Becky didn't know what to expect when she allowed her friends to drag her along to the abandoned warehouse on 49th street. She just knew that it was going to be "the party of the century". But then, all parties were the party of the century that year, seeing as the clock wasn't just turning over a new year that New Years, it was turning over a new century and even a new millennium.

Deciding not to go with the "I'm a blatant newbie" look, the normally shy, demure fourteen-year-old went out after school a few days before, acquiring several items she believed she'd require for the night out to end all nights out. This included a bottle of temporary hair dye, Hot Pink #52 to be precise. A bright, form-fitting, florescent green mini-skirt, an equally tight and no less eye-catchingly tacky orange tank top with the word "Princess" emblazoned across it in silvery glittery letters, and several glow in the dark plastic bracelets of various colours.

The night of New Years Eve found Becky at the warehouse. The temporary club was, as she'd expected, packed. There was barely room to move, let alone dance, and she soon found that talking with her friends became a futile yelling competition over the sounds of nearly a thousand voices and the constant throbbing beat of techno from the DJ booth.

Trying not to ogle and gawk, the fourteen-year-old let herself be dragged into the thick of it, the girl giggling to herself as she realized there'd been no one at the door to card her, yet everywhere she saw other young teens drinking and smoking and making out. Not to mention dancing.

Somewhere in the middle of the mess the crowd was less dense, and more actual dancing was going on. As her friends let loose, Becky smiled and tried to get into the spirit of it, dancing with her young friends as several people, mostly men eyed them. Giggling and laughing as the music became more frantically paced, Becky moved randomly, copying the movements of those around her as the crowd thickened, causing her to loose sight of two of her friends.

Casting about worriedly, she paused and brushed her pink bangs out of her green eyes and couldn't help but smile as one of the other girl's handed her a water bottle. "You need this!" her friend laughed and Becky grinned, downing it without thinking.

Staggering backwards, the girl felt instantly light-headed, giddy even. Deciding it was probably just the heat, she ignored it and apologized half-heartedly to the tall man she'd bumped into before continuing dancing with her remaining friend. The man, however, glanced over his shoulder at the small teenager and grinned, as did his buddy.

As the night progressed, and the laser lightshow, fog machine and the occasional indoor fireworks enhanced Becky's trip on whatever was in her drink, the newest raver grrl danced with greater abandon. Even as she lost sight of her friend from school, the other girl last seen making out heavily with some old man in his twenties, Becky didn't care. Grinning and giggling at everyone and everything, she danced with all her heart, not even minding the press of bodies around her, everyone gyrating, moving, sweating, touching.

After what seemed like an eternity, the DJ broke in to let everyone know it was half an hour until the New Millennium. A cheer broke out throughout the entire crowd, and even Becky yelled out her joy, the girl lifting her arms in the air and bouncing up and down.

Once things began to settle into their rhythm once more, though, the little teen felt someone press meaningfully against her back. Letting out a soft gasp, she couldn't help but giggle. Becky even only found it partially strange that she didn't mind the feeling of large, strong hands against her shoulders, squeezing them meaningfully as someone's groin pressed against her bottom, their hips moving as one.

Turning her head to the side, she smiled as she saw the man she'd bumped into. As a vague voice reminded her about the danger of strangers, the girl giggled, her inhibitions pushed aside by whatever she'd drank. Letting out a soft moan, the fourteen-year-old felt the tall man's hardness against her ass, the sensation sending a deep tingly feeling through her young body and in response she rubbed her shoulders against his bare, muscular chest.

Looking up, Becky giggled again. He wasn't just handsome. He was hot. Sure, he was a lot older than her, but he was probably in college and here he was, dancing with her, just a shy little high school girl. Returning his smile, she lifted her arms as his hands roamed down her sides, his fingers brushing just lightly against the sides of Becky's tiny A-cup breasts before sliding back up her arms, their fingers linking.

