Karen and I had a rather uninteresting sexual life; the first bloom had worn off, and sex was sort of relegated to an occasional week-end night. It wasn't that she was not an attractive woman. She was a very lovely woman, tall with curves in all the right places, and she was the subject of many admiring glances from men we encountered.

Her face was an attractive oval, framed by dark hair, and her breasts were a thing of beauty, medium sized but firm. Her waist was slim, and she had full rounded hips which were a delight to see in motion. Her long legs were gorgeous, displayed in sheer nylons and skirts that came just above her knees, hugging her beautiful hips.

Our male friends were always complimentary, and I know they would love to get her into bed, and I think our female friends were jealous of her beauty. I know admiring men often hit on her, but she always repulsed them, usually telling me about the incident. However, I think she enjoyed the attention.

So why didn't we have sex more often than we did? We were still young, and married only five years. Part of it was that we both had demanding jobs, and were often tired at the end of the day, and perhaps we didn't have the enthusiasm we did early in our marriage.

Karen was also a bit of a tease, flashing her legs at times, especially getting up or sitting down when her legs would open for a moment, giving a view of stocking clad thighs, her garter straps over naked thighs, and at times a quick view of her sheer panties. She didn't like pantyhose saying her vagina couldn't breathe, and she distained thongs, saying they were no better then toilet paper, preferring sheer nylon briefs which hugged her lovely rounded ass.

Most of our friends were young married couples, mostly upscale yuppies, but we were friends with an attractive black couple, Mark and Dawn. Both of them worked and had very good jobs. Like our other male friends, Mark was attracted to my wife, and I'm sure she was aware of his glances; she would catch him at times stealing a glance at her legs, and she would blush. She even seemed a little uneasy when he was around. I wondered if his being black aroused her.

At one point I braced her on it, asking if she found him exciting. She paused a moment before replying and said, "I guess I do find him interesting, and maybe because he is black, but he is also attractive. Perhaps because it's sort of a forbidden area, you know, crossing racial lines, and hearing that quite a few black men are well endowed. But you know I've always been faithful to you, and you know I've had lots of opportunities to stray."

"Do you ever fantasize about doing it with a black person?" She blushed so I knew I was on the mark.

She said, "Well, it's one thing to fantasize, and another to live out those fantasies. I think a lot of people have fantasies about sex, and imagine doing it with other people, and maybe exploring different ways, so I don't think I'm unique."

That was the end of that conversation, but it got me wondering about my wife, and I was somewhat surprised to find that the subject of having intercourse with a black person might be arousing to her.

About a month later she and Dawn had lunch together, and later she related some of their conversation. After a couple of cocktails Dawn said that I seemed to be attracted to her husband, and I know he's attracted to you. I started to protest but she just smiled and said that wasn't unusual as quite a few white women were attracted to him. Then she confided to Karen that Mark had been with other women, mainly married white women, and she condoned it.

My wife was stunned by that remark, but Dawn said she wasn't worried, that he always came back to her. And besides, she said it gave her a rest, gave her pussy a chance to return to normal. She said he was really big, and always stretched her out a lot, so she was glad that having sex with other women gave her a chance to recover.

Karen was astonished at these declarations, but Dawn said she wanted to stay married, so she didn't say anything to him about his philandering, and so he was open about his conquests. And Dawn added that she enjoyed hearing about them, hearing how he seduced white women and describing it in detail, and that he was only interested in married women, knowing that their husband's performance wouldn't match what he was able to do for them, and he was sexually very skillful.

She said there are a lot of white wives out there that love to get serviced by well hung black men, and there are even some white husbands that love the idea of their wife doing it with black men, even wanting to watch some black studs having their way with a compliant wife. I was amazed at our conversation.

When they were having coffee and desert Dawn asked my wife if she had ever heard of the Mandingo Club. She said no, she had never heard of it. Dawn said it's a club of well endowed black studs who appreciate servicing consenting white women, usually married ones. She said she was acquainted with a woman whose hobby it was to connect some black studs with a white couple who wanted to experience the sex that these men could perform on a white woman.

