My real name is Richard and this story is about myself, my little sister Andrea and a buddy of mine and his little sister. My buddy Craig and I were 13 and my little sister was 8 when this episode took place.

Any man can tell you that 13 is a tough time for a boy. Around 12 a boy starts to think about sex pretty much constantly. They say that in a males early teens he is at his sexual peak and I believe this. I was so horny all the time that I was almost crazy.

I can remember riding around on my bicycle looking for younger children to rape. I don't think I cared if they were a boy or girl; I just wanted some other human being to have "sex" with. Even though I didn't really understand what sex really was I did jack off 3 or 4 time a day and sometimes I'd even do it with my buddy Craig.

We weren't queer or anything, we were just best friends and it heightened our orgasms when we jacked each other off. And yes we did give each other oral sex a few times but that never went too well and eventually we just stuck to hand sex.

We'd both been pretty sexually crazed for over a year by the time a new thought crept into my mind. I'd turned 13 about two months before and school was about half way through the year when my sister started ballet class. Up until then I'd always thought of Andrea as a cute little creep who just about always annoyed me. I don't think that I actually thought of her as a person back then.

But in my constant horny condition and seeing her in her tiny little ballerina costume something began tugging at my tormented adolescent brain. I realized that she looked pretty hot for a little kid when I got a glimpse of her as she was leaving the house one day with Mom in her leotards and tutu.

My little sister had a body! This was a revelation to me as I began to watch in her ballerina costume. She had great legs for an 8-year-old, and I could even see what looked like budding breasts poking out against her leotard.

That's when I began to cross the line.

After that I'd begun to fantasize about Andrea when I masturbated. That was a nice change from my homeroom teacher in middle school. Even though Mrs. Landers was a fox, I knew that all I'd ever be able to do with here was fantasize. Andrea on the other hand was accessible, she actually lived in my own home.

My new masturbatory fantasy was soon shared with my best buddy Craig.

When Craig and I first started jacking off in front of each other and then moved on to doing it to one another there had been some nervous reserve between us. But once we got used to being naked around each other and began sharing our fantasies, well, it was sort of natural that I'd do the same with my fantasy about Andrea.

Craig was shocked when I first told him about my newest fantasy. I guess I'd have been if Craig had done the same thing to me. I mean telling your best friend that you're fantasizing about fucking your little sister is a bit weird, I'll admit.

But his shock only lasted as long as it took for me to wrap my fingers around his stiff dick and start pumping him while I told him how good my sister looked in her little outfit. It didn't take very long before he shot off. (I didn't even have time to catch his come in the Kleenex like I usually did.)

That started us really thinking about Andrea as a sex object and we kept talking about her when we got together to do our sex stuff. It didn't take too long before one of us (I can't remember who) suggested that we actually try to screw her.

At 13 we weren't ignorant about the sexual process or the consequences of intercourse. Being 13 I thought I knew just about everything and even though I didn't - I did know that Andrea hadn't started her period yet, so I knew we couldn't make her pregnant. We figured that we could talk her into it somehow.

The reason I thought we could get my little sister into bed was that I knew she'd had a crush on Craig the year before. There hadn't been any outward signs of that lately but I figured that if Craig came on to her she might do it with him. And if she did it with him then she'd have to do it with me if she didn't want our parents to find out.

At least that was the plan.

Anyway, Craig and I put our plan into action when my parents were to be gone for an entire weekend. Mom had to visit some friends in the city and Dad was going along. They said that it was time for me to take some responsibility and that at 13 I should be able to take care of my little sister and myself for a day and a half. (Little did they know.)

So Mom and Dad left Friday night with an estimated time of return sometime Sunday afternoon. That gave Craig and I the freedom to put our plan into effect.

Craig had been flirting with Andrea for several weeks in preparation of the day that had finally come. She seemed to like his attentions and that was enough to egg us one. So it went that Craig and I were sitting around the living room Saturday afternoon when Andrea walked in and sat down to watch some TV.

Craig got up and walked over to sit beside her and he started to talk to her about Ballet class. One thing led to another and he asked her to put her costume on and show him how she looked in it.

It took some persuading, but finally she agreed and went into her bedroom to change. I still remember Craig and I excitedly whispering to each other about fucking her, I could tell that he was hard, and I most certainly was.

Looking back now I realize that Andrea didn't have a clue what we were feeling, how horny we were and the fact that we were looking at her as just a sex object. When she came prancing out in her tight little costume I could tell that Craig was about to come in his pants. He'd never actually seen her all dressed up before and since he'd been fantasizing along with me for so long the actual living girl in costume was such a turn on for him.

What happened next shocked both my sister and I, although I quickly got over my shock.

Craig walked over to Andrea who was doing pirouettes and took the surprised girl by the arm and tugged her to a standstill. As I watched Craig pushed my sister up against the wall and began to kiss her passionately.

Andrea was shocked and frightened by his aggressive action and I know that I should have done something to stop Craig, but it had been my plan after all so how could I intervene? I just stood there and watched my little sister struggling against Craig as he pushed her to the carpet and started pawing at her leotard.

I knew what was happening was wrong but my hormones were surging through my body and I was more excited than I'd ever been in my life as I watched Craig grabbing Andrea's white tights and rip them away from her crotch.

