The cute and pleasant looking 16-year-old girl was still "pure" but wondered if she should give in to her boyfriend's urgent needs. Rachel was what a father would describe as the perfect daughter. She was not overly beautiful, but she was a father's perfect little girl and her mother's pride and joy. She was still a virgin, although her parents didn't know that for certain, but they assumed she was as she had never dated seriously, that is until now.

Ritter, her boyfriend, had been pressuring Rachel about having sex for a while now, but she had slapped him when he tried to touch her breasts and when he had reached under her skit and again when he had almost placed his hand on her panty-covered sex. That time she hit him in the face with her fist. They had been sitting in front of her house in his car. She had quickly gotten out of his Dodge pickup, slamming the door, told him, "Don't ever call me again."

The front door of her house was open, and her parents, Stan and Jessie Robinson, had heard the shout of their daughter, and the slamming of the truck door, knew something had caused their little girl to take such action. When Rachel entered the house, she was smiling, and walked over and kissed each of her parents on their cheeks, and told them, "If Ritter calls, tell him I'm not home and not to call here again."

Jessie looked at her daughter, and having experienced sexual attempts when she was young, knew that her daughter must have rebelled at Ritter's attempt at something sexual. Glancing at her husband, she could tell that Stan had evidently considered the actions a teen thing. Stan had no idea what girls went through, as he had been the perfect boy to date in high school.

In fact, she was the one, and she chuckled as she recalled the fact, that took them into the back seat of the car one night on a date, and she lost her virginity to the only male she had ever known.

After losing her virginity, Jessie had given Stan no chance to forget sex, and she would initiate the act between them almost daily at times. And even now after being married for nineteen years, she wanted sex at least three or four times a week. Stan was getting to be a problem, and Jessie had considered having an affair more than once.

Jessie had gone on a trip to a training seminar for the computer system the company she worked for was installing, and had allowed a younger male, who was 25, to undress her, and have oral sex with her 37-year-old female body. When Al, had moved on top of her, and was about to enter her sex, after he had gotten her off with his tongue, she stopped him at the last moment.

Getting out of Al's hotel bed, Jessie was cursed because she wouldn't let him have his pleasure. She ran to her room, and cried over the fact she had cheated on her husband, but she was frustrated in not having enough sex from Al, her husband.

After Rachel went to her room, her cell phone rang, and looking she saw it was Ritter calling. She simply turned off the phone, and after a few minutes she undressed and lay on her bed in only her panties. The room was hot, as the summer night, was breeze-less, and her room did not have an air-conditioning vent. Her father had told her each summer he would hook up a vent somehow for her room, but she still had none. With only the small light on her night stand on, Rachel lay on the bed, and turning on her phone, called her best friend Krissy.

Rachel unloaded her problems with Ritter on her best friend, and she listened as Krissy explained that maybe she needed to loosen up a little. "No way, Krissy, I'm not ready for sex, any kind of sex, and Ritter was so rude, and grabbed between my legs, and attempted to grab my sex, through my panties, and even asked me to take them off!"

"Rachel, promise not to tell, but I finally allowed Chuckie to touch me between my legs, and inside my panties." Pausing for a moment, Krissy went on to tell, "It was strange, and all that, but I got so excited - you know what I mean - that my panties got soaking wet, like I'd peed in them."

"You let him touch your thing, inside you pants, weren't you scarred that he might want more," Rachel asked in disbelief?

"At first I held his arm really tight in my hand, but then I let him touch me, and Rachel - he wants me to let him do you know what the next time we go out, and that is Saturday night!" Listening to her friend, Rachel heard with a strange feeling as her best friend told her, "Girlfriend, I think I will let him do me, and get it over with, heck I'm tired of being a virgin, and all that crap."

"KRISSY, YOU'RE NOT SERIOUS," Rachel said loudly to her friend, unknowing that her mother was standing outside her bedroom door, hearing the conversation, and being thankful that her daughter was not having sex, but that her friend was evidently about to do so.

Returning back down the stairs, Jessie looked at Stan, and asked him, "What say you and I go get between the sheets and mess up the bed, just like in days of old"

"Not tonight, honey, maybe tomorrow night."

Rejected once more, Jessie wondered about the trip to Las Vegas, she would be taking in two weeks to a conference on aging. She walked back up stairs and knocked on her daughter's open door, and asked if she could speak with her.

