This is a follow up story to one I wrote recently about my wife's 40th birthday present. To review briefly, we shared a fantasy for years about having a young man enjoy my wife's hot sweet nectar and finally with some teasing, I got it set up and she enjoyed a young black college man. I watched them but she didn't know it.

I suggested that perhaps we could repeat the event for her next birthday but that it should be a threesome with her enjoying me and a lover. She jokingly suggested that perhaps it could be sooner, perhaps as a Christmas present and maybe Santa could find a young black helper for her to take care of.

Well being that I am the one who had always had visions of something like this, I was pleased that she was so willing. Following her taste of a young black guy, she suggested that I find a Santa's helper who was young and black.

She emphasized the words YOUNG and BLACK. I had been challenged and I wanted to make it happen but how does one do that? You cannot advertise in the local newspaper, "Wanted, a young black Santa's helper to give my wife a good screwing for Christmas."

As I thought about it I knew that the previous young black man (Bo) had graduated from college and left the area for a new job but perhaps if I could find him, he would know someone. That would sure make things a lot easier on me. I decided to drop by Bo's fraternity and see if I could get his new telephone number.

I walked in and saw one of the black brothers in the study reading. I spoke and introduced myself as Newman, Bo's friend, and asked if He knew how I could contact Bo. He replied that he did and that Bo was his cousin.

"I am Nat. What do you want with Bo"?, he asked.

"Uhh well I need some things done at my house for Christmas, and thought he might know someone who was interested. He helped me out this past summer before he left for his new job. I need someone Christmas Eve and I guess most guys are busy at that time."

"I am not going home Christmas and might be interested. What is happening Christmas Eve, Newman?" Nat asked.

"I... uhhh... need someone to do a special favor, well... just something I need to talk to Bo about."

Nat grinned and said, "I think you are the guy Bo told me about. Did you have him to do some chores at your house to raise some money for the fraternity?"

"Yes, I replied. "He did some things for me and I donated to the cause." I could see Nat's eyes dancing and a smile on his face.

Nat asked "And did your wife have some work for him as well?" as he chuckled, knowing that he knew the whole story. He continued, "I think Ole Bo did some special favors for the missus, didn't he?"

"OK Nat, yes Bo slept with my wife and she liked it so much she wants Santa to bring her a helper, and she specifically wants a black helper, for Christmas. I need someone for Christmas Eve."

"I am available Christmas Eve and would like to be Santa's black helper and take care of your lady's desires. Will I do?"

I looked at Nat, seeing that he was about the same size as Bo, was very dark like Bo, and had a pleasant manner.

"Yes, I think you will do fine. I will make plans for your arrival Christmas Eve around 9 PM. Here is my address. Do you expect a donation?"

"I will be there and from what I hear about your wife, I won't need no donation. If she is as hot as Bo says, she is all I need."

I was pleased to know that my wife seemed to be as hot as I had always thought her to be. Bo must have been really impressed to tell his cousin how hot she was. I felt that Sue was going to have a great Christmas with Nat and I doing her the favor. I had made the arrangements with a week to spare as I went home and told my wife that I had found one of Santa's' young black helpers to bring her good cheer.

She hugged me and kissed me and expressed her complete approval and told me how she was looking forward to our Christmas Eve party. She got busy planning for the party, white satin sheets, colored candles and all. She bought and modeled for me her new black sheer panties and bra, and a flowing, almost sheer, black dress that did not completely hide her assets, leaving little to the imagination.

I knew that Nat would have an instant surge of testosterone when he saw her in her sexy outfit. She had carefully trimmed her dark thick curly bush. We decided to discuss the plans for the evening to decide on how we wanted to proceed with me participating this time. We decided that I would watch them as they were engulfed in their pre-sex rituals.

I would undress as I watched. I would lie on the bed waiting while Sue aroused Nat. I would be lying on my back waiting for her to move above me placing her sweet thing over my mouth as she sought my erection with her mouth. She would motion Nat to take her doggy style. I was thinking how hot that would be and I could hardly wait. I realized that as we talked I was aroused and could hardly keep from stroking.

On the appointed evening, the doorbell rang and Sue answered the door. Nat was dressed in white pants and a white shirt. He looked so black in white.

Sue took a look and said "Damn, you are one black stud. I love it, sugar." as she greeted him with a hug and kiss, saying, "I know you are Nat and I am Sue. I have been dying for tonight to get here."

Nat paid Sue some compliment and nervously shook my hand. As Sue and Nat sat on the sofa, I brought them wine, which they took and hooked their arms together, and Nat gave a toast. "To our best Christmas ever." They clinked glasses and giggled like two High School kids on their first date. Drinking eagerly as they emptied their glasses and I poured more, knowing that my wife would really be loose after about three of them.

