Ginger Lee Garrison was bored. She knew that for the next 8-weeks, her life was going to be impossible. Checking the contents of her suitcase, she found she had packed all the new summer clothes her mother had purchased for her. Then she packed her personal things, except for her diary, which she kept in a canvas tote bag. Ginger picked up her dairy, and looked in the daily log of her life.

She had turned 13 years old a week before. She sat down at her desk in her room and wrote: June 14, Thursday morning: I've finished packing my clothes to take with me to Uncle Bill's, who lives in the middle of backwoods. BORING! I hope I can find something to write to you each day. Anyway, mom and dad will be having fun on a two-month long trip for dad's company.

It is noon, so I guess my fate is near, as my Uncle Bill, my mother's brother, is due here anytime to take me to his and Aunt Ruth's place. I have not seen them since I was little, and then only at a party following Uncle Bill's finishing college, or something, I really can't recall. But they are my only uncle and aunt. Dad was an only child, and mom had only her brother, Bill, who, until now, was only a person we got cards, letters and gifts from at Christmas.

Doris Ann, at 30, and Eddie, who was 44, had raised their only child Ginger Lee to be somewhat independent. However, as Doris Ann saw her brother Bill driving his pickup into the driveway, she wondered how he would get along with his "niece." She and Eddie had gotten married when she was only 17 years old and Doris Ann had been three months pregnant with Ginger Lee. At that time, her brother Bill had just celebrated his fifteenth birthday.


For the first few months of her marriage, Doris Ann suffered through the agony of intercourse with her new husband. Eddie was brutal in his love making and felt he had been tricked into marriage. Eddie often counted the months from when he first had sex with Doris Ann, until the due date of their child.

After the birth of Ginger Lee, Doris Ann found her marriage soon became a fact in name only, and her husband was constantly traveling for the company, while being promoted at the same time. Doris Ann dreamed this trip would become romantic for them and they could become lovers once more.

Looking at her brother as he exited his pickup, Doris Ann thought back to when she and her brother were young, and would play together. Then her mind was once more drawn to the loveless marriage between she and Eddie. For the past 13-years, they had engaged in sex no more than once every 6-months, and now they would be on the first trip they would be sharing together, because it was a company requirement, as Eddie had been promoted to a full vice president's position.

Walking to the door, she welcomed her Bill into her home. The last time she had seen her brother was when he finished graduate school, and left for the job with the park service. Doris Ann reached out and hugged her brother tightly into her arms, and her face turned up to receive his kiss. She knew that Eddie would not leave the kitchen where he was fixing some coffee, and she allowed her mouth to welcome her brother's tongue tip to press and move over her own.

Instantly, a lusty desire passed between the siblings, and Bill felt his manhood grow and press against the mons of his sister. He could feel the heat being released by his own sister even through their clothing. Memories of their being close as children and teens passed across Bill's mind, and then he knew he must release his grip on his wonderful and beautiful sister's trim and lovely body.

Standing inside the front door, Doris Ann moved her pelvis so that she could feel the growing penis of her brother pressing against her own sex. For less than a minute, she rubbed her vulva frantically over, the fully erect male stalk in her brother's pants. With her mouth over her own brother's, Doris Ann moaned out in her first male induced climax in several years. Her breath blew hot into her brother's mouth, and she whispered between Bill's lips, "Bill, you gave me pleasure, wonderful pleasure and release."

The siblings walked into the kitchen and joined Eddie, and they sat around the table enjoying the fresh coffee, and discussing the plans for each of them for the next two months. Doris Ann knew it was time to call Ginger Lee down, and have her meet her uncle.

"Ginger, come on down, your Uncle Bill is here," my mom called up the stairs to me. I walked down the stairs, with my over stuffed suitcase in my hands. I entered the kitchen where mom, dad and Uncle Bill were seated at the kitchen table. "Honey, this is your Uncle Bill, who you haven't seen in years, and is my one and only brother, and isn't he handsome" mom said to me with pride in her voice?

My eyes looked at Uncle Bill and I saw a man who I knew was 30 years old, and saw the most handsome man I had ever looked upon. My teenage mind and heart instantly liked Uncle Bill and I knew the photographs we'd received from time-to-time, did not allow one to see how terrific the man was. "Hi, Uncle Bill," I said, and as I did, he pulled me into his arms, and hugging me, gave me a kiss on my forehead.

"Ginger, honey, there has been a slight change, as your Uncle Bill and Aunt Ruth are getting a divorce, so you will be alone some during the time your staying with him," mom told me.

That won't be a bad change I thought, knowing I would be alone with the good-looking man. We talked for another half-hour, then mom and dad gave me a hug, kissed me goodbye, and I was soon setting in the front seat of Uncle Bill's pickup, deciding a two-month trip to the mountains with my uncle might not be so bad.

Around six o'clock in the afternoon, Uncle Bill said we'd stop at the next major intersection, as we saw several billboard's advertising motels and restaurants, 8-miles ahead. Pulling off the highway, Uncle Bill pulled into a motel with a swimming pool, and I had begged Uncle Bill to stop where we could swim. Our room was on the first floor of the motel, and we checked in, then walked the short distance to the nearby restaurant, that advertised Amish style food. After eating and we walked back to the hotel, I asked Uncle Bill, "Can we go swimming?"

