Finally! Finally, I had Tom over at my house with no one around. No one for a couple hours. My parents were out for the evening and my little brother -- the incorrigible thirteen year old Billy -- was with his friends for the evening. Finally I was alone with my college guy, my college stud.

Of all my friends in high school, only I was dating a college guy... and it felt cool. We had gone out a few times, and each time was really exciting. Tom got me doing things I would never have imagined doing. Even the first time I met him -- at a frat party -- I let him come onto me like I never would have let a high school boy.

At that party we talked, drank a few beers and then he started dancing with me. Everybody was dancing, so we weren't conspicuous. But they way I let him kiss me as we danced was extraordinary for me -- we had just met!

We must have danced for half an hour before the dance turned into a serious make out session. We never left the floor nor stopped dancing. But as we kissed, Tom was freely feeling me up. His hands were playing with my tits, squeezing my nipples. Then he put both hands on my ass cheeks and pulled me into him as we danced. This put my cunt right up against his hard cock... god, it was exciting.

I was in heaven, dancing with a college guy who obviously was really attracted to me, making out with him on the dance floor, letting him feel me up in front of everyone. Then he stopped kissing me and just smiled, both his hands on my breasts. One by one, he undid the buttons on my shirt, letting it fall open, exposing my bra and tummy. Then he just stared down at my tits, stared with a real hunger in his eyes.

Suddenly I felt someone from behind pulling my shirt off, taking it completely off me. I was shocked and so I turned around to see who it was and found myself looking into the eyes of a college girl, a really hot college girl. While looking straight at my breasts, she handed my shirt to Tom and said, "Why don't you take her upstairs? She's ready to fuck."

"Good idea," replied Tom. With my shirt in one hand and my hand in his other, Tom led the way through the dancers, me being pulled along in just my jeans and bra. It was obvious to everyone that Tom was taking me upstairs somewhere to fuck me. I wasn't embarrassed, just excited.

When we got upstairs, he took me into a room with a big bed that already had a naked couple fucking on it. Tom just laid me on the bed along side them and took off my clothes, and then fucked me... fucked me right in front of them. As I started to cum, I glanced at them. They had finished with their own fuck and were now watching me, watching the high school girl get fucked. I came hard.

That was just a couple weeks ago. And now I had my college stud at my house. We were both naked, fucking in my bedroom. He had me laid out along the side of the bed and at the end so that he could stand at the end of the bed with my legs up high, draped over his shoulders. I liked this position. Since Tom was standing, he could do his hyper-fuck thing to me. This is when he would go into a super rapid fucking which drove me wild. He couldn't do it long, but it always fired me up.

For now, Tom was making steady long fucks into me, deep into me, and I was in heaven. Suddenly though, Tom drove even deeper into me and held his cock there, deep inside me, using his cock like a pole to keep me pinned to the bed.

"Who's that?" Tom asked as his cock firmly held me down on the bed.

I quickly looked around and saw my little brother -- the incorrigible thirteen year old Billy -- standing in my bedroom doorway, staring at Tom fucking me.

"Get out!" I screamed as I instinctively tried to get up, to grab sheets to cover up. But Tom's cock just held me there, held me down on my bed. As Tom's hands ripped the sheets from my hands, tossing them on the floor, exposing my naked body to my little brother, he said, "It's OK. He can watch."

"What?" I screamed. "He cannot! He cannot watch us! He shouldn't see me like this! He shouldn't watch you do this to me!"

But Tom just smiled and went into his hyper-fuck. God, it felt good. The fact that my little brother was watching seem to make it even more exciting. My cunt was on fire and I couldn't resist. I felt myself give in to the hyper-fuck, open up to it, accept it, crave it.

Seconds later when the hyper-fuck stopped, my little brother was standing right next to the bed, right next to me, looking down at my naked body getting fucked. I tried to cover my tits and cunt with my hands, but Tom just pushed them away saying, "Let him see you. Let him see that hot bod of yours. Let him see me fuck you."

Finally I stopped trying to cover up. I let my hands drop to my sides, let my little brother see my tits, see my tits rock back and forth with the fucking, see my cunt getting fucked. I watched Billy stare down at me, stare at his big sister getting fucked right before him. I saw the heat in his eyes. I saw the bulge in his pants.

Tom must have seen the bulge in Billy's pants also. "See?" Tom asked me. "See how he likes to watch? See how he wants to touch you? Go ahead, Billy. Go ahead and touch your sister's tits. She loves to have her tits played with."

I started to scream "No!" again, but Tom just did the hyper-fuck to me and I was once again in sexual suspension, my cunt on fire, aching for the hyper-fuck to last and last. Five seconds later when Tom let up, my brother Billy's hands were all over my tits. He was rubbing them, cupping them, pinching my nipples. God, it felt good, real good. As lewd as the scene was, I was excited beyond belief to have my little brother playing with my tits as Tom fucked me.

Tom, of course, wanted to take it a step further, a step further down that forbidden path of incest. "Go ahead," he instructed Billy. "Go ahead and take your cock out. Show your sister that hard young cock of yours. She wants to see it. She wants to taste it."

At this point Billy didn't need any encouragement. He stripped himself naked and stood next to me, his erect cock sticking out hard and proud. Surprisingly, I wasn't saying no, I wasn't resisting. Apparently I did want to see his cock, really wanted to see it bad.

Now that it was in front of me, I realized how beautiful it was. Not thick yet, too young for that... but much longer than I would have thought, much longer. God, it was beautiful, long and beautiful, with precum dripping from it, ready to be licked, ready to be sucked, ready to be loved, ready to be fucked.

"Look at her stare at it, Billy," I heard Tom reassure him. "Look at how she wants it. Look at how she wants it bad, wants it in her mouth, down her throat. Look at how she wants you to stick your hard young cock past her lips, into her mouth, down her throat, down deep into her throat. She wants you to spunk her, spunk her deep in her mouth. She loves cum. She wants your cum in her mouth, cum down her throat."

