This is a story about a good friend of mine (well actually its me I'm embarrassed to say) and a warning to others. My name is Winston and I'm a 6 ft 4 in black male with a good stiff 9 inch cock, I'm 25, fit and athletic and can please any woman, and often did!

I decided to go on vacation to the African country of Zumindia (real country name withheld). I had read of a custom, when a princess turned 16 she was to be fucked by a man chosen by ladies in her court. I believed they could pick any man and I wanted to be one of the chosen men. I had to get a clean bill of health for STDs and HIV which I did. I then applied and was asked to come to Zumindia.

After I checked into the hotel, I was met by a man who took me to the palace. There I was greeted by a stunning woman who appeared to be 35 years of age, 6 foot tall with large breasts. She invited me into her room and asked me some questions. Then she asked me to strip, which I did. She returned the favor and my cock answered her. She was impressed but said "I've seen bigger, I've had guys with 12 inches but that was really too big."

There was a couch in the room. She laid on it. She said, "Make me cum with your tongue. I want to know, if you know, where a woman's clit is and how to please her." I did. I ate her juicy pussy until she screamed and convulsed. My cock was really throbbing. I wanted to thrust it in her and I was expecting to. "Well done! Now you may take care of yourself by splashing your hot cum on my tits."

I masturbated over her while she watched. I really got to pumping and shot my load all over her tits and chest. She rubbed my cum into her skin as though she had just been given skin cream. "Well done! I am impressed with your performance."

I was told to come back on Saturday for a further interview, of course, I was so excited, Saturday couldn't come fast enough. I was told I'd be spending the night at the palace. I had to pass a test of sorts. I was supposed to get an erection five times during the night.

To help me along, there were 5 women for me. The palace had several rooms where these things were going on and this was to take place over several days.

I was escorted to one of these rooms and met Miranda. She introduced herself and then told me to strip. After I was nude she commented to the others about my cock and how big it was. They all nodded in agreement. Then, one by one, they stripped in front of me. Miranda was in her late 30s but kept herself in good shape. Her tits weren't big but looked firm and when I felt them they were nice and soft. "You like them?" she asked.

"I sure do," I replied. "Where are the other applicants?" I asked.

"They come from all over the world. We have no applicants from Zumindia."

That's strange I thought but my mind soon went off that subject!

"You'll take Yolanda first." ordered Miranda. A girl who appeared to be 14 came to me. She had small pert breasts and decent hair on her pussy. I said, "She looks too young."

"The age of consent in Zumindia is 14, and she is a virgin." said Miranda. "I want to know how good you make it for her and how well fucked she is when you are through."

Yolanda got on the bed and I began by sucking her clit and licking her pussy, she was soon moist and was cumming in no time. After she swooned a few times, she asked the other women if she had experienced an orgasm. They told her she was indeed orgasming. I could tell their pussies were all wet too.

Finally. I got on the bed and opened the young girl's legs. My cock was so fucking stiff! I inserted it in her slowly. When it was about halfway in she started screaming in ecstasy. What a nice tight cunt! I hadn't had a 14 year old ever in my life. I pumped slowly so as not to hurt her and gradually penetrated her more and more.

Yolanda was in another world convulsing and screaming, the other women were busy fingering themselves and I increased the pace until I decided it was my turn and with one final pump and a yell; I came deep inside her.

She felt my hot sticky liquid inside her. She let out a final yelp. She was a bath of sweat. I withdrew my cock and one of the other women licked it clean. They took note of how much cum was oozing out of Yolanda's young pussy.

"She looks so good with all that cum oozing out of her. Here have some water. No beer or anything though because I believe that will hurt your performance." said Miranda.

Next up was Letitia, a woman in her late 30s but still very attractive. "Letitia is Yolanda's mother." Miranda informed me. Letitia just wanted a straight fuck, she was wet and ready after seeing her daughter become a woman. I got stiff and pumped hard, her cunt took all of me easily. She came with a cry and I pumped her a few more times and came deep in her cunt. Wow, she was good, not as good as Yolanda though, Letitia's cunt wasn't very tight but she was very passionate.

The women waited a while before sucking me up again. I took Linda and then Maxine leaving only Miranda. By now it was well into the morning and I was exhausted. I had to take Miranda to be considered for the princess's first fuck. Damn, even if I failed I'd had a great night!

Yolanda and Letitia started sucking on my cock and knowing it was mother and daughter made it all the more exciting, I was soon stiff and fully erect, but Miranda wanted me to suck her to a cum first. She came four times and was impressed with my staying power. cums I was still as stiff as a brush! "I want to feel you deep inside me. Fuck me from behind." was all she said.

