Corrie had been arguing with her parents about what time she should be home. Her father had insisted that since she was not yet sixteen she should be back at ten. She had wanted to stay out until eleven. After all she was a big girl now, no longer a virgin and quite streetwise.

She was in the Blue Lion with her friends. They were allowed out late so why shouldn't she be.

Rob, Alan, Graham and Henry were in their usual place playing darts and enjoying their evening out, having a laugh with Corrie and her friends as usual. There was always a lot of banter between them but nothing ever came of it because of the age differences. The boys were all in their mid twenties and Corrie and her friends in their teens.

Corrie decided that she would not go home at ten but stay out late. Her friends all started to leave but she stayed on.

Come eleven o'clock she decided that since she was in severe trouble already she would frighten her parents by not going home at all. She went over to Alan and said, "Alan, my parents are away tonight and I have left my key in the house. I can't get back in. Could I stay at your flat tonight?"

Rob, Alan, Graham and Henry all shared a flat down the road. Corrie had been there a few times when they had had a party. Alan spoke to the others and after some discussion came back and said, "O.K. Corrie but you will probably have to sleep on the couch, unless one of the lads let you use his bed."

"That's OK," said Corrie.

They all walked down the road together to the flat.

Once inside the lads got out a few beers and carried on with their evening whilst Corrie sat drinking a coke.

The conversation moved to Corrie's friends.

"Hey Corrie, That Judith is going to be a cracker in a couple of years time. Has she got a boyfriend yet?" asked Henry

Corrie replied, "She has a couple of boys interested but no-one special. I think that if you asked her out she would definitely be interested."

"I'd get arrested if I fucked her," said Henry. "Still, it might be worth it."

Everyone laughed.

"She's still a virgin," said Corrie. "In fact all of the girls are."

"What about you?" asked Graham.

"I'm not. I lost my virginity last year on holiday," said Corrie proudly.

Graham and Alan went off into the kitchen. Rob and Henry carried on the conversation.

"So do you enjoy it Corrie?" Rob asked.

"I like the kissing and rubbing but I can't say that I like the sex part much. It always seems to be over before quickly. Also the boys I have been with don't seem to want to know me afterwards."

"Maybe you need a man," said Henry.

"Or some men!" shouted Alan from the kitchen.

Corrie just nodded her head in agreement.

Alan and Graham came back from the kitchen and sat either side of Corrie.

"So how many times have you done it?" Alan asked.

"Twice," replied Corrie. "Once with the boy on holiday, once with John from the Blue Lion."

"What, spotty John?" asked Graham. "You can do much better than him."

Corrie blushed. When she had been with John he had offered her a lift home, driven her to a well known 'lovers lane', taken her, and then dropped her at home. He had not spoken to her since.

Alan leant forward to pick up his beer. He placed his hand on her knee as he did so. When he sat back he kept his hand there.

"Have you ever sucked a guy?" asked Graham taking his queue from Alan.

Again Corrie blushed. "Do you mean a man's... thingy?"

"Yes, you know. A man's cock," said Graham.

"No," Corrie said. "But I would try it. Some of my friends talk about it but I don't think any of them have tried."

Alan was now rubbing Corrie's knee. Rob and Henry moved to sit on the floor in front of Corrie.

"So all you have done is felt a man's cock and fuck. Is that right?" asked Rob.

Corrie nodded.

"How about feeling mine?" asked Graham.

"What here, in front of everyone?" queried Corrie.

"Yeh," said Henry. "We don't mind, go ahead."

Corrie felt a strange stirring in her loins. Graham grabbed her hand and moved it to his lap. She felt the bulge through his jeans. He started to move her hand up and down and she could feel the bulge growing.

Alan moved his hand from her knee up to her thigh. She parted her legs slightly to allow him access. He pushed her skirt up slightly and gently massaged her whilst she rubbed Grahams now fully erect cock.

"I've got to let this thing free before it bursts my zip," Graham said and stood up, undid his button and unzipped his fly then he released his cock from his boxers.

Sitting back down he replaced Corrie's hand on his member and she gently rubbed him.

Alan had moved his hand further up her leg and was now massaging to top of her thigh gently touching her though her panties with each stroke. Her skirt was now above her pantie-line giving both Rob and Henry a view between her legs.

Rob moved closer and placed a hand on her other knee. She parted her legs further. Her breathing was now heavier and an ache had started in her loins. She could feel herself getting wet between her legs. This was a feeling that she had never had before. It felt good. Her hand started to move faster up and down Grahams cock.

Henry stood up and moved forward in front of her. He bent down and started to undo the buttons on her blouse. Soon her blouse was upon from top to bottom. And he was massaging her breasts through her bra.

Alan and Rob had reached her crutch and were gently rubbing her through her panties.

"Let's get all of this stuff off," Rob said.

They stood Corrie up. Henry moved behind her and Graham in front. Rob and Alan stayed on their knees in front of her. Henry slid her blouse from her shoulders and off her arms. Graham continued to massage her breasts through her bra. Henry undid the hooks and slid the straps from her shoulders. Graham then slid her bra down her arms unveiling her top to the world.

Her breasts were plump without being too large and her nipples were now erect surrounded by an inch of beautiful brown aureoles. Graham stood back and Henry moved round next to him. The four of them looked at her with admiration. She had never felt like this before and knew that this was something special.

Alan and Rob then moved their hands to her skirt. Gently they slid it to the ground. She stepped out of it. They then moved their hands to her panties, gently rolling them down her thighs, over her knees and to the ground. Again she stepped out of them.