As Tom moved into hyper-fuck again, I heard him urging my little brother, "Go ahead, Billy. Go ahead and spunk her. Fuck your cock into your sister's mouth and spunk her."

The hyper-fuck did its part. With no resistance I turned my head towards my brother's cock and opened my mouth, opened it wide. When the hyper-fuck was over, my little brother's hard long cock was in my mouth, in my mouth where I was already sucking it, tasting it, loving it.

Then I felt Tom fucking me more violently than ever before. Apparently the sight of my little brother's cock in my mouth was inspiring him. Wham! He slammed his cock deep into my cunt. Wham! Wham! Wham! Over and over again, violent fucks, slamming harder and deeper into me. I was heading towards an orgasm. So was Billy. Soon he would spunk me, soon he would spunk my mouth with his young boy cum. I wanted it. I wanted it bad.

As Billy's first load filled my mouth and started down my throat, I came. I came and I came hard. Billy's cum was sweet. It had the taste of young sex, forbidden young sex. I knew I wanted it, wanted it all. I knew I would want it again.

Wham! Tom hit my cunt again, even harder, even deeper... my orgasm was all encompassing. Billy's second load spilled out of my mouth as I tried to swallow it, swallow it all. His hips were fucking my mouth now, his cock going in and out, in and out. Below, Tom kept slamming into my cunt, slamming really hard, slamming violently. Apparently he hadn't cum yet.

Billy was finishing, however, and my orgasm was subsiding slowly. As Billy took his cock from my mouth, Tom pulled his cock out of my cunt and leaned over me, beating off his cock as he pointed it at my tits, pointed it at my face.

As I looked up, Tom's first load splattered my chin, mouth and cheek. Out came my tongue, lapping up what it could reach. Tom's second load splattered my left tit, dripping over my nipple. The rest of Tom's load dribbled onto my tummy and cunt. He had made a mess of me. Here I laid, naked in front of my thirteen year old brother and my college stud, both of whom had just spunked me, spunked me royal.

Out of habit, I started scooping up the cum on my face and feeding it into my mouth. "See how she loves cum, Billy," Tom instructed. "See how she loves to eat it. You can feed her a load any time you want. Anytime you get hard, just stick that young cock in her mouth and feed her, spunk her good. She loves it. Do it anytime you want, in any place, in front of anyone, do whatever you want to your older sister. She's now your personal fuck puppet."

As I scooped up the cum in my bush and sucked it off my fingers, I saw Tom and Billy, standing over me, naked with glistening cocks, talking about how Billy could do whatever he wanted to me, whenever, anywhere, in front of anyone. They were laughing about how I was his fuck puppet, his sex toy, always available, always ready for a feeding.

As I got up to shower, those words kept ringing in my ears. Was it true? Had something just changed? Was I now my little brother's fuck puppet? Could he do anything he wanted to me? Anywhere? Anytime? In front of anyone? As I shampooed the cum out of my bush, I felt my fingers running over my clit with the thought of my little brother using me as he wished.

Shit. I was masturbating at the thought of being my little brother's fuck puppet. That made me angry. What was I thinking?

Slap! Wow... in my anger I had just slapped my cunt, slapped it hard right on my vulnerable clit. I was trying to punish myself, discipline myself for my incestuous indiscretions. Jeeze! It really hurt. But, it hurt good.

Without thinking, slap! I hit my clit again, even harder. Jeeze, it did hurt, it hurt so good.

Holy shit! What was I doing? Was I going to slap my cunt into orgasm?

Slap! I hit that vulnerable clit again, hit it even harder. This time the pain was so intense that I collapsed to my knees in the shower. I looked down at my cunt: my clit red with pain, my cunt lips swollen, the shower water pouring over me.

I knew I could rub my swollen cunt to orgasm within seconds, so I did. I came right there, knelling in the shower, my cunt alive with pain and pleasure. Disgusted, I left the shower, dried off and put on my robe. I was really disgusted, disgusted with myself. I could hear them talking in the hall, talking and laughing. They were waiting for me to come out. I tightened the belt on my robe and opened the door to the hall.

Immediately Billy grabbed me and pulled me out of the bathroom. In the hall he threw me up against the wall. I was shocked by his aggressive behavior. What was he doing? Was he going to throw me around? Was he going to hurt me? Was he going to rape me, rape me in front of Tom? I just stared at him in disbelief, my back against the hall wall, panting hard.

His hands came up, grabbed the top of my robe and pulled it wide open, exposing my tits. Shit! He was going to do whatever he wanted with me. Would I let him? Could I stop him? I felt the cool hall air on my nipples as he pulled the robe off my shoulders and halfway down my arms, restricting their movement. Then he undid my robe's belt and pulled my robe completely open up so that he and Tom could see my legs, see my cunt. Silently I stood against the hall wall, panting.

"See?" proclaimed Tom. "She's yours. She's your fuck puppet. You know what to do."

With that encouragement, Billy started playing with my tits. He was very physical with them, even rough, cupping them, pulling on them, pinching my nipples. God it felt good. I couldn't resist. I let my arms drop down so that the robe slid off them, slid off me completely, making me naked in the hall as Billy played with my tits and Tom watched.

Then Billy grabbed my hand and started pulling me down the hall, through the house, both of us naked, with naked Tom tagging along. Billy dragged me from room to room, past windows, finally into the kitchen.

Then Billy let go off my hand and stepped back from me. I could tell that he was about to give me an order, his first fuck puppet order. "Open your legs and finger yourself," he commanded.

What was I to do? If I was going to put an end to this game, it had to be now. If I did what he commanded, I would be forever his fuck puppet. As my mind pondered the situation, my legs opened wide on their own. Shit! I was obeying. Both my hands came down to my cunt.

As Billy and Tom watched, my fingers swirled all around my cunt and clit. Then as my hands pulled open my cunt lips, I inserted a finger between them. It was so wet that I slid the entire finger up into me effortlessly. As my other hand started to masturbate my clit, my finger started fucking my cunt, fucking it in front of Billy and Tom.