When we were leaving she said to my wife that she wouldn't mind if she wanted to have sex with her husband-she was very open about it. Karen said she couldn't; she had always been faithful. I was surprised when my wife told me about their conversation, and I was surprised to feel a little tingle of lust. That night we had intercourse, and I found her very wet and receptive, and I didn't last long. I think the story she told had both of us excited.

We didn't talk about this again. About two weeks later Dawn called about going to a supper club for dinner. We were free and agreed to go with them. We met them at the club after a couple of cocktails we ordered dinner with wine. We had a pleasant glow on when the dancing started, and I danced a couple with Karen and then Mark asked her to dance and she agreed.

Throughout the rest of the evening we continued to change partners. Dawn remarked that my wife and Mark danced very well together, but what I noticed was that as the evening progressed he held her closer, his hand slipping down from her back to her waist. Also Dawn was coming in closer as we danced.

Late in the evening, as we were dancing, Dawn asked how I would feel if Karen had sex with her husband. I was taken aback by this and said that Karen was attracted to Mark, but I said he would not succeed in seducing her. Dawn just smiled and said she thought she would succumb to him, that he was very skillful. Anyway she said, "Why don't you ask her if she would be interested? I have a strong feeling she might be."

I asked, "And that would be alright with you?"

She said, "Yes, that would be fun; that would be kind of exciting. Certainly it would be erotic, a women as beautiful as Karen opening her legs to Mark. Why don't you talk to her about it? But first you should think about how you would feel if she had sex with Mark. Would you allow this if she was interested?"

"I'm pretty sure that is not going to happen." But I was thinking, would I go along with this in Karen agrees?

But when we got home I related our conversation to her. Dawn said, "Do you think she is serious? You know she told me she wouldn't mind if Mark had sex with me, but I wasn't sure she was serious. When we were dancing later in the evening, and he was holding me close I could feel his cock against me, and I have to confess I was a little moist."

"If we did that we would be in uncharted territory. It's a little crazy but I am convinced they would like that to happen." We didn't say anymore after that, but it was on my mind, and I'm sure it was on her mind also, and there was a subtle change in our sex life in that we did it more often, and I think it was because we were both fantasizing about that scene. I had very mixed feelings about Karen having sex with him-I had a feeling of excitement, but I was also fearful that it might hurt our marriage.

About another month later we were invited to a small dinner party at their house. We didn't see a problem with that, so we agreed. When we arrived there were two other couples, one black and one white couple. The drinks flowed freely, and we had a great dinner with some very good wines.

As the evening wore on, first one and then other couple excused themselves and headed home, so we found ourselves alone with our hosts, and more than relaxed from the drinks. There was a feeling of tension in the air, a feeling of expectancy, and I know that was because we were all thinking the same thing, that this would be an opportunity for him to have sex with my wife.

Mark made the first move, taking Karen by the arm and moving her towards the bedroom. She was reluctant, looking at me for guidance, but I didn't say or do anything, really leaving it up to her. She weakened, but still protesting as he guided her into the bedroom, leaving the door ajar. Dawn gripped my arm, holding me rooted.

He undid her skirt, pushing it to the floor; unbuttoned her blouse, pulled it free, and it followed her skirt. She stood there in her sheer lacy underwear, flushed and trembling, as he pulled her against him, stroking her. It was so erotic, my wife in her lacy half slip and camisole. I thought how far would she let this go? I got my answer as he moved her onto the bed.

Next he lifted her camisole up, exposing her breasts, and he began kissing and caressing them, the nipples stiff, my wife moaning now. My aroused wife wasn't physically resisting him, and he continued, pulling her sheer slip up, exposing first her stocking clad thighs, then her naked thighs and garter straps, and finally her panties as he pulled her slip up to her waist.

