My name is Tom. I'm 25, white and OK looking. But my younger sister, Amanda, who is 23, is absolutely gorgeous. In fact, if she wasn't my younger sister, I'd really want to fuck her! Her best friend is a girl named Angela and she is also stunning. Unfortunately, Angela has never let me even come near her.

Although none of Amanda's good looking friends consider me worthy of their time, Amanda does. Ever since we were little kids we've had a great relationship. Because we grew up kind of in the boonies, neither of us had a lot of friends, so we became best buds kind of by default. But, that was OK. A little odd, I suppose, but it worked for us.

As we grew up, we shared a lot. For instance, I know when, where, how, and to whom Amanda lost her virginity when she was only 14. And she took that step well before me. To say I was a little slow romantically would be an understatement; I didn't get laid until I was 18, and even then it was with Amanda's help.

It seems she was friends with this hot pants girl named Debbie. Well, one day Debbie mentioned that she was so horny she was crawling the walls. Amanda, never missing a beat, quickly volunteering me to scratch her itch. I willingly obliged, though I later found out that Debbie didn't think much of me or my abilities. But Amanda told her to cut me some slack, that it was my very first time and I was learning to do it and she knew that I'd get better in the future. See, there was my little sister, covering for me again, though I wished she hadn't mentioned to Debbie, that that this was my first time at 18! To be honest, I didn't really give a shit, I was just glad to finally loss my cherry.

Because we were so close, Amanda and I could, and did, talk about virtually anything. So it was that sometime during our late teen years that I first joked to Amanda about what it would feel like to have my balls busted. Now, don't even bother asking me where this idea came from, I haven't a clue. Some masochistic need buried deep in my psyche, I suppose, its roots leading back who knows where. All I know is that I've had these feelings for a long time.

The idea repulsed her at first, and for some time afterward, but as we talked about it more and more over the next year or so, she gradually began to see things differently. At first I think her desire to do it was fueled less by her desire to actually hurt me, than by the knowledge that this would be very arousing for me. She finally realized how serious I was about it, how it was really something I wanted to experience, or thought I did.

It's funny, I can still remember the day Amanda and I were talking about it and she told me that the more she thought about ball bashing the more she liked it. She told me that lately she had begun to have quirky fantasies, imagining herself hitting or crushing my balls, wondering just how much pain I could endure. And that she thought it would be a lot fun to find out. She went so far as to confess that the idea excited her so much that she sometimes masturbated to it (yeah, I said we were close!) and hoped we could maybe find out sometime. Damn! I wanted to hug her, and I did!

Despite the foregoing, there was a lot of more normal, playful stuff between us, too. I lost track of the times I made comments about her very sexy bod, especially her beautiful, 38-C sized breasts. (Yes, I checked the tags on her bra!) She teased me back just as much, implying that, if I was really nice to her, maybe one day she might show them to me, although that was as far as things actually went.

So, how did things go from fantasy to reality? Well, many times when I've been over at Amanda's, her best friend Angela would drop by the apartment. If anything, Angela could be an even worse tease than my sister. She also had nice tits, at least as big as Amanda's 38s, more likely 40s or more, I'd guess. She also had long, tanned legs and a beautiful, curvy ass, what some people would call a bubble butt. She was hot and she knew it. If she happened to be showering at Amanda's for some reason when I was there, she'd always made sure I somehow got just the quickest flash of part of her breast, hair covered pussy, or rounded ass cheek somewhere along the line. This was totally by accident, of course; she was always careful never to give me more the shortest, fleeting glimpse of her naked body.

A little background on Angela: she grew up in a very rough family. Lots of brothers and sisters. Her father was semi-employed at best and he drank a lot. She may even have been abused for all I know. She was only 17 when she married a guy named Ned, probably as much to get out of the house as anything.

As it turned out, this was no improvement either, because Ned drank a lot too, and was often verbally and physically abusive. A lot of the latter was of a sexual nature, from what I later found out. And although Amanda frequently pleaded with Angela to leave him, she always stayed. She always thought he would change if she gave it enough time. It used to make Amanda crazy trying to figure out what kind of hold Ned had over her best friend, and if there wasn't some way she could get Angela to see things as they were.