"Sure, if you want, you go, but think I'll just rest after driving all day, is that all right with you, Ginger Lee?"

"Sure, but will you go to the pool with me, I'm kind of afraid to go by myself?"

"I'll be your personal policeman, if that will make you happy." Then my uncle surprised me, and told me, "I hope we get along all summer as nice as we have today. It has been fun visiting with you while riding in the pickup, except for your choice of radio stations," he said laughing.

During the drive, I'd found my uncle fun to be with, and he had allowed me to listen to some rock music that I knew was not the music he enjoyed. I was surprised when I found in just a short time in the pickup with Uncle Bill that he was fun to be with. He told me that Aunt Ruth could not stand living in the mountain cabin and being isolated from the world any longer. Uncle Bill told me about his work as a forest ranger in the deep woods of the park.

Getting my bathing suit from my suitcase, I carried the two-piece suit into the bathroom, and after undressing, looked in the mirror at myself, and saw two little bumps on my chest. The hairs that had commenced growing on my slit were still coming in, and were just a few hairs at the sides, near the top of my female opening. Some hair was growing at the very top of my cleft, but it was just straight hair, in a spot about the size of a nickel. I had not started my periods yet, but a couple of times I had spotted a little.

All my friends had gotten boobs, while I was just starting to do so, and wished mine were bigger, especially because of my great looking uncle. He will see I haven't even gotten boobs, and he'll think I'm just a little girl. Slipping on the bottom of the suit, then the top, I looked in the mirror, and decided to see if my uncle would enjoy viewing me in my bikini, boobs or not.

Opening the bathroom door, I walked out to where Uncle Bill was seated in a chair watching TV. "I'm ready, Uncle Bill," and turned around so he could see me in my bathing suit.

"Guess it's a good idea I'm going with you to the pool, as there is no doubt, all the boys will be after my cute niece."

Uncle Bill hadn't said, "little niece," so that made me happy, and I walked over and took his hand in mine, and we left the room and headed to the pool. Uncle Bill let me swim as long as I wanted, and when I was tired, I walked over to where he was sitting in a chair. My uncle was asleep, so I flipped water from my hands onto to his face, and when he woke up he said, "I just might have to kill you for getting me wet."

Back in the hotel room, Uncle Bill said I could shower first, as I needed to get out of my suit, and he would shower after I was done. After showering, I slipped on the tee shirt I slept in, walked out and climbed up on my bed, and started watching TV while my uncle showered.

I must have gone sound asleep within minutes of laying on the bed, and when I woke, it was nearly six in the morning, and Uncle Bill was holding onto the big toe on my right foot, shaking it to wake me. When I woke, from my uncle shaking my foot, I moaned out, "No, it's too early to get up, let me sleep another hour, Uncle Bill." As I was speaking, I didn't think about only having on the tee shirt I'd slept in, and I kicked my leg to keep Uncle Bill from shaking it. This allowed my shirt to rise up on my legs, and I had them up in the air, and realized I was exposing my sex to Uncle Bill.

The fact I was completely exposed, and the few hairs growing between my legs were displayed to Uncle Bill, hit me like a rock on top of my head. For whatever reason, I squirmed and jerked my feet and legs even more than when I woke up, and ended with my legs wrapped around my uncle.

Uncle Bill must have been really surprised in viewing me with my legs open, as I saw his eyes were looking directly between my splayed open legs. For a moment or so it seemed he leaned closer between my legs, and was looking very intently at the hair and slit between my legs. Then Uncle Bill let go of my toe, turned quickly from looking at my private parts.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to see you like that, and hope you're not mad at me Ginger Lee, as I..."

Without thinking, I told Uncle Bill, "It's OK, I'm not upset, besides I'm not that grown up, or at least like my friends are." As I spoke, Uncle Bill turned back around to, where I was lying, still with my legs open. Uncle Bill must have assumed that I would have put my legs down, but he found I was still open for him to view me between my legs. I slowly closed my legs, and let them swing off the bed, and then I was standing next to my handsome uncle.

I moved my arms out and hugged Uncle Bill and I loved feeling him in my teenage arms. Pressing myself against Uncle Bill, I giggled and keeping my head down, said, "Uncle Bill, it is okay that you saw me, but you owe me one, so I can see what a man looks like!"

"Sure, I owe you one, and my sister will kill me when she finds out I saw you, and especially if I would allow you to look at me naked." Smiling, Uncle Bill told me, "Anyway, you need to get dressed. Then we'll go eat and hit the road."

Picking out a clean pair of shorts, top and bikini panties, I went into the bathroom and dressed. Walking back to the room where Uncle Bill was seated at the table, I sat on the edge of the bed and slipped on my sandals. I got up from the bed where I was setting, walked over to where Uncle Bill was, and I mocked him and took his ear between my finger, as he had my toe when he woke me.

