Lupe Rodriguez was a first generation Mexican-American. Her parents were born and raised in Mexico, but she was born and raised in California. As a teenager Lupe had a very difficult time growing up. Her parents were strict, yet the culture in which she was growing was very permissive. The push/pull of everyday life was very difficult to deal with. Her parents wouldn't let her date even though she was 17, yet her friends were already going out with boys at 16.

She wasn't allowed to wear make-up yet her friend's parents let them wear basically whatever they wanted. Although she felt resentful and angry, she kept her frustration inside. She would never let her parents know. They would be so disappointed in her. They had sacrificed a lot to buy a home in California and keep her clothed and fed. Her father had worked hard to get his business going. And as the only child, she was constantly doted on. She always had nice clothes and extra spending money.

Her parents forbade her to work saying that she needed to focus on her studies. Neither of them had gone to college and they wanted their only daughter to be better then them, to accomplish more than they did. They did so much for her. The least she could do was obey them and follow their rules. At 17 Lupe had already matured into a beautiful woman and took after her mother in most of her features. She was tall, with long dancers legs, a slim waist, and with large round, 36 D breasts. Her hair was thick and straight and cascaded down her back with a light fringe at her forehead, highlighting her beautiful brown eyes. One of her best facial features was her smile.

Lupe was blessed with full red lips and when she broke into a smile the contrast between her white teeth and lips were mesmerizing. She exuded a warmth that attracted many friends and many male admirers. From afar, and casual observation, Lupe seemed to be very confident. With her looks and her intelligence she was a formidable package.

But upon closer inspection someone good at reading body language and insightful, would notice Lupe was not as confident as she appeared. They would see that she had difficulty maintaining eye contact; her voice would trail off as if she was afraid of what she was saying or how she was being perceived, the demure almost fearful affect. A keen observer would notice the way she kept her arms crossed across her chest hiding from the world the large breasts that filled her bra cups almost to overflowing. Filling out her blouse.

Lupe was popular at school with the boys. Not because of her niceness, but because without doubt, she had one of the hottest bodies in school. Her peers, between classes and recess would stare at her furtively. Their eyes absorbing her long, tan, tapered legs, the gentle swaying motion of her round bottom as she walked, and her breasts which bobbed up and down from their size and weight ever so subtly.

If only Lupe knew how many of her peers went home at night fantasizing about her. In the still of the night with their parents asleep, their hormone crazed bodies spread on their backs in the darkness of their rooms as they stroked themselves excitedly with visions of eating Lupe's pussy, sucking Lupe's big tits, fucking her tight cunt as they ejaculated wetly into the air.

In her senior year of high school is when Lupe's problem began. Todd Smith, who played on the varsity football team, had noticed Lupe all the way back to 9th grade when they were in Jr. High together. He had watched her blossom physically from ungainly, coltish, 9th grader with fare potential, to a beautiful, bronze, Aztec goddess at her physical prime. He knew her reputation. She didn't date, she didn't go to games, and although she had a lot of friends, she kept a very low profile on campus.

He also noticed that she has a very passive side to her and was easily flustered. He remembered a time when they had an English class together and the teacher has unexpectedly asked her a question, in the middle of the lesson, about the difference between verbs and adverbs. Lupe went blank and turned beet red when she wasn't able to answer the question correctly and even more so when she grew aware that everyone, especially the guys, were openly staring at her.

Todd remembered her sitting ramrod straight with her arms held stiffly at her sides causing her large tits to protrude outward defiantly. She got all fidgety and nervous, swallowing hard and apologizing profusely to the teacher for not being able to answer the questions. She kept her eyes glued to the desk the rest of the class, ashamed at being caught unprepared. Todd had been sitting kitty-corner from her at the time and had a bird's eye view of the proceedings. He remembered staring at her, his eyes wandering over every delicious curve of her. Just thinking about it caused his cock to slightly shift in his jeans.

