The thought of watching his step-sister screw, excited Justin. She was a cute girl, blonde with big blue eyes and a cute smile. She had had sex before, and he always wondered what it would be like watching her do it.

He had seen her naked a couple of times, and promptly jacked off after each time. He and Scott both were virgins, but it looked like Scotty was gonna get his first. All the girls liked Scott. He had brown hair and eyes and was a cross between Scott Baio and the Karate Kid.

So as they got ready for bed on the fateful night, he watched as Scott stripped down to his shorts and lay on the covers of the guest bed. He knew his step-sister would be in shortly after the lights were out and he had pretended to go to sleep as they had planned. Scotty was a little startled when the girl got in bed with him, but calmed as she said, "He's asleep. No one will know."

She stroked the bulge in his shorts; she put her hand beneath the elastic and grabbed his cock. She pulled his shorts down to his knees and straddled him as he lay on his back. Expertly, she placed his swollen prick on the opening of her hole and settled onto it, feeling in sink deeper into her cunt.

Scotty instinctively pumped as she moved up and down on his rod. She was wearing only a long tee shirt with nothing under it. As the two stroked, Justin watched, stroking his own cock under the covers. Soon Janet was on her back with her legs wide apart and through the dim night light he watched the cheeks of his friend's ass gather dimples as he pumped his step-sister's cunt.

Soon, with a groan of ecstasy, Scott shot his virgin load deep into Janet's cunt as she squirmed in orgasm. Hot, sticky white cum was streaming down the crack of her ass as they continued to pump, Janet shuddering in orgasm and Scotty making obscene slurping noises as he pumped the cum drenched pussy. After his step-sister had gone back to her bedroom, Justin said to his friend Scott, "Wow, man, that was great! I watched the whole thing!"

Scott replied "Too bad she's your step-sister. I see you are stroking your cock... I can imagine how horny that must have make you. Let me help." Scott came over to Justin's bed, still naked and his cock sticky with cum. He pulled back the covers to reveal Justin's hard cock and looked his friend over, remarking how much he looked like his step-sister.

He gently cupped his friend's balls and with the other hand stroked his smooth, round ass letting his finger play around Justin's asshole. "My cousin put it in my ass once and it didn't feel too bad... Since you set me up with your step-sister, I'll let you do it too."

With that, Scotty lay on his back next to Justin and spread his legs wide apart. With a hand on each cheek, he opened his ass-hole to give the boy access. Justin eagerly entered the ass that he watched a few minutes before as it fucked his step-sister. Screwing Scotty would be better than just jacking off.

As he sank his cock in Scott's butt, he realized what it was that got his step-sister all hot. Scotty was cute. He pumped his friend faster now as he thought about his step-sister and, not being able to hold back anymore, dumped his load in hot gushes deep into Scotty's ass. As Scotty felt the blonde 18-year-old release the cum inside him, he continued to stroke his cock, releasing his load all over Justin's belly.

The two boys lay side by side, their sexual urges temporarily relieved, not realizing that Janet had watched her step-brother screw his friend. She never realized her brother was so horny or that his ass was so cute... now she wanted him to fuck her too!

It was raining hard outside and Justin and Janet were home from school for a holiday. 18-year-old Justin was laying in bed stroking his cock thinking about how his 19-year-old slut step-sister had fucked his friend right there in that room - on those sheets - there was still dried cum on them where Scotty had filled her hole to overflow. Suddenly, the room lit up and the crashing sound of thunder closely followed. Janet came running into the room and hopped under the covers with her brother.

"I'm scared!" she said. "Shit!" thought Justin, who was getting to the point of shooting his load before the thunder came -- he had wanted to finish jacking off. His jockey shorts were still pulled down around his hips and his cock was still erect, now resting against the tee-shirt that Janet wore to bed. "Ohhhh! I think my step-brother was jerking off," reaching to feel his stiff cock, she continued, "Yes... he was. Maybe his step-sister can help him out!" She pulled down the covers.

Justin lay on his back, his cute round ass pressed against the sheets; his stiff cock was protruding from a sparse patch of pubescent golden hair. Janet pulled off her shirt to show her pretty, round developing breasts. She squirmed out of her panties to reveal her moist slit. Justin stared at her speechless as she said "I guess that brothers and sisters are not supposed to do it with each other, but you are so cute and I am so horny. As long as you're careful not to get me pregnant I don't see any harm."

She straddled her brother and guided his stiff cock into her moist slit. As she looked down at him, smiling, she began her familiar fucking motion, tightening the muscles of her pussy around his cock as she moved up and down. Justin pumped in rhythmic motion, holding on to the buns of his step-sister's ass.

"Oh! I want you! Fuck me! I'll do anything you say. I'm your whore," moaned Janet as she continued to hump and screw.

Janet shuddered in wave after wave of orgasm. "Oh, Jan... I'm gonna squirt!" yelled Justin as he felt the cum rushing from his balls. "No, wait!" said Janet hurriedly as she got off of her brother, turned around, and buried her face in his crotch.

Justin's cock was pounding as she put in her mouth and stroked in hard and fast. He released his load in gushes -- wave after wave of his hot white cum going into his step-sister's mouth... dripping down her chin and back on to his belly.

Janet's legs were spread in front of his face and as he shot off, he fingered his step-sister's hole. When he had shot the last of his sperm into his step-sister's face, she turned and smiled, cum still dripping from her chin. Let's rest then do it some more!



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    Good start I want to know what happens next.