"Dad, we've sorted all of Mom's stuff, loaded the things we want and left the things you requested."

Sue (age 21) and Alex (age 24) entered the room and sat on the sofa opposite my favorite chair.

"May we talk with you before we leave?"

"Dad, it's been almost a year since Mom left us and both Sue and I are concerned that you are becoming a recluse."

Alex continued without waiting for a reply from me, "It was obvious to us that you and Mom had a very solid marriage that other couples can only dream of, but isn't it about time that you started considering a social life that would allow you to meet others?"

"Dad, we would understand and, as a matter of fact, would encourage you to meet other women. You're still young and need companionship."

"Dearest Sue," I chuckled, "since the day your mother entered my life, I knew she

was the only person I could be happy with, I've never met another that I thought had those special qualities your mother possessed. I don't believe there will ever be another person that can take her place."

Twenty minutes later they finally gave up on the conversation and rose to leave, Alex back to his job in San Francisco and Sue to her studies at UC Davis.

As we said our goodbyes in the driveway, Alex suddenly asked "What is in the locked storage box that Mom labeled 'Investment'?"

I noted the quick glance Sue gave me but did not acknowledge it before replying "That contains your mothers personal notes on an investment she and I made about a year before you were born. It has significance only to me and is something that neither your mother nor I wish anyone else to see. Don't worry, it is not something the SEC or any other party would be interested in."

"What kind of investment was it?" Alex asked.

"The use of the word 'Investment' is misleading; it was more of a plan for our life and as such is something very personal." I replied.

The moisture that welled up in my eyes put an end to the conversation but I knew that one day the subject would again arise.

Memories Can Return At Any Time -------------------------------

I had worked late but was determined to visit the gym before going to the leased condo to get some much needed sleep.

On the way to the gym I stopped at small caf� to purchase some coffee, Jennifer was the sole waitress on duty and as I watched her take the order of the customer ahead of me, something about her demeanor and the care she put into the encounter with the customer piqued my interest.

I had not had time or interest in the opposite sex while in high school or in college, I was too busy with my life to be bothered. There was the company to form, the financing to arrange, talent to hire and myriad other details to manage. At age 26, I capitalized on the dot.com boom and sold the company for an amount that would guarantee my future but like a lot of dot.commers I was not content and immediately started on the next company anticipating the boom in wireless communications.

When Jen took my order for coffee, there was a brief intense look between us and a sly glance back as she walked away. The gym was forgotten and I knew that I had to know this young woman.

Six months later we were married and after a brief honeymoon cut short by company business we settled into domestic life.

The honeymoon was awkward considering that we were both virgins and that I was rather well endowed but we both made it through the ordeal with our hopes for the future intact.

Domestic life was beautiful with each partner sharing the workload attendant upon newlyweds. Jen had an eye for detail and was soon completely in charge of dealing with the architects designing and building our house near Sutter Creek.

The only fly in the ointment was the sex. Jen was a willing but silent partner, she never expressed emotion while having sex and was never willing to talk about her needs or desires. She seldom initiated sex but never refused sex leading me to believe that she was not that interested so sex became something that was not talked about and seemed to be my soul responsibility.

Sex with Jen could only occur in a darkened room with bed covers pulled to the neck. I never saw her nude or even in her underwear. As a matter of fact, the only time I saw her underwear was when I went to the basement laundry basket to retrieve a card I had left in a shirt pocket. Her underwear consisted of white cotton panties and matching bra.

She would not look at me in my underwear and would leave the room or turn away if I were nude.

The consequences of her shyness and my lack of experience was a gradual decline in our love making although it didn't seem to affect our relationship. Kissing, cuddling, and hugging (although hugs were not those between lovers) were frequent and our communications on all subjects except sex were filled with understanding and love.

A year into the marriage, I was in Sacramento taking care of business details and staying at the condo while Jen was overseeing the final phases of our home construction. She seemed to be in a world of her own planning the interior design and shopping for the right furnishings, a world in which she seemed perfectly content.

It was after midnight when I drove into the condo garage, Jen's car was there.

I looked forward to seeing her and to sharing some time with her but was confused as to what could have brought her into Sacto at such a late hour. When I had talked with her on the phone at about 6:00 she had not mentioned a trip but had asked when I would be returning to Sutter Creek.

She was sitting on the couch with her knees drawn to her chest when I entered and would not look directly at me when I greeted her. It was obvious something was deeply troubling her so I deposited my work products on the desk, sat down beside her, took her in my arms and asked what was troubling her. She began to cry, which is something I could never fathom as I believed every problem had a solution and was in itself but a small pebble on the walkway of life.

