I had just graduated in computer science at a prestigious university. However, in the small town where I had lived most of my life, jobs in this specialty fields were almost non-existent. Therefore I had to go where there was a job opportunity.

I had a cousin in the nearest major city so I called him. I explained the problem, that I needed somewhere to stay while I job hunted. He said I was welcome to stay with him until I was settled in a job. I said I had no money for room and board, but he said to forget it - I could help around the house, and when I had some income I could repay him. That was perfect and I packed up and headed for the city.

I was welcomed by Steve and his wife Isabel. I had met his wife before and I remembered how beautiful she was. She was Italian with a lush beauty that bespoke her Latin background. She had a gorgeous oval face framed by long black hair, firm high breasts, a slim waist flowing into beautiful rounded hips, and these ending in long perfect legs. She didn't have a model's slimness, but she had a figure and sensuality that was stunning. I envied my cousin.

Steve owned a small successful construction business and he worked long hours six days a week which didn't provide him much home life-his work was his life, and I learned later that Isabel was not happy with his single-minded dedication to his work, leaving little time for them to be together.

Finding work in my field was not easy; I sent resumes to every company that might have a technology job open with no success. I found a temporary part-time job that didn't pay much, but it helped with spending money, and to pay a little towards my room and board. Also it enabled me to purchase some clothes so if an interview came up I would look presentable.

I was getting discouraged but Steve and Isabel said if I was patient a job would come along. I didn't have to get up early and when I went down for breakfast Steve was already off to work. Isabel would prepare breakfast for me, and we often had long conversations.

I believe she enjoyed having someone to talk to, as it seemed her husband had little time for her. She seemed comfortable talking with me, and at one point I gathered that her sex life suffered. She said he was always tired after his long hours, blushing when she confided that she wasn't happy with the infrequent love-making.

I could understand this as she was a voluptuous woman who was being ignored. I looked at her in a different light, wondering what it would be like to make love to this beautiful woman. I tried to dismiss these thoughts with not much success-I was captivated by her lush beauty.

I kept reminding myself that this woman was my cousin's wife, and I was living in their house as a guest. But that didn't help. I fantasized more and more about what it would be like to possess her. Also my sex life suffered since I had come to the city, so my thoughts turned more and more to this woman. I think Isabel was attracted to me but she made no overtures. She was Catholic, very religious, and attended mass regularly.

For me a very special time of day was when I had breakfast with her. Sometimes she had only a negligee over her short nightgown, sometimes she had on a house- dress. When she bent over the table I would often catch a glimpse of her breasts. She caught me looking more than once, and she would blush. Other times, when she bent over to pick up something her short dress would ride up, exposing her thighs. I was more and more tempted. I think she subconsciously dressed in a revealing nightgown or tight dress. Anyway it was playing havoc with my emotions.

Finally one morning things came to a head. She had on a short tight fitting dress with a low neckline, a dress that hugged her beautiful figure, and when she bent over I caught a glimpse of her firm breasts. This was too much, and I stood up and pulled her into me. She was hesitant, resistant, but I held her close, feeling her breasts against me, and kissed her. She broke the kiss, standing there flushed and trembling, but I managed to kiss her again, and sighing she melted into my arms.

I lifted her and carried her into her bedroom, stood her on her feet and began to undress her. She didn't resist, her arms at her side as I began to strip her. She moaned as I took off her dress, sighing as I undid and removed her bra, her firm full breasts exposed. She moaned louder as I slid her panties down and off; now standing naked in my arms. She was so gorgeous that I almost came. She stood there as I stripped-I was never so hard.

I eased her to the bed, spread her lovely legs, and moved my fingers to her vaginal lips. She was so wet and we were both so excited that I quickly moved between her legs, mounting her. There were no preliminaries-I moved my cock to her vulva and began pushing into her.

She cried out as I entered her, and I pushed steadily until I filled her with my cock. She groaned as I pressed fully into her, lifting her thighs, clutching me. The fucking was fast, furious, and short lived. She screamed as she climaxed, her body in spasms, shaking as she clutched me, crying out again as she felt me throbbing and spurting into her, filling her with semen.

