Chapter 1


The county seat for Greene County, Berksville, was a small town with a population of around 2,000. It depressed Crystal that the town offered so little excitement for someone her age. Going to the quarry to drink beer with the rest of the teenagers was about the only thing to do. Unfortunately, everyone knew that when a girl went to the old mining pit, she was going to get laid. The quarry was commonly referred to as, "The Sex Pit."

Crystal was only invited to the quarry once. She went there with Brett Nalone who wasted no time trying to feel her up. She resisted and, even after she slapped his face, he continued trying to reach inside her clothing. In his tussle with Crystal, he ended with deep scratches on his face and arms. After that night, she was seldom asked out on a date except as a last resort.

One night, after she turned eighteen, Crystal was riding around town with Bob Donahue and his girlfriend, Susan Anderson. It was Friday, a date-night and eventually they stopped at the DQ for hot fudge sundaes. Crystal joined a group of kids, her age, on the patio while Bob and Susan sat at a table by themselves.

Crystal tried to join in the conversation at the patio but couldn't keep her mind focused. The sight of Bob and Susan holding hands constantly distracted her. When Bob slipped his hand under Susan's skirt, Crystal felt the inner sensations of her own arousal. Secretly, she wished to be felt up. In her mind's eye, she imagined how it would feel if Bob's hand was moving up her leg instead of Susan's. Her pussy grew moist as she thought of his fingers slipping under the hem of her panties and into the moist warmth of her private place. She thought of how it might feel as his fingers spread the lips of her labia and...

"Crystal! Hey, - Earth to Crystal, what are you thinking about? You look like you're a thousand miles out in space. Bob and I are going to the quarry. Can we drop you off at home or something?"

The comment startled Crystal out of her daydream. "Sorry," she replied, "uh, nothing important. No thanks on the ride, I'll stay here with the gang a while and walk home later. It's a nice evening for a walk."

Crystal leaned toward her friend Jean Smith and whispered, "Actually, I was watching Bob and Susan. They were so wrapped up in their petting it made me curious about what it would be like to have sex."

"You know, Crystal, I could easily arrange an orgy for you anytime you want to satisfy that curiosity."

"No, I don't think so Jean, but thanks for the offer anyway. Although, sometimes I wonder if saving my virginity this long has been worth it. I never seem to get a real date."

Over the next two hours, the crowd at the patio slowly thinned as couples left to go elsewhere. As each couple departed, Crystal and her friends would speculate over whether they were going to the "sex pit" and what they would do when they got there. Finally, when only Crystal, Jean Smith and three boys remained, one of the boys whispered something into Jean's ear that put a big smile on her face.

Jean looked at Crystal and said, "Last chance, Miss Innocent." She waited for a reply and after a slight hesitation, Crystal just said, "No thanks." Jean excused herself and left with all three boys.

As usual, Crystal went home alone. While walking, she wondered what she'd be doing right now if she had gone with Jean and the three boys. For a brief moment, she had actually considered going with them. "I'm probably the only virgin left in my entire graduating class," she thought. "But at least, when I lose my virginity, I'll lose it to someone whom l can love and respect. I hope that it happens soon though, my yearnings get stronger every day."

When she arrived home, her parents greeted her, asking if she had enjoyed herself this evening. Crystal responded that she had a good time but that nothing exceptional had taken place. After a few moments chatting with them, she retired to her room to get ready for bed.

Crystal wasn't very close with her mother but had a good relationship with her father. Her mother, May, didn't understand teenagers and was rigid and impatient with her. In fact, she had only discussed sexual matters with her daughter once. When Crystal was 13 and her periods started, May spent a few moments with Crystal explaining about her "monthly visitor."

On the other hand, Crystal's father, Todd, was very understanding and had an uncanny respect for his daughter's rights. Since she was a little girl, if Crystal needed an answer about anything dealing with life, she could openly ask her father. He was the one who told her the "real facts of life." Their relationship was quite open and healthy.

Crystal fell asleep that night wondering if she would ever get to feel a stiff cock inside her.

She woke around seven o'clock Saturday morning, bathed and washed her hair. While drying her hair, Crystal's mother walked into the bathroom. Finding her daughter standing nude she said, "Crystal, you should cover up, what if your father were to walk in and find you in like that?"

Around the house, Crystal and her father were never modest in front of each other. In fact, she was often nude in front of him, and she saw him nude several times a week. Even with such openness, Crystal had never experienced any sexual contact from her father.

"Mom, dad has seen me without clothes since I was a little baby. Besides, he was just in here when I was getting out of the tub." Crystal smiled; it gave her a curious pleasure to tell this to her mother. "What is it you want, mom?"

"Your father and I, are going to visit your Aunt Janice and Uncle Peter, and will stay over night; will you be okay by yourself?"

"Yes, when are you planning on leaving, mom?"

"Just as soon as your father is ready, so in a few minutes."

Her mother left the bathroom and as Crystal resumed drying her hair, her father walked in. "Hi baby, did your mother tell you we were leaving to visit your Aunt Janice?"

"Yeah, so you and mom have a good time. OK?"

Crystal saw that her father was looking at her, the same as he had when she was getting out of the tub. This time though, he was looking at her 32-A cup breasts and her hard nipples, the size of a No. 2 pencil eraser. She noticed his eyes drift down to view the small thatch of light-brown hair crowning the top of her sex.

"I wonder what dad thinks when he sees me nude. Could it be that seeing daddy's little girl in the buff, gives him ideas?" Crystal asked herself. To her surprise, for the first time ever since seeing her nude, he spoke about her body. "You have very nice legs; I guess I've never noticed them until now."

Crystal smiled, "Thank you, daddy."

She looked at her father, put down the hair dryer and hugged him. "Daddy, do you think I'm attractive? I mean, - I'm unsure about up here," pointing to her breasts. Reaching her hand down and touching her maiden hair, she added, "And, I have very little hair down here. I don't know if boys like lots of hair or no hair. Some of my girl friends shave their pubes. Tell me the truth, daddy."

"Crystal, honey, you're embarrassing me, and your mother just gave me heck for the millionth time about seeing you naked." He hugged his daughter in a fatherly way, just as he had done since she was a little girl. He looked at the lovely girl's nudity and told her, "You look perfect all over. You always have, ever since the day I helped bring you into the world." Teasingly, with the back of his hand he slapped her round hips. Smiling, he said, "We'll see you tomorrow afternoon, and here's a couple of twenty dollar bills. There's more in the jar in the kitchen cabinet if you need them. Bye."

Crystal finished her hair and turned to look at herself in the full length mirror. Studying her breasts, she wondered why fate handed out size 32-A to her. The other girls she knew had breasts that were 34 or 36 B or C cups, then there was Marty Hendron, who all the girls were jealous over. Marty had been blessed with 38-D breasts.



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