and friends all showed up. Uncle John had hired a local band to play, and after about an hour, I seem to recall, he walked up to the band and taking the microphone, and made and announcement.

"Barbi, come up here for a minute, will you please" Uncle John asked?

I hugged him and he looked at me, and then announced, "Because my niece has just graduated as the top student, I have a gift for her." He paused for a moment, the stated, "Tickets to Paris and London!"

Never could I have believed that he would purchase such a trip for me, but he handed me my ticket to New York, and then to England. He only purchased one ticket, and I thought at the time, this will be the only time I have ever traveled alone. I remember crying and I told everyone that I wish my parents had been with me on this day, but Uncle John was more than an uncle, he was my family.

That night in bed, I asked him why he hadn't purchased a ticket for himself?

"This is something you did on your own, and sometimes people need to be with themselves, and I hope your experiences in Europe will stay with you always."

I lay on top of Uncle John, and pressed my pussy against his cock. I remember feeling it become erect as I pressed my thinly haired pussy against his large piece of potent manhood. "Uncle John, will you make me a woman tonight, I want you to be my first, even if you never take me again, just this once?"

"Barbi, I would love to make love to you, but it isn't possible."

"Uncle John, you have let me experience sex in any way possible, except actual intercourse, why not make me yours, just once?"

That night he made oral love to me until around three in the morning, and when he was done and couldn't do me anymore, I still desired his tongue licking my pussy, and deep as he had all that time between my thighs.

One night when I was around twenty-one, I had a date with Jack Thompson, whose father owned a large farm about six miles from ours. We had ridden around for about an hour, picked up a couple of six packs, and finally ended up at the farm pond on the far side of his farm. The pond was surrounded by trees, and Jack and his father had built a small over hand picnic shelter, and set up four picnic tables inside the shelter, and four more under the trees by the water's edge. We sat drinking the beer and for some reason I felt close to Jack that night.

Memories sometimes become distorted, and this may be the case with Jack and what occurred that night. I had lain on one of the tables, in the shelter, and Jack was seated on the bench. With no preliminary sexual advances, Jack simply unfastened my blouse and exposed my bra to his view. When he asked me to raise up so he could unsnap my bra in the back, I moved up enough so he could accomplish his desired task.

When he pulled the sleeves of my blouse down my arms and let it lay under me I didn't protest or make a sound. Then he removed my bra and my 34 B breasts were on display. Jack's lips moved and captured my left nipple, and after a short time moved and took the right one in his mouth.

While his lips, tongue and mouth was occupied with my breast, his left hand moved down and unsnapped my ballerina skirt. Still I said nothing, and when I felt him removing my panties, I raised my hips as if it was Uncle John undressing me. Some modesty became evident and I moved my right arm over my breast, and my left hand reached down and covered my pussy.

I remember the feeling as only the second male ever to suck my breast, and Jack begins trailing his tongue down over my stomach and headed for the heated cavern between my thighs.

"Jack, stop for a minute, lets go swimming, please?"

"God Barbi, you're beautiful, and I want to kiss you between those beautiful thighs and your maiden hair is so fine, it is like silk." When he said that about my hair, I thought, that is how Uncle John described my pubic hair. One time I remembered that Uncle John had searched each hair on my moms until he found the longest one. Taking it between his thumb and finger, he gently pulled it, until it pulled from the follicle it grew in. He told me at the time, "Barbi, I'm going to carry that in my billfold with you photo."

I rose from the picnic table and ran to the lake and jumped into the cool water of the humid summer night. In my memory I turned and looked back at Jack as he sat on the table bench, studying me from the distance. Still I wonder what allowed me such freedom with Jack that night? Walking back to the table, I felt some strange emotional perception that I was about to explore a new level of sex, someone other than Uncle John would give me manual-genital stimulation, unlike any I had previously received.

My walk became slow and my heart palpitated as if it was a pounding drum beat calling me deeper into the dark jungle. When I reached the table I moved up on it and lay back on the spread clothes exactly as they were when Jack removed them from my body.

"Jack, I cannot go all the way with you, but you may enjoy me in any other manner you desire, is that something you can accept?" Without saying a word he pulled me so I was laying across the narrow expanse of the table top, and not lengthwise. I watched as another man was about to take my sex in his mouth, and evidently, brush my clit and into my cunt with his tongue. At the first contact of Jack's mouth on my sparsely hair-covered moms, I felt him rake across the prepuce guarding my clitoris. My hips jerked upward and I moaned out, "Jack, you're the first boy to ever do this to me."

I hadn't lied when I told him he was the first boy, because I remember thinking at the time, only a man had done this before, not a boy. "Ah, it feels so, oh JACK - YES, EASY LIKE THAT." My legs moved up and I could feel a climax starting almost immediately. "There, oh god Jack, you're building me and something is happening," then I repeated my urinating as I had with Uncle John once before when I was younger.

"My god Barbi, your pissing, like, you're pissing like crazy," Jack almost shouted, but moved his mouth back to capture my entire sex in his mouth. I could feel my urine pouring from me, and after a brief moment of capturing it in his mouth, Jack could not swallow it fast enough and found it necessary to spit it out, only to let his mouth become full, again and again.

My entire body begins shaking and the sounds from my mouth were tribal sounds with no real meaning. Still my pee poured from my body, and my fingers were now entangled in Jack's hair and I was pulling his face tighter to my pussy. How long I lay on the table urinating I cannot recall at this date, but it was at least two minutes I believed. From what I felt and experienced previously with Uncle John I was also going off, and my hips started moving up and down on the table. When my hips struck the table, they hit extremely hard and by the time I returned home, they had bruise marks on them.

Finally my body quivered and seemed to float down into a mass of lost nerves, that all seemed to short-circuit at the same time. As I settled down, and my breathing started to return, Jack informed me, "I've never had a girl do that before, Barbi, and I love you for doing it." Then his ego came into play and I remember his asking, "Was I really your first to eat you?"

His question turned me off, and I thought, why is he asking me if he was the first, after I told him previously that he was the first boy to ever eat me out. Jack stood up and I did not realize he had taken his cock out of his shorts, and he moved between my legs and lodged his cock at the edge of my sex. I became scarred and screamed out, "NO - STOP - NO TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME." When he didn't step back, I kicked at him with both feet, one which struck him in the face and the other in his stomach. Jumping up from the table, I grabbed my clothes and being to dress while he was attempting to get his breath back.

After I was dressed, I told Jack, "Take me home, you ruined something very beautiful, so just take me home."

"Fuck you, bitch, walk home!" With that Jack got in his car and drove off, leaving me with no way home but to walk. I knew that I could cut across the fields and save myself about five miles by not using the roads.

Jack had felt guilty, or so he claimed, and returned to give me a ride. When he didn't find me, he became scarred and thought someone had kidnapped me. After driving up and down the roads, he went to my house and woke my uncle. They both drove around hunting for me and when they couldn't find me, went back to my uncle's place. Uncle John called the sheriff, and finally Jack admitted he tried to attack me. Before the sheriff could stop him, Uncle John's large right fist struck Jack in the face, and his left into his stomach. Jack tumbled to the ground, and when he was able to stand, the Sheriff Bowen told Jack, he'd best leave, and if anything had happened to me, his ass would be in big trouble. Another thing, Boy, Uncle John told Jack, "I better not hear any rumors about his niece and you, Jack Thompson."

By day light I was walking in the field behind the barn, and a deputy sheriff spotted me and sounded his siren, then ran to where I was walking. By the time my uncle had returned to the farm, I had gone inside the house and started a hot bath. Uncle John came into the bathroom and hugged me and asked if I was ok? Then he asked me, "Did Jack Thompson, hurt me in any way?"

I told my uncle and the sheriff that I was fine, but I admitted I had walked home rather than submit to Jack's advances. Within some week's time, the incident was more or less forgotten, except for Jack Thompson, who the Sheriff Pat Bowen, took to the local Marine recruiter, and watched as he was sworn in, then drove him to the bus station and sent him to several weeks of hell.

After everyone had left the farm, Uncle John said it was time I took the bath I had started before he returned home. In the tub, I sat in water as hot as it could be, and not burn the meat from my bones. While I sat in the tub, Uncle John washed me and asked me what all had happened, that is if I wished to speak about the incident.

I told my uncle the whole story from what I can recollect, and remember my uncle laughing about my peeing all over Jack's face.

About ten weeks later, I was in the barn, feeding some young calves that we had decided to fatten for our use, and my uncle's usual Christmas gifts of beef to his relatives, and some of my mother's siblings. Something caught my attention, and as I turned a large hand came down over my mouth, preventing me from screaming. Looking up as I was wrestled to the ground, I saw it was Jack Thompson. He quickly tied me up and pushed a gag in my mouth, and then begin to tear my clothes off me, until I was completely nude.

Jack undressed, and tied me up, then begin ripping my clothes from me, told me about how I had lead him on, and he'd gone AWOL, to come here and pop my cherry. My screams were only muffled sounds behind the gag, but when I saw Jack take his cock into his hand and aim it at my pussy, I knew he intended to take my virginity. Then I felt his cock touch against my pussy. I knew fear of the worst type, the fear as a woman about to be raped!

I shut my eyes and felt the tip of Jack's cock part the lips of my pussy, as I squeezed my eyes shut tight, as I could not stand to see his face as he drove up into me.

Then I felt Jack's weight lift from me, and opening my eyes, I saw my uncle had pulled Jack from me, and was literally throwing him across the barn floor to land against a support post. My uncle, I remember seeing the anger in his eyes, moved quickly and picked Jack up and hit him in the face four times, just 1-2-3-4, so fast it was hard to believe my uncle could move his fist like he did. Again I watched as my uncle picked Jack up and slammed him onto the barn floor, then drive his booted foot into his stomach. Jack had fluid spit from his mouth as my uncle's foot struck him in his gut the second time.

My uncle looked over at me and said, "Barbie honey, you pick up what is left of your things and get in the house and take a hot bath." Then Uncle John added, "You've not seen this piece of shit today, understand?"

As I sat in the tub, I heard the tractor start and as I looked out the window, saw my uncle pulling the feed wagon back to the far side of the farm, where the old mine shaft was located. A few days later, the Sheriff Bowen stopped by and told my uncle that he should be on the lookout for Jack, as he had gone AWOL, and had bragged to some of his buddies that he was going home to get a cherry that got him in the fucking Marines. No one in our town ever saw Jack again and every once in a while I would hear rumors that he was seen around town.

Then my mind came to the day my uncle died, and my world changed completely. Now I'm laying on a bed in a motel, and heading for parts' unknown, looking for something that will replace the void in my life by the loss of my dear Uncle John. Why, why did he refuse to take me completely when we played as husband and wife?

Guess I need to get dressed and find the restaurant the lady in the motel office told me about. Dressing in the red skirt and plaid blouse I had hung up when I entered the motel, I slipped on my band and white saddle oxford shoes.

Approaching the restaurant, I found it was located in a small farm village, and the street was packed with cars and pickup trucks all around the building I was heading for. Walking into the small restaurant, I saw it was a haven for farmers who had finished their hard days' work. The dark sky Barbi had noticed when she stopped at the motel, had dumped a heavy rain over the farmland while she bathed and relaxed. Now it was Friday evening and they were unable to work in the fields from the rain, and they'd taken the wife and kids out to eat.

Walking across the floor of the restaurant, Barbi could feel the eyes of each person in the restaurant watching her as she moved to the counter and took the only seat available, on the center stool. How many times had she done this with Uncle John, she wondered? As she sat down, the waitress placed a glass of water and a cup of black coffee in front of her without even asking if she wanted coffee. "Need cream, Honey," The thirty- something dark-haired waitress asked, and smiled at Barbi?

"Just ignore these two old codgers that you're setting between, they are both widowers, and hit on all us - "young girls around here," The waitress laughing told Barbi.

"Yeah, I know their kind, I lived on a farm with my Uncle John from the time I was eight, and he was always after some young skirt," Barbi laughed at her own comment. Then she thought, what would they think if they knew she was the young skirt and had more or less been caught?

The comment was all it took for Barbi to become part of the crowd in the restaurant, and Bill seated on her left, who was around sixty, and Andy on her right, who was likely no more than fifty she reasoned. They immediately started talking to her about where she was from and why she was traveling alone. Barbi knew that they were asking her a few questions just to see if she really had lived on a farm. They both raised Black Angus cattle, as Uncle John had done, and Bill and Andy were surprised to hear that she and her uncle raised almost two-hundred head of cattle.

Over a meal of beef and noodles, on top of mashed potatoes, and home made dinner rolls, Barbi thought she was back home in Pennsylvania. She and Uncle John would almost always eat dinner on Friday or Saturday evening as she had all those years living on the farm. Andy told her he would buy her a piece of Martha's home made sugar cream pie for dessert.

Bill looked at Barbi and asked, "What is your name girl" Then added, "I can't let that dummy next to you try to sweeten you up, so I'll buy your supper."

"I'm Barbi, Barbi Sampson, and you really don't need to spend your money on me, but it is sweet of you to be so kind."

For over an hour, the three of them laughed and spoke of farming, and Bill wanted to talk about Ike. The waitress, Doris, reached out and lightly tapped Bill on the top of his head and told him, "Now don't talk about Ike, she may be a democrat, not like you, an old-time republican, after all you usually only speak about sex." That brought chuckles and laughs from all of those around us who heard Doris' comment.

Not to be out done, and it was obvious from listening to Bill for the past hour, he was likely college educated or read a lot. Bill smiled as he looked at Doris and told her, "Little Girl, you didn't have trouble when you were speaking about Ike in the hay-mow last week, or were you saying, yikes, yikes?" Doris' face turned red, and she told Bill he was terrible. I watched and listened to this jovial exchange between Bill and Doris and wondered if there wasn't a tryst in the hay now between them? In a joking way, I smiled at Doris and asked, "Doris, is the old man even able to climb into the hay mow?" The dinners hearing us, laughed hard at my question and I was surprised to hear Doris say, "He is every bit a wild bull in these here parts."

While having my third cup of coffee, I told Bill, Andy and Doris about my Uncle John and how he raised me, and that he died as the two of us were making hay. They were genuinely sorry that I had lost my uncle, and especially as I related about losing my parents and Uncle John's wife, and my Aunt Mabel.

Andy told me there would be a dance tonight at the American Legion Post, and it was just down the street a little way, and I should come and enjoy the community's hospital. After talking about it for a while, I told them I would see them all at the dance. Then I drove through the town and loved thinking I would find places like this all the way across the United States as I drove on Route 40. After driving out in the country a short way, Barbi turned around and headed back to the motel. As she walked into her room, the lady from the office stopped her and asked how she liked the food and "our" little town?

"I love it here, in fact I was just thinking as I drove back here, that maybe I will stay a few days more." Then she told about Bill and Andy, and especially Doris the waitress, and she had been really welcomed by the crowd in the restaurant. "In fact, Andy invited me to the dance at the American Legion tonight, but Bill said he got the first dance with me."

"It is a nice place to socialize, and those two will keep you dancing." Then she told Barbi that Bill's wife, Carrie, had died of cancer about three years ago. Poor, Andy, his wife Denise was killed in a car crash at least ten years ago, and he's never dated since she stated. You know that Andy has the largest farm around these parts, he has nearly eight hundred acres of black land and he has three families helping him arm it all she noted. "Heck, more than one young girl has set her sites on that man, but he just laughs them off."

"Come on the office, as my living quarters are off the office, and I get you a cup of coffee." "I'm Claire, and I need someone to talk to, as I'm here five days a week, twenty-four hours a day, so how about keeping me company for a while," The clerk said.

After speaking about eating dinner, and how much fun she had, Barbi told Claire that she had decided to go to the dance, and enjoy herself. Telling a strange person about her Uncle John passing away, had a soothing impact on Barbi, and she had felt that at the restaurant with Bill and Andy. "Claire, I found that I really liked speaking with Doris, and she seemed to be on good terms with everyone in the restaurant." Then she asked Claire, "Does Doris own the restaurant or just work there?"

"Yeah, she owns it and has for about five years I guess." Thinking for a moment, Claire added, "She started working there when she was in high school, and the owners. Led and Martha Cummings, wanted to retire to Arizona, so they sold it to her, and I guess she pays them each month for whatever she had worked out with them."

Barbi told Claire about her teasing Bill in trying to get all the young girls in the area into his hay mow. When she told her that Bill said Doris hadn't complained about his having her in the hay mow, Claire chuckled. "Hell, everyone knows she drops her pants for Bill, and most likely the old codger has had Doris in the hay, in fact he has likely had her in every room in the barn and house." After finishing her comment, Claire laughed until she was about to cry. "Barbi, that old man used to be my boyfriend when we were in the tenth grade, he was a horny guy then, and still is." "In fact," Claire added, "They say he screwed his wife to death."

After spending a wonderful hour with Claire, Barbi returned to her room and lay back on the bed and took a nap. Awaking to the sound of the alarm clock, she saw it was nearly eight o'clock. Getting up, Barbi looked through her suit case and found a light-blue sun dress, and decided to wear it with her new black patent leather shoes. Uncle John had bought her the dress a few weeks before he died, and she had only worn it the night he brought it home when they went out to eat. Now she would wear it to honor his memory, knowing she would be attractive in the dress.

When she pulled up at the American Legion hall, she found the parking lot was full, and she had to park on the side of the building. Several high school age boys were standing around, and as she got out of her convertible, they asked if she would take them a ride? " Sure fellows, if my date for tonight says its OK." About that time, Andy pulled up and parked next to her. Winking at Andy, she told the boys, "Sorry guys, but my boyfriend just showed up," And as she said that moved over to Andy and linked her arm in his.

"You fellows leave this girl and her car alone, and don't bug her as she might become my wife."

"You're quick on the comeback, Mr. Andy, and who knows, I might take you up on your marriage proposal, you dirty old man, not as dirty as Bill, but you two are my kind of men," And Barbi laughed very hard at her own comment.

Walking through the door into the Legion hall, the crowd was lively and the place seemed full and the place to be for a Friday night. "The crowd looks large for such a small community, and on a Friday night, Andy."

"It would seem like most folk are here tonight, but you wait until tomorrow night and you will really see a crowd." Then Andy explained, "Especially with the rain and we can't work the crops tomorrow, so Saturday is always busy, but after it rains, all us old vets show up"

"Do you mind if we grab a stool at the bar, at least until a table opens up?"

"Go for it, and I enjoy setting at the bar, as I got old enough to drink, Uncle John and I almost always sat at the bar."

Smiling at her, Andy said, "Besides, I enjoy escorting you across the floor, as it looks like have the best looking gal in the hall, and a young one at that!"

"You are bad, aren't you?"

Andy chuckled, and told Barbi, "Not as badly as I would like to be, and besides, I want that damn Bill to see you with me, and he will think you're my date."

"Andy, do you mean I stayed over and got all dressed up and you aren't my date?" Hooking her arm in Andy's, Barbi looked at him with a teasing and mischievous smile, and asked, "Just what do I have to do for a date with you, Mr. A.?"

"Young Lady, don't tempt me, or I might just walk you out of here right now, and kidnap you."

"Mr. A. that could work both ways, you fascinate me, you know that don't you?"

"Yeah, but if it's the same with you, OK, hop up here before some steals the seats out from under us."

Ordering them each a blended whiskey and seven, Barbi and Andy were enjoying each other's company. Barbi watched Bill walking toward the bar, but he hadn't spotted his best friend and she seated at the bar. Thinking she would tease Bill, and make Andy happy in the process, she moved her hand over and rested it on his arm. Then she moved her leg so her right foot was resting on Andy's bar stool, and her leg was pressed against his.

Bill was at least five feet from them before he spotted Andy and her, and she noticed he hesitated slightly, then saw her hand on Andy's arm, and he looked down and noticed her leg was touching his friend's leg. Still pretending to not notice Bill, Barbi moved her hand up and lightly stroked his check and asked if he would like to dance.

"Sure, who wouldn't want to dance with you, in fact I most likely won't get another dance as the guys will be all over you for a dance."

"Mr. A., I will tell them my dance card is full with your name on it."

As Andy stepped down from the stool, and offered his hand to assist her, he saw his friend Bill for the first time. "Hi Bill, just getting here?"

"Just got in, had to move some of my younger calves into another field, what with the rain this afternoon, and how did you get a date with my girl?"

"Guess I didn't move any calves, so I got to her, first, but actually Bill, she drove all this way from Pennsylvania just to dance with me."

After dancing to two difference songs, they returned to their stools, and Andy told her that she should dance with a few of the guys when they asked. Andy explained that if she looked around, she would find couples dancing with others' wives and husbands. Nothing improper ever happens during our dances, and if a fellow gets out of line, we take him outside and tell him to go home and not return to the hall until he learns to behave himself.

For the next three hours, Barbi found she was welcome to the community as if she had lived here all her life. Andy looked at her and said he had enough to drink and wondered if she would like to go get a bite to eat. Realizing how long it had been since she'd eaten, she told him, "That would be wonderful." Andy told her to drive her car to the motel, and they would go eat in his.

As they ate, Barbi saw a lot of couples from the Legion hall were now starting to come into the restaurant. Andy smiled at her and she felt some deep and intense emotions travel completely through her body. The feeling was like the one she had when she had begged her Uncle John to make love to her, yet he would only work the head of his cock in her until he climaxed and she received the first male cum in her pussy.

By midnight, they had finished eating and more than one last cup of coffee, Barbi looked at Andy and smiled. "Mr. A., I hate for this evening to end, it has been a while since I have been so relaxed."

"Me to, but what can I say, I'm old enough to be your father, you understand, right?"

"Yes, and Andy, I need to tell you something, you remind me a lot of my Uncle John."

"That sounds like one hell of a compliment, so thanks."

"Mr. A., you likely won't believe me, but I'm a twenty- three-year-old virgin, and someday I just might tell you why, but not now, tonight or tomorrow morning, understand what I'm telling you?"

"Yes, but are - - -?"

"Say nothing yet, just drive me to your farm, if that is what you would like, and if not, there are no hard feelings."

Pulling into the motel lot, and parking in front of her room, she did see Claire watching as she got out of her car and into Andy's. Well, thought Claire, that young girl is going to get one big surprise before morning.

Riding with Andy to his farm, she was surprised when he turned into a drive that was nearly a quarter mile long. The lane curled a few times, and even passed alongside a farm pond in front of the old style German two-story brick farm house, with elaborated wood trim.

Stepping from Andy's car, Barbi felt a moment of panic as she considered what was about to happen between her and a man she had only known a few hours. Then she was aware of Andy speaking to her, and she heard him tell her, "You can change your mind, and I wouldn't blame you or be upset with you, Barbi."

"Andy, don't say anything else, at lest until we have finished what we both are wanting, or especially what I'm wanting."

Enter the large old home, Barbi could not believe how neatly and clean the house looked, she followed Andy's direction, and went in front of him to a very large bedroom. A massive dark finished bed was against one wall, and French doors opened onto a balcony on the wall at the foot of the bed.

"Andy, undress me, will you, please?"

Moving behind the young woman, Andy unfastened the hook and eye clasp at the neck line of the dress. Then his fingers slowly pulled the zipper down from her neck to the bottom of her back. Andy watched as the smooth and perfect skin on her back came into view, barred only by the white strap of her bra across her back. Moving his fingers up, he unclasped her bra and let the sides far away. Then Andy moved his hands up, and taking the back sides of her dress in his hands eased them off her shoulders and down her arms.

Standing with her back to Andy, Barbi let the top of the dress fall to her waist, and shivered as the cool summer night air touched her heated skin. Barbi felt Andy's hands stroking across the skin of her back, then down to push her dress over her hips, and let it fall onto the floor. She stepped from her dress, bent over and picked it up and as she did her bra fell away from her breast. Barbi placed her bra and dress on a chair, then turned to give Andy a view of her nearly nude body.

No words were spoken as Andy looked at the lovely young person standing in front of him. He moved slowly, and his hands reached out and begin to pull the light blue panties down over the hips of the woman. He was surprised to see that the blonde hair covering her mons, went from one side of her lower stomach to the other, but the growth was so thin, he could view the skin underneath. He dropped to his knees, and his lips moved forward and kissed the silky thin hair adorning the fatty mound.

Rising to his feet, Andy begins to undress. When Barbi saw the bark growth of hair, with the tinges of silver, she thought the chest belonged to Uncle John. Watching as he kicked off his loafers, then pulled his socks off, Barbi knew that she was about to be treated to the view of his nude body. She had seen her uncle undress in this same way many times during their fifteen-year relationship. Now another man was about to be revealed in his natural state, and her nerves started to make her quiver at the prospect of seeing this strange and wonderful man, nude.

Andy pulled his slacks off, lay then on a chair seat where she had draped her dress across the chair back, and then he pulled his shorts down over his body. She had watched as the evidence of his excitement was pushing out the front of his BVD's. Now her eyes saw the massive manhood that protruded from his groin.

God, she thought, upon observing the cock that stuck out in front of the large man, and saw it curled slightly to the left. It was huge, like perhaps an inch or longer than Uncle Johns, and she knew it was thicker. A moment of fear passed through her as she wondered if she could take this large piece of manhood into her virgin body.

A quick memory of how full she felt when Uncle John had pushed only the head of his cock, into her that one time, and it seemed to have taken him forever for to get his cock up in her. Barbi remembered that she felt as if her pussy would be torn at the top and bottom as her uncle worked his massive cock head into her pussy.

Now Barbi realized that the imposing and without doubt, monolithic cock of gigantic proportions, would soon drive its bulky head through her virginity. My god, can I take that thing inside me?"

Watching the girl's face, Andy saw the same reaction that his wife Denise showed when they undressed on the night they got married. Now another woman was looking with trepidation in her eyes as she saw his large penis. Andy, for the past ten years, could remember how warm and tight, her pussy felt, the first time he entered his departed Denise, when they shared each other in the hotel room in Indianapolis, when he masturbated. There had been no other woman to take him during the ten years since the accident that took Denise's life, as he had never felt the desire to share with another woman. Now he was seeing a virgin, or the young woman in front of him told him she was still a virgin.

Something happened for both Barbi and Andy, and they would later discuss it, but they moved to each other and their arms reached out and wrapped around the other's body.

A strange thought went through Barbi's mind as she felt herself being held by the man, "I feel like I'm standing here with Uncle John, and he is about to take my virginity.

Andy, felt as if he was holding his deceased bride, Denise, on their wedding night, and was about to capture her virginity.

Neither knew the other was considering the prior relationships with their previous love partner.

Andy picked Barbi up and carried her to the bed, he lay her back, then he lay beside her. Their arms and legs were entangled in each others, as their lips moved together in a hesitant manner. Both wanted the other, but it seemed they were like shy teenagers, not certain as to what they should do next. Finally Barbi felt the urge to move her tongue into Andy's mouth. Just as she was about to do so, Andy's tongue moved to caress her lips, then to push them open. They each reached their hands out and sought the other's sex.

Barbi could not believe how large Andy's cock was, and she knew it would hurt when he first entered her, but she would take him no matter what. This was her night that Uncle John had never given her that she had wanted so badly.

For Andy, he sought out the firm breast of the woman he was holding and being held by. They seemed to burn his hands as he grasped them, and could feel her body heat move from her and into her sensitive nipples as he squeezed them gently between his thumb and forefinger. Then his right hand moved down and sought out the virgin cleft, guarded with just hints of fine hair on each side. Even with his limited sexual experience, Andy realized that the small amount of hair on Barbi's pussy was unique.

"Take me."

Andy heard the two words, and after ten years was more than ready, and moved the woman he had found so unexpectedly, onto her back. Moving between her smooth and polished legs, he placed his cock head at the entrance of her pussy. Using his hand, he rubbed the head up and down between the now becoming tiny wet lips. Finally he pushed forward until he could feel the head of his cock slightly entering the opening between Barbi's legs. Then he pushed very gently into the opening he wanted to be buried inside.

The massive cock head slipped through the outer and then inner, lips guarding the total entrance of the tunnel of the woman's sex.

"Andy, oh Andy, that is so, so - - - it is so good, but be gentle, you're so big, oh god yes," Barbie cried out as the complete head of his cock slipped past the lips and she knew he was about to be against her hymen. At last, Barbi thought, I will become a woman, god Uncle John, why did you make me wait for you to take me? Then she found out what her uncle had told her about some man would show her what he wouldn't.

Andy wanted her deep and he did not want to wait any longer. Ten years of pent up frustration over the loss of a woman in his bed was about to be over. He pulled back then with a steady forward shove, he pushed against and through the thin skin that separates a woman from a virgin to became a total female.

"EASY - GOD ANDY, OH MY GOD, IT HURTS SO MUCH, BUT DON'T STOP -AWGH, SWEET - SWEETHEART, YOU JUST TOOK ME, GOD IT HURTS AND BURNS." Barbi cried out as the large manhood tore away her shield of love that had guarded her cervix, which now seemed to be so full she would cry.

Andy heard the woman under him, and he commenced pulling back out of her clinging sex, and then to drive back up into the hot and wet inner core of her body. Within a few minutes the feeling of the tightly gripping pussy around his cock brought him to the brink of ejaculating. "Barbi, I'm about to go off, do you want my cum in you or do you want me to pull out?"

"NO, OH NO, don't pull out, I want my first time to be complete, give me your cum, oh yeah Andy, I'm going to cum with you, yes, Andy, give me your cummmm, AWGH yesss."

They lay together, able to neither speak nor move apart. The feeling of belonging as one and having been locked in passion for just a few minutes, made them feel it had been forever.

Barbi finally asked Andy to move, as he was so heavy she was being smothered to death, and in a nervous laugh told Andy, "You, big ox, get off me."

"You didn't complain about me being an ox a few moments ago, what changed," Andy asked in a mocking voice?

"Oh Andy, hold me in your arms and hold me close."

He pulled her into his arms, and Barbi felt safe. Then she begins to cry. Her tears were of joy, yet she felt a void as she knew her status as a woman was changed forever. Why she wondered, did a woman only have the one time to give or keep her virginity, which made the decision seem unfair to her that only once could she decide?

For a while they rested, then they were again in each others arms and giving to the other all the give and take of sex a body can allow.

Barbi curled up against Andy, kissed his cheek, then his lips, and told him, "You were my first and your bed will be a mess from it, I can feel it running from me with our juices."

"Don't worry, Jessie who cleans for me will have a blast seeing what has happened in my bed."

"Andy, no way, you can't let her see."

"Sure, it will give the women in the area something new to talk about, and my self-esteem will be increased a 1,000 percent," he busted out laughing at his own comment.

They went to sleep and didn't wake until nearly nine o'clock in the morning. Andy was hard, and he thought harder than he had ever been. His lips sought the tiny pink nipples on his bed mate's breast and he loved watching her eyes open as he nursed at her hardening buds. "Good morning," he said as he moved up to kiss her lips.

Barbi wasn't wanting sex this morning as she could feel where the first even cock, and a huge one, had pushed and likely bruised her pussy inside. Yet she could not deny the sweet man who had made her a woman, as he rolled onto her small body and wedge her legs apart. Within a few minutes she was being driven into a sexual frenzy by the giant of a cock as it poked and explored inside her, again, bleeding sex. She didn't climax, but Barbi felt like a loved woman as the man on top of her finished and left his cum deep inside her pussy.

As they dressed, Barbi told Andy she would like to join him for breakfast, but she needed to stop at the motel, shower, and change into other clothes, or the farmers would know that Mr. A. got lucky last night.

Andy looked at Barbi, and joking asked her, "Did you get enough, and take a look at what you did to my bed." Then he added, "Seeing your blood on my bed makes me a very proud and happy man, even more than I can ever tell you, Barbie."

"It's a mess, do you want me to wash the sheets for you?"


Back at the motel, Barbi stood in the shower and thought of all that had happened to her in less than twenty-four hours. As she was drying off, someone knocked on her door, and she asked, "Who is it?"

"Claire, just wanted to stop and say goodbye, as I have my weekend help here, and I'm going to be going up town in a few minutes."

Opening the door, Barbi told Claire to come on in and they could talk while she dressed. Without any thought of being nude in front of the older woman, Barbie removed the towel and finished drying off. Then she selected her clothes for the day and dressed as if she was alone, while they spoke.

"I'm going to stay for a few more days, if that is all right," Barbie stated.

"No problem, did you have a good time at the Legion last night?"

"Yes, and I decided I want to attend this evening, also."

"So, you had a great time last night," Claire asked, smiling as she saw the expression of being found out crossed the young woman's face? Thinking to herself, yes Barbi has the look that says she was soundly made love to, and still is feeling the results of her and Andy's love making. A look of concern appeared on Barbi's face. Claire reached out and took her hand in her own and told Barbi, "Your secret is safe with me, honey." Then added as an after thought, "As the only motel in town, you would be surprise who checks in this place, and I never let on or bat an eye."

"Thanks Clair, your sweet and I will tell you something that only one other person knows, and that is Andy, but last night was my first time." Bending down to put her loafers on, Barbi told Clair, "When I went to the Legion last evening there was no way I had planned on sleeping with anyone, but Claire, something sparked between us, and maybe I will tell you what that spark was someday soon."

"Honey, you're a very lovely young woman, and if that happened for you last night and it was good, then who has the right to question it occurring?"

"Thanks Claire, and I'm meeting Andy for breakfast, but it is to appear as if I just showed up at the restaurant, unexpectedly." Looking at Claire, she asked, "Join me and Andy for breakfast, please, as I would enjoy your company."

"I don't want to interrupt anything between the two of you."

"No, you won't, as I don't want to create any problems here in town or the farming community, and I have a plan I will speak to you about on the way to the restaurant.

Getting into her car, Barbi put the top down, then snapped the cover in place, before driving to the restaurant. "Claire, I came into considerable money when my uncle passed away, and I'm thinking I may buy the restaurant, if Doris wants to sell."

"Now that is a nice bit of news," Claire replied.