Once again they took time to gaze at her body. Her bush was dark as was her hair, not yet fully grown but enough to show her triangle to the best of its glory. Her lips were now swollen and were peeping out below her mound.

They pulled the cushions off of the sofas and made an impromptu bed on the floor. They laid her down, her legs hanging over one end and her head over the other. Each of them stripped naked.

Alan moved and knelt between her legs whilst Graham moved above her head. Rob and Henry knelt down on each side of her.

Alan was now gently stroking both of her thighs and Graham was French kissing her. Rob and Henry were gently massaging a breast each.

"I am going to put my cock in your mouth now," Graham said. "I want you to gently suck me. Is that okay?"

Corrie nodded her assent.

Graham moved his cock to her mouth and slid it in. Corrie started to gently suck on him.

Rob and Henry now bent forward and started to suck and lick on a nipple each. Corrie was squirming with pleasure. Alan now buried his head in her mound and began licking her womanhood. Within minutes Corrie had come. At first she could not understand what was happening to her as the pressure built up in her loins. The release was a shock as the first spasm hit her. Then spasm after spasm shook her inner core and a flood of juices shot out of her opening to be hungrily licked and swallowed by Alan.

Graham had taken his cock out of her mouth for safety's sake on realising what was happening but now that the spasms had subsided he replaced it in her mouth. Both Henry and Rob had taken a hand and placed it on their erections. Corrie worked them up and down as best she could. Alan now slid two fingers inside of her hole and gently worked them in and out.

Alan now moved his body up between her legs and placed his manhood at the opening of her love tube. Gently he slid a couple of inches inside her. She moaned with the pleasure. He started to thrust in and out, each thrust taking him further inside her until he was buried deep between her legs. Slowly he slid his cock outward until only the helmet was inside her and then reversed the thrust taking himself deep inside.

Rob and Henry carried on their ministrations on her breasts and Graham slowly moved in and out of her mouth.

Graham was now close. "I'm coming Corrie!" he shouted. "Do you want me to take it out of your mouth?"

Corrie shook her head and started sucking harder. Graham tensed and then let go. His seed shot into Corrie's mouth and down her throat. At first she gagged but then found the taste was pleasant if not a little salty. She swallowed each squirt sucking in between each spasm.

Alan was now increasing speed as he too reached his peak. Corrie again felt the tension build inside her until her orgasm again shook her body. The friction caused by her muscle spasms brought Alan to his peak and he exploded deep inside her. She could feel the warmth of his fluids as he filled her deep inside. On completion he slid out of her and then as if some well practised move was being orchestrated each of the boys moved round one place.

Rob now placed his cock in Corrie's mouth and Henry moved between her legs. Alan and Graham now started on her breasts. Corrie could feel the warmth of pleasure all over her body. Henry was slightly larger than Alan and his thrusts went deeper. Robs cock was huge and filled her mouth completely.

Henry thrust faster and harder than Alan bringing Corrie to yet another orgasm within minutes of the last. Corrie's mouth could only accommodate one third of Rob's cock but the pleasure she was giving him was evident in the noises that he was making.

Henry exploded inside her and she could again feel the heat of his fluids inside her. Again the lads moved around.

Now Graham was inside her and he was even larger than Henry. Alan was completely inside her mouth, his thrusts touching and sliding past the back of her throat.

Graham brought Corrie to yet another orgasm but because he had come before he took longer than the previous two. His thrusts went deeper and deeper and her fluids combined with Alan's and Henry's leaked from her body coating his dick and adding to the pleasure that they were both receiving. Eventually, as if synchronised, both Graham and Alan exploded inside her. Both her mouth and love hole received their liquids simultaneously.

She received them gratefully swallowing at one end and pumping him dry with her muscles at the other.

"Now for the ultimate," Graham said.

"This will completely finish you," said Henry.

Henry, Alan and Graham now sat down on the floor as Rob moved between Corrie's legs.

He placed his cock head at the opening to her pleasure tube. The fluids left behind by his three mates combined with her own allowed him to slide his cock in about a third. He was huge. He lifted her legs and parted them further allowing better access. He slid his cock backwards and forwards sliding deeper and deeper inside her and with each thrust she felt that she could take no more but with each thrust she did.

He was now fully inside her and he gently pumped away. He filled her completely. The pleasure she was receiving was three times as much as each of the others had given her. She started to orgasm then minutes later started again. Multiple orgasms took over her entire body and the pleasure endorphins affected her mind. She came again and again as he took her at first gently and then with more and more urgency. At one point she fainted but came round to another bout of intense pleasure until at last he came.

When he started his cock seemed to swell to twice its size. She felt an intensity inside her that matched all that had gone on before and as she again reached her height he exploded inside her. And what an explosion it was. His cream filled her entirely and squirted out of her hole like a fountain as it found its way between his cock and her vaginal walls. It coated his balls and dripped from them to the floor. Again she fainted.

When she came round his cock had relaxed and it slid out of her with a plop.

The boys helped her to her feet. She could hardly stand. The feelings that she had were like nothing before. Her face glowed with fulfillment. Whilst she had been out they had run her a bath. They led her into the bathroom and placed her in it. Gently they cleaned her off massaging her aching muscles. They produced a clean toothbrush for her and allowed her to clean her teeth. They then took her to a bedroom where they laid her down. She slept peacefully until the morning.

When she awoke they cooked her breakfast and then took her home.

She was grounded by her father for a fortnight. She didn't care. It was worth every minute.



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