"Uncle Bill, I know you will laugh at me, but I enjoyed knowing you saw me, and you're the first man to see between my legs." Moving until I was setting on his lap, I asked Uncle Bill, "May I, like - maybe I'll see you - maybe tonight - I won't tell mom, I promise?" Then I buried my face against his neck and face, and told him, "I've always wanted to see what a man's cock looked like, and I promise I will never tell if you show me yours, and I will show you mine again."

"Ginger Lee, I'm supposed to be watching over you, not seducing you, but viewing your sex was a pleasant surprise, and I enjoyed the soft looking hair that has started growing between your legs." Pausing for a moment, Uncle Bill spoke softly and told me, "Maybe I will show you, but lets not speak about it any more, at least for now."

Then Uncle Bill hugged me, and lightly kissed the side of my face, and told me, "Enough for now, so let's eat and then get on the road."


By the end of the day, we still had about 400 miles more to go before we would be at the park where Uncle Bill lived. When we checked into the motel, and were in the room, there was only one bed in the room. Uncle Bill called the desk, but was told that they only had this room left, and apologized for the mix-up, but they would send up a cot if he wished. Looking at me, Uncle Bill asked, "Honey, all they have is a roll-away-cot, so do you want to sleep on it, or we can share the bed, if you won't feel uncomfortable?"

"Uncle Bill, whatever you wish is okay with me, but cots aren't comfortable, are they?"

"No, but I don't want your mother or anyone else to know we shared the same bed, you understand that, don't you?"

"Sure, I can keep a secret, so no problem with me if we are in the same bed."

After getting squared away in the hotel, we got back in Uncle Bill's pickup and drove about a mile to a restaurant that had "home-cooked food" on a buffet line. The food was really good, and when I ordered the strawberry pie, with whipped cream topping, it was really good. As we were leaving the restaurant, Uncle Bill stopped in front of a mirror and had me look in it at myself. The left side of my face, was covered in whipped cream, and I playfully hit Uncle Bill on his arm for allowing me to leave the restaurant with my face messed up.

Back at the motel, we changed into our bathing suits and took a quick swim, as the pool was closing in fifteen minutes. After returning to our room, I showered first, then slipped on my tee-shirt, and started to put on some panties, but realized that maybe if I let Uncle Bill see me once more, and he would let me see what a man's thing was like. I got in bed and as I did, pulled my regular size tee shirt up so my body was exposed from the waist down.

After another ten minutes, Uncle Bill walked into the room, and had a towel wrapped around his waist, and I assumed over his undershorts. Turning out the lights, but with the TV on, I flipped out when I saw he was nude under the towel when he let it fall to the floor. At times, I had seen my father in the nude, but this was different, and my eyes followed my uncle from the table where he turned the light off, until he got to his side of the bed. I looked on in total surrender of teenage curiosity while looking at the male organ hanging down from my uncle's body, and wished the lights were on so I could view it better.

When Uncle Bill saw me watching him, he smiled and climbed into bed, and asked, "So you got to see me, happy now, Ginger Lee?"

I scooted over and hugged my uncle and lay with my head on his chest, and replied, "Yeah, but can I look closer, please?"

"Ginger Lee, are you certain about what you are doing, and wanting to look at my penis?" "You won't create a problem by saying something to your girlfriends or even worse, your mother, if I allow you to look at me again?"

"No, I will never tell," and as I spoke, I pushed the covers down so I could see my uncle's man-thing. I moved my face down so it was lying on my uncle's lower stomach, and the hair surrounding his cock, tickled my face. My eyes were no more than an inch or two from the first cock I had really had a chance to see. Unsure what would happen, I reached out and took Uncle Bill's cock in my soft hand. While I was holding it, I felt it growing, and when it was really hard, I knew Uncle Bill liked my holding him in the softness of my hand. "Uncle Bill, it is so long, and it got really hard, and it feels so smooth, and tell me, is this what is called a hard-on?"

"Gee-whiz, Ginger Lee, your hand feels so good, but we best stop, before we end up in one big mess." Then I listened to Uncle Bill tell me how I made him feel good, and then he said, "Yes, it is a hard-on, and you gave it to me - your hand is soft and warm, and feels good holding me like you are."

Uncle Bill moved and pulled me up to where I was laying on his body, my legs were parted and laying spread over his left leg, my naked sex was feeling his thigh between mine. Still my hand was gripping my uncle's cock, and it seemed to be shaking as I squeezed it tightly. I wanted to speak, but believed if I said anything, Uncle Bill would ask me to stop holding him.

I woke up sometime during the night, and found I was still holding my uncle's cock I could hear Uncle Bill snoring, and I allowed my fingers to move down and explore the sack hanging below his rigid erection. My fingers held Uncle Bill's skin-creased bag and I enjoyed finding the two large round things, like marbles inside the bag. Uncle Bill had a thick growth of hair around his thing, and I ran my fingers through it, and I fell back to sleep.