I scarcely rested before my cock was erect again, and once more I took her, beginning a steady thrusting that took much longer this time. She moaned continuously, her body rocking to my thrusts till she cried out again as she came, groaning loudly. I was right behind her, emptying my cock into once more, filling her with sperm.

Her legs stayed open as I moved away from her, and she began sobbing, and I couldn't comfort her. Her sobs continued-she was full of remorse because her body had betrayed her, and she had betrayed her husband, planting horns on his head. Finally she finished crying, but she lay there for some time before she brought her legs together, got up and began to dress.

"I can't believe this happened! My God, I am so sorry! I can't do this again! I have never been unfaithful to my husband before." I kept trying to console her. I left and didn't come back till late. I had to get my own breakfast as she went to early mass, and when she got back she told me she had gone to confession and told everything to the priest. She wouldn't tell me what he said to her. This sexual episode was not the end of it. It wasn't long before we ended up in bed together once more, and again she was remorseful-it seemed I had opened up a Pandora's Box. We continued to have explosive sex, doing it in every position. We didn't use protection, and I ejaculated into her again and again, filling her with sperm.

She said the church did not condone birth control, and she and Steve never used protection. The only reason she didn't get pregnant had to be the infrequency of their sex. We had very wild sex, and it seemed that it became easier and easier to get her on her back, but she was always remorseful. I had overcome every bit of resistance till she submitted to me when I wanted her, which was often.

She went to mass regularly, and she continued to confess. The priest told her she had to stop, and she must tell her husband about her adultery. Finally she said she couldn't deceive her husband any longer, and would do as the priest said, namely confess to her husband.

I pleaded with her - I said he would kill me if she told him. (He was a very large and very strong man) She was adamant; I couldn't persuade her not to tell him. I knew I had to leave, and she promised she wouldn't tell him till I was gone. I knew all hell would break loose. I packed up and got a room across the city, and did not give Isabel my address, and I didn't go back to my part-time job as he knew where I worked.

After a couple of weeks I called her when I knew Steve was at work. She said she told him, and he was furious, threatening to kill me, but he didn't hurt her. He did demand that she tell him everything, where we had sex, how we did it, how often, how often she climaxed, and whether I came in her.

Four weeks later I called her again, wanting to know if she was alright. She said she wasn't alright because she just found out she was pregnant, and she told her husband.

She was sure it was mine, and Steve also believed I was the father, and he was angry again. This was alarming news, and I decided I would not call her again.

I finally found a very good job with a tech company. In a few months I got a raise and a supervisory job. Things were looking good, and I moved into a very nice apartment. Another major event was a relationship with a lovely girl. Melissa was a gorgeous woman that I met through a friend. I was instantly in love and she felt the same. I wanted to marry her yesterday, but she was a go slow person, and wanted to wait till we became better acquainted before she would commit to marriage.

We did everything together and I just fell more and more in love. She absolutely refused to have sex before marriage, but we did everything short of intercourse. She would masturbate me, even giving head on a couple of occasions. She would allow me to caress her breasts, her thighs, her vaginal area, and once allowed me to press a finger into her.

To my surprise I discovered she was a virgin, barely admitting one finger tip through her hymen, so I thought I would not press her again to go all the way. She did allow me to perform oral sex on her, and she had her first orgasm ever, but she didn't want to do it on a regular basis, not until we were married.

After a year of dating we set the wedding date. I couldn't believe my good fortune-my head was in the clouds. I thought we might go to a resort for our honeymoon, but my best man offered us the use of his cabin in the mountains, and we both agreed that it would be a great honeymoon in idyllic surroundings.

The wedding went off without a hitch; Melissa was radiant in a beautiful white dress-I was so proud to be her husband. We told no one where we were going, just hinting that we would be at some resort. Only John, our best man knew since we were using his cabin. My wife changed into a lovely clinging pink dress, looking gorgeous. Our car was loaded, and we drove away to the cheers from the people, throwing a lot of confetti, and headed for the mountains which was a six hour drive.

