My first sexual experience with another person happened the summer I was twelve years old. My parents had sent me to summer camp for two weeks, something I wasn't thrilled with. I wanted to spend my summer vacation at home with my friends. If only I'd known beforehand what would happen while I was there...

The camp was about two hours away from home. My parents brought me there Saturday night. After making sure I was registered, and settled in the group cabin that would be my home for the next two weeks, they left to head home.

On the first two days, I started getting to know the other kids. Most of the boys from my cabin were pretty cool, and I soon realized a lot of the girls at the camp were very cute. Of course, most of them wouldn't give any of us boy-types the time of day. They were cliquish, and spent much of the time of giggling by themselves.

As the days went on the gender lines started to break down a little, especially during the various organized activities at the camp (very few of which I can now recall), or at meal time. And so it was one night, waiting for the dinning hall to open it started.

I was sitting with group of about eight kids or so, all around my age, on the dinning hall steps, wanting to be first in line when the hall opened. Since it was warm, even at evening, and many of the kids at the camp had taken to warring their bathing suits through out the day, a few of us were in swim ware. I was sitting on the second step up. Standing next to me on the same step was a girl named Claire, who was about my age. She had medium length curly blond hair, and was wearing a pale blue one-piece bathing suit.

I looked her over. She was very cute. Her body showed vague signs that she had started to develop -small bumps on her chest where her breasts were forming, with clearly visible nipples, and slight curves where her hips had begun to broaden. But as I looked at her, I saw something that nearly caused my jaw to drop.

Between the 'y' of her naked inner thigh, covered by a thin layer of fabric, I could clearly see the outline of her small cunt. It was not long, not quite two inches from where her legs ended and her pubic area began to the top. At the top, her slit widened into a small, circular indent in the fabric.

I had seen one or two naked girls before, but never this close. With everything I could see, it was almost as good as if she had been warning no clothes at all. I tried not to stare at Claire's slit as she stood there, talking to her friends, but it was hard not to look. I found myself stealing quick glances every chance I got. At one point, I think she noticed, as she kind of glanced at me funny. Shortly after that, she sat down on the step above me, keeping me from catching any more glances between her legs.

After dinner, I got another chance to check out Claire's bathing suit clad cunt. Me and some of my friends went out to the shallow creek behind the dinning hall to goof around.

Claire, and some of her friends -two girls, and her older brother, Jake- were already there, seeing who could get to the other side with out getting wet. We combined our numbers, and soon we were all trying to skip from rock to rock with out our feet going in the stream. However, the whole time I tried to sneak as many glances at Claire as I could

At one point, me and one of my friends decided to throw rocks into to see who could make a bigger splash. On accident, one of the rocks went to close to Claire, who was crossing from one side of the creek to the other. The splash soaked her, almost up to her waist.

"Damnit Rick!" she yelled.

"Sorry," I said through cringed teeth.

"Watch what you're doing jerk!" she yelled again. "You got me wet"

As I looked at her, I noticed the splash had thoroughly soaked her lower body, and the crotch of her suit was now even more firmly slinging to the contours of her cunt.

That night, I couldn't get the image of Claire and her little slit out of my head. I had to quietly masturbate in bed before I could finally fall asleep.

The next day I looked for Claire at breakfast, but didn't find her. It was a big crowed, and breakfast was always the most disorderly meal.

We went to our morning activity, I think my group went out on the lake in paddle boats or something. And then we came back. I still didn't see Claire at lunch, but two hours later when me and my friend Mark decided to go swimming at the pool, I saw her. She was there with a group of her friends, warring the same pale blue bathing suit as before. But I wasn't close enough to see if her slit was showing through it again.

While we were swimming, I tried using my goggles to go underwater and check her out more that way. It would have worked too, if she'd just stayed still enough. It seemed like anytime I got near her, she'd be in motion. Once or twice I'd see her from across the pool standing still, but as soon as I could get anywhere near her, she'd be off.

Finally, me and Mark left the pool, and went to get changed. I decide to keep my suit on, so I went to wait for Mark outside. I was still waiting just as Claire got out of the women's changing room, still warring her swim suit. I avoided glancing down to look between her legs, knowing I'd be busted for sure if I tried.

To my surprise, Claire came over and said 'hi Rick' with a smile. She talked to me for a few seconds. I really don't remember what she said -I kind of blanked out. I'm sure I replied to whatever it was with "yeah" or "uh-huh" or something equally inspired.

After a minute or so of this, Claire asked me "So what are you doing right now?"

"Just waiting for Mark to get out here," I told her.

"Oh, well..." she said trailing off. "I was wondering if maybe you couldn't come with me? It'll just take a few minutes."

"Come with you, where?" I asked, my heart skipping a beat.

"Oh, just out in the forest behind the dinning hall," she said. "There's something back there I want to show you."

There was something about the way she asked that I couldn't say no to. Screw Mark, I thought, and told her to take me there and show me whatever it was.

I followed Claire out behind the dinning hall, and across the shallow creek. Up the step hill, and through the trees into the light forest. We got to a place pretty far up the hill. The forest wasn't so thick you couldn't see through it, but we were far enough up and away that we'd see anyone coming long before they saw us. Claire took up a spot behind a young, but tall, maple tree with her back to the slope she gestured me to come around in front of her.

"I saw you looking at me yesterday." she told me. "And I know you were looking here." She pointed down between her legs. I finally allowed myself to look, and saw that once again her cunt was fully outlined by her pale blue swim suit, still quite moist from the pool.

I gulped a little, but I didn't try to deny it. "Yeah, I was," I said. "I'd... I'd never seen a girl's parts so close up before."

"Well, now's your chance," she told me. "Get down here and get a good look."

Claire's face had a look I'd never quite seen before, but would come in later years to know as lust.