When I awoke once more it was still dark, and could feel Uncle Bill moving his fingers between my legs. I didn't make any sound, and pretended to still be sleeping. One of Uncle Bill's fingers was slowly stroking the slit between my legs, and then it was caressing the spot at the top of my slit, and it was making it almost impossible for me to lay still. Within moments, my body felt like it was ready to explode, and then it happened. My hips moved up and I cried out, "Oh, Uncle Bill, whatever you've done, feels so good, um like that, yes, oh Uncle Bill!" I understood that my darling uncle had just given me my first climax with a man, and I fell in love with him at that instance.

Instead of answering me, Uncle Bill moved his finger over the spot for a few more moments, and as I stopped shuddering, I felt him push his finger slightly inside my opening. Uncle Bill was moving his finger very gently in and out of the edge of my opening, and I wanted him to push in me deeper. We both went back to sleep, and when I woke up, again, I was in bed alone and Uncle Bill was watching television. The news reporter was speaking about a plane crash somewhere in the jungle of Brazil, and Uncle Bill moved over to the bed, and took me in his arms. My mind thought that Uncle Bill wanted to touch me once more, but I saw he was crying, and I asked him what was wrong?

"Ginger Lee, there's been a terrible accident, and the plane that crashed was the one your parents were on, and we need to return to your home."


After the funeral, and a hurried court hearing, Uncle Bill was given custody of me, and I was going to live with Uncle Bill. My uncle hired an attorney to take charge of my parent's estate, and he and I meet with the attorney in the judge's chambers, and the arrangements were made so we could drive to Uncle Bill's to live.

During the nights after the plane crash, and driving to the cabin in the park where Uncle Bill lived, I slept with Uncle Bill. Nothing happened between us, and once we unloaded the trailer that contained all the things I owned, and items that had belonged to my parents, that I wanted to bring with me to Uncle Bill's, I fixed up my own room. The first night that I was in the cabin, I went to bed around ten that night. I awoke and was afraid, and got out of my bed, and walked into Uncle Bill's room and got in bed with him.

"Hi, Ginger Lee, can't sleep," Uncle Bill asked?

"I'm afraid, Uncle Bill," I replied as I snuggled up against my uncle. I must have gone back to sleep immediately, and when I woke up, the sun was shining through the windows of the room. Uncle Bill was not in bed, but he must have opened the curtains. I got out of bed, and walked into the bathroom, and after I was done there, walked to the kitchen. Looking on the table I found a note Uncle Bill had written, telling me he had to make a round in the park, and would be home for lunch, but hoped I could fix myself something to eat. We had purchased some fresh milk, bread and cereal before we drove into the park, so I fixed myself breakfast. Looking at the clock, I saw it was nearly 9:30 in the morning.

After eating, I walked out on the porch of the cabin, and took a couple of my magazines with me and was reading them when Uncle Bill drove up. When I got up from bed earlier, I hadn't changed into something else, and was still wearing the tee shirt I'd sleep in. My legs were propped up and evidently Uncle Bill could look under the shirt and see my privates, although I had panties on under the shirt.

"Hello, and how is Ginger Lee today, and you should be a little more modest, as I can see something I shouldn't be viewing," Uncle Bill asked?

Embarrassed, I let my feet down, and smiling at my uncle, said, "I'm fine, but you've seen it all before, Mr. Ranger, and why didn't you wake me when you got up?"

"I was up and out of here by six, so what time did you get up?"

"Uncle Bill, it was almost 9:30 when I got out of bed, and fixed my breakfast, thanks for letting me sleep in."

After fixing lunch together, Uncle Bill said I could ride with him to where he needed to check the park, and it would be nearly three hours before we returned to the cabin. He told me to take a snack with me, to fix something for both of us.

When we returned to the park headquarters, it was nearly five in the afternoon. The cabin was located a few hundred yards from the park office. Uncle Bill said, "Let's get our bathing suits on and I will show you a great place to swim. In a couple of weeks, as the Sun drops behind the trees earlier in the afternoon, the water will be too could to swim.

The stream where we went swimming was really neat, and the water tumbled down over some rocks that were worn off and were slick and we could slide down them into the pool at the bottom.


Back at the cabin, we showered, then I helped Uncle Bill fix dinner. After eating, I did the dishes, and told Uncle Bill I would be his slave, and he could watch television. Once I was done with the dishes, we walked out and sat on the front porch of the cabin, and talked about whatever either of us wanted to say to the other.

Around 11:30 that night, we got ready for bed, and I simply got in bed with my uncle. Early as we watched television, I had only my panties on, and I had snuggled up against my uncle. Uncle Bill turned the TV on in the bedroom, and when the late night show came on, we laughed at the monologue, and then turned off the television and snuggled up to sleep.

I was resting on Uncle Bill's arm, and when he said that it would be better if I slept in my room, as things might happen between us that shouldn't. Uncle Bill explained that I was not only his niece, but also his ward of the court. "Uncle Bills, I like you, and want to sleep with you, don't push me away from you, cause you're all I have in this world."

We lay hugging each other, and went to sleep. The next morning was Saturday, and after having breakfast and checking over the park, and after Uncle Bill made certain the other rangers were on duty, we made the long drive into town. I loved it when we got in town, and I walked into the restaurant with my uncle, and he was wearing his ranger's uniform. I knew he looked handsome, and the waitress flirted with him, and wanted to know who his girlfriend was?

