Every year I go to my wife's annual family reunion. Family reunions can be the most boring event of the year. Attending a family reunion for my wife's family wasn't the same for me as it was for most guys. I am white and my wife is black. Every year the event has tons of family members buzzing around, all varieties of kids yelling and screaming, and enough heartburn creating food to keep the antacid companies in business for a year. Throw in the fact that you don't even know ninety percent of these people and it just gets better.

This year I was sitting there in my chair just staring off into the distance as my wife mingled with long lost cousins, uncles, aunts and other cousins of cousins. Trying to keep my sanity I got up and went inside the house to use the bathroom. As I walked through the door I remembered the only thing that can possibly make the situation any better. Hot women. Doesn't it always seem that every family has at least a few really hot women in the bunch? Well my wife's family is definitely no different.

I walked down the hallway towards the bathroom and as I passed one of the open bedroom doors, my wife's cousin Lynette walked out and bumped right into me carrying a large bag of ice. She hung on to the ice but had to brace herself by grabbing hold of my hip as we collided. "Oh God! You scared me Greg!" she shrieked as we both tried to regain our composure.

"Hi Lynette, I am so sorry. I didn't see you coming out the door. How have you been?" I responded.

Lynette sighed and replied, "Busy... these damn family reunions are so much work and it seems no one ever wants to help. Would you mind helping get some of this ice together? We are supposed to be making ice cream later today and we don't have enough ice." I didn't have anything better to do so I agreed and walked with her into the kitchen.

Lynette is the one girl every large family seems to have. She is the one who makes every man in the family think about incest. She is about five foot three inches tall and is best described as "stacked" from head to toe. She has a perfect hourglass figure to go with absolutely perfect tits and an ass that makes your mouth water. She doesn't have the bubble butt like some black girls have, Lynette's ass is round and just big enough that it will not totally fit in your hand.

Looking at her legs you can tell she obviously works out enough to stay in shape but doesn't have he-man type muscles. Her chocolate brown complexion is perfect and she always leaves her hair long and styled. She wears an eye-brow ring which makes you think she would be an absolute wild cat in the sack. I can not count the times I have looked at her and had bad thoughts.

As I turned the corner and walked into the kitchen Lynette slammed the freezer door and mumbled something that sounded like "shit" as she looked at me. Remembering that I was there, she changed her voice into that little voice women use when they need help and asked, "Mind riding with me to my apartment to get some milk and fruit for the ice cream?"

A few minutes later, after telling my wife where I was going, we were in her car and speeding down the road. Her apartment was about ten minutes away and we had nice conversation along the way. She was wearing a short little mini-skirt today and I couldn't help but look over at the inside of her left thigh as she was driving. Many bad thoughts went through my head as I stared at the soft smooth chocolate brown skin of her thigh as it disappeared up under the thin material of her mini-skirt.

We finally arrived at Lynette's apartment and I got another great view as she climbed the stairs in front of me and her little skirt rode up her ass a little showing me her white cotton panties underneath. If I hadn't known better I would have thought she did that on purpose. I actually thought I noticed her looking at my reflection in one of the passing windows as I was staring at her cute little rump. We went into the apartment and she began rambling through the freezer.

I remembered that I needed to use the bathroom and began a search for her restroom. She had a little one bedroom apartment and her only bathroom entrance was through her bedroom. I went in, did my business, washed my hands and opened the bathroom door to come back. Very much to my surprise, Lynette was standing in front of her bed and was totally topless!

I was speechless and caught completely off guard. I just stood there like a dummy and stared at the most perfect set of tits I had ever seen. These things were perfectly round about half the size of a good cantaloupe. They had to be "c" cups and sat up beautifully with dark little gumball sized nipples which were slightly upturned. Add in the fact that these perfect orbs sit on a chest that is attached to a size two waistline and you can easily see why a lot of the men in the family just love hanging out in rooms she frequents.

I don't know how long I stood there just staring but finally Lynette said "aren't you gonna say anything?" I came out of my trance but was no better off because I still didn't know what to say. I stammered a little bit and tried to say something intelligent but just couldn't. "This isn't quite the reaction I hoped for", she said. "I am starting to feel a little self conscious over here so you need to either tell me to put my top back on or come over here and introduce yourself to my breasts."