"Doris told me yesterday that she wants to move to Arizona, and I've been thinking I'll make her an offer, after calling my attorney back home," Glancing at Claire, she saw the woman was looking at her as if she was her mother. "I need you to keep this to yourself for the time being but you can be the first to spread the news when it happens."

The two women walked into Martha's Restaurant, and Claire knew the shorts and top Barbi was wearing had every man in the place looking at the sweet looking young woman. Even the younger women, who with their husbands, checked out the young woman, and they had no fear of her, but they also noted how pretty she was.

Claire spotted Andy at a table in the center of the restaurant, and she walked up and asked, " Care for the company of two lonesome women on the prowl?"

"Sure, why not, with my ugly mug I never get asked to dance or out for dinner."

Claire and Barbi sat down and a young girl brought more than two cups of coffee and water and placed then in front of Barbi and Claire. Smiling and chewing her bubble gum, she asked, "Would you care to order or do you want a menu?"

Claire looked at the young seventeen-year-old girl, then said to her, "Yes, I do want to order, and I order you to get bubble gum out of your mouth so I can understand what you're saying, and you walk over and tell Doris exactly that is what I'm ordering, so go Jean May."

"Wow, boy, I sure hope she doesn't spill my coffee when she brings me a refill," Andy smiled and then continued with his comment, "You know, kids today don't think a thing about chewing gum, and I guess even in school from what Principal Davis says at our lodge meetings."

About that time Doris walked over and had Jean May with her. "Sorry Doris, but today has been really busy, and that is no excuse, and I have told this young girl if she needs to chew gum in my restaurant she need not come to work." Then she directed her next comment to Barbi, "Glad to hear you might be staying for a few days, and guess you enjoyed the dance last night, I'll get the three of you, your breakfast."

"Thanks Doris, but that isn't necessary," Barbi told the sweet owner of the restaurant. As Doris turned to walk away, she looked at Jean May and told her, "You give these folks your best service, and I might not call your daddy, telling him about you, girl."

"You know, " Doris said, "One day I over heard her telling Shirley Bass, Jean May's best friend, that she was going to give Andy her cherry, even if he is older than her daddy."

"Does Andy know that," Claire asked?

Over breakfast, the three of them enjoyed talking together, and finally Claire decided she needed to leave, and told Barbi to stay as she could walk the three short blocks. Andy said he could drive Claire back to the motel and Barbi could stay and enjoy visiting with Doris. Barbi had mentioned she wanted to speak with Doris, and now that Claire had a ride home, she could stay.

"Tell you what, Barbi, I need to haul some feed out to one of the pastures today." "How about I pick you up around noon, and we will grab a bite and then you can go to the farm with me and see my place and ride on the tractor with me to haul the feed?"

"Why not, and it sounds like fun."

After she was alone, Barbi walked up and sat at the counter, on the stool next to the cash register, which was on top of the refrigerated pie case. Doris and she had a friendly conversation between her while taking the customer's money for their food. "Doris, this must just be between you and me, but if you are serious about selling your restaurant, I will purchase it from you."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, and after just one day in this town, I believe I have found a new home, and I will need something to do if I live here." Barbi thought for a minute, then told Doris, "I'm going to stay a few more days, and if you want to sell me the restaurant, then we can make a deal." "I want to continue my trip, which will take a month, but if you want, I will take over when I return, lets say the first of September," Barbi told Doris.

"Hell Barbi, I don't even know what it is worth, or how to find out."

"Tell you what, I'm going to call my attorney and have him transfer some money to me, and perhaps you can tell me which banks, you use, and I can set up an account at that bank." I will ask my attorney to find out a fair price for the restaurant, and have it put in writing and then I will give you copy and you can take it to a realtor to review." Then she asked Doris, "Please keep this between us, although I have told Claire of my plans, and promised she can start the rumor when you and I sign the deal."

Barbi knew she would need to postpone leaving for her trip, for a few weeks, but she liked the idea of purchasing the restaurant, so that compensated the delay of leaving on her drive across the country.

"Sounds fair to me, and Barbi, I know my customers will be well-taken care of, and you're a sweet person, with a keen mind." Smiling, Doris added, "Barbi, are you planning on going to the dance at the Legion tonight?"

"Yes, how about you?"

"Barbi, this may sound terrible, but you know that Bill is my lover, well not my lover, but he and I get together once in a while when my body craves a man."

"So what is the problem with that, and besides that is no ones' business except the two of you."

"Barbi, I've lived here all my life, and until you arrived in town yesterday, I have never found anyone I could confide in with that information." Taking the cash from a customer, and when she was finished ringing up the sale, told Barbi," No one else knows when I drive out to Bill's farm, and it is usually later in the evening, but the man acts like a teenager in bed, honest to god."

"Sounds like what you need," Barbi answered.

"No, what I need and want is a husband, but not someone from here, I want a man of excitement and if you purchase the farm, I will be able to leave here and find me a man."

"Doris that is a nice idea, but watch out for men that if they find out you have money, will take advantage of you, and once the money is gone, so is the man."

"I understand that, and no one will ever know I have money until after I'm married for a few years and I find out the marriage is safe, Barb."

Driving back to the motel, Barbi, thought of what it would be like to live in the small town and own the restaurant. She was excited about the prospect, and as she entered her room, decided to wear a pair of jeans when she went with Andy. Then she thought, no, I want to tease him and make him want me.

She lay on the bed and thought about how Andy had taken her last night. Barbi knew he had been as gentle as he could, especially for the size of his cock. Then she remembered Uncle John and how she wanted him to be the first to fuck her. The more she thought of her sudden decision to allow Andy, to be her first man to enter her body, the more she thought, Barbi realized she had allowed Andy to replace her uncle in taking her virginity. Her pussy still felt sore, but if Andy wants me again this afternoon, my body is his for the taking. God, she thought how big his cock is, and how it felt like he was tearing the flesh open at the top and bottom of her tiny pussy. A sudden desire to have Uncle John penetrate her moved through her body, and she knew without doubt that anytime she and Andy had sex, she would in some way consider it was Uncle John between her smooth thighs.

Andy knocked on her motel door a few minutes past noon, and she let him in her room, and her sexual peak was high, especially as she had just remembered being with him last night and again this morning. In addition her memories of Uncle John had brought her desires to the forefront of her longings to again feel a man enter her body.

With no fear of asking and being bold, Barbi asked Andy, "Fuck me, fuck me now before we leave."

During the next half hour, words weren't necessary to describe the joining of their bodies, but the sounds of passion, grunts and groans of satisfaction, filled the room as they enjoyed the experience of making love. Both of them were in need and they let their bodies take control to appease the sexual desires from being held in check for to many years. They gave up their souls to each other during that sexual conquest of each other. They had started without foreplay, and Andy had entered Barbi in a fierce drive through her narrow passage. She cried out her needs and would have killed him if had not ridden her hard during their encounter. Twice they sampled each other's bodies, then were satisfied for the moment.

During the drive to Andy's farm, he reached over and took Barbi's hand in his own. He pulled Barbi's hand to his lips, and kissed the back of her hand, then each finger, slowly licking each finger, before taking them one-by-one, into his mouth, sucking them. Looking across the seat of his Ford pickup, he smiled and asked, "Who taught you to use the word fuck?"

Barbi could feel her face turn red, and she pulled her hand free from Andy's grip. At first was at a loss for words, then turning around in seat and facing him, responded, "Fuck you!" Then she started laughing and told him, "Pull over and fuck me, Mr. A., or don't you know how?"

Laughing at her crazy humor, Andy, with a sternness to his voice replied, "I'll fuck you little girl, right in your butt, so met me in the hay mow, as Bill says it is the place where you get the best sex."

As they drove into the barn yard, Andy parked the truck and opened the door where he kept the tractor. Climbing onto the tractor, he did not notice Barbi, moving to the back of the barn and start climbing up the latter to the mow. Pulling the tractor outside, he backed up to the wagon and hooked the wagon tongue onto the tractor bar 3-point hitch. Looking around he did not see Barbi, and called out her name. When she didn't answer, he turned the tractor off, and calling her name, walked into the barn.

"Mr. A, I'm in the fucking hay mow."

""Girl, we have got to get the feed hauled out to the field, or we will never get to the dance tonight."

"So, what are you telling me, Mr. A?"

Climbing up the latter, Andy reached the opening into the mow, and looking saw Barbi was standing completely naked, then as he stepped onto the mow floor, and watched as she bent over, and asked, "Is the right way to stand for what you promised you would do to me?"

"My god, girl, you are something else, are you serious?"

"You are awfully large, but I will try it for you Andy, but for gosh sakes, be slow and gentle when shoving it in my butt."

Andy pulled his pants down, not bothering undressing, as he had become hard looking at the girl as she was bent over, her legs parted, which exposed her tiny pink anus to his gaze. Looking he saw she was resting her hands on a bail of hay. Bending down, Andy kissed and then licked the puckered opening until he thought it was as wet as he could make it for him to enter her butt.

Thinking back he remembered that he and Denise had tried this a few times, but she could never stand his taking her butt, and once the head slipped inside she asked him to not go any deeper. His deceased wife had allowed him to move the head back and forth, very slow, and eventually, Andy remembered, he would cum from just the excitement. Now a woman, who until last night was, a virgin was giving him her anus.

"My god, go easy, oh hell, you are so big, Andy, Andy, go slow, oh yes," Barbi sobbed out as the head of his large penis slipped through her gripping sphincter. Watching his cock head disappeared through the tight pink ring, almost caused Andy to shoot his cum immediately. Yet, he knew that for whatever the reasons, the woman wanted him to bury his cock deep inside her anal sphere.

For several minutes, Andy moved his large cock an inch or less as he stroked in and out of Barbi's ass, and finally he was completely buried inside her dark hole. Her sphincter was like a round pink rink that stuck up from her ass, as he pulled back and it rolled out with his cock shaft. The sight before his eyes matched the constant wailing sounds Barbi uttered, then when he was fully embedded up her bowels, she cried out, "Andy, I will always be yours, no matter if we never see each other again!"

"I feel you hair against my hips and butt, and you are so deep inside me, oh god Andy, move faster, oh yes, take me Andy, yeah, now, I think, I'm coming... ANDY!"

As Barbi cried out, Andy felt his cum erupting into the tight anal opening of the girl, and forced his cock as deep inside the girl as he could bury it, to give her his life juices. Never had he come as hard in his life, and he seemed to continue squirting into the cylinder core of her body.

Barbi sobbed out her pleasure, then simply fell forward onto the bail of hay. As she did so she pulled her tight anal ring free from the massive cock that had just given her indescribable pleasure, along with a pain she could not describe. She heard the plopping sound as Andy's cock was extracted from her depths. Laying on the hair where she landed, she could feel her anus, open, close and then open and close again, several times. With each opening of her anal ring, Barbi could feel Andy's cum being pushed out and running down across her pussy.

Her hips were keeping time with the opening and closing of her anus, and Andy was watching this happen with a perverted interest, knowing that he had finally butted fucked a woman for the his first time. Nothing could describe the feeling in his cock as he stood looking down at the beautiful back and hips of the woman. His cock was staying erect, and he knew the need to take her ass once more.

Reaching down, he gripped her hips and pulled her into the bent over position again, and his cock sought the entrance of her anus, as it opened to his erect manhood. Again he took the woman in her ass, and he knew that she was finished, that whatever he did now, he was doing without her cooperation of hindrance. Barbi was simply along for the ride, and Andy rode the hips of the woman for at least twenty minutes, until he again unleashed another load of cum deep inside her anal opening. This time he fell down on her and pressed her onto the bail of hay.

Andy heard a voice, but didn't yet have the knowledge after cumming so hard to recognize it was the voice of the girl under him telling him, "Andy, let me up, the hay is pricking me and you are heavy as a bull."

After dressing, they went into the house and cleaned off after the exotic sex they had just enjoyed. Then they loaded the wagon with bags of feed, and hauled it to the feed bins in the far pasture. Once they had it emptied into the bins, then headed off through the pasture and Andy pointed out his prize shorthorn white face livestock. Barbi told how her uncle raised Black Angus, and that two of his prize bulls had been purchased by the livestock breeding association for use in artificial insemination.

Andy then drove to a large, heavy supported steel- equipped fence, and they looked at his four prize bulls, each with a large grassed area, and a shed for shelter for each bull. Barbi was amazed that he knew the number of calves each bull had produced, and was amazed to hear that he sold them to area 4-H Club members, at a very low dollar cost, to those who wanted them. She listened as he told how he set aside ten young bulls and made them into steers, and ten young females, that he sold for those wanting heifers for a 4-H project. He could not remember how many had been picked grand-champion at local and the state fair.

Heading back to the barn, Barbi told him, "Go easy on the bumps, my butt is sore for some reason," And she laughed at her own comment.

Once they reached the barn, and unhooked the wagon from the tractor, and drove it into the barn, the walked over to feed the four hogs he raised for butchering in late fall. Walking into the house, he asked if she would like a tour of his home. Barbi was surprised at all the various objects that decorated each room. Andy explained that his deceased wife loved to collect various porcelain figurines and art decor items. There was also an elaborate collection of Ohio pottery, and the collection included McCoy, Hull, Roseville and Weller pieces.

They walked into the kitchen and as they walked through the large room, with an old-fashioned wood and coal burning cook stove on the far wall. She saw a wooden door that looked like it was made from heavy eight inch planks, with square headed bolts showing. Walking to the door, Andy gripped what appeared to be a hand forged metal handle, and pull the door open. Inside were a large panty and cellar, and she noted the ceiling was rounded and were large stones, and appeared too made like the buildings in Rome, with a keystone in the center of each set of stones.

"The top of this room is covered with ten feet of dirt, and when we go outside, I will show you where it is against the house." "This is not only a cellar, but can be used in the event of a tornado," Andy said. "The entire walls are made of large hand carved granite stones, each roughly eighteen inches thick," Informed Barbi. "This is the only known shelter of this type known in the state, and possibly in the U.S., and it is believed it was hand crafted by artisans from Italy," Andy proudly informed her.

After looking over the rest of the house, they walked out onto the porch which wrapped around three-quarters of the farm house. Stepping off the far end of the porch, he showed Barbi the piled dirt that covered the cellar. Barbi had thought the hill was natural, until Andy told her the dirt was taken from the large pond that was in front of the house, and it was spring feed.

"I have used that pond to provide water for my livestock, during some very dry summers, and it never goes dry." "The small stream running into the other end of the pond, was evidently dug by hand," Andy told her.

"They made the small banks on each side of the stream from the dirt dug out for forming the stream." Andy informed her that, "Someone, and who is unknown if the original farmer who dug the canal, placed stones on the bottom of the creek, abut over time, dirt covered most of the stones, but if I have nothing to do, I shovel the dirt off the stones."

"Your home is wonderful, has it always been in your family," Barbi asked?

"No, my father bought it when I was around eight or nine, and when he passed away it became mine." "Then I added acreage to the farm till I got tired of trying to do the work myself, and had to hire help," he informed Barbi.

"Guess I need to head for town Mr. A, especially if you want me to meet you at the American Legion tonight, you do don't you?"

"No, I got more than I wanted, so now you're just not needed anymore," Andy laughed as he spoke to her, and kissed her unexpectedly.

After Andy dropped her off at the motel, she went into the office where a lady of about fifty was working. "Hi, how do I place a long distance call from the phone in my room?"

"You need to call collect, so just dial "O" and you will get the operator, and she will put the call through for you," The woman said in a voice of unconcern and if she did not wish to be bothered.

Calling her attorney, and when the phone was answered, she asked, "Is this Mr. Hall?" Hearing that she was speaking to his son, she talked with Phil for several minutes as he waited for his father to come to the phone. Once her attorney was on the phone, she explained he could charge her for the call, and she told him her plans to purchase the restaurant, and asked that he wire money to the bank she had decided to open an account in on Monday. For several minutes they spoke about her wanting him to check out what he could find out that the business was worth.

"Mr. Hall, I have made a slight change in my plans because of my desire to purchase the restaurant, so I will be here for another few weeks. She told him the phone number of the motel and the address, and he could call her whenever he needed to speak with her.

Looking through her clothes, she found the last dress Uncle John had purchased for her, and decided it would be just what she wanted to wear to show off her figure to Andy. Then she had second thoughts, as she realized that she would stand out in the dress, and she wanted to fit in with the community before she purchased the restaurant. Looking at her clothes, she chose a yellow dress, with small lace trim around the square neck line, and on the cuffs of the mid-arm sleeves. Looking in the mirror, she set her hair in rollers, then lay on the bed while her hair set for what she knew would be a great evening.

Having already taken a bath after she spoke with the attorney, she was laying on the bed, when something caught her eye, and she got up and walked to the stand. Her night case was open on the stand by the TV. She knew that she had closed the case, and it was on the bathroom vanity when she left her room. Looking in the case she found that her cosmetic items had been rummaging through, and were not as she kept them packed.

Moving to the suit case she hadn't opened or looked in, she opened the lid and found the clothes had been moved. Now she was upset, and putting on her levis and a button-up blouse, she left the room, and walked around the office to where Claire had her private entrance. She knocked on the door, and when Claire saw whom it was invited her in.

"No, I would appreciate it if you could follow me to my room, I want you to see something." In her room, she explained to Clair what she had discovered, and wondered who might have been in the room.

"The only person would be Jenny Smith, and she is working in the office now."

Then Barbi told how the woman had acted when she inquired about using the phone, and how she had spoken to her.

Claire said she would confront the woman immediately, but would call the sheriff and asks him to meet her in your room. "I've suspected she was stealing money from me, but I have never been able to determine if she had, or how."

When the sheriff pulled up, and was looking at the bags as Barbi explained the matter, he asked her to check to see if anything was missing. Looking through her things she did not notice anything was missing. Then a thought came to her, her Uncle Johns large Masonic ring, with the two diamonds was not in the small compartment on the side of the suitcase.

The sheriff listened and asked Barbi to draw a description of the ring for him, and to make any notations that would provide additional identification of the item. Looking at the two women, he said, "OK, I've got a complete description of the ring, and lets go see what Jenny knows about the ring and someone going through your items."

When the three of them entered the office, Jenny stood up, had a look of concern on her face, and started to step from behind the motel desk and leave by Claire's living area.

"Stay where you are Jenny, we need to have an honest discussion, and if you lie, I will take you to jail and ask you my questions on Monday morning.

At first Jenny denied being in Barbi's room, but when Claire explained that no one else had a key, then she must have been in the room. Finally Jenny said, "Yeah, I went into the room to see it had been made up."

"Jenny," the sheriff said, as he lay the drawing on the motel desk top, "Where is this ring?"

"I don't know, I've never seen a ring like that before," Jenny replied.

The sheriff flipped up the counter top of the desk which allowed someone to enter the front of the office from behind the counter. Stepping in front of Jenny, he had handcuffs on her before she realized what was occurring to her. "Jenny Smith, you are under arrest, for the possibility of theft, and unauthorized entry of an occupied dwelling, room 101, of this motel."

"You will be searched at the jail by my wife and will be held until Monday morning for a court appearance." With that the sheriff led her from the motel and placed her in the back of his car. Returning to the office, he told Barbi that if the ring was located on her, it would be returned to her immediately. Then he asked Claire, "Where is her purse, she likely has it in it, so I will search it now."

Looking through the purse, the ring wasn't inside it after it was dumped on the counter top. Then he ran his fingers around the lining of the purse, smiled and said, "Think we have it, and it appears she cut the lining right here at the top and let the ring fall between it and the inside of the purse." Then he felt around the purse some more and discovered something else was inside the lining. Pulling the lining apart he discovered two twenty-dollar bills stuffed inside the purse.

After the sheriff left, Claire was visible upset and could not apologize enough to Barbi. She offered to give her room rent back, but Barbi would have nothing to do with such an offer.

That night Barbi waited for Andy to pick her up at the motel before going to the Legion dance. They enjoyed the evening and Andy was in rare form as he danced and enjoyed the company of the pretty young woman.

Around eleven o'clock, Andy suggested they head down to Martha's, before the crowd got there from the dance. Usually the dance ended at eleven-thirty, and everyone headed for the restaurant to get a late bite to eat, and coffee, before heading for home, with a few beers of whiskey in them.

The restaurant closed at two in the morning, and Barbi wondered how such a small town would have customers come to the restaurant that late. Inside, the crowd was already forming, and they took a table near the back of the restaurant. While they were waiting on their order to arrive, the sheriff spotted Barbi and walked over to where she was seated with Andy.

"Mind if I join you for a minute Andy, I need to ask Miss Sampson a few questions, and bring her up to date on the theft of her ring?"

"Have a seat sheriff, and by the way Pat, kind of watch my fields on Honeyfork Road, I think someone is stealing a calf, every so often." "I've noticed a set of tire tracks there three times on Sunday morning when I drive by there to go over to my tenants place and pay him," Andy told the sheriff.

"You pay him on Sunday?"

"Yeah, his wife doesn't want him to have his pay on Friday or Saturday, as he drinks it up, she claims."

"No problem, I'll have my deputies watch the road tonight and see if anything happens."

Then the sheriff looked at Barbi and told her, "Jenny admitted stealing your ring and going through your things."

"Thanks for letting me know, Sheriff Hawks."

"She also admitted that she has been stealing from Claire and guesses she has taken maybe five hundred dollars all together, and confessed so she doesn't have to stay in jail till Monday."

"Why would she steal from Claire, she works for her and I'm certain, was treated very well?"

"Who knows, but I spoke to Clair and she agreed not to press charges if Jenny promises to repay the money, she stole?" "Now about your case," Sheriff Hawks continued, "If you agree to not press charges any further, I will release her from jail when I get back there to check off work."

"If that is what Claire is doing, then I will do the same, but you seem happy that she doesn't stay in jail."

"Miss Sampson, we have kind of a laid back law enforcement in the community, as long as no one is physically hurt, we sometimes dispense with some of the court proceedings."

As they were eating, Doris and Bill walked in and sat down with them. Bill asked Andy, "Are you going to get lucky tonight, Andy, old boy, because Miss Doris here has promised me I will and I can have her virginity?"

"Bill, you are terrible, but I just might let you, that is if your willy is long enough to reach my virginity," Doris responded quickly, which caused them to laugh at Bill.

That night, Barbi found that Andy gave of himself as he took her twice before going to sleep. Her body was soundly taken, even thought she didn't climax, the experience was exhilarating and her arms and legs clamped around his large body as he was both gentle and hard in his love making. Barbi knew that she was likely creating a problem by allowing her feelings to center on this strong man, who she understood could be her uncle, she was falling in love with. The love she was feeling, she comprehended wasn't that of deep romance, but a love between two people who felt and respected the other with consideration of feelings.

Barbi lay in bed next to the man who claimed her virginity, and made her more than just a woman, he made her think nice things about a human being who cared for her.

She was unable to sleep, and she rose from the bed in as easy way, so as not to awake the man laying with her. Picking up his large shirt, she slipped it on, and walked quietly down the stairs and out onto the front porch and sat on the large stone steps leading up to the porch floor.

Watching the stars, she felt a degree of urgency in her body, she wanted so much, and was upset that her uncle had left her so suddenly. Now she questioned her own feelings for Andy was only a rollback to the relationship she lost when Uncle John passed away. What will happen, if I buy the restaurant, will Andy think I'm to independent, and find out he's tired of me after a few months of sex? After all, he hasn't been with a woman until now for ten years. Barbi hugged her arms around herself and lay back on the porch floor and looked up at the stars that seemed to be endless on this clear summer night.

Then she saw a shooting star, and as she did when she was little, made a wish. "Let Andy be my love," She wished, even with the age difference, she knew she would likely be a widow by the time she was in her early fifties. That thought scarred he, and she didn't want to grow old alone.

Her mind thought of the sex she had just experienced, and she smiled to herself. What will happen when I finish my trip, and return to this nice town? Will Andy decide he doesn't want to continue the relationship when I return and purchase the restaurant? As she watched the stars, Barbi saw another shooting start pass across the sky. Where do they come from and where are they headed, even thought she knew the answer, Barbi was relating the shooting stars to her travels and what would she find ahead?

In the distance she heard a dog bark, and wondered why Andy didn't have a dog to keep him company here on the farm. Looking across the pond she saw three deer approaching the water, and they lifted their heads, their ears pointed out and up even more erect. They looked in her direction and seemed to sense she was no danger and walked to the water. Two drank from the pond, while the one appeared to be on guard. Assuredly that was the case, because as soon as the two had finished drinking and moved away from the water, the one who had acted like a sentry, begin to drink from the pond.

"Beautiful, isn't it," The voice asked behind her, and she cried out? As she did so the deer bolted quickly and disappeared in the small grove of trees a short distance from the pond.

"Andy, you scarred me to death, and in turn I frightened the deer."

"I woke, and my bed was empty, and I missed the body that had lain next to me when I went to sleep." "She is such a comfort, I needed to find her, and now I have," Andy said.

Then he lay down beside her and took her hand in his. For several minutes neither spoke but let their minds wander over what their relationship was about. Finally, Andy asked, "Barbi, you're leaving on Tuesday, will you ever return to these parts again?"

""Yes, my dear Mr. A, and when I return you will be eating in my restaurant, "Barbi Doll Diner", as I'm buying Doris out." Chuckling as she asked, "Would you like to eat out at my place?" Then she told Andy about changing her plans to delay leaving until the paper work was complete in the purchase of the restaurant.

"Are you serious, I will always want to each out at your thatch, I mean place," Andy said and moved down and lightly bite her labia? "Now, that I know you will be around for a while, maybe we can drive down to the capital for an evening and live like the rich folks."

They lay holding hands, nude on the cool steps and porch stones, saying nothing to each other, they soon rose and walked to the bed. Still nothing was said between them, until Barbi cried out as Andy entered her body, in a sudden and sharp thrust into her tiny opening.

"God, Andy, you are so big and it is so good, fuck me, ANDY, FUCK ME, I'M CUMMING, GOD I'M CUMMING SO FUCKING HARD, ASSSSSGGGGHHHH!" Barbi had shouted so loud that Andy was certain the neighbors, at least a half mile away heard her cry of desire and passion. Never had he been more proud than when he heard the lovely young woman cry out from his taking her quick and hard. In addition, Andy was soon bringing her off in less than twenty strokes of his large erection.

Sunday morning they were still sleeping soundly when Andy heard someone shouting from his front yard. Looking down he saw the Sheriff Hawks standing with one of his deputies, and another man he did not recognize, who was in handcuffs. Leaning out the open window, he said, "Be right down sheriff." Looking at the clock as he dressed, he noted it was a quarter-of-ten. Damn, the day is half over and I'm still in bed.

Looking at Barbi, who at first was concerned when she heard someone shouting, smiled at Andy as he finished buttoning his shirt, kicked the sheet off her body, spread her legs as wide as they would go and asked him, "You leaving this big boy, I guess, I'll have to find me another stud?"

"Maybe if I walk out with you like this I can get me another fellow really quick."

"Yeah, one of them down there is in handcuffs, so you already have him, tied up."

Walking up to the three men, Andy was told by the sheriff that his deputy had been on patrol near the area where he thought his calves were disappearing from. Deputy Richert had found the man in cuffs, with a flat tire on his horse trailer, and the trailer had four young cows inside. The deputy had pretended to call for a wrecker to pick up the back of the trailer so the tire could be changed, but instead had called me. Two of my other deputies are with the trailer, and we need to drive back to where the trailer is, so you can check out the cattle to see if they are yours.

"This man's name is Rodney Jones, from over in the next county, and he doesn't have a bill of sale, so we think they may be your calves."

"Let me get my log book with my tag numbers, and I will be ready to leave, "Andy said.

As he walked into the house, Barbi was laying on the floor, just to the left of the door so she couldn't be seen. The sight greeting Andy, was almost enough to say to hell with the cows. Barbi was flat on her back, her legs pointing up in the air, spread wide, and she was holding her hands were holding her legs behind her knees.

"Damn, girl, how did you know someone else wouldn't come inside with me, and that is one terrific beaver I'm looking at." Then Andy decided to get even with the teasing young beauty, who had now flashed him twice in less than fifteen minutes. "Hey, Sheriff, want to come in and get a cup of coffee before we leave?"

Barbi jumped up from the floor and ran back into the other room and headed upstairs. "Nice butt there, bouncing beauty, why are you leaving," Andy asked and laughed out at the departing woman. Then Andy thought that the sheriff may have heard him, and got his log book from the desk in his small office, and went back out to where they three men waited. They were all smiling, and Andy knew that they knew a woman was in the house. Andy also knew that the sheriff knew who the woman was, having seen him at the restaurant last night with Barbi.

When Andy got back, he found Barbi had made coffee, and was waiting to fix him eggs to go with the ham she had already cooked. Looking at the woman, he knew that he wanted her with him the rest of his life, but he knew it was crazy to imagine her loving him in just a couple days.

"The sheriff said to tell you were quite the display he saw when I opened the door, with you laying on the floor" Andy laughingly told Barbi.

"Oh my god, he saw me," Barbi asked him, with a lack of concern across her face that the sheriff had seen her obscene display that twas meant only for Andy?

"Yip, said I was one lucky son-of-a-gun, wanted to know when the next show was."

Andy saw she was about to cry from having been seen, and he couldn't continue teasing her, so he walked up and hugged her and told her the truth that she hadn't been seen. "You're cruel to tease me like that Mr. A, and I might just let you cook your own eggs."

"Cruel, cruel is the display of a lovely part of your body that you showed me, knowing I couldn't even kiss it good morning, now that is cruel," And as he said it, he slapped her lightly across her butt. "Get my eggs on the table pronto, and they better be cooked over hard, with no yellow running around on the plate," Andy said as he kissed her before taking his log book back into his office.

Driving back to the motel, Andy looked at Barbi, smiled, telling her, "I'm starting to like having you with me, have you considered where you will live when you return from you trip?"

Barbi understood what Andy was saying, and teasing him, said, "I hear Bill rents rooms at his farm, so maybe I will need to see what kind of rent he charges."

"Barbi, girl you move in with Bill, and the rent will be high, maybe six or seven inches high, but I can offer a cheaper rate, maybe five inches high."

"You have a hell-of five inches, in fact, it must be at least eight inches, and that's the sore truth, Mr. A." Then Barbi said she would likely stay in the motel until she either bought a place of rented a house. "As much as I would like, I can't move in with you, at least not at first Andy, but you I will remember your offer, and I'm starting to like you, like you a lot."

Monday, Barbi opened up a bank account, and set up the paper work for buying the restaurant, after speaking with her attorney, Mr. Hall, back in Pennsylvania. The price of eighteen thousand was what he suggested, but Barbi told him to make it twenty, and send the papers to the bank. Transfer a total of fifty thousand to the bank for me, she had asked Mr. Hall, and then send me a letter with all the details to me, in care of General Delivery, in Williams, Arizona. Then Barbi told him about her trip and deciding to visit the Grand Canyon as she had done when Uncle John took her there when she was eight.

By noon, she had done all she needed getting the restaurant deal finalized, and she headed over to see Doris, and to get a bite to eat. As usual the restaurant was packed with both locals and tourist. She wondered what would happen if Route 40 was replaced with what Mr. Hall had said was an interstate highway.

"Hi Barbi," Doris said as she walked up to greet her, going to a table or do you want to sit at the counter?

"How about I set next to the cash register, at the counter so we can visit?"

As the flow of customers allowed, Barbi told Doris that all the paper work was done as far as her buying the restaurant, and she needed to go sign the papers at the bank. I made it twenty, although I understand my attorney and the real estate people suggest eighteen. "Is that fair enough for you, Doris?"

"You are something else, and I'm going over and sign those papers right away."

"Ok, and Doris, one little thing, I promised Claire she could start the gossip of my buying the restaurant, is that okay with you?"

"Sure, Claire needs something to do besides work at the motel, and I will leave now to sign the papers."

"Hey Janet, would you be so kind to run the register for a few minutes, I need to run a quick errand," Doris asked her long time friend and employee.

Walking out with Doris, they drove down to the bank, and were immediately shown into the bank president's office. In less than half an hour, Barbi was now the owner of a restaurant.

They stopped at the motel, and went around back to the private entrance of Claire's residence. Knocking on the door, Claire smiled and said, "So now I can start the word about you planning on selling your restaurant?"

"No, you can't do that Claire, because Barbi just bought it about ten minutes ago, so start the gossip that I sold the restaurant."

The two women returned to the restaurant, and once inside, Doris took a chair from the front table, climbed up on it and announced, "Everyone, I love you all, but I just sold this place to Barbi Sampson, and now I can fulfill my dream of moving to a warm place."

After Doris spoke, Barbi pulled out another chair, and she stood on it and announced that the restaurant would remain like it is and she looked forward to serving all the great customers, and to work with the employees. Then she informed them, "Doris will stay on for another month or two, as I have plans for the next month, and on my return, Doris has agreed to help me run the place for a month, so thanks to all of you for what will, I know, be a great relationship between us in the future."

After spending another thirty minutes with Doris, and speaking with the restaurant staff, Barbi returned to the motel and changed into a pair of shorts and a slip over top. Then she drove out to Andy's farm. While driving down the road, she saw Andy was on one of his large tractors, and mowing hay. She turned into the long driveway, then down the lane to where the gate led to the field Andy was mowing. Barbi opened the gate, drove through, got back out of her car and locked the gate behind her. Then she drove across the field to where Andy stopped the tractor and greeted her.

Taking the woman in his sweaty arms, he kissed her as if they were married. Looking into his eyes, Barbi saw that he enjoyed her and knew that someday she would be asked to be his wife. For some unknown reason, she sensed that he was afraid to rush things, and even she knew that a few days did not make a lasting relationship. Her arms hugged the large bulk of the man and she returned his kiss, and moved her tongue into his mouth. She loved the smell of his body, with the hard work sweat, and mixed with the flakes of hay that stuck to his clothing, she thought of her times when she helped her uncle on the farm in Pennsylvania only a year ago.