Everyone in the small town knew who I was, as the other rangers lived in the town or around the area, and everyone had heard about my parents being killed. The local people had sent flowers to the funeral, and now I was a part of the town, as if I had lived in it all my life.

That afternoon, we shopped, and enjoyed spending the day together. When we went home, Uncle Bill fixed the two steaks he had purchased on the grill outside. After eating we hiked to the office and spoke to the ranger who was getting ready to close the building. Tad, the ranger on duty, informed Uncle Bill about what had happened during the day, and he showed him the report he had completed where a woman had fallen and broken her leg.

Around eleven, we got into bed, and this time, I was once more only wearing my panties, and I saw Uncle Bill was nude. I reached down under the covers, and pushed my underwear off, and somehow I knew that tonight was going to be different, and wondered if I was going to have sex for my first time. How I knew something was going to happen is still a mystery, but perhaps my female intuition allowed me to know, even if I was less than a month over 13-years-old.

When Uncle Bill got into bed, I waited to see what he would do, and when he didn't move to me, I snuggled over and lay with my leg over him, and pressed my body to his. Nothing was said between us, but when I felt my Uncle Bill reach his large hand down and cup my right hip, I felt a certain moment of anxiety. The anxious feelings passing through my body were creating anticipation of some great thing was about to happen to me. While holding my hip in his hand, I felt my uncle, move his hand so it was actually holding both of them in his grip.

I could feel my uncle move his hand and especially his fingers so they curled down under the curve of my butt. I moved my chest so my puffy nipples, which were really all the breasts I had, were rubbing against my uncle's hairy chest. Then I became alarmed, I guess is the best word describing what I felt next from my uncle, as I felt his middle finger part my hips, and his fingertip was pressing against my back hole.

The pressure he made with his finger on my tiny rosebud was extremely frightful, but yet I wanted to experience whatever my uncle's finger could do, as the tingles in my butt were really wild feelings. Neither my mind nor body knew when Uncle Bill moved his finger to where he was probing between the lips of my slit. Sometime during the time my uncle was playing with my butt, and then my slit, I had been rolled onto my back. "Um, um, Uncle Bill," I said softly as I felt his mouth sucking my left nipple into it and he was sucking and flipping it with his tongue at the same time.

Then my uncle was moving his face down, down across my stomach and then he was kissing and licking the tiny slit between my legs. I could feel his tongue trying to enter my body, and he was flipping the spot at the top of my sex with his tongue, and I was unable to lay still. My hips were bumping up from the bed, and I could feel his finger pushing up inside my tiny butt. My voice was making soft and pleasant sounds, and they weren't words, just purring sounds like a cat, I thought at the time, as I was experiencing oral sex for the first time.

When Uncle Bill moved up over me, I knew what was going to happen, and I was scarred that his large man-thing would hurt me. I understood the act of sex, at least I thought I did, as we'd spoken in health class of how men and women became intimate, and my girlfriends and I had often discussed about the wild side of life, as we called sex. In fact, Shana Bailey, had already done it with two boys, and she told us all kinds of things that boys could do. Shana had told the three of us in our group, that it hurt like heck the first time, and she would never have done it if she had known how much it hurt.

With my eyes shut, I asked, "Uncle Bill, are we going to do it, and will it hurt?"

"Yes," was the only response my uncle made.

Then I felt the first contact of a man-thing, against my 13-year-old slit-hole, and I pulled back from the contact. "Maybe we shouldn't do it tonight, Uncle Bill, I'm scarred."

Instead of answering me, Uncle Bill pushed his cock tight against me. I felt him reach between us, and move his cock back and forth in his hand, allowing the end to slightly enter my slit at the opening. After a few minutes, I was enjoying the feeling of the end of his man-thing as it bumped against my own sex. Then my uncle moaned out, and said, "Hell, I'm getting it, I'm cuming Ginger Lee, now!"

I could feel the warm wetness splash in the entrance of my cunt, and I knew what it was, and that my uncle had reached satisfaction without entering me fully. My thankfulness in Uncle Bill not hurting me, or entering me fully, I expressed by telling him, "Uncle Bill, oh, Uncle Bill, I love feeling you making me wet, your stuff feels so hot, and smooth, I love you!"

We lay together, and after a few minutes, my uncle moved onto his back and pulled me up on top of him. For the next several minutes, we discussed what had happened between us, and I wanted to reach down and touch my uncle's wet stuff, but was afraid to do so. Finally I told my uncle, "Until I feel like having it up inside me, can you just work it in the edge and you squirt your hot stuff on me, but when I'm ready I'll let you know."


One night, about a month after our first time to put our things against each other's, and we were setting on the porch watching the stars, I felt really funny between my legs. The need to feel my uncle working his man-thing between my tiny slit was almost overwhelming. Teasing my uncle, I asked him, "Would you like to do it all the way tonight," and as I asked him, I stood up and removed my top, shorts and my panties. Using my hands in a sexual way, I unzipped Uncle Bill's pants, and pulled them and his boxers down and off his legs.

