My name is Rebecca but my friends call me Becky. This is my first day in Junior High School and I am very nervous about fitting in. All through grade school my friends and I have advanced to each grade together. Now we are going to a new school where kids from other grade schools are going, we will be in different classes and I'm pretty scared at the whole thing. Thank goodness my best friend Carla was going through the same thing that I was. At least we have each other to lean on if it gets too much.

I am 12 years old and have jet black hair that hangs down to my shoulders. My breasts are small about the size of half a small grapefruit. I haven't gotten my period yet and have no hair on my pubes. All and all I consider myself an average preteen of 12.

My best friend Carla is the same age. She had brown hair cut kind of short and her boobs are a little bigger than mine but her pussy looks just like mine. I can say that because we played doctor and checked each other out not to long ago. We were at the curious stage and wanted to know what the inside of our pussy's looked like.

My mom called out telling me to hurry up because Carla was waiting outside for me. I ran down the steps and out the front door. Carla and I began to walk the 6 blocks to school. We talked about fitting in and hoping that we have some classes together.

Carla and I sat through orientation together and found that we had only one class together. We were disappointed but there was nothing to be done about it. I told her that if we had to have only one class together we were lucky it was health class. I told her that at least we knew something about our bodies.

I met Carla at lunch time outside the cafeteria. We went through the line together and sat at an empty table. We were chatting about our classes when a petite blonde girl came to our table and asked if she could sit with us. We invited her to join us and we all introduced ourselves. She told us her name was Peggy and she was 11 years old. She said she skipped a grade and a lot of kids tease her for being smart.

"I hate this school, all the kids tease me and I don't have any friends at this school" she complained to us.

"Well, you have two friends now" I told her.

She smiled broadly and thanked us for not judging her. We told her that we weren't that smart like her but we were far from stupid. We all laughed and finished our lunch. While we were waiting for the bell to ring I looked at our new friend. Her blonde hair hung straight all the way to her waist. She had beautiful bright blue eyes and just the beginning of breasts. The bell rang and interrupted my assessment of Peggy. We got up and headed for our next classes agreeing to meet out front after school.

When the last bell rang the kids began to spill out the doors. I was one of the first out the door and stood waiting for Carla and Peggy. It wasn't long before I saw Peggy walking toward me. We waited together until Carla finally showed up. We asked Peggy where she lived and she told us that she lived on Chappell Street.

Carla and I were shocked that she only lived three streets from us and we never saw her. She told us that they had just moved here from Chicago. Peggy said she has only been here about two weeks and don't know her way around town yet. We told her that we would be more than happy to show her around.

"Let's go to my house and compare notes about classes and our classmates." I told them.

We headed down the street toward my house. When we walked in the back door I introduced Peggy to my mother. Mom asked the usual nosey questions as we had a snack. Peggy answered all of mom's questions and said that her mother would call and set up a time for a meeting so they could meet. We finished our snack and headed up to my room. We entered the room and Carla shut the door so we could talk without being bugged by my brother.

"Do either of you have Tommy Watson in any of your classes." I asked my two friends.

"God, he is such a hunk" I added.

Carla and Peggy said that they didn't have him in any class and that they didn't know what he looks like. I tried to describe him but they looked like they didn't care so I let it drop. We talked about boys, kissing, and all that stuff.

"Have you ever done it" Peggy asked me bluntly.

"Gee, that's kind of personal" I laughed.

"But no, I haven't done it yet, have you?

Peggy said no but she told us about her friend in Chicago who was 13 and did it with her brother one night. Peggy said that her friend told her that it was the best feeling ever. Even better than doing it yourself she told me.

"Have you done it to yourself?" Carla asked Peggy.

"I've rubbed myself down there but I never felt anything special" she said.

"We haven't either, we looked at each other before but that was it" Carla told her.

My friend told me that her brother actually kissed and licked her down there. She told me that it made her feel fantastic. I can't wait until I get to do that with someone.

"I heard about people licking others down there but never knew anyone who had it done or who has done it." Carla said.

"It will be a long time for me, I don't even have any boobs or hair down there yet" Peggy complained.

"Hey we don't have any hair yet either" Carla told her.

"Yeah, but at least you have boobs" Peggy said while pouting.

"There not that big yet" I told her.

I felt so bad for her, she was really down about not having any boobs yet. I lifted my blouse and told her to look.