A billion thoughts went through my head. Why was she doing this? Was this a trap? Did my wife put her up to this? Could I really do this and get away with it? Should I do this? Have I ever seen a more perfect set of breasts? What would I give to wrap my lips around one of those nipples for about an hour? Can I just bury my face in that cleavage for the rest of my life? The thoughts went on and on in my head until finally Lynette broke the silence again with "Well I guess I took you off guard. I assumed by the way you were staring me down that you would be into this and by the looks of the bulge in your pants, I was right."

I looked down and sure enough I was hard as a rock and it could easily be noticed with the thin pair of shorts I was wearing.

"Maybe you just need someone to give you a little help," she said as she crawled across the bed and sat down on the edge of the bed. She grabbed a belt loop on my shorts and pulled me in close so she could unbutton my shorts. Slowly my shorts fell to the floor and I was left standing there between her knees with only my boxer shorts separating my raging hard on from her face.

Lynette moved her fingers under the waistband of my underwear and tugged downwards. My extremely hard cock sprung upwards like a catapult as my underwear fell to the floor. Even if I still had doubt in my mind about what was going on, there was no doubt in the mind of my dick. Lynette moved closer, stared me in the eyes, and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. I could feel her tongue sliding around my head as she applied just the right amount of suction.

She placed one hand under my scrotum and began to massage my balls - oh what a feeling that was! Slowly Lynette took my entire cock into her mouth and began working her mouth magic on my phallus. I was moaning pretty hard at this point and Lynette showed no signs of letting up. I think the best part of the whole thing was her staring me straight in the eyes as she milked my cock with her thick lips and hot tongue. I could feel the sensation of the buildup of cum in my balls and I could think of nothing I wanted more than to dump my load into her mouth.

Lynette could evidently sense my impending climax and withdrew her mouth from my cock and said, "Easy boy, I don't want you to make a mess of things, we still have a reunion to attend and I have a very nice Gucci skirt on."

I stood motionless, just short of an orgasm, with my underwear around my ankles. Could Lynette be this evil? Could she really be the type of girl who would suck you close to bursting then just toy with you and give you blue balls? All these thoughts ran through my head but no sooner than I had thought them, she stood up, took my hand and pulled me onto the bed. In her soft sexy voice Lynette said, "Let's calm you down a little bit. Here lie down on the bed and relax. I will take care of you."

What a comforting thought this was.

Lynette crawled up on top of the bed and straddled my hips. She still had the skirt and her panties so my mind raced in anticipation of what was to come. She crawled up towards my chest and leaned forward, placing one of her hard little nipples in my mouth. I eagerly suckled on her breast like it was my only source of food and had been starving for months. Her skin was so smooth and so soft.

For the first time I became physically involved myself as I reached down and began trying to pull her skirt off her waist. She hesitated a little but then raised up, reached under the hem of her skirt and unzipped the zipper. She took the skirt off completely and threw it to the floor. Now the only thing that separated her bare pussy from my rock hard penis was those white cotton panties.

I could feel the heat emanating from her crotch as she straddled my stomach again and returned her breast to my mouth. Her pussy was wet. It had soaked through her panties and I could almost smell the sweetness of her precious little pussy lips. I reached down and grabbed her ass and gave a good squeeze. I ran my hands under her panties and frantically searching for her pussy.

Lynette rose up a bit and said, "My, my... a few minutes ago I couldn't even get you to say anything. Now it seems you want to experience it all."

I looked her straight in her big brown eyes and said "I want you. I want to be inside you." Lynette smiled, dismounted me, stood up on the bed and put her hands under the waist line of her panties, pulling them all the way to the floor and over her delicate little feet.

"I love it when men know what they want!" she growled with a sultry little smirk.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I was laying with my back on the bed and Lynette standing over me, one foot on each side of my chest. As my eyes followed her chocolate skin up her calves, past her inner thighs, and onto her crotch, I could see that Lynette had a totally shaved pussy! Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING turns me on more than a shaved pussy and when it comes to shaved pussies, this thing was an absolute work of art!