She had panties on and Craig was becoming frustrated. That's when I got involved. He called me to come help him. Andrea was struggling and squirming around under him and he couldn't uncover what we'd wanted to get at. So I stood over them and tugged at her tights, hearing them rip. Then I was pulling them along with her panties down her smooth tanned legs as she kept squirming around trying to stop us.

Once the clothing was off the lower half of her body Craig climbed on top of her and fumbled between them trying to find her hole. That seemed to go on forever so finally I had to help him. I grabbed Andrea's wrists and pulled her arms over her head to free Craig's other hand. He looked down between them and positioned himself at her opening and began to push into her.

Andrea up until that moment hadn't said a word but when she felt Craig's big stiff dick begin to force its way into her she started yelling at us to stop. But there was no way Craig was going to stop.

I could tell when Craig finally pushed himself home. I heard him groan as he slid home and Andrea stopped struggling and lay under him panting from her insertions. It was a strange moment. There we were, three kids panting from our efforts, Craig balls deep in my 8-year- old sister and me holding her arms above her head so he could fuck her.

Then the spell was broken, Craig started thrusting and Andrea started struggling again. It didn't take long for Craig to come. I wasn't even sure if he had until he finally slumped over Andrea's outstretched body stopping his fucking motions.

They lay there for at least a minute both trying to catch their breath and then Craig rose up on his arms and looked at me, his dick was still stuck in my sister's pussy, and he asked me if I was ready.

Of course I was, even though I had this sick feeling in my guts I knew I had to experience the sensation of fucking a girl. And since there was a girl all spread out before me it might as well be my sister. I looked at Craig laying on top of Andrea, her legs forced open and him lewdly stuck into her and I wanted to be there too.

I hurriedly changed places with Craig and struggled with my sister as I positioned my dripping dick at her slimy little slit. I was amazed at how easy it was to stick my dick in her. Now I know that a fucked cunt full of come usually is easy to enter, but back then I was just amazed at how good it felt.

The feeling as I slipped deep into my little sister's slit was something I'd never even imagined before. All the fantasizing a boy can do still doesn't live up to the actual feeling of having his dick surrounded by a hot wet pussy, even an 8-year-old pussy.

The fact that Andrea struggled under me as I fucked her only served to heighten my pleasure. The feeling that I was overpowering her, and the wonderful sensation of slipping in and out of her tight little cunt made me come right away.

My orgasm rushed up from nowhere and quickly overpowered me. I can still remember the feeling as my come surged up from my depths and jetted into my sister. It was like waves of hot lava gushing out of me, it was a painful- extasy, and was the most intense thing that I have ever experienced, even to this day.

When I was done shivering and gasping, trying to catch my breath, I barely knew what was happening when Craig pushed me off Andrea and took her again. (Later he told me watching me fuck my sister had made him so crazed that he had to fuck her again and pretend it was his sister he was fucking.)

Needless to say when we were finally done fucking Andrea we sat back and considered the consequences of our actions. Andrea had stopped struggling by the third fuck and was just laying there with her legs spread and her tutu shoved up high on her waist. Her leotard once was one piece, now only the top half remained on her body and she looked quite ruffled to say the least.

Feeling immensely guilty about what we'd just done, I told Craig to go home and took Andrea into the bathroom to clean her up. I took her torn clothing off of her and ran a warm shower. I led her into the shower stall and began to carefully wash her body. (And no we didn't have sex in the shower.)

After I'd cleaned what I could I dried her off and led her naked to her bedroom. Tucking her in under the covers I lay down beside her and we both slept.


This story could have turned out many different ways. Looking back Craig and I could have spent many a year in detention and regretted that incident for the rest of our lives. Or like so many Internet fantasy stories we could have turned my little sister into a fuck toy who loved boys dicking her.

But the truth is that Andrea didn't say anything the next day, or ever. In retrospect that was a mistake because although we never fucked her again, (I just felt too guilty) Craig talked me into flirting with his sister who was only 6-years-old. Even though I look back at what we did with a sickened soul nowadays, we ended up talking his little sister Kerrie into letting us fuck her many times. We'd experienced sex with a girl and needed more, and Kerrie was available.

Kerrie ended up becoming our favorite plaything, we'd take her to our secret place in a vacant lot and fuck her. Eventually we did other things like have her suck us and we'd do the same to her. For such a little kid she seemed to really enjoy playing with us.

Years later I talked to Kerrie, I think she was 30- something by then; she told me that she hardly remembered what we'd done back then, but she told me that our little play probably was the reason she'd become a lesbian. (At least she was in a committed relationship.)

If Andrea had spoken up when Craig and I raped her we wouldn't have done what we did to Kerrie, and today some lucky guy would be enjoying her sexual favors instead of another woman.

Craig is married and has 3 kids. I'm pretty sure that he's a good father and doesn't do anything to his children that he shouldn't. I also have 3 beautiful children and a wonderful wife. I have never thought of my children sexually and never will. I got all that out of my system when I was 13 and horny.

Author's Note:

The above story is true, even the names are real. Those who were involved know who they are and have received this story in an email. (After all I don't want to tell stories behind anyone's back.)

Even though I don't see my sister anymore I still love her and I'm glad that she got married last year to a real stud-muffin. I also wish Craig and his Lesbian sister well, and make the offer that if they ever want to do a 4-some with Cheryl (my wife) and I, all they have to do is email me and I'll arrange something.


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