For two weeks, Jessie had been unable to get Stan in the mood for sex, and thinking back knew it had been a month since they last had sex. When she arrived in Las Vegas, the summer heat was oppressive, and she was glad when she was safely in her cool hotel room on the strip. For the next five days, Monday through Friday, and she hoped the meeting ended early on Friday, as he had her reservations to fly home at 4:00 P.M.

The first two days of the conference were like others she had attend, too much information given out in a short amount of time, and she had found it necessary to read the booklets and papers nightly in her room. It was Tuesday evening, and after the meetings, she had returned to her room, showered and dressed in a slender fitting red silk dress. Debating on wearing pantyhose, she finally decided not to do so, and slipping on a pair of low heels, she took the elevator down to the lobby, and going to the front door of the casino, had the doorman catch her cab, and she informed the taxi driver to head for the pyramid.

Entering the massive building, she found her way to the main dinning room, and after giving her name to the maitre' d, she walked into the cocktail lounge and sat at a small table and ordered a cocktail. When she was about half through with her drink, she was told her table was ready, and she walked into the dining room and took a seat at a table next to one with two men next to hers.

Over dinner, she found her steak New York strip was perfect, and the potato was twice backed, but had some type of exotic taste to it. The meal was excellent, and as she was enjoying her coffee she became aware that one of the men at the table next to hers had left. The man who was still at the table smiled, and asked if she was staying at the hotel?

After a few minutes, she accepted the invitation to join the man for another cup of coffee, but she suggested they set at her table, as hers wasn't messed up on the other side from her. For several minutes they enjoyed speaking to each other, and she discovered he was from Seattle, and was an engineer for an aircraft company. When he invited her to see the show in the ballroom, as he had two tickets, she found herself accepting.

After the show, and Jessie had allowed the man to hold her hand over the table they were seated at during the show, they walked into the casino, and played a few video poker machines. They walked into one of the cocktail areas, and sat at the bar. It was nearly eleven, and Jessie said it was time for her to head back to her hotel.

"May I join you?" Chet asked.

Jessie knew the implication of the question, but the lack of sex by her husband, and his not accepting his offer, made the 37-year-old wife think only for a moment, then said, yes, that could be nice. Then she walked with Chet to the taxi, and as they rode to her hotel, she wondered what it would be like to have only the second man in her life penetrated her body, and lay between her legs? Can I really do this, will I seem like someone who doesn't know how to have sex? Only my husband has ever shown me what to do when we have sex, and I really believe I showed him.

As they entered her room, Jessie was unsure what she should do next, so she simply decided to just get it over with, and hope it turned out good. Walking over to the desk with a chair to work from, Jessie reached down and pulled her dress up over her body, and after it was off, laid it across the desk top. She had not worn a bra or panties, and now she wondered if she had done so in hopes of meeting someone just for this very thing?

"Like what you see, cause this is all me, and all I have, Chet, and you will be only the second man in my life I have been with, only my husband has taken me?"

"You're perfect, and I hope that you enjoy our time together." As he spoke Chet undressed, and his eyes were studying the firmly shaped body of Jessie. His look told him she must be a 34-A cup on top, and her hips could not be more than the same 34 inches around. When she had her back toward him, Chet had seen Jessie's hips were round and had no fat to them, and appeared to be hard and her thighs had no sign of cellulite. The legs on the woman were perfectly shaped.

To his surprise, he could see the brown kinky hair growing across her lower stomach, stretched from one thigh to the other, and he wondered if she ever trimmed it, as it grew thickly down between her legs, and alongside her labium.

Jessie watched as only the second man in her life, was undressing, in front of her, as the man who had given her oral sex, had not undressed. When her eyes took in Chet pushing his boxers down over his hips, she could not believe the size of the thick cock that was starting to point out from his body. Good, will that hurt, he is at lest half again the size of Stan, Jessie wondered?

Not knowing what to do next, Jessie simply walked over to the bed, turned down the covering, and lay on the fresh sheet. Keeping her legs closed, she was surprised when Chet sat down at the side of her legs, and speaking softly, not exactly a whisper, but quietly, asked, "Jessie, will you let me see your hair, I've never seen so much hair between a woman's legs?" Then as he looked, Chet told her, "My hair keeps hers almost shaved off, except for the strip she has about two inches wide, on her mons, but keeps it almost nude along the lips."

Then Chet leaned over and kissed her mons. "Your husband is a lucky man, and he must love this thick blanket to rest his face on."

