I love women with curves. Give me a woman with nice, round curves, a little padding and a waspishly thin waist over a thin woman with hard edges and angles any day. Tall or short, big-boned or extra padded, those women just send my pulse chugging. That's why I knew I was doomed the minute I saw Christie.

Every morning I travel by train to work. It's typically 45 dull minutes reading or listening to music, twice a day. It always amazes me that by the third stop, the train is usually full and by the fifth, it's usually packed so tight that people are molded closer together than some concert mosh pits.

People manage to cram themselves in until you expect to hear it pop like a champagne cork when the doors open at the next stop as people spill out. Luckily, since my home stop is the last on the line, I typically get a spot to sit in the morning and my work stop is past a major transfer point, so I can usually get one on the way back, too.

One morning I was heading in to work a little later than usual. The last few weeks we'd been crashing a project and pulling late nights in order to hit the deadline. We finally rolled it out the night before and I decided to sleep in late to recover. When I got on the train, it was already more full than usual, so I had to find a spot away from the area that I usually sit at and pulled open my book to read.

My eyes were pretty tired still from the late nights, so I was having a tough time staying focused on my reading. I found myself looking up and around at the people more than usual. It was at that point that I saw her standing about six feet away, leaning against the wall by the door and reading a book.

I had no idea where or when she got on, but now that I saw her I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She was young -- early twenties -- and wore a rather conservative style for her age. Instead of the skin- tight skirts that ended above the knee and baby-doll tees that most women her age are wearing, she wore a white, silky blouse buttoned up close to her throat and a navy blue skirt that went past her knees.

I couldn't help myself and started looking up from her feet. It was obvious that she walked a lot or exercised and the heels made her calf muscles tighten into firm lines. She leaned against the wall slightly, so I could see the outline of her wide hips and generous curves of her ass against the skirt.

I followed those curves to an impossibly thin waist and then past the tucked-in blouse on up. It looked like she must have had large breasts, but her bra was confining them tightly. She had short, black hair, a round face and large, blue eyes. As I was checking her out, the old lady that sat near her was looking at me. Our eyes met and the old lady smirked. I was embarrassed that I got caught staring, so I looked away. But I couldn't do that for long.

I kept stealing glances over at her, watching her read. Occasionally she would shift her weight to a different foot and I would watch her hips shift and imagine what it would be like watching her walk. Suddenly she started to laugh at something in the book. She must have been surprised that she laughed out loud in the quiet train car and started to look around to see whether anyone noticed. And that's when she saw me looking at her.

She looked rather surprised and we stared awhile before she smiled and looked back at her book. For the next couple of stops, we played "eye tag." She would try to look when she thought I wasn't looking and glance away when she saw I was, and I would do the same to her. As the car filled, my view of her body was blocked, but I could still see her face. When we got to her stop, I watched how her hips twitched as she walked slowly off and then caught her looking back at me.

I spent the next three stops trying to get my hard-on to go down before I had to stand up. I was absolutely worthless at work that day and couldn't get her out of my head. When I left that night, I tried to spot her but didn't see her. For the next couple of days I went in late, but didn't see her. I gave up and kept kicking myself for not talking to her or saying something.

Finally a few days later I saw her again. It was pretty crowded and I had just given my seat up to a pregnant woman and was standing by the door when she walked on. She remembered me as well and stopped for a moment, smiling shyly before getting on the train and standing just to the other side of the door--about three feet from me. She was wearing a similar outfit as before: conservative blouse and skirt with heels.

I couldn't stay focused on my book and started glancing at her again. As the trained filled up, we started getting pushed closer together. More people got on and she was right next to me turned sideways. She was blushing slightly and staring hard at her book. I was thinking, "Say something to her, you idiot! She's right there," when the door opened and more people got on. She turned her back to me to allow more people to cram in and was pushed up right against me.

In her heels, she fit perfectly against me. Her ass was pressed against my hips and her head was just under my chin. She was too short to hang on to the handrails on the ceiling so stood with her legs wide apart to brace herself. Her right hand propped up her book while her left hand rested against the wall to stabilize. As the train moved, she started to bump against me.

I quickly got hard and while I'm not Johnny Holmes, I know it would be noticeable in my pants if anyone looked or if she pressed against me. I tried to move my hips away so she wouldn't feel it, but as more people got on and jammed behind me, she was pressed against me. I was horrified when she finally bumped her ass against me. She could feel it. She shifted her hips slightly as if double checking what she felt and then glanced slightly over her shoulder blushing. But then she looked like she had made a decision and slowly pressed back into me.