After about ten minutes of holding her while she soaked my shoulder she finally blurted out "You don't make love to me anymore". I waited for the aftershocks to this domestic earthquake but none were forth coming and so I ventured into territory where few men fare well.

In business I learned to not assign blame but to define the problem and look for a solution. In this case I knew my assumptions about Jen's needs where a large part of the problem, I had assumed that Jen's silence on the subject and her lack of response during and after lovemaking was a statement from her about her needs and desires. I learned through the start and stop conversation that lasted until 3 in the morning that I was wrong. Jen enjoyed lovemaking but she didn't know how to enjoy it or how to make it more pleasurable for both her and myself. I shared as much of the problem as she did.

The following morning after a leisurely breakfast I asked Jen if she would be willing to stay in Sacto for a couple of days while I did some soul searching and sought a long term solution to the problem. I also knew that counseling was part of the solution but would not work unless both were willing to venture risk and accept new ideas. I told her that I did not want years of therapy or counseling that achieved little other than enriching the coffers of some shrink that really didn't care about our problem.

I told her I wanted to contact my college roommate whom I had a lot of respect for and who was completing his internship in a major hospital in New York. Greg had many of the attributes I consider lacking in most doctors, a lack of ego, a willingness to question and an analytical mind that sought innovative solutions to all problems, no matter how complex or how simple. The key was he sought a solution, not a quick fix or a treatment of the symptoms but rather a solution.

It took the full two days to establish contact with Greg and when I explained as best I could the problem, he laughed and in a told you so voice, kidded me about not following his advice in college and getting some experience while the playing court was open. He then grew serious and asked if I could hold out for a few weeks until he had some time off. He would talk with some respected friends about the problem, would then travel to Sacramento and after spending some time with Jen and I, offer his suggestions as to possible solutions. He would also get some references for counselors in the Sacramento area.

I got dates and times from him and had the travel agency that handled business travel book the necessary transportation.

Greg spent almost an entire week with us. The press of business took me away on a few occasions but they seemed to be quite at ease in each others company and both stated that they needed some time without my presence.

On the day before Greg left, he spent a lot of time talking with Jen and when finished he asked both to join him on the veranda to enjoy the sunset.

He started by saying that never had he met two whom where so deeply in love and so committed to each other. That, in itself, was part of the problem; we were both so conscious of the others feelings that neither was willing to take risk that might even hint at damaging the respect we had for each other.

He then proceeded to lay out his solution to the problem and forbid either of us to interrupt until he had finished. He also asked that we not even discuss his proposed solution until we had given it some thought for at least a day.

Two days after Greg's departure I asked Jen if she was ready to talk, with the affirmative, we migrated to our favorite spot on the property and tried to start the conversation. Jen finally blurted out that she was reluctant but willing to try the solution offered. She stated that she viewed the solution as an investment in our future, one which would pay rewards through to the winter of our life together.

I responded that I was having a terrible time accepting my role in the solution but felt that there was an alternative path at least for me. I would support Jen in her part of the solution but would rely strictly on her to teach me my role.

The conversation continued for another two hours until each was assured that there was no danger to our marriage. We then sat together until Jen finally, in a hesitant voice, asked if I would make love to her then and there (she had never before asked me to make love to her). I did not wait for a second request and for the very first time made love to my wife in other than a darkened room. Afterwards while holding each other, I heard for the third first of the day, a whisper from Jen "That was so good!"

The Investment --------------

After a month of joint counseling we were finally ready for the second part of the investment, the part that Jen would pursue. She had told me that she would keep a journal and that I was free to read it at my leisure.

Jen would need to spend two days per week in Sacto but would return home each night (unless, of course, I was at the condo).

When Jen returned after the first session, she asked if I had exercised, I replied no and she responded that she needed some exercise.

We decided to run and after about three miles she turned towards home and motioned for me to follow. When we completed our run she headed for the pool and dove in without changing into her swim suit. On emerging with her t-shirt plastered to her upper body and her jogging trunks outlining the curve of her bottom she marched straight up to me and told me to remove my shirt and lie face down on the lounge. She proceeded to give me a full length massage, tossed a towel over my head and asked me to roll over.

When I rolled over the towel was replaced on my face and she then asked be to raise my hips, I felt her tugging at my trunks and assisted her as best I could in removing them. There was silence for the longest time as I assumed she was looking at my nude form for the first time, she then giggled saying "You're not the average bear, are you?" She then gingerly lifted my penis and scrotum, doing a thorough inspection as I began to harden.

"My, you're defiantly not the average bear."

I asked what she had to compare me with and she giggled in response "You can read my journal."