Moving until I was straddling Uncle Bill's lap, I eased my teenage cunt down until it was resting on his man- thing. Leaning back, I looked at my uncle and told him, "Uncle Bill, I feel really funny down there tonight, and it makes me squirm and want something." Then I felt he was hard, and I reached down and placed it in the entrance between my small pussy lips, as Uncle Bill called them. Slowly I worked the man-thing back and forth in my cunt, and was moving up and down as I worked my hips in jerking motions. Then a strange sensation hit me, and I felt like my uncle had entered me, but later Uncle Bill told me that I had allowed the head of his cock to enter me all the way - for the first time.

"Ugh, Uncle Bill, what happened, oh gosh it feels so different, and are you in me?" Then I knew I was having a climax. I felt my sex quivering. Uncle Bill told me he was coming inside me, and for a while I was afraid. I pushed my hips down and a sharp pain struck inside me and I cried, "Aughhh, it hurts. As I felt the pain, my uncle had pushed his finger up my butt, and even as I objected, he buried it deeper. The pain in my cunt did not lessen, as my uncle held me down on his hard thing. Once more cried out, "I'm squirting my cum up your pussy for your first time, and your pussy lips are squeezing me so great, augh, yeah, I want to fuck you. "Uncle Bill didn't take me, and he later told me in bed how much he wanted to go all the way up inside my body, but until I asked him to do so, he wouldn't.

Finally my uncle pulled his finger from my butt, and I felt his thing shrink and slip from inside my tiny cunt, that Uncle Bill called my pussy. As soon as my uncle was out of me, I moved my hand down between us, and my fingers were feeling Uncle Bill's soft man- thing, and my wet slit. Moving my fingers, I lightly touched up inside my slit, and was surprised at how easily my finger entered me, and I actually believed it was open more than ever before. I wasn't aware how it opened and closed until then and later when Uncle Bill explained such action to me. The amount of my uncle's cum seemed more than ever before, and as I played my fingers in it, I begin to stroke my tiny clitoris, which my uncle had taught me that was what it was called.

In the excitement of exploring my slit, I was masturbating myself for the first time in my life, and as I went off, I cried out, "Uncle Bill, its happening, but not from you, but my fingersssss!" After I fell forward against Uncle Bill, I started crying, and why I don't know, but I was fearful that I had lost my virginity. After nearly a half-hour of discussing what all had happened with my uncle, I found out exactly about all the sexual acts we had shared. "Uncle Bill, I love you, and you're big down there, aren't you, cause I've seen dad sometimes, and he isn't big like you?"

My feelings for sex still did not allow me to give up my virginity. Several times after that, I tried to let my cunt open like it had when we were on the porch and I had been up on top of him, but the head of Uncle Bill's cock couldn't enter me completely. My sex seemed to resist the thick blunt end of my uncle's man-thing. Several times my uncle would lick me between my legs, and more than once his tongue would tickle and push against my butt.


For the next months of our being together, we shared the romantic and intimate stimulation of our sexual body parts. After several times, it finally happened that I begin to climax each time from having my uncle's man-thing pushing against my own.

There was no school close by, so I was home schooled, and I could use the internet to complete courses. Then it was Thanksgiving, and while eating dinner, at one the other ranger's home, my uncle told me, and the others, "I have tickets for a seven-day cruise over Christmas, so that will be Ginger Lee's present."

I could not believe it, but knowing I was going on a cruise with my uncle was going to be a terrific Christmas present. Smitty, the ranger whose home we were eating Thanksgiving dinner, said he could handle the park, and besides some cross-country skiers, the park would be mostly closed down, so my uncle and I could enjoy the cruise.

The night before we were to fly to Miami to catch the cruise ship, I knew what I wanted to give my uncle for Christmas. Our first night on the cruise would be Christmas eve, and I begin checking out web-sites to find out as much about sex as possible. Some of the sites had illustrative drawings, and others had actual photographs of male and female sex organs. By the time we left on the plane for the cruise, I had learned all that I could from just reading and looking at the images on the computer.

From the time my uncle first squirted his stuff on my cunty, we had enjoyed this activity three or more times a week. Several times after Thanksgiving I was tempted to let my uncle enter me, but I wanted it for his Christmas present. I'd ordered a sexy red and white nightgown to take on the trip with me, and it had white fuzzy trim around the top and bottom. My only regret was that my breasts had not grown, and if I had grown a dozen more hairs between my legs, I would have been surprised. I hadn't started my period, and it was another five years before they started.


The day before Christmas, Smitty and his wife Joyce, drove Uncle Bill and I to the airport, and it was a three-hour drive each way. I was a little apprehensive about flying, and couldn't help but ask Uncle Bill if we would be okay, as my parent s had been killed in the plane crash.

"Nothing will happen, Ginger Lee, and when we get to Miami, you can look at the airplane and tell it thanks for keeping us safe while we flew."