I almost came right there. My cock was the crack of her ass and she was bumping into me as the train rocked. It was then that I noticed that she hadn't turned a page in her book and her eyes were closed. She was breathing faster. At the next stop people got on and off, but she didn't move.

When the train started moving, she leaned forward slightly and bumped her ass against my cock. I finally took a gamble and moved my right hand to her hip as if to steady her. She pushed her elbow down, clamping my hand against her waist and started to grind back on me.

Unfortunately, the next stop was hers. When the doors opened, she quickly left the train looking first at my face and then at my hard-on before smiling. I quickly covered myself, holding my jacket in front of me. When I got to work, I ran straight for the bathroom and jack off.

It was another couple of days before I saw her again. This time I had been standing in the hope of running into her again. I noticed that she stood in the door looking around a bit before she saw me standing against the wall by the door. Had she been waiting for me? She got on and smiled shyly at me, but came over to stand pretty close to me. As more people got on, she quickly shifted so her back was to me and pressed back. I let one hand fall and it landed against her hip. She didn't complain and actually started to grind into me right away, so I started to slowly roam across her hips.

It was then that I felt she was wearing a garter belt. I stopped and almost came on the spot. I kept moving my hands around and couldn't feel any panties underneath, only curves. She arched her neck and glanced back at me, blushing.

Suddenly she dropped her book and leaned over at the waist to pick it up. The back of her skirt road up and I could see the tops of suspendered thigh-high stockings. That's when I knew she had planned this -- wanted this -- and I started to get bolder. No one was looking.

Everyone was quietly in their own worlds and I doubted anyone could see anything below shoulder height in the press of bodies. I slowly started to grip her hips, grabbing where the garter belt was. She was leaning forward to increase the contact between us. When the train would rock, I would pull her harder against me. It was a slow-motion imitation of fucking.

When her stop came, she was rubbing hard against me and biting her lip. She looked at the open door and then at me. Her eyes were wild and she was as desperate as I was. So she pulled my hand and dragged me off the train.

She was pulling me along, not saying anything. I was staring at her gorgeous ass in front of me and she would look back at me. When she noticed I was staring at her, she'd pull me along faster. That's when I saw an alcove off to the side that led to a janitor's door. It was dark and hidden. I pulled her to the side and waited until the crowd had left the area and then I pulled her in there and pressed her hard against the wall. We started kissing frantically.

Her hand went straight to my cock and grabbed it. She was moaning into my mouth as she started to jack it off through my pants. I had one hand around her neck pulling her lips to mine. The other hand reached down under her skirt and ran up her thigh to the juncture. I was right--she wasn't wearing panties.

She gasped when I made contact with her pussy, but then started ramming her crotch hard against my exploring hand. I pulled my hand away for a moment and she made a small grunt. But I wanted to release my cock out of its confines before I made a mess of my pants. When I took her hand, she looked up at me questioningly. I then unzipped my pants and fished my cock out into the open and put her hand back on it. She made little moaning sounds as she stared at it, jacking it off.

I had to have her and pressed her against the wall, pushing up her skirt. I grabbed her ass and pressed my cock against her bush, kissing and biting her lips lightly. She never stopped jacking my cock and I was about to explode. But I wanted to cum inside of her so I pulled her hand away and started to crouch down so my cock would line up. As soon as she felt my cock touch her wet lips, she grunted and started to push on my chest.

"Wait... hold on... stop!" She stopped kissing me. My eyes must have bugged out and it took everything I had, but I stopped. "The first time should be special. I don't want to remember it in this dirty hallway. Let's go across the street."

I knew there was a hotel across the street, so quickly pulled myself together and she did the same. We were giggling like little kids as we walked out of the hall into more people getting off the train that just arrived and practically jogged across the street to the Hilton.

I got a day room from the clerk, who glanced knowingly over to the waiting girl. We held hands like school kids as we went into the elevator. As soon as the doors closed, we grabbed each other and started pulling and grabbing whatever we could reach.

When we finally got to the room, I got a little nervous as she ran over to the phone to make a call. But she was smiling at me as the phone rang on the other side.

