When I was 12 and in the 6th grade at a new middle school (Perkins Middle School} named for the town of Perkins here in the great state of Nebraska. Perkins serves the entire town. Now here in our town the school also serves the farms in the surrounding county.

There are only 600 students in the entire school. Last fall I was new not only to the county but also to the school. We had moved here from New York to get away from the city, gangs, and drugs. For the most part my parents succeeded. But they did not count on the few members of the Red Shirts.

This gang was not a gang in the New York sense. It was simply a few boys and girls who thought they were the toughs in the school. They wanted to run the place and they would try to fight anyone who crossed them. Now I had some experience fighting with other girls. Mostly I learned to mind my own business and stay away from this sort of person both girls and boys. I found I was very upset when I went into the girls' restroom and before I could go into a stall I heard voices.

"Get her! Put her head in! Soak her! Bitch! Rat on us! You bitch!"

"I didn't!" Came a scream.

I went in further and found three girls trying to keep another girl's head in the toilet while they continuously flushed it. "Careful!" I yelled at them, "You might drown her."

One of the girls came out and said, "What business is it of yours? You best leave if you know what is good for you." I took this as a challenge and struck her in her tummy. She doubled over. I was not quick enough though and another one jumped me from behind. She pinned me and I was quickly subdued. They then stripped off my panties and left me and the girl whose head was in the toilet to recover by ourselves.

We pulled each other up off the floor and cleaned each other up. "My name is Wendy," I said as I washed her face.

"I'm Jody," she said. "Nice to meet you."

"Who are those girls? Why were they mad at you? What was going on?" I was anxious and my words were running together.

"Slow down." Jody said. They are a few Red Shirts. They think they run this school. They live in town and their parents have the store, bank and restaurants here.

"Oh, I see. Because their parents own the town so to speak they think they own the school."

"Something like that," said Jody.

"We'll see about that."

"I think I can take at least one of them."

"They won't let you. They run in a pack and they never allow a one on one."

"I see."

I knew I could never beat two or three of them without having some lessons in self defense. I resigned myself to getting whipped after school that day and sure enough three girls jumped me before I could get on the bus. I was beaten badly and cried and whimpered as I walked home. My dad was waiting for me and when he saw me he threatened to whip me but when I told him what happened and why he was a bit more understanding.

Dad took me in his arms and said "Now Wendy we have to teach you enough so you can hold your own and perhaps show these girls that you are not someone to trifle with. Tomorrow I will set up some things in the barn so you can start training and shaping up."

"I am in good shape," I said.

"Yes you are but not that kind of shape. I am talking about physical shape. The kind of shape to allow you to whip ass. So to speak."

"Oh," I said. We went on to the barn to take care of the cows and feed the rest of the stock. That night after dinner Dad and I went to the barn and he put up his old exercise equipment from his boxing days. Dad was not a boxer he once owned a gym and he still had the bags and other things.

He began to teach me to box. Every day during the summer I spent a few hours in the barn practicing on the bags. It didn't take long before I was lifting weights, (hay bales) pulling ropes, and doing all sorts of things to strengthen my upper torso and arms. Of course, I was also running and doing other things to help myself.

The school year ended in early June. Jody and I had become good friends but we lived almost two hours from each other. We rode different busses, we had to schedule visits around our parents schedules so we only saw each other one time during the summer.

Now school was about to start. We would be in the 7th grade and those Red Shirt girls would be coming after our lunch money and us as soon as we got into school. Sure enough my prediction came true. The moment I stepped on the bus I heard some one call me.

"Wendy. Come back here."

I declined and sat directly behind the bus driver. Once we got to school as I was getting off the bus, someone punched me in my back. Instead of falling on the ground, I turned around and confronted her. "Your one of the toilet girls?"

"Yeah! What of it. Give me your money Bitch."

I started to reach into my purse as if to get out my money. Instead I swung my fist, purse and hit her as hard as I could. She was down and out. I walked away and into school. I knew there would be more problems.

Lunch hour. Jody and I ate together and she could not stop from laughing with me as we talked about what had taken place that morning. "She sure was surprised to wake up on the ground. You sure gave it to her. There is going to be more problems."

"I know," I said as I got up to go to the bathroom. I watched as a few girls got up and followed me. I was expecting this and now I knew what to do.