"See, I don't have much yet" I told her.

"I can't tell with your bra on" she laughed at me.

I reached behind me and unhooked my bra letting it drop to the floor. Peggy got up and stood in front of me and stared at my chest.

"They're beautiful" she whispered to me.

She kept looking at my tits and then as if in a daze she reached out and touched my nipple. I let out a soft moan as I felt her touch my tit. Carla came over and took hold of my other nipple. Both girls started to pull and tweak my hardening nipples.

"OOHHHHH, that feels so nice" I sighed to my friends.

I told them that I could feel myself getting wet between my legs. Peggy asked me if she could see the wetness between my legs. I lifted my skirt up around my waist and pulled my panties down to my ankles. I could feel the moisture running down the crack of my butt as my friends played with my nipples.

Peggy knelt down between my legs and looked at my moist pussy. She said that she could see a few drops coming out of my hole and running down my slit.

"Becky, can I touch it" she asked me softly.

"Ohhh yeah, please you can touch it all you want" I panted as Carla twisted my nipples.

Peggy slowly reached out and touched her finger to my slit. It was like an electric shock that shot through my 12 year old body.

"UUUMMMMMM, OOOHHHHHH, Man that feels good" I groaned to Peggy.

She ran her finger up my slit until she hit my hard clit. It was extraordinary. I never felt anything like this before. Peggy took my little clit between her fingers and rubbed gently.

"AAAHHHHH, AAAWWWWWWW, I feel so tingly all over when you do that" I told her.

Peggy had her face real close to my wet cunt so she wouldn't miss anything. I was leaking more of my girl juice out of my pussy hole. Peggy bent her head down and touched my slit with her lips quickly then pulled back.

"UUUGGGHHHH, Oh Peggy that felt wonderful" I moaned.

She licked her lips and tasted my juice.

"What does it taste like" Carla wanted to know.

"It's kind of slippery and a little sticky but it doesn't taste bad, in fact I like it" She told us.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH, OOOHHHHHHH, Peggy keep doing that" I begged her as she started to run her tongue up and down my slit.

"Oh Peggy, Oh Peggy, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, something is happening OOOHHHH" I cried out.

She told me to just relax and let it happen. She said that her friend told her that when she did it with her brother she got all tingly then she just exploded in a great feeling. Peggy went back to licking my soaking wet cunt slit while Carla was softly biting my nipples.

"AAAWWWW, AAAHHHH, I-I... OH, OH, Peggy... I'm dying... OOOHH, AAAAAEEEEOHH!" I screamed as my very first orgasm came crashing over me. I arched my back and pushed my cunt into Peggy's face. I gushed my 12 year old girl cum into her mouth.

"OOOHHHHH, OOOHHHHHH, AAAAHHHHHH!" I sighed as the feeling slowly subsided. I looked at Peggy with her face slick and wet with my cum.

"Oh Peggy thank you, Oh thank you so much, that felt unbelievable" I told her.

Peggy and Carla wanted to know exactly how it felt. I told them that no words could explain the feeling. I said that it was something that they would have to feel for themselves. I told Peggy to take off her clothes and I would show her how it feels.

"What about me" Carla complained.

"Let's do Peggy together and then Peggy and I will do it to you" I told her.

That satisfied Carla and the two girls slipped out of their school clothes. Peggy stretched out on the bed. Carla and I moved to her flat chest and each grabbed a nipple between our fingers. We pulled and twisted gently until she was squirming on the bed.

"OOOHHHH, harder, you can pinch them harder" she told us.

Carla and I pulled and twisted Peggy's little nipples causing them to harden up and stick out. She was moaning continually from the assault on her tiny tits. Carla moved down between her legs and looked at Peggy's puffy wet cunt lips. Carla looked at me not knowing what she should do. I told her to lick Peggy and I would lick her when it was her turn.

"OOHHH, Carla touch it again" Peggy groaned as she felt Carla's finger slide into her wet slit. Carla ran her finger up and down her new friends wet slit getting her finger sticky with Peggy's girl juice. She brought her finger to her lips and tasted pussy juice for the very first time. She looked at me and smiled her approval of the taste.

She bent back down and ran her tongue through Peggy's cunt crack. She flicked Peggy's hard little clit with her rough tongue.