"Erin? It's Christie. I wanted to let you know that I'll be out today..."

I went over, sat on the bed next to where she stood and ran my hand up her skirt. She was still wet and started to push my hand away until I managed to slide a finger in. I suddenly wanted her to come while on the phone so I slid her skirt up to her waist, grabbed that beautiful ass with one hand, pulled her legs apart and pressed my face to her pussy.

God, she tasted wonderful. Her clit was sticking way out from under the hood and I sucked and bit it lightly while jamming two fingers into her. She was so wet that the moisture was starting to run down my hand. Her hips were starting to shake and she grabbed a chunk of hair on my head. I couldn't tell whether she wanted me to stop or continue, but I kept going. I'd die a bald, but very happy, man before letting go at this point.

"Yeah...I need to take a personal day," she said and her eyes were rolling back as she tried to catch her breath. "Something's come up and I need to take some time off. Yeah, this could take all day...OK...Bye!"

As she hung up she started slapping my shoulders and grabbing my hair and ears--pulling me closer in. But at that point I stopped--leaving her hanging. "Goddamn you!" she was yelling and I started laughing, "I can't believe you did that! You're driving me crazy."

"I guess I'd better call in, too?" I grinned as I took the phone and started dialing. I took one look at the grin on her face and knew I was in trouble. As I was hoping for my boss' voicemail, she untucked her blouse and started unbuttoning it as she kicked off her shoes.

I watched as the blouse fell off her pale shoulders, exposing 34D breasts crushed into a lacy white bra. She walked towards me and held her fingers to the clasp on the front. She opened the clasp with one hand and the bra slid to the sides. I gasped as those beautiful breasts came into view and bounced once... twice. They were defying all laws of gravity.

Unfortunately, my boss answered the phone. She heard his voice and knelt down in front of me, quickly unbuckling and yanking my pants and underwear down to my knees, making my cock slap up against my stomach. I listened to my boss as I watched her grabbed my cock at the base and with an evil grin started licking just under the head while looking up at me. She waited until I started to reply to him and then started slowly pushing her head down on my cock, taking it further and further into her mouth -- still looking up at me. It took everything I could do to talk coherently.

Then my boss said, "It's obvious you're not yourself today. You probably caught something from crashing that project. Go ahead and take the day off. We'll see you on Monday."

When I hung up, I put my hands on her head, unsure whether to pull her tighter in or throw her onto the bed. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me, grinning. She was on her knees, still in her skirt and nylons and jacking my cock as I was seated on the bed. She couldn't have looked sexier. She looked like she was about to say something and then stopped herself and dove back down on my cock.

Her mouth slid tight all the way down to the base of my 7 inches. I was just a hair away from exploding and started to pull her off me, warning her that I was about to blow. She grunted and started jacking and sucking me frantically. That did it. I came so hard I was seeing stars. Her mouth was sucking on me, pulling everything I had out, and making little grunts as she swallowed.

"God," she chuckled, wiping her mouth once I finally stopped spewing, "Looks like someone needed that pretty badly."

I grabbed her and pulled her up standing, determined to return the favor. I pulled off that skirt and finally got to see her in all her glory.

She was big-boned and perfect for me. Short dark hair and a cute face. Her pale shoulders had light freckles on them, which dusted across the top of her breasts, too. Her waist was so thin that I swore I could wrap both hands around to connect in the back and the garter belt made it look even thinner. Beautiful, curvy hips and a firm ass. She was looking rather shy as I continued staring but blushed when I just gasped, "My God... you're beautiful."

I kissed her and pulled her to the bed. We fell onto it laughing and I couldn't stop roaming my hands around her. I let a wet trail down to breasts, sucking and kissing each gently. Her hips kept pumping up into me, goading me to continue. I finally moved between her legs and she was pulling on my hair. Again, I couldn't figure out whether she wanted me to stop or continue, so I continued. I happily teased and sucked on her, driving her crazy. I wanted to her to explode, so started licking and sucking on her clit. She pulled on my hair, grunting over and over what sounded like don't stop. I was sliding two fingers deep into her faster and faster.

"Oh my god... Oh god! Shit... stop! Wait! Wait!"