At first I went slow and sped up, bringing her to climax after climax. "You will wait until I tell you to cum!" she ordered. Damn! That's was next to impossible but I did. "Cum! Now Cum hard." she screamed at me. I thrust really deep into her and shot a wad of hot sticky cum into her.

We both lay on the bed in blissful stupor. Letitia took care of cleaning my cock, Linda and Maxine sucked the cum out of Miranda. Damn! I got hot watching them. I slept a couple of hours and was awoken at 6am (too fucking early for me!). I had another raging hard on and the women were very impressed.

Maxine and Linda began to lick my cock until I was about to cum. Linda put it into her mouth and dove down to my balls so I came in her throat. She sucked every last drop and swirled my cum in her mouth, then she kissed each woman and gave them some before swallowing the last dregs. That was hot too!

A week later I got a letter and was told I had won the competition, I was to fuck the princess in one week's time when she turned 16. I had to go to the palace. I was not to have any sex during the week. I was to save it all for the princess.

The week went by slowly I could hardly wait for Saturday. I was finally allowed into the princess's bedroom. Dahlia was her name and she was beautiful. We kissed and then I undid her robe. WOW! She was naked underneath.

"Do you think I am beautiful?" She asked. "Very!" I replied. Her tits were already 36s and I could tell they'd grow. I stripped. When she saw my cock she gasped! "How will that fit inside me?"

"Don't worry, I will make sure everything is all right." I sucked her left nipple, then her right. I moved down her torso to her virgin pussy. It smelled so sweet.

I licked her clit, got her moist and then she started to cum. I continued to pleasure her. She came several times. "Your very good. I am having one of the best times I have ever had." she said. I got on the bed with her and slowly inserted my cock into her dripping wet pussy. She screamed in ecstasy with every push. I thrust slowly. She orgasmed multiple times. I thought she'd pass out!

Eventually it was my turn and I shot my load deep inside her pussy. She clung to me in a manner that seemed like her life depended on it. She was so excited. "Now I'm a woman!" she said. After a while she rang a bell and Miranda and another woman came in. Miranda licked my cock clean and the other woman sucked the cum out of princess Dahlia's cunt. I was stiff again and ready to go but I was told I had to leave and was escorted to another room.

There Yolanda and Letitia make sure my cock stayed hard. Several other naked women came in, then to my surprise, I was strapped to the bed. I couldn't move my arms or legs. "Relax" said Miranda. I did. There were about 16 naked women there. Miranda said, "Princess Dahlia was well pleased. Now you will get the injection."

What the fuck? I thought. One of the women plunged a needle into me near my balls. They shaved my pubic hair exciting me again. Then my cock and balls were tied very tightly with a strong twine, I wondered what was happening. "Don't worry," said Miranda.

Princess Dahlia came in. "Is he ready?"

"He is." replied Miranda.

The princess had her robe on but was wielding a large dagger. She moved over towards me. They held my cock, she lifted up the dagger! I realized the injection I'd been given was an anesthetic. I had lost all feeling in my cock and balls. "You did well" said Princess Dahlia as she raised the dagger and in one movement cut off my tools.

I screamed, not in pain as I couldn't feel anything but at losing my manhood. I sobbed and yelled out "Why!"

I was then given a sedative and when I came round I was still restrained and shown my wounds, I was sewn up smooth as a baby's bottom with a catheter for peeing. I cried again and was told I'd be in the hospital a few days.

On the 3rd day, just before discharge Miranda came in with a copy of an official Zumindia document where it stated that a Princess is to be laid on her 16th birthday. It went on to say she had the right to keep the cock and the balls of the man who took her virginity. They are dipped in gold and she keeps them as one of her treasures.

Miranda explained, "Now you know why no one from Zumindia ever applies. All the men know of this clause. Would you like to see the collection accumulated over the years?"

I was shocked, shattered, and appalled. I declined! I guess I had gotten what I deserved.

After coming back home, my sex drive disappeared. I've become lethargic. I guess having no balls to give me testosterone was bad so I went to the doctor. Now I get hormone shots once a month. Still I can look back on those few weeks as the best sex I'd ever had.

Even better news, after a year I received an official letter from the Zumindian palace. It said Princess Dahlia now had a 3 month old daughter and it was mine. Apparently, no one had been allowed to fuck the princess again until they knew if she was pregnant or not.

Of course, I wasn't supposed to go back. I know in 16 years time some guy is going to get the best sex of his life, and the last sex of his life! They even sent me a picture of my golden cock and balls and I must say they look impressive.



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