"Be quiet," he said, opening the door to the stateroom softly and stepping out with a large suitcase in his hands. He was barefoot but dressed in a nightgown with slippers. He stood about 6 feet tall, and he was clearly Caucasian.

I stood outside the door with 4 of my friends. To understand this story well, you have to know that I am a crew member aboard this cruise ship. I am an American Indian. One of my friends is a huge, 7-foot tall black man. My second friend is a 5-foot-tall oriental guy. My third friend is a 6-foot tall Hispanic guy. And my fourth friend is a 6-foot-5 inch tall Swedish blonde guy. Our names are not important.

The fellow who was talking to us was a passenger, and he was standing outside his deluxe stateroom as the ship rolled slowly. He pointed at the bag and began speaking quickly and in a low voice, looking around nervously because he obviously did not want to be seen or overheard.

"I have five video cameras in here," he began. "They are loaded and ready to go. But when we step back in that room, I want you guys to be as quiet as mice. I have a bitch tied up naked on the bed. I've got her legs spread wide. Her hands and feet are bound so tight that I'm sure it hurts. Her head is completed covered by a big black leather mask that has a built-in steel mouthpiece bit that, as you will see, forces her mouth into an open circle that is just big enough to force her mouth into the shape of a vagina.

"I've got her wearing tight earplugs underneath the mask. But we can't be too noisy, or she may know you are there. And that would not be good, since it would spoil the fun. However, I have her very heavily tranquilized with a drug cocktail that includes the infamous date-rape drug that gives a woman amnesia, but I am not sure what she is going to remember from all this."

"There is even more to this story. I have had her checked. She is a virgin. She is NOT on the pill or on any form of birth control. And I have time this so that today is exactly 14 days after the first day of her last period. She should be ovulating right now, prime and ripe to breed."

"Now, I am tipping each of you $500," he went on. "What I want you to do is videotape the whole thing without her knowing what is going on. I want you to do this QUIETLY. But I want you to be CREATIVE in your videotaping. I want you to catch as much as you can that is as intimate to the sex act as you can. I want you to capture this whole thing on tape from different angles.

"We don't see women get pregnant on camera much, now do we? Have you ever seen a porn flick like that? I haven't. It is just too nasty and too degrading, since it would treat a woman just like she is an animal. Ultimately, I want to have a videotape of the whole lifecycle... her getting impregnated, her stomach swelling up, the act of childbirth itself, and then her giving suck to a baby. And I want all of it with her face clearly visible so that every guy can see what woman this happened to."

"I checked out the lighting levels earlier," he added, gulping for breath, "and they should be perfect. I have some better mikes hooked up to the videos so we can capture sounds. You guys just wander around and tape us CLOSE as I nail her. I want it so close that a person watching the tape can see me COME inside her. I want you to capture on tape every intimate feature of her body�her clitoris, her vagina, her asshole, everything. Do you get me? But do your absolute best to avoid getting a shot of another camera, since I may want to sell this tape later so that other men can enjoy watching this bitch get pregnant. Do you understand what you are to do?"

We all nodded.

"One more thing," he added. "As I mentioned, she is heavily sedated--about enough to knock out an elephant, right at the dosage limit--so that should help. I had little trouble convincing her to let me give her an injection of a very potent tranquilizer mixed with the date-rape drug that I brought along for that purpose. It is very, very strong stuff." He chuckled quietly and winked at us.

"What she doesn't know is that she is going to be watched and even videotaped by a crowd of men while she gets pregnant. That's really, really nasty, isn't it? It turns her into a porn star and she doesn't even know it."

He winked and grinned broadly.

The guy opened the big suitcase and carefully handed each of us a camera. He showed us how to point and shoot. It was easy as could be. There was even a tiny little television built into the camera to show us exactly what the camera was seeing. We quietly walked into the room.

One guy took his shoes off, and we all followed suit. Since the stateroom was large and carpeted, we were so quiet that a cat could not hear us.

There, laying on the bed in full glory, was a magnificently naked woman tied hands and feet. Her legs were long, slender, shapely, and nicely tapered, leading up to the best pair of childbearing hips I've ever seen in my life. Her breasts were not too small or too large--about the size of apples--but perky, with hard pink nipples that were so red they looked like cherries.