Then Billy grabbed my hand, yanking my finger out of my cunt and started pulling me through the house again, this time through the family room, then through the living room and then into the porch -- my mom's favorite room. He pushed me down onto the chair that my mother always sat in and stood in front of me, his legs apart, his young cock pointing right at my face.

He issued his second fuck puppet order, "Suck my dick!"

Even though I was thinking, "How Freudian is this?" I sat forward in the chair and opened my mouth, opened it wide, inviting him in. He took one step forward and his cock was inside my mouth. God, it felt good, it tasted great. I sucked. I sucked and sucked and sucked. I was ready to suck him off right there, right there as I sat in our mom's favorite chair. I wanted to taste his cum again, wanted him to cum inside my mouth, cum down my throat.

Billy had another idea, however. He stepped back, pulling his long young boy cock out my mouth, grabbing my hand and pulling me up out of the chair. "Come with me," he ordered, and he was once again pulling me naked through the house. This time he took me down the hall past my room, past his room, past the guest room, all the way to the end of the hall where our parent's room was.

He pulled me inside the master bedroom and over to the big bed. He had me on the side of the bed where my mom always sleeps. He reached down for the covers and pulled them off. Then he pushed me onto my mother's bed, exactly where she lay every night, my head on her pillow, my body laid out in her spot, my ass where her ass laid, my cunt where her cunt would be, naked for my brother to see, ready for my brother to fuck.

"Oh my god," I thought to myself. "This is Freudian."

Then my brother issued his third fuck puppet order: "Open your legs and masturbate."

Laying in our mother's spot in our mother's bed, I opened my legs wide for my little brother Billy and started to masturbate in front of him and Tom. They were both mesmerized. As they watched, I slowly arched my back, repositioning myself and showing them my hot little asshole. I opened my legs wider, opening up my asshole as one of my hands came around underneath and started playing the anus dance, rimming my hole, slightly poking into it, getting it ready to be fucked. Finally, with two fingers pumping my wet cunt, I pushed a finger deep into my ass. With my fingers fucking both holes aggressively, I looked at Billy and asked, "Well?"

That was enough for Billy. He knelt on our mother's bed, knelt between by legs and positioned his cock onto my cunt lips. My fingers nibbled at his tip as they continue to fuck my holes. Then Billy lay on top of me, his face next to mine, and he came inside me, came inside me as I lay in our mother's bed.

This was it: the first incestuous fuck. As his cock drove itself into me, I kissed my brother, kissed him full on the lips. As his hips started fucking, fucking his cock in and out of me, I fucked my tongue into his mouth.

Within seconds Billy was moaning, then crying out, then cumming. I kissed him through it all, kissed him, licked him, sucking his tongue into my mouth.

With his final thrust he froze above me, captured in rapture, cumming hard in his sister's cunt, cumming hard in his sister's cunt as she lay in his mom's bed.

As Billy lay on top of me, Tom came around to the side of the bed, his cock dripping precum. He brought his dripping cock right up to my face. With my brother's face just an inch away, I opened my mouth and in came Tom's beautiful cock. His hips immediately started giving me an energetic face fuck as my little brother watched from an inch away. Within seconds Tom came, blasting a huge load into my mouth, down my throat. I swallowed it all.

When Tom was finished, he calmly stated, "Great night, but gotta go, almost 9:00pm."

Holy cow! My parents would be home anytime. Billy and I knew the danger we were in. We jumped up, made my mom's bed, ran through the house picking up clothes and any other telltales of a young incestuous orgy. When we were convinced there was no evidence, I went to take a second shower. Tom had left.


When I finished the shower this time, I put on my pajamas. Mom and dad were home, talking to Billy about some tournament he had coming up next week. Hoping to avert real contact with any of them, I called out a greeting and said I had some homework and then I was getting to bed early. It worked. They all left me alone.

I went to my room, shut the door and then sat at my desk as if I was doing some homework. Immediately, though, I thought of my little brother, how he could just come in if he wanted, come in and stick his thirteen year old dick into my mouth. Holy cow! What was I into? What was going to happen? How was I going to get through this? How will I prevent my parents from finding out I had become my little brother's fuck puppet?

I turned the light out and climbed into bed. Then I listened closely, listened for their conversation, listened for any sound that might indicate Billy was coming, coming into my room. Time past, but nothing. Eventually I got drowsy and drifted off to sleep.

I was awoken by the hall light coming into my room. Then the door shut quietly and it was dark again, but I could see Billy, Billy standing in my room. He had on his pajamas, and I could see the tent in front. He had gotten hard, and so he was bringing it to me, bringing his hard cock to his older sister.

He reached inside his pajamas fly and pulled out that young cock of his. As he walked it towards me, he slowly stroked it, back and forth. When he reached my bed he hovered over me, pulling the covers off me and continued to masturbate.

"Unbutton your PJs," he whispered. "Show me your tits." Of course I did as ordered, and did so gratefully. I was actually grateful that he had come, grateful he had brought that hard young cock to me. As I unbuttoned my top and showed my tits to Billy, he kept stroking his cock, working his precum all over his shaft, into a light lather.

"Masturbate!" he ordered.

Wow, I thought, he wants to jerk off watching me make myself cum. Judging by where he was standing, he wanted to cum all over my tits and face as I masturbated for him.

His fuck puppet swung into action. I knew Billy had no control and would cum fast, so I had to time the show carefully. As my one hand started playing with my tits, the other started pushing my bottoms down, down far enough so that he could see my bush, down far enough so that my legs could kick them off.

Once my bottoms were off and in a heap at the end of the bed, I opened my legs wide, wet two fingers with my mouth, and fucked them into my cunt.

Billy was stroking his cock much faster now, so I brought my other hand down to my cunt. As I worked my pussy fast and hard, I saw that my little brother would be cumming soon. Then I remembered that new thing I did. As Billy watched, I pulled back my cunt lips and played with my clit, played with so that it filled with blood and stood up like a proud little cock.

Billy started to pant and whisper, "Shit, yes, shit, yes."

Then, Slap! I let my cunt have it and have it hard. My slap came down right on my clit, came down on it viciously. My cunt stung from the slap.