It was September, and the weather had been really hot. Everyone was wearing tee shirts, shorts, tube tops and halters. Anything to help keep them cool and comfortable. Todd had been watching Lupe all week long and decided that the time had come to put his plan into action. After lunch he waited until Lupe finished lunch and said good- bye to her friends to make his move. He intercepted her purposely at the end of a long row of lockers, which ended at a brick wall festooned with posters for the upcoming homecoming game. She looked awesome with a conservative pair of loose khaki shorts and a loose blouse, which did a poor job of hiding her obvious physical endowments. He positioned himself so that she was subtly pinned in the corner.

"Hey Lupe, how's it going?" he said with a beaming smile.

Lupe was taken aback by his greeting. "Oh hi" she said a tad nervously.

He stared directly into her eyes, his eyes probing deeply, intently. She couldn't maintain the eye contact and demurely dropped her eyes downward.

"Listen," Todd said with faked enthusiasm, "I thought it would be fun if you and I went out Saturday. We can have dinner or something." He phrased the sentence as a declaration rather than a question. He looked at her expectantly.

"I..I..don't know Todd," she replied hesitantly, "My parents are very strict. I don't think I could go."

Todd edged slightly closer to her. Lupe took a nervous breath and then slightly backed up. Not wanting Todd to see how uncomfortable she was. He pressed on, slightly more forcefully "Why don't you just tell your parents you are going out with some friends and I'll meet you at Stubers, that Bar and Grill place over on 9th Street and Arbor. I think that would work."

Todd put his hands in his pockets, continuing to gaze at Lupe. His eyes darted to the big breasts protruding from her chest proudly. Firm and round. He licked his lips. Lupe looked up at him and caught his glance. Saw the lust in his eyes as he looked over her bosom. That was so rude, but what should she expect. He was a boy and she unfortunately was cursed with big boobs. It wasn't a good mixture, but there wasn't anything she could do about it.

Lupe made herself hold his stare, but felt wound up, anxious and at a loss for words. She did find him attractive...but..could she....lie to her parents? One small lie is not going to hurt and it might be fun...I need to get out of the house more...she thought. With a smile that betrayed her eagerness to go out with him, she replied, "Well....alright...I'll go."

Todd smiled back as sincerely as he could manage. "Great! be there at 7:00 and wear a dress." Lupe was taken aback and felt a slight hollowness in her stomach. Before she could say anything Todd said, "You have a great figure and should show it off more. It'll make me happy." He cocked his head at her and winked.

Not wanting to appear disagreeable, she said with forced gaiety, "Ah....okay.... sure."

"See you Saturday night then," Todd said, as he sauntered off to class.

Lupe got to the restaurant promptly at 7:00, not wanting to be late. She spent the entire afternoon trying to figure out what to wear. Nothing seemed right. She tried on a dozen dresses, finally choosing a white sundress, slightly tight on her with a moderately scooped neckline and which scooped low on her back. The dress was short, but not too short. It looked ravishing on her and contrasted nicely with her bronze skin and black hair.

She finished off the ensemble with black pumps and a black belt that accentuated her thin waist and brought more attention to her large breasts. Lupe glanced at her watch. "it's already 7:15. What if he doesn't show?" she asked herself. She felt a mist of anxiety fill her stomach.

At 7:20 Todd walked in carelessly, holding a backpack. "Well, are you ready to eat?" He said easily, not bothering to apologize for being late.

The hostess sat them down at a table away from foot traffic at Todd's insistence and brought them two menus. Todd looked over at Lupe who appeared mildly nervous. "You look really good in that dress Lupe. Beautiful even."

She smiled shyly.

"You have a great body? Do you work out a lot?"

Lupe was enjoying the attention and the complements. She felt warm inside. It was so nice to be appreciated. She didn't realize how much she missed the attention. It seemed that she spent so much time of her life locked away. "Yes, I do," she replied with a smile, "I do aerobics Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and weights Tuesdays and Thursdays."

Todd paused a moment. "You have a great sit of tits." He kept his eyes locked on hers looking for a reaction. Lupe didn't register what he said for a few seconds, taken completely unaware. Immobilized and shocked by his comment. She felt butterflies in her stomach. Tits she thought to herself...tits....he told me I have a great set of tits. Her anger was mixed with apprehension. She needed to set some limits. She wouldn't allow herself to be talked to like that.