"Keep that towel over your face and try to stay relaxed."

I felt her wipe a drop of pre-cum from the head and then she started stroking me. The soft touch of her hand had an immediate effect as I grew even harder and within a matter of two to three minutes it was over as I spurted into the air.

"Well, that certainly helps explain the wet spot. Do you think you can do that again?"

Without waiting for a reply, she threw her leg over me and guided my still hard cock to a very wet and warm opening. I tried to remove the towel but she immediately moved it back into position and told me to relax, this was her time.

With her hands on my chest, she began to make love to me but after a few minutes she stopped moving, the reason obvious as I could feel the contractions in her vagina. I asked if I could remove the towel but she shushed me saying "I still not ready for you to look at me, have patience, it will happen soon." And she began moving again. When we finished she rose saying "I'm going to clean up, will you be a dear and fix dinner?"

Dinner was the last thing on my mind, I wanted to hold her next to me and to enjoy the warm after glow but all I got was a glimpse of a firm bottom bouncing into the house.

Dinner was a quiet affair with many warm glances and endearments passing between us. Jen had a very satiated look with a twinkle in her dreamy eyes.

As we were clearing the dinner table, Jen stopped and gave me a tender hug, "Thank you, you can never imagine how deeply I love you."

Perfection is the only word for the rest of the evening.


When Jen returned after her next trip to Sacto, the scene repeated itself in the exercise room but this time I was the masseuse.

I was on the point of erupting as I massaged her long legs, her firm bubble butt and her perfect skin on her shoulder and back. She kept her legs tightly together and I did not challenge her.

When I asked her to turn over, there was a couple seconds of hesitation and then she turned. This was the first time in over a year of marriage that Jen allowed me to look at her nude body. I didn't look but instead concentrated of her face, bending down to caress her cheek as I kissed her soft lips. I then proceeded to lightly rub her shoulders while continuing to kiss her lips, eyes, cheeks, etc. while my hand continued to her small firm breast with their equally small nipples hardening even more under my touch. I moved to her breast, kissing and putting pressure on her nipples with my tongue as Jen caressed my head and neck. She began shuttering as I worked alternately between her breast and her hard abs and softly exclaimed "Oh! I didn't know it could be this good."

When I moved to her lightly covered Mons Venus, I felt her stiffen so I returned to her face and after kissing her softly I whispered "Relax, this is my time."

This time I started at her feet, slowly kissing my way up those firm long legs and as I neared her, she relaxed her legs somewhat, as I kissed the juncture between her legs and pelvis she began shuttering again and opened her legs fully for me causing me to stop and stare at a perfect Labia with just a hint of the Labia Minor exposed.

"You are so very beautiful!"

"I hoped you would think so, but don't stop with those wonderful lips."

I began my oral exploration, opening those perfect lips and marveling at the soft wet pink lining. I could see a stiff little clitoris poking out at me and as I kissed it, I lightly touched it with my tongue causing an immediate reaction and an, "Oh, Oh, that is good, don't stop my love."

"Dearest, I can' wait, do me now."

I didn't last long but it was long enough as Jen shuttered and tossed her head moaning, "Yes, yes, yes, oh dear lord yes."

AS we lay together, both satiated, Jen began contracting her pelvic muscles and as she felt me stiffening within her, gave me a dreamy, "Can you lead this charge old boy?"

I did lead the charge, across familiar but yet completely new terrain. It was a long charge ending in an unconditional and complete surrender of the parties involved.

As we cuddled, lightly exploring each others bodies, I heard a soft "I want to taste you someday, maybe later this evening."

"Cathy, My therapist, said we should practice the three A's each and every day, but we've always done that haven't we?"

"The three A's?"

"Yes, Attention, Appreciation and Affection I told her we were way ahead on that game."

"Cathy also wants me to move on, in a couple of weeks, to a male therapist but I'm thinking I want to stay with Cathy until I've learned everything she has to offer. I think I want to terminate the session after Cathy and begin exploring on my own."

"Jen, I don't know what switches were thrown in counseling and I don't care. I will support you in whatever decision you make and I so enjoy your exploration."

"Bye the way, I think there might be another explanation for the wet spot."

She laughed when she looked down at herself, "two made that mess."

She jumped up and as that beautiful trim, almost boyish, figure walked out of the room threw back over her shoulder "I'm going to clean up and start dinner, you clear up here and then come help me. I think raw oysters are going to become a staple."

Each week when she returned from her therapy sessions was a new adventure, once she announced on arrival that there was a Flame Tokay grape that was causing her some problems and it was my job to remove it without using my hands.