Her petite hips were in perfect proportion to her size two waist and between those lovely chocolate brown thighs was a dark pair of pussy lips with just a trace of pink showing. Her skin was smooth and there were absolutely no traces of any stubble or wrinkles or stretch marks anywhere. I could see that her clit was already hard and just erect enough to unsheathe itself from her soft labia.

I started to rise up to touch it but she took her right foot and placed it on my forehead to push me back to the bed. "Stay!" she said with as forceful a voice as her little frame would allow, "I haven't decided yet what you will have." What did this mean? Was she still being a big tease?

Lynette stepped forward and positioned her pussy directly over my head. Bending down, she brought her pussy down so that it almost touched my nose. I rose up a little, causing my nose to rub against her.

"Stop it! I said I will decide!" she said. Lynette then lowered her pussy on down onto my mouth so that it completely covered my mouth.

I opened my mouth and took in as much of her little jewel as I could and then ran my tongue up between the lips. She tasted divine! I ate her like I had never eaten a pussy before. Never had I ever been teased like this before and now I couldn't get enough of her sweetness.

She moaned lightly as I licked and sucked her clit, running my tongue along the folds of her pussy lips. "That's it Greg, show me how much you like my little brown pussy. Eat me brad. Make your tongue force me to cum," she said as she squatted over my face running one hand through her hair and another over her large breasts.

After about 10 minutes of Lynette riding my face, I could tell she was getting close to an orgasm. Her pussy lips were getting even hotter and her moisture level was increasing dramatically. Her moans were much more pronounced and she was beginning to exert more pressure down onto my face with her hips, grinding her clit into my top lip.

Just when I thought she was about to explode, she stood up, her pussy dripping down onto my chest, and then jumped off the bed. By now I could tell this woman was a tease but how could I have guessed that she would be such a tease to herself as well? Have you ever heard of a woman denying herself an orgasm? As I lay there pondering what the hell was going on she opened her table drawer and removed a wrapped condom.

"I think its time we get a little more serious with this," she said as she gave my cock one good licking before wrapping it up in the rubber. "I only use this because I am not on the pill and even though I trust you to let me know when you are close, I can't take any chances. I am in the most fertile part of my cycle today and even if a few of your boys go astray then you never know what could happen."

I started to rise up but then realized that I had not been told to do so and would be better off letting Lynette tell me what she wants. It had been great so far and I had NO reason to argue with her at this point. After all, I just had the best sex of my life and I haven't even cum yet!

Lynette straddled my hips again and looked me straight in the eyes as she lowered her hot little pussy directly down onto my stiff cock. I could even feel her tremendous heat through the latex as she sank inch after inch of my cock between her slick folds. Maybe its just that she is a much more petite girl than my wife (who is six foot tall) or maybe it was just Lynette's pussy but it seemed like her pussy was much tighter than what I am used to. Her pussy felt like a vice wrapped around my cock.

Once Lynette's ass cheeks rested against my legs and my cock was fully inside her, she just sat there and stared me in the face. "I want you to tell me before you are ready to cum -- I want you to cum in my mouth" she said as she slowly started to rock forward and backwards on my cock. For about twenty minutes she fucked me. Sometimes she was slow and sensual and then she would speed up with longer, harder strokes. Every time I told her I was close, she would stop completely, almost completely pulling off of me. It was as if she wanted to prolong this as long as possible.

Right before I thought I wouldn't be able to hold back any longer, the phone rang. "Oh God!" I thought, "How long have we been here?"

Lynette leaned over and picked up her cordless phone, managing to keep my cock inside her. "Hello?" she answered. I could hear the voice on the other end of the phone and it was my wife. "No. I am sorry. We got caught up. My ice machine was broken in my kitchen and Greg has been working on getting it fixed. I think there is something wrong with the plumbing. I didn't know he was so good at working with the plumbing," Lynette said with a deep smile on her face as she looked directly into my eyes.

I could hear my wife say something about, "That's fine she was just worried." then Lynette said not to worry that I was, "being well taken care of and that we were going to have to stop and get some more chocolate and vanilla ice cream because the chocolate and vanilla in her house had mixed." I wanted to snicker but bit my lip as I looked down and saw my vanilla white cock surrounded by her magnificent chocolate brown pussy. Lynette said goodbye and hung the phone up.