We finally arrived-it was a gorgeous location in a wooded area in the foothills, quite isolated. To call it a cabin was an understatement-it was beautiful. There were two spacious bedrooms, an adequate kitchen, a dining area, a storage room, and a living room with a large fireplace. There was also an extra bed in the living room.

We had bought groceries on the way, and after putting the food away we started to unpack. I heard the cabin door open, and when I looked up I couldn't believe my eyes. It was Steve and he was holding a gun in one hand and a club in the other, and he had a shoulder bag. I was horrified - how had he found us? And very quickly I understood why he was there. Melissa came in and looking at her he said, "So this is the bride. She is beautiful, but I already knew that."

My wife said, "Who is this man? Does he know you?"

Steve said, "Yes, he knows me very well, and he also knows my wife very well, and that is why I'm here. It's an eye for and eye, and I've waited a long time for this day."

I said, "How did you find us? No one but my best man knew we were here."

"It was easy - I've had a private detective working on this for some time. It was easy to find where you worked, and to find where you lived. It was a little more difficult to get the information from your best man as to where you would be going for your honeymoon, but my investigator is very skilled, and he found out where you would be spending your honeymoon."

The full realization of what he intended hit me. I was appalled, and I pleaded with him, telling him how sorry I was, and offering him money, promising him anything he wanted.

"What I want is right here, and I will have my revenge." I knew it was hopeless.

My wife said, "What is this about? Why is he here, and what does he want with us?"

Steve said, "I'll answer that question. You married my cousin who lived with my wife and me while he was job- hunting. He abused my hospitality, betrayed my trust and seduced my wife. While Isabel confessed everything to me I taped her confession, and her answers to my questions about what your husband did to her." He took out a recorder from his bag, and then proceeded to play the tape.

He forced Isabel to tell everything. Between whimpers and tears she described in detail how we violated their bed, to his prompting she confessed all - how we had intercourse, the positions we screwed in, including on her hands and knees. The tape went on and on telling all, even how I stripped her and how I fucked her.

When the tape was finished I looked at my wife; she was in shock, her face blanched as my transgressions were revealed in detail. Then she cringed as she understood the reason he was here, as she understood that she would be used by this man, that he would take her so he would be revenged on her new husband. She began pleading with him but Steve just smiled at her, still covering me with the gun as he removed a large roll of tape from his satchel. I knew it was hopeless.

He ordered me to put my hands behind me and then told Melissa to tape my wrists. She tearfully complied. He pushed me into a chair and then proceeded to tape my ankles together, and then wrapped more tape around my chest and around the chair. I was immobilized, totally helpless.

He looked at my wife, "You have a choice here. If you co-operate neither of you will be harmed." Then he removed a knife from his bag, "If you don't co-operate I'll do a small operation on his testicles, and you won't have much of a marriage. It's up to you."

My wife began sobbing; realizing she was helpless, that she would have to submit to him or the consequences would be terrible. "Alright, but please don't hurt me."

He was enjoying his victory, but was in no hurry to begin, wanting to go slowly, to extract the maximum enjoyment from our anguish, relishing postponing her seduction. He made her walk around, made her turn in circles. He ordered her to lift her dress slowly and she obeyed, raising both her pink skirt and slip higher and higher at his command.

He continued to say higher till first her sheer stockings were exposed, then her matching garter belt, her naked thighs, and finally her sheer pink panties. They were open leg panties and so sheer he could see the dark hair around her vagina. She was flushed with embarrassment as he had her slowly turn around, still holding her skirts up. He looked at his prize, smiling, enjoying her humiliation, not anxious to begin yet.

"We should have a drink to celebrate this occasion."

He made some drinks and handing one to Melissa, ordered her to drink, and she did, almost gagging on the strong drink. Holding a glass to my mouth he forced me to drink also. Then he made more drinks and we again drank. After the third drink he said it was time to have a little fun. Melissa was flushed and slightly unsteady, not used to this many drinks.

