Friday was only two days away when we made our plans for the evening. James would meet me about six o'clock, it would be more than dark enough to head out. Definitely would catch up with some others. Halloween only comes once a year but this Halloween was different.

First it would be probably the last time I went trick or treating, at fourteen your opportunities are getting limited after that. Second this Halloween landed on a Friday, this was good. I could stay out later than if it was a school night. And last something happened that I never thought could happen to me, at least not until I grew up a bit.

So, here is my account of what happened that cold dark night on the last day of October.


James showed up dressed like hobo. His face stained with charcoal, an old black hat, his clothes ripped and raggered. My mom was nice enough to make me a skeleton costume. It was great, all black she sewed on white bones, from a distance it really looked like a skeleton walking up the street. We were about to take off when the old man started in with the third degree.

After explaining we were going around the neighborhood first, then down High Street to Whitcomb Ave and Tower Road where we were assured of getting a better selection of candy from the "upper class" people. I thought we were in the clear. I was about to close the door when he came with the dreaded question "What time will you be home?"

"When we finish," that didn't cut it with him. After a little negotiation we decided on ten o'clock. Just as I thought I was ok the old man hollers out the door "Forget the ten o'clock." Before I could protest he mumbled, "Eleven will be ok if you're inside at someone's house."

Are bags were full of candy when we split from the rest of group and headed down towards Whitcomb Ave. No one else wanted to go with the exception of Betty, which was good. Betty wasn't the best looking girl. She was a little overweight, long black stringing hair, and a mouth full of metal braces.

Going through the teenage change she walked awkward. Everybody liked her but she was just plain goofy. I liked her a little more than the rest and so did James; we both had a crush on her. She looked weird in her outfit, a long witches dress and a pointy hat. She had a hard time walking in those black heeled boots.

It was her idea when we came to the section of road that had no houses or street lights on it. Even if it was a short section, maybe taking only three or four minutes to walk, it was still a creepy place. We followed her into the woods right of the sidewalk and waited. Then there were three of them, maybe only ten years old. Just as they walked by we jumped out at them scaring the shit out of them. We laughed our asses off as they went running back from were they came from. When James went to look for more victims for some unknown reason I reached over taking Betty's hand. At first she resisted.

My hand was soggy with sweat from fear as I intertwined my fingers around hers. James was still looking for someone to come up the sidewalk when I leaned over closer to Betty extending an arm around her pulling her in closer to me. Then in a flash my mouth had plummeted onto hers locking into an embrace. Before either of us had a chance to contemplate what was happening Betty had fallen back off the tree she was leaning on permitting me to edge my body upon hers all the while not losing our kiss.

This was too easy, even if I had a crush on this plump, goofy, and gawky girl I never expected I would be on top of her grinding my dick against her leg. If looks could kill then James just killed me when he came back to find us. Even in the dark I could tell he was pissed off. Then we heard some others coming into range and we jumped up. Just as they got in front of us we sprang out of the bushes.

At first they froze, eyes wide they were frightened until they realized what was happening. Unfortunately they were a couple of years older than us and they didn't like being scared. We took off into the woods with them in hot pursuit. We ran for our lives until we hit familiar territory leaving them in the dust as the three of us maneuvered up the narrow path towards our own neighborhood. Then we collapsed under a thicket of pine trees.

Betty kept staring at me, and James kept staring at the both of us. The air was chilly along with the mood. From running we had developed a sweat and it was taking its toll as we started to shake from the cooling perspiration and laughter of the episode. The suggestion we head back to my house was gladly accepted.

As we walked backed Betty had both hands occupied as James and I each held one. The old man was glad to see us since it was only nine o'clock. After some reassurance that we were in until curfew he headed up to bed while we headed off to the playroom in the basement. That's when the real scary stuff started too happened.

With my parents in bed two floors up, we cranked up the music and heat a bit. The old furnace in the next room was pushing out hot air warming us up from the nippy outside. So much so that I was again sweating in my costume. Looking around I could see poor Betty must have been dieing in that long dress.

She kept fidgeting with the dress pulling it up and letting it drop letting some air up under it. But she was doing more than that; she was getting me excited again. I only wished that James wasn't there, maybe I could get some more action if he was gone.

Looking at James I could see he was having thoughts about her too, every time she raised that skirt his eyes also would follow every flap of it. The long black witches dress had now been pulled up to her knees while she had her legs spread. My imagination was running wild while watching her sit on that sofa.