In the end, it was Ned who eventually provided the solution. He left her for some bimbo slut, and Angela finally found the strength to divorce him. (I always figured he had to be nuts to leave her.) If there was any saving grace in the whole mess, it was that she had managed to avoid getting pregnant.

In the aftermath of the divorce, Amanda tried to reassure her friend, saying it was all for the better and that things would work out, but it didn't seem to help much. Amanda felt so bad that she even tried to arrange some dates for her, but they mostly went nowhere.

Some time later, Angela started counseling. As she slowly came to understand what had happened, and why, and her feelings about it, a huge amount of anger and bitterness started coming to the surface. She was trying to deal with it, but it was slow going. At that point in her life it would not have been stretching things to say that Angela was turning into a man hater. Knowing what she had been through, I felt for her. Nonetheless, I tended to keep my distance when she was around because of the hostile vibes she often gave off.

After the divorce the girls spent more time together, talking about a lot of things. During one of their many conversations, Angela, who was still mad as hell at Ned, mentioned in passing that she'd really love to take her anger out on some guy's balls. It was just a throw away remark, but Amanda suddenly recalled our earlier conversations and had a brainstorm. She told Angela that she understood her feelings completely and they talked some more. Then, out of the clear blue, she told Angela she could help her, that is if she wouldn't mind substituting my balls for Ned's.

Angela was caught totally off-guard by this. She'd always ignored me in the past; to her I was a non- entity, just her best friend's older brother. She liked to tease a little, maybe a lot, and she could be a total bitch, but she'd certainly never thought of hurting me. That all changed when Amanda explained to her that the two of us had talked seriously about my ball busting desires many times over the years, stressing that we'd never done anything.

Amanda confessed that the whole idea really turned her on, and said that she felt sure she could set something up, especially if Angela would agree to, say, let me see her breasts. Well, Angela suddenly became *very* interested in me. To say she was excited by the prospect of being able to inflict severe pain on a male would be an understatement. So, the two of them decided to put things into action as quickly as possible.

My sister asked me to drop by the apartment the next Friday night. When I got there, she and Angela were both wearing thong bikinis. They told me they had bought new beachwear and wanted me to see how they looked. Wow! Angela's was a bright yellow color and my sister's was a day-glow lime. Neither hide much more than the barest essentials.

To show off, they both spun in circles, tits bobbling and asses swaying. Did I like their new suites, they asked coyly. What could I say? I was surrounded by ripe female flesh and trying to look everywhere at once. I'd never seen either girl this close to naked, and I got an immediate hard on. Angela noticed this, of course, and made fun of me in such a crude, nasty way that I was totally embarrassed. She did everything possible to turn me on, then made me feel like I was some kind of low life for reacting that way. Typical Angela. I was pissed at her but also horny as hell.

It was then that Amanda started to draw me into their plan. "Tom, do you remember when we used to talk about ball bashing and you wondered about how much pain you could take?" she asked. When I told her that I did, she explained to me that she and Angela had spent a lot of time talking about all the problems she'd had with ex- husband. I already knew most of it. The upshot was that Angela still had a lot of unresolved anger, and she had a great desire to take it out on a man's balls. Doing so would benefit both of us, she said; I would finally get to explore my fantasy and Angela would get to release a lot of her hostility.

Amanda stepped close to me then, so close that the swollen tips of her big breasts were just grazing my chest and looked at me with the brightest smile I can remember, her eyes almost seemed to be shining. She just looked up at me for a moment, then moved closer still, to the point that I could literally feel the heat coming from her nearly naked body. Then she went into little girl mode. She ran her index fingers in little circles and curly-cues over my chest. If I would please, please be a nice big brother to her and allow her good friend to bust my balls, she just knew Angela would be very.....grateful, she said. She stressed that last word, drawing it out slowly to give my imagination a chance to play with the possibilities. Her friend was really hurting, she went on, and wouldn't I help her? Please? Most guys are a sucker for a woman in need, so......what could I say? It's not like I didn't really want it.

I pretended to think the whole thing over for a few minutes. I drew things out as long as I could before I finally agreed. And to be honest, I was having last minute reservations. But, the die was cast. I felt a mixture of excitement and anxiety wash over me as I undressed. My raging hard on still hadn't gone away, but there was nothing I could do about it now. I'm about average in the cock department, not big but not small either, but, from what I've been able to see, my balls are on the biggish side. Well hung, you might say. Both girls looked at me and giggled when I was naked, which added to my uneasiness. Amanda wondered out loud how many sisters had seen their big brothers with a full blown erection.