With as much confidence she could muster she said, "Ugh...Todd.... I like you, but please don't use language like that... it makes me uncomfortable."

Sitting back in his chair, Todd said, "You mean....the word...tits?" He said the last word slowly.

Lupe unconsciously bit her lower lip nervously. She wanted to get up and leave, but didn't want to make a scene.

Todd kept looking at her, noting her reaction. Although she was angry, he also observed that Lupe appeared somewhat confused and apprehensive. Off balance, Lupe sat back and took a deep breath. Filling her diaphragm to relieve the ball of anxiety that churned there. Along with the anxiety, there was a feeling in her stomach she couldn't quite fathom. But it made her feel.... restless. She was angry at what Todd said, but also troubled at the mix of other emotions she was feeling.

She tried to push the feeling of restlessness to one side. Impelled to do so she squeezed her legs together slightly. She tried to look back at him but had to avert her eyes after a few seconds. She could feel the tension in the air.

Todd leaned forward and put his elbows on the table. "With all that working out, your tits must be firm."

'He said tits again,' she thought. Lupe didn't know what to do. Her mind was going a mile a minute and she found herself tapping her feet nervously on the floor. She felt flushed and warm, the back of her thighs sticky with perspiration.

Todd kept up the pressure. "What size tits do you have Lupe?" he asked slowly and deliberately.

Feeling penned in and helpless by his questions, and wanting to appear in control of herself, she blurted loudly, "36-D's. Now are you satisfied?!" Some of the other restaurants patrons glanced in their direction making Lupe bow her head down in embarrassment.

At that instant the waitress appeared and asked if they were ready to order. Todd ordered salads for the both of them. Lupe leaned over the table whispered so the waitress couldn't hear, "Please, I don't want salad, I want -" Scott ignoring Lupe looked up at the waitress and finished the order. "Honey mustard on both salads please. And for our entrees, turkey burgers, medium rare with fries."

The waitress thanked him, took their menus and walked away from the table. Lupe was angry and humiliated, but didn't want to show it. She didn't want to ruin their evening. Her stomach was in knots and her mind was tumbling from one thought to another. The language that Todd was using was making her mad, but causing her to feel uncertain and troubled at the same time. She didn't like what she was feeling yet at the same time she did. She could feel a warm dampness between her legs. She balled her hands into fists on her lap. 'What is going on with me', she asked herself.

Todd watched Lupe squirm at the other side of the table. He could read her face enough to know that his plan was working. 'Time to work it up a notch,' he thought. "When I talk dirty to you, does it make you hot Lupe?" Todd said casually between a fork full of salad.

"What do...do you mean?" stammered Lupe, as another ball of anxiety rolled across her stomach. She could feel the moistness in her vagina increasing. She gripped her fork tighter. Willing herself to stay in control.

"Well," Scott pressed on easily, "When I told you that your...tits...must be firm from all that working out...it seems like you were having a hard time sitting still. Do you feel a tingling in your......cunt?"

Lupe looked back at him, not knowing what to do or say. Her fingertips white from gripping her fork so tight. She grew aware that her breathing had increased. It was labored and shallow. She drew a deep breath to slow down her pulse. Her heart felt like it was going a mile a minute. Todd noticed that Lupe's nipples had begun to poke out from her repressed excitement and she was intermittently running her tongue across her dry lips.

"Why are your nipples poking out like that?" asked Todd.

Lupe looked down at herself, humiliated and embarrassed. She put the fork down and crossed her arms protectively across her chest. Trying to hide her ample bust. Her eyes were starting to water and she looked like she was ready to cry.

Continuing her torment he continued, "God, your tits are so fucking big and firm. And those nipples. They must be pretty stuff to poke out of your dress like that." Todd leaned in closer. "I bet you're getting so hot that you would love to touch yourself now wouldn't you?"

The heat inside her was getting unbearable and her composure was starting to slip away by the minute. She felt like her vagina was on fire. Her juice bubbling to the surface of her vagina like Dante's Inferno.

Todd stated with authority, "Nobody's looking Lupe, take your hands and rub your palms against your tits."

"Are you crazy?" Lupe replied angrily, but haltingly. "Someone might see."