I got down on my knees, my face just inches from her and I reached out to pull the suit aside, but she quickly half turned away, keeping me from touching her.

"Hey! Just through my suit, that's all!" she said sharply.

"S-sorry," I mumbled as she turned back to let me look between her legs.

I once again looked closely at her swimsuit clad slit. I could clearly make out the two separate mounds of her outer lips, and see how they flared out at the bottom. And again I examined the half circle where her lips met at the top. It was clear that despite her developing body, she had little if any pubic hair.

My cock was hard as stone, and I inadvertently reached down and touched it through my bathing suit.

"Okay, you can touch me," Claire said, her voice low. "But only through my swimsuit."

All too gladly, I reached out with my right hand, and ran a finger up from the bottom of her slit to the top. I felt Claire tremble slightly as I did so, but she said nothing and made no move to stop me. I then took my other hand, and used both to spread apart Claire's cunt lips, through her swimsuit. This drew the fabric tighter, and now see her small inner lips, and the small pea-sized bump at the top of her slit, where the half-circle indent would be when her lips were together.

Curiously, I moved my thumb over the bump, still spreading her open. Claire's body tensed and shivered a little, and she sighed rather loudly. But she still said nothing, and made no effort to stop me. I rubbed it a little more, and she again shook gently.

I start to rub rhythmic circles around the bump, soon letting go of her outer lips, and switching to my index finger. Her lips closed around it, and I rubbed in quick circles inside that deep little half-circle at the top of her slit. Claire's shaking had become more rhythmic too, almost in time with my rubbing. Her breathing had become shallow and very quick.

After a minute or so of this, Claire's shaking had increased. I had a pretty good idea of what was going on, having brought myself to orgasm enough times to know the signs. Then, suddenly, Claire pushed my hand away.

"That's enough, that's enough!" she said, panting breathlessly. "There's something else I want to try. Stand up."

I did as she asked, she drew me closer to her, and with one arm over my shoulders, she reached down into my swimsuit with the other. I put my arms around her, and gasped just a little when she wrapped her fingers around my cock.

She pulled down my suit just a little bit, freeing my cock of it's constraints. She stroked it a few times, and then to my surprise guided it's tip into the damp recess of her swimsuit clad slit.

"Come closer," she hissed in a husky voice.

I did as she said, and as I pressed my body up against hers, she guided my cock so it's length fit smoothly into the space between her outer lips, flat against her body. The head of my cock fit right up into the little indent at the top. I could feel my cock-head pressing against her little bump.

Claire's eyes were glazed over, and her teeth were clenched. She threw her arms around my neck, and in a hiss through her teeth said, "push against me."

I did so, pushing against her, rubbing my cock between her cunt lips. The feeling was amazing. Her bathing suit felt damp and cold, and just a little rough, but I could feel the heat of her cunt beneath it. I pushed against her, sliding my cock between those swimsuit clad cunt lips, with the end of each stroke bringing it against her bump. As I pressed, I felt the moister increase, but now the dampness was slightly warm. And the flesh under Claire's swimsuit felt very hot.

After only two thrusts, Claire began her panting and shake again, even stronger then before. Her arms tightened around me, as I slid quicker and quicker between her lips.

Suddenly, Claire's eyes squenched shut, and her grip tightened. She let out a long, sharp, shaky sigh, and her whole body shook against me. She sighed and shook again, and then once more, and then her grip relaxed. I was about to pull away, but she drew me back tightly against her. "No, keep going!" she said, her body more relaxed but her eyes still closed.

I kept sliding along her slit, as I felt my own orgasm build. Claire had started to tense again a little, and her breathing had once again picked up. Suddenly, almost with out warning, I felt my own orgasm start to build. I pushed Claire against the tree, hard, and began to rapidly slide my cock up and down her slit, until on the final movement I thrust hard, and felt my cock connect with Claire's little bump as it emptied itself across her bathing suit covered mons.

As the world came back into focus, I realized Claire was still breathing heavily, and her body was shaking with each breath. She looked at me with eyes that seemed much larger and clearer then I'd seen before.

Feeling slightly self-conscious and reeling with the magnitude of what we'd just shared, I backed away from Claire, who was still leaning against the tree. I once again looked between her legs. I didn't cum much at that age, and it was fairly clear. The spot I had made was hardly visible on Claire's damp swimsuit.

"I've never done anything like that before" Claire said, her voice still breathless.

"Why did you?" I asked, as I pulled my swim suit back up, hiding my still throbbing hard-on.

"I don't know" Claire told me "When I saw you looking at me the other day, it got me kind of worked up. So I wanted to see what it would be like to let you look at me, you know? And then when you started touching me... I just wanted more and more."

"Did you like it?" I asked.

"I think so..." she said "I've never felt anything that good before. How about you?"

"About the same" I said. It felt amazing."

We stood there for another moment, before we both realized we should get back before we were missed. We agreed we'd meet alone later, if we got the chance. But before we left in separate directions, I asked Claire one thing.

"Could I see it with out the bathing suit... just for a second?" I asked.

Claire hesitated, then spoke. "All right, but it'll have to be quick."

With that, she reached down to her crotch and tugged her suit aside, exposing to me her small, but very beautiful vulva. It was pink, flushed slightly red actually, and slightly puffy, and between the two thick outer lips, I could make out the darker red inner ones. At the top of her cleft, in that deep half-circle indentation, I could see the bump of her small clitoris, almost poking out.

After a couple seconds, Claire repositioned her suit over her cunt, leaving only a faint outline of what lay beneath.

We each went our own way, Claire to find her friends, and me to find Mark.



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    2 years ago
    Good little story; spelling of swimwear and wearing need to replace ware and warring.
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    3 years ago
    Please continue