My cousin Linda and I are about the same age. We have always gotten along, those few times each year we get together. It's usually during the holidays or for a wedding that we talked a little. She kissed me once years ago under the mistletoe when one of the uncles made her.

Last spring we danced some at a wedding reception. It was OK, especially since I had just learned to dance at dad's club and she had never 'touch' danced before. She seemed to enjoy the slow dances but we were both more comfortable with faster music. Since then I've grown a little taller than her. After dancing we talked about our experiences at our parents' vacation condo. We both have the same fair skin so even the winter sun in Mexico burns us.

When our grandparents died years ago, they left their two week condo ownership in Mexico the both of our parents. Linda's dad and mine are brothers. Since the condo only had room for five people, my mom, dad and I would use it one week and Linda and her parents would take it the next. My dad owns the Food-n-Fast chain and flies all over inspecting them. I get to go along sometimes if my school work is good enough and I'm used to flying to Mexico and around the country.


This year was going to be different. Linda's parents were separated so Linda and her mom were going to come with us. Her dad didn't want to use the week, even though it was really his inheritance. This way we could use the condo a full two weeks. Linda and her mom would have the bedroom while my mom and dad would have the bed in the main room. I would sleep on the couch in there too.

Dad made it a habit to schedule our flights so they could visit the cemetery during the layover in L.A. Since the cab didn't have room for all of us, Linda and I got to stay at the airport, much to our relief. Going to the cemetery in a hot cab and watching our mothers cry was no fun.

Dad had three frequent flyer upgrades to first class so Linda and I got to sit together in coach on the flight to L.A. When they went to the cemetery, Dad gave me his frequent flyer card so we could use the airport club room to wait. They didn't notice that I was "Junior" and couldn't possibly been a member for 17 years.

In about two hours it was time to get on the plane to Mexico but the others hadn't returned. Linda and I went to the gate to wait. As the flight time arrived I heard the ticket agent say that the flight was full and that all the seats were sold for the next three days. Even first class was sold out. We had all the carry-on bags and the rest had been check through.

Dad had explained about the new security procedures and I noticed that all the checked bags were check under my dad's name. If his first class ticket wasn't used, then all the baggage would be taken off, and we would be stuck for three days. And dad's upgrades were only good that day.

We waited as long as possible to get on the plane. Since I had Dad's ticket and my ID matched, the gate agent didn't look twice at Linda's ID. Linda is tall enough to pass for eighteen but I don't think I look very old. I hardly need to shave. Anyway, we got on and in first class too. The flight attendant took the extra tickets and said she would have the gate agent give them to the rest of our party when they arrived. And would we like something to drink, perhaps a margarita while we waited to take off?

It was a good flight. After a couple of margaritas, Linda and I stopped worrying about what our parents would do and enjoyed ourselves. The flight attendant gave us special attention and I enjoyed looking at the freckles down her blouse. Every time she served us, her blouse would open and the bra would hang away from her medium sized breasts. I think I like freckles.

The first time Linda caught me and poked me in the ribs. The attendant just smiled. The second time, Linda told me I was being rude to her. Linda had a nice figure too and when she leaned the seat back, it really showed off her tits. She was wearing a sun dress that conformed to the curves of her tits. I could feel heat rush to my crotch.

Customs didn't really question us and we had both been to the condo enough to know how to get a shuttle van and load all the luggage. It was really hot in the van and Linda slipped her bra off when the driver wasn't looking. She didn't mind that I was watching but then I didn't see anything either.


At the condo, I just walked up to the front desk, showed my ID and got the key to our unit. The bell captain called for a "boy" to help with the mountain of bags. The bellman was older then me. Once in the room I gave him a big tip like dad always said. About ten minutes later the phone rang and I was quickly connected to Dad. He was mad.

I explained my logic but he was still pissed. Probably at the cab driver who got lost. They were on stand-by for tomorrow and the next day and the next day. Yes he had the tickets and where did the first class tickets go? I explained again. He liked first class. Heck, I did too, now. They didn't even have any luggage or clean clothes.

While I was on the phone, Linda answered a knock at the door and in walked the same bellman with a pitcher of margaritas. I waved at him to let me sign for the bill as I talked.