Taking a seat beside her then joined by James the three of us sat in silence. It was James who took the first move resting his hand on her knee. With his fingers making circles on her bare skin Betty slightly turned to me, smiling then tilting her body towards me and resuming the kiss we started earlier back in the woods. I quickly became nervous about the situation, not sure how to proceed with James there, not sure if I even wanted to continue Betty held the kiss for several minutes until I broke free.

My eyes pooped out when I looked over at James who was now rubbing not only her knee but had the dress further up her leg and was kneading the flab of her lower thigh. I decided then that she was a hot bitch who was looking for something, and I was the guy who had what she wanted.

Back to the kissy-face but this time my hands traveled onto her stomach hoping to get to her tits. And I wasn't rejected; the roughness of her dress had no impact on the softness of her tits as my hand roamed over the small swells on her chest. My dick was trapped inside this stupid costume, almost to the point it hurt. It wanted out.

I persisted in pulling her towards me away from James. Betty slipped down between me and the sofa while raising her legs onto James's lap. As she slid down so did I. It worked perfectly, James was being forced to the end of the sofa but Betty and I both were lying on our sides. It was the precise position to be in, my dick was aligned with her crotch and I started to hump her. I knew James's hand was still on her thigh trying to get further up them.

After a little more maneuvering I had Betty on her back and was ascending on top of her. James finally gave up the effort and rose to watch us. I had the top two buttons undone working on the third; her chest would soon be exposed for my pleasure. Then Betty sort of woke up.

Betty started a very physical protest pushing my hands away just as the dress was open for show. Every time my lips went into the v of her cleavage she would pull my head back up while I pushed on trying for more. I was able to force my leg between her knees prying them apart until firmly planted in the middle of them.

There was sweat on both our bodies from both the heat of the furnace and rising passions. Never once did she verbally object to my advances. The front of her dress was now fully open; I had managed get to the dress high up onto her body and pulled her bra aside when her mouth opened stuttering. Confused and dazed I couldn't understand what was up with her, why in hell did she let me go this far. Slumping against her warm body I felt the blood releasing from my dick back into my body.

With my head nuzzled up to her ear, still breathing in small gasps, Betty mumbled about being afraid, afraid of going too far. James made some small talk with her about the fright, how she had excited both of us, we just wanted to fool around. I lay on her chubby body while James gave her words of wisdom. She was afraid of actually having sex, loosing her virginity and the nightmare of possible pregnancy. After a few minutes of comfort my breathing into her ear started to have an effect on her.

I was again in motion with her bra pulled aside sucking a puffy nipple into my mouth while James continued his sermon while stroking her hand. She was content with the honesty of James's conversation that everything would be on her terms. Uncertain Betty incoherently mumbled that she didn't want this to get out of hand but at the same time I felt her chest being forced up to my awaiting mouth.

As I sucked the nipple grew in size, my dick was once again hard, James had worked his way around to the front while still holding her hand, glancing over I could see why, the belt on his pants was undone as well as the top snap and he was working at getting them open.

James reached over first and twisted the switch on the lamp. Now the room was only dimly lit. My costume was straining to be off; the bottom was from a pair of way to small sweat suit pants. Reaching down I pulled them over my ass without her realizing it, then the hard part. I managed to get the front down over my dick that was poking straight out and up.

Betty's black dress was bunched up at the waist; my dick was now nudging against her panties. With her legs widened I could feel her fat thighs riding along side mine. James's free hand was inside his pants beating his cock while still clenching Betty's hand. When Betty felt the tip of my dick hit her panty protected cunt she awoke from her trance once again. But James's reassuring words calmed her to the point that I had both hands pulling her undies down.

I got Betty to roll over on her side and her undies were down past her chunky ass checks when I felt another hand take the panties removing them completely off her legs. Old James to the rescue. It was at this point that I understood the fact that I might get laid tonight. But the boat started rocking when I got between Betty's legs again.

Almost in tears she wanted to stop, her fears were correct and I knew it. Not wanting to hurt her, not wanting to be accused of rape I backed off. But my dick needed release. I figured I didn't have to fuck her to get my jollies, I could just hump her until I came, by then James would probably have cum in his pants and we could all go home satisfied.