Billy was shocked. Slap! I hit my cunt again, slapping my clit even harder. Billy started jerking off full steam at the sight of my brutally slapping my own cunt. Slap! Slap! Slap! Billy's first load hit my tits, neck and chin. Slap! Slap! Slap! Billy's next load hit my mouth, cheek and ear.

As his cum dripped all over me, I kept on... Slap! Slap! ... and then I was cumming, my cunt in stinging pain. My back arched high and I came, came big time for my little brother.

When my orgasm finally subsided, Billy took his gleaming cock and put it into my mouth for a cleaning. I licked it and sucked it clean, then did the same for his fingers. He put his cock back in pajamas and headed towards the door, whispering, "See you tomorrow, FP."

Alone in bed, my cunt still stinging, I scooped up the cum all over me and fed it to my mouth. I ate what I could and then just rubbed the rest of it into my skin. I pulled the covers over me and fell asleep in my brother's cum, the sting in my cunt ebbing slowly.


The next morning, everyone was in a hurry. My dad had already left to catch a flight, he would be gone for the week. My mom was making breakfast and I was getting dressed. I decided to wear my nicest blouse. I wanted to look good for my little brother, make him hot before he left for middle school.

When I came into the kitchen, Mom was at the stove and Billy was sitting at the table. As soon as he saw me, saw me in my nicest blouse, saw my tits... he got up and came over to me. Without saying a word he reached up and cupped my breast.

I couldn't believe he was feeling me up in the kitchen, my mom just a few feet away. Fortunately her back was to us so she didn't see her little boy feeling up his older sister. He had both hands on my tits now, playing with my tits in a rough fashion. Then he took one of my hands and put it over my skirt on my mound while he put my other hand over his jeans on his cock.

As he played with my tits, I masturbated both of us at the same time. God it felt good. The fact that my mother might turn around and see it all made it even more exciting.

Then he pulled me into the hall and pushed down on my shoulders. I knew what he wanted. I knelt on the hall floor before him and unzipped his fly. With some difficulty I got his cock out. Immediately he shoved it into my mouth and played with his balls. As I kissed, licked and sucked his hard cock, he remained silent. As my mother cooked eggs a few feet away, my little brother started to fuck my face. As he got close to cumming, he pulled his cock out of mouth and whispered, "Use your hands. Splatter me all over your blouse."

He wanted a hand job. With one hand on his balls and my other hand stroking his cock, I pointed him at my tits and beat him off, beat him off good. Splat! His first load was all over my right tit, soaking my blouse. Splat! His second load was right down the middle. As he continued to spurt and drip, I wiped his cock tip all over my blouse, making a complete mess of it.

"Eggs are ready," my mom called out. "Great" replied Billy, putting his cock back in his jeans. "Jus a sec, Mom," I called out as I stood up. "I want to switch to a different blouse."

By the time I got back to the kitchen, my eggs were cold and Billy had gone to school. My mom was in a good mood and we talked a while before I left for high school.


In my last class of the day, I started thinking again about my little brother. He knew I always got home about a half hour before him. He would expect me to be there, expect me to be waiting for him. My mom wouldn't arrive home until hours later. My dad was gone for the week.

Against my will, I started thinking about what I should be wearing when he got home. Normally I don't change clothes when I get home from school, but everything was different now. I wanted to excite him, get him going, get him hard just with the sight of me.

By the time I got to our house, I was already wet just from thinking about the different clothes I might greet him in. I had a hot tank top in mind that, especially if I didn't wear a bra, would be a terrific turn on. I got to my bedroom and took off my shirt and bra and started to look for the tank top.

Glancing up at the mirror, I saw what I looked like just in jeans, naked from the waist up. The image made me freeze and stare. I couldn't believe how good I looked. Tan, slender, athletic, with two small tits to die for. As I started to walk around the room, I continue to glance at the mirror, admiring how hot I looked, how sexy.

For some reason I was compelled to walk out of my room and down the hall. Parading through my house naked from the waist up was an exhilarating turn on. Feeling the air on my skin, letting my nipples lead me from room to room, staring into every mirror in the house... all this was turning me on big time. Besides, it reminded me of how Billy pulled me naked through the house the night before.

That made me head towards my parents' room, the room where the first incestuous fuck happened. As I stared at myself in their mirror, I imagined my parents in the room, surprised by my entrance, surprised to see me walk in naked from the waist up. Then I imagined them in bed, getting ready to sleep when I unexpectedly entered their bedroom, naked from the waist up. I imagined the look on their faces as they saw my tits, my tan tummy, my sexy body.

Even better, I imagined surprising them in their bedroom as they lay in bed, fucking. I imagined them fucking and looking up at me, seeing me naked from the waist up, walking towards their bed, walking towards them as they fucked. What would they say? What would they do? Then I remembered my little brother laying me down in my mother's spot and fucking me, fucking me hard.

My daydream was interrupted by a sound out front. Was my brother arriving a bit early? I rushed back to by bedroom and listened. False alarm.

Getting back to business, I found the tank top and tried it on. Yes. Yes, indeed. I looked hot in it. I felt hot in it. The tank top made me look even sexier than being naked from the waist up. I knew instantly that one glance at me in this top would get my little brother hard, get him coming after me.

The only thing that might make me look even sexier would be to show more skin. The tank top left a lot of midriff exposed, but it could show even more. I took the top off, grabbed some scissors and cut a few inches into it. Then I tore off the bottom three inches of the top. When I put it back on, I just about creamed in my jeans.

My god, I was sexy. Now the top barely came down over my little tits. A ton of my tan, flat tummy was exposed. This top said "Fuck me, fuck me now" loud and clear. It also made me realize that if a little more skin looks this good, a lot more skin would look even better.

So I found a pair of very short cut-offs to wear with my freshly trimmed tank top. I took off my jeans and, standing in just the tank top and my black panties, I again glanced at the mirror. I knew immediately that I was now dressed, dressed to meet my little brother -- no need for the cut-offs. The combination of the super revealing tank top and my panties was spectacular. I thought to myself, "Penthouse would pay a fortune for a pictorial of jailbait like me!"