"OH, OH, OH, Oh Carla like that, Oh just like that" she begged Carla to continue

Carla sunk her tongue into Peggy's 11 year old cunt hole. She lapped up all the young girl juice that she could find in that slippery channel.

"UUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH" Peggy screamed as she was tongue fucked by Carla.

"OH, OH, I think its going to happen, OOOHHHHH, I think... OOHHHHH, Oh my! AAAAAAEEEEEHHHH!" Peggy screamed loudly as her very first orgasm washed over her body. Her little hips bucked up to Carla's mouth as she poured her girl juice into Carla's hot mouth. She had to push Carla's head away from her over sensitive pussy. Peggy giggled and told Carla that she must really like the taste of pussy. Both girls just laughed out loud knowing that I was soon going to get my first taste.

Carla stretched out on the bed waiting for me and Peggy to start our turn on her body. Peggy started by pulling her tits and twisting Carla's nipples. I watched as Peggy pulled Carla's nipple until it was stretched far from her body, and then she gave it a twist.

"OOHHHHHHH, it hurts but feels good at the same time when you do that" groaned Carla.

I moved between my best friends legs and looked at what I was going to lick. It was puffy red and very wet already. I slowly reached my finger out and ran in up and down her slit. I held my finger to my nose to smell. It was an odor that I never smelled before. I licked my finger tentatively tasting a slight salty slippery liquid. It wasn't bad so I popped my finger in my mouth and suck it clean.

I stuck my face back into her pussy and licked her cunt slit as fast as I could. I twirled her clit with my tongue and lapped her juices.

"AAAAAHHHH, OOHHHH, Becky lick it, Oh lick it, OOHHHHH" Carla cried out.

I decided to try something new and put my finger into her slit while I played my tongue on her clit. I slowly pushed my finger into her 12 year old pussy hole.

"UUUUGGGGHHHHHH, OH, OH, OH, AAAAAAHHHHHH" she sighed as she felt my finger go into her virgin hole.

I pushed until I felt her cherry. I pulled back and started pumping into her cunt being careful not to hit her hymen.

"OOOHHHHH, OOOHHHHH, I feel so funny, I tingle all over, OOOHHH" she moaned out.

Suddenly Carla let out a huge scream and arched her back off the bed as she squirted her cum out of her cunt. Her juice flew out at least 3 inches from her hole. She squirted like a water pistol.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHH, AAAAAAWWWWWWWW" she yelled as a few more spurts shot out of her cunt. I lapped up the remaining cum juice that was in her slit.

"You actually squirted your juice" I told Carla in amazement.

We all got dressed and hugged each other tightly. We agreed not to mention this to anyone. We all enjoyed doing it but didn't want it to get around school that we did it to each other. Carla and Peggy left to go home for supper. After I ate my dinner I went to my room to call Carla. We talked about what we did to each other that afternoon and how good it felt.

As we chatted about our sexcapades, I reached down and pulled my dress off and reached into my panties so I could stroke my wet slit. I told Carla what I was doing and she told me that she was doing the same thing. I ran my finger up and down my wet cunt crack. I played with my clit causing my juice to run down my ass crack. I scooped some of my own cum up and brought it to my mouth for a taste.

"Oh Carla, I just tasted myself and it is good just like yours" I told her over the phone.

I ran my finger over my clit causing me to gush out some more. I placed my finger at the entrance of my cunt hole and slowly pushed it in. I slowly sunk in to the second knuckle before I felt my hymen. But it felt so good to have something in my cunt. I pumped my finger in and out while I could here Carla doing the same thing over the phone.

It wasn't long before both of us moaned out our second orgasm of the day. We compared our feeling during orgasms and figured that they were pretty much the same. We said goodnight and hung up the phone.

I met Carla outside my house the next morning for school. As we walked down the block we noticed Peggy waiting at the corner. The three of us walked to school together with a new found friendship in sex. The whole week went the same way. We would meet and walk to school and back home again together.

On Friday afternoon the three of us were walking to my house and talking about boys as usual. Peggy asked if I ever saw my little brother's cock. I told her that I haven't seen it since he was real small.

"Do you think he would show it to us if we asked him" Peggy asked me.

"I don't know if he would or not."

"Let's go see if he would be willing to" she said.