"Our welcome to you, Senor. No cost." he said in good English. I gave Linda some money to tip him. He pointed at a number next to the phone and told us to call if we wanted more.

"Monana, I mean later, por favor." was the best Linda could do with her Spanish. The bellman got a good look down her dress as she leaned over.

After I hung up, we both toasted ourselves and broke into laughter. It was so great. Here we were at a resort in Mexico with a bellman delivering us drinks, plenty of money, and no parents, at least for a day, maybe three. By the time the drinks were half gone, Linda was pretty loose. As we talked, she leaned against me and hugged me, saying "You're a hero for getting us here without our parents. A toast. To a hero."

I was getting loose too and turned on by her tits. I could feel them press against me each time she hugged my arm. No question about it, my beautiful cousin was making me horny.

"Let's go swimming" she said jumping up. She pulled a swimsuit from her carry-on and closed the bathroom door. It took me a while to find where my mom had packed my suit so I was just pulling it on as she came out. "You better be careful so you don't sunburn that full moon, Junior," she teased.

I refrained from commenting on her suit. It had to be the ugliest white and yellow stripped suit ever made. It looked like it was quilted with padding, hiding any sign of her real form. At least it was two pieces and the top was strapless. Still, with her long straight hair hanging down over her shoulders, she was looked great. Her hair was light brown like mine but she lightened it a little.

The pool was shared by four rooms, just outside the sliding doors. It was designed for an older crowd just interested in sitting in the water. We dashed out and tried to get underwater. It was almost like a hot tub and didn't cool us at all. In fact everything was hot, due to the late afternoon sun. Within minutes, we were so hot and tired that we went in to cool of with another drink. The long plane flights were catching up with us.

We cooled off with another margarita when we heard voices at the pool. I peeked through a gap in the curtains and saw another couple step into the pool. They were both older than us, maybe early thirties. They were an average couple. He was fit and well tanned with short curly black hair. Her hair was black too, long and straight, covering her back. She was also well tanned and when she turned around I realized that she was topless. Not thinking, I said, "Look at that!"

Linda came over and looked too, standing behind me. I was sure she was going to be mad or something but she didn't say a thing. The girl's tits didn't have a hint of a tan line. They weren't especially big but were really round. Like two big oranges cut in half. The nipples stuck straight out of the dark circles. We both just stood and watched. Neither of us said anything. I could feel my cock getting harder, swelling and trying to get out of the loose net lining of my suit.

Linda wasn't real steady on her feet. She put her hand on my arm and held it as we watched. The couple were playing in the shallow water, splashing and laughing. When the guy started lifting her into the air we could see her tits bounce. Linda moved closer to me so she could see over me. She put her hand on my back and leaned against me from behind, watching breathlessly.

Linda whispered, "Wow."

When the guy stopped playing around and began kissing her tits. Linda wrapped her arm around my chest and pulled tighter as she moved to see better. She was more interested in watching and probably didn't even realize she was hugging me. Her fingers played across my chest as she watched.

I could feel her damp suit top against my back and her leg brush past mine. The feel of her thigh rubbing between my legs sent a flash of heat to my groin. My hard-on was threatening. I had to pull my suit out a little to let it straighten up. I hoped Linda didn't notice.

The couple decided to finish their activities inside and disappeared. Linda finally said, "She sure was cute. Maybe I should go topless too." She was still rubbing her hand down over my stomach. As she pulled away, I turned around and immediately looked down at her suit top.

She was holding the top of the bra cups out away from her chest as though she as going to pull the top down. They were kind of turned inside out exposing the flesh colored lining. I could see the pale white skin of her breasts, soft and smooth. Before I could say anything, she said, "Not if you're going to stare like on the plane," and let the top snap back, laughing. The pink color of a nipple had shown for an instant against the white breast.

She walked back to get her drink and sat on the bed. It was quiet outside. I was able to get to the bed hiding my hard-on behind a towel. I found the remote and turned on the TV. An introductory video was showing the condos facilities and we both leaned back on the bed to watch. Taking a sip, she said "This is the life, isn't it? I guess the fun is indoors this time of day. In bed."

"I guess so." I said, not really listening to her. I was thinking about what she said about going topless. I didn't want to discourage her if she was serious. She was really sexy and seemed to be teasing me. I just couldn't figure out what to say. Finally I said, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to stare. It's just that you're as cute anyone and, I, err, ahh..." I looked at her and realized she was asleep. She hadn't heard a thing I said.