Once she announced that she wanted to make love on the diving board of the pool and was in the process of disrobing as she walked out the door and almost collided with the pool maintenance guy. That dampened her spirit of adventure.

She challenged me in the exercise room, saying that she bet she could complete more exercises than I did. I took the challenge. When Jen was about half way through her routine, she suddenly stripped and started doing a series of stretches on the exercise mat. Some of the positions she assumed caused me to lose all interest in my routine. She smiled and said "Some of these positions are straight from the "Kama Sutra" they only need someone to complete the picture". I didn't hesitate and when I was fully into her, she commented that I was reaching places unexplored.

She really enjoyed oral sex and was not the least hesitant in asking for a little attention. She never volunteered to give head which was okay with me as I had some deep hang-ups about that part of oral sex (she may have recognized the reluctance on my part).

Then one day she returned from Sacto in an apprehensive mood. She finally admitted after a few questions that she was concerned because at Cathy's urging had finally moved on to a male therapist and that she had enjoyed it very much. Her concern was how I would respond.

I ask if it was beneficial to her and she admitted she was learning things about her body and her sexual nature that Cathy could not teach her. She also said she had a lot of things to show me.

I ask about the sessions and she said that it was clinical sex not lovemaking and although she did enjoy it was not as satisfying.

I ask if she was going to continue the sessions and she almost tearfully replied that she would like to for at least another two weeks if I didn't have any objections. I asked why two weeks and she shyly said there were three male therapists on the staff and Cathy had said they were arguing amongst themselves about who would work with her.

"Do you love me and do you think there is any possibility of that changing?"

"You know I love you and that will never change. I have discovered a sexual part of me that was repressed and I am enjoying it but that will end now if you say the word."

Conflicting emotions rose to the surface and had to be physically constrained. I knew this was part of the therapy we had originally agreed upon. That original agreement had me in therapy session with the female side of the clinic but I had opted out knowing that Jen was the only one for me.

After a few minutes of tug-of-war with emotions I replied that this was the solution we had agreed upon and I would live with that decision.

The session lasted two more weeks and then she announced the contract was completed.

Our life together was idyllic and our lovemaking was always beautiful albeit somewhat non-ordinary. Jen had developed extraordinary vaginal muscle control and once brought me to ejaculation with out me moving at all.

It was a warm summer morning when I awoke laying on my side and with the usual morning erection. Jen was positioning herself in a spoon position, guiding my cock into a very wet vagina. She said don't move and then proceeded to milk me using only those muscles.

Another time she announced that the only way I would have her was to physically rape her. After a chase through the house and a wonderful wrestling match on the bed, I finally had her tied to the head board with her bra and shirt. I then proceeded to explore every part of her body paying particular attention to those parts that I knew, from our discussion about what each liked, were most enjoyable to her. When the wet spot had grown to an unbelievable size, I positioned myself and tried to enter but her muscle control was so good that it was almost impossible. When I finally bottomed out, she relaxed and I untied her arms to enjoy a most refreshing encounter.

As we lay next to each other basking in the afterglow, she casually mentioned that she had stopped taking her birth control pills. Nine months later, Alex was born.

Our lovemaking became more circumspect after Alex's birth but no less exciting and no less frequent.

She announced one evening after Alex was asleep, that she had been drugged and would be found on our bed, comatose, and the special person whom found her had better take full advantage of her. For a comatose person, she squirmed and moaned as I explored her body. Her eyes opened briefly and a smile appeared when I inserted a finger into her anus, not my cup of tea but something to investigate. As I made love to her, those wonderful vaginal muscles seemed to be unaffected by her comatose state.

We were actually escorted from the Eiffel Tower when Jen decided we should find a place to make love (not too many places for privacy on the tower). We did slip away from the tour group at Macau Picu for some high altitude love making. We lived for a month on a beach in Tahiti with all three of us nude and somewhat sunburned most of the time. I think we entertained some natives in the Australian outback (we didn't notice them until we were well involved).

It was a couple of years later when Jen asked if I had time to talk with her?

Jen was waiting just like she had some many years ago, with knees drawn to her chest and an apprehensive look. She blurted out without prompting that she had accidentally met Cathy (her therapist from years ago) in a Starbuck's in Sacto and in the course of the conversation, Cathy had mentioned there was a new male therapist at the clinic with a nickname of "Horse". Cathy assured Jen the nickname was quite appropriate as Horse was the largest (both in length and girth) of anyone she or any one else at the clinic had ever known.

Jen continued with a rush, that she had been thinking about Horse and would like to experience a really big penis, I was big but not as big as Horse was reported to be and she loved me more than I could imagine. She assured me there was no danger to our relationship and it would be recreational, not lovemaking.