Moaning softly, the sound lost in the cacophony, the little teen gasped and found herself giggling as she felt another body press against her, this one from the front. Glancing upwards, the pink haired raver blushed deeply as she found a tall, even more muscular than his friend, black guy grinning down at her.

"Hi!" Becky shouted, but the man just grinned as he reached down and peeled his sweat soaked white sleeveless shirt up and off his body before flinging it into the crowd.

"Hi yourself, baby!" the man laughed, his teeth bright white against his dark skin, "You wanna dance?"

Giggling at the rhetorical question, Becky's small body trembled as she reached up, both hands touching the black man's chest tentatively, her eyes widening at how soft his skin was, yet how firm his rock hard muscles were.

"Looks like she wants to party, Max!" the white guy behind her laughed, causing the black man to chuckle heartily, his dark eyes watching the teenager's small hands moving across his sweaty pectorals.

"Oh yeah, Stevie! Looks like this one's a party girl!" he agreed, his large, strong hands reaching around to squeeze the small round cheeks of Becky's ass as Steve's slid back down her arms and slipped up, underneath her tanktop.

"You like that baby?" inquired Steve, his lips pressed against Becky's ear, the girl's body trembling, her eyes wide, unable to speak as the man's fingers flicked her hard little nipples teasingly fondled the firm flesh of her breasts.

"Fuck, if she doesn't, she ain't in no position to say no!" laughed Max, squeezing Becky's ass harder, not seeming to mind the press of his friend's body against his hands as the girl stood on her toes and gasped, "Heck, I saw we don't even bother takin' her home! I say we do it right here, man!"

Steve grinned and nodded his approval, his teeth teasingly nipping the side of Becky's neck, the girl whimpering and tilting her head to one side as both men's hands slid across her small, young body.

"So, how old are ya, baby?" Max inquired teasingly as both mean each took an earlobe, their teeth nibbling, their tongues tracing the curves, the little girl gasping, trembling, her eyes crossing as an intense pleasure built up inside of her.

"I- I-!" Becky gasped, her hands reaching around to grab hold of Max's back, her rainbow painted nails clawing at his naked, sweaty skin as she felt Steve's hands slowly hike her mini skirt up the fourteen-year-old's slender hips.

"I don't think she knows anymore!" the black man laughed, his hands pulling up Becky's top, his fingers capturing her nipples, squeezing them hard.

"Heh, I guess we should a carded her at the door!" Steve laughed, his hands sliding up and down Becky's thighs, the man moaning softly at the feel of silky smooth adolescent legs.

"Fuck that!" Max shot back, his dark eyes catching Becky's as he leaned closer to her face, "I like 'em young, and the last thing we need is a fucking asshole doorman keepin' the fuckable cuties away from the Max Man!"

Gasping at his words, Becky could do little as Max pressed his lips against hers. Her eyes wide, casting about the club for signs of her friends and finding none, the girl let out a muffled protest as she felt Max's long, wet tongue push past her lips and tease her own little tongue.

At the same time, Steve moaned hungrily into her ear as his middle finger rubbed the line between the little girl's netherlips, the obvious wetness obviously pleasing him. "Mm, mm, mmm! Fuck man! I gotta have this little bitch!" he laughed, Becky letting out a muffled protest as she felt Steve's middle finger press up inside of her without warning, the way surprisingly easy until the digit hit the barrier of the teenager's hymen, "Fuck! Max Man! This chicks a virgin!"

Max broke the kiss immediately at that, leaving Becky gasping for breath, her body shaking with both fear and desire. "Well, shi-it!" the black man laughed sarcastically, grinning madly, "Ain't we two of the luckiest fuckers on the face of the planet!"

"Fuck yeah!" Steven agreed with a laugh, both men high- fiving each other over Becky's head, their fingers linking, shaking hands as well, "Dude! If the world fucking ends, who the fuck cares! We'll be bangin' us the world's last virgin!"

"Sweetness!" Max agreed as Becky found her voice at last, "You go ahead and take her first, Stevie, man! I popped the last one!"