Taking a taxi to the cruise liner, I could not believe how large it was, and as we entered the ship, we were greeted by the staff and escorted to our cabin. Uncle Bill had gotten a cabin on an outside deck, and had a small balcony we could sit on if we wished. I unpacked my clothes and so did my uncle. After we were done, and I was so excited, Uncle Bill said we should go watch the ship leave port, as it was a big celebration to do so.

Watching as the shoreline disappeared as we left the port, was something else, and finally we were out on the ocean and no land was in sight. I looked at my uncle, and whispered, "Tonight is Christmas eve, and you are going to get something from me, I know you've wanted for a long time." Reaching out, I took Uncle Bill's hand in mine, saying, "But you must wait until after midnight, so it will be given to you on Christmas day." Then I asked in all my innocence, "Tell me the truth, will it hurt - - - much, you know - - - when you do it all the way, Uncle Bill?"

"Some, but it is different for each girl, as it hurts more for some than others." Pausing for a moment, Uncle Bill added, "Ginger Lee, you're tight down there, you understand what I mean by that?" "It will likely cause you some discomfort, but you can tell me when you want more, or want me to stop as we share your giving, okay?"

"I trust you to not hurt me any more than is necessary, but I've been planning for this to happen since we ate Thanksgiving. dinner with Smitty and his family" Looking at Uncle Bill, I spoke softly, "Uncle Bill, tonight I want to give myself to you."

"Perhaps we should not speak about this here, especially where someone may over hear us planning my seduction of you, or your seduction of me, it seems like." Then my uncle led me back to our cabin, and we enjoyed setting on the sofa and looking through the book of activities aboard the ship. I found an ad for a video arcade, and Uncle Bill said I could play there while he had a cocktail in the outside lounge. We walked to the arcade, and I told my uncle I would hunt him up in an hour.

That evening we ate a huge meal at the buffet, and the food was terrific. Then Uncle Bill and I strolled around the ship's deck, and I kept looking at my watch to see what time it was. Finally it was 10:00 P.M., and Uncle Bill suggested we return to our cabin, but we would walk along the deck and look at the stars and moon. The wind was cool and after several minutes, we entered our cabin.

I took the package with the red nighty, and walked into the bathroom to change into it. After I was dressed in the satin and lace outfit, I saw my puffy nipples, were slightly visible through the material. Looking at my pubic area, the sheer material covering my slit allowed it to be viewed as if it was covered in a haze. Then I opened the bathroom door, and walked into the cabin where my uncle was laying on the bed in only his boxers.

"Wow!" Was the first thing my uncle said as I entered the cabin as he looked at me. Then he smiled and told me, "You're very pretty, and I like what you're wearing - - - did you get it just for me, for tonight?"

"Yeah, I wanted to look pretty and sexy for you, and I hoped you would like seeing me in the outfit."

I moved over and got on the bed and lay beside Uncle Bill, and he pulled me into his arms, and hugged me to him. My mind was running in a million directions, and in the forefront was the question of how I would act when he finally went up into my sex? My life became a mass of confusion at that moment, as I wanted to have sex, but didn't want to give up my virginity, and most of all was how much it would hurt. I was aware of what it had felt like the time I sat on Uncle Bill's lap, and the thick head of his man-thing, entered me and pressed against my virginity.

During the time we were cuddling on the bed, my uncle was caressing my body, not my breast or cunty, but my back, arms, legs, and I begin to desire his touch, and wanted to feel him move his hands over my puffy nipples. My legs were opening and closing in what I understood was the desire to be touched in an intimate way between them. Then I looked at the clock, and it was midnight, and then one minute after midnight.

Evidently, my uncle was also watching the clock, and I watched as Uncle Bill reached down and pulled his boxers from his body. Then his hands reached over to me, and he caught the bottom of the short gown I was wearing, and pulled it up over my body.

When Uncle Bill turned toward me, and pulled down my panty of the set, I raised my hips from the bed. Looking at my uncle, I saw him looking at my breast, and then he was sucking them, and my nipples begin to ache after a few minutes of the constant pressure he was applying. Yet, I wanted him to take them however he wished, and I felt him biting the nipples between his teeth, I refused to cry out from the slight pain. Even when he was biting them harder and I felt like he might bite them off, I only hugged his face against my small chest.

Then Uncle Bill started licking and kissing his way down my body, down my left leg, then back up the right, until finally his lips were covering my slit. Uncle Bill was soon sucking my pussy lips, as he called them, deep and hard into his mouth. Then he was applying pressure to them with his teeth, as he had captured both of them in his mouth, and between his teeth. "Oh, Uncle Bill, it hurts, but don't stop," I cried out. Uncle Bill was applying a tremendous amount of pressure with his teeth, and nipping my clit with the edges of his teeth. "Uncle Bill, it makes me want to die, the feeling is so strong, but - - - oh, yes - - - yes, Uncle Bill, I'm ready."

Pulling his face away from my clit, Uncle Bill looked at me and asked, "Ginger Lee, honey, what is it you're ready for, tell me exactly what you want?"

"Do it to me, be my first, you know what I want, and I want you to put your cock inside me."