Once again I started walking around the house, feeling the exhilaration of semi-public sex. As I walked past windows I would slow down, increasing the chance someone might see me. By the time I reached the kitchen I was so hot that I had to sit on a stool and play with my clit through my panties.

I realized suddenly that I was very wet and that my panties were staining. The thought of my brother seeing a big wet pussy spot on my panties was hilarious. I continued to masturbate, making the stain as big and dark as possible.

Finally I heard someone at the front door, heard the key going in, the door being pushed open. My little brother was home... it was time to start again!

But then I heard him talking. Who was he talking to? I stood straight up and listened carefully. Then I heard a second voice, that of a girl. My god, he had brought a girl home and they were walking right towards the kitchen, right towards me. I was cut off. There was no escape. As my mind raced wildly and my heart pounded, my brother came into the kitchen with a young girl, a very hot young girl.

I had never met her, but I knew who she was. And I knew her reputation. Her name was Kelli and she was the super sexed eighth grade girl. She was absolutely hot with long blonde hair, a slender tan body and remarkably sexy tits. I'm sure all the guys were lusting after her, probably some of the teachers, too. My god, look at her! I suspected that even the junior high girls lusted after her, or at least wanted to be her. She was pure, young sex.

Even though I was in a panic, I was determined to be cool. "Hi, little brother," I somehow managed to get out, sounding somewhat calm, maybe even a little cool.

"Wow," is all he said back, staring at me, staring at my tits jutting through my tiny tight tank top, staring down at my legs, staring at my snatch.

"Who's your young friend?" I asked, convinced I could pull off the cool act.

I watched a smile come over her face... a dark, very sexy smile. She said nothing, just stared at me. Except rather than look me over like my brother was doing, her stare focused on my snatch, focused as if her eyes were burrowing through my cunt lips, burrowing into my sex. Then she laughed and said, "I guess you were looking forward to your brother coming home!"

Suddenly I remembered the big wet pussy stain on my panties.

"Yes," I replied, continuing my cool act. As I said, "Nice surprise to have you join us," I opened my legs slightly to give them a good view of the big stain.

"So what he said is true?" she asked me.

"What did he say?" I asked back, sounding cool.

But she didn't respond. She couldn't say it out loud. It was too outrageous, too bizarre.

In the midst of the silence, my brother walked up to me and cupped my left tit, rubbing it, pulling on my nipple, playing with it right in front of his young friend. It felt so good, so good to have him play with my tit right in front of the young girl.

"Sooooo," she finally murmured quietly. "It is true. He can do what he wants with you. And you let him do it."

"She wants me to do it," corrected my brother as his other hand came up and played with my other tit. "Anything I want, anywhere I want, any time I want, in front of anyone I want. She's my fuck puppet."

With that he pinched both my nipples and pulled them straight out. It hurt, it hurt real nice. As he released them, he instructed his friend to come closer, get a better look. She wasn't shy about coming closer. She walked right up to me, close enough that I could smell her, smell her youthful beauty.

As she watched close up, he slipped his hand under my tank top and cupped my tit. Then he pulled up the top a bit and showed her my breast, showed her my hard nipple. Then he raised the entire front of the tank top up so that she could see both my tits. God, it was exciting. My little brother was showing my tits to his hot thirteen year old girl friend. She stared at my tits, just stared at them. I could see the hunger in her eyes.

While she watched, I raised my arms up so that Billy could pull the tank top up and off me. Then I stood in front of her, just in my black panties, the pussy stain getting darker and larger.

"What do you want to see her do?" Billy asked the young girl. "Just name it, she'll do it."

"Well," she replied. "how about the obvious?"

"The obvious?" I asked her.

"Yeah... the obvious. Suck your little brother's dick." Billy started to laugh, but I just dropped to my knees and started unzipping his jeans. By the time I had his cock and balls out, free from his jeans, he wasn't laughing anymore.

I knew she was getting hot and I wanted her to get even hotter. So I decided to give her a great show of my sucking Billy's cock. Rather than just stick it in my mouth, I studied it, marveled at it, treasured it. As I delicately traced along its skin with my fingertips, my tongue would gently tease it, caress it.

When my lips finally touched it, it was the sweetest little kiss right on its tip. The precum drew like a string of honey between his hole and my lips. Then my tongue went back to the tip and, right on its top, right on the treasure hole, darted across it like a sex snake, teasing the precum out of the hole. Billy moaned. The young girl was silent, but I knew she was watching.

Then I got up high on my knees and took the tip into my lips. Staying with just the tip, I started to suck. I sucked and kissed and sucked and kissed that tip, driving Billy crazy. I heard the young girl whisper a slow "Shit."

As my lips sucked away at just his tip, my hands started working his shaft. I beat him off, beat him off right there. I beat off his shaft as I sucked his tip between my lips, beat him off into my mouth.

His cum came at me like a blast from a fire hydrant. Down my mouth went, encompassing the length of his cock, taking all of him into me, deep into my mouth. His hips went into action, fucking into my throat as his second load blasted. His cum gushed into my mouth, his hips fucking my face like it was a cunt, like it was a wide open cunt sucking all around his orgasm.

I held him in my mouth like that until his little hole had finished spurting, had drained itself and he had regained control. Once he was steady, I backed away from him with my mouth open, showing the young girl his cum in my mouth. Then I swallowed it, swallowed it all right in front of her.

"Shit," was the first word out of my little brother's mouth. "Shit that was good. You gotta do that to her. Make her cum like that."

I looked up at the young girl who was staring at me with an incredible excitement in her eyes. My hands went around her ass and pulled her to me, pulled her cunt right onto my mouth. She made a feeble comment, something like, "Hey, I'm a girl," but she made no resistance. I'm sure my mouth on her cunt, even through her jeans, was giving her a sensation she could not deny.

I kept my mouth on her cunt, munching away at her mound through her jeans, not giving her a chance to think about what was happening to her. I wanted to insure she didn't have a chance to escape.