Finally Barbi stopped kissing Andy, and told him, "I finalized the purchase of Barbi Doll Diner this morning, so I hope you become my favorite customer, Mr. A."

"Guess I will, and I can't wait to come, I mean become your favorite customer, Miss B."

After a few more minutes of talking, Andy said he would pick her up around seven and they could eat in her new business, but if he was late, don't worry, as the weather is supposed to be nice for the whole week and I really want to get this hair ready to be bailed. I have three guys coming on Wednesday to help with the bailing, and my helper is over there on the other tractor mowing, so I guess we should have the hay in by Friday, he explained.

For over a week, Barbi had enjoyed driving out to see Andy, and had come to enjoy the town. One afternoon, after visiting Andy, and she had taken him lunch, she decided to take a side trip of the community.

Driving back into town, Barbi down one of the many roads that led out through the arms, and see some of the countryside and farms in the area.

Barbi had traveled several miles, and had turned onto a state highway and had driven about a mile when she saw the for-sale sign at a lane leading into a farm with a large home, and several barns. After stopping, Barbi backed up past the lane, then pulled and drove up and parked.

Looking around, Barbi loved the large, two story farm house, with a widow walk, on the front corner. Old maple trees surrounded the house and extended to the barns that were scattered apart. Barbi wondered if they were so placed in the event one caught fire, the distance would keep them all from burning.

Walking up the flagstone path to the side door of the house, Barbi looked at how well kept the garden of flowers were in the various plots. As she neared the house, a lady opened the door, and greeted her, "You're the girl that was with Andy, at the American Legion last Friday and Saturday night, aren't you?" Then she smiled and said, "Guess you will be serving me dinner every Sunday after church, as Claire tells me you bought our Doris."

Smiling as the knowledge of how she was so soon known by Andy, and buying out Doris, she replied, "You got me on both counts, and I hope you will let me buy your lunch for you when I return in a month to take over the restaurant, and sell me this lovely farm."

The comment caught the woman slightly off guard, and she looked at Barbi, saying, "Oh my dear, it is kind of expensive, as there is almost 500 acres of land, and all the building."

"Do you and your husband still farm the land, or do you rent it out?"

With a sad look on her face, the lady replied, 'No - well, actually poor Will passed away last winter. I just can't handle the farm by myself, my two sons are working in Chicago, and my daughter is living in California, so they don't want anything to do with the home place."

"I'm Barbi Sampson, and you are?"

"Please excuse my manners, I'm Belle Gladdon, but please, just call me Bell, and I look forward to eating in your place." Then she gave Barbi a motherly look, telling her, "I can tell that Andy has finally found himself a nice woman, and he is such a sweetheart." As if she was looking across the farm for some image, Belle said, "Do you know that Andy and his helper come over here and mowed and baled my hay, and put it in the barn, and didn't want any money for helping me?"

Belle invited Barbi inside, and she heated up some water and served tea and uncovered a try of homemade cookies. The spoke for a long time about how long she and Will had lived on the farm, and it had belonged to her parents, who inherited it from her grandfather, her mother's father. Belle told how she was sad to see the farm leave the family, but she needed to sell it and find another place to live.

"Barbi, I have lived on this farm the entire eighty years of my life, and now I have to move and I feel so sad."

"Belle, call the realtor and tell him we are on our way into seeing them, and Belle, I would love for you to live in the house as long as you wish." Tears came into Belle's eyes, and she looked with a sing of relief in her eyes, as Barbi told her, "Belle, this will be your home as long as you live, and you can be my house guest."

Driving into town, Barbi chuckled when Belle told her, that riding in the convertible, was like when she was a young girl, and they rode in the wagon or buggy, even in the rain, snow or having the hot sun bake you while going to church, to town or visiting friends and relatives.

The realtor, could not believe when Barbi had a statement written into the sale transfer, and to be added to the deed, that Belle Gladdon had the rights to live in the home until her death, is she so desired. Barb called Mr. Hall, her attorney from the realtor's office, and informed him of her purchase, and said the papers would be sent for his approval, and pending such, to complete the purchase of the property.

After leaving the real estate office, Barbi asked Belle to join her for coffee and a piece of old-fashioned- sugar-cream pie at the restaurant. Walking into Martha's, they took a table in the front by the large window, and Doris walked over and greeted them. "What brings the two of you here, I didn't know you knew each other?"

"We meet at the Legion last Saturday night, and I saw her on the street and recognized her, and she was telling me that Claire had called her about my purchasing your restaurant."

Walking over to the pay phone, she looked at her note book and found Claire's residence number, and called her. "Hi Claire, I'm at the restaurant and would like you to come over if at all possible, I have some more news for you to gossip about,"

She listened as Claire asked if she was getting married?

"No, but you will be happy for me, I hope."

"Okay, let me find the maid and I will let her watch the office while I hop over."

After Claire sat down with them, Barbi asked Doris to join them as well. Barbi told about visiting Andy as he was mowing, and they took a drive in the country. I saw a for-sale sign at Belle's farm, and she and I just bought and sold her place. "So now I have a home of my own, and Belle will still be able to live in the only home she has ever known, as long as she desires."

Both Doris and Claire, cried as they listened to Barbi, and then Belle talk about the farm. It was nearly five in the afternoon, Doris said she had to get ready for the evening crowd.

"Oh Doris, I meant to tell you, you keep the profits during the next month until I return as your pay for running the place for me."

"Do I get free meals as part of my pay, boss lady," Doris asked in a loud laugh?

After driving Belle home, Barbi returned to the motel and drew a hot bath. Climbing into the tub, she lay back and fell asleep. A loud knocking on the door brought her awake, and at first she wasn't cognizant of where she was or what the noise was. Grabbing her robe, she rushed to the door and asked. "Who is it?"

"Andy, you okay," he asked as she was opening the door to allow him into her room?

"Are you all right, I've knocked on the door several times, and no one answered, so that's why I knocked hard?"

"Andy, I'm sorry, I had fixed myself a bath, and it was so soothing, I fell asleep."

Looking at the clock on the bed stand, Barbi saw it was twenty after seven. "Wow, I guess I must have been tired from all the activity this afternoon," she told Andy.

"Yeah, I hear you took over my other farm." "You, bad girl, so I won't get to make the second cutting of hay for Belle."

"Oh yes you will, and I expect some help in the hay mow, and now how about helping dry me off," As she tossed him a towel and dropped her robe on the floor?

"No way, if I get close to you, we will end up in bed, and I'm famished, so get your butt in gear and take me out to that new restaurant in town."

Unknown to Barbi, Andy had a sign made that read "BARBI DOLL DINER" and had it put in place while she was evidently asleep. Several of the locals were on hand when the sign was put up, and a lot of them didn't know that Doris had sold Martha's.

With a quick flip of his wrist, Andy slapped the shapely hips that were pointed toward him as Barbi bent to retrieve her robe from the floor. The slap sounded worse than the sting, but it did leave a red hand print on the smooth round ball of her right hip.

Jumping and yelling, she turned and jumped on him, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his torso. "If you beat me, then no nooky for you tonight, Mr. A."

Moving her lips onto his, she felt a strong feeling of desire as his lips returned the pressure of hers and they were lost in each other for a brief instant. Andy moved his fingers into the crease between her buttocks and probed lightly against her puckered anus.

Pulling her lips from his, she gasped from the intimate touch, and spoke in a strained voice from the feelings his fingers were generating in her body, "Oh Andy, stop, or we will never get to the restaurant."

Barbi put on the dress that her uncle bought her just before he died, and she had rejected wearing last Saturday. She knew from the look in Andy's eyes, she looked attractive, and pulled up her dress to adjust her stocking clamps on her panty girdle. "Nice legs, they're girly, do you always show all that skin to strange men in a motel room?"

"You're strange that is for sure, you brut of a man, and my butt still stings from your assaulting me." Then she laughed as she walked out in front of him, and intentionally swayed her hips in an extremely sexually provocative way.

When Andy pulled up at the restaurant, he had circled the block so he would come from the side of the building, and Barbi would not see the sign until she walked around to the front door. As they approached the building, some customers were milling around outside, and when she was near the door the all started pointing to the sign.

Barbi froze, as tears rolled from her eyes, and she knew who had placed the sign over the doorway. "Thank you Andy, and thanks to all of you for being here to greet me, and I hope I can continue to provide the same food you enjoy once Doris has left."

Over dinner, they spoke of her purchasing the farm, and Andy felt a warm spot grow in his heart when he heard that she was going to allow Belle to live in the house as long as she wished.

After eating dinner, they moved up to the counter, and enjoyed another cup of coffee, while having a piece of cake for dessert. Doris walked into the restaurant, with Bill by her side. They stopped and chatted for a few moments, then took a table in the rear of the restaurant.

That night they made love in a slow and gentle way. Barbi didn't climax either time, but her body took each stroke Andy moved into her, and she constantly moaned out her feelings and each time he went off, she pulled him deep inside her sex.

They lay in his large bed, and when sleep overtook them, they lay in each other's arms. They awoke around five in the morning and they listened as the robins started calling to each other. Barbi moved down and took his hard manhood into her mouth and sucked on him until he filled her mouth with his manly fluid. Then they drifted back to sleep, only to wake again at the sound of the telephone ringing.

Rising from the bed, Andy went down stairs to answer the phone. He was gone for several minutes and when he returned, he had a look of sadness on his face. Barbi moved from the bed and asked him what was wrong?

That was the sheriff, they just found my helper in his truck. Evidently he had been drinking last night and drove off the road and was killed when he hit a tree. "The sheriff wants me to go with him to tell his wife, maybe you could go along and talk to her as a woman."

"Andy, if I go along, the sheriff and everyone will know I spent the night with you, and I'm not certain I want that to go beyond you and me and Claire." Then she added, "I hope you understand my privacy and reputation are something I have to think about now that I'm going to be living here."

Later that week the paper work showed up from Mr. Hall and she had now all the papers necessary for the purchase of the restaurant and the farm from Belle.

Once again Barbi was ready to continue her travels, and had decided to leave the following morning. That night she and Andy enjoyed each other until they could no longer make love. The energy they had expended had them laying on the backs looking at the ceiling, and Barbi told how she and her Uncle John had visited the Grand Canyon, and the train trip when she was eight years old, was like a fantasy.

The next morning, Barbi drove away from the motel around seven and did not stop for breakfast in her restaurant, as she thought she might not be able to leave.

For the next three days she drove in a leisure manner, and finally she reached Salt Lake City in the afternoon. It was still early, but Barbi felt tired and checked into a motel. She took a bath and then lay on the bed and studied the map that would take her to the canyon.

The next morning she was on her way to the canyon, and as she drove, her mind remembered how her uncle had taken into their private compartment on the train, and undressed her. There could be no doubt that he had taught her the enjoyment of being fondled and made to climax at the age of eight. Still, as she drove along the highway, she could not understand why he would never have intercourse with her. After she became eighteen, she would at times, become aggressive in her attempts to have him penetrate her, but she never succeeded. Nor did Uncle John tell her why he wouldn't take her and make her a woman like she desired.

That afternoon she stopped around six and got a motel room, as she knew it would be another day before she reached the canyon, as she liked to stop often along the road, and just either relax or look at the view of the desert and mountains in the distance. It seemed the mountains were always in the distance.

The next afternoon, she arrived in Williams, and she was surprised to find the motel her and Uncle John had stayed in was still there, in fact, she noticed, it appeared to have a new coat of paint on it as she walked into the office.

She could not recall the room number her and her uncle had when she was here more than fifteen years before, but she noted the office looked as she remembered it in her mind.

For the next few days, she took the train to and from the canyon, and decided to take the mule ride down into the canyon, for the overnight trip. The view of the canyon brought back the fond memories of her uncle, and she knew that he had made her fall in love with him.

As if lightning had struck her, Barbi then understood why Uncle John would not have intercourse with her. He understood she was in love him because of his showing her sexual things that gave her pleasure, and knew she had felt they were man and wife. In fact, a few times, she had told him that they were a married couple. Uncle John, she now understood, had known if he took her sexually, she would never be able to be with another man as a wife should be. She remembered the time he had apologized to her for having introduced her to sex, and she had responded it was something she enjoyed, no one could have treated her any better as a child and them as an adult when she turned eighteen. A trip back in time, more or less, but returning to the canyon provided her with the answer as to why her uncle had not taken her virginity.

Then she met Andy, and she realized it was nothing more than her uncle who had penetrated her body, and split her hymen. Now she questioned her true feelings for Andy, she knew they had shared the ultimate gift she could give him, but did she really love him?

Tomorrow when I ride down into the canyon, will I see Uncle John on the mule with mine behind him, and when we camp out, find his image on each rock I look at, or his face in the sunset in the afternoon?

Getting up from the bed, Barbi decided to visit one of the bars in the town and have a beer or two. She dressed in her shorts and top, and then decided to change into her light-blue sun dress. She walked past a couple of bars, then when she didn't find a place she liked, walked back to the first one she had past, and entered.

Barbi walked over and sat in a booth along the wall, and the waitress came over and asked what she would like. After ordering her beer and the waitress bring it to her, Barbi leaned back in the booth and watched the people in the bar.

The jukebox was playing an Elvis song, and she was just relaxing when she heard a voice ask her, "May I join you?"

Looking up, Barbi saw a man in his late-twenties, with dark hair, covered by a white cowboy hat. She smiled when he told her, "I'm a real cowboy, unless you don't count the West, being West of Chicago by about fifty miles."

"Hop on board, cowboy, and lets talk around the old campfire," Barbi jokingly added to his telling that he was a real cowboy. "By the way, Cowboy, what is your handle in these here parts?"

"Sorry, I'm David, David McDowell, but everyone just calls me Dave, so you might just as well follow the rest of those whom I know.

"Sounds okay to me, Dave, and I'm Barbi Sampson, and soon to be from Indiana."

For the next two hours, they had drinks together, and after the band started playing, they danced and found they had a lot of things in common.

The band started playing a slow number, and as they danced, Barbi could feel Dave was excited and she allowed him to pull her against him. When he moved his leg between hers and pressed it against her sex, she enjoyed to closeness. Barbi thought back to her days in high school, and how the guys danced with her, and they moved their leg between her, and rubbed their erections against her mons, as she and Dave were doing now.

Returning to their booth at the end of the dance, Dave sat down next to her on the seat. They were holding hands and for whatever the reason, but she moved his hand onto her thigh. His fingers begin to stroke up and down the smooth material of her dress, but never moving between her legs. Barbi knew this was not suppose to happen if she stayed true to her feelings toward Andy. Yet her relationship with her uncle, and his having no problems in her dating, was how she addressed the closeness she was sharing with Dave.

"Would you like to leave, maybe go to my motel, or yours, if you would like," she heard Dave asking her?

Turning so she could look at Dave's face, Barbi saw he was not being aggressive, but simply being a man with the hopes of bedding her.

"That sounds all right, but lets go to mine," Barbie informed him. They had both walked to the bar from their respective motels, which they found were across the street from the other. Entering her room, Barbi walked over by the dresser and kicked off her shoes. Then she turned and moved onto the bed and rested back against the headboard. "Kick off your boats, cowboy and grab seat right here," Barbi said as she patted the bed.

For a few minutes they made small talk, and Barbi wondered how long it would take before Dave would make some move on her. She didn't wait long, as he leaned over and pulled her flat onto the bed. Then he was kissing her and his hands moved immediately to her breast.

Barbi was surprised at her allowing such a sudden move by a man she had only met a few hours previously. Then all consideration toward right or wrong disappeared as she felt his hand moving up her legs. Without any resistance on her part, Dave had his fingers slipping inside the leg band of her panty.

Dave knew he was being extremely lucky in finding a pretty girl who allowed such an intimacy within hours of meeting each other. Stopping his feeling of her, Dave moved his hands and reached down to remove her dress. Barbi knew he wanted her dress off, but he she would need to stand up to remove it for him.

Getting off the bed, Barbi removed her dress over her head and stood in her panties and bra. Looking at Dave, she told him, "Take your clothes off, then help me with my bra and panties."

Within moments, Dave was undressed and walked over and stood behind the lovely young woman, and reached for her bra strap. His fingers easily unhooked the bra, pulled it from her shoulders. Then he turned her around and as she faced him, he kneeled down and pulled her panties down over hips, then her legs and lastly off her feet. She knew he enjoyed the view of her sparse hair, covered pussy, and he told her, "Your pussy hair is so soft, and it is so thin as it covers your sex," Then he pushed her legs apart so he could see how if grew down the lips of her pussy. "There are so few hairs, I think I could count them," Then he kissed her mons.

Barbi had notice that Dave's cock was likely six inches long, and the head looked almost purple in color from all the blood it contained. Barbi was fascinated with the curve of his cock as it seemed to almost bend upward about half way down the shaft.

They moved together, then they eased each other down onto the bed. Dave spent a few minutes sucking her nipples, then moved between her legs. Barbi reached down and took his cock in her hand and guided it to her waiting damp cove. With a straight shove, Dave entered her sex about half way, then he pulled back and again strove to lodge his cock completely inside the wet pussy, that took him completely.

Dave rode Barbi with short and quick jabs with his cock, and the upward curve was striking inside her sex and causing strange sensations from hitting the top of her vagina as he moved in and out of gripping sex. The feeling of Dave's cock head against the top of her pussy, was building her to a unique climax.

Then she felt him push as deep as his cock could reach and his cum exploded from this balls and through his cock and against her cervix. Barbi cried out her own release and wondered if she had an orgasm, and that it was different from a climax. Her legs were wrapped up around his back, and her thighs were almost to his shoulders as she humped back at the exploding cock.

They rested and talked for a while and Dave was soon ready for a repeat of the sex. They spent the night together, and by the time they got out of bed, they had engaged in sex five times.

They kissed goodbye at the door, and Barbi walked over to the bathroom and turned on the shower. She felt a strange feeling pass through her body, then let the warm water erase the muscles that had tightened up from being bent and twisted in various positions by Dave. When he took her doggie style, she loved feeling him press so deep with the strange shape of his cock.

The trip down the canyon on the mules was like a new ride, so many things to see, and her young eyes did not capture the beauty of the canyon walls, and the changing colors as the Sun rose in the sky. Looking down into the abyss, made her feel small in comparison with the grandeur of natures images. When the finally reached the bottom, they rode to where they would spend the night and dismounted from the mules.

A hot meal was waiting as they attempted to walk the short distance, as their hips hurt from the bumping and jostling on the hard saddles. Thinking to herself, the ride down on the mules, may not be the only reason I feel sore. The love making, Dave had given her was entirely different from what she experienced with Andy. She felt like a pretzel at times, as Dave would pull one of her legs up in the air, then let it rest on his shoulder, then move in and out of her fast and hard.

Once she felt him kneel on the bed, with his cock in her pussy, and he held her legs wide apart, by her ankles, and he would raise her hips and shove into her as hard as possible. A few times she asked him, "Dave, not so hard, and don't stretch my legs any farther apart, I feel like your splitting me into."

While eating, one of the guides came over and sat next to her, after asking him if could join her. Speaking with him, Barbi found out he was an Apache Indian and had worked with the mules for five years as a guide. While they spoke, Barbi knew he found her attractive, and likely was seeing if she would be available for any dalliance later on in the evening. She laughed at the idea of making love at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, then found the muscular young Indian handsome, and his short body showed he must be exceptionally strong.

"You're an American Indian, and your name is Weed, or are you having fun at my expense," Barbi asked as she smiled at him.

:Yeah, they started calling me Weed, when I was about four, cause I grew so fast." After that fast burst of growth, I just kind of stopped growing, so I'm just a short weed," He said and laugher about his own height.

They hiked the rest of the day, and then had a supper under the stars, and when the sun had passed over the canyon walls, the darkness was unlike any night Barbi could remember. Around nine that evening, Weed asked her, "Would you like to take a walk, I knew a nice place to relax, that no one else even knows exist?"

"Why not, but Weed, lets be honest, we both know what the purpose of the walk is about, correct?"

"Only if you say so, but I think you pretty and very nice and if you just want to walk and talk, that is not a problem."

They hiked about an hour before they came to a small canyon that opened up into a larger one, and at the one side of the rock wall a small stream created a small waterfall that ended in a pond, that seemed ran for a short distance and seemed to disappear under the rocks.

"How pretty, how many women have you shown this place Weed?" Then Barbi smiled at the young Indian, who she found out he was 24-years-old, and added, "And how many did you pacify with your personal tomahawk?"

"You're not only cute, but you're funny, as well, little Barbi," Weed told her, but not answering her questions.

"How many Weed, and be honest, or I will let you find your own way home?"

"Lots, and I think maybe twenty, maybe fifty, I can't say for sure, that is the truth."

"How deep is the water," Barbi asked?

"Not more than a couple feet at best, and that is where the water bounces like a waterfall, and it is cold, but we can take a bath together, if you'd like to do so."

Without answering him, Barbi unzipped her jacket, pulled it off, then unbuttoned her shirt and lay it on top of her jacket. Weed was watching her, and when she removed her bra, made it a teasing display before allowing her breast to show in the night light. Barbi could feel the chill of the night air making her nipples pucker and become hard.

Barbi unfastened her belt, the unbuttoned the metal button at the top of her levis, the pulled the zipper down, and pushed her levis down and off her legs. As she removed her panties, she saw Weed was fast in removing his own clothes.

When she was nude, she walked to the small pool and stepped in, "God, it is cold Weed." Then she became brave and sat down in the water and washed under her arms, and between her legs. By then, Weed was next to her and started washing her back and then her stomach, and then his hands moved over her breasts, washing them. Barbi knew Weed was simply feeling them under the guise of washing her. Slowly Weed washed each of her legs and then his fingers sought out her opening into lower body.

Barbi's hands had not been idle, as she had sought out the penis that she had seen growing upward as Weed had undressed. Under the water, she found an extremely thick cock that she guessed was no more than five inches long. But it was thicker than Andy's, of that she was certain. Reaching with her other hand, she found his scrotum was extremely large and the contents were two large round nuts that hung heavily in their low slung pouch. Barbi knew would produce a thick, large amount of cum, inside her pussy, when they emptied deeply up her welcoming sex.

Weed moved his mouth and captured her right nipple and sucked it for too short of time in Barbi's opinion, then she felt his teeth closing around it in a tight biting act of conquest. His teeth closed even tighter, and Barbi moaned and told him, "Not so hard, Weed, oh not so hard!"

Instead, Weed, bite her even harder on the small pink tip adorning her mammary gland. A sharp pain seemed to travel through her nipple as Weed kept the pressure on her harden buds. The instinct Barbi felt she was going to slap the man who was creating a pain so unique, she seemed to relish the pleasure in the stinging feeling.

Then his teeth released her tender nipple, but Barbi discovered Weed was only moving to her left nipple. Again the sharp biting brought out a pain that was so intense, it seemed that Barbi wanted more. Her right nipple still tingled from being bitten as her left one was now receiving the same abuse, if one could call it that, Barbi thought.

At one point it seemed to Barbi that her nipple would be bitten off, but just at that moment of pressure, Weed would slightly release his teeth's bite, only to commence again, while biting, his tongue was flipping across the nipple captured between his teeth. Barbi had her hand gripping the thick cock of Weed, then she felt his fingers invade her pussy as the pressure on her nipple increased, "My god, oh Weed, I feel like - - -," Barbi fell forward against Weed as the combination of her nipple being bit, and his fingers playing in her pussy, while he rubbed her clit with his thumb, causing Barbi to climax.

Weed guided Barbi to the edge of the pool and as she lay back, moved on top of her and drove his cock into her open sex in one savage, and almost violent thrust. "Weed, oh god take it easy, you are so thick!"

Weed pounded out his sexual needs in rapid and hard drives up into the tender opening between Barbi's thighs. Only to pull back fast as her tightness gripped him as if he would pull out of her wanton and highly charged pussy. Barbi raised her legs in the air, and spread them open so Weed had complete freedom to drive up into her body as hard and in any manner he desired.

Barbi could feel her climax approaching and when it hit, she wailed out only a continuous shrill sound, "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYY." The sound continued as she climaxed over and over, then felt she would pass out as he caught her right nipple between his thumb and finger. He squeezed as hard as he could, and he felt her pussy gripping him so hard, he could not move in and out of her, he could only rut like an animal against her pubic area.

His cock spewed out his thick white cum, and shot up into her at lest four times, then he felt his cum running thin like from his cock into the pussy under him.

Barbi could not move, and she lay with her legs wide apart after Weed moved from between them. She could feel the warm cum running from her pussy, and down across her anus, where it cooled from the night air. Her legs shook from the intense feeling her body was still accepting as if it was still climaxing. Never, Barbi thought, could I describe the feeling I received from Weed.

After rinsing off in the pool, they lay back, and Weed asked, "Would you suck me and get me hard so we can enjoy it once more together?"

"Weed, no way will we have sex again, as my nerves haven't even started to settle down from what you just gave me," Barbi replied. Why Barbi didn't know, but she asked Weed, "Kiss me gentle, hold me in your arms for a few minutes, before we dress and go back."

They lay together as Weed did as she requested. She could feel him becoming hard as his cock was starting to poke against her upper thigh. Barbi pulled Weed into her arms and moved him until he was atop her. Reaching down to catch his cock in her hand, as she asked him, "Weed be soft and easy this time, I want to remember you as someone who gave me a horrendous climax, but also gave me gentleness and mellow loving experiences.

For more than a half hour, Weed took the woman in gentle strokes, and when he felt he was going to ejaculate, he would pause until he had the need too shot his seed into the woman in check, them Weed was again moving his cock in her tight sheath.

Walking back to the camp, neither said a word, but they both knew it would certainly be one of the most exciting times they would ever have when making love. Something passed in the far recesses of Barbi's mind, and she felt like something had commenced growing in her womb.

Two days later, Barbi headed for the Yosemite National Park. She had net with Weed the night before she left, and again she seemed to be completely at loss to understand her enjoyment of feeling her nipples' nearly bitten off. When Weed asked if he could do her butt, she at first said no, but finally agreed if he promised to be slow and not hard.

The experience was enjoyable for both, and she loved feeling his large pouch striking against her labia as he rode her hips, while she stood on the floor, with her hands on the bed.

For her stay at Yosemite, she found it necessary to stay outside the park in the nearby town of Bridgeport, California. Then drive each day to the park.

Barbi then drove to San Francisco, and took a hotel room in the heart of the city for five days. She loved visiting the city, and along the water front. The first night, she had dinner in the hotel restaurant, and enjoyed the fresh fish.

After eating, she walked into the cocktail lounge and found it was fairly full. There were no tables available, so she took a stool at the end of the bar. Within a few minutes she was in conversation with two well-dressed men, who said they were in town from Philly. They enjoyed each others company, and finally the one called Jim, asked if she would like to join then in a bar down the street from the hotel.

Looking at Dean, the other man, she decided it would be fun, and they told her they were both thirty-seven, and married, "But not tonight, Barbi," Jim told her.

Feigning she was shocked, Jim might cheat on his wife. Barbi spoke with a shock sound in her voice, "Why you boys are absolutely terrible, and you will forget your wedding vows, for a poor little girl like me?" Then she smiled and looked at Dean and asked, "Would you try to take advantage of a poor little girl like me, also?"

"YES!" Barbi busted up laughing as they answered in unison in loud voices.

Walking down the street they came to the bar named, "Royal Scotchman," that Dean had visited before, and as they entered, Barbi saw the decor was like an old time Scottish pub. They moved past several men and women who were standing at the hostess stand, waiting for a table to eat dinner. The only space available was one bar stool, which Dean said that they would let her set on, and he and Jim would stand. Dean reached around her waist and picked Barbi up, and sat her on the stool.

The bartender, large burly man, with a heavy mustache lake a Scottish man of the 1800 hundreds, greeted them and asked, "What are we having to drink gentlemen, and especially your lovely companion?" Then he suggested they try some of their house special, single malt. Sounds great to me, Barbi said and remembered that Uncle John loved to drink single malt whiskey, and she ordered the one he would drink, but she could only half way pronounce the name, and the bartender, knew what she wanted and told her, "Terrific choice, the best we have in the house."

Dean and Jim said they would have the same, and when they saw the bill, and it was five dollars a shot, they couldn't believe the price. Jim looked at Barbi and asked her, "You're expensive, and how do you know about this Scotch?"

Barbi told them that it was what her uncle would drink and when they were in Chicago and staying in the Palmer House, she had watched Uncle John sip it and tell her how good it was. Then they spoke about their lives, and she told them only that she was simply a farm girl who was on her first vacation alone.

They enjoyed speaking with Barbi, and as they were nearing time to leave the bar, as it was closing in twenty minutes, they asked her if she wanted to join them for a drink at the hotel. "Sure, but why don't we order room service, in my room when we get back to the hotel?" Then she added, "That way when we call it a night, I won't have to walk from your room to mine."

While waiting for their drinks to arrive, and they had ordered some steak and eggs, they discussed her traveling alone, and how it must have been fun to visit the Grand Canyon and Yosemite, and now San Francisco.

Jim wanted to know where she was headed for next, and she told them Seattle, and then would go to Yellowstone and the Tetons. The drinks and food arrived in about forty-five minutes and after eating the food, sipped the scotch. Barbi looked at the two men and realized they weren't certain-how to proceed in seeing if she was amiable to becoming involved with them. Somehow she wondered if one was afraid to act in front of the other as they worked together, and their wives were sisters.

Standing up, Barbi told them, "You guys stay here, as I need to take a quick shower and then I will be right back, okay?"

Walking into the bathroom, she left the door open, and as she undressed, wondered what it will be like to be with both of them? Perhaps one of them will leave, or both, Barbi thought as she let the water spray across her body. Her hands reached down and washed between her legs, and her fingers reached inside and cleansed her vagina, in the event she became dessert.

Wrapping a large bath towel around her body, and not putting her underwear back on, she knew that if she moved the wrong way the terry cloth would fall, leaving her nudity displayed for them to view. Even trying to sit would be most likely be a problem, as if her legs should not be held in the proper way, they would likely have a view of her pussy. Barbi was enjoying the freedom of sex and this was another chance to explore what she hadn't during her previous twenty-three years.

"You are something else, girl," Dean said as she walked into the room and slowly climbed up on the bed and leaned back. As she scooted back, her thought of the towel falling from her body became a reality. Well, she thought, I'll go for it and see what happens, Barbi thought as she asked them, "Why don't the two of you undress and make me a happy and satisfied woman?"

Jim was the first to be undressed, and he moved onto the bed with Barbi and promptly begin to make oral love to her. Stopping only long enough to describe how thin her pubic hair was, then his tongue was searching as deep inside her pussy as it could lick.

When Dean watched Jim, take her with his mouth, he was soon on the bed, and Barbi started sucking his slender six-inch cock. Taking his cock deep in her mouth, she jacked him and sucked him until he shot his cum in her mouth. The narrowness of his cock allowed her to enjoy sucking him off, as she could take him deep in her mouth, and he didn't spread her lips so far apart. After Dean went off, she asked Jim, "Why don't you bring that hard bone of yours up here and take me deep and hard?" No more than the time it took her to say it, Jim was over her body, and his cock was buried in her pussy and he stroked her long and hard.

The cock in her pussy was at least seven inches long, a little thicker, possibly, than Dean's, but Jim knew how to move it in her sex. He would stroke it up one side of her pussy, then shove it up the other side, and then try to hit the top, and then the bottom, as he moved in and out of her.

She felt Jim ready to cum, and when he did, he groaned out, "Damn, you have a tight pussy, oh hell it is so tight!"

They rested for nearly an hour, then Barbi got them both hard and she mounted Jim, and then told Dean, who had the narrow cock, to put it up my butt. "Oh yeah, I've always wanted to take a woman up her ass, and now is my chance," Dean moaned out as his cock slipped up Barbi's anus. They rode her for at least ten minutes before Dean went off first, and he pulled out of her butt. Then Barbi moved with Jim still in her pussy, until she was on her hands and knees and he rode her doggie style. In another few minutes' Jim was ready to release his load, and as he did so, Barbi cried out, "Oh hell, I'm cummmmmiiiinnnngggg, hhhhhaaaaarrrrrddddd, yeahhhh!"

Barbi lay prone on the bed and both Dean and Jim moved and lay beside her. Jim was laying with his head next to hers, while Deal had his head by her feet. Dean could see the cum running from both her anus and her pussy, and the sight was a turn on. He became erect again in a few more moments, and he moved up and commenced working his cock into her anus. The cum inside made his entry easy, and he rode her for several minutes.

Jim was watching them and his cock again got hard, and as Dean started to build up to cum, he had Barbi raise her hips in the air, while she rested on her breast and shoulders. Dean shot another load of cum up her butt, and Barbi was moaning out the total time he was pounding her back door.

When he shot off, he pulled out and Jim told Barbi, "No, keep your ass in the air, I want to put it up your butt, also." He rode her deep and hard and as he did, Barbi reached back between her legs and played with his bag and just before he went off, she started to rub her clit.

"YEAH, I'M GOING TO CUM, OH YEAH, NOW," Barbi cried out from the cock stroking her back hole, but more of her cumming, was from masturbating herself.

Flopping down on her back, her legs parted to find relief, Barbi could only whisper, "No more, guys, just leave, so I can go sleep." They dressed in silence, then Jim kissed her cheek and told her good night. Dean kissed her forehead, and asked, "Want to get together tomorrow night?" "Not in a million years, you guys have made my butt so sore, I won't be able to ride the cable cars in the morning." Jim and Dean let themselves out the door, telling Barbi, "Goodnight."

Barbi didn't wake up until nearly nine-thirty the next morning, and she filled the tub with hat water, and poured in a small bottle of bath oil, then sat in the water, until she was relaxed enough to dress and go eat, then explore the city.

Walking the streets of the city, Barbi fell in love with San Francisco, and loved strolling through the department stores. Walking into Sacs Fifth Avenue, she looked for gifts for her friends back in her new adopted home.