He ordered her to take off her dress slowly, and she complied, and she obeyed again when he ordered her to take off her slip, now standing in her matching bra and panties. She hesitated when told to take off her bra, but did so, her beautiful firm breasts exposed. He had her walk around again, her breasts jiggling as she walked in her heels. He still was in no hurry, enjoying her near nakedness, enjoying her beauty. My wife was trembling, flushed from the drinks and her exposure to this stranger, tears on her face.

Finally he asked her to take her panties off, slowly. She hesitated, but finally complied, sliding her sheer panties down her thighs and legs, taking them off. She was exposed now in all her nakedness, more erotic with her sheer stockings and garter belt, and he savored the prize which would soon be his, still in no hurry to take his revenge. Finally he led her to the bed which he moved closer to me, ordering her to get on the bed, and she did, lying on her back, her legs held tightly together. Then he stripped.

His cock was almost fully erect, and was large, and very thick. Her eyes widened and she whimpered when she saw his penis. He moved to her side and began caressing her. She flinched as he stroked her breasts, stroked her thighs, touching her everywhere. She resisted when he began to press her thighs apart, but he finally succeeded in spreading her. He took his time, lightly stroking around her vagina, caressing her vulva, my wife moaning as she felt his fingers on her most private areas.

He spread her lips, moving his fingers against her. "Dry, but I'll fix that!" He continued touching her lips, stroking her clitoris, moving his finger into her. She gave a cry as she felt herself invaded.

"A virgin, what a stroke of luck; what a bonus! This is truly going to be a great wedding night, and I'll do the honors for you. You can just watch and enjoy-watch your wife's hymen penetrated, watch her pussy being filled."

He continued playing with my helpless wife, caressing her everywhere, attempting to get her aroused, and he was succeeding, the lips of her cunt pink and swelling, her body flushed, my wife groaning now, groaning more as he stroked her clitoris, getting her ready for his penetration. He positioned her so I could see everything he did.

He took a lot of time with her-wanting her moist before he took her. When she was moaning and whimpering, aroused against her will, he pushed her thighs and legs fully open and moved between them. He lifted her knees, fully exposing her vagina, wet and ready for him. She was mounted and he directed his fully erect cock toward her, the swollen purple head pushing against her, my wife crying out as she felt him at her entrance, soon pushing steadily.

I could see her lips opening as he continued pressing into her, Melissa groaning loudly as she felt herself stretching around his invading cock. She cried out as he met the resistance of her intact hymen. He continued the relentless pressure, her cries louder as she felt the pain of his beginning entry. He pushed harder, and then she screamed as her hymen gave way and she was penetrated.

She cried out again and again as he continued pushing into her, his cock gradually disappearing, the lips stretched tightly around his invading cock. He continued stretching her and entering her till she wailed as she was fully penetrated, impaled and filled by his rigid penis. He took a lot of time with her before beginning to move back and forth, slowly for a long time till she her vagina began to loosen around him.

She began moaning as he steadily fucked her, and I could clearly see his cock moving back and forth, wet with her juices. He increased his thrusting, and now she was groaning, aroused now as he continued thrusting into her pussy; then her legs opened fully and lifted higher, her cries louder as he thrust faster and powerfully into her stretched cunt. She was carried along, involuntarily aroused to a higher and higher level. She screamed as she felt him swelling and throbbing, beginning to ejaculate, and her legs clutched him as she stiffened, her body in spasm as she climaxed.

He gradually removed his shrinking cock, moving off her. She lay there with her legs spread, a mixture of blood and semen on her thighs. She was sobbing, sobbing at how her body betrayed her, responding to this man who had made her come. I was tearful also, witnessing my wife's submission to him and seeing her climax to his powerful fucking.

He said, "Your wife is no longer a virgin; thank you for allowing me the first night with her. I hope you enjoyed the show, watching your bride deflowered; what a rush, and it isn't over yet."

He ordered her to clean up, and she slowly went to the bathroom and we could hear water running as she washed. When she returned she asked for her clothes but he said, "You can put on your panties only," and she complied, still tearful. He ordered her to get on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed. She pleaded with him not to do any more, but he just laughed, "Do as you're told!"

