Helplessly watching my lovely wife being gang raped and used like a white-trash slut did not thrill me - at first. Dorothy hated being used this way - at first - but she got over that with her first orgasm. That was the best orgasm I ever saw come out of that woman.

That was the only orgasm I ever saw come out of that non-orgasmic woman. That orgasm impressed her a great deal. The blacks became healers. You would think they helped a blind woman see by shoving large cocks into every opening in her body all the way to the balls, even in her mouth and ass.

After that, the men weren't home invaders. They were very welcome guests. Tensions evaporated as they could see nothing would ever be reported. They grew comfortable and even untied me.

They kidded with the boys and got them laughing, got them laughing at their mother who was acting the slut while riding a big buck like she had a pony, only the pony was on his back and she was riding twelve-inches of ebony cock as thick as my wrist - AND, taking it all from the purplish head to the soggy balls.

They laughed when she came off too far, lost her pony cock, and frantically tried to get it back in. On hearing their laughter behind her, she got turned around and rode him so they could see better - supported on her hands and feet with her legs yawning to show the cock she rode her cunt up and down on.

Dorothy showed no shame. If anything, she wallowed in the perversity and degradation, wanting to show all as though trying to raise the level of perversity and degradation. She performed for us like a vulgar hooker hired to entertain, hoping to get a good tip for being extra vulgar and extra slutty. I simply could not believe my eyes, so I know my boys couldn't.

They quickly grew to like the new mom they were seeing, and the new parts they were seeing. I saw four little mother fucker hopefuls and a mother who would not object if seeing that would amuse her guests, or simply to raise the level of perversity and degradation another notch.

This was quite bizarre, but you would have to know Dorothy before you could appreciate how bizarre. The woman, thirty-four at the time of this event, was so straight that sex simply did not factor into her life. She had never experienced an orgasm, didn't masturbate, and wondered what the big deal was.

She gave me sex, straight sex, but didn't even want to do that. She simply laid there for me but would get impatient if I took longer than fifteen minutes. After ten, I could expect to hear, "John, stop messing around and finish. If you don't get your rocks off in five minutes, I'll push you off."

I also wore a condom because she didn't like the mess sex left. We fucked with the lights off and under cover because she didn't like me looking at her nasty parts. I didn't see much more of her than the boys did. She wore men's PJs and I fucked her through the fly. If she had to get out of bed, she immediately threw on the unsexiest, ankle-length robe and belted it tight.

In a house full of hungry male eyes, no one saw any female flesh they wouldn't see if she were fully and modestly dressed. To make matters worse, Dorothy is a looker with a sexy body. You know it's fine, something most women who look that fine like to show off. Most moms that good looking like to walk around naked, even in front of teenage sons. Not Dorothy.

I often wondered if she was scarred, disfigured, had a skin condition, or was festooned with vulgar tattoos. That was how closely she guarded her secrets. I honestly didn't know. I once tried to peek while she slept and got the shit slapped out of me.

I got a good peek at her right tit - no blemish, scars, no tattoos - just one beautiful fucking tit with the finest nipple I ever saw - a long, chewy, tittie-pink nipple atop a mound of pure white, no tan lines. She never wore a swim suit and never got any sun. The woman was white-white, so white cum didn't show on her very well. Cum showed on her face and hands fairly well, and real good in her long, brown hair, also in her pubic hair.

I knew she had ultra-soft and fine pubic hair, long hair, but I never saw her bush. The hair between her legs was exactly like the hair on her head. I never saw pubic hair like that on any woman. The blacks raved about her cunt hair. Before anyone raped her, they all got a souvenir lock.

Using a pair of scissors while holding her in the splits, each cut off what he wanted, leaving her shorn and scraggy, frightened half out of her mind, wearing a full body blush. Seeing how mortified she was over that humiliating ordeal, they thought it would be fun to shave her cunt bald, so they did. After shearing, shaving, and crudely exposing her crotch, they raped her, adding insult to injury... until that explosive orgasm hit her and made her piss.

That orgasm opened up a new world for Dorothy, and it came early. The third guy to fuck her pussy triggered it, and she had one cock down her throat at the time. The guy in her mouth held her head and fucked her in the mouth. I mean, he literally shoved that long cock of his down her throat while his buddy fucked the shit out of her cunt.

One had her by the hips, the other had her by the head. Someone else had a few fingers up her ass which had just lost its virginity in a brutal butt-fucking that made anyone with a butt cringe. There, suspended three feet off the floor, tits-up, she exploded and pissed. After that, she eagerly sucked on the cock in her mouth.

I do mean eagerly, too, like a starved calf at the teat. The guy who had been fucking her throat was so impressed that he pulled out to jack-off into her feverishly sucking mouth. She sucked on the head while they laughed and made crude comments:

"Fuckin' bitch gonna suck that nigga dry!"

"Ho need a drink of ebony cock juice."