Walking past a table, with beautiful silk scarves from Paris, she found one with various dogs in the design and purchased it for Belle. Then she found a nice blouse for Doris that had a scalloped neck line that Barbi knew would allow her round breast to be highlighted, and likely shown off for the first time in her life. Passing the rack of beautiful hats, she found a wide brimmed, tan colored hat, she knew Claire would enjoy, as she almost always wore a hat when she was outside or going some place.

Leaving Sacs after purchasing a new suit and blouse for herself, she wondered what to purchase for Andy. After wandering in and out of a couple other stores, and decided not to get a tie, or shirt, she passed a window display of men's Western ware jackets, and coats. Catching her attention was a dark brown vest, with silver adornments, and rawhide ties.

Entering the store, the aroma of leather permeated the store, and the clerk greeted her. She wanted to view the vest like the one in the window, only to be told that was the only one like the display model. Telling the clerk how large Andy was, he removed the vest in the window, and she thought it should fit Andy.

The vest was lined with sheep wool, and the price was more than Barbi had planned on spending, but she knew how handsome Andy would appear in the vest, and his friends would be jealous. Purchasing the vest, she found a pair of cowboy boots that were identical in color to the vest, with silver trim on the toes and heels. Barbi knew Andy's shoe size because they had discussed how large he was and that he had such large feet to support his massive frame. After buying both items, she asked if they could be gift-wrapped, as she had the other items wrapped at Sacs.

As she was leaving the store, she decided to take a taxi back to the hotel, drop her items off in her room and then come back out for more shopping.

Around five in the afternoon, Barbi returned to the hotel after spending the past few hours visiting book stores, and small boutiques. Barbi had found two books that she purchased, one for Mr. Hall, and the other for Andy.

Shopping in the women's stores, she had found some lacy and brilliantly colored linguine. Barbi bought a dozen matching bra and panty sets for herself, and four of the most exotic and lovely slips, and two half-slips, also. Some, Barbi knew were scandalous, and laughed as she decided if anyone were to look at her in them, they would certainly see a lot of her through the lacy inserts in the undergarments.

Barbi unwrapped one package that she had found in a store that evidently catered to women with erotic taste. Looking at the black satin, and trimmed in red lace, bustier, with straps and garters to hold up a woman's hosiery, she decided it was a must-have. Barbi loved the imported French designed, Merry Widow, and disrobing, slipped into the sensual undergarment. Then she pulled the new smooth as silk nylons, up her legs, and fastened each stocking to the garter.

Walking over to look in the mirror, Barbi realized how exotic she appeared in the corset, and decided tomorrow she would return to the store, purchased a couple more corsets, in different colors. Removing the garment and hosiery, she lay back on the bed and decided to take a short nap before bathing and dressing for dinner. Setting the alarm for six-thirty, she promptly fell asleep, and when the alarm sounded, woke with a refreshed feeling.

Barbi poured some of the bath crystals into the water as it filled the tub, and climbed into the bubbling water and lay back and let her body enjoy the over warm bath water. Reaching for her razor she shaved her legs with extreme care, as she wanted her legs to feel complete perfect, when she wore her new stockings and the bustier to dinner. Hold the razor at just the right angle, Barbi trimmed the few hairs that grew along her legs, next to her labia.

Standing up and stepping from the tub, Barbi moved till she could view her body in the full length mirror on the bathroom wall, next to the door. Pulling her legs apart, and pulling the waste basket over so she rested her foot on it, she was able to view her sex. Thinking to herself, she wondered why her pubic hair never grew on her mons? It is so thin, and still has the feeling of the hair on a baby's head it is so soft. Looking at the small growth of hair that extended less than halfway down her labia, made Barbi wonder if she would grow some real hair over her sex? Nuts, I'm twenty- four, and I have hair like I did when it first grew over my sex, Barbi complained to herself.

She remembered how her uncle had often spoke of her pre adolescent appearance when he was kissing or licking between her thighs. He loved to take the few hairs between his lips and pull lightly on them. Last night Jim and Dean had both commented about her small tuft of sleek blonde fur. Dean had asked her, "Are you certain your not eleven years old, with such a dainty little thatch of hair, and such a small sex between those charming legs?"

"Actually, I'm only ten, but I will be eleven next month, is that problem mister," Barbi had responded in a joking voice?

Barbi set her hair in rollers, then walked from the bathroom, slipped on the Merry Widow, then eased the hose up her legs until she could snap the garters onto them. Barbi felt bold in wearing such a garment for the first time and decided to wear the new dress he had found on sale at Sacs.

Tonight I'm going to be brazen, and she decided and would not wear panties. Slipping the dress over her head of curlers, she reached down the pulled the short zipper up on the right side of the dress near her waist. Walking into the bathroom, she removed the curlers from her hair and brushed it until the curls were exactly as she wanted them. Looking in the vanity mirror over the sink, she applied her makeup and walked into the bedroom, then put on a pair of the new shoes she had purchased. Stepping back into the bathroom, she looked in the mirror, seeing she looked attractive from head to toe.

Picking up her purse, she left her room and took the elevator to the lobby. Walking to the restaurant, Barbi knew she was being watched by the men seated in the lobby, also by those in the cocktail lounge as she walked to the restaurant.

Barbi ordered a small steak, and a salad to be served with her meal, and enjoyed a cup of hot tea as she waited for her order to be served.

She had asked the waiter to let her study the menu and her mind took into consideration a few items that she thought might be good for her own restaurant. The dessert portion of the menu contained an item that she was going to order and if it was as good as it sounded, she would have it available at "Barbi Doll Diner" when strawberries were available. For dessert she ordered the chocolate-covered strawberries, and they came with a small container of whipped cream to dip them in. They were absolutely delicious, and she asked the waiter if she could speak to the manager.

The manager arrived at her table, and evidently believed she had wanted to see him to make a complaint. "No, I've not got a complaint. Rather, I want to ask about your chocolate-covered strawberries." Barbi explained about the restaurant she had purchased and that she would like to know how the chocolate was prepared for dipping. The manager told her he would take her to the kitchen and she could speak to the chef, when she was finished with her dinner.

After another cup of coffee, and the manager, Bob Clemson, had stayed and visited with her, they walked together to the kitchen. She was introduced to the chef, Pierre Beucamp, and they spoke about how wonderful her meal had been and then Barbi asked how the chocolate was prepared.

The chocolate was slightly flavored with just a hint of anise, and the licorice flavor was so slight it was barely noticeable, but added a mystique to the chocolate, the Chef, informed her in his deep French accent.

Leaving the restaurant, after thanking the manager and chef, she walked into the lounge. She saw Dean and Jim were at the bar, and before they saw her, Barbi walked to the hotel entrance and asked the doorman to get her a taxi.

She apologized to the driver for wanting just a short trip, but she did not feel comfortable walking on the street at night unescorted. Then as she paid her fare, gave the driver a dollar tip for his trouble.

Strolling to the bar, Barbi walked around the long rectangle bar until she found an open stool. Climbing up on the stool, her foot slipped and she fell against the man seated on the next stool. "I've only had coffee tea, honest, and I'm so sorry to have bumped you," Barbi apologized to the man. As she got seated the bartender from last night remembered her and served her the same single malt Scotch as she had drunk last night. "Thank you, and you remembered what I had last night, that is kind of you."

With his deep Scottish accent, he told her that he could always remember a lovely lady like herself. "In a moment, the stool by the waiter stand will be open and it is by itself, and if want to change seats, we can visit when I'm not busy." Within five minutes the stool opened and the bartender carried her drink to the end of the bar where he mixed drinks.

"That would be nice, and I love the way the bar is decorated."

The bartender told Barbi the owner had traveled to Scotland and took photographs of several bars there. Then he had his architect incorporate various parts of the interiors of those bars copied and merged to make them into what this bar looked like.

For the next four hours, Barbi explained about her purchasing the restaurant and the large farm, and that she was taking a long vacation to relax and plan her life. She spoke of her uncle and how he had raised her from the time she was eight, until passing away a little more than a year previously. They spoke of her traveling to Paris and England, and she had said that in two years she was considering a trip to Ireland, and now she would include Scotland in her itinerary.

The Scottish bartender, had advised Barbi earlier that his name was Sean, and Barbi was enjoying speaking with the large man, and found that he was knowledgeable on almost every thing going on in the world. He told her about his home in Scotland and his parents, and how they asked him not to leave Scotland and travel to America. He had been in San Francisco since arriving in the United States in 1952, and was recruited to work this bar by the owner when they meet in the pub where he worked.

Around a quarter-till-midnight, Sean said they would be closing soon, but would enjoy speaking with her some more, and perhaps she would enjoy having a coffee and some breakfast with him after he finished up when he closed. "There is a great little restaurant where all the bar people go after work to eat, and I would love you going with me."

"Sounds like fun, and you can tell me more about your country and what I should see if I go there next year."

Barbi waited on the bar stool after the bar closed, and Sean was also the night manager, so there was no problem in her waiting for him to finish his work. He introduced her to the waiters and the one lone waitress who worked serving the tables. It was nearly twelve- thirty when he finished his work, and then they left for breakfast. The small restaurant was not that small and had twenty-five tables and a counter. They took one of the three tables that weren't occupied and over coffee and scrambled eggs and ham, the spoke as if they were friends for a considerable time. Barbi loved listening to the waiters and waitresses as they told about being stiffed by the customers and not even getting a dime from some.

Sean told them if the same people showed up again let him know and he would short their drinks. By two in the morning, they had decided to leave, and Sean asked which hotel she was staying in. They walked back to the hotel, and Barbi asked if he would like to come to her room?

"That would be a wonderful thing and I have so enjoyed speaking with you, Barbi."

They went to her room and she kicked off her shoes and told Sean she should take off his shoes if he wanted to be comfortable. After he removed his shoes, Barbi looked at the rugged looking Scotchman, and although she had no original thought of having sex with him, her body became excited from his simply taking his shoes off.

She sat in a chair at the small table in the room, and Sean sat in the one across from her. "How about a cup of dark coffee, they have a special brew here in the hotel and it is extremely good, so if you wish, I will order some from room service."

"I would love to have a cup with you, and Barbi, you are truly an attractive woman, how did it happen you never married?"

'That is a long story, but perhaps I will explain it to you some time."

"When are you leaving from her to continue your trip, "Sean asked?

"My original idea was to leave the day after tomorrow, on Friday, and head for Seattle."

"I'm off on Thursday night, and if you weren't leaving I would love to take you out to dinner at the finest restaurant, or so I believe, in the city."

"If your buying, I'll stay," Barbi replied and laughed as she made a face too indicated she was like a young girl.

Barbi could sense that Sean wanted to hold and kiss her, and she knew he wanted to make love with her. Yet she understood he was truly a person who would not force himself without knowing his advances wouldn't be offensive. Barbi had been brave on the entire trip when it came to men, and since losing her virginity to Andy a few weeks ago, she had let her sexual desires be quenched in extreme intensity of satisfaction.

Barbi walked over to the phone and called room service to have a pot of coffee delivered to her room. After ordering the coffee, Barbi walked back to where Sean was seated and reached down with her hand and stroked his face.

"Sean, I don't want you to feel ill, toward me, but I would enjoy your spending the night with me, if you would like to do that."

"You must be joking if you believe I wouldn't want to be with you, and to hold you in my arms all night, and I won't think you're not nice."

They coffee arrived in about ten minutes, and as they sipped it, Barbi moved to the other side of the table in front of Sean. Turning her side to him, she asked, "Unzipped me, there, then pull my dress up over me and before you ask, don't," Barbi told as she knew he was about to question her if she was a virgin.

When he stood in front of her, pulled the dress up over her body, he saw the bustier and stocking Barbi was wearing, with no panties. "My god, you're absolutely fantastic looking, and I love the fine hair over her sex."

"Thank you, now undress and take me in your arms and make love to me."

Barbi felt Sean, move his cock into her open pussy, she shuddered as he moved in such a smooth and yet strong way up into her until his groin was pressed against her mons. Instead of stroking back and forth, in her sex, Sean rubbed his pubic bone against her clitoris and she felt herself building from the constant pressure on her small clit. Her pussy commenced to spasm around his manhood as he held it deep inside her body, while grinding against the juncture of her thighs.

Barbi could feel her body start to shake from the pleasurable sensations inside her sex, and she felt her vaginal walls tightening around the manhood inside her pussy as tremors forced her hips to rise and fall under the large bulk of the man laying amongst her legs. Her climax took her to fulfillment and the feeling was unlike any sex she had previously experienced, and she sobbed as her release rolled from her body. "Sean, oh, yesss, ohhhh, Seam I'm there... so good, oh its soooo goodddd, yeahhh!"

Then Sean commenced stroking back and forth in the wet and hot sex his cock had just given pleasure to, and now he was moving faster and slightly harder. Each time he pulled back he could feel her pussy gripping him, as if it was afraid he would pull completely out of her deep crevasse. Then Sean felt his cum ready to be released and seek a haven deep up the cervix of the woman under him. "Take it Barbi, I'm cumming, oh hell that is good, you're tight, so good, AWGH!"

Silence overtook them, and holding each other, they lay as they did when their climaxes merged together in Barbi's hot pussy. Both of them were overcome in surrender from the exhilarating thrill of cumming together, and they dozed in each other's arms.

Barbi sobbed as she stirred, with the knowledge she had experienced a union of her body with a man, that gave her the ultimate pleasure she had ever felt when she and Sean climaxed together. Her small frame of a body cradled the bulk of the large red-haired man who lay over her and between her thighs. His weight did not seem heavy to her, though she knew he must weigh more than two hundred pounds. Her sex could feel him growing inside it, and yet he slept in her arms, and from some far distance land, Barbi knew she could never enjoy a man more than Sean.

A strange feeling passed through her body and soul, almost a dreaded fear of the future or what it held for her. That thought suddenly disappeared as Sean stirred between her thighs, and as he became awake, he slowly begins to move in the act of copulation. Barbi felt her hips move up to meet the thrust and subsequent withdrawal of the erect manhood, probing her inner body. For the next five minutes she cried out her pleasure, and listened as the man giving her such feelings, simply grunted with each inward and outward strokes of his cock inside her pussy as she again cried out her needs and release.

Still the large man rode her body, and within moments, Barbi, felt her body shake, her thighs clamped around the back of the man, stoking inside her body, with his extremely firm, blood-filled penis. Yet she knew he was not ready to release his seed into her body the second time, and he stoked and made exploratory searches in her pussy with his male organ, until she again felt the moment of intense pleasure in sexual joining of her body with Sean.

How Barbi wondered, could such a feeling come from the minuscule opening, when compared with her body overall, between her legs? Barbi marveled at how the stalk of flesh that dangled from Sean's groin, now probing inside her sex, caused such intense pleasure in the human body? Her body was racked with another extremely acute climax, she felt Sean tense, then push as deep into her pussy as his cock could reach. Barbi knew he was again giving her his cum once more, and it was filled with billions of sperm.

Her cries of pleasure were nearly the sounds of exasperation, as the sensations were so strong in their degree of sexual gratification, she made sounds a trapped animal might make as it cried out in frustration and pain. She felt her wetness issue from the walls of her vagina, running out from her sex, along with those of the man who had just given her the most intense sexual release. Barbi was only slightly aware when Sean moved from between her legs, as she was involved in her own thoughts as she considered what her constant needs for another man to give her love amounted to, especially when she realized she craved men, sexually!

God, she thought, did Uncle John know that I would experience sex with various men, before I might find the one who could create waves of pleasure through my body? Her memory of Andy taking her virginity, of Weed biting her nipple until she thought she could no longer stand the pain, but did, and being taken by Dan and Jim together, and now Sean. Yes, Sean who brought her off one time after the other, until now she lay with her legs apart and felt his cum running down across her anus. Barbi wondered where all the cum went that didn't drain from her pussy after a man went off, did it soak into the walls of her vagina?

Her mind was thinking of how she had so let herself enjoy be with the massive built Scot who was so gentle in his love making, and how he brought her body to suck peaks of fulfillment. Barbi went to sleep within moments of these thoughts, but Sean was awake from the excitement he had received from the pretty woman laying next to him. He rose onto his elbows and bent over her torso.

Sean let his eyes pass over her pubic area, and he was amazed at the wetness still oozing from the tiny, and almost nonexistence labia, guarding the slit that made her a woman. He thought her sex must be no larger than that of a pubescent girl, and was amazed that it was covered with only a sparkling of fine soft down. When they had made love, Sean had thought she must have shaved the hair off over her mons, and alongside her pussy.

Now he saw the ultimate, in his mind, the vulva that a woman could possess, a small sex. No wonder she felt so tight, and almost virginal, as he made love to her. Sean knew she had given him something that other men had not likely received when she allowed then to penetrate her, that being her complete self in surrender.

Then he lay back and pulled the covers up over them, turning on his side, he snuggled against her body and moved his arm until he was hugging her. Then he went to sleep in a deep feeling of having been sexually satisfied for the first time in his life.

Barbi was the first to wake in the morning, and looking at the clock, found it was nearly nine o'clock. She eased from the bed so as not to wake the man next to her. Returning from the bathroom, she sat in the chair at the table and sat studying the head of the man who lay asleep in her bed.

Why did last night seem so different, then she became somewhat frightened, as she realized she had fallen in some sort of love with the gentle lover, her Scotchman, she titled him? She decided she would leave today for Seattle, and not tell Sean, but would send him a note to where he worked.

Moving to the bed she pulled back the covers and lay down beside Sean, and her movements woke him. She reached under the covers and found he was sporting a morning erection. Barbi moved her head down and soon was licking and sucking the cock that was surrounded with a thick growth of red pubic hair. Then she rose and straddled the cock and eased it up into her body. For several minutes she rode the firm manhood, and loved feeling him as his hips' rose from the bed as he deposited his cum deep inside her body.

After they showered together, she informed him that she had an appointment at eleven to have her hair done, and that she would see him at the bar tonight. After Sean, Barbi packed her bags, and called the bellman, asking he that bring her car around and to come for her bags, as she had decided to check out today.

Leaving San Francisco, Barbi drove North and when she reached the Oregon border, decided to stop at the first motel that looked good to her and would be clean and safe. In a half hour she pulled off the highway, and checked into a motel with a pool. Once in her room, she unpacked a few items, including her bathing suit, and taking a bath towel, went to the pool. Barbi enjoyed swimming and laying in the evening sun, and after a couple of hours, went back to her room and cleaned up for dinner.

Calling the clerk on the phone in her room, she was informed, of a nice restaurant just a little over a mile North of the motel. Driving to the restaurant, Barbi saw a log building, and it had two Greyhound buses parked in the lot. The sign indicated that a smorgasbord capped the menu items, and you could eat as much as she wished.

Inside the restaurant, she was surprised to find such a large building, and she could determine which customers were on the buses, as they all seemed to sit on the long benches, at the tables along the far walls. Barbi saw a counter and noted that a few seats were available and walked over and took a stool with a back affixed. After setting on the stool, she found it was more comfortable to be seated at a counter when the stools had backs like regular chairs at tables. This, she decided would be one of the first things she would do when she returned to run the restaurant she had purchased.

Walking to the buffet area, Barbi was amazed at the number of items available to select from. The main feature Barbi found about the smorgasbord was the carving station, which included roast beef, pork and turkey, and one young man was handling this by himself. She noted he was wearing a white jacket, and a chef's hat.

"What would you like Miss, and I suggest you try all three of our hand carved meats," The carver asked in a smooth voice?

"Your suggestion seems like an excellent choice, and I will sample all of your meats." Barbi realized how her comment sounded, and could feel her face turning red. Barbi realized she had been studying how attractive the carver was, and he was likely somewhere between sixteen and eighteen.

A smile came across the carver's face as he knew the woman's comments could have a dual meaning, and with an ease of knowing he must not embarrass the customer, replied, "I'm sure you will find the meats to your satisfaction."

Barbi did not miss the reply or implied meaning from the young carver, and simply smiled, then winked at him and decided to tease him by saying, "There is no doubt the meats are good, but don't make it too big." Then she asked if he could come to her table if he got a break in customers.

"You wanted to speak to me," the young man asked as he stood in front of the table where Barbi was seated?

"Yes, I'm Barbi Sampson, and I recently purchased a restaurant, and now I'm on vacation, but each place I visit, I check out the restaurant." Looking in the shining blue eyes of the blonde haired youth, Barbi added, "I watched how you handled the carving station, and perhaps when you are off work, I could visit with you about your work, would that be possible?"

"Sure, but it will be seven when they close the restaurant, and it takes me about a half hour to clean up my area."

"That would be fine, and perhaps you could tell me your name."

"Sorry, I'm Chuck White, and if you want, you can stay in here until I'm finished."

"That's nice, Chuck, and if you would, please ask the manager or owner to see me."

With that, the young blonde walked away to slice some roast beef for a very large man who Barbi believed had been to the carving station for at least his third serving. She observed that Chuck was evidently into athletics, as he was lanky, but his frame was well proportioned for his height.

"Hello, I Mark Henderson, the owner, and I understand you wished to speak with me," Barbi heard someone state as she was lost in her thoughts of the young man she was watching.

"I'm sorry, but I was observing how your carver performed his work and didn't notice you coming to my table," Barbi said to cover up her nearly improper thoughts and interest in Chuck.

For the next hour she spoke about how the restaurant operated and determined that she liked the idea of the carving station, and would assuredly incorporate that into her own business. While she spoke to the owner, she was surprised to learn that Chuck was seventeen, and lived with his father, who drove semis, from San Diego to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. After she had spoken to the restaurant owner, she walked past Chuck and told him, "I will meet you outside, and I'm driving a Chevy convertible."

Chuck walked out of the restaurant and approached Barbi as she sat in her car, with the top down, and when he got, she started the car and drove from the parking lot. Once on the road she asked him which way to his house, and she would drop him off.

Chuck told her that he only lived a short walk from the restaurant, and it was in the opposite direction. "Maybe we can drive into town, it is about another mile down the road, its small, about 1,000 people, but there is a diner we can go to, and talk there if you want to do so."

"Sure, I'm not hungry, but I will treat you to something to eat if you would like, and I will have a coffee."

Over coffee they spoke about the restaurant for perhaps ten minutes, then they discussed his schooling and that he was a football player on the small school he attended. Chuck listened as she discussed where she lived and he wondered how a young woman could have so much money to just run around as she wanted. In respond to her inquiry as to how he was, Chuck replied, "I turned seventeen a month ago."

They left the diner, and Chuck was awe stuck with the pretty woman, and wondered if she would get mad if he reached over and held her hand as she drove back toward the restaurant?

"Chuck, do you have a girlfriend?"

The question caught Chuck off guard, and at first he didn't know how to respond, then said, "Not a real girlfriend, just someone I like as a special person, but we don't date."

Barbi knew he was too young for her, but all evening she had watched his working and she wanted to be close with the young boy. Reaching over, Barbi placed her hand on Chuck's arm, and gently pulled him toward her. Chuck moved over in the seat and sat close to Barbi, and when he felt her hand drop onto his leg, his body went stiff.

"Chuck, is your father expecting you home by a certain time?"

"No, he is on a trip and won't be home for another three days."

"Would you like to stop at my motel room and visit for a while?"

"Yeah, that would be terrific."

Pulling into the motel, Barbi was feeling some quilt as to her bringing a young boy to her room, and she knew in the back of her mind she wanted sex with him. In the room, they sipped a coke and spoke for about twenty minutes, them Barbi walked over to the chair Chuck was seated in, reached down and took his hand in hers and pulled him to his feet. Without saying anything, Barbi led the young boy to the bed.

Slowly she reached out her arms and hugged him to her, moving her lips up for him to kiss her. Barbi had no way of knowing that Chuck was about to get his first personal kiss that wasn't family given on his cheeks. Barbi had no way of knowing as she was not aware he'd never indulged in any type of sexual activity previously, not even to feel a girl up.

She found it necessary to pull his mouth down onto hers to kiss him. Then she spoke in a passion filled voice, "Chuck, lets undress and get in bed."

His mind was going in circles and at first he was hesitant to be naked in front of the woman, then he saw her remove her blouse, then her bra, and that led him to commence undressing. They were almost nude together by the time Barbi eased her panties from her legs.

"My god Chuck, you're one large man." Barbi said as she looked at the erection standing up against his stomach.


Barbi reached out and took his hard blood-filled organ in her hand, and pulled him onto the bed with it. They lay on the bed and Barbi felt Chuck shake in a nervous way as they lay kissing.

Pulling the young boy over on top of her, and between her legs, she guided his large cock to the entrance of her opening, that was flowing with her juices. Barbi held him at the open lips of her tiny pussy, and told him, "Chuck, oh push it deep into me, yes, now, push forward into me, now!" Barbi knew he was a virgin and she wanted his first load of cum deep inside her and not on her hand. She felt the large head of his young manhood push her tiny labia apart, and he moaned out, "AWGH, oh gee, yeah!"

"OH, I feel it, yeah!" Then Chuck shuddered and felt his cum traveling from his cock into the woman laying under him. When he felt her legs move up around his body, he again felt his cum shooting into the warm cave his young cock was filling with his cum.

"This is your first time, isn't it Chuck?"

Looking embarrassed, Chuck knew that the woman was likely telling him he didn't know what he was doing, but he answered her by the simple reply, "Yes."

"You are a good lover, and I hope I made you feel good, as you made it special for me, letting me be your first." Then Barbi reached down and took his wet cock in her hand, and scooting down in the bed she moved so her mouth was over his nut sack. Her hand manipulated his growing seven inches of young cock, and her mouth drew both of his balls into her mouth. Within a few minutes he was again erect, and Barbi thought harder than before.

Chuck was lost in the sensations that poured through his blood, and when he felt the lovely woman pulling him again between her legs, he moved quickly so his cock could again be in the warmth of her sex. "OH that feels so warm and wet around me when I'm inside you Barbi, and tell me what you want from me."

"Move it in and out of me, yes, oh yeah, like that, fuck me Chuck, god your cock is so hard and long." Barbi felt her body responding and knew she was about to climax from the knowledge she had gotten his seventeen-year-old virginity, and his cock was driving her to seek release. "CHUCK, OH CHUCK, YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM ALREADY, IT IS SOOOO GOOD, AWGH, YESSS!"

Barbi felt him shove up into her tightly, then his body shuddered as he cried out, and knew she had just taken his virgin cum into her body. Her hips rose up so hard she raised him with her and she announced out her own climax, "Chuck, I'm cumming with you, oh my god it is so good!"

For a few minutes' Chuck simply lay on top of the pretty woman, and knew that he had just received a new outlook on life, one that he would want to replay over and over. That he had just had his first and second time to have sex with someone older, didn't enter his mind, he wondered if the woman would let's do it once more.

Chuck needn't have worried, as the night went on, Barbi took him between her smooth and shapely thighs four times, and one time she sucked him off. When Chuck shoved his large cock into her pussy, Barbi knew it was large and she felt him striking against her womb a few times.

The next morning, Barbi woke around six-thirty, and looked at the blonde haired boy laying next to her, and pulling the blanket down, she saw he was erect in his sleep. As he slept, his cock would jerk like, and bobbled like. Barbi moved down and took the long hard erection into her mouth and when Chuck woke, he almost immediately filled her mouth with his sperm. Barbi drank his cum from him until he was drained, then moved up and placed her nipple at his lips for him to suckle at for his first time to do such an act.

Chuck, loved feeling the small button between his lips and sucked the woman's tits as if he was a baby. When he heard Barbi, ask him, "Go down on me, eat me," He knew what she wanted, but he wasn't certain he could do so. Yet he moved his lips down and kissed the small slit between the legs of the woman. Then his tongue sought out her depths of her sex, and when he felt her grab his head and pull him tight against her sex, he loved hearing her cry out his name.

After Barbi went off, she saw that Chuck was again sporting a large erection, and she pulled him between her legs and this time talked to him as he took her. Over and over she asked him to hold back, until finally he couldn't wait any longer and shot five times into her body.

They got up and showered together, and as Barbi was packing her bag, Chuck asked her if he could come visit her next summer when he was out of school. Unsure what to tell him, she told him that she would take his telephone number and address, and would write and call him. Chuck left the motel room about five minutes before Barbi, and as she drove out of the motel driveway, she saw Chuck standing by the edge of the road, and they waved at each other as she headed toward Seattle.

Driving along, Barbi wondered if she would stop wanting another man for sex? Had she become a nymphomaniac in her desires? In her mind, Barbi still wished Uncle John had taken her cherry. I wonder why he hadn't done me, when I was ten, as that was when he taught me so much about sex, Barbi recalled. Uncle John had taken several photographs of her as a child, and the last ones he had taken were about two weeks before he passed away.

Many of the photos were with her legs apart, and she remembered how he would fondle her tiny pussy, and make her clit become hard. "You're my sweet nymphet, aren't you Barbi," Uncle John would ask her as he looked at the photos of her he had taken and then developed in his basement darkroom.

Barbi knew that she was a sexually attractive young woman, and knew that she wanted men as much, if not more so, than they wanted to bed her. Nymphet, as a sexually mature young girl, now a nympho woman with abnormal sexual desires, she wonder if that was an appropriate way to describe her desires for sex? No, she thought, I simply enjoy feeling a man give himself to me, and I love feeling his cream run out of me and down across my anus.

Arriving in Seattle, Barbi obtained a hotel room for three nights, feeling she needed to take a break from driving. After unpacking her two suitcases, she filled the tub with hot water. Then poured a generous amount of the creamy bath lotion in the water and using her hand, swirled it around until the mixture was dissolved. Easing her body down into the water, she lay back and enjoyed the soothing warm of the water on her skin.

Every so often she would let some of the water from the tub, then fill it back again with hot water. For nearly an hour she lay in the soothing bath, then allowed the water to drain from the tub, and turned on the shower and shampooed her hair before leaving the bathroom. Stretching out on the bed, she decided to call Andy.

For more than twenty minutes they spoke and he told her how much he missed her. She laughed and said she was likely replaced with the cute seventeen-year-old girl, Jean May, that worked for Doris. Andy wondered why she said that, and told him the comment Claire had told her about overhearing Jean May say, "I'm going to give Andy my cherry, even if he was older than her daddy."

"Hell Barbi, she didn't say that I hope, her daddy is my uncle's boy."

They spoke about all the sights Barbi had seen, and the things she was finding about the restaurants she was eating in, especially the one with the carving station.

After they got off the phone, Barbi decided to dress and find a restaurant away from the hotel and to have a good meal and a glass of wine.

Andy, upon hearing the comment about his cousin, Jean May, thought how that could be one hell of a treat, if he was to get her cherry. Thinking about his visits to the restaurant, and how Jean May always rushed to wait on him, and almost always asks him, "How is my kissing cousin, today?" Once Jean May, at a family reunion at his farm, had walked with him to the barn when he was checking on a cow that was having trouble calving.

At the time he thought she was only being a silly teenage girl, when she reached out and held his hand while they looked at the cow in the barn stall. Now he remembered how she had asked him if she was his favorite cousin, and would he kiss her for on her birthday, which was the following week? He had kissed her cheek as she turned her face toward his, when he told her, "Sure, you're my favorite kissing cousin," he had replied as she turned her lips to his for a kiss.

Andy knew she wanted the kiss on her lips, but he knew that was something he couldn't do. Now he thought back to that time two years before, which meant Jean May would have been only fifteen. Maybe I should have kissed her, and who knows, she might have let me have her. Instead he remembered how he had waited to have sex after the death of his wife, with Barbi.

After doing the chores, Andy showered, then dressed in a pair of dress slacks and a light brown pull over, club-shirt. Hell, I'll go into town and have dinner and tease my little cousin. Even if I can't do anything with her, at least it will be fun to have female companionship again, as Barbi had made him feel the needs of man for a woman.

Walking into the restaurant, Andy walked to the cash register and told Doris about his call from Barbi. Then he heard his cousin, Jean May greeting him in her usual way, "How is my favorite kissing cousin this evening, and would you like me to be your waitress, Cousin Andy?"

Smiling at Jean May, he looked at Doris and asked her, "Do you think I should let this young hussy wait on me, or perhaps spank her for being so bold?"

"Andy that isn't nice," Jean May told him, then added, "Follow me sir and I will take you to your table." With that she led him to the far table in the corner, which was away from the other tables and Andy wondered if she had some idea in her mind and the reasons behind her picking this table.

While eating, and when she wasn't busy with other customers, Jean May talked to him, and he knew she was flirting with him, and he flirted back. "Cousin Andy, would you take me to the Legion dance tonight, dad and mom went to see grandma and grandpa, and I have nothing to do by myself." Then she added, "Besides, mom told me I was not to go out while they were gone until Sunday evening."

Thinking about what he had been told a few hours ago by Barbi, he wondered if there was a hidden plan behind her request. Then saying that she was just a teenager with a vivid imagination, Andy told Jean May, "Sure if you don't mind being seen with an old man."

"Great, I get off work in about two hours, so you can stay here until I finish, and then I can go home and change clothes."

"Jean May, don't you get me in trouble, you understand what I'm saying, right?"

"Dear sweet cousin, you know that I would do anything to get my Kissing Cousin in trouble."

While eating, Bill came into the restaurant with Claire, and they joined him at his table. Over dinner, they spoke about Barbi calling and all she had been doing, and she would not be home for at least another two, and possibly three more weeks.

When Jean May walked over to the table and said she was off work, Andy told her to set down for a few minutes. Then told Bill and Claire he needed them to help him keep tabs on his cousin at the Legion dance this evening.

Claire looked at her friend Andy, then at Jean May, and wondered if the teenager would get her wish tonight? Hell, after having no sex for ten years, and then getting it on with the beautiful Barbi, she knew that any man who has his juices stirring in his body, is likely to fall into any pretty girl's snare when it is ready to trap a sexually excited male. Andy, I would like to see the two of you get it on tonight, Claire thought to herself.

Driving Jean May to her home, Andy was surprised at how she could speak with an intelligent knowledge of many subjects, especially about Eisenhower and Nixon. Pulling into his nephew's driveway, he looked at his cousin and wondered if she would be willing to have sex, even if just to play around this first time? Damn, this is a relative, what am I thinking?