"Tell me the one word we have spoken about that I wanted to hear from you when you would finally decide you were ready for sex, that describes what you wish for me to do to you, and then we will."

"You... I want you to... f-fucck me. Am I bad for saying that word, FUCK? Oh, Uncle Bill, I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME," I said rather loudly. I felt my uncle moved between my legs, and lodge his thick man-thing in the entrance of my cunt.

"It isn't a bad word when a couple are making love, so you can say it while we enjoy being together, Ginger Lee."

Then I felt my sex being split, and it was more direct than when I had sat down over my uncle's cock and it had entered me. "UNCLE BILL!" My uncle had struck deep inside me and I felt the thick head of his man-thing strike against my virginity. It seemed to just stop there, and he couldn't go deeper - - - and it hurt, oh, did it hurt, as he tried to shove it deep up into me, and take my virginity, and I wanted my dearest uncle to have.

With his initial entrance, Uncle Bill had shoved into me so he was against my virginity on his first shove up into me. "OH, OHHHH, I FEEL YOU SO DEEPPPP, EIYEEEEE, UNCLE BILL, IT HURTS, OH WAIT - - - YEAH, UNCLE BILL - JUST FUCK ME AND GET IT OVER WITH!"

That is exactly what my uncle did, and he drew back out of me part way, and shoved into me quickly and with a tremendous thrust. It felt like Uncle Bill was ripping my cunt apart, and it hurt and stung in the most unique way I had ever felt something hurt. "UNCLE BILL, OH WAIT, AUGHHHHH, HELP ME, OH, HELP ME UNCLE BILL, STOP FOR A MOMENT!" I felt my uncle pull back out of me part, way, and I felt empty like in my cunt, and I asked him, "Uncle Bill, will you fuck me, now?"

Then my virginity was torn apart, and this time it hurt more than it had only moments before. "EIYEE, UNCLE BILL, OHHHHH, IT HURTSSSS, AUGHHHHH!"

"I'll just hold it in you for a while, then when you feel ready, I'll start moving in and out of you, and you tell me what you want, like you did before, I love you, Ginger Lee, are you happy?" Uncle Bill then told me, "My gawd Ginger Lee, your pussy is so tight, and is the tightest I have ever been in," and only one other was even this close to being so tight, Bill recalled.

The pain in my sex was so strange, but I wanted Uncle Bill to continue moving in and out of me. After a few minutes as he simply held his cock up in me, I asked him in a soft and low whisper, "Fuck me gently, please Uncle Bill, be gentle and easy, oh yes like that," I said as I felt him moving to my request.

For the next ten minutes, I was able to feel my uncle making love to me, and when I felt him pressing deep in me, and shove as far as he could up my cunt, I knew he was letting his stuff shot into my pussycat.

"After this, nothing will ever be so wonderful when I make love with a woman, you are perfect, and so tight and warm inside." Then Uncle Bill endeared himself to me, when he said, "Thanks for letting me be your first, and you're so pretty, and feel so wonderful, and I love your breasts, they are perfect."

When Uncle Bill pulled his man-thing out of me, I could feel his stuff running out of me. Looking down, I saw his man-thing was covered with blood, and I knew it was the blood from my torn virginity. I curled up in a ball, but Uncle Bill reached over and took a towel and placed it so the blood would not get on the sheets. He explained that it would be obvious what happened between us if the ship's staff was to find the evidence of my ruptured virginity. Eventually we got out of bed, and Uncle Bill took me into the bathroom and washed me off.

Taking our own beach towel with us, he folded it and placed it on the bed and had me lie down on it. Then Uncle Bill pulled my legs apart and he moved his between mine, as if we were each a pair of scissors, and then he gently entered me. We went to sleep with him deep in my sex, and we awoke around six in the morning and Uncle Bill slowly had sex with me. When he went off, I knew what he wanted to hear, and I told him, "Oh, Dear Uncle Bill, you fucked me, you just fucked your little Ginger Lee, she will always be yours, just as long as you wish to fuck me."

We went back to sleep, and it was nearly ten on Christmas Day when we woke, and got out of bed. I started to walk to the bathroom, and the feeling between my legs was like someone had driven a burning hot spike into my body. I moaned out, and Uncle Bill smiled as he asked, "Been fucked like you wanted, have you, Ginger Lee?"

"Oh, yeah, have I ever been fucked, and it feels like a monster has been up inside my cunt."

Bill watched his charming and lovely 13-year-old niece as she stood in front of him, and he knew what only one other person had known. This young nymphet, standing nude before him, was really the result of a relationship that had started nearly 15 years previously on another Christmas eve. Bill knew what the incestuous relationship he had started with the young girl was actually about, and it was more than he could have ever dreamed about. Can or should I tell Ginger Lee the truth as to what their relationship truly was? Doris Ann, thank you and what did you ever tell Eddie?

Bill was brought back to reality and the present time as he heard Ginger Lee ask him, "Uncle Bill, do I remind you of mom, everyone always said we looked and acted exactly alike?"



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    I want to know if her uncle tells her the trough that he is her farther?
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    this was a beautiful tender story.