"Dis white slut got her a nigger by the dick and she ain't about to let go. Gotta have her some fresh cream of nigger soup."

"Bitch, can't you see yo man and yo younguns watchin' you suckin' on dis nigga dick like a fuckin' hungry slut. You dat hungry?"

"Look at dat white slut suck a dick. MOTHER FUCKER! Give her dat ball juice, Reggie. Pump dis silly white ho full a cum."

Reggie did, and damned if Dorothy didn't look starved for semen. As far as I knew, she never tasted a drop until Reggie poured a copious load into her sucking and swallowing mouth. She went nuts over cream of nigger soup. She even licked his cock and kissed his balls, then got on her knees and sucked his spent member down her throat, looking up with her luscious lips pressed into his groin, wanting more.

The pathetic bitch had them laughing their asses off, which I thought would end her pathetic display. Their mocking laughter had the opposite effect, as though her response was, "Oh, so you like to see a pathetic groveling slut, do you. Well, you black stallions haven't seen anything yet."

Dorothy blew us all away when she got down on her back with her crotch aimed at the sofa me and the boys were on or near [I was bound to a chair at the side], made the widest beaver she could with hands gripping her inner thighs, and cried out, "Fuck me! Please fuck me some more! Fuck my cunt, please!"

None of us had ever heard her say fuck before, much less, cunt, and God, what a beaver! What a cunt! We got glimpses, especially while they sheared and shaved her, but this was a fucked cunt above a fucked asshole, both sucking air and leaking profusely. If that weren't enough, she used her index fingers to part the slimy lips as though saying to our son's, "Look at Mommy's fucked cunt, boys. See what a shameless slut I am!"

We saw and the blacks laughed their black asses off which drove her to masturbate while begging for more black cock. That was when the blacks knew they had nothing to sweat and there was no reason to keep me tied. I had a fucking hardon. They released that, then released me on the condition that I stand over her and jackoff on the slut. I was all too willing and did just that.

Pete, my oldest, and the fourteen-year-old twins, Arnold and Jeff, were invited to add their deposits, invited by their masturbating mother. They needed no second invitation and were joined by Willy who couldn't squirt but could jack off. Arnold and Pete shot their loads right into her open cunt hole while Jeff knelt at her head and got sucked off.

Arnold actually shoved his dick fully in when he came. Willy got off on rubbing his little willy on her slippery tits, and was still at it as the largest of the blacks fucked her pussy and made her climax in nothing flat. I took a seat and shook my head, not believing what I was seeing. This was not the woman I married. I didn't even know this woman - this absolutely shameless slut.

We witnessed two solid hours of the raunchiest sex show any one slut could put on, and she was still hot and wanted more. She had eight orgasms in that time, but still wanted more. She was a fucking mess from head to toes, and still wanted to get messier.

She loved having the boys cum on her while getting fucked. They each came three times. I came twice, once in her mouth, getting my first ever blow job from her, a deep-throat blow job, but she didn't swallow my load. She pushed my load out through pursed lips, slowly, then said, "I only want to eat black cum." She sure knew how to tickle a bunch of niggers.

I think each of those blacks came three times in that two hours, but they did an awful lot of fucking without cumming. We were all spent and needed a break. She needed a shower but didn't want one.

Fortunately, we have hardwood flooring. She would have ruined a carpet. As it was, all around her was slippery. Eugene slipped and busted his ass badly, cursing the sloppy bitch. She said she was sorry, then rolled to her side and sucked him into a better mood, but he ended up pushing her off. The fucking slut was insatiable.

We all took our break while she laid there and masturbated. Arnold and Jeff spent most of their break kneeling between the fan of her legs, watching intently, touching, poking, pulling. She didn't care. Willy couldn't get over her tits or the fact that she didn't mind him playing with them. Pete took a seat beside me on the sofa, leaned in, and quietly said, "Dad, why is she doing this?"

I honestly didn't know but Pete looked a bit disturbed. I thought and leaned his way to say, "She is defusing this situation to insure that no one gets hurt."

He thought about that for a bit, then came back to say, "She defused it a long time ago. Why is she doing this now? They want her to take a break and get cleaned up. They're not evenaround."

That was a better question, a tough question. I thought and went back to him with, "What is done is done. She needs to keep her mood up so she can drain these guys and get them out quicker."

Pete thought about that for a while - seemed to make sense - thought some more, then said, "Should I help keep her horny?"

He wanted in on that floor scene pretty badly but felt bad about joining in and taking advantage of her the way the others were. Jeff and Arnold were even fisting her. At this point, Jeff had a good deal of his arm up her ass while Arnold fist-fucked her pussy in imitation of a big, black dick fucking it. Pete wanted to try that. Hell, I wanted to. I gave him the nod. She then had three in the fan of her legs with two arguing over her pussy.