We got to my house and found a note from my mom saying she was out shopping and wouldn't be home for a few hours. She asked me to watch over Billy. I heard the TV playing in the family room and the three of us went into the room. Billy glanced up at us and then turned back toward the TV screen. Billy was 9 and not particularly interested in girls yet. Peggy plopped down next to him on the couch while Carla and I each took a chair.

"Hey Billy, want to do something that will feel real good" Peggy asked my brother.

"What do you want to do?" he asked.

"I want to see you dick" Peggy told him bluntly.

"You, you, you want to see me dick" he stuttered in shock.

"Yeah, if you show us your dick we will show you our pussies" she bargained with him.

"I don't believe you, I'll show you my dick and then you will leave" he told her.

Peggy dropped her skirt and panties and stood in front of my 9 year old brother with her bald pussy exposed to his staring eyes.

"Now can I see your dick" she laughed.

Billy stood up and dropped his jeans and underwear around his ankles. He kicked them off to the corner and stood there with his little bald 4 inch cock bobbing up and down. Peggy reached out and took hold of his hard dick and moved her hand along his short shaft.

"OOHHHH, hey that feels good" he said in excitement.

Peggy told us to take off our clothes and join the fun. I told her that we should move upstairs to my room just in case my mom comes home early. Peggy and Billy picked up their clothes and followed Carla and I up to my room.

When we all were in the room I shut and locked the door. Carla and I removed our clothes and were standing by Peggy and Billy watching her jack my 9 year old brother's cock. Billy was looking at my pussy, then Carla's pussy then Peggy's pussy and then he would return to mine. His head was in constant motion looking at three bald cunts.

"Can I look at your pussy up close Peggy?" he asked her shyly.

Peggy lay down on the bed and spread her legs. Billy knelt down on the floor and put his face close to her snatch and looked at every detail of her cunt. He could smell the odor of arousal and see the moisture leaking from Peggy's cunt hole.

"C-can I touch it please?" my little 9 year old brother stuttered.

"Oh you can do anything you want to it Billy," she told him.

Billy reached out and touched her hairless cunt. He ran a finger through her slimy juice and brought his fingers to his nose. He sniffed his fingers and then licked a small amount of the juice into his mouth. Carla and I could see him roll the drop around tasting it to see if he likes it. He smiled at the two of us as he reached out for another sample.

Peggy was squirming on the bed from all the feeling that Billy was doing on her pussy. He was running his finger through her wet slit gathering all the juices that he could. Carla told him he might as well put his mouth there and lick it up with his tongue.

"Yuck, that's nasty," Billy said making an ugly face.

"Look, I'll show you how it's done," Carla told him.

Carla pulled Billy away from Peggy's wet cunt and put her face into her friends soaking snatch. She ran her tongue up and down her wet cunt slit gathering her preteen juices. Billy was watching her every move so he would know what to do. I told Billy that if he wanted to practice he could try on me. I stretched out on the bed with my legs spread wide showing my little brother my bald preteen cunt. He dropped down to his knees and buried his face into my pussy.

Peggy and I were both moaning and groaning from the tongue washing we were getting. Billy was a fast learner and was doing a great job licking my pussy.

"OOHHH, Billy stick your tongue in my cunt hole," I begged my little brother.

He rammed his tongue as far as he could up my hot channel. He wiggled his tongue all around my channel driving me into a frenzy.

Suddenly I heard Peggy scream out and looked over to see her pumping her preteen juice into Carla's eager mouth. Carla was gulping every drop of juice down her throat. Peggy's orgasm kept coming and coming as Carla worked feverishly to get all the girl cum she could into her mouth. Finally Peggy pushed Carla's head away from her pussy telling her that it was very sensitive now.

Billy was tonguing me non stop and I was getting real close to flooding his young mouth.

"OOHHHHHH, Billy, OOHHHHHH, OOHHHHHH! Here it comes Billy," I shouted to my brother.

"AAAAHHHHHH, AAAAWWW! I screamed as I reached my peak and filled his mouth with my hot juice.

Billy lapped up all the juices that were pouring from my cunt hole. I kept cumming and cumming. I finally had enough and had to push Billy's head away from me.

Carla told Billy that she needs to have her cunt licked too. She lay down on the bed with her legs spread wide.

"Come on Billy, let me suck your cock while you lick my pussy," Carla told him.