Todd stared her down. "Come on Lupe, do it.... rub your big tits. Press down and those hard nipples. DO IT!"

Todd's order and language caused a pool of desire to flood through her. Although she desperately was trying to hold herself back from succumbing to his commands, she felt her arms rise up as if she was a puppet and someone above her was manipulating the strings. She hesitated. Trying to will herself to get up, to throw her salad at him, anything to show that she was in control.

"That's good Lupe," Todd said in a low, gentle voice. "It's going to feel nice. It's alright to feel real nice...."

Lupe hesitated a half second longer and then she felt a surge of excitement envelope her as she ran her palms across her hard nipples. While at the same time feeling ashamed and embarrassed at what she was doing. She could feel her tits and nipples under her little hands, swollen from excitement. Her bra felt too small for her. Too constricted. Waves of pleasure cascaded through her at every pass of her hands. She pressed down harder, while at the same time unconsciously squeezing her firm thighs together, gently squeezing her vagina.

The burst of pleasure from her grinding thighs soaking the front of her panties. Todd watched her from the other side of the table, his eyes bright and his right hand running across his hardness under the table. Seeing Lupe squirm, watching her sexually unravel before him, was the hottest thing he had ever witnessed in his life.

Although she knew she was in a restaurant and the possibility of being seen would be humiliating, the thought of that happening along with the dirty words and commands from Todd just made her shudder with wanting. A groan escaped her lips. She heard Todd say, "O.K. Lupe, foods coming."

She dropped her hands to her lap and took a sharp intake of breath, the interruption frustrating her. Her nipples and breasts radiating a warm heat throughout out her body. She felt feverish. She was aware that the waitress was staring openly at her. The woman's eyes traveled to her face and then a second on her swollen nipples, before settling on her eyes. The waitress looked concerned. "Miss you look flushed, would you like me to have them turn up the air conditioning?"

"N - No," replied Lupe stuttering. "That'll be alright."

Todd just grinned.

Lupe suddenly felt wracked with guilt and shame at what she had done to herself. 'What was I thinking,' she said to herself reproachfully. 'Fondling myself in a public place. Getting excited by dirty words. Get hold of yourself!' Lupe took her fork and attacked her food. She was angry with herself for her vulgar display of passion; her lack of class. Her parents didn't raise her that way.

Todd maintained a superficial conversation through the rest of their dinner, lulling her into a false sense of security. They talked about classes, teachers, mutual friends, but he steered the conversation away from anything remotely sexual. Lupe pushed the plate away from her. "Gosh I'm full. Thank you for dinner."

"You're welcome," he replied insincerely. "Let's wait a while and then we'll have dessert."

Lupe smiling, lightly touched her stomach. "I don't think I have room."

"Oh you will," Todd said smiling, crossing his knife and fork on his plate.

Lupe's smile wavered as he bent down and grabbed the backpack. Lupe looked at him, a look of concern on her face. "What are you doing?"

Todd brought the backpack under the table and fumbled around in it for a couple of seconds. Lupe felt an icy chill pass down her spine.

His hand closed in on what he was looking for, "Are you ready for dessert Lupe?" He asked.

"I'm not hungry Todd," she said nervously. "I told you that already." The anxiety was beginning to settle in her stomach again.

Todd reached under the table with the object he had pulled out of the backpack. "Here take this," he said.

Lupe looked at him from across the table pursing her full lips. She looked nervous and uncomfortable. "Todd, please, I don't want to do this."

Scowling at her, he said, "Take it NOW dammit, or you're going to make me very mad."

Lupe sucked her lower lip in. The anxiety beginning to worm it's way throughout her body. Shaking Lupe reached under the table. Her hand coming in contact with what seemed to be a long cylinder shaped object. She took it from Todd's hand and held it in her lap. Petrified to look down. To see what it was.

"In case you were wondering," Todd said with a cruel smile, "You're holding your dessert."

Lupe looked down and gasped. She was holding a dildo. It was a good 7 inches long, but it seemed bigger in her small, hand. She shook her head. Trying to clear the haze that was settled over her mind. "This is just a dream, a terrible dream, and I just need to wake up, that's all I need to wake up,' She looked around her. She still was at the restaurant. She mewed in fear at the predicament she was in. 'don't let him know you're scared. Stay in control,' she thought to herself.