Hit between the eyes with a ten pound sledge hammer was the only way to describe my reaction.

When my heart rate returned to normal and I could again focus on objects in the room, I asked if I could think about it?

Jen nodded and asked if I could make a decision by the next day?

"Why by tomorrow?"

"I made arrangements to meet Horse at the condo on Thursday and will need to cancel if you don't want me to see him."

"It sounds if you've already made up your mind to go through with this fantasy."

"Only if you agree, I meant what I said about my love for you."

The next morning, after a night of no sleep and with deep anxiety, I told Jen that if she really wanted to do this, I would not stand in her way.

Jen knew what she had in her marriage and although I didn't like the proposal, I knew that it would affect our relationship more if I refused, it would look as if I didn't believe in the Jen's strength and her love for me.

"Can you be there for me?'

"No, it's not one of my fantasies, but I will meet you at the condo afterwards."

I arrived at the condo at about 5 o'clock and found an unfamiliar car parked in the reserved space next to Jen's car, I immediately left and drove to the local Deli to purchase greens for a salad that Jen likes. When I returned to the condo at about 5:30, the car was gone.

Jen was in her robe sitting on the sofa with knees drawn to her chest and crying softly.

I asked if there had been a problem and she shook her head 'no'. After a few minutes, Jen said "

I'm was sorry to put you through this ordeal, I did enjoy it very much but am afraid you won't

recognize it for what it really was and will let it affect our relationship.

I took her in my arms and placed a soft kiss on her cheek where a tear had formed. She grabbed me and held on until she had cried herself out.

After a light dinner and an additional glass of wine, Jen asked if she could tell me about the experience.

I replied that I was not that interested in the details.

"I need to tell you and show you to assure myself and you that it was only recreational."

She reached for the TV/VCR remote and started a tape playing.

"How did you tape the encounter?"

"Cathy was with me and did the taping."

Horse was indeed well endowed with a penis that was at least 12 inches if not more and quite thick. Jen was slowly caressing the monster and pulling back the foreskin to admire the flared head while at the same time Horse was fondling her small firm breast. He then moved to her firm bubble butt and pulled her to him. His cock was well above her navel almost reaching her rib cage.

I was mesmerized with Jen's beauty.

The exchanged a slow kiss while their hands roamed each others back.

"Why the kiss?"

"I don't know, it was like kissing a tool, even less meaningful than a peck on the cheek from a friend."

The next scene showed Jen on the bed with her legs spread and knees pulled to her chest. It was obvious from the view that she was ready, her juices were already flowing and her labia were engorged, puffy and open showing a delicate pink interior. Horse was positioning himself between her open legs and began to orally explore her, she convulsed in an orgasm almost immediately and when she subsided into the state of bliss that normally follows her orgasms with a dreamy look in her eyes she slowly started bucking her pelvis into Horse's face, within seconds it was obvious she was headed towards an even bigger orgasm.

The taped switched to a Horse positioning himself between her legs, ready to begin his conquest.

I found myself becoming aroused as I knew what a delicate and delicious morsel he was about to consume.

Jen took hold of his penis and lay it on her stomach, it did reach to her ribs.

Although there was no audio, I could read her lips as she said to Cathy 'This is going to be a challenge, I'm not sure I can do it.' Horse must have said something as she flashed him a quick smile and then helped guide him to her entrance.

Horse slowly worked his penis up and down her labia and then started in earnest.

The long penis bent some with the resistance and then snapped straight as entrance was gained. Jen's eyes flared wide and then there was a broad smile.

Horse held his position for a moment and then started a slow advance while Jen bit her lower lip and closed her eyes. Horse's penis bent some more as resistance increased but the advance continued. He stopped when he bottomed out at about 9 inches which is the depth I normally achieve. I had a brief memory of my penis against Jen's cervix.

"He filled me to capacity and I was afraid he wouldn't get all the way in."

I could see on the tape where Jen had wrapped her beautiful legs around his hips and was applying pressure to urge him on.

Horse began a slow in and out motion, withdrawing only and inch or two and then slowly re-inserting and after what seemed like only a few minutes was beginning to gain more depth. Jen was again biting her lower lip and had closed eyes but it was obvious she was encouraging him to go even deeper.

Jen came again and she must have clamped those powerful vaginal muscles as Horse came to complete stop. When her eyes opened again, Horse continued the advance.

"I was amazed at how much my vagina could stretch, it took about ten minutes before he gained full penetration and I came at least two more times while he was entering me. Watch what happens next."