"I wish, it seems like he has lost interest lately, but lets not speak of our spouses." Then Jessie reached out and caught Chet's hand in hers, pulling him up over her. Chet started sucking at her nipples, and he soon was trying to get her each of her complete breasts in his mouth as he nursed at her glands. Jessie felt something that she had never experienced previously, as she thought how Stan only sucked a little of her nipple in his mouth, and then only for a brief moment. Now her tits were being devoured by the man she had known for just a few hours.

After a few minutes, Chet moved so he was between the sleek and silky skinned thighs of the lovely woman, and as the head of his penis brushed open the hairy-covered lips of her sex, he made short moves in the edge of her sex. He loved feeling her hips start to move, and when he felt her getting extremely wet, he listened as she sobbed out.

"Chet, oh Chet, I'm cumming, god I'm getting off, just from your playing in the entrance, CHET, fuck me, don't make me wait, and you're the first person to ever hear me say fuck, but please, for god's sake fuck me." "Augh, yes, oh god you're big, easy - damn, go easy, you're thick and long, eyeeee, I'm cumming, oh fuck, I'm cumming so fucking hard!" Jessie was beyond any thought of cheating on her husband, she was filled with a mighty cock, and the man was causing her to have constant orgasm, and she could stop cumming and asking him to fuck her.

Each time Chet was ready to ejaculate, and he would stop moving, and when he did, the woman under him, humped her body upward, for him to once more pound his cock in and out of her sex. He wanted her to enjoy his taking her, and he loved hearing her beg him to fuck her. "Tell me what you want, tell me how you want me to fuck you, tell me Pretty Lady, damn you're tight."

"Hell, I don't care how you fuck me, fuck me hard, oh hell no, nooooo, I'm going to pee, I can't help it, god Chet, I'm going to... no, I'm peeing, don't be mad, I can't help myself. CHET, MY GAWD, I'M CUMING SO FUCKING HARD, HARDER THAN I EVER HAVE OR COULD IMAGINE! NOW CHET! OH HELL, OH, HELL! YESSSS!"

Chet had never experienced a woman urinating as she got off, but he had listened to other men tell of experiencing this once in a while. The feeling of the hot urine on his body was overwhelming him, and he loved feeling his cum leave his cock and entered the body of the woman still thrashing under him as he rode her as hard as he could. With her legs up on his shoulders, he pounded his thick cock in and out of her body. After he had drained his cum into her, he fell over onto the bed, and lay back, trying to catch his breath.

When he felt the woman, roll over and hug him in her arms, and press her body against his as tightly as she could, Chet moved his arms out and around her, and looking in her eyes, told her, "You are the best fuck I've ever had, Jessie, I thank you."

"Your welcome, and guess that is a compliment, but the most unique one I've ever received." Then Jessie had to know, "Chet, please don't laugh at me, but why do you say I'm the best - the best fuck - you've ever had, what made it so for you?"

"Woman, I have never had a woman who moved so much under me, and I loved feeling the heels of your feet striking and kicking my back, hips and legs, and when your arms and legs were flailing about, then you let down your pee, hell, woman, that was a first for me." Then Chet spoke of how she felt gripping his hard-on, and feeling her body move up and down as he moved in and out of her, and then he told her, "I've never had a woman ask me to fuck her as you did, and your pussy is so tight, damn you're tighter than a virgin."

"Chet, you may not believe me, but I was telling the truth, I have never uttered the word fuck until then, I always hated the word and found it abhorrent when someone spoke the word." Pausing for a moment in her speaking, Jessie told him, "Chet, I have been taken so deep and hard, that it made me pee, did you really like that my doing that?"

Jessie told Chet about having only been with her husband, and not having sex until she and Stan had done it, that for the past months, he had no interest in doing it with her, and finally she just had to have sex. "Ands Chet, you can best believe you made up for what I have been missing, and I also found out what a large cock is like, you're big, aren't you?"

"Yeah, and guess what, I'm laying here with you and look what has happened in the past thirty minutes, you gave me another boner."

"How did I do that, but guess if I did, we should do something about it, and Chet, can you show me how to do doggie style?"

Laughing, Chet said he would love to do honor such a request.

Jessie was a little upset at his finding humor in her request, and told Chet. "Please, don't make fun of me, but all I have ever done, is to lie on my back, and when you put my legs up in the air, I became really excited, so don't laugh at me, please?"

Then Chet was once more sucking the beaded nipples of the firm breast of the woman, and moved his mouth down and was soon licking and sucking her clitoris in his mouth. Jessie was soon surprised as she felt Chet push her legs up in the air, raising her hips from the bed. When the snaking tongue moved across her anus, Jessie at first felt it was only an accident. Then when the tongue was once more pressing her opening, Jessie knew it was intentional. Her moans and shuddering of her body, let the man who now was trying to push the tip of his tongue deep up her neither opening, understand she was enjoying his oral stimulation.