It was so erotic watching my moaning wife slowly stripped by this black stud. She gave a token resistance, holding the waistband of her panties, but he kept pulling on them till she lost her grip. Then she lost her panties as he slid them down and off, naked now except for her stockings and garter belt, her pussy exposed to him.

He lost no time as her worked on her, his tongue on her breasts, his other hand stroking her naked thighs, then her vaginal lips, gradually pushing her thighs open. As her thighs opened more he began to caress her vaginal lips which were now pink and moist. He continued, slipping a finger into her as she moaned louder, giving a little cry as he found her clitoris.

At this point we could no more have stopped this than we could an avalanche. It was clear she was surrendering to him. We were both helpless as he stripped, revealing a cock that was very large and very thick, and rapidly becoming erect. When she saw that she moved her thighs together, her eyes wide at the sight of his now erect cock, but he easily spread her again and then mounted her.

She groaned as she felt the pressure of his cock, beginning to push into her. He lifted her thighs, opening her more as he continued the relentless pressure. Gripping her hips he pushed firmly, a loud cry as he entered her. Her cunt was stretched wide as he continued pushing into her, gradually filling her as she moaned continually, giving a loud cry as she was fully impaled.

Dawn pulled the zipper of my trousers down, and then reached in, freeing my cock which was fully erect as I viewed the erotic scene of my wife now being fucked by this black stud. He continued thrusting into her, my wife crying out continuously, her stocking clad legs folding over his till she gave an even louder cry, her body stiffening, and then shaking with the power of her orgasm. This triggered him as he held her fully onto him, his pulsing cock filling her with his semen. Dawn had been stroking me and I erupted, much to her delight.

He lay on her for some time, finally moving off my trembling wife, now laying there with her vagina open and wet. Then I said to Dawn "we never even thought of him wearing a condom." She replied that he would never wear one.

It had been unbelievably erotic and primitive watching this black man servicing my wife. We had crossed a boundary-where would we go from here? Dawn helped my wife dress, and we left.

We said little on the way home, till finally Karen said, "I can't believe what we just did. It was so erotic, I never imagined that I would have so powerful an orgasm, and you were excited also watching him taking me, doing it to me." We were both shaken by this experience. That was the beginning of a sexual odyssey. They knew they had control and they used it.

Dawn would ask my wife to come over, and Mark would be ready to service her, taking her in different positions, and filling her with his sperm again and again. It was like an opiate. It didn't stop. Another time I watched him fucking her on her hands and knees, watched that huge cock penetrating her, filling her, thrusting into her as he held her hips steady, her breasts bouncing as he screwed her. It seemed that was his favorite position, Karen submitting to him on her hands and knees.

It wasn't long before it was taken to another level. Dawn again talked to us about the Mandingo Club, saying it would be a great experience. She told me again about Sally, the woman who arranged these unique experiences. She was very discreet, and she had a stable of studs who love to perform on white women. These men were carefully screened-they were attractive, intelligent, discreet, and another criteria was that they were all well endowed.

Dawn said these men do not charge-they just enjoy the experience of having sex with white women, especially attractive ones, and they prefer married women who were not likely to talk about their liaisons. They operated under a mantra, and it was to make sure that the woman received pleasure, and that their enjoyment was secondary.

Also, they don't mind if the husband is present. They really enjoy servicing a wife while the husband observes the action, seeing well endowed black men sticking it to his wife. They think it is a humbling experience for the husband, and they get an extra kick out of that.

Dawn said there is one other important thing, and that is they won't take on any unattractive females, or ones who are over forty. Remember, they are doing it for free, just for the fun of working on a lovely wife. But the woman who arranges it is not free-she gets a hefty amount from your husband for arranging these meetings.

"We would have to submit pictures of you as well as proof of age to the arranger before she will agree to set it up. However, in your case, when she sees how beautiful you are, you will get the best in her stable, and you also fit their age criteria, so you wouldn't have to submit proof of age. Come to think of it, I have two or three pictures of you that Mark took, so you wouldn't have to bring over any pictures. What do you think? Do you want to proceed? Up to show time you could back out."