In the house, Jean May said she needed to take a quick shower before dressing for the dance. "Be right back, cousin, so don't run away, as I feel so good that you will take me with you tonight."

Andy could see the bathroom doorway, from where he was seated, and noted that Jean May had left the door open. After about five minutes, he heard the shower stop, and after a few minutes, Jean May appeared in the doorway, and was wearing a large towel wrapped around her. He looked at how the towel just reached below her pubic area, and knew it was less than an inch to where her sex would be visible. He looked at her legs and found they were even more shapely than Barbi's legs. The towel was around her breast in such a way that they allowed some of the small circles of pink areolas to be seen. He could tell that she was allowing him the privilege of viewing her draped in only the towel and he wondered what her nipples looked like, and how her auburn hair was like adorning her fatty mons?

Jean May walked to where Andy was seated and asked him, "Come with me cousin, while I get dressed," She said as her hand reached out for him to take it.

"Please, Cousin Andy, come to my room while I dress, I promise not to embarrass you?"

Rising from the chair where he was seated, Andy knew a fear of what could happen, but his need to see the body of his cousin uncovered, drew him up from the chair and he followed Jean May down the hallway.

Unsure where he should set, Andy sat on the old fashion steamer trunk along the wall by the door he had just entered. His eyes followed jean May as she removed the towel from around her body, but she kept her back to him as she did so. When she moved to get her bra and panties from the chest of drawers, she still kept her back to him. Her hips rounded out from the top of her smooth and wonderfully tapered legs, showed absolute perfection, and he knew they were likely the most beautiful set of rounded buttocks, he or any man would ever have the privilege of viewing.

Glancing into the dresser mirror, the image of her breast pulling away from her body as she bent over to slip into her panties, showed they were at least C cups, and the nipples were hard and he knew excited from allowing a man to observe them unclothed. His eyes followed the movement, of her pulling her panties up her calves, over he knees, then up her smooth thighs. The image of her auburn tuft of maiden hair was untrimmed, and the light caused it to have the appearance of a glistening and sparkling brilliance. Then the panties covered her mound, and the sparkling hair was covered by the light pink panty that she had chosen to wear.

He could see in the mirror that she was watching him, and turning toward him, with her bra in her hand, Jean May, placed the cups over her breast as she slipped the bra straps up her arms and onto her shoulders. Smiling, Jean May walked to where Andy was seated, and asked him as she turned her back to him, "Please fasten my bra for me."

After he had fastened the bra, she turned and faced him, "Cousin Andy, do you think I'm pretty, and be honest with me?"

"Jean May, you're perfect, and never would I have thought such hips were on this Earth as yours, yes, you're extremely pretty." Then he stated, "We best leave, before it is too late for the dance."

Jean May knew that his last comment had dual meanings, and she wondered if her desires for her cousin to be her first lover, would be fulfilled before the night ended?

At the dance, Andy only danced once with his cousin, then he did the final dance number with her, and it was a slow number, and he felt his seventeen-year-old cousin pressing her body to his. He knew that she could feel the start of his erection as it pushed against the area above her sex.

"Kissing Cousin, I like dancing with you, do you like holding me?"

"Hush, just enjoy the moment," Andy told her, thinking that would keep him from having to reply directly to her inquiry.

After the dance, they drove to Martha's, and took a table with Doris, Bill and Claire. Over a late supper, they all laughed and enjoyed the pleasant way each seemed to find in the other's company, even with a seventeen-year-old girl as part of the group. For an hour they spoke and Doris broke the spell of togetherness when she announced, "I need to go to bed, so you can stay if you want, but this gal needs to be back in here at six in the morning, so good night."

As they pulled out of the restaurant drive, Jean May looked at her cousin and asked him, Dear Cousin, will you take me home with you, I don't think it would be a good idea to have you car in dad's driveway where the neighbors could see it parked there.

"Hell Jean May, do you know what you're saying?"

"Yes, so say nothing else."

Pulling into the lane, leading to his farmhouse, Andy glanced at his cousin, and again asked, "Jean May, you must understand what you are offering me, don't you?"

Jean May reached over and simply patted Andy's arm in reply.

They walked to Andy's large bedroom, and Jean May turned on all the lamps in the room, the ceiling light, the lamps on each of the bed stands, and the one on the dresser and desk in the room.

Smiling at her cousin, Jean May reached down and pulled her dress up over her body. Then she slipped the half- slip down over her hips and let it fall around her feet. Stepping from the slip, she reached behind her and unhooked her bra, removing it from the full breast that pointed all most straight from her chest, even as large, as they were. Her fingers caught in the elastic of her panties and she eased them off her hips and down her legs.

Once she was nude, Jean May took her hand and ruffled the hair over her sex until it was no longer matted flat. The hair was so deep auburn in color that it made the red hair on her hair seem pale in comparison.

Moving slowly, Jean May pulled the bed covers down, then she lay back on the fresh sheets that the cleaning lady had put on the bed that morning. Thinking to herself, what will he look like with no clothes on, and what does a man's thing look like, Jean May thought as she lay waiting the first sexual contact between herself and a man.

Her eyes could not believe the size of the penis that came to her view when Andy pulled his underwear from his body. He had watched the pretty girl when she dressed earlier in the evening, and now as she undressed and lay on his bed awaiting him to take her.

Excitement had passed through his blood as he knew he was in the process of incest with his lovely seventeen- year-old cousin, and that alone caused him to increase the need to feel her when he entered her body. Moving to the side of the bed, he thought for a moment, then asked, "Are you a virgin, Jean May?"

"Yes, is that a problem?"

"No, but I will be right back." Then Andy walked to the bathroom and picked up a couple of towels and returned to the bedroom. Spreading one of the towels on the bed, then he lay down next to his cousin, leaving all the lights on.

"Your thing is the first one I've ever seen, I know what will happen and all that, but tell me what too expect, please, so I don't get things wrong."

"There is nothing to tell, you will know, unless you decide to change your mind."

"No, I've wanted you to have me since I first saw you taking a whiz once, when I was about twelve, and first started understanding that people had sex." Moving onto her side, Jean May then asked her cousin, "Andy, will you finally be my kissing cousin, with a real kiss?"

"Jean May, I'm going to kiss you, and that means all over your body, not one spot on your body will my lips not have felt my lips pressing against it." Then he asked, "Do you know what I mean by that?"

"Kind of, but not exactly."

"Just let yourself enjoy what I'm about to do, and tell me anything that you think or feel while we enjoy each other."

Slowly Andy moved his lips to his pretty bed mate, and when the initial contact of his lips touched hers, he felt her slightly pull back. His hand moved up and cupped the back of her head and his lips continued kissing her lips. Using his tongue he pushed her lips apart, and she tried to withdraw from her first oral probing kiss with a man's tongue. He continued to kiss her with his tongue in her mouth. Andy used his tongue to lick her teeth, as far into her mouth as his tongue could reach. Then he licked Jean May's smooth skinned gums. For several minutes he made her first kiss with a man in the most intimate kissing that a couple can have, a French kiss, until he felt her body starting to bump against him.

Andy knew that she was becoming excited, and he was going to give her so much pleasure before taking her cherry, that he could almost feel her body striving to reach a release of her juices. Moving his mouth down from her lips to her throat, he kissed the smooth skin under her chin, and he felt her shudder and her arms reached to hug him.

"Andy, oh Andy," was all Jean May could say as the sensations of her throat being kissed she knew was the most intimate feeling she would ever feel. However, for Andy, he knew what her mind was thinking and knew when he moved his mouth downward, his cousin would most likely cry out her pleasure.

His lips moved to suckle at the pointed pink nipples within the pick circles on her tits. They harden as Andy sucked them, first gently, then he would suck them hard, then gently again. When he took her nipple between his teeth and bites them, first with gentle pressure, then with a firmness to cause pain, Andy heard her gasp out her feelings of being bitten. Yet he wanted her to know that such pain could enhance her pleasures.

"Andy that hurts, not so hard, eeeyyyy, Andy it hurts, but oh I like it also, easy, no... do as you like, but god it hurts," Jean May cried out, but only hugged his neck tighter, as he bite harder and her now tender nipples. For at least ten minutes he treated her nipples to soft kisses and smoothing licking of his tongue across the puffed up pink buds.

Then he would bite until he knew she would bleed if he bites any harder, then he would release his teeth from around the hardened nipple. Each time he released her nipple, Andy could feel her press her breast against his mouth for contact. Andy knew that his pretty cousin would likely always want someone to bite her nipples in the future.

Andy moved his face down and kissed the smooth stomach of the lovely girl, then his lips traveled down to rest on the silk hair over the mound at the top of her vulva. Slowly he would catch her maiden hair between his lips and tug it out from her body until he could feel her move her hips up so the pulling of her hair didn't hurt. Laying his hand across her thighs, he pulled her pubes even harder, and heard Jean May cry out that it hurt, but also felt good.

His lips traveled down her right leg, and when he reached her feet, he licked the soles of Jean May's feet until she cried out from the pleasure she was receiving. Then Andy moved his mouth over her toes, and licked between them as he sucked on them.

"Andy, my god Andy, that is so sweet of you, I can't believe you're licking and sucking on my toes, oh Andy, I love you." Then she cried out even louder, "ANDY, ANDY, I FEEL SO FUNNY INSIDE, WHAT IS HAPPENING?"

Andy knew it was time to take her pussy with his tongue, as it was certain she was building up to a climax from his oral ministrations to her feet and toes. Hell she must be ready to go off, he thought, as he moved his mouth over her sex. Her legs were clamped together, and he simply forced them apart with his face. When his lips covered her pussy, he listened as his cousin again moaned out, "ANDY, MY GOD, YOU CAN'T MEAN TO KISS ME THERE, DO YOU?"

Pulling his mouth away only long enough to reply, "Yes, pretty girl, I'm going to eat your pussy and lick it for you."

Then he moved his mouth over the light-haired labia of his cousin, and begin to probe between her labia, and lick from her anus to her clit. When his tongue moved down over her taint, Andy would lick the puckered anal ring. His tongue pushed into the muscle tightened rink of flesh, then licked it fast. Then Andy would lick inside her virgin pussy, feeling his lovely cousin bump her hips up to meet his face, as it rested against her vulva.

Then he knew his cousin was about to give down her first cum to a man, and he increased the pressure on her clit and sucked the inner labia into his mouth and assaulted her clit as fast and hard as his tongue would move over the sensitive prepuce-covered love button.

Andy felt his cousin move her hands until she was wrapping the hair on his head between her fingers and pulling his face against her contracting cunt as he felt the involuntary muscular contractions start from deep inside her female sex. Her hands and fingers were pulling his hair and head so hard that he thought he might have to stop her, yet he wanted her first cum to be the hardest she would ever experience, and his male ego, told him to make her cum hard!

Andy pulled the female sexual organ that is homologous to a man's cock, between his teeth, and held in tightly so it couldn't escape. Andy sucked her prepuce completely, then licked her penis like organ, until she exploded with her first climax with a man. Her grip on his hair was so strong, Andy thought she would assuredly pull his hair out.

"ANDY, OH DEAR ANDY, I FEEL SO... I DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH MORE I CAN STAND... GAWD, ALMIGHTY, I'M... I'M, OH DEAR ANDY, YES!!" Jean May shouted out as her first climax overwhelmed her teenage body. Jean May felt her body suddenly have convulsions and her hips moved up from the bed until she felt nothing but strange spasmodic jerking take place inside her female opening. The feelings turned from violent to passive, only to change over and over from one to the other.

Without waiting for her climax to end, Andy moved up over the still quivering body in the throes of her body experiencing the struggles of a huge orgasm. Using his hand, he guided his erect and large cock to the labia that was squeezed tight from the climax the muscles her vulva and vagina used to quell her sexually initiated pussy.

The head pushed the resisting labia open and with a slight shove he slipped the massive mushroom-shaped end of his cock into her female opening. Thinking to himself, I'm going to take her cherry quickly and hard. With a slight retreat of his cock head from the grip of the teenage pussy lips, Andy shoved with a straight and brutal thrust, and he drove into his cousin's virgin pussy.

He felt her hips draw back from the contact of his cock head against her cherry, but his hands had already gripped her hips, and he drove fast and hard into her. When Andy felt his cock meets the resistance of the thick membrane guarding the entrance of her womb, he simply jammed hard through the thicker than usual skin.

"HOLY GAWD NO, STOP ANDY - STOP, NO I DON'T WANT IT! TAKE IT OUT! ANDY DEAR COUSIN, YOUR KILLING ME, SOMEBODY HELP ME, GOD HELP ME, SOMEONE HELP ME, IT IS TOO MUCH!" Jean May felt like she was being split into as the large cock tore apart the hymen that separated her from a girl, and at its loss, a woman. Her legs shook and her arms moved so her fist could strike the head and body of the man who was tearing into her tender sex.

Never had Jane May thought it would hurt so badly to have sex. She understood that the first time was supposed to be difficult and might have a slight discomfort when she was first entered. But not that it would feel like a knife was cutting deep inside her female sexual entrance, and tearing apart the thin tissue of skin, she had not considered.

Andy loved the sounds of his pretty cousin as she cried out from the rupture of her cherry, and he moved his thick cock in and out of the bleeding pussy, he knew she must be bleeding a lot from the wetness he was feeling running from her sex when he pulled back out almost to the end of his cock, only to drive back up into her pussy. The squishing sounds told him that he knew she had experienced a deep hurt as he busted her cherry. After hearing Barbi tell about her wanting him to be her first lover, then her actions to have him take her to bed, he wanted her to know she had been soundly fucked her first time.

Two things that made the loss of her virginity difficult for Jean May were beyond her previous knowledge of the sex act between a man and woman. The first was that her hymen was exceptionally thick, and had never been touched by a finger or anything that could have stretched the single small opening that allowed her monthly menstrual cycle fluids to pass through. The other was her lack of knowledge of what a penis was like, and that some were larger than others.

Andy was one of the few men who have overly large penises, and when he did not ease his way into her with probing moves. Instead he simply rammed his thick and long cock into her body, the shock of her virginity being taken was unexpected.

For more than fifteen minutes, Andy rode the body of his cousin, and her legs never stopped kicking out and her hands continued to strike him as he took her deep and hard. Her pleas for Andy to stop were ignored, and he wanted to take her forever, but then he felt his balls swelling with his sperm and he debated if he should pull out and squirt his sperm on her smooth flesh of her stomach, of empty his nuts inside her pussy.

"I'm going to cum, yeah Jean May, I'm ready to cum, do you want my cum in your pussy or on your tummy?"

Jean May did not comprehend, even if she was seventeen, what her cousin was asking, and said without considering the consequence, told her ravisher, cum in me, but get it over with, I hurt Andy, just do it quickly."

Within seconds of hearing his beautiful cousin tell him she wanted his cum inside her pussy, Andy unloaded a massive load of pent up sperm into the ovulating sex of his young cousin. Jean May was in the process of letting down her eggs to be fertilized by the large supply of sperm that had built up in Andy since Barbi had left for her vacation.

"Now, yeah now, take my cum, Jean May, oh yes - I'm cumming so fucking hard, your getting my cum, baby cousin, NOW JEAN MAY," Andy cried out as his sperm shot from his cock and began seeking out an egg to enter.

Neither thought about the repercussions of what had just taken place, but on her first time to be fucked, Jean May was becoming pregnant, by her cousin. Five times, Andy drove his sperm squirting cock deep into the entrance of his lovely cousin Jean May's womb. Each load that left Andy's cock contained millions of sperms that begin to wiggle up into the uterus of Jean May, seeking an egg to fertilize, and found a willing egg.

Feeling the strength of her cousin as he lodged his thing up deep inside her, she felt a strange feeling pass through her entire body. It was like an entity had entered her body as the first squirt of what her cousin was calling his "cumming" she could feel wetting her deep inside her sex. Her body became deeply aroused and what had previously been painful, now was love, affection and a need to join her cousin in his release.

Jean May knew that what her Andy was feeling was the feeling he had given her with his tongue, teeth and lips, and she welcomed his penetrating thrust as he squirted his seed into her welcoming womb. The feeling of the entity was assuredly something that had to do with her dear Cousin Andy, giving him his "cumming." Jean May wrapped her arms and legs around Andy, and pulled him deeper still within the core of her sexual being. Without knowing what it meant, she uttered out, "Give me your cum, just yours forever, dear Andy."

Moving from the grasp of the young teen's thighs, and the hugging of her arms, Andy lay on his back and tried to breathe air deep into his lungs, to regain normal breathing after the fanciful and unrealistic sex, he had just experienced. After resting for a few moments, he felt the bed shaking and heard Jean May commence crying, and he moved so he could look at his pretty cousin.

As he did so, he noted the blood on his cock and all over his upper legs and on his pubic hair. Turning his gaze to the girl who was still laying on her back, with her legs open as they were when he moved from between them, he saw she was a blood-covered mess. Thinking he was glad he had placed a towel under her, he realized that she would likely have bled enough it would have soaked through the material and onto the sheets.

Andy watched as the proof of his taking his pretty cousin's cherry, drained from her bleeding female wound. The mixture of his cum and her torn open virginity eased in a thick red liquid from between her slightly opened labia. Taking the second towel, Andy wiped with exceptional gentle moves across Jean May's legs and her vulva. It was obvious. He needed to get a damp cloth to clear away the temporary red stain on her body.

Moving his face to Jean May's, he lightly kissed her lips, and asked her, "Are you okay, or sorry about what happened, what do you want me to do?"

Opening her eyes, Jean May looked at her cousin and saw his eyes were studying her face very intently, and then she looked to see why he was wiping her off with a towel. Her look of shock showed on her face when she observed the blood all over her body, and then on Andy. Her crying commenced once more and with a more pronounced uttering of sobs.

"Why did you hurt me, now I'm bleeding and won't be a virgin and wear white when I get married," Jean May cried out? Seeing the blood, she realized what she had initiated by her bold advances, resulted in her virginity being taken. Jean May did not consider the problem to be of her own making, and she had intended to tease her cousin, and do everything but the final act, but she was not prepared for the knowledge of her cousin knowing how to turn her own.

"Jean May, stay here, I'll be right back," Andy said as he got out of bed and went to the bathroom to get a wet wash cloth. He looked at himself in the full length mirror and saw the evidence of his young cousins' lost cherry on his body more fully from the image in front of him. Damn, she bleeds more than my poor wife on our wedding night and Barbi did a few weeks ago, combined. Andy remembered how difficult it was to pop her cherry, and knew Jean May was now pissed that he had pumped her. What the hell, she had told others, according to Barbi, and then showed her nude body to him, after inviting herself to attend the dance with him. What the fuck, she wanted me to bang her, now she is shedding the first time tears of a torn open ex-virgin, shit!"

When he entered the bedroom after obtaining the wash cloth, he saw Jean May standing in front of the dresser, looking at herself in the mirror. She was still crying and her body was trembling with the knowledge of what had happened. Hell, I might just as well do her again, after all asked for it, and now she can get used to it, Andy determined.

"Andy, why didn't you stop when it hurt and I asked you, and look how I'm bleeding?"

"Lay back down on the bed, and if you remember, it was you who asked me to do you, and you undressed and showed me your tits and ass before we left for the dance."

"Your being cruel to me, why, I only wanted you, oh I'm so confused, Andy just hold me, just hold me and tell me you care."

"Dear sweet Jean May, you tempted the devil in me. Right or wrong I accepted the temptation, but you knew what you were doing, and whatever you think of me, I'm happy to have been the first man with you."

Again Andy listened and watched as his seventeen-year- old cousin sobbed and tears ran from her eyes, and still she insisted it was his fault she had let him make love to her. "You are older and knew what I was doing was wrong, and you've ruined me." Jean May then asked, "And what if I've gotten pregnant?"

Andy knew Jean May was continuing to place the blame for her having sex entirely on him, and he determined to shut her up and that he would take her again, now! Taking her in his arms, he started kissing her neck and hold her round hips in his large hands. He whispered how she had been too lovely to not make love to her. Andy feeds her ego with all the words of affection he could find, while easing her down on the bed. His lips sought hers, and Jean May was again allowing her desires for her older cousin to take control of her mind and body.

When she felt Andy's lips move onto her left nipple, so close to her heart she thought, her body felt the tingles it had before they had made love. Somehow, Jean May accepted the fact that they had made love, and therefore, her darling cousin, must be in love with her. At that instance, a feeling of being only Andy's entered her mind, and she would bear whatever was necessary to always be his. "Andy, my love, make love to me like you did before we had sex, please darling."

Andy knew she was remembering his going down on her and the strong climax she had from his tongue on her clit, and his licking her pussy. When he moved his lips down across her stomach, he saw the evidence of her lost virginity, and what had to be the thick cream of his cum mixed with the red tide issuing from her torn cherry.

His tongue flipped across the smooth skin of his cousin's stomach, and slowly he licked the red stain, and taking his time, finally reached the blood and cum matted hair guarding Jean May's portal of sex. The taste of blood was assuredly a stimulus to his mind, and he felt his erection growing as his tongue licked down between the labia surrounding the entrance to her lower body cavity. Andy pushed his tongue between the love lips surrounding each side of her narrow opening and drank from her bleeding pussy.

Moving his tongue onto her upper thighs, Andy licked the drying blood from the tops and inside of her silky thighs. Then Andy probed between her buttocks and licked the cum and blood that had flowed down onto her puckered anal ring. Moving his tongue back up between her labia, he pushed his tongue as deep inside the seventeen-year-old pussy as possible. Then he captured her clit between his lips and started to flip it back and forth, then in a circle like movements with his tongue. Andy felt his cousin start the ritual of intercourse as her hips begin to move up and down, then as if they were jerking for more contact with his mouth.

"Andy, oh dear Andy, that is so nice...so smooth... your tongue is so sure to touch as I like, I feel like... I feel... sweet, sweet, sweetheart. I'm almost there again, AWGH, yesss, AH ANDY, ANDY, ANDY YES DEAR SWEET COUSIN ANDY, IT IS SO DIFFERENT AND GOOD!!" Jean May cried out as her second climax rolled from deep in her stomach and centered on her hardened clit.

This time when Andy moved up her body, he allowed his firm cock to find its own path into the body of the squirming girl under him. Slowly it entered the hole it was seeking, and moving with very short in and out moves, Andy was finally lodged up into the girl's body as deep into her pussy as his cock would reach. Hold his pubic bone tight against Jean May's mons, Andy ground in small moves, with constant pressure against her clit.

Taking only small withdrawals and then back into her soaking wet pussy, Andy continued grinding his pelvic bone against the hair-covered mons over her opening. Each time he reentered with the short stroke of his hard cock, he would jam it firmly, to give him that extra amount of depth into the girl. Andy knows his actions were bringing on her first climax from a hard cock in her quivering moist female canal, and he continued to grind against her labia and strike her clitoris as he shoved deeper and deeper into her body.

Andy reached down and caught Jean May by her smooth thighs, and pulled her legs up until they were pushed back against alongside her sides. Then he would move then onto her breast, then back to rest on the bed by her sides. His movements were quicker and he was increasing the hardness of striking his pelvic bone against Jean May's clit and mons.

More and more he shoved deep and hard, into the ruptured and bleeding inner parts of his pretty cousin's female vulva, as if he was punishing her for having sex so young. Her voice was unintelligible as he was now fucking her harder than ever, taking her deep and hard, as her hips were complete off the bed, from his holding her legs wide apart.

Jean May would open her eyes, then squeeze them shut, repeating this action over and over as she looked at how obscene her legs were held open by her older cousin. His grip on her pale, mirror smooth thighs, showed his fingers tips were making deep indentations, and she would find out later, left round bruises, the size of his finger tips. Over and over Jean May moaned out, "Ugh, ugh, Andddd, Andddd, ugh Anddd, god, ugh, help me, ugh Andy - Andy, you're killing me, but, ugh, yesss, oh Andy, it hurts, but don't ever stop."

In a few minutes' Andy felt the wet pussy gripping his cock, and her cries of passion was louder and drawn out. It was obvious Jean May was ready to climax. Andy knew she was only moments away from giving up her soul in orgasmic and intense sexual pleasure and would release her female fluids from deep inside her young body.

Andy now was pushing her legs farther apart, as he held them by the ankles in his large hands. This allowed her vulva to be completely available for him to strike against her sex with his groin and to drive his cock into her. Andy was now grunting and sweating profusely as he strained to release his sperm into the young female body that he had just minutes earlier, torn the hymen from. "OH, yeah, I'm cumming Jean May, cum with me baby, cum with meeee," Andy cried out as his thick white male ejaculate shot from his cock, into the already pregnant teenage cousin whom he was fucking.

"Andy, what is... oh yesss, Andy I feel like I'm floating... gad it is so strong, I love you Andy, oh Andy love me," Jean May sounded out her feelings as her first climax left her bruised sex, both inside and outside. As she finished climaxing, her voice was still telling the man who had captured her virginity, and now her heart, "I love you Andy, oh Andy I have always loved you, make me your wife, sweet Andy."

The words hit Andy in the center of his mind, and he knew he had created a major problem in bedding his pretty cousin. She wanted him to marry him, what the hell was I thinking when I allowed myself to succumb to her wiles? What the hell if she is pregnant, gawd almighty, there will be hell to pay, and from my actions and no blame will lay on Jean May.

Flopping onto his back as he sucked air back into his lungs, he felt his cousin move until she was resting with her body on his broad chest. His mind was not prepared for the next words his lovely seventeen-year- old cousin spoke.

"Andy, what if I'm pregnant, we will be married, won't we?" Jean May continued with her question, and asked Andy, "This may sound dumb, but Andy, I know a girl gets pregnant having sex, but not every time, how does a girl not end up with a baby when she makes love with her boyfriend?" Then Jean May started to whimper, as the realization of the risk she had taken by giving her body to the man she adored, and thought of as her "older boyfriend" could lead to her having a baby.

Unable to answer immediately, Andy thought for a moment, and asked, "Jean May, think really hard and tell me when you started your last period, the date if you know it?"

"Two weeks ago, why, does that mean I might be in trouble, you will marry me if I'm having our baby, won't you?" Then Jean May asked, "Dear Andy, tell me I'm not pregnant, or you will marry me if you have made me so I'll be pregnant!"

For another two hours they discussed about the sex they had shared, and Jean May would commence crying each time she asked Andy if she could possibly be pregnant. Then she told Andy, "If I'm pregnant, I just want to die, unless you make me your wife."

Andy tried to explain that as first cousins, they would have trouble getting married, but thought that first cousins could be married in one or two of the Southern states. "Hell, Jean May, I'm old enough to be your grandpa, and you want to marry me? Your daddy is going to want to kill my ass, you know that, shit, his dad is my own brother - damn, Girl!"

Once more Andy felt his cock becomes hard as the pretty girl lay in his arms, and he rolled her onto her back and moved between her legs. Knowing that he had most likely impregnated his own lovely young relative, and not only getting her cherry, but had fulfilled her fantasy of her being in love with him. Slow and very easy, and with gentleness in taking her, Andy made actual love to his willing bed mate, and when she told him he was doing it too hard, he eased off. For several minutes, Andy moved his cock into and back out of the girl under him, as she would move her hips up to keep him inside her as he draws his cock back from her wet inner sex.

Jean May was sore and felt as if her complete insides were bruised as she felt the large man probing inside her small sex, yet her thoughts of being with his child, caused her to move up to greet his firm cock as it slid back into her. When she felt Andy going off, she knew that she was with his child, and wondered if the strange feeling she had as if an alien had entered her body was when her egg was fertilized?

After they had moved apart and went to sleep, Andy awoke with a start, and knew something terrible had just happened. Rising from the bed without waking the girl sleeping next to him, he walked down the stairs and out onto the front porch. He looked across the land and tried to determine what had startled him so, that he woke up. Andy could not find an answer as to what must assuredly be dreadful dire and horrendous news. His body felt an intense chill as he had the day his wife was killed. No, don't tell me someone close is dying as I stand here?

With no more than ten minutes time passing, as he stood on the porch, he heard his phone ringing. Walking with dreaded footsteps back into the house to answer the phone, to what he knew was going to be a terrible message, Andy felt a tic throbbing on his left temple. Picking up the phone, Andy said, "Hello."

For almost five minutes Andy listened as the chief of police in the town where his nephew and his wife had went to visit, heard how the house where his other nephew lived, had caught on fire and they were all burned in the fire, including the three children.

Walking slowly back up the stairs, Andy entered his bedroom and saw Jean May was still sleeping nude on the top of the sheets. She lay so peaceful, and saw the red evidence of their sexual romp on his cousin's body, and all across the sheets where they had rolled around during the moments of passion. Andy sat in his large chair and watched his pretty conquest, or was he the conquest, but determined to not wake her, and would tell her the news in the morning. Let her sleep, he thought, she will be more than upset when she hears that her parents are both dead. After an hour, Andy fell asleep in the chair.

Slowly his eyes opened, and looking up saw his cousin was kissing his nose. "Good morning, my lover, did you not want to sleep with the girl you ravished and made into a woman last night?" Then she asked, "We are both a mess, will you take a bath with me, please Andy?"

They sat in the tub, Jean May sat between her cousin's legs, with her back against Andy's chest, and he washed her shoulders, back, across her full breast and down her stomach to the "v" of her legs. While she was relaxing against him, Andy informed her about her parents. Her tears flowed and her cries were loud.

"Andy, my having sex with you is my punishment for being dirty, and now I killed my parents because I had sex!"

For over an hour, Andy spoke to Jean May, telling her that she was not responsible for her parent's death and having sex could not have any relationship with the tragedy. Finally they returned to the bedroom, and crawled into bed, after Andy put new sheets on the bed.

Jean May went to sleep believing, and she was responsible for the death of her family. Andy woke at six, and eased from the bed, so as not to wake his cousin. Taking his clothes with him, he dressed in the bathroom, then went out to do his chores.

Around seven-thirty, Andy returned to the house and found that Jean May must still be asleep, so he walked up the stairs and into his bedroom. Once he was in the room, he found Jean May was still asleep, and laying stretched out on the bed where he had slept. She lay with her legs open, and her right hand was placed over her sex. Not, Andy noted, for protection from some unknown assailant, or voyeur, but as he watched her fingers were lightly stroking the bud of her clitoris. He watched as her fingers moved in lightly across the erect clit, as he observed Jean May, he saw that every so often her middle finger would curl under the prepuce and pull back against her clit.

Jean May was a beautiful sight before his eyes, and marveled at how only a few hours ago he had taken his lovely cousins cherry. Damn, he thought, but what if she is pregnant. Then he felt cold chills pass across his body, and knew that his cousin was with his child, from the moment of his first cumming in her. Hell, now what do I do?

Andy watched as his the seventeen-year-old played with her clit until he saw her legs stretch out and become stiff. Looking at her feet, he saw her toes curl under and her entire body seemed to become rigid. To his amazement, Andy saw Jean May's raise her head and shoulders from the bed, as she uttered guttural expression. It was oblivious that she was climaxing from her masturbating, and doing so in her sleep. Andy had heard and read that women would bring themselves off while sleeping, unlike men who are awake, unless they have wet dreams as a young boy.

This was the first time Andy had watched a woman pleasure herself, and knew he should leave before Jean May opened her eyes, and caught him invading her private moments. He saw her fingers clamped over her sex, as it the passing of the breeze from the open window, would assault the wound between her legs and continue the exotic feelings between her lovely thighs. His eyes watched as she moved her legs together, crossing the right leg over the left at the ankles.

When her eyes open into a slit, he could not move, instead he saw her eyes open wide, and she cried out, "ANDY, HOW DARE YOU WATCH ME, YOU'RE TERRIBLE!" Jean May turned onto her side, with her back toward the man whom a few hours before, had changed her from a teenage girl into an adult woman, with just a short push of his manhood up into her body. Jean May commenced crying, knowing that the same man, and the one she had been fantasying about, had seen her masturbating, she hated him, she thought.

Moving to the bed, Andy sat down and reached his hand out and stroked the trembling shoulders of the pretty girl. "Sweetheart, I was wrong to watch you, but you are the first woman I've ever seen be intimate with herself, and I hope it was I in your thoughts as you went off."

Andy allowed his eyes to travel down the slope of the smooth white skin of the teenagers back, and as his eyes took in her hips, he was again amazed at how perfect her hips were, and so round. Moving his face down, he kissed the small of his cousin's back, then moved his lips slowly to the firm round balls of her hips and planted kisses all over them. Evidently this was enough to satisfy Jean May that he was sorry he had stood by and watched as she jacked him off, as she turned over on the bed.

Laying on her back, Jean May reached out with her arms and pulled the man seated on the bed next to her into her arms, as if she had been doing this all her life. Her arms drew him onto her body and she sought his lips with her own, not an intimate kiss, but one to reflect she was happy with him. She had lain awake at night and knew she was going to be his wife and have his child, first-cousin or not. Now she only wanted to be held as the thought of her parent's death continued to plague her, and she believed their death was of her doings.

The evening was cool, and a slight rain fell, as Barbi walked the half block to the restaurant the doorman at the hotel had informed her about. Once inside she found it was lively and a bar ran from one end of the opposite wall to more than three-fourths of the building. She picked out a table near the center of the room, and once she was seated, found she could watch those who came and went into the establishment.

After eating her dinner, Barbi walked to the bar and took an empty bar stool, ordering a Tom Collins. As she sipped the drink, she was soon caught up in a conversation with a group of four men who told her they had watched her enter the hotel and register. They were attending a small convention, and as a group, had wanted to drink and eat outside the hotel. For several minutes they spoke about where they were all from, and their families from back home. Except for Chris, a very attractive blonde haired man, who must be at least six- eight, in height, and nearly 250 pounds, and one of the men said Chris had been a pro football player until he was injured.

