I'm the youngest of four children, I have three older brothers and I started to realize that I liked girls, rather then boys when I was about twelve. I was a tomboy, my poor mom was very disappointed I wasn't a girly girl being with her in the kitchen and all, but I loved to play ball, any kind. My oldest brother, who was twenty three, was in the army and was being sent over seas to some war being fought there.

He and his girlfriend, Lois, decided to get married before he had to leave and we had the wedding reception at our house, which I thought was cool. When he left to go fight in the damn war, his bride moved in with us, more to the point, she moved into my room with me. I had the attic as my bedroom, so as I could have my own room as I was now fourteen and even though there was a lot of room, I wasn't to thrilled, but my mom was.

She finally had a daughter she could teach to cook and all that good stuff and I realized pretty quick that she was leaving me alone about helping her around the house, so I warmed up to Lois real fast. Lois was there about four weeks when the weather started warming up and up to this point, she always wore things that totally covered her body.

This was a bit of a disappointment for me, as I was looking forward to checking her out, but with the warm weather she began wearing shortie PJ's that showed a lot of skin. I would wait until I thought she was asleep, then I would touch her body and feel her tits.

I was doing this for about two weeks when it got a whole lot warmer and Lois did what I was praying she would do, went to bed naked. This was the first time I got a good look at her tits but not her pussy, as she had her legs closed and I got wet just looking at her. I rubbed my hand over her belly to see if I got a reaction and when I didn't, I cupped her tits in my hands.

Holding her tits in my hands was making my pussy go crazy and I wanted to suck on them so bad, I ached. She opened her legs then, putting my heart in my mouth, afraid I woke her and when she didn't move again, I couldn't help myself and I put my hand on her cunt. She moaned, I jerked my hand away, she grabbed my hand and told me not to stop, it felt real good, so I put my hand back. She moaned again, I noticed that her pussy was all wet now, she then said, "Oh baby, that feels so good, put your fingers in me" and I was still a little leery, so I asked her if she was going to tell my mom.

She sat up then, grabbed my face with both hands and said she wasn't going to tell anybody and neither could I and as long as we kept it between us, I could do anything I wanted too, to her. She also told me that she was wondering how far I was going to go, now that she was naked as a jay bird and I told her that once she was naked, I couldn't stop from touching her.

She smiled, laid back down, asked if I liked her body and when I shook my head yes, she told me it was all mine now and would I please put my fingers back in her pussy. I asked if I could suck on her tits while I played with her pussy and she told me again, it was my body now, do what I want. I put a finger in her pussy, put my mouth on her nipple, began sucking tit and finger fucking her pussy, making her moan out loud. She was trying to cover her mouth and I figured she was afraid of being heard, so I told her she could make all the noise she wanted, the attic was sound proofed years ago so the boys could play up here. She told me to put two more fingers in her pussy and when I did, she began moaning loud, while telling me good it felt.

She told me to put more fingers in, I now had my whole hand in her pussy, she was telling me to fist fuck her and when I did I felt this hot wet stuff cover my hand and wrist. She was practically screaming now and I wanted to feel her hot cum again, so I started fist fucking her pretty hard.

She loved it, was gasping, moaning and said to me, "Oh baby, that's so fucking hot, take care of Lois's pussy like a good girl."

My pussy was hot as hell, but I was so excited to be fist fucking Lois and making her cum all over my hand, that I ignored it. I made Lois cum five times before she clamped her legs shut on my hand and she said she couldn't take anymore and if I didn't stop, I was going to kill her.

She made me come up next to her so our bodies were pressing into each other, told me I did a wonderful job on her pussy and asked if I enjoyed her tits and pussy. I told her I loved her tits and pussy and was she really going to let me do what I wanted to her body. She put her arms around me, said, "Baby, my body belongs to you now, but you have to promise you won't tell a soul" and when I promised, she kissed me.

Of course I had never been kissed like she kissed me, her mouth was open, her lips were so soft, wet and succulent and I came for the first time in my life, making me moan out loud. When Lois took her tongue out of my mouth, she asked if I had cum and I told her I thought so. She put her hand right on my pussy, spread my cunt lips apart and told me that I had cum, put her fingers in her mouth and licked my cum off them.

I now wanted to taste her pussy but Lois told me I wore her out and I would have to wait until tomorrow night. She kissed me again, made me put my tongue in her mouth so she could suck on it and told me that she loved sleeping with me. This time I kissed her and told her I was really, really happy we were shearing my bed.

The next day kind of drug along for the most part, except for one time I went into the kitchen to get a drink and Lois was in there all alone. We live in a real old house and it has a pantry off the kitchen, which Lois pulled me into, picked her skirt up and much to my delight, she was without panties. She spread her legs wide, put my hand on her pussy, put her tongue in my mouth and made my pussy get all wet.