I thought she'd quickly settle that argument, but she simply laid there and let them work it out. I couldn't figure her out at all and didn't believe for one minute that this was a noble sacrifice on her part. With the blacks roaming the house or out by the pool, she had numerous opportunities to explain herself but didn't. She seemed to be enjoying the lewd attention and wanted us to think the worst about her.

At one point, she told Arnold his arm felt like Tyrone's cock. When Pete got inserted, she said he felt like Eugene, the biggest, wielding a fourteen-inch war club. She directed him to go deep and deliver light punches to the back wall of her cunt, using the term cunt while briskly frigging her clit, still with Jeff's arm up her ass to the elbow. She also took Pete to the elbow. Un-fucking real.

I sat there watching this lewd exhibition, still trying to figure her out. I watched Pete give her an orgasm every bit as good as the ones Eugene gave her. She hadn't pissed since the first two, but she pissed a good stream that caught Arnold off guard. He caught a good bit of that right in the face. That first stream was under no control, but she delivered several spurts aimed at his dick that were. Arnold didn't seem to mind and got up on his knees to make his cock and balls easier to hit. She gave him several good squirts in that position while still in the throes of orgasm, the waning throes, then she collapsed, spent.

The orgasms had something to do with this, possibly everything to do with this. I knew she felt that there was something wrong with her because she couldn't have one, but I never knew how deeply that affected her, how crippled she felt, how empty her life was without orgasms. Seeing her react to one told volumes. A new world opened up to her and gave her a reason for living, a reason for being, something to strive for. Her orgasms were something to live for. Christ, her orgasms were something to die for.

If that were so, and she now knew that the kids could give her orgasms. Home life was due for radical changes. She didn't change one bit with the blacks out of the room. It occurred to me that she may not change after they were long gone. Interesting possibility. Anything was better than the empty shell of a wife and mother she had been.

I couldn't see how she could go back to that. She seemed to be doing all she could to insure that she couldn't. I knew the twins would never treat her with any respect. They were letting her know what they thought of her in no uncertain terms which irritated Pete. His mom was no slut, which, as Jeff pointed out, was a dumb thing to say with his arm up her cunt, still fist fucking her, only gently the way she liked after an orgasm.

Dorothy didn't get involved in the debate as to whether or not she was a real slut, but seemed to support the twin's position by asking Pete to massage her cunt for her some more, again using the term, cunt, which had been a capital offense under the former regime.

Seconds later, with Willy nursing on a breast that he wiped clean, she added, "That's it, Pete, fuck me nice and easy. Ummm, yes, you give a good cunt massage. Yes, this feels just like a great, big, black cock fucking me slow and easy. Oh, Pete, do you ever make me feel like a slut. I owe you a good cock sucking. You may collect any time you want. Just rub your hard cock over my lips and I'll suck it for you and swallow all of your cum, every drop."

A slut would say something like that. Pete looked to me with questioning eyes that seemed to ask, "Dad, what is going on? Is she a slut or what." I shrugged.

The guys came back in a group and they were ready for more. The boys got back on the sofa. We watched more hot and raunchy action as they took her in all three holes at once in two teams of fuckers. Dorothy enjoyed two more orgasms, but that last finally wasted her. They left her sprawled in a puddle of fuck, got dressed, and left the house along with all the things they found that they liked. Fucking assholes. We were insured, but that really frosted my ass.

Over Dorothy's objection, I called the cops. I didn't report the rape, but I did report the home invasion and grand theft. I had to in order to file an insurance claim. We had to hurry to hide all evidence of sex. That wasn't easy. Getting Dorothy decent again wasn't easy. She was like a drunk, no help at all.

The police came, did their thing, and left. As soon as they left, Dorothy collapsed on the sofa and glared at me, saying, "You fucker. They won't ever come back, now. If they do, they'll kill us."

I said, "Dorothy, the fuckers ripped us off. They better not come back."

Jeff knelt at her left knee, Arnold on her right, both sent hands between her legs which she ignored. She didn't actually ignore this activity. She watched them get their hands good and wet and watched as each take possession of a hole.

When they were both in, snuggly set, and gently fucking her without a word of protest, Willy hopped on the sofa at her left and began freeing her tits. Pete surprised me by hopping up on her right and using his dick to gloss her lips before she took him into her mouth and deep sucked. She sucked him for a minute, then took her mouth off to say, "I hope you don't think things are going back the way they were, John."

With Willy now nursing, she returned to sucking as Jeff and Arnold picked up the pace. With yawning legs, she rubbed her clit as I said, "I know there is no going back. Like it or not, you are a slut and will remain a slut. Get used to this."

She came off a dick smiling to say, "I'm already used to it, John. You had best get used to jacking off. For you, this pussy is ruined."

She got that right, but the ass recovered and there was nothing wrong with her mouth. Yes, I did a great deal of jacking off but with great inspiration. Sure beat living with the old Dorothy.

The End


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