"Um- I- Wait-!" Becky managed, struggling a bit and causing Max to grab her around the wrists, his strong arms lifting them over her head.

"Naw, I don't think so, girly girl!" the Blackman laughed, the little white girl staring up at him in alarm, amazed that no one around them was interfering. Some of the dancers were even bumping into them, jostling the trio, some even leered or just rolled their eyes and choose to ignore it, but none intervened, "You're in for the ride of your young life! Fuck, girl! It's the end of the 20th century! Learn to let your fuckin' hair down!"

Laughing at his friend's comments, Steve took a firm hold of Becky's thighs, the man shaking his head as he spread the girl's legs apart, Max helpfully putting his feet beside hers to keep the little pink haired teen from pushing them back together.

"Fuck, man, I wish New Years was every night!" Steve laughed, his hands then roaming up the backs of Becky's thighs, the girl's skin so soft, so tempting. Squeezing her ass, the man moaned hungrily, "And check this ass, dude! I gotta fuck it after!"

Becky gasped at the implication and started struggling, writing as Max grinned and lifted her hands higher. "Now where you think you're goin' girly girl?" the man inquired teasingly, chuckling as he leaned forward, his long tongue flicking along Becky's still erect nipples as Steve took down his fly and pressed it against her backside.

"I- I wanna go home!" the teenager begged, her high pushed aside by sudden fear, the cockhead rubbing up and down between her ass cheeks, "I- Have school tomorrow!"

"Ha, no ya fuckin' don't!" Max laughed, Steve's cockhead slipping down, soon pressing up against her still moist labia, "School's are closed 'til the second week a January, baby! We got at least a week of hard fuckin' out a you before we have to bring ya back to the real world!"

Both men laughed at the girl's sudden tense silence, and Steve took advantage of it by grabbing Becky's narrow hips, his cockhead pressing her silky soft labia apart just enough to hold position. "I'm gonna fuck ya, bitch!" he said into her ear, causing the girl to whimper, his breath hot, smelling of alcohol.

And with that, Steve shoved his cock into Becky's small, young pussy, the little fourteen-year-old virgin screaming at the top of her lungs as the music blared louder and laser lights bounced off her just above shoulder length neon pink hair.

Stopping as he hit her hymen, Steve grinned at his friend, watching the man suck the entirety of the girl's little tit into his mouth, nibbling it as his tongue slithered around her nipple. "Gonna fuck you good!" the white man promised, his tone guttural as he savoured the moment, the velvety heat of a fourteen-year-old pussy around the head of his cock almost too much to bear, "Gonna shove my cock in your cunt and fuck the living shit out a ya!"

Just as she started to recover, Steve pulled back and jabbed forward, causing Becky to scream again as he pierced her hymen, shattering it as stabbing pain shot through Becky's young body. The girl shaking, nearly going limp as the man started grunting, thrusting his shaft in and out of her virgin pussy.

"Fuck yeah!" Max laughed, pulling his nips from Becky's tit, "Ya should a seen the look on the bitch's face when ya nailed her man!"

Steve grinned and laughed. "Heh, New Years present, man!" he shot back, the black man letting go of one of Becky's hands to high five his friend again.

"Yeah! Hey, I think the slut likes it!" commented Max with a grin as Becky's hand fell down onto his shoulder, her small fingers gripping tightly for support.

"She- She'd fuckin' better!" laughed Steve, pistoning his cock harder and faster, his shaft swelling in the wet, velvety glove that squeezed it tightly, "I'm the best!"

"Bah!" laughed Max with a teasing grin, letting the other hand drop to his shoulder as well as he reached down and grabbed Becky's thighs, bending the girl's legs at the knees as he lifted her easily off the floor, "You're pretty good alright, Stevie. For a white guy!"

"Hey!" Steven laughed in mock anger, the man's brow sweating more than usual as he started bucking his hips faster, the girl held up for him, her legs spread around his friend's torso, making the tight passage easier to penetrate, "I'll show you how good I am! F-Fuck! This bitch is tight man!"