They got into the 69 position and began to tongue each other. Carla surprised herself by sucking her very first cock without even thinking about what she was doing. She pulled his cock into her mouth and ran her tongue all over the head and shaft. She could taste the little prejizz that leaked from his piss slit.

"OOHHHH, UUUMMMMM, OOOOHHHH Carla OOOHHHH that feels so good, I never felt nothing like that before" Billy moaned out to Carla.

Being Billy's first blow job he couldn't hold off very long.

"OOHHHH, OOHHHHH" Billy panted as he felt something happening.

"OOHHHH, OOHHHH, AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH" he shouted as a blast of cum shot from his 9 year old bald cock. Carla gulped down the sticky semen and sucked for more. She was surprised that a boy Billy's age could even make cum but she was glad he could. He shot spurt after spurt of hot cum into her mouth. When it finally stopped, Carla sucked his pecker clean and let it fall from her mouth.

Billy resumed his tongue washing of Carla. She didn't take long before she yelled out her own release. She bucked her hips up to his eager mouth while he was driving his tongue inside of her hot juicy cunt. When she finished we all sat and relaxed thinking of how good it had all felt. Peggy asked Billy if he would put his dick into her and fuck her. Billy told her that he didn't know what to do. She said that we could all learn together.

"Why should you be the first one to get fucked" Carla asked Peggy.

Since my mom would be home in about an hour I told them that only one would get screwed today and the others would have to wait. I told Carla and Peggy that we should let Billy choose which of us he gets to screw first. We all decided to leave the decision to Billy. Billy looked at all of us and then started to get his usual evil little brother smile on his face.

"Who ever sucks me the best will get to be first," he informed us.

"Peggy can start, then Carla and Becky will last, each doing it for three minutes"

Billy ran to the kitchen to get a timer. When he came back he stretched out on his back on my bed and Peggy moved into position. She lifted his little hairless dick with her fingers and lowered her head to meet it. She licked all around the head and slowly pushed it into her hot mouth. She bobbed her head up and down on his hard little dick. She couldn't get his whole 4 inches into her mouth so about an inch of his cock was still outside her mouth. Peggy continued sucking until the timer went off.

"That was pretty good Peggy," he informed her.

Carla moved over his little 9 year old cock. She lifted his dick and felt how wet it was from Peggy's mouth. She lowered her own mouth over his dick. She pushed his cock into her mouth. I watched as she swirled her tongue over his shaft and pushed he prick against the entrance of her throat.

She began to gag and pulled back. She tried again to get all of his cock into her mouth. She plunged down and swallowed at the same time causing his cock to enter her preteen throat. Billy let out a loud moan when he felt the muscles of Carla's throat massaging his hard little cock. The timer rang out and Carla had to release my brother's cock from her mouth.

"Oh Carla that was just great," he told her.

I knew that I had to top my best friend if I wanted to be the first to get fucked. I moved between his legs and licked his cock from the base to the tip. I ran my tongue all over his boy meat without putting it in my mouth yet. I lowered my mouth and licked and sucked his wrinkled little ball sack. I gently sucked his nuts into my mouth and rolled them around. I was slowly stroking his cock while I sucked his nut sack. I ran my tongue to the underside of his sack and he jerked his hips upward.

When he jerked his hips my tongue touched his puckered little ass hole. He moaned out loud when he felt my tongue on his butt hole. I give the brown hole several licks before I shoved his cock into my mouth. I swallowed him into my throat as I took a finger and touched it to his butt hole. Billy was humping his hips furiously as he felt all these new feelings. My finger slowly sunk into his butt hole just as the timer went off.

"OH, Becky that was the best, it looks like you are the first," he said.

I smiled at my brother, proud that I was the best cock sucker of the group. I really wanted to be the first to get fucked even if it was by my little brother. Peggy and Carla got off the bed and made room for us. I moved over to the middle of my bed and opened my legs for my brother. He moved between my spread legs lying on top of me. He surprised me by giving me a kiss on the lips.

I hugged him close as I moved my tongue into his mouth. We French kissed for a few moments. I could feel his hard little cock between my legs. He moved his hands to my chest and pulled and pinched my little hard nipples. I could feel my cunt leaking its juices.

Peggy reached out and took Billy's cock into her hand and placed it at the entrance of my 12 year old cunt. When Billy felt the heat and wetness of my pussy instinct took over and he pushed his hips into mine causing the head of his cock to pop into my hole.