The scene showed Jen extending her left leg and Horse throwing his right over the leg. The caused Horse to raise his torso and allowed Cathy with the camera to get a close up of Jen's stomach. A definite bulge was visible.

The position also allowed Horse to penetrate even deeper and Cathy moved to the end of the bed to do a close up showing Jen's labia stretched to the maximum, showing only a tiny ring around the massive penis buried to the hilt.

"I almost brought him off by just my breathing, each time I took a breath it caused increased pressure for both he and myself. It was good, but felt like I couldn't possible take any more."

"What about birth control?"

"I inserted a diaphragm before Horse arrived but with that monster doing me, it didn't stay in place."

"Watch my stomach. I had to practice some yoga to relax my muscles."

Horse then began the to slowly pull almost all the way out and started back in. The bulge in Jen's stomach retreated with the withdrawal of the cock and re- appeared as Horse slowly pushed back in.

Jen was grimacing and biting her lip but at the same time was encouraging Horse with the quick smiles and those flashing eyes of his.

Horse started fucking Jen with rapid strokes that varied from almost full withdrawal to short quick strokes. Jen's eyes were fluttering open and closed almost in time with the strokes.

"When he finally started doing me, it was like a suction pump followed by a compression as he drove back into me. Within seconds I experienced an orgasm that caused my vaginal muscles to contract causing a momentary halt to the action. When my orgasm subsided, Horse increase the rhythm and drove me back to another orgasm. God, I could feel every inch as he did me (Jen stopped for a few seconds and then continued), he did me and did me again and again."

Cathy had moved around to the foot of the bed again for a close up of Jen's lips clinging to the cock on the withdrawal and disappearing when he rammed back into her.

He then withdrew almost completely and slowly pushed back in again, pushing strongly against Jen's pubic area, his buttocks clenched and I knew he was flooding her vagina with semen.

After a minute or so, he pulled out and then made one last entry, semen and Jen's come flowed freely from her vagina.

"I couldn't believe how much ejaculate he had, I could feel every hot spurt and could feel it being forced between his penis and my vagina, it made a squirting sound when it was forced out by his actions."

Horse then withdrew completely, his cock flopping as he withdrew. Cathy got a close up of Jen's red and puffy labia and her vagina slowly closing as gobs of semen/cum poured down the crack of her beautiful bottom.

Jen then stopped the VCR and turned to look at me.

"There's more, if you want to watch it, Oh honey, he did me four times and I wanted even more. He did me from behind twice, once with me leaning over this very sofa and then the last time in the dining area with the curtains open."

"It was animal sex, not love, but it was good."

"What about the possibility of pregnancy?"

" Well.., I can see you are ready for something, would you do me a favor and mix some of yours in with what is still in me. That way, if I'm pregnant we can assume it is ours."

She didn't wait for an answer but threw off her robe and immediately started working on my clothes.

"God, I love you, you have a beautiful body - now make love to me, do me, I've had enough sex for today."

She was ready and when I moved between her legs I could see her sparse pubic hair was still matted and there was a discharge of her fresh juices and what I assumed was semen from her swollen vaginal opening.

I entered her and didn't feel any difference, her vagina felt normal, not like I had expect, the effects of a larger, longer penis that had penetrated just a hour or so before seemed not to have changed anything.

Sloppy seconds is something I never thought I would experience or wanted to experience for that matter, but just that thought caused me come prematurely.

"Oh darling, just stay in me and hold me, I need your love."

we lay together kissing and caressing each other, she started to work those vaginal muscles and within minutes I was ready for some serious lovemaking.

We fell asleep in each other embrace but I soon wakened and slowly slipped out of bed. I went to the living room and started the tape.

Jen was lying on the bed with Horse beside her. The camera had been placed on the bureau as Cathy (I forgot how young she was) moved into the picture and sat beside Jen slowly stroking her hair and talking with her.

Soon Horse hand moved to Jen's breast and with one or two caresses, her nipples were standing at attention. He then rolled on his side facing her and started kissing and sucking her breast as his hand moved between legs which parted for him. I could tell from the expression on Jen's face when a finger(s) moved into her and soon her eyes were fluttering in time with her orgasm.

Horse rose to his knees and Jen quickly turned on her stomach and went to her knees placing that beautiful ass in front of Horse while Cathy scrambled to get to the camera. The remains of the first encounter were running down Jen's legs and there was a large wet spot on the bed. Jen pulled a pillow under her chest and lowered her head to the bed.

The camera lost the scene as Cathy picked it up but she soon had the two back in view, Horse had spread Jen's cheeks and was admiring what even used and abused was a most desirable, uh, cunt (for lack of a better description). His cock was standing at an upward angle to his body as Cathy zoomed in on it. I must admit, it was impressive and as it continued to grow in girth, veins became more pronounced.