She did, kneeling at the edge of the bed, her lovely rounded panty clad ass sticking up in the air. He slid her panties to her knees, displaying her erotically, pushing her thighs apart; her wet cunt gaping slightly. We both knew what was coming next.

He stroked himself as he looked at her, becoming fully erect again, his cock standing straight out as he approached, making sure I could see as he pressed his cock against her moist vulva. She was moaning as she felt him against her, and she tried to move away from him, but he gripped her hips, holding her steady. She moaned louder as he began to stretch her once more, pressing his cock strongly into her defenseless cunt. She cried out as he entered, pushing steadily till she was once more impaled, pulling her hips against him, filling my wife's vagina.

He began stroking into her, taking his time, establishing a steady rhythm, her breasts swaying to his thrusts. Holding her hips and ass steady he continued his assault, pushing powerfully now, making her squeal as she was steadily fucked, wanting me to hear her cries.

I could clearly see his wet cock moving into her stretched pussy. She began groaning continuously as he labored in her, her cries becoming louder; she was responding to him as he screwed her to a climax. She stiffened and cried out loudly, her cunt clutching him as he pushed fully into her, holding her against him as he spurted, filling her with his semen again. Her body was still shaking with the force of her climax as he held her tight.

He released my wife, and she fell to the bed, sobbing at the way she was taken, and the way she responded, unable to prevent the orgasm that overwhelmed her. I was mortified, witnessing my wife's violation, and her climax each time. She looked at me, "I'm sorry! I couldn't help myself. He made me come." She was still tearful as Steve smiled at us, enjoying his conquest, enjoying humiliating us, and getting his revenge.

I thought he would leave now, but he had no intention of leaving-instead he had Melissa free me, and holding his gun, ordered me into the storage area. He bolted the door and I was a prisoner in a room with no windows. My wife told me later that he ordered her into a bed, and he had handcuffs, so he cuffed her to the bed post, and then joined her in the double bed. During the night I heard her crying out as he had his way with her again.

The next morning he released me, and had my wife handcuff me around a post. Then he laid down some rules: she was not allowed to wear a dress, and was to wear only lingerie of his choosing as well as sheer stockings, shoes and a garter belt. That day it was a sheer white camisole, lacy with matching panties and a half slip. She looked sexy and erotic as she moved around, obeying his orders, preparing breakfast and cleaning up.

Afterwards, he stripped her, and placed her on the bed on her back. He again stroked and caressed her till she was whimpering with her arousal, her legs opening involuntarily.

Smiling at me he mounted her and pushed his erect cock into her moist vagina, my wife gasping as she was entered. Once again he fucked her thoroughly, erupting into her as she was overcome by an intense climax. He allowed her to put on only her panties until later in the day when he took her again.

That night was the same, as was everyday that he remained, fucking my wife again and again, heedless of our pleading. The first day he had gone through every bit of our luggage, and in Melissa's he found her birth control tablets and a calendar of her periods. He guessed rightly that she was in a fertile time and was determined to impregnate her. He said, "You knocked up my wife, so it's only fair that I get your wife pregnant." And he flushed her birth control tablets down the toilet, ignoring her objections. With all the times he ravished her and filled her with his sperm, I was sure she would be pregnant.

When would this ordeal be over? Everyone knew we would be gone two weeks, so no one would be looking for us before then. I pleaded with Steve to leave, but he just smiled, "The honeymoon is supposed to last for two weeks, so I really don't want to leave before that time." So he knew - it was hopeless - we were going to have to endure him for the whole time, and he would continue to ravish my wife. He was going to have his full measure of revenge.

Finally, for variation, he demanded that my wife perform oral sex on him. She looked appalled and refused, but he insisted. When she refused again, he handcuffed her, tied a rope to the handcuffs and threw the end over a beam, and secured the end to a post, pulling her arms overhead. She had a half slip and panties on. He pulled the slip to the floor, and then brought her panties to her knees, displaying her erotically. He left briefly, and returned with a switch-his meaning clear.