I entered the bathroom and immediately got behind the door. As they came in I slammed the door as hard as I could right into the face of the third girl coming into the room. That stopped more than just the two that were already in front of me. The girl on the outside must have gotten the door full in the face for her nose was mush as I found out later. The other two were now facing me.

"Come on girls! Come to me! Come and get yours!"

They came at me as Dad had said they would. Now all of my training and some of my own intuition came into play. First I swung and one girl got it right in her gut. I had knocked the wind out of her and it stopped her for a few moments. That was long enough for me to get behind girl 2 and grab her top. I pulled it off her and then ripped off her bra. Now she was topless and so taken back she did not see me winding up to punch her right in the mouth.

I got her full force and she went down to the floor. I then went to the other girl and pulled her up, hit her again and when she was on the floor I stripped her too. Then I walked out of the bathroom. An hour or two later I was called to the Principals' office.

"Why did you do this Wendy? You have never been in trouble and now you have been fighting on the first day of school."

I started to explain. Then I stopped. I refused to tattle on the girls that were now clad in gym clothes and whimpering about having me to pay for their ripped and torn clothes. "I don't know what came over me." I said. "I guess I was tired of their shit."

"How dare you swear here in my office Principal Edwards said. "Well if you can't tell me what happened I will have to suspend you."

He called my father on the phone and then he called the other parents to come in also.

He held us all in his office and when the all the parents had arrived he asked if there had been previous problems. My father told him what had happened in the 6th grade. He accused Mr. Edwards of doing nothing about it then.

The other parents, who were influential in the community, also told Mr. Edwards they had been concerned because of the problems with certain boys and girls who were calling themselves Red Shirts. He denied there was even such a group in the school. The way it was settled on that day was I was given an in school suspension and so were the other two girls. The third one the one who ate the door was not suspected of being involved.

Suspension was to last for two weeks. I got my homework assignments and reported to the detention room the following day. The others came in looking sheepish and introduced themselves. "I am Mandy and this is Mary."

We are the top girls and we are not going to let you get in our way. This is not over yet. Understood!" I nodded. "Let's meet after school. I will take you both on again. There is to be no one else to get involved agreed?"

"Agreed!" they said in unison. I was suspicious of this but I took them at their word. After school we met in the school yard.

Word of the fight had gotten around and there were a lot of pupils gathered about. I let them put down their books and then waited. Mandy came at me first. As she swung, I grabbed her wrist, turned her around and sure enough Mary hit her right in the mouth. Then as she tried to get away from me I pulled off her blouse and her bra leaving her topless and very embarrassed.

Mary seeing what had happened to her friend, just stopped. I made Mandy strip off the rest of her clothes and then told Mary to take off her panties. She looked at me with a questioning face and took off her panties. Then I took Mandy twisted her arm and said, "Now eat Mary." Mandy tried to get up. She begged me to stop. The kids gathered in close. They wanted to watch this.

Mandy cried and begged. "No Please! No! Don't make me do this!"

"Get your face into Mary's pussy right now. Lick her. Eat her." Mandy tried to get away but the more she struggled the tighter I held her. At last she buried her face in Mary's crotch and began to lick.

The kids laughed and laughed. Here was the Queen of the school on her knees in the nude licking her friend's pussy. Some of the kids felt her up and others fingered her. Each assault brought more tears. At last I stopped everything and told her to get herself dressed. "If you complain to anyone about this I will wipe the halls with you. Understood!" She nodded and then she dressed.

After Mandy retreated to wherever, Mary said. "Thank you. I have never wanted to be her friend. I was afraid of her. Please I will do whatever you wish. Don't hurt me." I at first thought she was just being a coward and not wanting to fight. But something in her voice told me she was truly afraid of Mandy. I shook her hand and we went on to our respective homes.

Later in the evening Mary called me. She said, "Mandy will be waiting for you the moment you get on the bus in the morning."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Because I want to be your friend and I want Mandy stopped once and for all."

"She has not yet learned her lesson? I asked.


"She does not know I am calling you. She trusted me with her secret."

"What's that?" She will have a knife with her. She intends to really cut you."

"I see. Thanks for the warning." I got off the phone and went in to talk to Daddy.

"Its out of hand."

"What is?"

"Dad I whipped Mandy today after school. I really humiliated her. Now she is going to be carrying a knife on the bus tomorrow. She intends to stab me after I get on. I am really scared. I know I can take her I've done it twice but now this is not something I bargained for." "I understand." That was all my father said.