After promising her for ten minutes that I wouldn't fuck her, that I wouldn't even try to put it inside she consented. I lay sandwiched between her legs sliding my dick around everywhere except in her hole. The top of her thighs were covered in slime from my oozing dick. The head of my dick would slide against them up onto her patch of black hair.

To my surprise James's pants were at his feet and he had his dick pointed directly at us while stroking it. I felt more wetness as my dick slithered around her crotch. Betty was rapidly becoming wet. On one upward push my dick caught the edge of her cunt before rising up onto her tummy. Then it happened again, when she didn't make an objection to it I did it a few more times but would let it linger a little longer each time before removing it. Then I simply left it caught in her cunt lips.

She began to whimper that she was afraid of getting knocked up. James to the rescue again. He insisted she couldn't get pregnant the first time you have sex, it was only after that first time you have to worry about it. That was what some people though back in those days. Yeah right.

But then James promised that I wouldn't "do it" inside her and that would make her double save. Wish he would speak for himself. So here I am almost ready to blow my load, have the tip of dick resting in the outer crease of Betty's cunt and she can't make up her mind if she's ready for it. Then the questions start about "Doing it inside." Great time for a sex education lesson.

I promised over and over again I would not under any circumstances let anything loose inside her. But she still is afraid to consent. By this time the head of dick is already out of sight. From all the lube we were generating it took no effort to ease into her a bit more. Resting then a little more, resting again then I was engulfed fully by her pussy. All five inches were now buried deeply inside her. I dared not move from fear she will start screaming, but she doesn't.

I knew it couldn't last forever; I look over in the soft light at her smearing clear pre-cum over the head of James's dick. James's eyes are tightly shut. My dick is the happiest it's ever been. I withdraw slightly then returning it. I do this over and over again for a very few minutes and then abruptly roll off her on the floor breaking the grip she has on James's dick.

Confused they both look at me and then at my dick. My pecker sticking out from my body the length of it is twitching up and down with the head of it quivering. I thought for sure it was going to shoot out a load of cum, it went through all the motions but never did complete the task, within a minute it settled down stopping its motions.

Distraught I sat on the floor watching as James stood up his pants falling all the way to the floor he pulled off his underwear then his shirt and he was naked in front of me, the first time I had seen him this way. With Betty's legs still spread open it was now James's turn. It was when he disappeared among her legs that I realized how chunky Betty was, not that I was turned off by it just that she was plump.

He replaced his dick where mine had been a minute ago. Looking directly at me his only comment was how slippery she felt, then panic hit me, did I let loose inside her? Maybe I did and didn't realize it? No I couldn't have, I don't think I did. He was at her in earnest pounding her cunt. Then he slowed, I knew it was almost over for him too. He removed himself before it was too late having held back his orgasm. Betty rose from her place, while straightening out her dress she kept her top fully open with her bra still hiked up over her tits.

Walking around the back of the sofa she peered over at both James and I. Slightly bending over the back she ran a finger across the tip of James's dick watching it jerk when she did. I crawled around behind the sofa. Rising up against her I prodded her forward so she was half bent over the back of the sofa. While she teased James's dick I hiked her witches dress up over her ass while spreading her feet apart.

I looked in awe at my first cunt. Betty was hairy, very hairy even in the diffused light I could see moisture glistening on her flower bud; spread enough to see the inner pink of the blossom. With my costume and underwear at my knees I poked my dick at it. Grabbing the base I slid it up along the span of her opening then inserting in one sudden jerk pushing her forward even more. With my dick now deep inside her she kissed James on the neck at the same time playing with his dickhead. Pulling her dress further up onto her back I watched my dick repeatedly impale her cunt.

I couldn't believe this was actually happening to me. My dick was a mission this time. I knew that I would only have a few minutes at most before I had to blow my load. I was amazed that my dick could fit inside a girl, even more astonished by how good it felt. The atmosphere in the room was taking its toll on my senses.

I immediately became aware of what was happening to me, the sound of James' moaning from the stimulation, the muted light, the hushed slapping noise of my stomach continually hitting her ass checks. The sloshing sound of my dick pounding her cunt along with the smells overtook me.

Drifting upwards from her body my nose took in the aromas. She had been sweating from running earlier through the woods, and now the furnace was in high gear causing beads of sweat to form on her ass and legs. There was a tainted scent of ass drifting upwards along with the musky smell of soiled cunt entering my nostrils. My head was spinning with delight.

