It had been one hell of a party. Walt looked around the living room, surveying the empty drink glasses and beer bottles scattered around the room. His eyes came to rest on his wife Kathy, who had passed out on the couch.

At 38 she still looked damned good, especially dressed the way she was in a really short mini skirt and tank top. She was on her back with one leg draped over the back of the couch, and he could clearly see she had taken off her panties sometime during the night. Her hairy beaver was just visible from across the room.

He smiled, thinking that it was a good thing all of the guests had gone home. He was still smiling as he staggered up the stairs to the bathroom to drain his over full bladder.

No sooner had Walt gone upstairs than Bill and Warren came up from the family room downstairs. The first thing that came into their view was Kathy's gaping pussy. They looked at each other in disbelief.

"Do you see that?" Bill whispered to Warren drunkenly.

"Of course I do, Warren slurred, his eyes fixed on the scene. "What do you think we should do about it?"

Bill though for a moment, then a drunken grin spread across his face. "You don't have a hair on your ass if your don't go over there and lick that!"

Warren though about that briefly, the grinned back. "You're on, man!" He went over to the couch and got down on his knees between her shapely legs, carefully getting his head close to Kathy's pussy. With a side-glance at Bill, he bent forward and touched his tongue against her pussy lips, the quickly pulled back.

"Chicken!" Bill teased him. "That don't count for shit!"

Warren looked at him and then leaned forward again. This time he poked the tip of his tongue past her pussy lips and then licked upward. He felt his tongue brush against her clit. "Mmm, Mmm, tasty," he said. "Your turn."

Bill took Warren's place by Kathy and proceeded to stick his tongue into her pussy. Instead of pulling out though, he kept it between her lips, slowly moving his tongue up and down. A low moan escaped Kathy's lips, and her legs opened a little wider. "She likes it!" Warren giggled.

Bill just kept licking at her pussy, enjoying the flow of juices that began to coat his chin. He reached down and unzipped his pants, pulling out his cock so he could stroke it. Warren followed suit, quickly pulling his own prick out and jerking on it. It was about this time that Walt came out of the upstairs bathroom.

He paused at the top of the stairs, and took in the scene below. Warren was playing with his slowly stiffening cock, and Bill had his face buried in Kathy's crotch, slurping away. Walt stood there in silence, watching, and felt his own cock begin to stir in his pants. He carefully unzipped his fly and took it in hand, feeling it begin to get hard as he took in the show.

Warren had now moved over by Kathy's head, and slowly ran the head of his cock across her lips. He did this several times, then her mouth opened slightly. Seizing the opportunity, he put his cock head against her slightly parted lips and gently pushed forward. Slowly, the head disappeared into her mouth. Warren stood still, enjoying the feel of her lips wrapped around his manhood. He looked at Bill and said, "Top that, dude!"

Bill pulled his head back from Kathy's pussy and repositioned himself between her legs. His own cock head rested against her pussy now, and he looked at Warren. "Here goes," he said softly and began pushing forward. Slowly, the head of his cock pushed against the resisting lips, until they suddenly parted and engulfed the entire head. Bill stopped pushing.

Walt had a raging hard on now. He could clearly see the two men ravishing his wife. Pre-cum was already oozing from his stiff prick, and he was afraid to stroke himself for fear he would cum right then. He stood perfectly still, his cock standing straight out in front of him, watching two of his buddies take advantage of his unconscious wife and loving every second of it.

Bill began to push forward again, and his cock slowly disappeared into Kathy's pussy. At the same time, Warren had begun to gently push into her mouth. Bill's balls soon rested against her ass, while Warren began to gently fuck her face. "Bet I can cum before you do!" Warren told Bill and began to hump her mouth faster.

"Bullshit!" Bill exclaimed. He took Kathy's ankles and put them on his shoulders. He then began to fuck her in earnest, using long, hard thrusts. Walt couldn't believe what he was seeing, his wife of 18 years was being used like a common whore, and he was totally enjoying it.

When Warren moaned and pulled his cock out of her mouth to spurt his load onto her upturned face, Walt almost came himself. The site of the sticky gobs of semen running down her cheeks was almost too much. Bill was close behind, burying himself to the hilt inside of her and groaning as his balls pumped his seed deep into her womb.

That was when Walt came, without touching himself. As he watched his wife being filled with another man's sperm, his cock erupted, spewing his own load all over the wall and floor. He came so hard he had to sit down on the top stair. He almost came again, when Kathy's eyes opened and he heard his wife say, "Thanks guys. I really, really enjoyed that."


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    2 years ago
    That was amazing. I have been looking for stories like this for a long time.