Then, to my shocked surprise, Angela suggested that both she and Amanda should take their bikini tops off and show me their breasts. Kind of a reward in advance, she said. After all, she knew how much I'd been dying to see them. Her words conveyed a feeling of condescension and sarcasm that normally would have put me off, but at that point I was beyond caring. I didn't think it was possible, but my cock throbbed even more, almost to the point of pain!

When Angela turned around and actually asked me to please take off her top I was so dumbfounded that I had an attack of clumsiness and struggled for a moment or two trying to undo the tiny piece of cloth that was straining to hold in her breasts. I finally managed to get it undone and pulled it off, making sure I brushed my hand against her hard nipple in the process. Man, her breasts really were beautiful, true works of art. I felt my cock lurch once again.

Not wanting to be alone in her semi-nakedness, Angela suggested I take Amanda's top off, too. I felt a bit embarrassed because it was my own sister I was undressing, but Angela told me, in her typically blunt fashion, not to be so stupid, that Amanda was staring at my hard cock. Which was true. So, I undid Amanda's bikini top and removed it, but more slowly, kind of like I was unveiling an elegant piece of sculpture in museum.

Wow! I'd been wanting to see my sister topless for as long as I could remember and I wasn't disappointed; she had a pair of breasts that were out of this world. I'd never seen one set of tits that close to perfection, let alone two at one time. With some satisfaction I noted that I had been right, Angela was bigger busted than my sister, though not by too much. To balance things out, however, Amanda had much larger nipples, a definite turn on for me.

With the undressing completed, Amanda took my arm and walked me over to her kitchen table, then told me to hold out my nut sack so my balls rested on the table. She told me to hold them long ways so they would get hit on the top. I did so, but I was beginning to feel a little more apprehensive. Until this moment the whole thing had been unreal, just a crazy fantasy of unknown origin, something I never thought I'd be acting out. Now I was wondering, could I possibly damage my manhood? Or lose it altogether? I did want this, didn't I?

Angela told Amanda she should go first because she'd been waiting foot this a lot longer. Whether this was true I didn't know, but I felt Amanda come up close behind my right side, pressing one of her bare breasts into my back. She lifted her right hand high and made a fist, then drove it down into my balls. I grimaced and let out a yell as I jumped back from the table, but somehow it wasn't as painful as I'd expected. My balls were throbbing badly, but I hadn't been driven to my knees.

After I rested for a few minutes and got my breath back, it was Angela's turn. As I held my balls on the table top once again as Angela came up behind me. She repeated what Amanda had done, making a fist and slamming it into my balls. But with a difference. She hit me harder, a lot harder. Amanda gasped, holding her hands over her mouth as I shrieked and cupped my balls in abject misery. They were aching very badly now, but I was not in the total agony I thought a blow like that would produce. I was surprised, actually. I was really hurting, no question, but I'd figured a hit that hard would have incapacitated me.

Amanda said they wanted to do it again, but this time with my balls vertical instead, my right nut stacked atop my left. When I looked at my sister I noticed that she was breathing faster and her voice sounded a bit husky. This time it was a little harder to do, but once I had myself in position, Amanda stepped behind me again. For some reason, I could tell (or hope) that she wasn't going to hit me quite as hard as Angela. Thwack! Down came her little fist again, banging hard into my unprotected nuts. The hit may not have been as hard, but I let out a scream and fell to the floor in agony. Tears were running from my eyes as I instinctively cupped my aching balls, trying to protect against any further pain, real or imagined.

Now there was pain, pain beyond anything I had ever experienced. My balls must be much more sensitive in this position was all I could reason. Fearful of the damage she might have done, Amanda knelt down next to me and looked carefully at my balls. They looked kind of bloated and were turning purple, she said, but it didn't look like any blood vessels had been broken.

After Angela decided that enough time had passed, she told me to get back up and put my balls on the table again. Seemingly oblivious to the pain she and Amanda had already caused me, Angela laughingly suggested that this time I put my left nut on top of my right to try to spread the pain. I did as she said, but I was beginning to worry because, even though I was actually enjoying this in some strange way, I knew I was fast approaching the limits of my pain tolerance, at least for the moment. And I suspected (no, knew) that Angela was going to hit me much harder than Amanda had.