Max chuckled, grinning down at Becky who stared up at him pleadingly, tears running down her high cheekbones, her expression a mix of pain, fear and desire. "Good, then that needle dick a yours can loosen the bitch up for me!" he laughed, their private joke strengthening their bond of friendship as the girl stared on in disbelief. This was supposed to be a night of dancing with friends, of partying, of maybe getting a little drunk or stoned. Not of getting fucked by two strangers. Especially not two who weren't even using condoms!

"W-Wait!" the girl suddenly pleaded, her expression becoming all the more concerned despite that her hips had started to buck, instinct taking over where will alone did not suffice, "I- I'm not on the pill!"

Both men laughed out loud at this, Steve merely ploughing the girl harder, the tip of his cock pressing against the back of Becky's pussy with each deep thrust as his shaft throbbed and his balls tightened.

"Th- That's just too fucking bad for you, then!" the white man laughed, gritting his teeth as he suddenly grunted, his eyes narrowing as Becky's eyes widened.

"N-! Noooo!" the girl cried, shock and horror filling her mind as she felt the intense heat of a flood of potent sperm flooding her young pussy.

Max merely grinned at this, Steve pumping all the harder then, his flared cockhead pushing most of the thick goo up towards Becky's waiting womb, his shaft refusing to soften. "Now, don't worry yourself, girly girl!" the black man laughed, Stevie here is multi-orgasmic! It's a trick he could do since we was teenagers fuckin' all the little girls at school together. Great trick! Makes up for his small cock!"

"F-Fuck you!" Steve grunted, grinning at his best friend as he gave Becky a few more good, hard jabs, making certain that her tight inner walls had milked the last of the cum from his balls for the moment before pulling out, this cockhead making a lewd, vulgar, wet sound that was carried away by the music, "I've got eight inches of man-meat, mother fucker!"

"Yeah, but I got ten!" the black man chuckled, wasting no time as he undid the fly of his denim jeans, his monstrous cock soon hanging hard and long out in the hot, thick air between himself and Becky.

"Lucky girl!" Steve commented with a grin, still panting heavily as his white gooey cum dripped off of Becky's netherlips, the girl panting heavily, unable to speak as her fear and pain were over ridden by a sudden intense feeling of primal pleasure, the drugs in her body enhancing her more basic instincts, "You'll like him!"

"Dang straight!" Max agreed, waiting for Steve to press the head of his cock between Becky's ass cheeks, the still gooey cockhead pressing right against the tight rear entrance before pushing his own head into the cum soaked slit of her pussy, "Okay, man. Start fuckin'!"

"W-Wait-!" Becky began, but was cut off, the girl grunting as an inch of even thicker black cock spread her pussy, widening the opening all the more, stretching her painfully as another cockhead pressed wetly against her asshole, the natural lubricant making the way easier than it would have been.

Both men grunting, groaning and straining, they both pushed closer, sandwiching Becky's small, adolescent body between them, the wet, gooey noises of cum being pushed up inside her little pussy and ass inaudible as the DJ announced ten minutes till New Years. The crowd then went wild as Becky wrapped her legs around Max, hooking her ankles above his ass, the black man's cock pressing up against her cervix as the full length of Steve's shaft spread her tiny rear cheeks and disappeared inside of her.

Feeling their cocks separated by just a thin barrier, both men grinned at one another and started pumping. With Max holding Becky's ass cheeks, spreading them for Steve, the white man reached around and grabbed her tits, squeezing them, pinching her nipples as the three moved to the frantic pace of the music.

Bouncing up and down on two thick, hard cocks, Becky threw her head back and moaned, the girl's hips bucking as an intense pleasure radiated through her over-stimulated body. With no one stopping them, the three lovers rutted faster and faster, the pistoning cocks driving into the little girl at a frenzied pace, Steve's balls slapping against Becky's ass as two inches separated Max's from her wet, oozing labia.