Her head was covered with a large over-the-head leather mask that fitted over her face and forced her mouth into an O, like the bit on the bridle of a mare. The bright red lips of her aroused genitals were starkly visible underneath her bush. Her long hair was spread out from underneath the mask and on the pillow surrounding her. Her legs were spread about as far as they could be, and you could see into her pussy clearly. The lips of her genitals were parted, red and swollen, and her clit was visible and very highly aroused.

She was tightly bound. But it was clear that the bindings on her legs were done in a special way. It looked like a long rope had been used and then a bow knot tied so as to shorten it up.

He walked right up to her and pulled the lips of her genitals apart to expose her clitoris.

We started videotaping him as he did that. I fiddled with the zoom so that I could get a close-up shot of her clit. He took it between his thumbs and squeezed hard. She groaned, which came out as a muffled sound through the mouthpiece. We moved in closer to get a good camera angle to shoot what he was doing.

"I've just been playing with her a bit, you understand." He whispered, speaking directly into our cameras. "I wanted to see how many times I could bring her to climax. So far, over the last few hours, I've brought her about 12 times to the point that I can feel the muscles in her stomach strongly contract. And, understand that is something, considering that she is strongly tranquilized.

Stomach muscle contractions in a woman are usually a good sign of orgasm. I used a vibrator, strategically applied to her clit, which I left on so long that the alkaline batteries wore out more than once. It is driving her crazy. Just before you arrived, I was using my tongue, sucking directly on her clit for about an hour at a time."

"She is going nuts," he added, grinning at us.

Having said that, he pulled scissors, shaving cream, and a razor off the night stand. He started snipping her pussy hair. Then he lathered her up with shaving cream and shaved her. We videotaped it. He tossed the hair on the floor.

He shaved her so close that it was amazing that he didn't cut her.

You could smell her. The odor hung heavy in the room. It was a musky or fishy but richly luscious smell, just like prime lobster steamed to perfection. I wondered if it was the smell of her come or of her egg.

I looked down at my camera. I picked it up and focused on our host.

He wasted no time. He took off his robe, standing naked in front of her. He was as hard as could be, his penis standing straight out in front of him. He got on the bed and gradually positioned himself in front of her mouth. Then he just inserted his member gently inside the tiny O, which seemed perfectly fitted for him.

A few minutes later he withdrew it. Saliva was on his member. A long silky thread of what must have been sperm came out of her mouth, too, showing that he had deposited some there.

"Well, there is first base," he said softly.

He dismounted and reached for a condom next to the bed. He pulled it out of its wrappings and put it on his dick. Then he pulled the bow knots on her leg bindings, and they let out. She was still bound to the bed, but there was more room for her legs to move. He pushed her knees up so far up that her rectum was exposed. He held her like that a moment and looked at us.

We moved our cameras into various positions so that it was very clear that he was about to enter her rectum. We got a good shot of it with his dick positioned above it. He squeezed some lubricant on his member from a tube lying on the bed. He then placed himself over her rectum, gave a lunge and entered her very hard and suddenly.

She screamed under the mask, and the cry was loud even though muffled.

He moved down in her very hard, relentlessly. It was obvious that he wanted to hurt her.

"This," he said, "is how a man shows ownership. This bitch is MINE."

He stroked her hard for about half an hour. He seemed to be in pretty good shape. A drop of red blood from her rectum fell on the sheet.

And, as suddenly as he had lunged into her, he pulled out and dismounted.

Her body fell limp. The pain was gone.

"I hope the guys watching the tape counted how many times I stroked my dick really hard inside her asshole," he said, grinning at the camera.

"That was second base, by the way," he said with a knowing grin.

He pulled the condom off slowly, taking care not to touch the shank. Then, he spent a moment retying her legs to their former position.

Using a handkerchief, he wiped himself off carefully. His member was so aroused that it throbbed in time with his heartbeat.

"I don't want this hole of mine getting a vaginal infection," he said to the camera thoughtfully, looking down at the woman's open pussy.