We looked at each other, and I said, "I'm not sure. We will have to talk it over."

We left it that way, and in the ensuing days we discussed it several times. We were undecided, but Dawn had said they had good safeguards in place, so nothing would come back on us. Finally, one evening, glowing from our wine, we agreed to try it once, and before we lost our courage we told Dawn to set it up.

Dawn went ahead; talked to Sally, showed her pictures of Karen which delighted her. She said my wife would be entertained by the best of her people. Dawn said normally there would be either two men or three men, but never more than three, because three studs like she provided were about all that a wife could take. She also said these discreet meetings took place at Sally's large home in the suburbs. The amount of money agreed upon was paid, and the date was set.

Finally the day arrived-Karen dressed in her most attractive sheer lingerie. She wore her usual garter belt and sheer stockings, then matching panties and bra, a full slip, and a clinging white dress that came just above her knees. She looked gorgeous.

We were both nervous, and had a couple of drinks to relax us before Dawn arrived to pick us up. Dawn said "just relax, you'll be fine."

When we arrived we were shown into a large, very lovely home and asked to sit till Sally was free. In the meantime we were offered a drink which we drank rather quickly. Finally we met Sally who looked at my wife appreciatively and said, "The pictures didn't do you justice. You are quite lovely, by far the best that has crossed this threshold. The guys will be delighted."

At this point I asked Sally if they would be wearing condoms. Sally just smiled and said they never wear condoms, and they wouldn't agree to participate if we insisted on condoms, so we had no choice.

She led us to a large room, and when we entered we saw three very large black men. Karen gasped and I think she almost chickened out, but the drinks we consumed kept us in place. First name introductions were done, the men looking at my wife appreciatively, smiling at her. Then one looked at me and said you must be her husband.

They took the initiative, advancing on her, hugging her, beginning to caress her. She was surrounded; one lowered the zipper on her dress till it fell open, and then pulled it over her hips till it fell on the floor. There eyes were wide and they were smiling, actually leering as she stood there in her sheer underwear.

They wasted no time before they removed her slip, my wife now trembling and flushed as they proceeded. Next her bra was removed, her beautiful breasts revealed to them. They took some time admiring her before sliding her panties down and off. Now she stood before them in only her stockings and garter belt, looking incredibly erotic.

They placed my whimpering wife on the large bed; then the three of them began working on her, caressing her breasts, stroking her body, fingers on her thighs, which they began to press open, exposing her vagina, surrounded by brownish hair. Her eyes were wide and she began moaning as they separated her thighs more, her vaginal lips now moist and gaping slightly. Now fingers there, stroking the wet lips till she was groaning, her thighs falling open more. This scene, six hands working on my compliant wife, her beautiful naked body surrendering to these black studs was so erotic. The tension in the room was palpable.

She was helpless, she was trembling and aroused, she was wet and open, and she was ready. The smiling men stripped, preparing to provide an experience that this lovely wife would not soon forget. The three black men now stood naked with cocks that were very large and very thick. Sally had said they were well endowed, but that was an understatement.

I was amazed, wondering if she could take these cocks, and I was soon going to find out as the first one smiled at me as he moved between her legs, mounting her, directing the bulbous head of his cock against her labia, moistening it. He began to push, beginning to open her, my wife groaning as he increased the pressure, stretching her, then crying out as she was entered. Her cunt was stretched tightly around his cock as he began advancing into her, his cock gradually disappearing till she was filled. Her legs had lifted and spread more to ease the pressure of his entry.

He now began slowly and powerfully working away between her legs, thrusting into her till she cried out, shaking with her climax, her legs clutching him. Soon he emptied his cock into her. The other two were fully erect as they watched the action, and when the first one got up he said next and the second one moved between her legs and entered her.