"OOOHHH, Billy I can feel you inside of me" I groaned to my brother.

He held still until I told him to push again. He sunk another inch into my tight channel.

"AAHHH, OOHHHHHH, I feel so full, but it really feels good" I told my friends.

Billy pushed again.

"OOWWWIEEE" I cried out.

Carla told Billy to stop. She told him that he was against my hymen. She told him that he would have to push real hard to break it and then told me that it would hurt a little. She said that her older sister told her all about it. Billy pulled back a little and then gave a mighty shove.

"OOOWWWWWWWW" I screamed out as he tore through my young maidenhood.

"Oh Billy stop for minute, I need to catch my breath, that really stung."

"I'm sorry Becky, I didn't mean to hurt you" he whispered to me.

I told him that it was okay that it only stung a little bit now. He held very still until the pain went away. I told him that he should try to move slowly to see how it feels. Billy pulled out a little and then pushed back into me. I felt no pain just extreme pleasure.

"OOOHHHHHH, AAAAAAAHHHHHHH, Billy oh that is so good" I moaned.

He started to pump faster and go deeper into me. I wrapped my legs around him so I could regulate his speed. Peggy told us to stop. Billy stopped moving and wanted to know why.

"Can you do it doggie style, that way Carla and I can see better" Peggy told him.

"I don't know what style that is" Billy told her.

She told him that she saw it in a book her dad had hidden. She said that I should get on my hands and knees and he puts his cock in from behind. Billy withdrew his cock from my wet cunt as I moved into the new position. Billy got behind me and sunk his cock back into my pussy.

"AAAAAWWWWWWW, Oh my God, OOHHHHHH!" I cried out as I felt his small balls slapping against my upturned ass.

Carla and Peggy had their heads close to the action so they could see every stroke of Billy's cock going into my hairless cunt.

"AAAAAHHHHHH, OOHHHHH, Billy I'm almost there, OOHHHHH" I panted out.

"Me too sis" he cried

"OH, OH, Billy, I-I... OH... I... OH Billlyyyy!" I shouted as I went over the top.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH, AAAAAAWWWWWW!" I yelled as I bucked my hips back trying to get as much of his 4 inch cock into my cunt.

"OOOHHHHHH!" I sighed as my orgasm slowly subsided.

Billy continued to pump into my wet cunt.

"OH Becky I'm cumming, OOHHHHHH, I'm cumming, OOHHHHH!" He shouted.

I could feet the spurts of his cum going into my cunt.

"OH, OH, OH, AAAAAAHHH!" he panted as he felt each spurt of cum erupt from his cock.

When he finished squirting his spunk his limp cock slipped out of my slick cunt hole. Peggy took his cock into her mouth and cleaned him of all the combined juices. Carla locked her lips to my cunt and sucked all of Billy's jizz from my cunt hole.

"You better save me a taste" Peggy told Carla.

When Carla finished cleaning my cunt she crawled over to Peggy and kissed her deeply. Billy and I watched as we saw the sticky combination of our juices go back and forth between their mouths. They each gulped down their share of our spunk and we all collapsed onto the bed. We were telling each other about the feelings that we experienced that afternoon when we heard the front door open. We scrambled to get dressed and Billy ran to his room to dress.

Mom yelled for us to help her carry in the packages. We all ran to help although I was walking a little gingerly. When the bags were all in the house Peggy and Carla said that they had to head home. We all hugged as preteen girls often do and I whispered to each that their turns would be soon. They said their good-byes as Billy and I headed back upstairs.

"Damn, I forgot the butter, hey you two I have to run back to the store, I will be back in about 30 minutes" mom yelled up to us.

Billy and I looked at each other and then stripped off our clothes.



  • Anonymous said:
    1 year ago
    Yes it turned both my younger sister (13) and me on. I'm 15. My sister was the one whom turned me onto these sex stories. We both let fantasy become reality. We soon started have sex . No regrets at all. She is more kinky than I am. She wants to have sex with 2 or 3 guys. She thinks it should be my friends.
    I think it should be strangers, so my friends don't think she is a slut. Also I'm worried as she isn't on birth control. Sure I came in her a few times , but having some stranger get her pregnant, not cool.
  • Anonymous said:
    3 years ago
    Good stuff! Love all your stories!!