We were both laying on top the bed in our swim suits. I rolled on my side and watched her. Nothing showed though the suit. I could see the gentle shape of a breast were it sagged out of the side of a cup. At her crotch I could see that she had shaved her bikini line but the quilting of the suit hid her shape. I lay with my hand inside my suit, playing with myself as I admired her body.


It was dark when I woke up. My hand was still in my suit. There was music playing down at the main pool. Linda was just climbing back on the bed. I had to pee real bad and got up too. When I got back she had pulled the thin bedspread over her legs and rolled over so her back was to me. I lay down, turned the TV off and slipped my legs under the spread too. She said something about fun indoors but I was asleep in seconds.

It was cold and silent the next time I woke up. Linda was poking me and saying she was freezing. "Well get under the blankets. I don't know how to turn the heat on. If they have heat." She rolled over and got between the sheets, pulling the blankets over her. I got up to get a drink of water.

In the dim light from the pool area I surveyed the room, trying to decide where to sleep. My head hurt. Should I go in the other room? Maybe I'll just lay on top of the cover and see what happens. As I approached the bed Linda reached over and throw back the covers on my side so I could get in with her. Well, with an invitation like that, I climbed in. She asked, "Are you cold too?" as she slid over next to me, warming her body against mine. I rolled over and wrapping my arm over her. My hand came to rest on a bra cup. I ventured a squeeze and felt damp padding.

I said, "No wonder you're cold, your suit's still wet." I wasn't thinking about the implications. She rolled on her stomach and popped the hook of the top. She pulled the top off and hung it over the chair. In the flickering pool lights I could see the pale shape of a bare tit. I rolled up against her and wrapped my arm over her again. My hand rested just below her tit. It felt so small and cold as my thumb pressed up against it.

I held my breath. She didn't object so I left it there, feeling chilled skin. Just holding her was great, I didn't want to ruin it. I had to decide what to do.


"MOM'S HERE!" She yelled over the loud banging at the door. I saw her bare butt disappear around the corner as she was scrambling out of bed and dove into bed in the other room. The pounding on the door continued as I struggled to understand. Had I fallen asleep holding her? Shit, I had been feeling her tit.

"NED, come on, the boat ain't going to wait. We gotta go now. NED!" The banging started again. It was dawn and the sky was bright, lighting the room through the curtains.

"Shit Bernie shut up. I'm down here. You got the wrong fuck'n room, Shit-for-Brains!" came down the hall in a stage whisper. Finally there was silence.

I stayed in bed waiting for my heart to slow down. It was too early for our parents to arrive. The first flight didn't arrive until late morning. No wonder she was scared, she had been naked in bed with me. Naked. Not even the suit bottom. Double shit. I didn't even know it. I'd been sleeping next to my naked cousin and missed it. "It's OK, it was just some jerks going fishing." I called to Linda. "The plane doesn't land for hours."

Linda came out wrapped in a robe. "What is wrong with those guys, making all that noise this time of night?" She sat down on the edge of the bed with her back to me and dropped the robe off her shoulders and swung her legs into bed. As she pulled the cover over her, I realized she was still naked. She said "I'm cold. You're sure we have hours?"

"The first plane doesn't leave until seven and that's only if they get on." I replied, wiggling up behind her and cautiously putting my arm over her again. Her breast was warm this time. I rubbed my hand over it and felt the nipple harden. My erection was already hard and pressed though my suit against her butt.

We heard a door slam and then voices in the hall. "The skipper had better have a young missy or two for us," one said. "Hot damn, Ned, I can't wait to get my dick into a little ten-year-old's pussy," replied the other. "Fuck'n A! Your dick and my tongue!" And they both laughed.

We listened as they disappeared down the hall. "Do they really do that here?" Linda asked, rolling on her back to look at me. I left my arm over her and found her breast again and rubbed it lightly. Her knee brushed mine.

"Do what? Get girls for fishermen?" I asked. "I'm sure its done a lot. I don't know about ten year olds though." I slid my hand across her chest, to the other breast and felt the nipple. It was still hard so I rubbed it with the palm of my hand and then rolled it in my fingers. Her leg pressed against mine.