Without much hesitation, he levered down over her, grabbed more of the lubricant, squeezed some on his member, moved it around, and then inserted himself very slowly and deliberately inside her vagina. He looked at us, and we all trained our cameras on him from different angles.

One camera captured the whole scene. Another was right behind him, looking over his shoulder. And I slowly and quietly walked over and got so close that I captured the exact moment and movement of penetration. One of my friends then slowly and cautiously inched up behind him so that he could get a shot of the shank of the guy's hard dick from the back side while he was inside her.

He groaned in quiet satisfaction and shut his eyes. She bucked strongly, the effect of his clitoral stimulation evident on the bitch. But then her hips rolled underneath him in time with his thrusts.

"Giddy up, cowboy," he said between his clenched teeth. "Time to tame me a filly, just like a cowboy taming a bucking bronco in a rodeo. I'm in her saddle, I'll tell you that. Nothing better than a woman's saddle, either. Time to scratch the eternal itch. This bitch is in heat. This is third base."

She bucked and made a short gasping sound that sounded like a sob through the O in her mask. But she was tied down so firmly that she could not get up. It looked like she was struggling to do that.

He gave about 10 very strong, hard strokes and then lunged deep inside her. It was clear that he was about to come. She sobbed in pain slightly through the mask. But it also looked like her body was betraying her pain, since her stomach seemed to grab tight at the same time.

"I can't hold any longer," he said. "This is just TOO good."

My camera was equipped with a zoom focus for close shots. So, as if reading my mind, the guy levered himself up so that I could capture from behind the exact moment his penis engorged to start pumping semen into her. I caught that instant with the zoom lens, so that anyone watching the tape could see the precise moment when his penis engorged from behind and could see when he began pumping fluid.

"Got you, bitch. A home run," he said quietly, still deep in her, as if talking to her. "What a great, tight piece of ass this bitch is. There is nothing that can compare to that. I have been saving myself for weeks for this minute, and I pumped so much into her that it is a wonder she didn't float away."

When he was finished, and that seemed to take about 2 minutes, he simply started stroking her some more. That went on for a long time. He looked at the camera and said, "it's my pleasure to do my own sloppy seconds. Why don't you count how many times I stroke her in between orgasms?" He lifted up and parted the folds of her genitals while he was stroking her. He squeezed her clitoris. She bucked hard, and he lunged deep in her to dump a second load. We caught every move on camera from six angles.

He kept on doing that for about 45 minutes. At long last, he gave one final lunge and shot a third load into her. We were ready that time and caught every angle. No intimate detail of his or her anatomy was missed that time. One camera was trained right at the intersection of penis and vagina and caught every move of the guy's slow and deliberate back-and-forth motion.

The image was so clear that you could see a thick white slime covering his penis. Another camera was trained over them, so his position between her parted legs and her nice tits were very clear. A third camera focused on her wrists twisting in the restraints.

"My heavens I am tired," he said. "And she is so full of sperm it is not very much fun right now. No friction at all. She feels slicker than a woman gangbanged by a football team. And that's about what she is, too, the cunt."

Then he pulled out of her.

"She is a way good fuck, I'll tell you that," he said to the camera, his penis standing out hard in front of him, covered with slime.

He turned to us. "How would you grade her fucking?" he asked us.

We looked confused.

"Well, it is my view that women should always be graded on how well they participate. The best way for them to do that is to roll their hips when a man is inside so as to encourage him. That shows they really want it. Only bitches that are really first-rate do that. Did she do that?"

We nodded that she had done that.

"Now, a sign of a hot bitch is one that does that even when she's asleep or hardly conscious. She is made to BREED. She wants to be filled with sperm. She is greedy for it. So, knowing that, how would you grade her?"

We all gave a thumbs up.

"And, let me tell you, she is so tight that her hole creates a vacuum that sucks every ounce out of a man's balls and right into her womb. Of course, when she had the orgasm, that pulled the sperm right into tubes so it would be more likely to fertilize her egg."

He chuckled and looked at her appreciatively.

"She is the best fuck I've ever had, and she isn't even awake," he said. "This bitch is made to MAKE BABIES."

Looking straight at our cameras, he added this: "We used an ovulation kit before I tied her up. This cunt is in heat."