The other three men, Mack, Tom and Russ, were all around six feet tall, and each could have been male model for the suits they were wearing. For the next two hours the five of them were enjoying each other's company, especially Barbi, as she knew that each of them was trying to be the one left alone with her. Then Barbi thought, I had two at once, so what would it be like to be with the four men, having unrestrained sex?

Barbi had counted up the number of men she had been with sexually in her life, and had actual intercourse with eight men. That didn't count Uncle John, Ralph and Jack, who hadn't been completely intimate with her and up her sex. What had surprised Barbi was how she had allowed her sexual urges to lead her into bed with so many men in the few weeks she had been traveling. Now she was thinking of letting these four men take her to bed, but what if they won't, will I embarrass myself if they decline my offer? There is only one way to find out, and Barbi asked, "How about we all go to one of your rooms, or mine if you would like?"

Surprise showed on the face of the four men, but Chris immediately commented, "What say we move this party to Barbi's room?"

As they approached the hotel where they were all staying, Barbi asked, "How about we go to the bar first, then I can go to my room and it won't appear we are all involved?"

Entering the bar, they found seats at a table and they sat down and ordered cocktails. After Barbi had drunk about half of hers, she excused herself, saying she needed to get some sleep. "My room is 1211, so you guys must promise not to be rowdy, and wait at least fifteen minutes before you come up, okay?"

They replied that they wouldn't be noisy, and wait a while before heading up to her room. After Barbi left for her room, they wondered if she was really going to entertain all of them? Russ said he wanted to be first with her, if she was planning on having sex with all four. Laughing as he spoke, Mack said he didn't care which one he ended up being, he just wanted to get a piece of the best looking piece he had seen for a while.

Arriving in her room, Barbi decided to undress, take a quick shower, and put on the Merry Widows' bustier, stockings and a pair of the lacy panties, she had purchased in San Francisco. Then Barbi unwrapped the black French lace and satin rode that was very expensive and looking in the mirror, was surprised at wanton she looked, and wondered if her image was that of a high-priced courtesan, perhaps she was meant to be a woman of the night.

Just once, Barbi thought, I can try to have sex for money, too just to experience the sexual tryst of being a prostitute. What will happen if I say in joking way, that the four of them would need to give her a hundred dollars? Dare I?

While she was touching up her makeup, and brushing her hair, she heard a knock on the door and knew what she was planning on doing. Opening the door, Barbi saw the look of surprise cross the faces of the four young men. Chris looked at her and as he entered the room, told Barbi, "Woman, you are absolutely fucking unbelievable, and beautiful - I would not have considered what you would look, like under the dress you were wearing earlier."

Each of the men looked at her, telling her how attractive she looked, and they were soon running their hands all over her clothed body.

"You like fellows?" Then with a mischievous smile on her face and trying to imitate May West voice, asked, "Boys, before the fun begins, you need to lay a hundred dollars on the dresser, then we party."

No sooner than she had spoken, she stared in disbelief as they pulled their wallets from their pockets and were each laying twenty-five dollars on the dresser. "Hell," Tom said, "This pretty thing is wort a thousand dollars," And with that, counted out another fifty dollars. "Guys, put another fifty out for this pretty lady, and now I'm getting my moneys worth."

Tom undressed very quickly, and Barbi was surprised to see the size of his erection, it was likely only five inches long, but was thicker around that it was long, or so it appeared to Barbi. Then he moved onto the bed, pulled her panties to one side and being working the thick cock into her pussy. "Easy, Tom... damn you are thick, be easy for GAWD's sake, you are THICK, HELL TOM, NOT SO HARD!" Barbi could not believe the size of the organ now up inside her pussy, and as he moved in and out, it rubbed her clit easily as he rode her, shooting his cum into her in less than two minutes.

Then she felt Tom move from atop her, and another body was on her and his cock was probing within her tight sex. She saw it was Russ, and he was average in size of his cock, but he poked up into her in a strange rhythm, with a way of striking the sides of her vagina.

Then she watched as Mack moved between her legs and was soon eating her pussy, and she knew that she had to large loads of his friends cum running into his mouth. After a few minutes he moved up over her and shoved his hard manhood into her body. Her sex took his below average size cock from the knowledge she had gained from being with different men. As he rode her, she felt her needs building to climax. Just as she was nearing her peak to give down her juices, she felt Mack's body stiffen, and his cries told her she was getting her third load of cum in less than ten minutes, from three separate men.

Mack moved up from her body, and she watched as Chris climbed onto the bed next to her. Looking down at her next man to have her, she saw he was above average in size. The cock on Chris was at least eight inches long she thought, and nearly as big around as Tom. When he started working his large cock into her, Barbi knew she was lucky that the other three had shot the cum into her, as this allowed the large cock to eventually enter her completely, with only a minor amount of discomfort.

Barbi was unable to keep her cries of pleasure to herself, of not be too vocal. "Chris, you're big, oh man, are you ever big, be easy lover, or you'll tear me open, easy - - - Chris, please be easy, I, OH Chris, fuck me anyway you want!" Then to her own surprise, and those in the room, Barbi, was asking the large man, "Fuck me Chris, harder! Yeah, oh fuck me deep and hard, yeah like that, CHRIS, I'M CUMMING! OH FOR HELL' SAKE... NOW! IT'S THERE... FUCK MEEE, AUGHHHH!"

For another three hours, Barbi was taken over and over by the four men, she knew that each had taken her three times, and Chris had stretched her cunt open five times, and had even tried to enter her anus. She had to tell him to stop, he was too large to take her back hole, as much as she wanted him to do so, Barbi begged him, "NOOOO - Chris, you just too big, shove it up me, doggie style!"

As the guys were dressing, she watched as each put their clothes on, then she asked Chris to spend another few minutes with her, as she need to speak with him.

After the other three had left, Barbi told Chris that the money was only a game, and would he return the money to the guys. She alluded to the fact she was wealthy and had only done the money thing to be erotic when she greeted them at the door.

Chris laughed and told her to keep the money as some memorabilia and maybe she could frame it and hang it on her bedroom wall. Then he laughed as he said, "Of course, I'm not certain what your future husband will think when he sees the money."

"Chris, do me again, and I'll try it up my butt, if you promise to be easy and take your time getting it in, if it will fit."

Within five minutes, Chris had worked the head of his large cock passed her sphincter muscle, and with a few strokes was buried completely up her bowels. Her please and cries as he entered her rear opening, had Barbi under a sexual spell. "My gawd Chris, you're big, and I love your riding my ass, oh hell, be easy, but I want you to cum up my ass."

After Chris went off, they rose from the bed, and Barbi looked at her fancy lingerie laying all over the floor. They walked to the bathroom, and took a soaking shower. Barbi felt constant need to expel, but could not do it while Chris was with her. Finally, they left the shower, and after Chris left, Barbi sat on the toilet, but was unable to relieve herself. She knew that the large phallus had packed her butt completely. Her anal ring felt sore and she knew she would likely be sore for a few days.

Her sleep was restless, as knew her body had suffered from the thirteen times she had sex, and once in her butt. After a few hours, Barbi woke up with a start, and her mind gave her a strange feeling that the relationship between her and Andy had came to a conclusion. What had occurred, Barbi didn't yet have knowledge about, but in her mind, knew that any future between them was certainly over.

The next two days in Seattle, she ended up in bed with two separate men, Joel and Wayne, both around forty years of age. Joel, she met in the hotel bar, and he was on business from Chicago, and he had invited her back to his room. They had sex, and he lay on his back afterwards, and went to sleep in just a few minutes. Wow, Barbi thought, I must not be interesting, then again she knew he was a divorced man, and his penis was not large. In fact it was the smallest she had found in her sexual experiences/

With Joel asleep, Barbi got up from the bed, dressed and looked in his pants pockets and found his drivers license. Reading the information on the license, Barbi found that he really was from Chicago, and looking further in his wallet found his business cards. He was an attorney, and practiced as an attorney dealing with divorces. Perhaps he was his own client, Barbi laughingly thought to herself, as she kissed the color of his white shirt on the hanger, thinking that he would enjoy having the memory. Then she left his room and returned to the bar, having been gone less than an hour.

As she spoke to the bartender, she inquired if he knows of any place she could have a great steak the next evening. Ted, the bartender, wrote the address and name of his favorite place to eat, called, MAX'S STEAKS AND CHOPS. Barbi decided to try to place the following evening, and was reminded that it was a favorite hangout after hours for bar and restaurant workers.

Around five the next evening, Barbi had the doorman obtain a taxi for her, and she went to the restaurant the bartender had recommended. The driver agreed that she was going to get a terrific meal, but he didn't like the place to well, as it catered to blacks.

Once inside the restaurant, Barbi was surprised that it appeared to be nothing more than a large open room, as if it was once a warehouse. Which was exactly the history of the establishment? Looking around, Barbi noticed that the bar was placed along half of one side wall, and across the end wall. The tables appeared to be all taken, and she saw the maitre d was motioning to her. Walking across the floor, she knew she was being watched, as it was evidently not often a single woman came into the restaurant for dinner.

"Hello, Miss, may I help you, and are you having dinner with us this evening?"

Looking at the man, she saw he was extremely distinguished looking, and his silver hair was layered in waves across his head. Smiling, Barbi informed the man, "Yes, I'm having dinner, and Ted, who tended bar at the ClairMount Hotel, where I'm staying says that this is a terrific steak house."

"There is at least a twenty minute wait, but perhaps I can seat you ahead of others."

"No, please don't, as I've just purchased a restaurant back in Indiana, and I wouldn't want to put one of the customers before one of the other, but thanks for the offer."

"Follow me, and I will get you a nice seat at the bar."

The man walked with a firm step and it was certain, he had experience that took years of work to obtain. As he approached the bar, he asked two men seated at the middle of the far bar, "Would one of you gentlemen mind letting the lady have a stool while she waited for her table?

Both men stood and offered Barbi their barstool. After being seated, the bartender asked what she would like to drink, and she ordered a blended whiskey and a dash of water. After a couple of minutes, the two men were taken to their table by the maitre d, and shortly after they left, a black man sat down in the stool next to Barbi. This was the first time that Barbi had ever been this close to a black male, and she found it neither unpleasant, nor pleasant. Rather, it was as if he was no different from the two men who had just left.

Barbi studied the man and found his suit was evidently raw silk, and appeared to be tailored, as it seemed his shirt was. His tie had a beautiful striped pattern and the knot was the most perfectly tied she had ever seen.

Barbi knew the man would not speak to her unless she spoke to him first, and she asked him, "Do you live in Seattle, or on vacation like I am?"

Smiling, the man, looked at Barbi, replying, "I live here, not far away, just on the bay, and where are you from?"

Barbi found it easy to speak with the black man, and wondered why there was such a ill feeling toward the colored by society. This, her first personal conversation with a black, she found to be perfectly normal. For several minutes they discussed her travels and he informed Barbi that he was a doctor in Seattle, and came to Max's often.

Why she asked, Barbi wondered later, but having found out the man's name was Wayne, Dr. Wayne Hobart, asked, "I'm eating alone tonight, would you care to join me?"

"That would be kind of you, but are you certain it won't embarrass you?"

"Why, because you're a doctor," Barbi replied and laughed at her own comment?

"No, because I'm a gynecologist, and I may find it necessary to examine you sometime, so you see being a doctor has some benefits," Wayne laughingly response." Then Wayne looked at her and asked pointedly, "Barbi, in this establishment, I'm equal, but outside these walls, and even inside them, some people frown on whites and blacks socializing together, are you okay with that?" Then Wayne told her, "I would have to enjoy a thick steak dinner and perhaps some good wine with you, Miss Barbi."

Over dinner, they found much in common, and when Wayne heard about her trip to Europe, he spoke of his own trip to Paris and then to Rome, and finally to Luxemburg. They sipped wine after the large porterhouse steaks they had ordered, and Barbi had never seen such a large cut of meat. Around nine o'clock, Wayne asked, "I have this small out of the wall bar that I like to frequent, and if you would like we could visit it, and it has a jazz band."

"Would love to be your guest, but please tell me where the little girls' room is?"

Leaving the restaurant, Barbi saw that several men were watching her, and she knew they were thinking only one thing, she was leaving with a black man. They got into Wayne's Buick Roadmaster, and the car was beautiful. During the drive to the bar, Barbi felt comfortable being with Wayne, when he pulled up in front of the bar, she liked the name, "GO DOWN UNDER."

A young black male opened her car door and offered his hand to help her step from the Buick. Returning to where Wayne was standing outside the car, the young man spoke with a proud sound to his voice, as he asked, "How are you tonight, Doctor Wayne, sir?"

Inside the lounge, Barbi found it was almost equal between whites and blacks, and they were all seated together as if it was common. Barbi was glad she had accepted Wayne's invitation, and after about thirty minutes, heard Wayne's name being called out by the band bass player. Wayne excused himself, and walked to the back, and picking up a sax being to play. For three numbers Barbi listened as Wayne played the instrument as if he was a professional saxophone player in a band. Then he agreed to play one more number, and he announced, "This next song is for the pretty young lady from Indiana, I met only this evening, Miss Barbi."

Barbi listened as he begins to play one of her favorite tunes, Tangerine. Listening to the music from the instrument as Wayne played, seemed to Barbi that it was speaking actual words, not musical notes. She felt tears form in her eyes as she listened to Wayne play, and she knew this must be his signature tune, when he came here to relax.

After returning to the table, he looked at Barbi, and asked if she enjoyed his music. "Wayne, you are full of surprises, and you should give up being doctor and treat everyone to your musical ability."

"Thanks, but I don't think it pays as well, but Barbi I enjoy coming here and playing, as it relaxes me, especially after a day like today, when I found two of my female patients have cancer." Then Wayne should his compassionate side as he said, "Both of the women are young, one is just a little more than thirty, and the other is forty-seven, so young, and I can't do anything but give them pills and know they will likely be dead in a year or a little longer."

For another ten or so minutes they spoke, and Wayne asked Barbi, "Nothing personal, but would you like to see where I live, it is on the bay and the view is beautiful?"

"I would love to see your home."

They drove to Wayne's home, and it was on the water, and surrounded by large trees that grew on each side of the house, down to the water's edge. A boat dock was at the end of the yard, and a small shelter was built over the cabin cruiser docked in the water under the structure.

Inside the house, Wayne showed Barbi the large fireplace that covered one entire side of the living room wall. The stone was all hand carved and the face of each piece was carved to show birds and animals of the Northwest. The rest of the house was perfect, and Barbi knew the man was justifiably proud of his home, it reflected the gentle man she had found within Wayne.

Strolling back to the living room, Wayne walked over to a large wooden chest and opened the double doors. Inside she saw various bottles of wine, and when she looked, saw the cabinet was at least ten inches thick. She listened as Wayne told her the wine cabinet had been carved from one large piece of wood, and was a gift from one of his patients, who had no money to pay him, but gave him this beautiful piece of furniture.

They drank the wine, and Barbi realized that she was enjoying the company of the black man, and knowing Wayne only for a short time, understood he would not make a move on her. Barbi moved from the chair where she was seated and walked over to where Wayne sat on a large rocker. Placing her wine glass on the table next to his, she looked at Wayne and asked him, "Make love to me, don't ask questions, just let us both find pleasure in each other."

Walking to Wayne's bedroom, Barbi simply stood still as Wayne undressed her, each item of clothing was removed slowly, as if Wayne wanted the final discovery of her nude form to be a long awaited pleasure. Her body shown in the light of the moon as it shined through the entire wall of windows. Barbi watched as Wayne undressed, then led her to his bed, and with ease, held her hand as she lay back.

Before her eyes, was the largest erection she had ever viewed, and knew it must be at least twelve inches long, and the purple head was at least as large as the top of a normal coffee cup. Black, so black, and smooth looking, she thought as her fingers made a tentative touch on the large penis. Her hand moved to grip the large shaft, and found her fingers would not close more than half way around the firm round object. Will I be able to take this hard black object into my sex, Barbi wondered?

Moving up over her body, Wayne begins to kiss her hair, then her forehead, eyes, face, lips and down to her pert nipples. Wayne was surprised to find her breasts were extremely firm and pointed. His eyes caught the pink halo surrounding the small and almost pimple size nipples. Stopping only long enough to feel her pink glands becomes hard as he nursed at the pink points, Don knew he wanted to taste the sex of this beautiful young woman. Then Don's lips sought out her sex, and his tongue entered the core of her female opening, and across her clitoris until she exploded in orgasm. Then Wayne moved up and lay over her body, easing his hips between the glossy smooth skin of her thighs.

Barbi felt the thickness of Wayne's cock as it pushed between the labia guarding the small opening between her legs. A severe feeling of pressure moved inside her sex, as she felt the large manhood begin its entrance and movement up into her cervix. "Wayne, go slow, you're so large - WAYNE NOT SO DEEP, OH GOD TAKE IT EASY - LET ME GET USED TO YOU, WAYNE - G E N T L E - you're splitting me into!"

Barbi felt the sexual entrance to her body being spread apart, and Wayne's cock entered till he was pressing against the entrance to her womb. "My god Wayne, you're so big, your cock is huge, ugh, easy, oh shit Wayne, not so deep!"

Her hips bucked upward to take him each time he shoved back into her body, after withdrawing, as he moved back and forth in the tightness of her small slit. Barbi lay under the man and wondered if she could continue to take the monster of a cock that was pushing so deep up into her body. Thick, gawd he is so thick! "Ugh Wayne, easy," Barbi cried out as she rode back up to the massive cock that was striking places inside her pussy that a cock had never touched previously.

A black man, yes, a black man, Barbi thought, as she felt the invasive and large erection moving within her body. Never would I have thought I would let a Negro take me as a sex partner, now I want him to give me his cum.

Her legs wrapped around Wayne's back, and she reached down and grabbed one ankle to give her leverage as she wanted the feeling of his cock to be deep up inside her sex. Barbi felt as if Wayne was probing deeper and deeper up into her lightly haired pussy. The knowledge that she was having sex with a black man, was so wonderful, the knowledge of the practically forbidden sex, overpowered her desires, and Barbi cried out her passions louder than she could have imagined.

Barbi was grunting out her expressions of being taken, and knew she wanted him to take her harder. "Wayne, harder, ride me hard, yeah! Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me like that! Gawd that is so hard and good! I'm cumming! WAYNE, I'M CUMMING ALREADY. OHHHHHH FUCKING YESSS!" No more than a minute had passed since Barbi had felt the first black cock to ever part her pussy lips, and her orgasm was coursing through her body. The feeling of Wayne making her climax caused Barbi to let her legs drop down on each side of the man, and her spread open legs become stiff and her hips rose up from the bed as her orgasm rolled across her small body. "Wayne, Wayne, oh Wayne, yes, fuck me... fuck me forever, oh god it is so good!"

Once more that night they made love, and in the morning when Barbi woke, she found a note next to her head on the pillow that Wayne had rested his head on. "Barbi, I need to be at the hospital for rounds at six-thirty, but you were sleeping so soundly, I didn't wake you."

Then she read the final paragraph, "I hope you enjoyed last evening and last night, as I did, if your still here when I get home around four this afternoon, I will take you to MAX's for dinner." "Wayne," the note was signed. "PS: there is a car in the garage, if you want to go to your hotel for a change of clothes."

Rising from the bed, Barbi walked into the bathroom and filled the large tub with hot water, then lay in the tub for almost an hour. As she lay back in the soothing water, she remembered the prior night, and that she had sex with a black man. My god if that was known in Indiana, she would assuredly be an outcast - yet she found the experience gentle and thrilling - and no different from with a white man, or even with Weed the American Indian.

Her body seemed to still be on a sexual high, and as her hands washed across her breast and pubic area. Barbi felt the tenseness that had built up within her sexual being, as Wayne had given her one climax after the other. From her first climax, the first time they had shared each other's body, until the second time Wayne had entered her, Barbi had never known the satisfaction of multiple-orgasms.

When Barbi lay back in the water, and her hands touched across her clitoris she felt the urge to masturbate. No, she determined, she would not seek the relief another climax could bring, she would wait to share it with her new found sexual partner. Rising from the bath, she found her legs were weak, and after drying off, walked to the kitchen, and prepared her a meal. As she was eating, the phone was ringing, and she wondered if she should answer it, and if Wayne was calling? Walking into the hallway, she saw the phone and answered, "Hello."

"Hello yourself, I wondered if you would answer, and I guess you read my note?"

"Yes doctor, but I'm feeling a little punched out this morning, and I can't imagine why, can you?"

Laughing at her humorous comment, Wayne asked her to write down the directions he was going to give her, so she could find her way to the hotel. "I can meet you for lunch, if you wish, as I have no appointments from noon until one-thirty."

"That I would love, as my eggs don't seem to taste right, and a nice lunch with you would be wonderful, I'll see you at noon, if I don't make a wrong turn and end up in Japan," Barbi told Wayne before hanging up the phone.

After dressing, Barbi wandered the spacious home and was impressed with the way the home was decorated. Barbi entered one room, which was Wayne's office, and saw a photo of Wayne and an attractive woman in a frame on the desk. Picking up the photograph, Barbi read the note penciled across the lower right corner of the photo, "To Wayne, on our fifth anniversary, Love Sandra." Placing the photograph back on the desk, Barbi wondered if Wayne was married, or if his wife was dead? There was no evidence of a woman's presence in the home, and she decided that Wayne could explain the message on the photograph.

Opening the door into the garage, Barbi saw a red Buick convertible, and saw the keys were in the ignition. Opening the garage door, she backed out of the garage, and after stopping the car, got out and closed the door. Using the directions Wayne had given her over the phone, Barbi was back at the hotel in a little of fifteen minutes. Telling the doorman, "Please, keep the car out front as I will be leaving in a couple hours," Handing the young man a couple of dollars.

Going to her room, Barbi picked out her favorite dress, the light-blue sun dress, and after removing the clothes she had on, slipped into a pair of the erotic panties she had purchased, and the matching bra, then changed the stockings she was wearing, and slipped into the dress she had chosen. Standing in front of the bathroom vanity mirror, Barbi reapplied her makeup, and after a quick once over, left the hotel room, for the restaurant.

Wayne was waiting for her at the bar as she walked into the restaurant. "My but you look attractive, the dress looks terrific on you, and I'll bet it would look beautiful on my bedroom floor in the morning," He smiled at her as he made the joke.

They ate lunch, and as they ate, Wayne asked how long she was planning on being in Seattle? Then Wayne told her, she should stay at his place for a few extra days, and they could take the cruiser out on Saturday, stay on the water over night, and cruise the waterways on Sunday.

"Wayne, I need to ask you something personal, but who is Sandra, and no, I wasn't snooping through your house?"

"Sandra was my wife, she died almost three years ago of cancer, does that mean you saw the photo on my desk?"

"Yes, I was strolling around you home, and was so impressed on how you keep it so neat."

"So, what do you think of my suggestion of spending the next few days with me?"

"Wayne, I would love to be your guest, and I have no set schedule, so how do we get three cars back to your place?"

"When you check out, take your car with you, and I will drive the convertible back to my office, and leave my other car there, and we can let you drive me to work on Monday, and I will have the Roadmaster at my office."

After eating, and Wayne had returned to work, Barbi called Andy.

"Hello," the deep voice sounded out, as Andy answered the phone.

"Andy, its Barbi, how is everything going back there?"

"Barbi, I can't tell you the total story, but my nephew and his wife and my one brother and his wife and kids burned to death this weekend." Then he added, "You remember Jean May, she is my nephew's daughter, or my first cousin, and she is staying with me, and most likely will from now on."

"She is moving in with you until she is old enough to be on her own," Barbi asked?

"No, oh hell Barbi, I got stupid after you told me she had said I could have her cherry, so I took her up on the offer, now things are a mess." Pausing for a moment, Andy continued, telling Barbi the complete story, then he asked Barbi, "Can you keep all this to yourself, at least until things are sorted out?"

"Yes, Andy, perhaps it was meant to be."

After getting off the phone, Barbi cried and wondered what her life would be like when she returned to her adopted home. Packing her clothes, Barbi knew that her life was changing quickly and she wondered what will my be future, as I had planned on Andy being with me?"

Friday evening Wayne got the cruiser ready and after having the tanks filled with gas at the marina, they headed out onto the waters of Puget Sound. By the time it had gotten dark, Barbi had felt like she belonged on the water, and was surprised she hadn't gotten seasick. They dropped the anchor about two miles from shore, and sat on the deck watching the sky and the lights from Seattle. Around midnight, they went below the deck and undressed each other in the cabin.

After pulling Wayne's undershorts off, and she was kneeling in front of the large cock, she begins kissing and licking the large cock in front of her eyes. Barbi was amazed at how large the cock was soft, and as it became erect, she attempted to take it into her mouth. The purple head would just allow only half of it to enter her mouth, and then she felt her lips being stretched until it hurt. Finally, and several attempts, Barbi was able to feel the crown of Wayne's cock slip past her lips and into her mouth.

Barbi flipped the head of the massive cock with her tongue, like Uncle John liked for her to do, and then she moved her mouth from the large manhood, and down onto his scrotum. The large skin pouch holding Wayne's balls was twice the size of any nut sack she had ever seen. Finally she was able to capture both nuts and the bag they were in, into her mouth. She rolled the round balls around with her tongue, and Barbi loved hearing Wayne as he moaned out his acceptance of her oral stimulation.

Moving her mouth back up over the large cock head, Barbi begins to jack-off Wayne's cock as she sucked the dark colored plum on the end, moving her mouth back and forth in time with her hand. Barbi wanted to taste the cream from the man, and wondered if it was any different from she had experienced when swallowing the cum of other men? Barbi had never really enjoyed doing oral sex on a man, but had done so, knowing they enjoyed the feeling, the same as she did when they went down on her.

When she felt Wayne starting to shake, she knew he was about to cum, and she jacked his cock faster. Barbi moved her mouth a little deeper as her lips slipped back and forth on the large bulb at the end of the dark penis in her mouth. Then her mouth was full of his hot cream, and she had to let it run from her mouth, as he squirted off five times, then a slow stream of his juices seeped into her mouth. Swallowing his cum, Barbi found was different from other men she had done so with. They had drunk wine as they watched the stars, and she felt like his cream tasted like the red wine they had enjoyed together.

Rising to her feet, Barbi took Wayne's hand, telling him, "Wayne, I want you in me, now."

They made love aboard the ship, until the returned to his house on Sunday evening. Once inside the house, Barbi took a quick shower, then enter the kitchen, with the intent of fixing a meal. The selection of items to make a complete meal was missing, and she asked Wayne if they should go out to eat?

After eating at a sea food restaurant that overlooked the water, the returned home and made love until late in the morning. Barbi had Wayne take her doggie style, and even though the angle hurt from his reaching so deep inside, she begged him for more, to fuck her even deeper. Once when Wayne had pulled her legs up onto his shoulders, Barbi begged to stop, only to tell him harder and deeper. Her mind still was floating in the knowledge that she was having sex with a black man, and it was wonderful. How many times Barbi climaxed that night, she couldn't remember, but at one point she was rolling from one peak to another.

Wayne had become so enraptured with her request for more and for him to take her harder and deeper, that he told Barbi, "I'm so turned on, I can't cum anymore, god you feel so good!"

Monday morning, Wayne asked her if she could stay a few more days, she said she needed to leave, but would call him in a couple of days, if he wished?

Barbi drove all day, and didn't stop until late the next evening, as she approached Spokane. Pulling into a motel, she checked into a room and soon was taking a hot shower. Her pussy was tender to touch as she washed between her legs. Slipping her finger inside her opening, her sex told her that she was tender, that Wayne had likely bruised her with the brutal and deep pounding of his huge cock she had begged for.

After showering and getting dressed, she drove a short way down the highway to a truck stop for dinner. After eating and enjoying a cup of coffee, she read the Spokane newspaper and caught up on the news. Then she drove back to the motel and crawled into bed, and promptly went to sleep.

Barbi awoke the next morning at four o'clock, and decided to dress and get on the road early. By a quarter after four, she pulled out of the motel drive. When she approached the truck stop, she decided to stop for a quick breakfast before the drive across Idaho and into Montana.

The drive across Idaho was interesting, as the scenery changed so often she was soon in Montana, and could not believe the vast open county as she drove. Around five in the after noon, she reached a small town and pulled into the only motel she saw. The day had been interesting and she had loved seeing the antelope along the highway. Once in the room, she drew a hot bath and while seated in the tub, wrote some post cards she had picked up in the motel lobby.

Then she thought of Andy, and cursed him as she thought about his doing his own cousin. "Damn him, I hope she is knocked up." After drying off, getting dressed, she walked to the motel office and inquired about a nice place to eat. The man working at the motel, told her, there was only one restaurant in town, but just about a mile on the other side of town was a place where truckers stopped, but it was kind of a rowdy place.

Driving to the restaurant, Barbi saw the place was packed with people and as she entered, felt several of the men looking at her. Hell, she thought, can they tell I've had sex with a black man, is that why they are starring at me?" Then she realized that she was perhaps allowing her unknown prejudice to come forth, and felt guilty for having slept with a Negro.

Over dinner, she enjoyed speaking with a local younger man as she sat at the counter. They enjoyed each other's company, and Don told her he had always wanted to travel like she was, but had only been as far as Denver. "You know, I'm thinking about joining the military, just so I can see part of this county and maybe go overseas," Don said as he drank his coffee.

Barbi told him how her uncle had treated her to a trip to Paris when she finished high school, and she wanted to return to Europe, and would love to visit China, if that could be done. Looking at Don, she asked him, "How old are you?"

"Nineteen, and I'm tried of being here in the country all the time, and my dad said I should join the service if I wanted to see the world." He said his dad had served in the Army during WWII, and was in Africa, Italy and eventually Germany, and had been wounded twice in combat.

"Don, is there a movie house in town?"

"Yeah, the Paramount, and it is great to be in, as it is air conditioned."

"Would you like to attend a movie with me," Barbi asked, then added, "I need something to take my mind off driving and a problem I have back home?"

"Sure, but it doesn't open for another hour or more."

"Why don't you follow me back to my room, and we can talk for a while, then head for the movie?"

Pulling into the motel parking lot, Barbi saw the manager, and asked if it was all right for her to have Don set around the pool with her? The manger smiled and told her, "That Don boy best behave with my pretty little guest, or I'll tell his dad to spank his butt."

"How you doing Don, still thinking about joining the Air Force?"

After speaking with the manager for a while, they went to the pool and sat down and talked until nearly seven- thirty, then Don told her they needed to leave for the movie.

After watching the movie, the drove back to the mote, and as she was getting out of Don's car, asked him, "Would you like to come in for a while and talk?" At that point, Barbi had no idea that the evening would end up with her in bed with Don.

For about an hour they spoke, and Barbi knew that her new friend wanted to take their relationship further. Barbi patted the bed and asked Don to set with her, and as he moved onto the bed, she reached out and took his hand. Before long they were laying on the bed, and Don was caressing her breast, and soon had her blouse open and her bra pushed up over her breast.

His lips sought her nipples and he sucked at then with a voracious appetite, and Barbi pulled away from his greedy mouth and asked him to undress. She saw his cock was sticking almost straight up in the air, and was likely six inches long, but not overly thick.

Moving back onto the bed, Barbi suddenly believed Don was assuredly a virgin, and she knew from his actions, he wasn't certain how to proceed. Rolling onto her back, and pulling him on top of her, Barbi caught his cock in her hand and placed it at the entrance of her pussy.

"Push it up in me, oh yeah, like, like that, is good, Don, yesss," Barbi cried out as she felt him cumming as soon as he entered her pussy.

Wrapping her arms around Don's neck, Barbi held him against her body, and moved her hips in a rocking way, and found that his cock remained hard. "Move it back and forth in me, oh yeah Don, Barbi cried out, knowing she had just gotten his cherry.

After Don went off the second time, they lay holding hands like high school kids, and Don told her, "You were my first, was it good for you, did I do it right, "Don asked in a halting voice?

Knowing that his ego was in need of stroking, Barbi lied and told him she had went off with him. When in reality, she had just started to get a few ripples as she took his second load of cum into her pussy. Then she moved down and commenced sucking his cock, and when he was again erect, she told him, "Don, make love to me again, you make me feel so warm and good inside."

Even with him stroking inside her body, Barbi did not climax, and felt irritable from being cheated in her need to go off. A few minutes after he went off the third time, Barbi told him, "I need to get up early in the morning and be on the road, so I guess we best call it a night."

After Don left, Barbi wondered what he was thinking as he drove home. Barbi never knew that ten years later, Don was killed in Vietnam as a member of the US Air Force. For Don, as he drove home he could not believe how the pretty girl had let him make love to her.

Two days later, Barbi was in Minneapolis and checking into a hotel for a three-night stay. Having been on the road for so long, she wanted time to enjoy seeing a museum and some simply pleasure of walking through a department store. After having sex with Don, she had found that it was undoubtedly an extra thrill to have sex with a virgin, and decided to find out the next time what the guy felt from finally having sex for his first time. She remembered what her thoughts were after Andy had taken her, and now she wondered if a male had similar thoughts?

Stopping at a small restaurant, with only a counter, and three tables, Barbi sat on the end stool at the counter, and ordered a piece of hot apple pie with cinnamon ice cream, and a cup of coffee. She had been visiting the small museum, and realized how sore and tired her feet were from walking almost all day around town and the museum. Two young boys, likely high school age, were working behind the counter, while one seemed to be responsible for cleaning the tables and counter after the customers had left.

"Would you like another cup of coffee, Maam?"

"Yes, but do I look like a Man, and not a Miss, Sir?" Barbi had emphasized the word "sir" and then she laughed at the embarrassed apology the boy tried to issue from his, now tongue tied, mouth. "It is OK, and I shouldn't have been critical, but I was surprised to be called Man."

"Mark, I'm going out back for a smoke, OK," the other boy asked.

"Sure, go ahead."

"So you're Mark, and how old are you, Mr. Mark," Barbi asked?

"Seventeen, will I'm actually sixteen and will be seventeen in October."