The camera moved closer and captured the penetration and a slow controlled stroke until the view was blocked by hips. It then moved back until Jen and Horse were completely in view by which time Horse was in full stride. His speed was picking up until with each stroke, Jen's small body was shoved forward. There was a moment's pause when Jen turned her head and said something to Cathy.

The camera moved closer then and caught the penis at the instance the head came out of Jen's cunt. Jen's orifice slowly closed and the camera stopped. It started again in a position under Jen's stomach, showing Horse's cock slamming into Jen, her stomach bulging and balls slapping against her clitoris. It moved back to show Jen on her hands and knees and Horse holding her hips as he pounded her.

I fast forwarded and then stopped and reversed to catch the final moments when Horse shoved fully into her and held while he ass cheeks clenched and he flooded her again with semen.

The next scene showed Jen sitting on a counter top, with feet on each side of her hips as the cock slowly entered for a third trip to Nirvana. It was a slow act this time with none of the earlier pounding. I watched as Jen's hand came to her clitoris and started stroking. She would occasionally slip her hand even further down to feel the invader in it's relentless assault. Jen had her eyes closed during the entire bout with a dreamy expression on her face.

He again spurted into her and I began to wonder about what supplements he was taking.

The next scene was of Jen leaning her head on the back of the sofa while the camera captured her long legs, beautiful cunt and perfect ass. Hands reached into the scene and spread her labia as the camera zoomed in. God she was beautiful. The hands departed and the head of Horse's cock came into view.

The camera jiggled as a Cathy's hand came into view and pulled back the foreskin as the head approached Jen's cunt. I was aroused by the slow penetration and thought about returning to the bedroom.

I fast forwarded as it seemed a slow sensual fuck. I again watched him spurt his seed into my wife.

I jumped when Jen, standing behind me said "I don't know about his sperm count but he still filled me as much seminal fluid that last time as he did the first."

I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 4 AM.

"Let's go to the gym for a workout, I have to get back and clean the guest room and you have to be out of here by noon."

"You're not coming home also?"

"I'll be home Sunday by noon and you had better be ready for some more cuddling and lovemaking."

I gave her a questioning look.

"Cathy is going to spend tomorrow night with me for a girl's only slumber party and I've booked Horse for Saturday night."

"Booked Horse?'

"He's in demand by a lot of married women in addition to his duties at the clinic. I'm yours from Sunday until a week from Wednesday and then I'm back here for another horse ride."

Our life returned to normal except for the Jen's Wednesday trips to Sacto. She would return on Thursday and would always attack me for some "serious lovemaking" as she termed it.

One Thursday she woke me at 3 AM, saying she had returned because she missed my lovemaking, it was the second time I had sloppy seconds but Jen didn't seem to enjoy it.

I asked if there was a problem and she said she might be pregnant.


Nine months later Sue was born and I didn't even want to think about whose child she was. She was my daughter and I loved her almost as much as I loved her mother.

After Sue was born, Jen resumed her weekly trips but I could tell it was not as exciting for her as coming home on Thursday. She once commented that sex was okay but love was something that was very special and so much better in every way.

One summer, when the kids were at camp, she asked if Horse could spend the night with her, she went on to say that Cathy could come with Horse and keep me busy for the night. I declined the offer of Cathy and said I would make myself scarce.

When Horse arrived, Jen met him at the front door and they headed around to the pool for a dip, I watched them frolicking in the nude via the security cameras and watched as Horse fucked her on the mats beside the pool. The resolution of the cameras wasn't too great but I noted he cock still bent before snapping into her. The had sex beside the pool and later with Jen in the swing with her feet over his shoulders.

I spent most of my time in the den and as each room in the house (except for the restrooms) was monitored, I knew where they were and could easily avoid them.

I couldn't resist going out on the deck and listening at the door to the Guest Room where they were spent the night. The door was open with only the screen door closed. I heard a friendliness in the conversation but no real intimacy.

Horse did ask once between bouts "Am I better than your husband?" Her answer was swift and somewhat sharp. "He is my lover and my friend, he is the only one that can satisfy both my sexual and my emotional needs. No disrespect, you're a very nice person, but it's your size that satisfies a sexual need but only my husband can finish me. You're good at what you do but he is, as I said, my lover."

They had sex at least six times that I am aware of. I was almost caught when they came out onto the deck for a bout with Jen leaning against the hand rail while being done from the rear.

When he entered her, she moaned, "God I like that feeling, fill me up. I can feel you all the way to my lungs."

