Allison was so excited! She slowly pulled on her thong, then her cotton shorts, then her cut off tee shirt which barely covered her braless 32B breasts. She polished her toe ring and applied pink polish to her toenails and put on her little gold ankle bracelet. Then she combed out her shoulder length blond hair and walked to her full length mirror.

"Hot!" Allison exclaimed as she looked at her tan, scantily clad 13 year old nymphet body. She was about to meet her first online boyfriend, a sexy 14 year old named Kyle. Allison loved to tease boys online, posting suggestive comments on a teen message board. Most of the boys who answered were either crude or immature or both, but Kyle was different. And, Kyle happened to live in her town, although they attended different schools.

The two exchanged photos, with both using their actual pictures. She sent a provocative picture of her in her thong, while Kyle sent a shirtless picture of himself at the beach. Both kids liked what they saw. Naturally, their online conversations revolved around sex. It wasn't long until they made plans to actually meet. Of course, they were going to have sex.

Kyle was riding his BMX bike as fast as he had ever ridden. He had gotten very little sleep the night before in anticipation of the day ahead. Once Allison had called him to tell him she was alone at her house, the boy shot out of his house like a bullet.

He pulled his bike into Allison's driveway, jumped off, and ran his fingers through his shaggy skaterboi blond hair. He wore a muscle tee shirt which was vented on the sides, cargo shorts and skate shoes with no socks. He suddenly felt nervous as he made his way to her door.

Allison was also nervous as she sat in her couch waiting for the doorbell to ring. But her nervousness was due to anticipation. She wanted to fuck this boy so badly! She sprung up quickly when she heard the bell ring and almost bounded to the door.

Kyle's nerves were immediately replaced with basic teenage adolescent male horniness as soon as his eyes set sight on the vision in the doorway. The vision of tan nubile sexy girl skin, covered by the skimpiest of shorts and shirt, pierced belly button, long tan bare legs and feet, perky nipples protruding through the tight thin half shirt, all shouted out "fuck me!" to the boy. Just what Allison intended.

Allison felt a shot of wetness between her legs as she gazed at the sexy boy on her doorstep. He was cute and hot and he was going to be all hers. She got a playful look on her face, said, "hey Kyle" and spontaneously lifted up her shirt and revealed her breasts to the boy. "Fuck!" he responded without thinking and Allison said, "yeah, that sounds good to me!"

Kyle stepped in the house and Allison closed the door behind him. "Let's go to my room," she said. "Cool!" the boy replied.

Allison turned and walked to the hallway. Kyle's eyes zeroed in on the girl's palm sized buttocks that were so firmly shaped under the tight fitting cotton shorts. His adolescent erection was already at full staff under his shorts and boxers. He couldn't wait to free it from its confines.

Allison playfully looked over her shoulder at the smooth faced young boy with the defined chest muscles pressing against his shirt. Through the vents in the sides of his shirt she could see his chest was deeply tanned. She couldn't wait to get that shirt off of him, as well as the shorts that were clearly showing the signs of the bulge beneath them. She knew that the cause of that bulge was going to soon be quenching her desires.

Allison and Kyle entered her room, a definite girl's room with pink curtains and bedding, white furniture, and pillows and stuffed animals everywhere. But the first thing she did when she was alone with the boy in her room was very ungirl-like. She immediately stripped off her top, leaving her naked from the waist up.

Kyle gasped at the incredible sight in front of him. Allison's bare breasts were awesome. Her nipples were hard and bright pink and the breasts were perfectly rounded mounds. The girl's skin was smooth and flawless. Kyle's only previous sexual experience was oral sex performed on him by an unmemorable girl at a party the previous summer.

"OK hottie, mine's off, now yours!" Allison taunted with a smile. Kyle was more than happy to oblige. He peeled off the tee shirt and now Allison stared with delight. The boy was only 14 but already had well defined chest and abdominal muscles. His skin was smooth and dark tan, with smooth brown boy nipples the size of quarters.

Allison stepped forward and pressed her breasts against the boy's chest as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Kyle felt her hard nipples poking against him. His own nipples registered pleasure from the silky smooth bare teen girl breast skin rubbing gently against them. The erection trapped between his legs was almost ready to explode.

"Oh my God, I'm gonna fuck!" Kyle exclaimed as he breathed heavily.

"Oh baby, yes you are!" Allsion replied as she enjoyed the feel of the boy's bare chest pressed so close against her own sensitive breasts. She was so lusting for this boy's sexy, well built body. Especially the part of him she planned to grab next.

Allison placed her hand on Kyle's firm abdomen them slid her hand downward under the boy's shorts and boxers. Her fingertips encountered his soft pubic bush before they reached the object of her lust. She quickly wrapped her fingers around the stiff, throbbing boycock trapped beneath his shorts.

Kyle gasped as he felt the girl's hand wrapped around his most private feature, the one he had waited a lifetime for a girl to touch. As her hand slowly slid up the shaft to his tip, the boy had to stifle his urge to cum right there in her hand. But with the hand now firmly grasping his cock and her breast still pressed against his chest, the teenage boy was experiencing sensual overload.

To get his mind off the though of cumming too quickly, a fear every boy has, Kyle began to fidget with his shoes, pulling them off while standing there in the most pleasant situation he had ever experienced.

Allison was torn. She wanted this boy's cock in her right away, but her sister had warned that a virgin boy needs to cum once before he actually fucks you so that he will last more than 10 seconds!

Allison knew what she had to do. It was going to be pleasurable for both her and Kyle. As she lowered her body to her knees, she dragged her bare breasts along Kyle's chest and belly. Once on her knees, she quickly undid his shorts and pulled the shorts and boxers down to the boy's ankles in one quick motion. Kyle's cock sprung out right into Allison's face.