Without recognizing the fact I was eager to unload I pushed as far into her as I could causing her to rest hard against the sofa back I felt the first wave of orgasm rise. I never thought about it, never occurred to me what the hell I was doing. I wanted release; my sperm wanted to be swimming deep inside her, to enter her uterus, to be awash for any awaiting eggs.

The initial spasm of my dick caused my legs to weaken at the knees. I grabbed her around the waist steadying myself as another blast from my pee hole entered her, then another. It was the most intense orgasm I ever had in my life; I became lightheaded as I exploded.

It seemed as though I would never stop discharging. But finally after dwindling down I regained my composure. It was too late to even think about pulling out. I did pull out slightly looking down at my dick. There was a thin streak of ropey cum on it. Pulling her ass cheeks wide I watched as it slid back into the gooey hole. As I did there wasn't any room for both me and the cum.

Fascinated I watched as I pressed into her. I was forcing the cum out around my dick, after a few thrusts it was flowing off my dick and running in a small stream down he inner thigh. As I went soft I persisted in trying to drive as mush sperm back in her hole. Finally it was over, too soft to go any longer I retreated backwards then falling onto the sofa next to James.

Looking at my dick James soon realized what I had done. Looking at me queerly, shaking his head he arose telling me I must be crazy. I thought for sure he was going for pants but instead walked around behind the sofa. He replaced me doing it to her from the rear. Poor Betty, she was so inexperienced naive she had no idea what I had just done to her. She was more interested in my collapsed dick. Coated with my cum her tiny hand wrapped around it she slid it the up and down. But I was spent and didn't respond very well to her attack.

After only a few minutes the grunting behind me increased and I knew James was having his own cum. It was then everything became real once again. Walking behind the two I watched in wonder as James backed away from Betty, I saw his shaft exit her snatch. I wasn't sure of what he did but there was a lot of cum, some of it was in the crack of her ass some of it was on the back of her leg and there was more leaking out of her cunt. Guessing I think he pulled out at first then thought twice about it and shoved it back it in. Betty's hind end was a sorry sight as she leaned over the sofas back. She still had a stream of cum oozing down her leg.

I grabbed my underwear and wiped upwards taking the cum with me. When reaching her pussy all I was able to do was smear the cum around while trying to clean her. James I both had worried looks on our face but she didn't, it then became clear that she either hadn't a clue or didn't want to know she was full of our baby seed. We all sat on the sofa, James and I naked and Betty still in that long black witches dress.

Exhausted James and I leaned back almost ready to doze off. Apparently Betty hadn't had enough. She had a dick in each hand stroking them in unionism. James looked at me I looked at him. Having had the longer rest my dick responded first, then James's came up but not near the hardness it should have been for another fucking.

Turning towards me she was rubbing my chest then crawling over to straddle me. Before we went at it again I unbuttoned the balance of her buttons and pushed her dress off with James's help. Then James pulled her bra up over her head and all three of us were entirely naked.

She worked at my dick getting it fully erect as she sat down onto it. By this time it disappeared without any effort, she was well lubed with sperm, but still she was tight. With all that flab on her body it seemed to center around her cunt. Up and down she went on me. James played with her tits as they jiggled. I only wished I could have lasted longer, but any teenager that age would have cum just as quickly as I did. Another load of seed coated her insides.

She still didn't understand why I went soft and turned to James to satisfy her. And James did, he was able to fuck her for a good ten minutes before he too couldn't take it any longer. He was a mess when she got through with him. When she un-straddled him his dick and balls were cover in cum, not just his but mine also as.

It soon was eleven o'clock and time for the other two to go. We all got dressed, had some small talk. Betty wanted to know if we were going to be around the next night. Well we answered that quickly enough. We continued our fucking, almost every weekend except when she was on the rag. We taught her the joys of giving a guy a blowjob. After awhile she learned to even like the taste of cum. This was good on those rag weekends. This went on for about three years. She was young, dumb, and always full of cum.

I could never explain why she didn't get knocked up. Don't think it was from both of us firing blanks, it must have been her. Well finally all things good come to an end; we got caught one night, the old man walked in on us.

James had just blasted off in her and I had her on her knees from behind watching his cum coat my dick while she lapped his soft dick. The old man must have liked what he saw because he stayed there glassy eyed for a full minute as I pounded the shit out of her, be fore he said anything.



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