"Chet, oh gawd, that feels so different, augh, you make me feel as if I'm floating, I've never felt this before."

Stopping for a moment, Chet asked, "Can I take you from behind, have you ever experienced anal sex, Jessie, may I butt fuck, you, please, let me?"

"Chet, I've never done it, but I will allow you, only be gentle, you can do whatever you want to me, anything?"

Within a few moments, Jessie was kneeling at the side of the bed, on all fours on the mattress, with her hips pointed toward the man she was going to allow to probe up her butt. Slowly, and with easy moves, Chet moved the thick head of his cock into the sphincter ring of the woman's anus, and her cries were not telling him to stop, but asking him to be gentle? "Oh, Chet, for gawd's sake, Chet, don't stop," then he breached the ring of muscle, and his cock head was lodged inside her sphincter.

It was another couple of minutes, and Jessie felt the massive cock had fully penetrated her butt, and she could feel his pubic hair pressing against her hips and the crack separating her buttocks. Jessie found it necessary to take deep breaths, and though she tried, she was unable to relax the tight grip her anal ring had around the thick cock buried up her butt. Her voice simply became grunts and groans, and over and over she made the sounds, and every so often, begged Chet, "Fuck my ass, oh gawd Chet, fuck me in my ass, aughhhh, oh, fuck my ass?"

For the next three nights, and even during the day, Jessie would find a way to have sex with Chet, and she learned how to perform oral sex, and when Chet taught her how to suck and chew his bag of nuts, she became so adapt at the act, she could bring down his cum to swallow in less than two minutes. After the last time they had sex, Chet told her, "Jessie, having sex with you, was like having sex with a virgin."

Unknown to Jessie, back home, Rachel had made a startling discovery, and it was a complete shock when she did. Rachel had gone to the mall, and none of her friends could go, so she went alone. After walking the mall for about an hour, Rachel had gone to the food court and ordered some tacos and a soda. Finding a table near the walkway, where she could watch the people pass by, she sat down and commenced to eat her snack.

Rachel watched the attractive, large man walking toward the food court, and he was wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase. As he walked passed her, he spoke, and smiling at her, kind of winked at her. Wow, she thought, he is really cute, and he is the most handsome man I have ever seen. Her eyes followed the black man as he moved over to the food vendor that sold the Cajun style of food, and she could just make out his ordering the food.

Last year in her French class, Rachel had made a class project of studying the Cajun food, and also how they had arrived in the United States. Rachel had learned from reading about the people that they were French, who had moved from the former French colony in Acadia, Canada, now called Nova Scotia, and had settled in southern Louisiana's bayou.

While watching the large man, Rachel felt a kindness toward a black for the first time in her life, and she wondered if it was because he was well dressed, and had smiled at her? After paying for his food, he turned, and as he did, he caught the attractive teenage girl looking in his direction, and he walked across the food court, and stopping at the table where Rachel was seated, asked, "May I sit with you while I eat?"

The smile on his face made Rachel nervous, but not a nervousness from fear, but from being attracted to the large man. With a weak smile, the only type she could get the muscles in her face to make, told the black male, "Yeah, why not?" Then she said, "I'm Rachel Robinson."

"Hello, Rachel Robinson, and I'm Boyce Henderson, and it is a pleasure to meet you, and I assume you come here often."

For nearly an hour the two spoke, and Rachel was somewhat glad that none of her friends had passed by and seen her with Boyce. With thoughts of how handsome the man was, Rachel did not hear the comments Boyce made, when she was wondering what it would be like to kiss a black man. "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you, I was thinking of something else, what did you ask me?"

"First, I hope you were thinking of me, and if you'd like to leave, we could find somewhere that we could be alone, and how old are you?"

Blushing, Rachel replied in her usual honest way, told Boyce, "I was thinking of you, and where could we go, but I don't know you, you wouldn't hurt me, would you?"

"No, I would hurt a lovely girl like you, but how old are you?"

"I'm 16-years-old, but where could we go?"

"I have a home not far from here, and no, I'm not married, and yes I was a pro football quarterback, so that is how you likely knew who I am." Still smiling, asked, "Want to go see my home?"

"Sure, you're certain you aren't a rapist, and you won't hurt me, promise?"

When they got to Boyce's car, it was a brilliant red sports car, and when the doors opened, they opened upward. "Wow, what kind of car is this, and the doors are funny?"