I took my camera and quickly caught a shot of her crotch filled with cum. The lips of her vagina were still parted from where his dick had been, and you could see white fluid spilling out. Then I moved the camera up to catch his cock again and his grinning face.

The woman's hands suddenly twisted in the ropes. It looked like she wanted to get loose in the worst way.

"No, bitch, no" he said, looking at her and then at the cameras. "That's just the beginning. I want this little bitch in heat to KNOW what it feels like to get PREGNANT through the most dirty, nasty sex possible. And I want every guy in the world to watch."

He walked up to the front of the bed and, using her hair, wiped his dick off. Wet sperm and slime were in her hair.

He turned to the cameras. "Women are made to USE. So, I just use her for anything I need, like a rag" explaining why he had wiped himself off on her.

And, with that, he turned on his heel and walked to the bathroom. He slammed the door.

My friends and I looked at each other. We were so stunned we could say nothing. But we just grinned at each other. Then we looked down at the curvaceous young woman on the bed. She was laying there limp. Her legs were still parted, though, but a splash of blood covered part of her legs where her rectum was very slowly bleeding from the intensity of his penetration. A rivulet of white cum dripped out of her womb and onto the sheet beneath. She was the sexiest thing we had ever seen in our lives, and my own dick was throbbing it was so hard.

In just this short time, the guy finished whatever he was doing and came out. He motioned for us to go outside. The guy slipped his bathrobe over himself and we stepped outside the stateroom.

When we were in the corridor, he looked in all directions and then spoke in a low tone.

"You understand that this is a very special night. Since she is heavily sedated and since she can't see through that mask, talk through the mask, or hear through the earplugs, she doesn't really know what is going on--unless, of course, she sees the tapes later on. I plan to give away the tapes, for your information, so she won't see them, but other men will watch her as she is fucked and impregnated. Now what I want to do is give you guys a shot at her."

We looked at each other. Was this guy nuts?

He looked around at us and then said, "Look. I know it all seems a bit crazy. But I want lots of babies out of that little clit in there. I want her pregnant all the time for the next 10 years, and I aim to be sure that she is kept that way. She is a BREEDER. I want her SERVICED, just like a stud dog services a bitch. I also want her baby or babies healthy. Now, what I am proposing is that we play sperm lottery with her. The winner knocks her up. She will be none the wiser. I just had the first shot at her, and that seems fair since I talked her into bed to begin with. Who would like to be next?

"The winner is the one whose sperm is the strongest, and that will ensure a healthy child--or perhaps a litter. I'm not sure, but it is possible that different men could father different babies. All I care about is that she gets pregnant with a healthy baby. I don't care who fathers it--or them. Who wants to SERVICE my fine, tight little bitch in there and fill her hole time and again, as much as you want? I also have to tell you that it makes me hot thinking I can just use her as I want, even to the point that I can see to it that she doesn't even know who fathered her baby any more than female animals know which male sired their offspring."

I raised my hand innocently to volunteer for a shot at her. The guy smiled broadly, and we slowly and quietly slipped inside the stateroom.

As agreed, I was first. I got out of my clothes so quickly that I just about fell over getting out of my pants.

I hunkered down on top of her with my dick just inches from her oozing opening. All the guys moved in for a close up with their cameras. That also gave them a first-rate view of what I was doing to her. My dick was so big and hard that it was throbbing. I then guided myself into her and pushed hard.

She was as slick as soap and oil on a glacier. My dick felt cold from the spent cum inside her. But I pushed hard.

I could smell her. There was the smell of HER all about. It hung heavily, and there was an undercurrent of something else in that smell. Maybe it was her ovulation. (It is said that men can smell that unconsciously.) I don't know what it was, but it drove me crazy and made me incredibly hot. I pushed hard and came almost immediately. I held the dick in as sperm shot inside her. I could tell that I came A LOT. I could feel shot after shot going into her. It felt like a pumped about a quart into that cunt. And when I realized she was prime to be impregnated, I got even hotter and continued for another round.

"Now that's what I call a bitch in heat," I said with admiration as I pulled out of her. My dick was slick with slime, and the guys maneuvered quickly to get a camera shot of it and her oozing hole as I pulled out.