When I was ready again, she came up behind me and raised her fist high in the air. From there, it was almost like watching in slow motion, or even a series of still frame pictures. The second before Angela's clenched fist began to descend come I looked at my sister. Her face was flushing heavily, her eyes were half closed. Her right hand was between her legs, her thighs clenching tightly around her wrist. Her breathing was shallow, coming in little gasps, like she was leading up to something.

Behind me, Angela took in a long breath of air and slowly released it. Her mouth was near my ear and I heard her shriek, "you fuckin' goddamn bastard" a second before her fist hammered hard into my exposed left nut, which in turn instantly crushed my right nut below it. The pain in that first instant was more than I can describe, almost blinding. The kind where color explodes in front of your eyes. I let out a horrific, high decibel banshee scream and fell to the floor like a sack of potatoes, cupping my balls between my legs as I pulled my body into a tight fetal position. The pain seemed to radiate in waves from my groin to every part of my body and was so intense that I was afraid I was going to puke. I felt like the breath had been knocked completely out of me and all I could do was rock back and forth on the floor, trying desperately to get my wind back and dissipate the pain in my bashed nuts. I prayed (seriously this time) that no permanent damage had been done. (And that the neighbors hadn't called the police.)

Ever so slowly, the pain began to lessen - from blinding, to intense, to severe, to a dull ache. Gradually, my senses began to return to some kind of normalcy. My cock was listless after these attacks, of course, but the effect on the girls had been just the opposite. They were still topless and I could see that the tips of their breast were puffy and drawn up, the nipples rock hard. My nose picked up the faint odor of what smelled like pussy juice and when I looked up from my position on the floor I could see why. Both girls had large, damp stains on the fronts and crotches of their bikini bottoms. Of the two, Angela's bottom seemed to have the larger wet spot; she had obviously gotten so aroused by causing me pain that her pussy had lubricated heavily.

After what seemed like forever, the girls gently rolled me over on the floor, spread my legs and put an ice pack gently against my balls to help stop the swelling and reduce the pain. After about a half hour I was able to stand once again, but it took some doing and I felt wobbly as hell for a minute or two. I suddenly realized I needed to pee and walked rather bow-legged to the bathroom. I was thankful not to see any blood in my urine.

An hour later, we had all gotten dressed (the girls changed from their sits) and were sitting around the table discussing what had happened. I'd definitely found out how much ball pain I could take and that, if my experience meant anything, it seemed to matter which way your balls were hit. Without a trace of embarrassment, the girls revealed that they had each gotten very turned on by the whole thing, so much so that they had each orgasmed when the last blow was delivered. I could remember seeing Amanda, so that didn't come as a total surprise. For some reason, that admission made my cock begin to quickly stiffen again. Of course they both noticed immediately and pointed at me, giggling and joking in their catty sort of way. While they expressed thankfulness that they hadn't permanently injured me, I'm not sure how honest they were being. Nor could I figure out my own reaction to the whole thing.

After we talked a while longer, Angela suddenly stood up and asked me to do the same. "Oh, you already are," she smirked, making reference to the still bulging tent in my shorts. To my amazement, she pulled off her top and undid her bra, once again revealing her wondrous tits to me. She reached out and grabbed me by the hair, pulled my head to her chest and told me to suck her breasts - now. So I did, sinking my face into her soft, warm flesh, licking and suckling each nipple in turn like a hungry baby.

Maybe this turned her on, I never knew with Angela, but after a few minutes she dropped to her knees in front of me. "Let's see if it still works," she said bluntly as she unzipped my shorts, pulled out my aching cock and began gently sucking on it. Now, Angela would never have given me the time of day before tonight, let alone a blowjob, but I couldn't mistake what I was seeing. Here she was, kneeling in front of me, head bobbing up and down, slobbering all over my stiff dick.

Amanda just sat and watched her best friend suckle my cock, her eyes and mouth wide open, not quite believing what she was seeing. Angela sure knew her stuff, I have to say. She was able to take almost all of my cock deep into her warm, sucking mouth. Then, when she sensed I was close to cumming, she thrust her head forward so my cock was completely swallowed. I could feel the sensitive head pressing tightly against the muscles in her throat and when I looked down I saw her nose flat against my pubic hair.