Boyce told Rachel the history of the sports car, and that is, was a custom-made car from in the 60's, and he loved it, and smiling at the girl, asked, "Want to drive?"

"You'd let me drive this car, really, and I can drive it?" Then with a note in her voice that made him think he was teasing her, Rachel asked, "Can I drive it to your place, really, and I will drive slow?"

"Do you have your driver's license?"

"Yeah, I got them ten months ago, and I aced the driving test.?

Once they were in the car, Boyce explained how and what the various controls was that she needed to know, and then he told her to take off slow. When she pressed on the gas, the car lurched forward, spinning the tires. After a moment, Rachel was driving the car and Boyce directed her how to reach his home. When she saw the homes where they had driven to, she could not believe how large they were. Pull into the next drive, and that is where I live.

The large brick house, had a three-car garage, and when the door opened from Boyce pushing a control button, on the remote, he told her to drive inside. Once she was parked, Rachel, saw there was a Jeep, a large luxury car, and a motorcycle parked in the garage.

They stepped from the car, and entering the house from a side door that Rachel discovered led into a small utility room, and then into the kitchen. The kitchen was large, and had three different refrigerators, and Boyce took her hand in his, saying let me show you around.

From one room to another, they walked through the house, and the master bed room, with a very large bath with a Jacuzzi. On the deck outside the bed room, was a hot tub and a Finnish sauna hut, over looking the back of the property, which was surrounded by a large stone wall and thick bushes and trees that shaded the yard.

Walking back down the stairs, they ended up looking at the bar in the den and Boyce's office. Offering Rachel, a soda, while fixing himself a vodka-orange juice, Boyce noted she frowned. "Would you rather have the same as myself?" he asked.

"Sure, if you will let me, my girlfriend and me sometimes get into her dad's vodka."

After fixing their drinks, Boyce led then up stairs once more, and decided to see how liberal the girl might be, unaware Rachel was a virgin, and had never even had her pussy finger fucked. Leading the cute girl to the chairs on the deck, which had a covering, and fans on the ceiling that Boyce turned on, it was comfortable to sit and sip their drinks. Boyce noted in a short time, that the drink was getting to the girl, and he wondered if she had really drunk vodka previously.

When they had finished their drinks, Boyce asked if she would like another one, and Rachel said she'd love another. Leaving the girl alone, Boyce went over to a small bar on the deck, and fixed them another drink. While enjoying the second cocktail, Boyce asked if she would like to set in the hot tub.

"Yeah, but I don't have a suit to put on," and Boyce noted there was only a slight hint of her voice giving away the fact she was having an alcoholic drink.

"So, do you really need one, you have been in one nude before, with your dates, haven't you?" Boyce knew the young girl was putting on a front at times, and determined he would act like he knew she had been nude with guys before this.

"I've been nude with guys before," Rachel replied, not saying it was her father and her younger brother, but hadn't been for more than three years, since she had started puberty.

"OK, so what say we undress," and as he spoke, Boyce walked over and pushed the cover back from the hot tub, and turned on the jets? As he spoke, and turned around, Boyce started to undress, and when he had removed all his clothes, except his briefs, he looked at Rachel, and told, her, "Best undress, or I'll be in the water before you," then he laughed and watched her eyes as he pushed down his briefs.

Nervous, but determined to undress, in front of the black man, she unfastened her top, and after it was unbuttoned, slipped it from her body. Rachel wasn't wearing a bra, and her pert 34-A breasts were pointing straight out from her body, and they didn't wiggle or flop as she moved about. They stood firm from her body, and he saw her eyes were starring at his fast becoming erect, but her firm and conical shaped tits, were driving him nuts, and he could only imagine what they would be like to suck.

What in the heck am I doing, I'm taking my clothes off in front of a man, and he is black, but so handsome, should I continue to undress, and remove my thong? Her hands moved down and unfastened her shorts, and then she let them fall around her feet. That was when Rachel realized she was wearing a very small thong, and her thick pubes were sticking out the sides of her panty.

Knowing that in a moment, her body would be nude, Rachel shut her eyes, blocking the image of the huge penis dangling from Boyce's groin, she took a deep breath, and eased her thong down her legs and off her feet. I know he is going to want to shove that big thing in me, and I just might let him, and should I tell him he will be my first?