They were carrying on as if I was not there. I enjoyed watching as Nat and my wife started playing with each other, sort of teasing and feeling at first. Then as the wine took over she became bolder as she played. She opened Nat's shirt and kissed his chest and ran her fingers through the kinky black chest hair, moving her hands lower towards his crotch.

"Yes momma, that is for you. Go ahead and do what you want. Your young black stud wants to be good to his momma."

I could see that she had unzipped his pants now and had her hand rubbing his black rod. He leaned back on the sofa, as she unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants pulling them down and off. He was lying there with shirt unbuttoned with only his white silk boxers keeping his rod hidden. Sue opened the slit in the boxers and pulled out his black erection and started kissing it as she pulled his black jewels out and licked them.

I felt my own erection and knew the feeling that Nat was experiencing as he moaned in pleasure, calling her his sweet white momma. I decided to go to the bedroom, knowing that the wine had made my wife lose any inhibitions she may have had and that they would soon be in there. I undressed and lay on the bed on my back and the wait was short as they came into the bedroom giggling.

Nat was totally naked now and my wife was down to her panties as she sat on the side of the bed and pushed her breast out for Nat to suckle which he eagerly did. He soon moved down to her panties, removing them and parted the lips through her bush and licked deep and hard into her white pussy as I listened to him slurping her juices.

Sue then moved to her knees and leaned on the bed and said to Nat, "Take me like a stud dog takes his bitch. Oh sugar, I'm so horny for my stud."

Nat moved quickly to cover her rear and eagerly pushed his black rod into her waiting white pussy, as he placed his hands on her hips and pushed deep and hard. There was no turning back now. He was hers and she was his.

She said, "Come sugar, lets help my Santa, he's so horny now." She moved over my face with her sweet lips as I eagerly took her clit, and she took my rod into her mouth. Nat was now buried deep inside as he pumped and I licked. Sue was now squirming and moaning like I had never heard or seen her before.

I could see Nat's black rod banging my wife's white ass as his black balls greeted me with ever thrust. I knew they were full and ready to be emptied in Sue's waiting womb. Nat sort of slammed hard and froze for a moment and I realized that Sue had busted his balls and his rod was pulsating and shooting.

Nat started pumping in short quick strokes and saying, "Oh momma, yo son done lost his load. You emptied my black balls good."

Sue then shook all over and froze momentarily, the sign I knew too well, and she had her orgasm. In a few moments Sue said, "Damn, you are one fucking good Santa's helper."

I was really enjoying this as I saw that Nat was losing his erection and it slid out as I stuck my tongue into the vacated hole and tasted my first black seed.

Nat slipped to one side as my wife moved over to the center of the bed beside Nat and they went into each other's arms. I was so damn horny now I decided to reclaim my wife's white ass and take care of my bloated balls. I moved to her back and started pushing between her thighs as she arched her back toward me and let me enter.

I could tell she was well pleased and was interested in kissing and enjoying the moments with her newfound lover as they moved their hands over each other. I pumped as she helped me by pushing back against me. I was so horny it only took a few strokes for me to shoot my load. I lay there and let my balls empty into her already full womb, as I recalled the events of the evening and dozed off to sleep.

I awoke the next morning and realized it had not been a dream as I saw Nat and my wife still naked and in each other's arms. I was well pleased with the evening as I was sure Sue and Nat were as well. I got up, made some coffee and was in the den when I heard some noise in the bedroom.

I decided to peek and was surprised by the sight of Nat lying on his back with my wife worshiping his standing black rod. He was moaning and squirming as she kissed his rod and balls and told him how she was going to have him again, how sexy he was, and how beautiful his black body was.

She moved up over his pole and let herself down as her hole took it in inch by inch and hid it from view. They both lay there a few moments then Nat pulled her to him and started pushing his rod as deep as he could. Sue started to move up and down, saying, "Yo momma is going to make you shoot again. I made it hard and I can make it soft again," as she moaned and pumped and pumped.

Nat arched his back and groaned, "I'm going to shoot momma!"

Sue moved quickly off his pole and took his rod in her mouth and swallowed as he once again emptied his load. They lay there together again as Nat laughingly asked her how she liked her morning cocktail.

"It was delicious but not much there," as she laughed and said, "I think I got most of it last night, sugar."

I went back to the den and pondered my Christmas present to my wife. I wondered how many white wives were being taken by a black stud this Christmas. I was remembering how the black guys in high school and college used to talk about taking a white wife or knowing one that had done so. I guess a lot of it goes on. Who knows? Anyway, I know that she likes it and I love to see her with a young black stud. I think she will get more surprises more often.

I wonder what she wants for New Year's Eve?



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