All the sensations seemed to hit me at once and I lost it, my still sore nuts totally erupting, unloading massive wads of hot, sticky semen deep into her sucking mouth. I still can't believe how hard I came. It was the most intense, knee buckling orgasm of my life. I felt like everything inside of me had melted to liquid and was being pulled out of my body through a tiny opening at the end of my cock in a series of violent, convulsive spasms. She swallowed it all though, never missing a beat, licking, slurping and milking me until I was so totally drained that I collapsed back onto my chair in a heap.

I was so zoned out that I didn't even remember Angela walking away, but a sort time later she reappeared from the direction of the bedroom holding two fancy dual vibrator / dildo devices. She smiled down at me and said that she and Amanda were going to use it to satisfy themselves. I glanced at Amanda for a moment thinking she might be a bit put out, but she just grinned at me. Then she stuck out her pink tongue and ran it slowly around her mouth, wetting her full, pouty lips, which she then pursed together, blowing me a sweet kiss.

At this point I suppose I should have been ready for anything, but my surprise must have shown because Angela bent over and slipped her arm around my shoulder. "I'm sorry, Tommy, and I hope you'll understand," she cooed, her voice dripping with faux- sweetness. "But this is just between us girls. The two of us have just *got* to work off some tension. We might let you watch us some time, though...if you're nice," she giggled. The two of them walked hand in hand toward the bedroom, stopping once to turn and smile back at me.

Well, the 'real' Angela was back, I thought; I could hear it in the catty, 'you're really beneath me' tone of her voice. It grated on me, to be honest, but there wasn't anything I could do. I couldn't feel entirely bad though; for me, part of her 'attitude' problem had been offset by the fact that I'd just used her sometimes bitchy mouth as a trash receptacle for a big wad of my ball scum. In some way, this helped even things up for me.

It was only a few minutes before I began to hear the sound of vibrators buzzing, followed shortly thereafter by feminine, high pitched sighs and groans. My mind was whirling with images and, despite everything I'd been through, I felt my cock get hard in record time. I could almost picture Angela and my sister lying naked on the bed, side by side, their legs spread wide, doing god only knows what. My curiosity (and horniness) quickly got the better of me. I'd never had the opportunity to be an audio voyeur and I wasn't about to pass up this one, so I jumped off the chair and quietly took up a position outside the bedroom door.

Inside, I could clearly hear Amanda's old bed straining, its creaking noises increasing in speed along with the girls' arousal level. Soon there were more blatant sounds of females in heat; panting, grunting, and loud shrieking, along with all manner of crude, foul language screamed so loudly that it could have been heard easily through the apartment's thin walls. It seemed everything that had happened tonight really turned them into animals. By this time I had my cock out and was pumping it slowly, trying to keep a steady rhythm with the sounds coming from the bedroom. That I'd already cum once that night made things a bit easier to control. I also tried to keep my breathing steady and quiet, because I knew Amanda's bed was fairly close to the door.

They carried on for at least a half hour, their cries waxing and waning, and I didn't miss any of it. I was amazed by their sexual capacity and staying power, though I shouldn't have been. Eventually, they seemed to reach a crescendo, a female grand finale. I don't know if they planned it that way, but everything suddenly became more frantic, their squealing, their panting, the creaking of the bed, all of it punctuated by a seemingly endless string of, 'oh, gods,' 'oh, my gods,' and 'yes, yes, yeses.' I must have been more in time with them than I realized, because I lost it at almost the same moment, spraying another huge load of cum, most of which landed on the carpet in front of the bedroom door. A little bit of it made it as far as the bottom of the door itself.

Suddenly, there was silence from the bedroom and I panicked, tip-toeing back to the couch (for comfort) as quickly and quietly as I could. I wanted desperately to clean up the mess I had made, but I wasn't sure when they might open the door, and I sure as hell didn't want to get caught. They might decide to use my nuts for a punching bag again. Worse still, maybe I'd let them! So, I decided to take my chances and stay on the couch. I thought I heard the sounds of the shower running and then dresser drawers opening and closing in the bedroom. When the girls finally reappeared, and it was damn fast, they had cleaned up, changed outfits yet again and were ready to go out for a drink. They seemed in a hurry and I was not invited.