Opening her eyes, Rachel saw that the thick veined black penis was now fully erect, and she knew it was nearly a foot long, and as thick, and likely thicker, than her wrist. Wow. No woman could take something that big up inside her sex. "I'm glad I'm not going to have that large, black thing, shoved up my virgin putty- cat," Rachel said aloud, not being aware she'd spoken out loud. Her eyes were starring at the nearly charcoal colored black penis as is swung from side to side as Boyce walked toward her.

"What did you say," Boyce asked, knowing what the girl had said, but thinking she was only speaking under her breath? Now he knew she was a virgin, and wondered if he could get a chance to pop her prideful little pussy?

"Nothing, I was just thinking," Rachel said, and hoped that her thoughts hadn't been heard, or worse, she hadn't spoken so her thoughts weren't understood by the handsome black man. Why am I standing in the nude with someone I have only known for a couple of hours, and yet I was highly insulted when Ritter tried to feel between my legs? What does Boyce think of my nudity, do I look like a skinny thing, or does he find me attractive? I hope he doesn't expect to have sex with me, and I feel stupid now that I'm naked in front of a stranger, and hope I don't get raped.

Boyce was viewing the body of the 16-year-old girl, and noted that she was not the shape of some fully developed girls her age, nor was she the skinny model type. It was easy to judge the girl had only commenced developing, and her legs were more straight than curved, but her buttocks were perfectly rounded in shape, and they curled under in a nice roll to meet the back of her thighs. The meat on her legs appeared to be firm and not soft and easy to sink one's fingers into. The crowing glory of her lower body was the long, exceptional long maiden hair that was straight, and was thick for a girl of sixteen.

The light brown mound of hair, which seemed to stop about mid way down the labia of the teenager, was a beautiful shade, and even had what seemed like touches of blonde. Then he wondered, and asked, "Tell me, and this isn't an insult, as I find it absolutely perfect, and lovely, but do you put blonde shades to highlights your maiden hair?"

Knowing the handsome black man was referencing what she called her fleece, she wondered if she should answer or be insulted, but as she was nude to his view, decided to be honest in replying to Boyce question. "I streak it, do you like it, and as she spoke, had no concern about modesty, and slightly spread her legs, so her hair could be viewed completely. Rachel had no thought of her action exposing her sexual charms that only such young girls have. Even a 21-year-old virgin, does not have the same charm as a younger virgin, and Boyce knew this from experience.

Smiling at the girl, he told her, "It looks beautiful, and what allowed you to allow me to view your body without clothing, but in a natural state?"

"I don't know, but shall we get in the water, and you're excited at seeing me, aren't you, and do you find me pretty, Boyce, tell me the truth?"

"You're truly beautiful, and may I help you in the tub?" With that asked, Boyce reached out his hand and allowed Rachel to take his, and guide Rachel into the tub. When Rachel spread and opened her one leg, so the other was on the deck, her pubic area was completely exposed, and her young sex gapped open in the action. Man, is her sex small, it hardly parted as she spread her legs so widely apart. Boyce was able to view the entire surface of her teenage sexual charms, and he wanted to sample them with his mouth, tongue and then to slide his cock up into her innocent carnal opening.

Boyce felt a sudden degree of sexual appetite and passion for the girl he had never thought of for a young girl. But his physical and sexual needs, in knowing she was a virgin, viewing the wide expanse of her pubic area, had created a desire that he wanted to fulfill by driving his thickened, and now throbbing member, deep into her virginity. Moving over to where Rachel still was straddling the edge of the hot tub, he moved so his body was between her legs, and his cock was pointing to where he wanted to shove it into her tiny virgin hole.

"Boyce I'm scarred you'll hurt me, and you promised you wouldn't. Didn't you?"

"Yes, but Rachel, that was prior to my seeing your sex, so open and inviting, tells me what you're afraid of, and I won't hurt you, or no more than would be necessary, you do understand, don't you?"

Whispering, in a voice so low, she could hardly be heard, Rachel said, "Boyce I'm a virgin, and you're so big, and I never been touched, not even my breast, I want to cry, but I also want to you know, do it... like, oh Boyce."

Rachel watched as the thick, and nearly foot long black thing, moved to where it was pointing between her open legs. Watching the large hands of the black man, she saw them reach out and close around her own, and pulled her so she was in his arms. Fear passed through ever pores in her body, and she shuddered and sobbed out, "Boyce, Boyce, I'm really scared, so afraid."

