The four girls entered the nondescript glass doors of the large gray building that could have passed for a warehouse. A short corridor led through a small mall- like area, lined with bookstores, kinky sex shops, and a medical supply store.

A door at the foyer at the end was guarded by a bouncer who checked their ID's and waved them past. One of the two elevator doors had a sign taped onto it that read, "OUT OF ORDER." The other elevator door opened and the four girls entered. Recorded, and very realistic, screams of pain came from above the ceiling of the elevator as they stepped into the elevator. The screams subsided, but a lesser scream sounded as the elevator started to descend to the club level below. Then the screams resumed in urgency as the elevator slowed to a stop.

The girls exited the elevator, leaving the realistic whimpering and crying behind as they walked down a short corridor past cork boards covered with flyers and personal ads: masters were seeking slaves, slaves were seeking masters, people were selling cars, and looking for apartments in Manhattan.

One flyer was posted that said: _Vote Libertarian: we're pro- choice on EVERYTHING!_

Someone had written over it: _...and want to let the rich outsource all the jobs to India so they can make slaves out of middle-class Americans!!!_

And someone else added: _And that's a BAD thing???_

Ignoring the political bickering, they entered the main room of the club.

Mindy, however, being Mindy, who had always had a fetish about being captured and her body used in some diabolical experiment, excused herself and explored the club on her own.

Finding a door ajar that was labeled, "SLAVES ONLY," Mindy had no choice but to enter. She walked down a short barren hallway with plain concrete walls until she came to a sort of workshop.

She gasped when she was a naked man hanging by his wrists from manacles against the far wall.

As she approached to help the poor guy, a gruff voice spoke from behind her, "You're late, slave!"

Mindy spun around to face the man in green coveralls with the name of an elevator company embroidered on the pocket.

"Uhm..." she began to speak when she was grabbed from behind.

"Hey!" she shrieked.

The two men manhandled her onto a workbench and shackled her down with her arms outstretched above her head.

"Wait!" she yelled. "You're making a mistake! I'm not a slave!"

"That's what they all say," one of the men said.

One of them produced a box cutter, and in a moment, she was bare- naked. One of the men kicked her ripped clothes off into a corner.

The two workmen went over to that naked man and unshackled him. Dragging him over to the workbench, they pushed him on top of Mindy.

"Hey! Please don't rape me!" Mindy screeched.

The naked man just moaned.

The two workmen stretched his arms and legs out on top of Mindy's.

Then they wheeled some sort of big drill over to the table. Mindy gasped when she saw the two men position the bit of the drill directly over hers and her co- captive's wrists.

"No!" Mindy screamed when they switched on the drill.

At that, the man on top of her came out of his stupor and let out a wicked scream when the bit entered his wrist. A split second later, Mindy felt a sharp pain in her wrist and screeched. She knew that the bit had passed through his wrist and was now going through hers.

Mindy's wrist felt like it was aflame. They withdrew the bit and slid a long metal bolt through both their wrists--and through the bones in their arms.

The worst wasn't over.

The two mechanics drilled two more holes in their combined arms about an inch apart.

Then they wheeled the drill to the other side of the table and did the same to their other arm--three holes with three bolts passing through the holed in their bones.

The torture still wasn't over. Next they drilled three holes in their two legs, then through their other two legs.

The naked man on top of her seemed to have passed out from the pain. Mindy wasn't so fortunate.

The workmen attached some brackets and other metal hardware to the bolts in their arms.

Then, using a winch in the ceiling, the workmen lifted the naked couple up, suspending them from the ceiling, her left arm bolted to his right, and her right arm bolted to his left.

Next, as Mindy and her unknown slave partner hung from their arms, the workmen attached more hardware to the bolts in their legs.

The two workmen left them like that. They shut the light and locked the door. Mindy and her new intimate companion were hanging in total darkness, in agonizing pain, bolted together by the arms and ankles, their naked bodies pressing tightly together.

None too soon, Mindy also passed out from the blazing pain.

Mindy woke the next morning to the sound of the door opening. The light came on, and those same two workmen entered the room pulling a small rectangular wheeled cart full of what looked like metal weights. It looked rather heavy from the way they were pulling them.

Mindy gasped, "Are you done with us? Can you let us go now?"

"Done?" one of them laughed and then they walked over to one of two a gray metal doors in the far wall.

Mindy saw that the hardware bolted to her wrists was hanging from some kind of track in the ceiling that led to those two doors.

One of the workmen pulled them along the track and to the open door. It was pitch black beyond the door, with some mechanical sounds coming from within.

The two workmen unbolted them from the track and carried them into the darkened area. A scream echoed from below, then, a moment later, a black metal rectangular shape rose next to them, and continued up into the darkness of the shaft.

"Shaft!" Mindy gasped. "This is an elevator shaft!" she gasped. The floor beneath them, she realized, was the roof of one of the elevator cars.

The men ignored her as they attached her wrist hardware to a set of cables hanging from far above.

"No!" she cried. She couldn't begin to guess how the pain she was in now would be multiplied ten-fold -- a hundred-fold -- once they do what she thought they were about to do.

She felt them fiddle with the hardware bolted through their legs.

The workmen took nearly an hour connecting her to the machinery. Not only that, but a nurse-type woman came onto the top of the elevator car and connected an intravenous type tube to their arms, then left. When she had to pee, she didn't care that she was naked and bolted to a strange naked man, nor that there was a workman working next to her; she let her bladder empty and heard her water strike some sort of pan directly under her on the top of the car and go down a drain.

Then the workman stood and held onto a support. He fingered a walkie-talkie and said, "Car coming up. Are you clear?"

The radio crackled, "Just a second. Setting a breaker. Okay. Clear."

"Okay," the man next to her spoke. "Car coming up."

Mindy felt a tug on her writs for a split second, then the pain did, indeed, multiplied--a thousand-fold! Her arms felt like they were about to rip from her shoulder sockets as the gray concrete walls of the shaft slid down.

The roof of the shaft approached, then the motion slowed as the inside surface of an elevator door passed down against the front of the car and they stopped.

The workman climbed up a ladder off the roof of the car into some sort of equipment room just above. Every step he made sent lightning bolts through her body until he was on the ladder and out of sight into the darkness above.

Mindy heard the two of them talking about putting the car back into service.

Minutes passed. The two workmen seemed to have vanished. Then the elevator started to drop, the movement sending more daggers through her body, evoking a scream from her mouth. Her naked male companion was still unconscious--oblivious to what had been done to him.

The elevator slowed to a stop, temporarily adding to the weight, evoking another scream. The vibration of the elevator doors opening send needles of pain through her body. Then as people entered the elevator, each adding another hundred pounds or two to the weight of the elevator itself--each footstep sending lightning bolts through her stretched body.

Her companion moaned as the elevator began to rise. "Aaaaah!" he screamed into Mindy's ear.

"Hey!" Mindy gasped despite the pain.

The elevator stopped, and the people exited.

"Where am I?" he said. "Yeeow! Where am I?"

"We're part of an elevator, I think," Mindy said.

"Oh! They said something about working on an elevator. But who are you?"

"I'm Mindy. Who are you?"

"My name is Otis."

"Funny," Mindy said.

"No, really. That's my name. Not so funny, huh?"

"How long are they going to keep us like this" Mindy asked.

"I don't know," he answered.

As the days, weeks, and months passed, the answer to that question never came.

* END *


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