The dildo had what appeared to be three settings. She realized it was battery powered. The butterflies in her stomach were starting to get really bad now. They fluttered throughout her stomach making her feel slightly sick with anxiety.

She stared down at the dildo in her lap, "W- w- w- why are you giving me this," she finally stammered.

Todd looked at her a full minute before saying slowly, "I want you to put it in your cunt."

She felt of flicker in her loins, a sort of emptiness. She pushed the feeling away. She sat up straight. Trying to appear as calm and is in control as possible although her nerve endings were frazzled with tension. "Look, if you think I'm going to put this inside of myself in public you're crazy. I'm not going to do it." She put the dildo down defiantly on the seat next to her and crossed her arms over her chest protectively, all the while trying to ignore the pressure of her arms across her still sensitive breasts.

Todd sat back in his chair, his eyes cold and hard. Softly he said, "I know you want that thing in your cunt. I saw how excited your eyes looked when you saw it. I didn't miss it when you licked your lips. Your cunt is getting wet just thinking about it. Isn't it Lupe? I'll bet your cunt juice is leaking into your panties right now, isn't it Lupe?" he continued.

Todd's words were having the desired effect on Lupe. With every mention of the word cunt, Lupe unconsciously shuddered, her respiration slightly increasing. She tried to slow down her breathing. She could feel her heart beating in her chest with fear and on another level a sick excitement. "Stop talking like that to me," her voice thick and an octave lower. "Show me respect." Her small hands were clenching and unclenching in her lap.

"Picture that thing in your cunt Lupe," Todd pressed, "I think it would really fill you up. Can you imagine that?"

Helplessly, Lupe imagined her hand on the dildo, putting it inside her, inching it in a little at a time. She imagined the lips of her vagina sucking it in, until all 7 inches was inside her. Stretching her. Filling her. She fought against the feelings. She pinched herself hard on a thigh, her eyes watering from the pain.

"Come on Lupe....pick it up....pick up the dildo and stick it in your cunt for me. Just move your soaked panties to one side and slowly push it in. Then just start pumping it in and out, no one will know what you're doing."

Lupe was starting to pant and her vagina was aching with a strange need. "Stop it, stop it Todd, I don't want to!"

Bobbing his head back and forth he kept chanting softly, "In and out. In and out of your tight cunt."

Lupe willed herself to tune Todd out, to get up and leave, but she didn't. The word 'cunt' kept pulsating in her mind. Her face was flushed and she felt hot all over, pinpricks of heat needling her insides. She looked at Todd one last time, panting heavily. Her heart beating loudly in her chest "Stop, stop, talking like that, please, I beg you.... please stop."

Todd leaned in closer, "I can smell your cunt from here Lupe, you're juicing all over yourself. Look at your nipples, they're all excited again too."

Lupe looked down at her large tits, disgraced and embarrassed at her weakness. Her thimble sized nipples poking out against her dress like two doorbell buttons.

Todd knew Lupe was succumbing to her desire. She was almost constantly squirming in her seat and her breathing was coming in short gasps. He continued, "In and out of that sweet little cunt of yours."

"God...oh God.... you bas..bast..bastard." Lupe took hold of the dildo. She paused in agony. She saw Todd in front of her. Heard his words of command that bespoke complete obedience. With her left hand she reached slowly down underneath the table and grasped one side of her panties. They were absolutely soaked and so was the seat. The discovery made her groan with humiliation.

She took hold of her panties and pulled them to one side. The lips of her overheated pussy red and swollen and the thick hair covering her cunt was wet and matted. Completely lacking the will to stop herself, she brought the dildo to the opening of her cunt and spread her legs apart.

The tip of the dildo made contact with the outer lips of her vagina, sending shocks waves of pleasure throughout her loins. She paused, the dildo at the entrance of her hole, her arm tense. Part of her wanted to work the dildo up her wet grasping hole while another part of her, the moral part, the traditional part of her screamed at her to stop. To stop before she lost herself to these perverted desires. 'I can stop this. I can stop this' she thought to herself plaintively.