Yet Rachel's arms moved up and wrapped around the neck of the large handsome black man. For Boyce, it was a simple task to step out of the hot tub, with Rachel in his arms. Waling into the house, and placing the girl on the edge of his bed, he turned her so she was facing him. While Rachel was seated on the edge of the bed, Boyce moved between the tapered legs of the teenager. Pulling the girl to him, allowing Rachel to fell the first penis in her life, to press against her small sexual opening. Using his hand, Boyce started feeding the head of his manhood against and between the lips of the young girl's pussy.

"Nooooo, Boyce, we... shouldn't, I've never, augh, Boyce, it is going in, and it hurts, oh wait - wait it is too much, Aughhhhhh!" Rachel thought she was being split in half, as the thick head partially split the lips of her sex., in its attempt to enter her body.

"Boyce, I'm a virgin, I've never been touched, you're too large, it won't fit, stop, at least for a minute, please," Rachel pleaded as she felt her tiny opening attached? For several minutes, Rachel was probed and struck by the thick manhood, and when Boyce could not get inside the girl, he pressed her back flat on the bed, and kneeled between her legs, and immediately started licking her small than normal sex.

The tingling sensations, and the nerve endings at the end of her clitoris were providing feelings previously unknowingly to Rachel.

Somehow, her body was responding to the tongue from the handsome black man, and her rounded buttocks were soon moving up from the mattress, to keep the contact of his tongue deep insider her putty-cat, against her love button. The few times Rachel had masturbated was nothing like the feelings Boyce was bringing to her body with his oral stimulations. Rachel reached her hands down and was soon enjoying the feeling of the kinky curls on Boyce's head.

A feeling was building in her sexual organ, and Rachel was losing any pretense of denial of need to be taken, and her thighs were opening and closing further apart each time she spread her legs open. Then she sobbed out, "Boyceeee, oh Boyceeee, what are you doing to me?"

Moving up over the girl, he used his large hands and moved her to the center of the bed. His lips sought hers, and now he was going to enter her, pain, screams, whatever be damned, he was going to take her cherry. His cock was throbbing so much, he was afraid he would shoot his cum off on the bedding if he didn't enter the slender opening between her legs.

Rachel missed the contact of the tongue seeking out her sex, and she wanted him to bring her to what she knew was a climax only moments from passing from her body. Now she felt the large man over her small body, and his lips were pressing hers, and she opened her mouth to his searching tongue. Rachel had never allowed a date to French her, now she was accepting the tongue between her lips, and she could taste what she knew was her sex on Boyce's oral digit.

The massive head was once more being guided by Boyce to the part of her sexual core, and when it pressed the small outer lips apart, and then split the smaller inner labia open, and with a massive shove, the head split her open and entered her virgin hole. Boyce knew he had gained enough entrance into the virgin pussy of the 16-year-old chaste girl. Now it was the final, hard and tearing shove that would allow his 12-inches to split her cherry.

Boyce wanted to hear the virgin young girl cry out at the tearing and burning feeling in having her hymen torn apart. After that, Boyce would forcefully shove with as hard a drive into the virgin, so he could bury his erection deep into her stomach.

Reaching under the girl, his hands were large enough to hold her rounded hips in them totally. Pulling back, as the sobs and tears came from the girl, he knew she was feeling the once in a life time separation and splitting of her cherry. Boyce shoved hard, not exactly through her hymen, he pulled back out, then with a powerful and brutal shove, buried his cock completely up into the screaming girl's bloody and torn open sex.

"AUGH, NO! NO! TAKE IT OUT! STOP! NO TAKE IT OUT, IT HURTS! OH GAWD IT HURTS! YOU'RE TO BIG, YOU'RE KILLING MEEEEE, EEYYYEEE!" Then the sudden pain caused the teenager girl to pass out from the horrendous pain in having her young cherry ripped from between her slender and young thighs.

Boyce could feel the wetness running from Rachel's sex, and he knew she was bleeding, likely more than most virgins. He loved feeling her tiny form trying to escape his thick and deeply buried cock deep inside her bucking body. Boyce, loved felling Rachel, as she was attempting to escape the massive cock that even the most seasoned love making woman would have trouble accepting in her sexual opening. Boyce fucked the teenager for another ten minutes, showing no mercy to her, and rode her young body until he jammed his cock deep into her body, unleashing a massive load of sperm filled semen deep into her virgin and fertile body.

After he ejaculated inside the teenage girl, Boyce pulled her over on top of him and let her rest on his large body. Her legs were lying on each side of his body, and her sex was oozing out his cum, and the red bloody evidence of her rupture virginity.