The guys gave me thumbs up as I wiped myself off with her hair, which already had dried cum matted into it from the guy.

The Chinese guy was next. He was the funniest to watch. He levered over her like some kind of nut. He was really into it. He loved that tight Western pussy. And I could tell that, while his dick was smaller than ours, he made up for it with the enthusiasm of his strokes. I counted 142 strokes before he came. And he held inside her for a very long time to let the sperm get into her.

When he was finished, he also wiped himself off in her hair.

Her hair was a real mess by now, filled with matted and dried sperm.

The Hispanic guy was in and out of her in a second, smiling broadly. He clearly enjoyed her.

Then he used her hair as a rag.

The Swedish guy had blonde hair around his dick, and he was about as white as a ghost.

Like most of us, he came in her after a long time. We caught every stroke of his dick inside her.

We zoomed in so that a person watching the tape could see his dick plunging in and out of her.

When the Swede was finished, he pulled her head back hard to find a clean place on her head of hair to use as a rag.

The black guy's dick was huge. It looked like a summer sausage going into a keyhole. His dick was such a tight fit in her that, when he entered her, we saw slime from other guys' cum shoot out of her. His balls were about the size of my fists, and he must have pumped a full quart of sperm into her. He was so big that he loosened up her pussy as he fucked her, effectively ruining her tight fit. It was pretty funny how he grinned at the video camera over his shoulder as he was humping her very hard, probably reading our minds and knowing that we thought he was ruining her for life by doing her with a dick as big as his.

When he pulled out of her, he left a huge hole in her. He topped it off by just shoving his fist inside her! You could see inside her, and she was filled up with sperm.

The black guy also wiped himself off in her hair.

I bet her womb and tubes all the way up to her ovaries were filled completely with sperm that night. We could tell, since the spot underneath her pussy was soaked with a huge glob of cum.

And we caught every second on videotape from many angles.

Somewhere I've read that a female monkey in heat is sometimes gangbanged by so many male monkeys that her womb and her fallopian tubes are completely filled with sperm to guarantee that she will be pregnant.

Our little cunt was just like that.

I also remember reading that each human male has sperm that serves the purpose of confusing the sperm of other males. What that means is that, in the caveman days, many, many human males shared a woman when she was ready to be fertilized.

There was something thrilling in the thought that many men would just use a woman until she got pregnant and that it was routine. No marriage. Just many men using each woman for pleasure until she got pregnant.

When we finished with her womb, the guy gently untied her and turned her over. We then took turns with her rectum so that we could hit her as deep as possible. When we had each had a turn in her asshole so that blood and sperm were running out, we wiped off in her hair again and then took turns depositing loads of sperm in that tight "o" shape of the leather bit in her mouth.

By the time we were tired and nearly finished, she had white stuff drooling out of mouth and pouring out of her ass as well as her pussy.

She was not all that responsive all night. About 1 a.m., the guy gave her another shot of drugs to keep her out cold. By the time we were finished, she was soaked with semen and the sheets and mattress were ruined. It was a real mess. And there was no evidence that she knew what was happening.

While the guy was giving her a shot, I sidled up next to him and said that I had an idea.

I went into another room of his cabin and, using the ship phone, called some friends of mine.

I went to tell the guy that 10 more men were on the way. All of them hadn't had a piece of ass in months on that ship.

When they arrived, the guy found a new, clear ice bag from his luggage. He shoved it at them and said "use this bag to jack off in as you watch us. When the bag is full, give it back to me."

We kept at her. The 10 guys were amazed. But it wasn't long before they were passing the bag around.

In the meantime, the bitch's hips moved in time with the strokes of every guy who took her. And she was out cold, I think. That bitch wanted to be USED!

We captured the whole thing on videotape. As each of us took a turn with her,

the others wordlessly picked up the cameras and kept shooting. This was dirtiest porn tape ever made.

That woman pulled a train about a mile long. And she did it all night.

We even took turns 3 at a time. I went in her ass while another guy was in her mouth and a third in her pussy.

We used her in ways we would never dare use a whore.