He began fucking her with an intensity that made her cry out, "Oh my God!" She was transported to an erotic plateau, moaning continuously, writhing with another climax as this one erupted. The third one entered her stretched cunt easily, soon adding his semen to the pool. These studs were expert, making sure my wife climaxed before they ejaculated into her.

The three men sat around her, taking a rest, and it was soon evident that they intended to have her again. My smiling perspiring wife was laying there in orgasmic bliss as she contemplated these smiling black studs who had brought her to a sexual level she didn't know was possible, and now she waited to see what else these black men could do to a white women.

Both Dawn and Sally were aroused by this scene. I said, "I didn't know they would want a second turn. I don't think she can take them all again."

Sally said, "Oh, I think she can and will. It isn't often they have a wife as beautiful as yours, and they are going to make the most of it. When you two came into this room you gave up sexual control to these men. Your wife and you entered into this erotic adventure willingly, wanting the sexual high that these men could provide. Your wife's very helplessness, giving herself, surrendering her body to them, to do whatever they want to her, this is what makes this experience so memorable."

They began caressing and stroking my wife again in preparation for their next assault. Without speaking they knew what they were going to do next, and that was to take her from behind. Karen was protesting as they rolled her over, lifting her so that she was on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed, pressing her shoulders down and pushing her thighs open. It was incredibly erotic seeing her in this position, her beautiful rounded ass in air and her wet pussy gaping, some of their juices on her thighs.

One was already fully erect, and as he moved forward to take her, the other two lay down alongside her, caressing her hanging breasts, one bringing her head over to his cock, indicating what he wanted. She obeyed, taking his cock into her mouth just as the first one pushed fully into her, her body jerking, a muffled cry from her. His wet penis was purposely stroking fully into her as he held her hips steady. He took much longer this time, but finally he groaned, pulling her onto him as he came in her.

When he withdrew the one whose cock was in her mouth moved behind her, now placing it at her stretched and open red lips, and thrust into her. We watched as it disappeared into, and we had an excellent view as he stroked into her, fucking her steadily till he too erupted, but not before Karen cried out again, her body shaking as she came.

By this time the third one was ready, as he also had her using her mouth on him. He took a lot of time with her, thrusting steadily till finally my wife was overcome with another climax, her body convulsing, crying out, crying out louder as she felt him swelling and throbbing in the depths of her vagina.

As he withdrew from her we saw her wet and gaping pussy, semen running down her thighs to her stocking tops. She collapsed on the bed, finally rolling over, laying there exhausted, her body flushed, her breathing ragged. It seems they were finally through with her, and they looked at her, another beautiful white wife conquered and serviced by these smiling studs, and then they looked at me, another white husband watching his wife taken and fucked so well by black men, watching them perform on her, stretching her cunt to a size that would take awhile to return to normal.

They had clearly shown what a trio of well-endowed black men could do to a beautiful white wife who submitted her body to them, enjoying her submission, and enjoying cuckolding another complacent husband.

Dawn helped dress my exhausted wife, and as we left Sally said, "I hope you'll come back again. I won't have any trouble supplying you with more of the best."

On the way back Dawn said, "It doesn't get any better than that!" And I thought it can't get any more erotic then that. It was the most overpowering experience of my life, and I knew it was the same with Karen. We were living on the edge. Arriving home I got my wife undressed, and she just fell into bed, too tired to shower. She was awash with semen, but she insisted on waiting till morning to bathe.

The next day we talked about the experience, and we both felt we had gone as far into the sexual unknown as we could. Looking at her I could see that she was reliving the experience, and I was also, the image of those black cocks filling her pussy, fucking her so powerfully, filling her with semen was indelibly etched in my mind.

What that episode did was to greatly improve our sex life, but we felt that emotionally it was so overwhelming that we decided not to repeat the experience. It was our last walk on the wild side.



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    i luvd this story, more thn most-i thnk its the honesty in the story-makes it more real.