As my mouth munched away, my fingers dug into her ass, feeling up her ass cheeks, pulling her ass checks apart. As soon as I felt her hips start to move, start to make little fucks into my face, I knew I had her. I knew I could strip her right there, strip her and fuck her right there. She was so young, so hot... and right now she was mine.

I kept munching her mound with my mouth as my hands moved from her ass up her sides and right onto her tits. Jeeze... they were so small, so small and firm, clearly only partially grown. I loved the way her thirteen year old tits felt. I started playing with them, playing with their young, small shape, their firm little nipples.

I could tell from her moaning and the way she was fucking her mound into my mouth that she was on fire, ready to be stripped. My hands pulled at the buttons on her shirt, opening it up. Within seconds I was pulling her shirt wide open, pulling it off her shoulders.

Finally, I took my mouth off her mound. I had left a wet spot on her jeans. I looked up and saw that flat tan tummy of hers and, oh my god, it was a turn on. A flat thirteen year old tummy -- tan, sexy, sweet -- I had to have her.

As I looked up further, I saw them, I saw those small, partially grown tits in a sexy black bra. My god, I had to have them, too.

I finished pulling off her shirt and let it drop to the floor. Then I quickly reached around her back and undid the bra hook. Immediately I pulled that little black bra off her sexy little tits so that I could see them.

Jeeze... it was like a religious experience. I had never felt such a pang of yearning as when I saw her young tits naked. They were more than perfect, more than desirable. They were so small, so firm, so pointing upward. Her tiny nipples were a sweet tan color with a gorgeous sheen to them. My god, I could spend the rest of the day playing with her thirteen year old tits.

Up my tongue came and started to play the sex snake game with her young little nipples: flick and dance, little suck, flick and dance, light drag, flick and dance.

I was in heaven but she was in Nirvana. She sucked her slim tan tummy in and stuck her young tits out for the delights of my mouth. Judging from her heavy breathing and extrovert body language, I figured I could make her cum with just my mouth on her thirteen year old tits. OK with me.

My mouth swung into more aggressive action on those little tits of hers. Sucking, lightly biting, roughly licking and flicking with my tongue... I was giving her tits the treatment. Her response was to moan over and over again, "Shit, yes, oh shit." Then I put one entire tit deep into my mouth and sucked it hard as my tongue worked on her nipple. She was now gasping. My mouth completely devoured her other tit, and did the same.

Then I released her tits and stood up. She just stood there, gasping, looking at me with the deepest hunger. I looked down at her tits. They were even more beautiful, more aroused, more sexy than before.

My hands went to her jeans, unsnapped them, unzipped them and went inside them, inside her panties, inside onto the soft, delicate hairs of her light bush. With my hands in her pants, I pulled her to me so that our tits touched. It was electrifying to both of us. As our nipples caressed each other, my fingers found the sweetness of her cunt lips, their wetness.

As my fingers slipped around on her wet cunt lips, my mouth was just inches from her young sweet mouth. As she panted I could smell her sweet breath. I breathed heavily into her mouth, heavily so that she could smell my breath mixed with the smell of my little brother's cum. Ever so slowly I moved my mouth towards hers. Ever so lightly my lips took in her upper lip, nibbling on it, sucking on it, licking it, kissing it. Ever so lightly I kissed her on both lips.

And then I opened my mouth wide and kissed her hard as my finger found the slip between her cunt lips. As my finger fucked its way into her cunt, my tongue fucked its way into her mouth. We stood there in the kitchen, making out.

I quickly realized that this thirteen year old hottie was a great kisser. Apparently she had spent many hours making out, getting felt up, getting turned on. She was fantastic at it and her kisses had me going wild. She sensed my erotic response and suddenly she became aggressive.

She pulled me over to the couch and sat me down with her next to me so that we could get more serious in our making out. As her tongue explored my mouth, her hand was playing with my tit. Jeeze, she was good. I was getting so hot, hot from making out with a thirteen year old girl.

We stayed like that for some time, sitting on the couch, making out. It didn't take her long before she had my stained panties off, her fingers twirling around my clit, occasionally fucking into my cunt. Her kisses were making my head spin. I was falling in love with her, especially her partially grown little tits. I couldn't stop playing with them, marveling at how they felt, how they looked, how they tasted.

Finally I was able to break away from her kisses, her fucking fingers, her thirteen year old tits. I spun her sideway on the couch and brought her ass up onto my tummy. As I turned to face her I brought her legs up high and wide. She understood and grabbed her legs to hold herself up and open for me.

Yes. Yes, there it was: her exquisite young bottom. Her cunt looking delicious as it yawned wide open for me, glistening with sex. But my eyes were focused just below it, at her unbelievably sexy young asshole. Oh my god, what an asshole. It was perfect in every way: the lightest shade of pink, the cutest little hole, the sexiest nestling between those extraordinarily young ass checks. Her anus was absolutely inviting, absolutely irresistible... a work of young virgin art.

She saw me marveling as her hole and so she opened her legs even more, inviting me up inside her perfect asshole. I leaned forward and used my wet tongue to give that tasty-looking hole the laziest of licks. Slow. Wet. Lazy, lazy, lazy.

Her reaction was the sexiest, sweetest little-girlish "Oh, yes" I had ever heard. Inspired by her approval, I used my wet tongue again to give her irresistible hole another of the laziest of licks. Slow. Wet. Lazy. She moaned deeply again, "Oh, yes".

As I continued my lazy licks across her asshole, she moaned her deep pleasure and kept opening up even more for me. After a while my tongue started to linger on the little pucker of her sweet asshole. As I pressed my tongue up against the hole, I felt her pucker relaxing, felt it inviting my tongue in, inviting my tongue inside her, inviting my tongue up inside her ass. She wanted me, alright. She wanted me up inside her ass. My tongue fucked deeper into that sweetest of holes. She continued to moan "Oh, yes."

With every lick and fuck of my tongue, I saw her cunt just inches away. I saw it wetting. I saw it needing attention, needing a fucking.