Pleading was useless. He stood there, relishing her helplessness, moving closer, striking her bare buttocks with the switch till she screamed, her body twisting to turn away from him; but he followed her around striking her ass again and again till welts appeared, my wife sobbing as he continued to whip her. She begged him to stop, and finally agreed to do what he wanted.

After releasing her, he pushed her to her knees, lowered his pants and shorts and told her to begin. She obeyed, taking his growing penis in her mouth, moving her mouth and tongue on him as he held her head, forcing her to take all of him. He made her continue till she almost choked as he pulled her head fully forward and erupted into her mouth and throat, my wife gagging as he came.

Later Melissa whispered to me that she would find a way to disable him, to knock him out, and was waiting for an opportunity. That came after breakfast the next morning. She was wiping a heavy iron skillet, and when he turned his back she swung at him with the skillet. He sensed her motion, and at the last moment he twisted, the skillet striking him a glancing blow on his shoulder. He was furious, "That's going to cost you!"

He pulled my weeping wife to the bed, threw her on her stomach, and proceeded to tie her wrists and legs to the corners of the bed. He pushed a thick pillow under her stomach, her ass lifted in the air. He retrieved some KY from his pack and advanced on my wife. He pulled her panties to her knees, lubricated a finger and proceeded push against her ass.

She cried out as his finger entered her, and she cried out again as he began stretching her. Soon he added a second finger, stretching her anus, ignoring her cries. When he had her sufficiently dilated he stripped, stroking his cock till it was erect, and mounted her, and pressing his cock against her ass he pushed firmly. She screamed as he entered her rectum, screaming again as he pushed his cock fully into her.

He began thrusting with an intensity that caused scream after scream to erupt from her, finally emptying his cock into her bowel. He moved off my sobbing wife, "I don't think you're going to try that again."

There was only two more days left before we were due to return. Steve made good use of those days, ravishing my wife again and again. He took pains to caress her every time till she was whimpering with arousal, her cunt wet. He made sure that I could see his cock entering her each time, especially when she was on her hands and knees, her vagina presented to him, moist and open as he pushed her thighs apart.

He would pause, the swollen purple head of his cock at her vulva, looking at me as he began pushing into her, stretching and filling her, holding her hips, pulling my wife fully onto him, Melissa groaning as he had his way with her. He would thrust steadily into her until her moans and cries became louder, more shrill till she cried out with her climax. Shortly after Steve would groan as once more he filled her with his semen.

He delighted in humiliating us. During the last few days he would have her get fully dressed, and then he would enjoy stripping her naked in front of me, stroking and caressing her till she was whimpering, flushed and moaning with arousal that she couldn't prevent. After she was taken, responding to him, unable to prevent the orgasm that overwhelmed her, she would lay there sobbing at how her body betrayed her again, her vagina gaping, their fluids moistening her thighs, telling me how sorry she was, much to Steve's amusement.

On the last day Steve got ready to depart, but not before he fucked her again with an intensity that caused her to cry out again and again before he filled her once more. For two weeks her cervix was bathed in his semen, his sperm filling her uterus. He thanked us for a wonderful honeymoon, and hoped that Melissa was pregnant. Also he said that he didn't think we would file any charges about what happened, and he was right. It would be too humiliating to report all that happened. He had his revenge.

He cut one of my tires when he left, so it took me quite a while to get the tire changed. By that time he was long gone. We spoke little as we drove back, arriving late at my apartment.

When I would attempt to make love to her the memory of her being used by him kept intruding. I couldn't rid myself of the vision of her under him, his cock thrusting into her, hearing her cries as he emptied his cock into her, and I know she couldn't also.

Our marriage was never consummated. She was pregnant, and as the weeks went by, and I watched her abdomen swelling with his baby I had to leave, and we were divorced soon after.



  • Anonymous said:
    1 year ago
    Good revenge. It would have been better if Steve's cousin had not divorced Melissa and both had raised the revenger´s son or daughter,