"Fuck this!" the black man grunted, grabbing one of Becky's shoulders as Steve grinned, knowing what was to come. Max then gritted his teeth and shoved with all his might against the wall of the little girl's cervix.

Opening her eyes wide, the teenager screamed her lungs out, her voice more like a primal howl as the intense pressure shot through her, the sensation more pleasure than pain as the black man's cock ripped its way into her virgin womb, the last two inches of cock sinking into Becky as a pair of heavy balls pressed into her netherlips rubbing against them as Max womb-fucked her.

"Oh yeah!" laughed Steve, both men fucking harder, faster as Becky hung on for dear life, the girl's body shaking harder now, her inner walls contracting, her pussy flooding, the young girl cumming as the DJ called announced the last five minutes of the millennia.

"L-Let's do this, man!" Max grunted through gritted teeth, grabbing the girl's ass again, "T-To-fucking-gether!"

"Y-Yeah!" Steve agreed, grimacing at Becky's tightness, both their heavy ball sacks tightening again, their cocks swelling, their shafts rock hard as the girl between them howled with pleasure, "Just- Just like in grade school, man!"

The black man grinned at the memory and pressed his lips against Becky's, the little girl's tongue sliding across his as Steve bit her ear, panting hotly into it, both men remembering the little nine year old they'd lost their mutual virginity's to in a bathroom stall. It was the beginning of a long and mutually rewarding friendship.

The minutes ticked by quickly as Becky's mind swam in primal pleasure, the girl's hips bucking almost by themselves as she pulled away from Max's lips and gasped for breath. "F-Fuck me! Fuck meeee!" the little teenager begged, her multi-coloured nails clawing along Max's muscular back, both men's cocks ploughing into her at the exact same time, their practiced rhythm perfect, "H-Harder! Fuck me hardeeeerrrr!"

Obliging as they mutually grinned, both men did just that. With a minute to go, they started slamming in and out of Becky as hard as they could. Without hesitation they banged their hips into her, one cock pushing up into her bowels, the other penetrating her very womb. But still Becky howled for more until most of the crowd was watching the action in the middle of the dance floor.

As the ten second count down began, the music stopped, and the huge crowd watching started counting along, their eyes focused on the trio, their grins cheering them on, the three went at it all the harder. To them, it was no longer just fucking. It was pure animal rutting. A ritual of primal lust.

With Max's cock pushing the last of Steve's cum into Becky, his own balls about to empty a thick, potent load of baby juice into her unprotected womb, he opened his eyes and grinned at his best friend. The man across from him opened his as well and returned the expression. Three seconds remained.

Arching her back, her erect nipples rubbing lightly against Max's rock hard chest, her head resting against Steve's shoulder, Becky began to cum non stop, her pussy milking the thick black cock inside of her for all it was worth. Her body overtaken by the urge to mate. And two seconds remained.

Half the crowed was now shouting; "Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her!" as the rest counted down, the two men in their twenties about to blast their hot, thick, potent loads into the little fourteen-year-old not caring as they half spotted four of five people with video cameras. There was not telling how much of the act had been recorded. It didn't matter. There was one second left.

As Becky's vision was taken by blinding white ecstasy, the little teenager thought of nothing but the pleasure she was receiving. Of the hard, muscular bodies pressed firmly against her own, of the rock hard pistoning cocks inside of her. Of the stream of life making, potent sperm that was about to shoot up inside of her, deposited directly into her waiting womb.

The thoughts, the primal desire, the instincts all conspired and Becky started ovulation early that month. As her ovaries released a small burden of eggs, the girl instinctively felt it and came yet again, imaging them all being rapidly inseminated. The last second came and went.

As the crowd all triumphantly shouted, "Zero!" at the top of their lungs, and most of the crowd broke off into dancing joyous partying that the world didn't end, a fair portion were cheering for another reason.