For several minutes, Rachel lay atop the large black man, and thought of how had this happened? Rachel made a startling discovery, as she could feel the wetness leaving her sore and bruised sex, and know it was her virgin blood, and the male cum seeping from within her ruptured body. Within moments, Rachel was crying and asking over and over why Boyce had taken her virginity. In a soft voice, Boyce whispered in the girl's ear, because you wanted me to take you, to burst your cherry, and be your first, and I truly feel honored, and perhaps we can be more than just this.

"Oh no, my father would kill you, he would never allow me to be with a black man, he would rather kill me first." For the next hour, Rachel asked Boyce all kind of question regarding his taking her virginity, and would anyone know she had allowed someone to have sex with her?

Boyce, once more found himself erect, he rolled the teenage girl onto her back, and again he was pressing the advantage of his size, and entering her still sore and bleeding putty-cat. "Gawd, Boyce, it still hurts, oh please not so deep, you're so deep up in me, no - not so hard, you're too big!" "BOYCE, NO - - - NOT LIKE THAT, OH, GAWD YOU'RE RIPPING ME INTO, AUGHHHH," Rachel cried out as the massive man pulled her legs up into the crook of his arms and commenced slamming between her slender legs.

"Girl, you are something else, damn you're a good fucking piece of pussy, so fucking tight, shit, I'm getting my nuts again." Once more Boyce was unloading a massive load of his sperm into the fertile young pussy that he was spearing deep and hard, and striking his pubic bone as hard against the narrow mons of the teenager. "Shit!" And as he cried out, his sperm was traveling at the entrance of the 16-year-old girl's womb.

Crying out in her own feeling of need, and pain, Rachel started to feel a creeping feeling passing through the point between her legs where the massive man's muscular groin was pounding against her prepuce, and bouncing hard on the small marble that was her clit. Then as she felt her body floating, as if she was a cloud in the sky, Rachel cried out, "BOYCE, I MUST BE CUMING WITH YOU, SOMETHING IS HAPPENING, OH BOYCE GIVE IT TO ME, HARD - NOW, SHOVE IT IN ME DEEP, GIVE ME YOUR CUM!" For the next ten minutes, the young teenager lay in wonder at the feelings she had received from being taken, as she had melted after her climax.

Rachel listened to the handsome black man tells her how tight her pussy was, unaware that her mother was hearing the same thing from a man in Las Vegas. Neither the mother nor the daughter, were aware of the sexual acts they were performing, but each had received something neither had planned on, the immediate start of motherhood.

"Boyce, would you like me to call my dad, and tell him I'm going to spend the night with a friend, and he won't ask any questions?"

Laughing at the young girl, Boyce hugged her, and asked, "Do you want more of this old black snake, Pretty One?"

"If you make it feel like it did the last time, I want that big old black snake any and all the time!"

For the next couple of months, Rachel knew without doubt she was pregnant, and finally one day, just before she was due to start school, she purchased an EPT, and it showed a positive result that she was going to have a baby. For the pat few weeks, Rachel had known she had missed two periods, and her waist line was tighter on her clothes. Hurrying back to the drug store, Rachel purchased another pregnancy test kit, and the results were the same, the EPT confirmed she was going to have a black child.

Picking up the phone, she called Boyce, and told him she wanted to see him immediately, and for Boyce, he was excited in seeing the girl. Boyce had not been dating anyone since he had first had sex with the teenage girl, and he loved how tight her sex was. Driving to pick up the girl, he wondered if she would allow him to do her back door.

"Honey, I love you, and Boyce I'm going to have our baby, are you happy?" The question rolled easily from the lips of the young girl, and her romantic notion of being with Boyce's child, allowed her to hug him tightly.

A sledge hammer struck the back of Boyce's head, and he could picture his ass in jail for the rest of his life, he had gotten a teen girl pregnant, not just a teen girl, but a white girl! "Rachel, will your parents allow us to marry, as I love you, and I must speak with them about you and me, even if they have me arrested?"

Rachel arranged for her and Boyce to meet her mother at a local restaurant, and when the two of them walked in and sat down with her mother, the teen saw her mother had been crying. She hadn't noticed that the man with her daughter was her own age, and she looked at her daughter, and telling her, "Honey, I'm going to have a baby, and it isn't your father's child, I had an affair in Las Vegas with a married man."

"Mom, this is Boyce, and I got pregnant when you were in Las Vegas, and we want to get married."

The three of them traveled to a state where the law only required one parent signs for an underage child to be married. On their honeymoon, the three started their new life, Rachel and Boyce as man and wife, and Jessie, well, she became the wife-in-law.



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