"Do you think he will really use his tongue there? You know, in her... That must feel weird. I wonder what it really feels like." she said, lifting her chest a little to my touch. She rolled her face toward mine and puckered her lips. I didn't need to be invited and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me to her.

We opened our mouths and our tongues probed, playing. They fenced and flicked in and out, playing tag as our bodies squirmed to get even closer. I let go of her tit and hugged her to me. My chest pressing to her tits. Her hand ran down my back and over my butt. "You've got your suit on!" she exclaimed, slipping her hand under the waist band.

I flipped over on my back, pulling my swimsuit off. It was a relief to have my cock free. Linda rose up on one elbow and looked at me and then my cock, smiled and bent over to kiss me again. This time she was on top and my hand roamed down her back as our tongue intertwined. She slid her hand slowly down my belly until she was rubbing it over my cock. It was as full and as hard an erection as I had ever had. Harder and it seemed to pulsate to her touch on it's own.

We came up for air and I was able to look down at her chest, with her tits pressing against me. We kissed again and then spread our kisses over each other's face and neck. She continued to rub me with her hand around the shaft of my cock.

I worked my way kissing down her neck, to her chest and as she rose up, I could kiss her breasts and finally her nipples. They were small, only the size of a pencil eraser but they were just as hard. The breasts seamed to have swelled and were just the right size to fill my hand, round and firm.

She sighed, saying "I was beginning to wonder if you were a fun guy indoors." As she spoke, I felt her butt with both hands, spreading her cheeks and rubbing down the crack. She giggled as my finger passed over the hole. I continued down the back of her legs and she spread them as I worked my way back up until I could glide my finger over the smooth moist skin between her legs. Little folds of flesh wiggled to my touch. They were damp and slid away as my finger probed into the folds. Soon I found her pussy hole and glided my finger into it's interior just a bit.

With both hands on the back of her legs, I pulled them apart a little. She lifted up and straddled herself over me. "Ready?" She asked, still holding my cock and lowered herself down onto it. She guided me into her. She was wet and the feeling was sensational. With a little thrust, I was inside her. Inside my cousin. She sunk down onto me, forcing me into her fully.

She was wet with anticipation and humped me like mad. My balls slapped up against her butt with each stroke. She lowered her head to my chest as her body matched my thrusts. Her taut nipples brushed against my chest. Her fingers dug for grip in my shoulders as her body pulsed with mine. I could feel our pubic hair entangling as I thrust deep into her.

I slide my hand down her chest, over her stomach until my fingers rubbed through her pussy hair. She lifted up and I was able to reach down into the slit of her pussy with my finger. The area was wet, slippery with her juices. I could rub my cock and feel where it entered her, and the folds of flesh wrapped around my cock on each out-stroke. The top of the tip of my cock rubbed briefly against a hard spot at the depth of each stroke.

She would shutter with each stroke. My legs, then my whole body tightened until I could feel the cum welling up inside me. It was only seconds but we were both panting "Oh yes, oh yes." with pleasure as the rush passed through us. She continued riding me, slowing down as my cum dripped out of her.


We spent the rest of the morning in bed, making love in different positions and dozing. We finally got up and went to the main pool. The bellman found us there and brought us a phone. Dad was in his major crisis mode.

Linda laughed as I answered dad, "Of course we're at the pool, we're on vacation. Where should we be? I don't think there is anything we can do sitting in the room. No sir. Yes we have all the luggage. Yes it's all in the room. No, no problems here. Yes we have plenty of money. Right, we'll wait for your call tomorrow. Say "Hi" to mom."

He just didn't understand that we were fine and that they were the ones with a problem. "They didn't get out. Want to go back to the room and find out if my tongue feels weird?" I flicked my tongue out, looking at her crotch.

She blushed and tried to slap my arm. I tipped the bellman and asked him to bring another pitcher of margaritas to the room.


We also met the other people sharing our pool. The dark haired couple were nice and invited us to swim nude with them. Ned was retired Navy. He was a big man with heavily tanned skin, even his cock looked like leather. He had his bleach blond ex-wife Liz with him. They were an unusual couple, each going their separate ways during the day. Ned would disappear with Bernie. She liked to bounce her sagging tits and call them her toy chest.



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