I knew what to do with it, what to do with that wet, begging cunt of hers. As I continued to tongue her asshole, I began to play with her cunt using my fingertips: tease her lips, flick her clit, probe slightly inside, light her deepest fires. It worked. She writhed. She moaned. She twisted. She involuntarily fucked the air, hoping to bring my teasing, swirling fingers inside.

Then I started to seriously work her clit, work it like I beat off my little brother's cock. My stimulating fingertips got the job done as I watched her clit fill with blood, stand up proud, protrude through her beautiful cunt lips and say "Fuck me, fuck me now." Meanwhile my tongue was fucking ever harder, ever deeper into her other cunt... that magnificent asshole I treasured and adored.

Then, unexpectedly, as I fucked my tongue harder into her asshole, through her pucker and up into that holy passage, I let fly with a vicious... Slap! Right on her wet cunt, right on her proud little clit. Then... Slap! I hit it again.

Suddenly she was sitting up, shocked, dismayed, rubbing her clit to make the sting go away. She stared at me in disbelief, incredulous. I just stared back at her. Once she looked into my eyes, looked deep enough into my eyes, she understood. She knew what she wanted to do. She lay back down, removed her protective hands from her wet cunt lips, her sweet clit... and waited.

As my tongue dove into her asshole again, Slap! I let her thirteen year old clit have it again, even harder, even more vicious. Instead of protecting her sweet cunt, however, her hands fell to her sides, leaving her sex wide open for my pleasure, my abuse. Slap! I hit her again, harder than ever.

Her hands squeezed the sofa cushions, but she didn't move to cover herself, to protect herself. Instead she opened her legs even further, inviting me to do as I wished with her cunt, inviting me to torture it as I felt appropriate, as I needed to, as I wanted to, as I dared to. Slap! Slap! Slap!

She took it all. She moaned. She cried out. She cried. But she took it all.

Slap! Slap! Slap! I was slapping her cunt viciously, slapping it towards orgasm, slapping it into the deepest sting, the deepest pain, the deepest sex. Slap!

Then, suddenly, I stopped. She was gasping loudly. Her chest was heaving, her little partially-grown tits covered in sweat. Filled with sex, filled with pain, she gasped for breath. She was so hot, so beautiful, and so young.

I watched her raise that young cunt of hers up high, fucking the air, searching for the next slap, seeking the inevitable fuck.

I looked around and saw the inevitable fuck. There was my little brother, naked, cock sticking out hard and high, dripping precum on the carpet. Shit! He was ready, alright. Ready to fuck his thirteen year old cunt friend.

I spun her around so that her cunt faced him, faced him open and wide, ready to fuck him, take in his cock, take in his cock through her young cunt lips and deep into her body. She was ready to be fucked, ready to be fucked royal.

I reached out for his cock and grabbed it, brought it over to her glistening cunt. I placed its precum- dripping tip up against her cunt lips, warning him: "Slow and easy, very carefully."

Despite her reputation, I had a hunch she was a virgin... and I wanted to find out.

My little brother fucked his tip into her cunt lips carefully, then he pushed a little more.

That's when he felt it, felt that little girl virginity resistance. He looked at me and waited.

"Wow!" I said to her. "You're a virgin."

She nodded yes, a bit sheepishly.

"But you have such a reputation for being a hottie," I challenged her.

"Well," she confided, still panting, "I make out a lot, let people feel me up a lot, make people cum a lot."

"But virginity?" I asked.

"Well," she explained, "I'm very particular."

"Particular?" I exclaimed. "Particular? Well, what about now? What about Billy? He's already got his wet tip up in your sweet cunt. You want his hard cock to follow? You want him to fuck through that delicate virginity and bleed you into womanhood? You want my little brother to fuck you, fuck you hard right now?"

She just lay there, in the most exquisite heat of young sex, nodding yes, nodding yes again and again, with so much desire she was unable to speak.

I looked at Billy. "Go ahead, punch it. Fuck right through her virginity. Fuck right through it and then fuck right up her thirteen year old cunt. Fuck her, Billy. Fuck her eyes out."

I watched the muscles in Billy's thighs and ass tense up just before... Wham! In he fucked, hard and deep. Jeeze, in one fuck his young cock was almost completely up inside her. Billy was turning out to be a real stud.

Her reaction was paralysis. Her eyes blew wide open and she just froze.

Billy pulled his cock back so that his tip lay in the folds of her lips as if they were his launching pad. Wham! He fucked into her again, hard and all the way. Then, back again so that his tip lay between her lips. This time I could see the blood, her blood streaking his tip as it lay between her lips. Wham! Again he fucked into her.

Then, over and over again, Billy fucked her, fucked his young friend right in front of me. I reached over to her clit and let my fingers do their swirling, teasing thing. Soon her hips were in fucking mode, matching Billy's fucks. Her ass was in gear, she was fucking him back, naturally trying to suck his cock in again and again, deeper and deeper, instinctively trying to suck that sweet boy cum out of his cock and up inside her.

Then she was cumming, cumming all around his fucking cock, her moans turning to a scream, a scream that lasted and lasted. Then her body lay beneath my brother, rocking as he pounded into her, fucking her hard into the couch. Billy was still pounding into her after her orgasm was over. She had sex sweat all over face and body, like an athlete after a marathon.

"What an opportunity," I thought as I pushed at Billy's tummy and said, "Pull out of her. Go on, pull out of her. Take your bloody cock out of her cunt and fuck it now into her mouth, cum in her mouth. Put your bloody cock in her mouth and spunk her."

Billy didn't need further encouragement. Out came his cock as he reached for a fistful of her hair and pulled her head up towards him. His erect cock stuck out high, pointing up. God, it was beautiful. Young, long, hard, glistening with blood-streaked cum its entire length. She saw it for an instant, and then she opened up, opened up her mouth, opened it wide. In he came, exploding cum before she could close her lips around the bloody cock fucking into her mouth.

He held her head in place with his fist of hair while his hips fucked his cock over and over again into her sweet mouth. There was young boy cum all over her lips and chin, but most of it she had captured in her mouth, down her throat.