Just as the clock rolled over. Just as the New Year/Century/Millennium began, both Steve and Max and even yet again Becky came. As a veritable flood of white hot, potent, baby making cum flooded both her pussy and ass, the girl pressed down against both cocks, letting her pulsing inner muscles do the work.

Hungrily the fourteen-year-old's womb drank directly from Max's balls, adding Steve's previous load of equally potent jism to the mix as the white man's seed shot up into the girl's bowels. As both men grunted and groaned, their small partner's body shook violently, the girl screaming and clawing and howling as her womb was flooded, her mating urge all consuming.

Even as their dicks started to go limp, and the two men got down on their knees to pull out, Becky was still in a frenzy of sensation. "Fuck me! Fuck me now!" she shrieked, wailing like a banshee as the two men yanked out their limp cocks, both dripping cum but otherwise drained, "D-Don't stop! F-Fuck meee!"

Laughing, they stood and high-fived/shook hands, grinning down at the girl they then had to avoid. Her nails clawing at anyone who came near, the two made silly faces and backed away. Only when several previous spectators stepped into the breach, did it seem safe to watch.

Still grinning, both friends made a note to inquire about the video as a mob of horny teenaged males surged forward, ripping and tearing off little Becky's skimpy, slutty outfit, even going so far as it pull off her shoes. All of clothes were then thrown randomly into the crowd as she was held on her back off the floor by dozens of hands. As the girls screamed and moaned, a cock was shoved into her mouth and another into her wet, cum soaked pussy.

Bucking her hips madly, she grabbed another two stroking them hard until one of them came and forced Becky to grab another. Soon the DJ caught on and the lightshow focused on the fourteen-year-old slut on the dance floor. As the cock in her pussy came, another replaced it, pushing the third load of cum up towards the girl's waiting womb as well until Becky screamed and gagged, her throat suddenly flooded with cum.

Choking and gasping, the girl had only a moment's reprieve before two cocks were jammed into her mouth and cock in her pussy came. As it pulled out, the men turned her over and someone else took her from behind. As her ass was slapped hard, and several boys from Becky's school called her a slut, others pulled her hair and yanked at her tits while someone pushed a bottle of beer laced with more the same drug she'd taken earlier up her ass and let her jostling empty it.

Max and Steve laughed at the lack of stamina the boys showed, as the one in her pussy came again. But only a few drops of cum escaped before being plugged by another cock, the girl moaning loudly as she swallowed two loads of jism and gasped out a begging plea for more.

"Naw, ya know, this bitch is too loose for me," Max laughed, causing Steve to grin as Becky took her tenth load of cum in her pussy and someone pulled the bottle from her ass, the girl made to squat on a cock that blocked the flow of liquid, "I say we find a new one."

"Yeah, you're right," chuckled Steve as a line up formed in front of Becky, the men in the crowd getting a bit older as another cock was jammed into her cunt, the girl sucking hungrily as she stroked others, "we should drop by the elementary school down the street. Those grade six and seven kids sure look sweet, Max Man!"

Max grinned in agreement, watching as Becky had a pussy full of DJ cum shoved up inside her pussy, the potent seed of nearly twenty men and boys swimming around inside her young, adolescent womb, looking for ovums to fertilize. "Yeah, you're right. Let's give them guys with the cameras our email and blow this joint. The party's over as far as I'm concerned."

"Yeah, totally," his friend laughed, and the two men left as the last few interested men had their way with Becky, adding to the mix of cum inside the now passed out girl's womb, her tummy slightly distended from the amount of man seed inside of her.

Infact, two weeks later, a test showed that Becky was soundly pregnant. Not a big surprise. But it was with twins no less. Unfortunately, though, it was impossible to tell who the father was.

Also, Max and Steve did get copies of the scene, and used their expertise to mix the various versions together. They sold it to a Japanese porn site and made their first million within two months. By that time, they were out of the country and living it up on a tropical island with no extradition treaty.

Becky disobeyed her parents, and kept both boys...

The End


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