I started to put my hand inside her blouse but she stopped me, telling me I would have to wait until that night and then I could have her to do what ever I wanted. She cupped my face in her hands then and said, " Oh baby, you make me so hot, you are going to take me tonight, aren't you?" and I came just enough to make my panties all wet.

Finally dinner was done, cleaned up and we were having desert, when mom announced that tonight Lois and I would have to take a bath together because the boys, who usually take a shower in the morning, were leaving for somewhere very early and we had to conserve the hot water so everybody could bathe.

Lois said that we would go up now so the boys could space their showers, so that there would definitely be enough hot water. Lois and I got our stuff, closed the bathroom door and Lois pulled me into her arms, kissed me and said that she has been waiting all day to give me her body. I was a little more aggressive now, reached under her skirt while grabbing her tit and Lois said, "That's my baby, take me baby, take me, show me how much you like my body".

Her pussy was so wet I was able to slide three fingers in with no resistance and had Lois moaning how wonderful I was to her pussy. I wanted her naked though so I could see her beautiful body, so I took my hand out of her cunt, put my fingers in my mouth to see what her pussy tasted like and after tasting it, knew I was going to eat her pussy before the night was over.

I got her naked, felt up every inch of that beautiful body while she stood there with her legs spread, making mewing sounds and begging me to fist fuck her again. We both realized at the same time though, that if my mom didn't hear water running, she would come to see what was happening, so we filled the tub and I had the best bath ever.

We washed every part of each other and the whole time we were in the tub, Lois kept moaning and telling me how wonderful I was. My first big orgasm came in that tub, Lois had two fingers in my pussy while she was rubbing my clit and saying, "Cum for me baby, show me how much you love me by cumming for me." It only took a minute before my pussy exploded with such force, Lois had to hold me up to keep from going to my knees.

She kissed me while holding both cheeks of my ass, told me how good a girl I was for cumming in her hand and then she finished bathing me so we could get to the attic to finish what we started. We knew there wasn't anybody on the second floor, so we made a mad dash to the attic naked and as soon as I closed the door, Lois pulled me to her, telling me how much she loved feeling my body touching hers.

I still wanted to taste her pussy real bad, so I told her to get on the bed and spread her legs for me, which she did without hesitation. I crawled between her legs, had her pussy staring me in the face, so I decided to explore it before I ate it and began touching her pussy all over. I spread her cunt lips wide apart so I could see her cunt hole, put my finger in her hole while rubbing her clit with my other hand.

Lois is a squirter and it only took two seconds before she was squirting cum like a hose while moaning over and over, "Oh God, oh God" and then she squirted again. Her pussy was covered with her cunt juice and I just had to taste it, so I started licking her pussy for all I was worth.

She was now moaning, "Oh baby," over and over as she filled my mouth with her incredibly sweet cum, making me cum too. Her pussy was so good, I couldn't get enough of it and keep licking, sucking and tonguing it, making Lois cum like a dam had broke. I made her fill my mouth with her sweet cum nine times before she was begging me to stop, but I wasn't satisfied yet, so I keep on eating her red hot pussy and I swallowed her cum three more times before my jaw started to hurt and I stopped.

Lois was laying there panting like a race horse and mumbling over and over, "Oh my God!" and I was real proud and happy that I had put her in the state she was now in.

When she could talk again, she held me while telling me she had never experienced anything like that in her life and she would never have believed she could cum that much. We laid there hugging and kissing, Lois asked if I had ever been with anybody else and I told her, she was my first, which made her say I had a natural talent for eating pussy. I asked her if she had ever been with a woman before me and she got a big smile on her face, licking my ear while telling me she had been with two woman.

She told me to spread my legs for her and she would show me what she learned about cunt lapping from the two ladies and my legs flew open. She got between my legs, put my legs over her shoulders and started eating my pussy like it was desert. She kept bringing me to the point of cumming, backed off until I calmed down some, then went right back to giving me the cunt lapping of a lifetime.

I was so loud it amazes me that nobody heard us and when she got me to the point she didn't think I could take anymore, she bored in on my clit. It felt like lightening bolts were hitting my pussy, then the biggest lightening bolt of all hit my little cunt and my ass came two feet off the bed.

After that incredible orgasm, Lois got on top of me in the sixty-nine position and I really loved being on the bottom because when she came, it just poured down my throat. After that night, we took a bath together every night and finished our night off with a cunt satisfying sixty-nine.

We spent that whole year my brother was away satisfying each others pussies and eight years later, we still get together at least once a week, I truly love my sister in-law.



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