And the absolute best part of it was that she was fertile and ovulating.

The little cunt was getting pregnant and nobody would know until she gave birth who fathered the bastards. Now, that's what I call a woman!

Near the end, we stood over her and jacked off over her stomach and tits as a group so she would be covered in sperm. Just one guy video recorded that nice little scene.

At last, the guy was handed an ice bag full of sperm from the 10 guys watching the whole thing.

He went to his luggage and pulled out what looked like a huge eyedropper. It was about 10 inches long. He shoved the thing into the ice bag and squeezed the top of the thing...and, bingo, it was a huge eyedropper filled with sperm from 10 men.

He walked over, shoved it slowly in the bitch up to the top of the shank, and then squeezed the top of the eyedropper to force all the sperm right into her.

It emptied right out in her.

That bitch just got it from 10 more guys at once.

We saw the guy and his clit the next day out on the sundeck in the late afternoon. She was sitting sideways in the chair, and her well-proportioned hips were well outlined under her dress.

The lady looked very respectable and innocent. Nobody would guess by looking at her that she had been used like a sex slave all night just the night before.

We paid careful attention to her face, which we had not seen before. She was actually pretty good looking, which made us all the more pleased with what happened.

The guy made it a point to walk over our way when she was not paying attention.

"The home pregnancy test this morning confirmed that she is pregnant. And, since this is our honeymoon, she is as happy as she can be that she pleased her husband last night and is already carrying a baby she thinks is mine. She can't remember it, you see. She is so tired she can hardly talk. And you should also know that it is extremely painful for her to walk today.

In fact, she can't even sit down without turning sideways to keep from sitting on her ass," he said softly, winked at us, smiled, and turned back to us to say this: "You know, she also couldn't wear a bathing suit today, because she has bite marks all over her tits, ass and inner thighs. It looks like she was mauled by animals. Naughty boys. I don't think she was expecting that on her honeymoon."

"Oh, one more thing. Did you know that many couples are now videotaping childbirth? I plan to start now, taking a shot of her stomach each day as it swells so that I can do a time lapse photography later on. And, you can bet money I will tape the occasion when she gives birth. If they will let me in the delivery room, I will use several cameras for that. If not, we may go with a home birth and midwives just so I can do that. And, I'll also catch her breastfeeding in the nude later on," he said.

He went on awhile. "I think," he said, "that she'll be my sex slave. When we get back to my house, I'll take all her clothes away from her. She will have to walk around the house completely nude at all times so that I can take her like male dogs take bitches in heat whenever they find them. I will treat her like my pet cat, a pet pussy. If we need to go out, I'll just throw a coat over her naked body. I have already gotten her to agree, submissive wife that she is, to have her ass bear a tattoo with the words 'the mind, body and soul of this bitch is property of [my name].'

"I may invite my friends over for not poker but POKE HER every Friday night while she is pregnant. They can enjoy her as a group, and we can award points for her performance, while we watch the tape of how she got pregnant. I'm taking her to a fertility doc so that we can try to get medicine to help her superovulate--that is, have many eggs every month. That way, she'll mother a litter every time."

When that bitch gives birth, I thought to myself, there is no telling what that baby is going to look like. It could be quite a surprise for her. Hell, for all I know, its race could be a mix. And, if she should have twins or triplets, I am not a doctor, so I don't know if it is possible whether multiple babies in a woman's womb could actually have different fathers.

But I do know two things.

That guy is sure lucky. He's got himself quite a woman. She's got the greediest womb I've ever felt in my life.

And the other thing I know is that we played a game I call sperm lottery. She hit the jackpot, and her swelling belly would soon show it.


Months later we got a letter and a videotape through the mail. The package was addressed to me, but a note inside said I should show it to my friends.

There she was, giving suck to 3 beautiful babies at once. They were all obviously sired by a black man. She looked slightly confused. It was obviously a picture taken right after the moment of birth when the mother is first handed the babies.

What a fine breeder she is.

I showed it to my friend Joe, the black guy. He winked and gave a thumbs up, showing that he was pleased to have won the lottery.

The guy wrote a note on the back of the picture. It read this way: "I will bring her back next year."



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