The purplish male organ fascinated the girl. The circumcised mushroom shaped tip was dripping a clear fluid from the little slit at its end. Allison was struck at how rigid the organ was and how it appeared to tremble and throb. She felt a twinge between her own legs as she gazed between the boy's legs. She then followed her instinct and opened her mouth and engulfed the bare throbbing penis into it. Her lips closed on its shaft and her tongue began to explore this exciting intruder.

Kyle squirmed in ecstasy. "Oh yeah!" he moaned. The boy couldn't believe the pleasure he was experiencing. He was naked in the bedroom of a hot girl who was busy sucking his cock and it was better than he had ever imagined.

Kyle inhaled and exhaled in short breaths through his mouth as the pleasure mounted between his legs. Allison truly enjoyed the taste and feel of a male penis filling her young mouth. He began to taste a little salty and slick as the boy's precum began to seep out.

By now Kyle's legs were shaking as his glands began to contract prior to ejaculation. He had felt this many times brought on by his right hand, but never this intense. "Oh fuck!" the young teenager groaned as he exploded deep into his young lover's mouth.

Allison felt the first wave of boycum shoot against the back of her throat. Her mouth was filling with the thick warm liquid that she had only imagined before. Her eyes were focused on his soft blond curly pubic bush and the little trace of hair growing up his deeply tanned abdomen. She loved her mouth being fucked by a real live boy.

The semen tickled as it drained down her throat. She coughed with her mouth closed as she released her grip in Kyle's penis. Her tongue licked his tip for one last taste of boy nectar before swallowing the huge load he had deposited in her.

"Oh fuck baby, that was awesome." Kyle groaned. "I'm so fuckin happy we met!"

Allison now knew what she could do for a boy. Her little nymphet body was so excited. She moved toward Kyle and planted her lips on the boy's. Their tongues were quickly intertwined and Kyle could taste his own semen in the girl's mouth. The two adolescent kids fell onto Allison's bed, still locked at the lips. Soon their arms were wrapped around each other's bare backs, pressing her breasts into his chest.

Despite having just cum, Kyle's penis was rigid again. It was poking against Allison's thigh. Between her legs she was burning to experience her long awaited first fuck. By now her little cotton shorts were soaked and both kids could smell the musky feminine odor seeping from her vagina.

She removed one hand from Kyle's back and used it to slide the shorts off. Since she wore no underwear, both teenagers were now nude on her bed. Allison rolled onto her back, pulling the boy on top of her. She opened her legs apart, allowing Kyle to settle between her legs.

The boy was already in ecstasy, with the best yet to come. His naked 14 year old body was lying on top of a willing and horny naked girl who had just given him the best blow job he could imagine. He knew she wanted him to fuck her and now she was getting in position to allow him to do just that. When Allison grabbed his penis and led it to the slit between her legs, Kyle almost melted as his virgin tip slowly glided into the soft, warm grip of the girl's vagina.

"Ahh!" he gasped as his entire six inches of adolescent manhood was engulfed by a teenage boy's best friend, his girl's pussy. Her moist inner walls gently tightened on the boy's rigid penis.

Allison had planned well for this moment. Her older sister had arranged for Allison to get started on birth control pills. And that same sister's dildo had been used to break her hymen and make her vagina more flexible. Now it was all paying off as Kyle's bare penis was giving her a rush of pleasure she never even knew was possible.

"I'm really fucking!" Kyle kept thinking as he thrust his rigid boycock in and out of Allison's warm and wet pleasure hole. The boy couldn't believe how perfect pussy felt. Allison made it even better by instinctively tightening her legs around him as he fucked to his heart's content.

Each time Allison moved, the pleasure became more intense for her. At 13, she was having sensations she had no right having. And yet, there she was, being fucked by a boy in her own bed and loving every second of it.

The kids never noticed that the sheets beneath their coupled groins were getting wetter and wetter. Kyle's hard teenage chest swelled each time he gasped for air. By now, Allison had her arms wrapped around the boy's back, pressing his chest against her breasts.

The boy and girl were all alone, armed with the knowledge that Allison's parents were miles away and unable to discover their little girl's new playmate. Had they walked in that moment, they would have seen and heard two nude teenagers thoroughly enjoying the pleasures of sex.

Kyle was lost in the ecstasy of bare tight pussy caressing his teencock as a girl's bare nipples and breasts pressed against his own bare chest. He had proudly built that chest during hours in the gym just for this moment.

The thrusting, panting and moaning continued, and Allison began to shake uncontrollably. She had never felt so good. She suddenly emitted a loud sigh as her body experienced a climax she could have never imagined. She squeezed her nude teen boy lover tightly with her arms and legs as Kyle continued to thrust madly.

The boy knew what was happening and he was feeling proud, but his own body was also experiencing sensations far more pleasurable than anything he had ever felt. He gasped as a torrent of semen unloaded from deep inside his body and erupted into Allison's no longer virgin vagina. Each squirt produced feelings unmatched in Kyle's experience, but they were feelings he knew he was now addicted to.

The two young bodies lay pressed together, boycock still imbedded in teen pussy, until they finally separated and lay next to each other on Allison's bed. "Fuck!" both kids said almost simultaneously, then giggled like the adolescents that they were.

No words needed to be exchanged. Soon, the kids were exploring each other's bodies again and the teenage sex repeated itself all afternoon. Kyle and Allison knew very little about each other, but from that day forward, they were committed fuck buddies. It was a great time for both of them.



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