As the three of us stood talking near the apartment door, Angela looked at me with her little smirk. "I see you enjoyed listening to our little show tonight, Tommy. By the way, there's some paper towel in the kitchen." She didn't say anymore, but she didn't have to, I knew my little 'mess' had been discovered. Part of me felt stupid, like a naughty little school boy caught doing something he shouldn't. The other part wanted to grab her by the hair, force her face into the carpet and tell her to clean it up with her tongue. She certainly knew how.

Then, without warning, she reached between my legs and placed her small hand on my crotch and rubbed it lightly. "I really want to thank you, Tommy" she said, smilingly like she actually meant it. I looked at her but said nothing. As always, there was something in her voice I didn't quite ring true. "For, oh, I don't know, let's say for helping me work off some of my....my," she paused for a moment. "Anger and hostility."

As she said those last two words she tightened her hand on my crotch and squeezed lightly. I winced, more as a reflex action than from any pain, but almost immediately afterward something totally unexpected happened. I started to feel a tingle and a strong rush of warmth in the area where her hand had been. I could hardly believe it, but there was no denying the familiar sensation. I could feel my cock becoming erect again, although more slowly this time. Luckily, the girls had turned away and were headed out the door.

Or at least Amanda was. I was just starting to close the door when Angela slipped back in. She walked up to me, reached up and gently pulled my head down until her mouth was just touching my ear.

"Tommy, honey,' she breathed. "You really need to go back and check the bedroom. It got really raunchy in there, even for us, and we juiced so much that we left two big wet spots on the sheet, one next to the other." I could feel the tip of her tongue lightly caress my ear. "If you hurry, they might still be a little warm. Amanda made the one nearest the door, by the way. It's a little bigger than mine." She pulled her head back so she was looking at me. "That's just in case you want to find out what your sweet little sister's pussy smells and tastes like." Then she kissed me on the cheek and was out the door and gone.

No sooner had they left than I locked the door behind them and walked straight into the bedroom, the scene of all the nasty action. The room was a little stuffy and damp (from the shower that was attached to the bedroom), and the musky scent of aroused female still hung heavily in the air. Despite the sense that I had Angela's permission, and by extension Amanda's, to be in here, I still felt like a world class pervert, like my presence was somehow violating a sacrosanct chamber, a female holy of holies.

I had been in her bedroom on occasion before, but Amanda was always around, so this time, in these circumstances, the whole thing made me strange and uneasy. But it didn't stop me. And Angela hadn't lied either. I found everything was exactly the way she had said it would be - right down to all the smells and tastes. Less than five minutes later I had my third, massive nut busting orgasm of the night This time I made it to the bathroom, however. As penance for my imagined trespass, I cleaned up the mess I'd left on the carpet and door.

When Amanda returned late that night (actually early the next morning), we talked for awhile. She told me that Angela wanted badly to have another ball bashing session. She hastened to add that it wouldn't be till next month, presumably to give me some time to heal, though she didn't say so. Although I was very much up for it, I quickly realized that I might have some leverage in this situation, so I told her I wasn't at all sure and would have to think about it. After all, I reminded her, I'd been hurt pretty badly.

Amanda rested her hand gently on mine and said she sympathized with me, that the pain must have been awful. I decided to keep quiet and see if she might up the ante. Amanda looked past me, her eyes focused on the far wall of the kitchen. Then she said that, if there were a next time, she and Angela might be willing to let me watch them use their sex toys. As in up close and personal. I decided I was enjoying this bargaining by silence. When I made no response, she played her trump card. She tightened her hold on my hand and when she looked back at me her eyes seemed to be shining again.

"And Tommy, when we get really, really turned on, you know, all worked up like we were tonight, *anything* is liable to happen," she said, her voice low and steady. Now she smiled, showing perfect white teeth. "Oh, and one other thing. Angela said it would be, like, really hot to watch you jack off for us."

It was a done deal for me, but I was very careful not to let on. Again I was noncommittal, telling her I'd have to think about it, but even as I said it I could feel myself getting another rock hard erection, along with an overpowering need to empty the contents of my nuts yet again. I asked Amanda if I could use her bathroom. That's all for now.



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