"Do you go to school, or simply work, Mark?"

"Yeah, I go to high school, but work here in the afternoon as part of my education, and a way to have spending money." Then Mark added, "My mom and I live alone, as dad left us about eight years ago, and we don't know where he is."

For the next several minutes they spoke as if they were old friends, and finally Barbi asked Mark, "If you can keep a secret, just between us, maybe you would like to have dinner with me tonight."

"You mean, like a date, or something?"

"Well, perhaps not as a date, but just as friends," And them Barbi explained about her traveling on a vacation by herself and she would like someone to speak to this evening, while she had dinner. "Perhaps you shouldn't tell you mom, but you would need to wear slacks and a sports coat, can you handle that?"

"Sure can, but can I tell Ed?"

"I would rather you didn't, after all this is just between us/" Barbi could tell that Mark was wondering what the evening held in store for him, as did she.

Before leaving the small restaurant, Barbi told Mark to meet her in the lobby of the hotel, and she would see him around five-thirty. Mark informed her that his mom owned the restaurant and she would be here until she closed at two in the morning.

Before going to the lobby to wait for Mark, Barbi stopped at the hotel restaurant to determine if she needed reservations, and that she would be meeting her younger brother for dinner. That way, she determined they would not seem surprised if she was seen going to her room after eating with a young boy.

Barbi sat in a chair in the lobby that was obscured from view, but she could watch the entrance to the hotel, to see what Mark would do, if he showed up. If he had Ed following him, she could leave quickly without being seen. Her plan was to have dinner with the 16-year-old, and if he was a virgin, to let him make love to her. Barbi wanted to hear what boys thought about when they first had sex, and were about to have sex for the first time.

Around twenty after seven, Barbi saw Mark enter the hotel, look around and then move over and take a chair where he could see the street. For another five minutes she watched and determined he had not invited his friend to see he was meeting up with the woman from the afternoon.

Rising from her chair, Barbi walked around the hall and then moved to where Mark was seated. "Hello Mark, and my do you look handsome, even a white shirt and tie."

"Thanks, and you look really cute, and I like the blouse you have on."

The comment caught her off guard, then she wondered, does he like it because if looks nice, or because it is low cut into a "V" shape, that allows the cleavage of her breast to be viewed. For some reason, and why she didn't know, Barbi assumed he meant she looked nice, but she did notice Mark's eyes were directed toward the swell of her breast.

As they ate, Mark was soon telling Barbi his personal life history, and when she asked him, "Tell me the truth now, but don't you ever make out with the girls you date, or walk in the park with, at least a little?"

She watched as his face turned a little red, and smiled as he had trouble replying, when asked him pointedly, "Have you ever gone all the way with a girl Mark?"

"Well, I, you know... I kind, of did some things, yeah," Mark replied.

Barbi knew he was still a virgin because he didn't say yes he had, and actually stated "he did some things." Smiling at the good looking young boy, she moved her foot under the table till it was against Mark's leg. Perhaps a little footsie will let Mark know she has at least a playful romantic curiosity, and he will be more susceptible to telling her what she wants to hear.

Gently Barbi moved her foot up Mark's leg till she was at his knee, then slowly let it slide down until she was at his ankles. Moving her foot so she could remove her shoe, Barbi again moved her foot up the side of Mark's leg. This time though, she rubbed it up the inside of his calf, and when she felt her toes touch the edge of the chair he was seated on, placed her foot onto the chair seat. Slowly her foot pressed between his thighs, and found its way to press against the lump of his manhood inside his slacks. Studying Mark's face as if she wasn't aware of what she was seeing, Barbi smiled and simply told him, "I like you, a lot."

Mark moved his thighs together as tight as possible and enjoyed the experience of feeling the foot pressed against his hard on, then looked at Barbi and told her, "Barbi, I've never gone all the way before, and actually the most I've ever done, were feel Janet Martin's breasts, just on the outside of her clothes."

"Mark, don't worry, you will find a girl who will let you enjoy go all the way with her, and who knows if I wasn't older it might have been the lucky woman to be your first." Putting a look of compassion on her face, Barbi asked Mark, "Maybe you could go to my room after we eat, and we can set and hold hands, and I would like you to kiss me, your cute young man."

"Your making fun of me, aren't you?"

"No, Mark, I'm not, and you're attractive and I would like you to kiss me, but for now, rub your hand on my foot, please sweetheart." Barbi felt his young erection bump against her leg when she told him to rub her foot, and knew he would tell her his intimate thoughts of wanting to have sex. As she felt his sixteen-year-old hand drop onto her foot, Barbi felt her panties become wet from the excitement, knowing she was planning on taking this Mark's virgin cock into her pussy.

Barbi looked forward to capturing his first cum, she was going to enjoy the lead up to feeling him squirt his first load into her body. This was even more enjoyable than any sexual conquest she had experienced since starting on her sex life with Andy. Assuredly the past period of three weeks, had given her additional enjoyment in experimenting with sex, including with a Negro, her Dear Wayne.

Over dessert of chocolate mousse, Barbi pictured the white whipped cream capping the mousse as Mark's cum. Studying the face of Mark, she knew he was wondering if things would progress to the point of his at least cropping a feel when they went to her room. Barbi considered the fact that she had already had two young virgins, and now another was about to provide her with enough memories that she could fantasize forever.

Her thoughts then turned to taking him off in her mouth, and to swallow his first cum with a woman. The few times that she had let a man's cum down her throat had not been the best part of her sexual experiences, but now she wanted to drink Mark's first cum. Yes, she would keep him hard and have penetrating sex secondly with the cute boy seated across from her.

"Mark, are you certain you would enjoy going to my room, and if you're sure, tell me exactly what you want to do with me, everything, leave nothing out?"

"I want to kiss you, and feel your breast, but could I reach inside your bra?" Mark knew that the pretty girl he was telling this to, was letting him describe what he had thought about when he jacked-off. Then he decided to ask a big question, "Could... like could... I would like to see you with nothing on, maybe your panties if you need to keep them on, but that would be my first time to see what a girl looks like, especially her breast."

"You want to see me without any clothes on, and would you want to take them off me?"

"Yesss, oh yeah, oh! Barbi, you're not just teasing me, are you, I mean like I could take all your things off, even your panties?"

"Tell me what you would do first if I take you to my room, and be specific and don't be afraid of the words you use in telling me your desires."

"You aren't just building me to tease me like Janet did, then tell her friends I grabbed her boobs, if your not teasing I will tell you everything I'd like, but promise me you're not playing games with my head?"

"No Mark, I would never tease you like Janet, but you must be honest and tell me everything, like how often you masturbate, have you ever seen your mother in the nude, I want to know your secret sexual wants." Barbi knew her asking how often he masturbated was so different from if she had asked if he did masturbate, so she would know if he was being honest.

"You won't laugh will you?"

"No Mark, this is serious and I want you to express what you want from me, and if you're honest I will do anything you want, ANYTHING, do you understand?"


"Some days I play with myself in the morning before getting out of bed, and some days a girl will come into the restaurant, and I get so excited seeing her that I go to the toilet in the back of the restaurant and jack-off." Then he told about seeing his mother in the nude, "There are times when mom takes a bath and when she is done will walk from the bathroom to her bedroom and she will be nude, and she is only thirty-four, and is really pretty."

"What happens when you see your mother in the nude," Barbi asked after hearing Mark tell about her walking around nude? Barbi wondered if his mother wasn't intentionally allowing her son to see her nude? Thinking about how her uncle had instilled his being nude in her presence, Barbi knew instinctually knew Mark's mother was seducing her son, but he didn't know how to accept that possibility. "Mark, has she ever been close to you when she is nude?"

"Kind of like she has sometimes in the mornings came into my room and I'm in bed and covered up, and she lays down next to me." Then Mark told how she acted, "When she is on the bed with me, she hugs me as she lies on her side next to me, and ha her leg up over me and if it is on the weekend, we will go back to sleep like that."

"Doesn't your mother date?"

"Not that I know of, and dad has been gone almost eight years and she never even filed for a divorce."

"Mark, she evidently wants you to make love to her and she is unable to tell you, so is showing you what she desires from you, especially when she gets on your bed nude."

"Are you sure of that, I mean that is incest?"

"Mark, if you don't tell, then no one would be hurt and your mother would be giving you something she has needed in eight years." Thinking for a moment, Barbi added, "The next time she lies on your bed, simply ask if she will get under the covers with you and you will keep her warm."

"You don't think she will get mad?"

"No, and I believe you will make love together, and she is evidently in need to have a man, and one like you, to give her the pleasure only sex can provide... I know from my own life experiences, so go easy and make her happy."

"Barbi, if you keep moving your foot around, you are going to make me do something, and I feel like it is ready to... you know, right?"

"Yes, I understand, and I'm sorry, so why don't we go to my room and relax?"

Leaving the restaurant, Barbi thought she was likely as excited as Mark. Especially when she determined, she truly wanted to take Mark's cum into her mouth and savor the thick sperm. Thinking that before swallowing his youthful male ejaculate, she wished to finish what she would find from the ultimate act of sharing sex, especially oral sex, Barbi wanted to drink a mouthful of a young boys cum

Walking into the hotel room, Barbi closed the door behind them, then walked over to stand in front of the dresser. "Mark, stand behind me, and hug me in your strong arms."

Stepping up behind the pretty woman, Mark reached out and wrapped his arms around her. He felt her move her hands onto his arms and pull him tighter to her body. Mark felt the indentation between the round and firm hips, knowing that her sex lay near where his erection was pressed. Then he felt her move his arms up under her breast, and knew the round hills would soon be his to view, touch and kiss, it he wished to enjoy them.

Barbi was studying the face of the young boy in the mirror, as she pulled him tight against her hips. She moved her hips so they applied pressure against the firm member that Barbi knew wanted to feel what the inside of a woman's sex was like.

"Honey, do me a favor, take my shoes off, and then undress so I can view your manly body."

Moving like a zombie, Mark kneeled down and with shaking hands removed the right shoe and then the left of the woman. Looking at her feet, then up her legs, Mark slowly slid his hands up the shapely calves of the woman's legs. His hands stopped as they reached the hemline of Barbi's skirt, then he removed his own wingtips and socks.

Standing up, he removed his sport coat, shirt and tie. Mark reached for his belt buckle and after unfastening it, pulled the zipper down on his slacks, then let then slide down over his legs. Bending over he pulled them from his legs, then standing back up, slowly pulled his under shots off. Now he was standing behind the woman, and he was nude and he saw she was watching his reflection in the mirror. He didn't know what he should do next, so he waited for the woman to inform him what she wanted from him next.

The total time Mark was removing his clothes, Barbi watched him in the mirror, as he wanted to have the first time to view him while facing him to be different from she had always done with the other men she had made love with.

"Mark, honey, stand behind me and unbutton my blouse in the back, the ease it up over my head."

After her blouse was off, she watched his face in the mirror and knew he wanted to view her breast. But first she wanted her skirt and half-slip removed, and instructed to him to take them from her body.

"Mark, don't take my stocking and garter off, but pull my panties off me."

Still behind Barbi, he pulled her panties down over her hips and the personal image of her round hips were now in front of his eyes. His hands reached out and slowly ran across the firm round globes of the woman's buttocks.

"Mark, stay where you are, I'm going to turn around, and when I do I want you to touch me any way or place you wish, but tell me what your feeling and thinking as you do so, please honey."

Before his eyes, was the pussy of the pretty woman, who had tempted him all evening, with promises of delight, which Mark didn't believe would actually happen, and this he told Barbi.

His hands moved out and slowly and steadily moved up the smooth thighs of the woman standing nude before him. Once his hands had moved from the nylons covering her legs, and he touched the cool skin, cool and feeling like silk, he shuddered. With a tentative move and almost as if his hands were afraid to touch the first sex of a woman, he lightly allowed his fingertips to touch Barbi's sparse pubic hairs.

Then he moved his fingers between the ivory thighs before him, and he saw her step to the side so her thighs were wider apart and his hands instantly moved to touch his first vagina. Then he remembered Barbi's comments, so he spoke as to what he was thinking and feeling.

"Your skin is like ice, so smooth and your hair on you thing is thin, and you're so wet between your legs." Then he told her, "I can just get one finger inside you, and I will kiss you there if you want, as I was told girls like that."

"You may kiss me there if you want, but first I want to have you set on the edge of the bed."

Moving to the bed, Mark sat down, watching in disbelief as Barbi kneeled in front of him and reached out and took his thing in her hand. He watched as her lips moved down and kissed the end of his erection. When he felt her tongue, flip across and around the head of his cock, Mark moved upward with his body.

For Barbi, she knew that the young boy would likely shoot off if she played with him very long, and she didn't want to let him cum until she had build him up with her mouth. Up close, Barbi discovered his cock wasn't as large as she thought it would be. His dick was likely no more than five inches long, and her hand could grip around his erection. As her lips and tongue moved over the head of his cock, she finally let her mouth slip down over his erection until her lips were against his pubic hair.

Slowly and with an increasing rhythm, and speed, Barbi felt his cock starting to twitch, so she stopped her sucking and fucking his cock with her mouth. Four times, Barbi would build him up and when she felt his cock throb and quiver, she stopped, then decided to take him off as she heard Mark telling her, "I want to cum, in your mouth, oh... Barbi, you're sucking my cock and it is so good, oh yes, now... eyieeee, yesss!"

Barbi felt him spray the insides of her mouth and he seemed to continue shooting his cum, not in the normal squirt, then squirt again and then again, but his cum was almost continuous. Her mouth was full and she still continued fucking his cock with her mouth.

Her hand caught some of the cum as it escaped from her mouth, and she moved her hand so she could see what his cum was like. My god, she thought, it is thick like a milkshake. This is the thickest cum I've ever seen or had. Her mouth took it and swallowed until she felt him eject the last of his creamy male juice.

Barbi had an orgasm as she swallowed the last drop of his cum, and she was so weak from the action she had just shared with a young boy, she fell backwards onto the floor.

Looking down at the sight of the woman laying on the floor, her legs apart, and it looked as if her pussy was opening and closing, as he studied her form. Barbi was also feeling her pussy opening and closing and her orgasm was as strong as any she had ever had.

"Barbi, can I fuck you now?"

"Yes... yes, oh Mark, do me now, let me have your hard cock, give me your toy, gawd Mark, you're splitting me open!"

Somehow Barbi knew that his cock had expanded and was bigger than when she saw it, when kneeling between his legs to suck him off.

Mark cried out as he experienced being inside a woman's pussy, "Oh yes, it's so hot, it feels so smooth and wet. I love how your skin feels, it is so smooth, and so wet, can I love you forever?" he asked.

Barbi knew what the young boy was feeling and told him, "You can love me forever, if you wish, but just fuck me - Mark, you cock feels so good!"

For what must have been close to fifteen minutes, Mark moved his cock in and out of the tight pussy that was holding his cock, then felt he was cumming again and shouted out, "I'm cumming, oh Barbi - do you like me to come in you?"

"Yes, cum - cum oh yeah, oh I'm cumming with you, gawd I'm cumming so fucking hard, MARK NOW!" Her body shaking, Barbi peed like she had with Uncle John, and didn't concern herself with what the hotel staff would think when they made the bed, or even what Mark thought at the moment, as she wet the bed.

Memories of the time when Uncle John had went down on me for a long time, when I was eleven, and how I had peed came back to me. The time with Jack Thompson, when I had peed as he had eaten me, had brought back warm memories, but now it was from feeling a 17-year-old fucking me, and then I came again.

After they had enjoyed the initial intercourse, Mark was soon asking questions about what they had done. Then to her surprise, he asked her, "How man guys have you had sex with Barbi?" Knowing he shouldn't have asked the question, he commented, "I'm sorry, that is none of my business, but I just wondered if I did it okay, or how it was for you."

"My dear, you weren't the first, but it is a shame you won't be the last, cause you turned me on so much, that I peed, and no man who has made love to me with his cock ever did that before."

They lay in bed and before long Barbi heard a question that she knew was planted in his mind by herself, "Do you thing mom would let me do it to her?" Then he must have realized the fact of incest entering into any such relationship, and asked, "Would be wrong if we did have sex, I mean my mom and me?"

"Only the two of you can answer that, but you must never tell anyone that you have made love to your mother." Then Barbi told Mark, "Tomorrow evening I will teach you a few more things about sex, but now I want you in me, then lets dress and go meet your mother, I want to meet her."

Barbi played with his young balls and cock until he was again erect, and it must not have taken any longer than ten minutes and Mark was again driving his cock back and forth in the tight sheath of her pussy. Mark found a rhythm and he rocked her body with another orgasm before she accepted his cum deep into her body.

After he went off, Barbi moved down, and licked and feed on the cream on the head of his manhood, and didn't stop until she had him hard and again brought down his cum. She eagerly sucked his cock until he unloaded another load of his cream into her mouth and she swallowed it as it squinted to the entrance of her throat. She loved his thick white smooth substances as she let it run down her throat, and it tasted distinctly different from others she'd tasted and swallowed.

"Cone on, let's take a shower together, and then get dressed and go meet your mother."

As they showered, Barbi was amazed when he took the soap and washed every part of her body, and washed between her legs with a gentle touch, While washing her back, then her hips, she felt him pull her hips apart and his fingers stroked her anus as if they were feathers touching her most private body opening. "Mark, you might just get kidnapped, you treat me with more compassion than any man I have made love with."

"Thanks, do you like me touching you back here?"

"More than I can express, and your touch is sweet and gentle, you are quite the lover for a seventeen-year- old," Barbi told the young lover.

"Barbi don't, be mad at me, but I told you a lie."

"About what, Mark?"

"My age, I'm not seventeen, I'm just turned fifteen last month, but please don't be upset with me because I lied, and I'm sorry I did so."

"MARK, WHY DID YOU LIE TO ME," Barbi asked with a hurtful loud voice, and she moved to the far end of the shower, and began to cry. She had wanted a young virgin, but she didn't want a boy barely fifteen.

Mark moved to where Barbi was crawling in the corner of the shower, his arms reached out to hug the woman who had just given him his initial love making. He was too young to understand why Barbi was upset, but incorrectly assumed it was because he had lied. His arms wrapped around the shivering and crying woman, and despite her resistance in his holding her, he felt her move closer to him.

"Mark, I can be in big trouble if someone knew we had sex together, and I could go to jail forever." Then she looked at him and asked, "You won't tell anyone, ever, will you?"

"No, and when I'm old enough can I come to you, and maybe we can get married?"

"Mark, oh my dear Mark, you're so sweet, and I would love to think that could happen, but some day you will find a girl your age and fall in love with her."

As they stood in the shower, Barbi felt him becoming erect from the body contact of standing under the water spraying from the shower. She had to determine if she wanted to chance to meet his mother take him to bed again. "Mark, get that young cock from my body and let's get dressed, and let me do the talking when we meet your mother."

Barbi looked at her wrist watch, as she put it on and found it was only eight-thirty. They had eaten dinner, went to bed and enjoyed the goddess of love, Aphrodite, and now she was on her way to meet Mark's mother.

As they walked to the restaurant, Mark's mother, Arlene, owned, she explained about them having dinner together and they meet at seven o'clock to eat.

Walking into the small restaurant, Mark walked up to his mother and kissed her cheek, then told her, "Mom, I want you to meet Barbi Sampson, she took me to dinner tonight, her treat, because she said I was such a good waiter when she was here today for an afternoon lunch."

Arlene looked at Barbi, smiled and thought she must be a very special young woman, and had no idea of what had actually happened. Barbi sat at the end of the counter, next to the cash register, and told about her own restaurant she had bought. That got the two women into a great relationship, and a life long friendship begins at that moment, which neither knew was going to take place at that moment.

Barbi stayed in the restaurant until Arlene closed, and they decided to carry on their conversation at the small counter restaurant that was open all night, next to the hotel where she was staying. Mark had left about an hour after they had entered the restaurant, and Barbi promised she would be in for lunch the next afternoon.

Looking at Arlene as they sat at the counter of the restaurant having a bagel and coffee, Barbi found she was indeed an attractive woman, and wondered why she hadn't gotten a divorce.

Pretending to have no knowledge of her personal life, Barbi asked, "So what does a single woman do for excitement in this town, perhaps you can tell me where the fun spots are."

"Oh, I'm not single, I'm married - kind of, I should state, as my husband let Mark and I eight years ago, but I've never dated."

"What, you are a beautiful woman, and Mark needs a father, in person and not just by title."

"Your right, and some days I really want male companionship, but I fear any closeness with another man, I couldn't stand rejection again." Tell me Barbi, do you find Mark attractive, even if he is only fifteen?"

"There is one thing I can be certain about, is Mark has assuredly gotten his handsome looks from his mother, and I assume he finds his mother attractive."

For the next half hour, they spoke about their life and what each wanted from it, especially Arlene, when she talked about her son, Mark. Before calling it a night, as it was now four in the morning, they decided to get together on Friday night, as Arlene took off on Friday and the restaurant was closed on Sunday.

Barbi had planned on leaving Friday morning but determined it would be fun to go out with the woman, and they agreed to meet at her hotel room, Friday evening around seven.

The following evening, Mark meet Barbi at his mother's restaurant, and Arlene suggest a restaurant they should eat in, although it is rather expensive. Looking at her son, she told Mark, "You be nice and don't embarrass Barbi."

Over dinner, Mark told Barbi that when his mother walked into his room this morning to wake him, it was nearly noon, and he had to be at the restaurant by one. "Mom lay down on the bed and she was nude, and when I suggested she snuggle under the covers with me, she looked at me and got under the covers."

"Did you enjoy her in bed with you, even to just be together?"

"Yeah, and as she lay next to me in the bed, she turned on her side as always and hugged me, except she didn't move her leg up over me immediately." Then he added, "When her leg moved over me, I had turned onto my side, and my thing was really hard, and mom felt it against her stomach, and told me to behave, and not get ideas, at least for now."

"Mark, she has to convince herself to let you make love to her, don't rush her, and she will let you know when she wants you, if she ever does." "By the way, your mom and I are going out together Friday evening."

After dinner, they went back to the hotel, and once they were in bed, Barbi felt Mark sucking her nipples then he moved down and kissed her pussy, and finally begin to lick at her. He was inexperienced, but he made it feel good, even if she didn't go off. She reached down and pulled him up over her body and between her legs. His cock found its way into her, but he needed to work it in gently and slow.

He stroked her for about five minutes and shot his cum up into her body. After a few minutes, Barbi moved down and begins to lick his cock from his balls to the tip where the slit parted the end of his young manhood. Mark became hard in just a few minutes, when he was firm enough, Barbi pulled him onto her body and again felt him leave his cream in her pussy.

They got out of bed and took a shower, then dressed and went to where his mother's restaurant. When they entered the place, Barbi found it was full of customers, and there was only one seat available, and it was at the counter. Barbi saw that Arlene and the grill man were having trouble keeping up.

"Mark, take off your jacket and tie, grab an apron, and get me one and we will help out."

For the next two hours, Barbi loved helping Arlene serve the customers and she saw that Mark really knew what to do on the grill, and even helped bus the tables and counter. Finally Mark left, and Arlene and Barbi worked together until Arlene closed the place at two in the morning. They returned to the same place they had been to last night, and Barbi ordered both a steak and egg breakfast.

While enjoying the coffee after eating, Arlene shocked Barbi when she asked, "Have you had sex with Mark, and I'm not upset if you have, but tell me the truth."

Looking at Arlene, Barbi told Arlene the truth, but did not go into specific derails as to what they had done. Then Barbi told her new friend, "Mark finds you very attractive, and he truly loves you, perhaps more than just a parental influence."

"Barbi, I know, and I have so many needs, like I have not been with a man since my husband left, and I'm afraid of my own feelings toward Mark."

Pretending to not know about her being nude in front of her son, and finally getting under the covers with him, Barbi said, "Arlene, maybe you should find a way to let your son view your body, in the buff, after all he is truly a man, in the aspects of love, of this I can assure you."

"Barbi that is the problem, I have let him see me, and I even got in bed with him this morning without anything on, is that wrong?"

"Not if you both find it enjoyable, and you explain to Mark that he must never tell anyone."

For another hour they spoke about what it would be like if Arlene committed incest with her son, and she admitted she was at times so frustrated she thought about doing it with a strange man, but was always afraid for a man to see her nude.

"Arlene, come to my room with me, I want to prove something, just for you."

After entering her hotel room with Arlene, Barbi asked her, "Arlene will you undress, I want to see why you are so afraid of being nude with a man, yet you allow your son to see your body."

"You want me to undress in front of you, are you queer?"

"Arlene that is one thing I will never be, I can assure you."

Slowly and unsurely, Arlene undressed and stood before Barbi in her bra, panty girdle and stockings, and didn't know where or what to do with her hands.

"Remove all, I want to see the rest of you, and your skin is perfect and I see no blemishes on you, anywhere."

"I can't believe I'm doing this, but here goes."

With that Arlene was soon naked and her body was perfect. Her breasts were like those of a high school girl, they were firm and stood out proudly from her chest, with no evidence of sagging, and they had to be "C" cups. Arlene had nipples that were at least an inch long.

Her stomach was tight, with no evidence of ever having been pregnant, and the only stretch marks were some faint pink like marks where her stomach meets with the front of her hips. Moving my eyes downward, I saw her mons was completely covered in reddish hair, that was not only thick, but went from one side of her torso to the other. The hair was layered thick on the inside of her thighs, and hung low between her legs. Looking at her pubic hair, Barbi knew that the longest hair had to be at least five to six inches long.

"Turn around, please, Arlene," I asked her?

Watching as Arlene turned around, I saw her hips were not flabby and her upper thighs in the back showed not evidence of pocketing from cellulite. "Lady, you have a perfect body, and I would love to watch your son when he finds out you will let him take you."

"Barbi, I can't believe I undressed in front of you, but would you do the same, as I want to compare my body with yours." Then Arlene shocked Barbi somewhat, as she told her, "I've never seen an adult woman nude, and would like to view you, please?"

Moving over by the table, Barbi undressed, and when she was nude as Arlene, she moved until she was standing only a few inches from her new found friend. Whatever the chemistry, both women reached out and hugged the other. Their bodies pressed against the other and they moved together and lay on the bed. Neither knew what to do next, but Barbi felt Arlene kissing her nipples and then moved down her stomach and begin licking and kissing her mons, then her tongue was playing over Barbi's clit.

For the next several minutes, Barbi climaxed over and over, and yet did not consider the act she was involved in as being homosexual. Finally she moved up, commenced suckling the long nipples, standing hard and tall from Arlene's breast. Her lips kissed their way down to the thick growth of hair providing cover over the slit between Arlene's legs. The hair was so thick that it was difficult for Barbi to slip her tongue inside the wet and surprising tight opening between her friend's labia.

Her teeth sought out Arlene's clit, and Barbi tried to remember all the ways Weed had taken her with his tongue, teeth and lips a few weeks previously at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. With no experience in Sapphic love or sexual affection for women, Barbi emulated Weed and what she liked from men going down on her, especially her Uncle John.

Barbi felt Arlene's hands tangle in her hair and pull her face firmly against her vulva. Hearing the strange voice of a woman as she made love to a person, not a male of female, Barbi loved feeling and hearing Arlene reach the pinnacle of lust, over and over. Her face covered in the wetness flowing from Arlene's sex, she licked and bit the tender love bud that protruded from the hood covering it, Barbi finally bit so hard she expected to taste blood.

Instead, Arlene finally spoke, crying out, "HARDER, OH YES BARBI, GOD DO IT HARDER, YESSSSS, AWGH!" Her legs shook and her hips rose up from the bed and her voice became still, but her breathing was so strong that Barbi became concerned that perhaps something was wrong with Arlene.

They lay back on the bed, both totally exhausted, and finally they moved as one and soon were hugging each other and apologizing for having had sex with the other. They both laughed at the same time and knew the act had not been planned or expected. It had simply happened and it was wonderful. But neither woman ever engaged in lesbian love again.

Finally they rose from the bed and took a soaking bath together, and sat and discussed in somewhat a clinical manner what they had just enjoyed together. "Barbi, your hair over your sex is so thin, has it always been like that or do you trim or shave it so it looks like some young girls, just starting to grow?"

"No, I have never had a thick growth, and your is so thick, and spreads completely across your waist." Then Barbi commented about her hair growing toward her naval, "I love the line of hair starting at your naval, and grows all the way down onto your legs."

"You know that it has never been cut or trimmed, ever." "When Mark was born, I was on the way with my husband to the hospital, and he came out in the car, so it didn't get shaved when I delivered."

"It is beautiful, and I enjoyed resting my face on the thick fur you have to cover your vulva," Barbi replied.

Looking at Barbi, Arlene then told her how she had allowed herself to get under the covers with her son, and she was about ready to let him have her, but when she felt his firm penis touch against her stomach and pubic hair, she became scarred.

"I understand, and let me tell you a story about an 8- year-old girl, who grew up with her uncle, sharing his bed and wanting him to have sex with her." For over an hour, they lay at opposite ends of the bathtub as Barbi told about her strange but enjoyable life with her uncle, and how he had made her wealthy.

"He did it in your butt, but wouldn't put it all the way up your pussy, but did part way?" Arlene asked question after question and Barbi answered each as best she could.

Rising from the shower, Barbi, asked her new friend, "Why not call Mark and tell him you are staying with me tonight, as we just got in and it is so late?"

They spent the night together, and they awoke in each other's arms the next morning around ten, with the phone ringing. "Hello," Barbi said as she answered the phone, to hear Mark sounding really happy.

"Is mom still there, and is she okay?"

"Yes, you terribly handsome, devil, would you like to speak with her, and by the way, you woke us, you knucklehead."

Arlene spoke on the phone, and when she was finished, handed it to Barbi, "He wants to know if the two of you are going out tonight, but this is Friday, remember?"

As she spoke to Mark, Barbi told him that she was going out with his mother tonight but promised to stay over until next Tuesday morning, then she had to hit the road. Barbi listened as he asked her if her mother had told about them being in bed together?"

"Yes, and it will work as you wish, just be patient."

They lay back in the bed and soon were sleeping again. Finally they awoke around noon, and they looked at each other and soon were nursing at each other's breast. After a few minutes of enjoying the protruding nipples each offered the other, they rose from the bed, showered together and after dressing, Arlene left for home.

Barbi went shopping, and she had checked the size of Arlene's clothes and found several items that she purchased, including three matching bra and panty sets.

Arriving at the small restaurant, she found that Mark was busy and she slipped off her jacket, put on an apron and was soon taking orders, while he cooked.

Twice when she took the order slip to him at the grill, she moved so her hand was hidden and pinched his butt. Each time he yelped and everyone in the restaurant understood what had happened and asked him too not to make so noise while they ate.

Barbi stayed until around four, then left for the hotel to get ready to meet Arlene, and they had changed their planes to meet around five.

Before she left, Mark asked her, "Did mom say is she and I were going to have sex together, or what is going to happen?"

"She wants to let you, but Mark, she is nervous, so don't rush her, as no one has touched her since your father, and you know how long that has been." Then Barbi told him, "Mark, after it happens, I want you to write it all down send it to me, so I can share it with you."

Back at the hotel, Barbi called Doris at the restaurant and asked how things were going, and if she was ready to leave town?

Doris chuckled for a moment, then asked, "Did you hear about Andy running away to either Alabama or Mississippi and getting married?"

"Not really, but I will tell you more when I get home in another week or two, but I want to stop in Chicago for at least a week to see the things I visited with Uncle John." Then she laughed and asked Doris, please do not repeat what I'm about to tell you, "The stork is likely on its way, honest to god, but I will fill you in when I get home."

"Your joking, you mean his first cousin, shit! What a trip," Then Doris was laughing so hard, she told Barbi that people were wondering why she was laughing so hard. Doris related, "I signed over the restaurant and sent the papers to Mr. Hall, so the place is all yours."

"Doris, can I impose on you for a favor, as I have found some ideas while traveling that I think will help me out once your gone, and people may not like the new owner?"

"Sure, what do you need me to do?"

Barbi told her about wanting to set up a carving station, and have some smorgasbord meals on Friday and Saturday evenings, and all day on Sunday. "Could you get them ordered and if possible set them up where you think they would be best, perhaps along the wall next to the kitchen, which would make it easy to keep the line filled?"

"You must be a mind reader, as I had considered adding a buffet line before you decided to buy me out."

For another twenty minutes they spoke about where she had been, and then Doris told her some bad news. "Barbi, I wasn't going to tell you and upset you on your trip, but Claire passed away last week, and her funeral was Wednesday."

"What - what happened," Barbi asked with tears in her eyes?

"She had a heart attack, and she only lived about an hour after she was at the hospital." Then she added, "But the hospital is at least twelve miles away, so they thought she might have lived, had she been closer for medical help."

After getting off the phone, Barbi, took a quick shower and as she was drying off, heard a knock on the door. Opening the door, after she knew it was Arlene, they hugged, and Barbi apologized for not being dressed. She told Arlene about her phone call, except for the story of Andy.

Arlene watched as Barbi pulled the towel away from her body, exposing the trim body she had made love too so unexpectedly. "Barbi, if I ever decide to be with another woman, I will hunt you up for the encounter, as you're truly a beautiful person to view in the nude."

"Perhaps, Arlene, all women should at least once in the life be with another woman, and can state that being with you is something I will always be thankful that it occurred."

That evening they went out for dinner, and then they went to a cocktail lounge near the hotel. They sat at a table near the door and could watch the people enter and leave the lounge. A band was playing and when two men walked over and asked them to dance, Barbi spoke up and said they would love to dance with them. Arlene looked a little frightened, but got up and followed the others to the dance floor.

During the dance Barbi saw that Arlene had finally let her head rest against the chest of the man she was dancing with. The band begins to play another slow number, and they all continued dancing. Once the song ended, they returned to their table, and the men asked if they could join them? "Sure, why not, if your buying the drinks," Barbi laughingly replied. After they were seated, the men told them their names were, Willie, who Barbi had danced with, and the man who had danced with Arlene was Don.