But I knew she was right on the edge, so decided to push her over quickly. Then it hit like a train. When she came, she screamed so loudly I was afraid the police would come. She kept crying out "Oh God!" over and over and suddenly she started squirting from her pussy. I was blown away. This girl squirted a good foot or two it was shooting so hard! It was pouring out and splashing my face as I kept licking her and jamming two fingers in until she had one last major spasm and flopped onto the bed. She curled away from me to get me to stop and I moved up behind her and wrapped my arms around her.

"Wow," I said, "That was so incredibly sexy, I can't believe it."

"God. I never came that hard before. I guess I needed this pretty badly too, huh?"

I was already hard again so started lightly biting her neck and shoulder, reaching my hand up to cup her breast. She kept grunting and shoving her hips back at me. I needed to fuck her so badly so I pushed her shoulders to the mattress and slid on top of her. My full weight pressed her down. I grabbed her wrists with one hand as if restraining her and used my knees to spread her soft thighs. With my other hand I pulled her hips up and positioned myself at her entrance.

She was trembling and grunting, trying to get me to enter her. I teased her a little until she was frantic and tossing her head from side to side. Then I drove into her in one long push. She was so hot and wet and soft. Her ass cheeks gave an incredible pressure as I kept pulling out and then driving back into her. I let go of her wrists and grabbed her hips with both hands to pull her harder.

"Oh... uh... God... please..."

After about 10 minutes of this, she pulled away, rolled onto her back, and pulled me to her again.

"I want to see your face when you cum," she gasped out, grabbing my cock and putting it back where it belonged. I dove right back in and started pounding away. She grabbed my head and kissed me hard, driving her tongue into my mouth. I knew I wouldn't last much longer.

"Yes! Cum with me! Cum! God! Oh!" she cried, and I felt her pussy spasm around my cock, the pulsing put me over. I cried out and she jammed her hips up at me trying to get me even deeper and shoving me up off the bed. We finally came down and curled up to recover.

After a moment, she got up to go to the bathroom. I watched her hips swaying and that beautiful ass cranking away. I was getting hard again and followed behind her. She had grabbed a cloth and turned on the sink to wash up. As she leaned forward, I pressed my cock up against her ass.

"Damn you," she groaned and leaned forward further on her elbows, watching me in the mirror. I knelt down and started licking her ass. Our juices were pouring out, so I pressed two fingers deep inside, causing her to gasp and shift. I started rimming her asshole making her shift from side to side. Then I took my fingers from her wet pussy and slid one into her ass, making jumped again.

"God. No one's ever played with me there before."

"What a shame. You've got the most amazing ass I've ever seen," and I started biting my way up her ass and then up her back until I was crouching over her. She humped backwards at me, watching me in the mirror.

"Do you want me to fuck you there?" I loved watching her jump a little whenever I said, 'fuck.' "Would that be dirty? Fucking your virgin ass?"

She groaned and kept pushing back as one of my hands had grabbed her tit and another positioned my cock against her pussy. I wanted to get it wet before exploring further.


"Please what?"

"Do it..."

"You need to beg me."

"Please fuck me. Please!"

"But I already fucked you. And I'll fuck you again...and again...Where do you want it?"

She pulled on my cock and positioned it against her ass and started rocking back on me.

"Fuck my ass...please..."

The head popped past the sphincter and I had to stop to allow her time to adjust. I let her take it at her pace, pushing back at me as much as she got used to the feeling. She was panting. Her eyes were squeezed tight and was biting her lower lip as inch by inch slid in.

Finally, she pushed one last shove and I bottomed out. I leaned forward putting my chin on her shoulder and grabbed her tits, using them to pull her tight against me -- sliding in and out slowly. But she wanted it hard. Harder and harder she slammed her hips back. Even though I'd just cum recently, I knew that I was going to cum pretty fast from this. There was a voyeuristic thrill to watch her face in the mirror as she squeezed her eyes shut and groaned.

Her cries kept echoing in the bathroom, amplifying it. Her wide hips slammed against the countertop as she pulled off of me before slamming back and her tits swayed in my hands. Her face pulled around and she kissed me hard. When I felt her cumming, she started squirting my thighs again as she cried out. Her tunnel clamped down on me, making be come hard, although there wasn't much left in the way of cum.

"Wow," she chuckled and fell forward onto the counter, once we could breathe again, "You're going to be the death of me."

"But what a way to die," I winked.

We spent the rest of the afternoon there, sleeping, fucking and ordering room service until late. I knew right then that I had to have this woman and it was just the start of an amazing time.



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