"That bitch!! Who does she think she is calling me over here? If I want to fuck her husband then I'll fuck her husband and there's nothing she can do about it!" Lynette screamed in anger. "Calling to check in on us, shit! The nerve she has," she continued. Then she resumed her fucking of my cock but with a little more vigor. Gone were the slow, sensual motions and now she was much more energetic and forceful.

It was obvious Lynette was still thinking about the call and finally she just stopped all together and pulled off my cock. She pulled my condom off and threw it to the floor. I assumed and to be honest, I hoped she was going to suck me off. If she didn't take care of it, I was going to have to go into the bathroom and whack off myself. I can't come this close to orgasm and then... nothing.

What happened was even better. She stood back up on the bed, straddled my hips again and lowered herself onto my cock. There was no condom. There was nothing at all between my raging hard on and her velvet smooth pussy. The feeling was absolutely indescribable.

I was shocked and I started out by asking, "W-what about your fertile period? What if I cant hold them all in? You have me really close to orgasm and I am sure there is at least a little pre-cum that's leaking out."

Lynette thrust her body onto mine with even more vigor and said, "You just tell me when you're about to cum. That's all that's important right now."

It didn't take long. Her pussy was still just as tight as before and now without the condom, the combination of her slick pussy walls and the tremendous heat from within her body was taking a toll on my penis. I estimated I would last about another thirty seconds. About twenty seconds later I patted her on the ass and said, "I-I can't hold it back any longer... I am gonna cum!"

I expected her to jump off me and either jerk me off or actually suck me off but she did neither of the two. She started rocking even deeper and harder on my cock. "Tell me about three seconds before you cum baby, I need to know." She said in a kind of winded voice. She was really fucking me hard now and it was making her a little winded. She had started to sweat and her big perfect breasts were jiggling beautifully on her chest.

Ten or fifteen seconds later I felt that familiar feeling in my nuts, they were producing and releasing their load and I screamed out, "NOW! I'm cumming NOW!"

But instead of flying off my cock and jerking me off like I expected, she just sank down on my cock and pushed me in as deep into her body as possible. I could feel the tip of my cock rubbing up against her cervix as my balls finally sent their massive payload through my shaft and into her waiting womb. I couldn't move as my body was totally immobilized after I had the largest orgasm of my life. The repeated torturous teasing had created a build up within my body and I must have pumped twenty spurts of seed into her awaiting body and each one felt like it was a quart.

Lynette jumped up and off the bed and ran on her tip toes into the bathroom while she held her hand over her pussy. I lay there in complete exhaustion wondering what she was doing but I figured she must be going to douche.

Seconds later she came sprinting back from the bathroom and lay down on the side of the bed with her back on the bed and her legs up in the air, spread wide. She had a small piece of plastic in her hand and I saw her insert it between her pussy lips.

With a puzzled look I managed to utter, "W-what on earth was that?"

Lynette smiled a coy little smile and said, "A diaphragm."

I rose up so that my elbows were supporting my weight and pointed out that diaphragms were to be used BEFORE intercourse to prevent pregnancy. Lynette's reply immediately sobered my thought process as she very matter-of-factly said "I know. This little piece of plastic will hold all the life giving seed in my pussy for the rest of the evening. I'll give them all the opportunity they need to swim, swim, swim up into my open womb and fertilize my awaiting egg."

Lynette's eyes were now very slim and she had a satisfied look on her face. "For the rest of the afternoon, I will hang out with your wife, chatting, talking, laughing, knowing... knowing that with each passing second, her husband's sperm are swimming closer to their ultimate goal. Our child."

Lynette then looked resolute and said, "She will not know. No, she will not. She'll not know that I fucked her husband so hard and so thoroughly this afternoon. She will not know that because of his lust for my body and my expertise in thoroughly fucking a man, we fucked like rabbits for almost two hours. In the end he couldn't hold back his flood of seed and willingly allowed our fluids to mix, our genes to mix, our baby to grow."

Lynette looked straight into my eyes and said, "We'll have a very pretty little mixed baby. Your baby will suckle at my breasts with as much hunger and desire as you just did. It'll be magnificent!"



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    This is a Fantastic Story about a Cheating Husband Getting his wife's cousin pregnant, and his wife deserves to be Cuckolded!