For the next couple of hours, the four of them were enjoying each others company, and the men were in town for a veteran group convention. As they spoke about their hotel, Barbi knew they must be in the same hotel where she was staying. As the band announced they were playing their last number for the evening, the four of them got up and danced.

Barbi looked over and saw Arlene was dancing with her eyes shut and her arms were holding onto her dance partner, Don, tightly. Barbi felt Willie pressing his pubic area against her own as they danced and she rubbed back against his erection. Her leg was captured between Willie's and she was enjoying the feeling of rubbing her pussy against his leg.

"This is crazy Barbi, but would you go to my room, or we could go to yours, but I would enjoy holding you and feeling you in my arms tonight?"

"Perhaps, but let me speak with my friend when we set back down, and I guess a trip to the restroom will provide me a chance to speak to her." "Oh, has Don said anything about being with Arlene, she added?"

"We spoke about it when we went to the restrooms, and Don said Arlene told him she was married, but might."

In the restroom, Arlene brought up the subject of sleeping with the two men before Barbi mentioned the request. "The only way I could be with Don, is if you were in the room with me, but I can't go to bed with someone alone like this."

"Do you want to sleep with Don, and if you do, Willie wants me to go to bed with him, so what say we use the two beds, in my room?"

"Oh Barbi, what do I do, it has been so long since I have been with a man?"

"Let him lead the way, and I will bet a twenty, that he will have you undressed in less than five minutes after entering the room," Barbi told her friend.

"I guess we might just as well go meet our destiny, Barbi girl, and I'm so scarred, I could pee my pants, and I just peed them," Arlene laughed as she spoke.

They walked back to the table, and Barbi asked, "How about we all four go to my hotel room?"

After entering Barbi's room, Don and Willie said they would order cocktails if they wanted another drink. Barbi and Arlene both declined, and each sat on a bed, and were soon joined by the dancing partners. For a few minutes they all pretended to be unaware of what they were really in the room for. Finally, Barbi determined that she would break the ice, and at least set the pace so Arlene would not have to be the first from the female side, of the acknowledged sex that was going to take place.

Leaning forward, Barbi asked Willie if he would unfasten the back of her dress, and rub her shoulders. The dress she was wearing was a sleeveless summer dress that had inch wide stripes that were attached to the squared off top of the dress, both in front and back. "Ease the zipper down a little, so you don't rip the dress, please Willie?"

Barbi knew that her strapless bra, was pushing her breast up and exposing her roundness more than a regular bra, and she saw that Arlene and Don were watching she and Willie. "That feels so nice, but rub a little lower, yes, there, your hands feel strong," she told Willie. Barbi saw that Don had started to massage Arlene's shoulders and back and that he did not have the advantage of a dress to open like she was wearing and allowed Willie access to her easily.

Deciding to break the ice all the way, Barbi turned around and faced Willie, and as he caught her in his arms, she asked, "Take my dress off, please?"

That was all it took and within just a few moments, Barbi saw Don was unbuttoning the blouse Arlene was wearing, and then pull it from her skirt and off her body. He heard his moan as the bra encased of her friends firm breasts were now before his eyes. Then she saw Arlene raise her hips as her lover for the evening was about to remove her skirt. Barbi looked on with pleasure as she knew Arlene was going to have sex for the first time in eight years. Don soon had her hose unsnapped, her bra and panty garter pulled down, and Arlene was allowing a man to take her.

Barbi was soon nude, and she watched with expectation as Willie removed the last of his clothing, his boxer shorts. His cock was long, not really thick, but she knew he was at least seven inches long, and hard as a rock. She looked over and saw that Don was in the process of pulling his undershirt off, and then she watched and cringed as his large manhood came into view. Hell, he must be eight inches long and half as thick, Barbi knew.

Arlene, she thought you are about to have one hell-of- a-fuck, for your first in eight years. Damn, what a cock, perhaps we can switch partners before the night is over, Barbi thought. Then her mind was taken back to her partner as he was moving from sucking her nipples, to kissing his way down to her pussy. As Willie's mouth and lips moved to her stomach, Barbi lay back in surrender, awaiting another man to place his seed into her body.

"AWGH, OH MY GOD," Arlene cried out as she felt the large cock enter her pussy, and spread her open. Barbi lay on her back being eaten out, and turned to watch her friend being fucked by the large cock that was moving like a jack-hammer, back and forth in Arlene's pussy. Barbi knew that Arlene was beyond any thing but to be fucked and fucked hard by only the second man in her life.

"OH YES, I FEEL IT! IT IS HARD AND SO BIG! SO BIG, OH DON, FUCK ME, FUCK ME FOREVER, IT HAS BEEN SO LONG, AND YOU'RE SO BIG! YES! I'M CUMMING! GOD ALMIGHTY! I'M CUMMING NOW!!" Arlene cried out after no more than half a minute of taking her first cock in eight years.

Barbi watched as Arlene held her legs straight up in the air, with her hands holding them behind her knees. Her feet were moving in circle motions as they waved above the man between her legs. Then Barbi felt Willie feeding his cock up into her pussy, and her mind lost track of her friend for just a moment. Then she heard Arlene cry out louder than before, and looked over to see what was going on. Even Willie stopped fucking and turned to look in the direction of the other bed.

"I'M, I'M CUMMING! CUMMING AGAIN! OH IT IS SO HARD, OH... OH YES, DEEPER AND HARDER!" Arlene sudden went quite, as her second climax in less than two minutes rolled across her body. The three of them saw her legs suddenly drop down onto the bed and her eyes rolled back into her head. Arlene's breathing was laboring, and her body was shaking as she lost control of her emotions.

There was no doubt that the pretty woman had passed out in a lover's moment of emotions after feeling the forbidden fruit of sex with someone who wasn't her husband. Wasting no time, Don pulled Arlene's legs in the crook of his elbows, and begin to again drive his large cock in and out of tight sex of the woman whom he had just made cum twice in a couple of minutes. Don had no idea how long it had been since Arlene had last enjoyed the feeling of a hard cock stroking in and out of her tight pussy.

Then Barbi felt Willie driving into her own sex with tremendous and forceful shoves of his seven inches of hard bone up her pussy. Her grunts and groans of being taken were nothing compared with those of her friend. Then her climax was about ready to burst, but before she could cum, Willie was shooting his cum into the far reaches of her sex. "No, oh don't stop!" Barbi cried out, but Willie pulled his cock from her gripping pussy.

Don looked over at the woman as she asked his friend not to stop giving her his cock and to make her cum. Moving from atop Arlene, he got off the bed and moved over and climbed on the bed with Barbi. Without any words being said, Don moved between the wide spread legs of the younger woman. He loved the view of her sparsely haired cunt, and moved his cock to the entrance of Barbi's waiting pussy.

"YES, SHOVE IT IN, HARD AND DEEP!" Barbi cried out as she felt Don spreading her small pussy lips open with the large cock that stuck out from his body.

For another five minutes, Don fucked Barbi, and at one point he listened as she cried out, over and over, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," never stopping her two word requests.

Don felt his balls filling with cum, and he pulled Barbi's legs up into the crook of his elbows as he had Arlene. This allowed him to drive his cock fiercely and deep into the clenching pussy that was milking his cock for a tremendous ejaculation, and he knew the most he had ever shot off into a pussy.

"YEAH, I'M CUMMING! CUM WITH ME DON! GIVE ME YOUR CUM, FUCK ME!" Barbi wailed out as her climax over powered her as it did Arlen from the hard fucking she was receiving. My god, Barbi thought, as her climax ebbed away, after cumming harder, she believed than she ever had before.

I wonder, Barbi thought, did Arlene and I cum so hard because we were both together, and the hard pounding Don gave their now bruised insides. Looking over at the other bed, she saw Willie was fucking Arlene, and she had her legs around his back and her hips were bouncing up and down with the strokes of his cock.

Moving down, Barbi started sucking on Don's cock, and she wanted him hard and wanted him to fuck her even hard the next time. In just a few minutes, she had his cock erect and she moved onto her hands and knees and told Don, "Do it doggie style, and as hard and deep as you can poke that big cock up into me- don't hold back no matter what!"

Her wish was honored and before long Barbi found it necessary to rest on the bed with only her hips in the air. The assault on her sex was so hard she screamed out in pain, but wanted even more of Don's hard manhood pounding against the door to her womb. They came together, and Barbi simply let a long screech announce her orgasm, as Don emptied four loads of cum into her womb entrance.

Arlene and Barbi both lay on their bed, completely drained sexually, but Don soon was hard and again mounted Arlene. His cock was perhaps thicker than before, and he would pull it back out until only the head was parting the lips of her sex. Then with a hard shove, drive back into her pussy with a brutal pouncing drive of his hard-on.

How long he rode Arlene, was known, but after he went off, Willie took his place and drilled his long cock up into her pussy deep and hard until Arlene was sobbing out she could take anymore, yet he didn't stop. Hearing her cries for Willie to stop, was turning Don on once more. When Willie was done taking Barbi, Don moved Arlene onto her hands and knees, and begin fucking her as deep and hard as he could deliver his cock into her stretched and wet sex.

After a few minutes, he pulled his cock from her pussy and placed it at the entrance of her anus. With only a little preparation, he begins easing the large hear of his cock into her ass.

"NO! STOP!" Arlene cried out as she felt her sphincter muscle being parted by a cock for the first time in her life, When she felt Don's balls bouncing against her pussy, and his pubic hair against the inner separation of her round hips, Arlene knew her ass was totally stuffed with the large cock. The burning and pain was so unpleasant, it felt good, then she felt him driving deep and fast into and then back out of her rear dark hole.

Her pleadings would change from wanting more, to take it out, then Barbi heard her friend cry out, "My gawd, yes, oh Don fuck my ass, fuck my ass deep like that, oh AWG - help me, oh help me - yes, do my ass - eeeyyyy, oh shit I'm cumming NOW!"

Barbi could not believe how Arlene was pushing her hips back hard for Don to penetrate her nether hole and as her climax, from her first anal sex peaked and they ebbed, Arlene shouted, "HE'S FUCKING MY ASS!? HE'S FUCKING MY ASS!? OH HELL, I'VE GOT TO GO! TAKE IT OUT! DON'T... I'VE GOT TO GO! NOW!"

Don pulled his cock from the dark hole, and as he did Arlene lost control of her bowels knowing she going to expel from the pounding and load of cum Don had shot up into her bowels. "Help me Barbi, I'm about to defecate."

Reaching down, Barbi picked her up the summer dress, knowing it would be ruined if Arlene lost controls of her bowels, but her friend needed her help, and the dress could be replaced. While Arlene still held her hips up in the air, and was resting on her forearms, Barbi quickly shoved her dress between Arlene's open hips, just in time to catch the release of her bowels.

Both Don and Willie were totally stunned as they saw and heard what was happening with Arlene. Don, and not in a cruel way, but one of surprise in his voice, softly said, "Damn, I just fucked the shit out of her! Hell, I've heard the expression, 'I'm going to fuck the shit out of you,' but this is the first time I have even done or believed it was possible, jess."

Holding her dress in place while Arlene moved to get up from the bed, Arlene was unable to stop her bowels from losing control. The order, if nothing else told the other three what was occurring. Don, who was standing at the side of the bed, moved over and told Barbi, "Let me help her," and holding the dress, so the mess didn't get on the bed or floor as Arlene hobbled to the bathroom.

Until Arlene was ready to sit down on the toilet, Don held the dress for her. Then quickly moved it away so she could finish expelling her feces. Arlene looked up at the man who was helping her and begin to cry. "I'm sorry, I'm so embarrassed, and to do it in front of you is so embarrassing, please forgive me?"

"Not to worry, you have allowed me to be the first man to ever have you like that." Then Don asked a question about something that he had wandered as they all spoke before coming to Barbi's room, "Do I understand you haven't had sex for more than eight years?"

While asking Arlene the question, Don had moved and started the shower running. Neither Arlene nor Don thought about his leaving the bathroom while she finished her body functions. Once she was done, Don took the dress and emptied the body waste into the toilet, and after flushing it down the drain, moved the dress up and down in the water to remove the feces that had adhered to the garment.

Placing the dress in the wastebasket, Don then turned and took Arlene's hand and led her under the spraying water with him. As they allowed the water to splash over their bodies, Arlene did not notice how it was getting her hair wet, and moved into Don's arms when he reached for her.

"Arlene, don't be embarrassed, but your doing that, and knowing I was the first man to enjoy anal sex with you, I consider an honor - and I hope you understand what I'm saying."

Holding her head against his chest, she replied, "Don, that was the most intimate feeling and I cannot really describe the feeling of your being up me like that, but the pressure was so intent."

They washed each other, and Arlen kneeled down in the shower and begin to kiss and then take the first ever cock into her mouth. She wasn't certain how to do the act of oral sex, but she had heard enough over the years, and some unknown instinct allowed her the knowledge to take Don until her mouth was full of his warm, thick man juices.

After they finished showering, they walked back into the bedroom and found Willie and Barbi engaged in a 69. They sat on the edge of the bed, watching the couple bring oral pleasure to each other. Barbi came first, and her thighs squeezed her partner's head tightly as she went off. In less than a minute, Arlene and Don could see Barbi's mouth was being filed with Willie's cum, and her throat showed she was swallowing his cum as he went off.

For another half hour, the four of them lay on one bed speaking of the evening, and Arlene, herself, brought up the loss of her body functions, and asked Barbi, "Have you ever had that happen to you?"

"No, but on more than one occasion I have peed like it would never stop coming." Then she told about the first time she ever peed during sex, and that it was with her Uncle John."

Willie listened to her comments, then asked in a surprised and loud voice, "You had sex with your uncle?"

"Not real sex, but lets not get into that, okay?"

Shortly they were all asleep, and when the phone rang, it was eight-thirty in the morning. Barbi picked up the phone, and answered, "Hello."

"Barbi, I found out from Doris where you were, and hope you're not upset with my calling," she heard Andy say.

"No, that is fine, is something wrong?"

"Not really, well, but this morning when I was doing the chores, and then when I drove into town to have breakfast and coffee at BARBI'S DOLL HOUSE, I got to thinking of you and how much I missed you, and I wanted to hear your voice."

"Andy, I don't wish to hurt you, but your married and evidently expecting a child, so it is best that we are only friends, and you shouldn't call me - it isn't fair to Jean May, your new bride."

"I know, but I made a big mistake, and perhaps I can speak with you alone when you return?"

"Only if we meet up some place, or at the restaurant, but Andy, you're a decent man and you must stay true to your wedding vows."

"You must know, I love you Barbi - I should never have let you go, but when you get home, will you see me, please?"

"No Andy, unless we see each other at the American ..."

Andy cut off her comments by abruptly hanging up the phone.

Crawling back into bed, with the other three, Barbi soon found that Don wanted sex and she moved so he was between her legs without any foreplay. Feeling Don uses his hand to guide his cock into her waiting pussy, Barbi had determined that she enjoyed sex at times without any preliminary love making. Just straight get on, get in and get it off! The other point that came to her mind as Don moved up into her, forcing her pussy apart, as she hadn't even let down her juices to allow him to slip inside her sex with ease, she liked it in the morning before she peed.

For Don, the feeling of the woman under him gave him tremendous staying capacity, and the physical need to control going off. This morning, he thought, and he took Barbi for more than fifteen minutes. Don moved his cock so it struck the sides, top and even the bottom of her vagina.

Barbi moved under Don, and he legs moved up and around his hips, then as high up on his back as she could wrap them around him. Her hands reached up and pulled her legs back toward her shoulders, and held them wide apart. Her lover for the moment, was able to slam his pelvic area between her obscenely widespread legs as deep and hard as he wanted. Barbi felt Don finally reaching the point where he would give up his cum to her waiting pussy. Now he was striking into her sex with all the strength he could produce. His long thin cock was battering at the entrance of her womb, and she screamed out her climax as Don gave her his morning load of very thick cum. "Yee, it's there, cum Don, cum with me, now!"

Arlene had lain on her side watching her friend have sex, and had reached out and ran her hand over Barbi's perky breasts as she was being taken by Don. Willie had moved so he was able to shove his hard-on into Arlene as she lay on her side. He watched the other three and became so excited at the image of his sex partner, playing with the other woman's breast, he built up fast and shot his cum into Arlene in no more than a minute or two, at most.

They eventually got up from the bed, and as the men dressed, asked if they could see the woman later that evening, as they had a banquet to attend at six. But would be free after the meal around eight or eight- thirty?

The women declined, and after the men were gone, the lay in each other's arms and went back to sleep. Waking around ten-fifteen, Arlene found her face was now on Barbi's chest, and she moved her lips only slightly and captured the nipple in front of her lips. Nursing at the pink nipple soon woke Barbi, and she realized what was occurring and hugged her friend in her arms and enjoyed the touch of Arlene's lips and tongue on the hardened end of her mammary gland.

The feeling was nice, and Barbi felt no shame as she reached down and began to masturbate her erect clit. The more she moved her fingers on her on love bud, the more pressure Arlene put into the sucking of Barbi's nipple. Barbi shuddered and had an orgasm after no more than a couple minutes.

Arlene sat up in the bed, and asked, "Did you enjoy that?"

"More than I can describe, and you are so wonderful to have as a friend." Barbi thought for a moment, then asked, "Arlene, you don't need to answer me now, but before I leave the day after tomorrow, I would like to know if you would consider moving back to my hometown?"

They rose from the bed, and Arlene showered first, and as she fixed her hair, Barbi showered. Once they were both dressed, they left the room. Arlene left to go home, and Barbi to the hotel restaurant, where she read the morning paper over breakfast. Then she decided to take a drive out around the area and go to a couple of tourist traps that seemed like fun, if not serious.

That afternoon, around six, she walked into the restaurant and found Mark and they spoke for a long while. Then he asked Barbi, "Do you think mom will really let me - let me do - you know what I mean?"

"Why, has she said something after we last spoke about the two of you?"

"When she arrived home this morning, she stood next to my bed and undressed, and told me that the two of you have a great evening together, and ate an excellent meal." Mark, then added, "As she undressed, she ran here hands over her breast a couple of times, but didn't seem to think anything about it."

"So, women do that after they take their bra off, just to make them feel free."

"Mom wasn't wearing a bra, and after she was undressed, got under the covers with me and hugged me and placed her leg over my body, and her sex was touching my erection."

"Did you enjoy that Mark, and did you do anything?"

"When I hugged her back, I moved a little onto my side and my hand rested on her breast and she reached up with hers and held it in place." Mark, Barbi could see was becoming excited in the memory of what he was telling her, then added, "My cock touched her sex directly and when it did I shot off all over her."

"Sounds like you were excited - did you enjoy going off on her?"

"Yes, and mom told me that the next time I would have to put that stuff where it belongs." Barbi, does that mean she is going to let me," Mark asked?

Barbi looked at Mark and told him, "You must keep this among the three of us, and I would say the next time you need to take the lead and gently move her onto her back and slide up cock up into her, but be gentle with her and show her you appreciate what she is doing by your kind actions in making love with her."

"Mark, it is assuredly a fact that she was going to let you have her this morning, and she couldn't say it in words, so she moved so you could have put it in, but you didn't." "So the next time, you just take the "bull by the horns" and give her yourself to her," Barbi laughed at her comment about the bull.

That evening Barbi went to the bar in the hotel, and as she was finishing her drink, decided to try the place down the street for a drink and listen to the piano player the bartender told her about. The lounge was full, and Barbi knew from the crowd that the majority were likely from the veteran's convention by the number of caps she saw. One man moved from a bar stool and told her to have a seat.

She thanked him, and they made small talk but he did not attempt to pick her up. After a while the two men to her right were speaking about the story of some woman crapping when she got it up her behind. Listening to the men, she realized they were speaking about Arlene, and she became furious, and decided to pay back Don and Willie.

Returning to the hotel bar, she waited for the dinner to end, then she saw the two assholes entering the lounge. They spotted her at the table and walked over to where she was seated.

"Hi guys, have a seat."

For the next half hour they enjoyed being together having drinks, and Willie was constantly asking if they could have a repeat of last night. Don wondered if she could call Arlene and they could all four party once again.

Barbi was smiling, but she was mad as hell, and knew she was going to get even. "Guys, do you have business cards, who knows I might be in your town before I finish my vacation." Then she set up the kill, "Maybe we can party," as she looked at their business cards, "I'll call Arlene to see if she can." Then asked, put your home addresses on the back of your cards, and your phone numbers, and if I should call you, I promise to tell your wife I'm selling insurance." Both Don and Willie laughed at her comment as they both were insurance salesmen.

Excusing herself to call Arlene, Barbi left the hotel by the side door, and caught a taxi and headed for the restaurant. Arlene was slammed with customers, and saw Mark was still helping her. Barbi immediately grabbed an apron and began waiting on customers, so Mark could work the grill line. Around ten-thirty, the crowd slacked off, and Barbi told Arlene what she had heard and was planning on doing.

Arlene went into the restroom, and when she returned handed her a few of her pubic hairs she had pulled out, the longest she could find, handing them to Barbi. "Are you really going to send a pair of you panties to each of their wives, with our pubic hairs in them?"

"Bet they never "kiss and tell" again," Barbi laughed as she spoke.

"By the way Barbi, tonight is the night, but are you sure I should allow my son to posses my body?"

"Arlene, meet me for a late breakfast, say around ten tomorrow, after Mark comes to work, and I want to hear the total story."

"I must have gone crazy, but you know I really appreciate how you have become such a good friend." Then Arlene told her, " I have thought about selling the restaurant since you mentioned moving to where you live in Indiana."

"That is great."

There is a man who comes in here all the time that is always wanting to purchase the place, so I will ask him if he is still interested."

As she was leaving the restaurant, she winked at Arlene and told her in a whisper, good luck and I think you will be surprised at how nice Mark can be - and you know what I'm speaking about."

Taking a cab back to the piano bar, Arlene found the place was still busy, and again a man offered her his seat. The man was a large built man, and from his accent, Barbi knew he was likely from Texas.

Barbi found after speaking the large Texan, named Hal, that she loved the stories he told about having met Senator Johnson, and how he did not necessarily like him, but guess Texas was stuck with him. Around ten, Hal asked Barbi, "Don't become upset, but I would love to spend the night with you."

The tone of his voice was sincere and Barbi didn't find his manner in asking offensive. Smiling, she looked at Hal, and replied in a soft voice, "Tell me, Tex, you're not going to try and brand me tonight, now are you?"

"Now girly, you know us old Texas boys never brand their women, maybe hogtie them, maybe even try to put the spurs to them, but never brand nice soft skin." After telling Barbi this, Hal took her hand in his and added, "There is something about you, I can't tell you what, but you have an attractiveness about you, Barbi, that is some how a beauty both inside and outside."

Leaving the piano bar, they went to Hal's hotel, and once they were in his room, Barbi realized she seldom spent any time in someone's room but her own. For the next two hours Barbi felt her body being pleasured in ways she had never felt. There was a special feeling from Hal as he drove his manhood deep up into her body. Barbi realized his cock was average in size from what she had found with other men. Yet, the feel of Hal's large body holding her down onto the bed as he moved his erection up into and back out of her body, was unique.

She had multiple orgasms, and knew that for more than twenty minutes, Hal had driven her body to near exhaustion. Her arms and legs wrapped around the large body of the man, and she felt him shake and his arms pulled her close to him when he gave up his cum to her.

After they were done, and neither had made a sound as they made love, they lay side-by-side and slowly regained their breath. "Thanks, Barbi, that was truly wonderful, and you feel so soft in my arms."

"The feeling I received in your loving me was so different, and it was wonderful, Hal, wake me when you're ready for more." Then they both went to sleep, and awoke in the morning around seven and again were in each other's arms, and this time cried out their lust and feeling of making love.

Arlene had arrived home and knew that she was going to sleep with her son and allow him to make love with her. She showered and then walked into his bedroom, turned back the covers, and moved in beside him. Until she pressed against his body, Mark had been sleeping.

Feeling his mom move against him in his bed, woke him and he wondered how things were going to progress. When Arlene moved her right leg up onto her son's upper thighs, and her massive growth of pubic hair pushed so it was against his fifteen-year-old cock, he thought he would shoot his cum immediately.

Arlene moved her hand down and took the hard young phallus into her hand and wondered how many other mothers had done this with their teenage sons. "Um, mom, that feels so good, you're not going to stop are you?"

"Mark, I have denied myself a man all these years since your father left, and you can do as you wish with me tonight, however you want." Then Arlene moved down and begin to lick on the head of her son's erect cock.

"Mom, lay on your back."

Arlene lay on her back and spread her legs wide, and she trembled as she felt her son moved between her legs. When the end of his cock touched against the wet slit between her thighs, she moaned out, "Mark, be gentle, and I hope you won't hate me later."

"OH Mark, yes, yes," Arlene uttered in grasping breath as she became aware of her son entering her sex, and into her body with a straight gentle shove up into her, until he was as deep as his cock could penetrate. "Mark, that is so nice, so nice, oh my son!"

Even though he had wanted this many times, and had jacked-off, to this image many times, when Mark slid his cock up into his mother's welcoming pussy, he could not say anything. Then he started to move in and out of her body, with her legs now pulled back and her heels resting on his hips. Faster and harder he begins to stroke his cock in his mother's sexual opening, and he knew he was going to cum, he couldn't wait. In less than two minutes he was shooting his cum, and he moaned out in a crying sound, "Mommy, oh mommy!"

Four times he shot his cum from the end of his cock, and each time that his mother moved her hips up so his cum splashed against the entrance of her womb.

Only then, did Arlene consider the fact that his young potent male juice was placing his sperm at the point where they would start their path to find an egg. They wanted to make a contact for the cock that was putting them in a place to start their search and swim to meet up with that tiny odd shaped egg.

Three times that night mother and son enjoyed the incestuous contact between their sexual parts, and each time they uttered out the cry of mating, the passion sounds from time beginning. Arlene at first felt guilt, then her body accepted the feeling of the young cock that was given her ripples of delight.

With no hard climaxes, Arlene was still enduring a little horror of what she was doing, then on the third time she felt her son leaving his cream travel deep up in her, she climaxed.

"OH Mark, I'm cumming, yesss, give me you cum, now Mark, now!"

They lay together, and Mark was soon asking his mom, "Did you like it mom, can we do this all the time now that we have this time?"

"Mark, we must never forget what we are sharing is so wrong in society, that if it was found out, both of us could go to prison for life, especially myself."

For a few more minutes, they spoke of what they had shared, and Mark spoke to his mother in a soft conciliatory voice, "Mom, you feel so warm inside your thing, and your skin feels like silk against my own."

"Thank you, now go to sleep."

Mark woke, and looking at the alarm, saw it was 4:28 in the morning, and he was erect and so much so, that his cock almost hurt. Easing over, he moved atop his mother, and nudged her legs apart with his knees. Arlene woke from a deep sleep, and was not expecting to feel a man moving between her legs for sex. Then she realized that her eight-year absence from sex by the leaving of her husband, was over as her own son was attempting to enter her body.

Mark let his cock find its way against his mother's sexual entrance, and as it parted the clinched lips of her pussy, he found it was not easy to penetrate her, even though she was wet. With a few shoves and withdrawals, Mark finally gained complete depth into his mother with his hard-on.

"God, Mark, you feel so big this time, and so firm, oh Mark, yes, fuck me, God forgives me, but I want you to fuck me - fuck me Mark, fuck meeeeee!" As she uttered out her lust to her own son, Arlene climaxed with just a few long strokes of her son's cock. "Mark, deeper, yes, oh god I'm cumming again, MARK, FUCK ME!"

Monday found Barbi in the restaurant speaking with Mark, and she told him that she would be leaving in the morning. "How were things at home this weekend?"

"Barbi, you will never know how I feel, but my mom is so wonderful, and I know it cannot last, but when I did with her like I did with you, I felt so close." Then Mark asked, "Barbi, are we criminals, I mean mom and me?"

"No more than I am for having been with you, just keep it between the two of you." Barbi thought for a moment, then told Mark, "Treat her gentle and love her as your mother first, then as a lover last, remember that Mark, it is important."

That evening, Barbi went to the restaurant around six, to visit with Arlene, and she listened as her new friend spoke of how her son had made her climax. "Barbi, is it possible for a man's cock to grow over night, because during the night on Saturday, Mark woke up with an erection that I swear was twice the size than it was the first three times we had sex - seriously Barbi!"

"I don't know, but sounds like you're a woman that made it grow, maybe it's the family juice," Barbi laughed as she spoke to her friend.

Barbi asked if she had thought any more about selling and was surprised to hear she would sell out in two months, then look out, Indiana. Telling each other goodbye, Barbi headed back to the hotel to have a quick drink, then she'd pack her clothes.

Seated at the bar, the bartender and she spoke for a couple hours, and as she was getting ready to leave, he asked her, "Don't suppose you would like a late supper when I get off at midnight?"

Looking at the bartender, she replied, "Sol, call my room and wake me, although I'll still be packing, and that sounds like fun, you have been a great bartender since I have been here."

Around a quarter after midnight, the phone rang, and Barbi answered it on the first ring. After listening to Sol for a moment, Barbi told him, "Be right down, or would you rather come up here and we can have room service?"

"I'm not supposed to be on any floor above this one, but sure, I will be right up."

After eating the eggs and steaks, and on there third cups of coffee, Barbi had ordered from room service, Barbi knew she would need to make the move for any entanglement. She asked, "Sol, would you make love to me?"

They undressed, and then lay on the bed and begin to explore each other's body. Barbi found Sol was the normal size in the penis department, but she was exhilarated to discover how huge his nuts were. They were so large that the head of his cock was smaller than the round globes in the bag hanging beneath his light-skinned cock.

Moving down between his hairy thighs, Barbi took his bag and began to kiss and lip it, then she opened her mouth and sucked one of the large nuts inside. She attempted to take the other one in her mouth at the same time but could not get her mouth open enough for both stones.

Barbi nursed and rolled her tongue over the oval gland that would shortly secrete his male juice up into her body. Switching from one of the nuts, to the other, Barbi swirled her tongue over the round spheres, and sucked it as deep into her mouth as the bag holding it would allow.

Never, Barbi thought, have I been so turned on, and I can feel the wetness flowing from my sex in excitement. "Fuck me Sol, fuck me... please fuck me, now, I need you."

Sol moved up over Barbi and felt her hand guide him to her sex. Man is she wet, Sol thought, then slipped up into the wet but clinging pussy. For five minutes he fucked her and listened as Barbi moaned out her request for him to fuck her, over and over.

After they both climaxed, they lay back on the bed, saying nothing to each other, then Sol moved down and started licking her pussy, and taking her clit between his lips. With a sudden tightness of his teeth on her sensitive love button, Sol caught Barbi off guard and she cried out in pain.

"Sol that hurts, oh not so hard," Yet Barbi did not try to move his head from between her legs. The feeling of her clit being bitten, while his tongue was flipping it over and over was causing tears to escape from Barbi's eyes. Sol could feel her hips bouncing up and down on the bed, and his assault on her tender little button continued.

Finally Sol could tell Barbi was ready to climax, and he quickly released her clit from between her teeth, and moved up over her, and suddenly drove his cock into her body. The sex between the two was enough to satisfy Barbi for a couple of days.

She was a day away from her new home, and Barbi had decided to drive as late as possible. She pulled into the truck stop for gas, and to get some coffee and something to eat. Barbi had been driving for several hours, and also needed to stretch. Pulling up at the gas pumps, she soon had her tank filled, and then she pulled up at the end of the building, next to the restaurant, got out, went inside and sat at the counter and drank two cups of coffee, and a hamburger.

The man, who appeared to be in his forties, sat down next to her, and she noticed he was wearing a sport coat, and was well groomed. In a few minutes they were in conversation, and she listened as he told how his brand-new pickup had broken down, and he had walked seven miles to reach the truck stop, and needed to get a ride into the next town, and asked if he could hitch a ride with her that far. Barbi, decided to help, Roger, and told him yes. No one noticed the two walked from the restaurant, and entered her vehicle.

As they reached the exit of the truck stop drive away, the man asked if she would pull over for a minute, as he forgot his bag, and he would run back to get it in the restaurant. In a few minutes he was back and walked to the driver's side of the car, and Barbi opened her window was confronted by a larger pistol. "Move over or I will shoot you."

The man drove to truck stop across the intersection, and forced Barbi out of her vehicle and into his large pickup, with a camper, and after they climbed inside the camper, Barbi was tied up and gagged by the man.

For five days, the man drove, and Barbi had no idea where they were, and when she was lead from the camper, it was night, and she had no idea where she was. For several months, Barbi was held captive, and during that time, found she was pregnant. When Barbi was likely pregnant, by at least eight months, she was taken to the high desert of Arizona, and let out of the camper.

Handing her two water bottles, and some food in a back pack, she knew that she was in the middle of no where, and Barbi had no idea where she was, as they had been driving for more than two days. What Barbi didn't know was, the man had driven around and over the same area for those two days, and this had given Barbi a false sense of where she had been held captive for the past several months.

It was almost eight hours before the BLM worker found the pregnant woman walking aimlessly down a road, and one he found out later, was one of many she had walked trying to find some sign of civilization.

The ordeal caused Barbi to go into labor shortly after arriving at the hospital for treatment. Barbi was in labor for about 12-hours,, and delivered two children, twin girls, who had the looks of a native American. Barbi recalled the sensations she had when Weed had shot his massive load of cum into her body.

Barbi made the decision to let her twins be adopted, before she went home, and the line remained blank on their birth certificates, where it asked for the father's name.

Barbi was unable to provide the police with the information of whom the man was that had abducted her at the truck stop. Her car had been impounded, and Doris had driven to retrieve it for her. When she was finally able to travel, Barbi flew home to her concerned friends, who greeted her with open arms. It was several weeks before all that had occurred were resolved, and once she was up on her feet, Barbi was running the restaurant.



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