After what seemed like five minutes Jen said, "Let's do me is some other position." They quickly separated and Jen lay down on a mat and hooked both legs under her elbows, Horse was quick to guide himself into her cunt with a slow steady stroke that must have reached new depths as I heard Jen grunt on each stroke. The position kept Jen's head up where she could watch each and every stroke. She paced him by saying "Give me some nice slow ones." or "Faster, give it to me. Pound it, get as deep as you can! You're swelling, get it deep and hold it, I'll milk that hot cum from you."

When they separated, semen flooded from her cunt. "Where do you get so much of that stuff?" she asked and without waiting for an answer, went on, "It like a hot douche every time you do me."

Horse left early the next morning and Jen came to me saying she needed a good orgasm. She hadn't bathed and smelled of sweat and sex and when I spread her legs, semen was dried on her legs and buttocks and it was still dripping from her cunt. I realized then that I did like sloppy seconds, there was a special high knowing she had just been with someone else.

I got a washbasin and some towels and slowly cleaned her paying especial attention to her cunt. I couldn't believe how beautiful it was after the pounding she had endured during the last twelve hours.

When I finished cleaning her, I stripped and entered her, she used that fabulous muscle control to clamp down making it feel like I was entering her for the first time (although I could feel Horse's cum squirting out as I forced my way in. The only change was that I could no longer feel her cervix even on my deepest penetration.

The Wednesday trips soon became every other week and finally once a month with an occasional two day stay when both Horse and Cathy spent time at the condo.

I never ask what she did with Cathy and she never volunteered.

Cathy would some times visit and on each visit I would be asked to do something with the kids so they could have some 'girl time'. When the kids were down for the night, Cathy and Jen would do some 'skinny dipping' in the pool or lounge on the deck (weather permitting), sometimes in nude. Jen would always come to bed late and would be especially aggressive in her love making.

Once I heard Cathy ask, "Would he 'do me' (she giggled at Jen's phrase) if I asked?"

Jen replied, "You can ask but the answer will be no, he's never shown an interest in another women. Lucky girl."

When Sue graduated from high school, Jen and Sue planned a trip to Europe as a gift before Sue started college.

A week before they were to leave, we had the house to ourselves and were enjoying some of the wonderful lovemaking that was never routine. When we had exhausted ourselves and were mellowing out I notice a new mole on Jen's shoulder and told her to have a doctor look at it. She replied she had an appointment the next day for a shot and would take care of it then.

Jen and Sue returned after a month of touring and that evening when we were celebrating Jen's return in our own special way I noticed the mole had grown in an angry sort of way. When I asked Jen about what the doctor had said, she had to think before replying that she had completely forgot to mention it to the doctor.

We were waiting at the doctor's office the next morning and that afternoon visiting specialist.

I can suppress the memories of the following fourteen months and only remember the tender moments Jen and I shared. The ache and loneliness of losing the one woman, the only woman I had ever loved is something that will always remain with me.

When the cancer spread to her bones, she asked me to call my friend Greg for something that would help her along. Greg was reluctant but after I described the progress of the disease, he said he would help. The next day, a package arrive via overnight delivery. Neither of us needed any instructions on how to use the contents of the package so I placed it beside her bed without a word.

She looked at the contents and then at me and after a few minutes, tears welled up in both our eyes.

Jen said "It's going to be difficult but would you make love to me now?"

"I don't want to hurt you love."

"You won't unless you refuse."

It was awkward and not satisfying for either of us, Jen was so fragile that I lay beside her on the bed gently kissing her and cuddling her in my arms. We talked about the children, our love for each other, and re- counted some memorable love making episodes.

Afterwards as Jen was drifting off to sleep, she said "I've had much better fucks than that but never a better loving."

She then seemed to wake fully and said, "Would you be a dear and drive into Sutter Creek and get some of that Ice Cream that I like?"

I knew I was being sent away but I felt compelled to go.

When I returned, Jen was lying peacefully in her bed, the contents of the package consumed and her journal laying beside her open to a page on which she had written.

"There was you and only you that could make me a whole woman. I've loved no one else nor felt a need for love from anyone else. It is you and you and always you."

I was interrupted in my journey into the past by the sound of the gate alarm. I glanced at the gate monitor when it came alive and saw Cathy's car.

She came into the house with that smile on her face. When she saw me standing in the den, she said "I've a promise to keep so get those clothes off and meet me in the bedroom unless you want to 'do me' here." She liked using Jen's phrase 'do me' and I suspect she heard it from Jen at least a few times.

When we finally retired for the evening, I was asleep almost immediately and soon Jen appeared in the nightly dream and things were as they should be.



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