"Almost there Lupe," Todd pushed, "C'mon, stick it in. It's going to feel so good. So good to feed your cunt what it wants....what it needs."

Lupe gasped loudly and her body tensed up as she began to work the dildo up inside of her, unable to control herself any longer. The plastic cylinder disappearing into her cunt hole, her vulva parting wetly. One, two, three inches.

She lifter her ass and thighs a little higher off the seat to make more room for her hand and the dildo that was beginning to stretch out her cunt. She could feel her vagina sucking it in, pulling it in deeper. The tip was at the entrance of her hymen. A shudder coursed through her.

"Push," Todd hissed, "Push. Push it all the way in and just leave it there, you'll love it, you'll see."

Lupe sank the remaining four inches deep into herself. She felt a momentary flash of pain as the dildo pushed through her maidenhead, the tip now almost at the entrance to her womb. Lupe sat back against her seat with her legs spread wide under the table, the dildo deep in her pussy. The aroused lips of her vagina stretched tight around the base, her eyes were lidded with desire. Her breathing coming faster, more deep and profound.

As she got accustomed to the size and girth of the dildo her body would jerk in tandem with the dildo sticking out her hole like a V2 rocket. Lupe sat there motionless, petrified with shame, humiliation, lust and desire. A ball of emotions too complicated to understand. Too complicated to make sense of.

"Doesn't that feel good Lupe? Having your cunt all stretched out like that. Being so full?"

Lupe panted, "I can't.... stand it...don't...please don't make me...do.... anymore."

Ignoring her plea, Todd directed her to flick the switch with her thumb to 3. Lupe looked at him beseechingly. "No...Todd...please...don't make me do this."

"Turn it on!" Todd said impatiently.

Trembling with fear and a perverse desire, Lupe hesitatingly flicked the switch. The dildo came alive. She sat back hard and convulsed in her seat, her limbs taut as a flashflood of pleasure cascaded throughout her body, waves of pleasure pulsating out of her vagina.

Lupe threw her head back and groaned loudly as her vagina constricted around the pulsating invader and then exploded outwards like a super nova. Her juice sluicing all over her hands and the base of the plastic organ at the same time, her orgasm was extremely intense and her groan of pleasure carried across the restaurant.

The waitress hurried over, concern etched on her face, "Are you okay honey?" she asked?

Weakly, still recovering from the force of her orgasm and still with the fake cock buried inside her, Lupe mumbled something about a cramp in her leg. The waitress looked at her, shaking her head. Not believing that the girl sitting in front of her breathing heavily, with a sheen of perspiration on her face, with her nipples struggling to escape the confines of her bra, was having a problem with cramps. The waitress left their check and walked quickly away disgusted by Lupe's lewd display.

Lupe saw the look on the waitresses face and was thoroughly embarrassed, she could only imagine what she must look like. Trying not to attract attention, she slowly pulled the dildo from within her, the large diameter of the fake cock causing her vagina to make a barely audible slurping noise as it came out. She tossed it back to Todd under the table angrily, who nonchalantly put it back in his bag.

"I had a lovely time," he said smiling, "A lovely time." 'And I think' he thought to himself, 'that things are just going to get more interesting in the days and weeks ahead.' Todd dropped some bills on the table and walked out of the restaurant leaving Lupe standing beside the table by herself.

She was trembling with rage, but was also still very aroused. She noticed that some of the men in the restaurant had noticed her and were looking her over. Lupe could feel the anxiety building up inside her again and quickly went to the restroom to fix herself up.

She looked at herself in the mirror. She looked like a slut. She combed her hair and put a little bit of lipstick on and then went to the toilet. As she pulled down her panties she could smell her sexuality and see how red and swelled with desire her vagina was.

Quickly Lupe finished up, washed her hands, and double- checked herself before she went home. Her parents asked her how her evening had been and she evasively replied that it was alright. She told them that she had a great time but was exhausted and had a headache.

She went upstairs to her room and put on her pajamas. She tried not to think about the evening's events and her sore vagina as she closed her eyes and fell into a fitful slumber, tears drying on her cheeks.


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