I went to my room to do my homework. I heard my father talking to someone but had no idea who it was. I finished my work and got ready for bed. I was really turned on by the remembrance of Mandy eating Mary. I grabbed my tits and fingered myself to orgasm and went to sleep.

The next morning I got up and got ready for school. I decided to wear jeans and a shirt that was rather loose fitting. If I was going to take Mary on when I got on the bus I did not want to be restricted by tight blouses or bras. Dad was waiting when I got to the table.

"Baby, there will be another person on the bus today. She will be in the third seat behind the driver. You will not know her but she has a description of you and of Mary. Just do what you always do and if there is a problem it will be handled."

"Thanks." Daddy always knew just what to do and today was no different.

Sure enough, when I got on the bus Mandy was waiting for me. She beckoned me to come to the back and when I started to refuse she came forward and jumped me. It was over before it started. She pulled the knife but was not able to use it.

Someone had cuffed her to the seat nearest her and then told the bus driver to stop the bus. I looked up in time to see a police car following the bus. Mandy and a girl got off together and Mary was forced into the back of the car. After that brief moment the bus went on to school.

I found Mary in the school yard and pulled her away from her friends. "Thank you. From the bottom of my heart thank you. I know you don't want to be my friend but should you ever need me I will be there for you."

"Wendy I did not want to see you hurt or worse. I am not as bad as you think and neither are my friends. We just wanted to tease you and it got out of hand. Look meet me after school and we can go to my house. It will be ok with Mom ask your Dad." I promised I would and went in to class.

I did not see Mary the rest of the day. After school she suddenly appeared in front of me and asked me if I was coming to her house. I said, "Yes."

She grinned and replied that we would have a good time. Her house was a distant 9 miles from mine. When we got off the bus we had to walk up the lane to her house. On the way we passed by Jody's home. She was in the yard and came over as soon as she saw us. "Wendy your ok?"


"I was worried this morning. I saw that girl with the knife and then before I could turn to the person next to me she had handcuffs out and locked one to the seat and the other to Mandy's wrist. She took the knife, then they got off the bus. It was over before it started."

Then she grinned and turned to Mary. Bet your glad to be away from her now too aren't you? "Yes I admit that I am said Mary. Now that the leader of the so called Red Shirt gang is in jail it will be better for all of us." Mary invited Jody to come to her house so the three of us went in to Mary's home and up to her room.

Mary had to get out of her school clothes and when she did, I asked her to not get dressed right away. In fact I got out of my clothes and then taking a great chance I pulled her to me and kissed her. She kissed back and opened her mouth to my tongue. Jody then took off her clothes and got behind me and pulled both of us to her.

Immediately we became as one. The three of us fell on the bed. Jody tried to get on top of both of us as Mary and I lay side by side in a deep French kiss. It was one of those kisses that went on and on. I felt fingers on my pussy and mumbled something. I got the impression that Mary was also getting fingered. I broke the kiss and went down Mary's chest to her nipples. I began to suck them.

Jody sucked on the other one and soon Mary was begging to be eaten. "Oh God make me cum! Make me cum! Eat me somebody! Let me feel you finger me or tongue me or something! I am so hot Make me cum! Please!" Mary begged for it and finally both Jody and I gave her what she wanted. Then she and Jody did me. It was wonderful.

I had Mary eating my pussy and Jody licking my butthole. I came and came hard. In fact as I came I squirted my juice all over Mary. "Oh God! Please! OHHH, AGGHHH, OH, OHHHH!" I squirted a flood of juice all over the bed, Mary and Jody. They squealed with surprise. I had an intense orgasm that seemed to go on and on.

Finally Jody asked for one too. We looked at her, each other and then went to work on her. She to came with an intensity that made her shake and shiver. And then to our surprise, she squirted more than I had. Her juice flooded over us and we rolled in it till we were completely covered. After that we all took a shower together and dressed and went down to dinner.

After that day Mary, Jody, and I were inseparable. We would spend hours at each other's homes, we went swimming, riding, and worked together all the time. In fact we scheduled our classes together. There is another story here too. Mary's Mom and my father. Some day I will tell you about them and about the rest of the time the trio stayed together.

The other thing that happened to us concerns the trial that we had to attend concerning Mandy. That too is another story for another time.



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