It was the hottest sight I had ever imagined: her sweaty little girl tits sticking up, her mouth covered in cum with my little brother continuing to fuck her beautiful young face. Jeeze... I felt like the fuck puppet had really delivered. I was at the top of my game.

As soon as my little brother pulled his spent cock out of her mouth, I dove onto her body, kissing her, licking the cum off her face, then kissing and suckling those thirteen year old tits one last time. I ended with my face in her young cunt, lapping up my brother's cum mixed with her virginity.

Then I reminded everybody of the time, and we knew we had to boogie. Mom would be home soon.

We quickly cleaned up all evidence and then headed to the showers. Billy used his bathroom, but Kelli joined me in my shower. As expected, I couldn't stop playing with her thirteen year old tits. She got so excited that I made her cum again, right there in the shower, as Billy was banging on the door telling us to hurry.

Kelli got dressed and left, but not before giving me one last sweet kiss. As my brother was getting dressed, he told me, "No bra. Don't wear a bra."

I heard my mom drive up as I picked out a shirt and some jeans to wear. As ordered, I didn't wear a bra. When I walked into the kitchen, everything seemed normal. My mother was chopping vegetables for dinner and Billy was setting the table.

When I greeted her, my mother turned to say hi. Immediately her eyes glued onto my shirt, my bra-less breasts.

"Why aren't you wearing a bra?" she asked me.

"I told her not to" offered Billy.

"Very funny, young man" my mom scolded him. Then she turned to me again and said, "Don't go out like."

But before she turned to continue chopping, her gaze fell once again onto my breasts.

Her reaction to my tits was too much for the incorrigible Billy. He came over to me and, right behind my mother's back, cupped my breast with one hand and started playing with it. God, it felt good, so good, especially so since my mom could just turn around and see it happening. Then up came his other hand and he was playing with both my tits, playing with them aggressively, our mom's back to us both.

I wondered what I would say if she turned around, what I would do. Fake being tickled innocently by Billy? Would she buy that?

But then Billy started unbuttoning my shirt. Shit. He was going to strip me right behind my mother's back. Soon my shirt was wide open, my tits exposed as Billy resumed playing with them. There would be no escape now. The trap was set, but who was it for?

As expected, my mom turned around to say something, and she was shocked at what she saw. Billy made no attempt to stop feeling up my exposed tits. I made no attempt to cover up. We just stood there, in front of our mom, Billy feeling up my naked tits.

"What are you doing?" she screamed. "You can't do that to your sister! Why are you letting your little brother do that to do you?" But we didn't stop. We just stood there, Billy exciting my tits with his massaging hands.

Suddenly she was coming at us, coming at us to stop us physically. Unfortunately for her, both Billy and I are stronger than she is. I simply grabbed one of her hands and Billy grabbed her other. We wrestled around a bit, getting her under control. She kept shouting at us to stop. She also kept looking at my tits, especially as we struggled. She couldn't take her eyes off of them.

Once we had Mom under some control, with me holding one of her hands and Billy holding her other, Billy resumed playing with my tits using his free hand. What a scene! We were forcing our mom to watch my little brother feel me up, play with my naked breasts. I loved it. I was so excited.

Then Billy grabbed my mom's hand away from me and held both her hands around her back, facing my mom right at me. She wasn't shouting now, just panting, panting as she looked down at my tits.

"Go ahead," Billy ordered me. "Go ahead and feel up Mom's tits."

Instantly my hands were on my mother's tits, feeling them up, playing with them, squeezing them, exciting them. Then I released them and stood back from her. Slowly I removed my shirt so that she could see me naked from the waist up. It felt so sexy, so sexy showing myself to my mom. Her eyes stared at me, unable to look away.

Then I stepped back up to her and started unbuttoning her blouse. Soon I was opening it up, looking at her tits in her white bra. Then I was working with Billy to get her shirt off her without losing control of her arms. It wasn't hard... she wasn't fighting anymore. Then we took her bra off and she stood between us, naked from the waist up, Billy still holding her arms behind her, pushing her tits forward and upward.

I moved up to her so that my naked tits touched her naked tits. God, it was electrifying, mom tits touching daughter tits, mom nipples caressing daughter nipples. I was in heaven, pressing my tits into my mom's tits. And then we were kissing. Not a mom-daughter kiss, but a lovers kiss, with wide open mouths and exploring tongues. We stood there, our breasts touching, kissing and kissing and kissing.

When I released her from our kiss, Billy released her arms. She was no longer resisting.

I stood back from her and unsnapped my jeans and lowered the zipper. Then I waited for her to do the same. She understood and complied. Right before me, she opened up the front of her pants. As I pulled down my jeans and stepped out of them, so did my mom. Then, as we stood before each other in only our panties, I grabbed the front of my panties and pulled down, pulled down just enough to show my mom my cunt, to show her my beautiful young cunt.

Without hesitating, she grabbed her panties and pulled them down enough to show me her cunt, her mom cunt with its thick, dark bush. God, she was hot.

Then our panties were on the floor and my mom stepped up to me, pressing her cunt up against mine, pressing her tits up against mine, pressing her lips up against mine. As her tongue came into my mouth, I kissed her back in a frenzy. We were standing in the kitchen, naked, making out as my little brother watched.

Then, remembering my fuck puppet duties, I took my mom's hand and led her out of the kitchen, down the hall and into the master bedroom. I led her over to her bed and then laid her down, naked, in her spot. As Billy stood next to her, I put my mom's hand on her cunt and started it masturbating. She kept it going, masturbating herself as she watched her son strip himself naked before her.

His cock came out of his pants rock hard, long, beautiful and young. It was a Freudian moment.

"Yes," my mom was moaning. "Yes, come into me my son, cum deep inside me." Her fingers were opening her cunt lips for Billy, opening them wide for her young son.

Billy knelt before my mom, his cock dripping precum on her bush. I grabbed his cock and guided its beautiful young tip, guided it into the hole from which we came.



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