Dani wasn't overly fond of babysitting for the Clarks but they did pay well so she would grit her teeth and bear it. Usually the three or four hours of torture was worth the money and Dani could use the extra cash as her university costs were getting higher with each semester.

She was 20 and in her third year in Business Law and now that summer holidays were over, so was the summer employment. During school months, she still managed to do babysitting around the neighborhood as well as part time at the donut shop.

Although the Clark's two sons, Dan and Jim, were probably old enough to stay by themselves, Bob and Carol felt better leaving them with a sitter when they went out for more than a couple hours. This night, they were going to the big city to attend a concert and wouldn't be back until well after midnight. Maybe they were overly protective but Carol just didn't leave her babies alone when they went out of town.

At the last minute, Sean their 15 year old cousin dropped in but the Clark's still felt safer leaving the boys with Dani. She had sat for them over the years and there was no more reliable girl in the neighborhood. Besides, Sean was only supposed to visit for a couple of hours.

Bob and Carol would be utterly surprised if they knew of the pre-meditated planning by the boys as they had been scheming for weeks to find a way to get Dani alone. Sean had listened to Dan and Jim go on for years about Dani's raving beauty and how downright sexy her body was.

They told about how they peeped on her all the time and even got to see her kissing her boyfriend on a few occasions. Sean figured that even if the babysitter was half as beautiful as they described, it would be worth the effort he had expended on planning the seduction.

After the Clarks departed, Sean quickly phoned his parents to say that he would be staying the night with his cousins. Being older than Dan and Jim, Sean had experience with girls albeit with only three but still he had sex with the opposite sex.

Dan was 14, Jim 13 and they were easily convinced to follow Sean's evil scheme as they had fantasized for months of getting into the pants of their gorgeous babysitter. Dani was the envy of most guys and also many girls as her slender, well proportioned body drew stares from any guy with a heartbeat.

Dani dressed very conservatively and never wore revealing clothing, especially when babysitting.

This night was no different as she wore a pair of jeans, which did display her perfectly shaped ass and long, slender legs. At 5'10", she was taller than most girls and this added to her attractive assets as many boys preferred taller girls.

She wore a padded bra, as the need to hide her large nipples was paramount. They seemed to stand up at the most inopportune time and she hated getting embarrassed because of the hard nips causing big protrusions in her top. She could always tell what guys were looking at when she talked to them, as their stare would inevitably go to her chest.

The snug tank top Dani wore displayed her small breast to the utmost and made them look much bigger than they actually were. At 20 years of age, Dani certainly needed a lesson in understanding the opposite sex as her few romances were with straight-laced boys and they taught her nothing about the perverted male tendencies. Sean and his cousins were much too young for Dani to even consider as a boyfriend or even a sexual partner of any kind.

Tonight, Dani was going to find out just how na�ve she really was and what an evil mind can do when challenged. Sean was the ultimate conspirator and it took him days to come up with plans for how the evening would unwind. He reassured his cousins that with the proper execution, they would all learn some most interesting facts about a grown woman. If they did what he outlined, Dani would be under their control and would not be able to report them to the Clarks or anyone for that matter.

Books and magazines were enlightening but Sean explained that there was nothing like the real thing. He had convinced Dan and Jim that his plan was foolproof and if they were willing to go along with his devious scheme, they would reap the benefits of having their first fuck. Boys will be boys and each had masturbated with dreams of seeing Dani's sexy body naked and they were elated at the chance of having sex with such a desirable woman.

Dan and Jim were pleased to see Dani when she arrived and Sean could see at first glance that his cousins had told the truth, even under estimated Dani's sexual charms. She was an extremely intelligent girl but also very innocent for her age. Devoting much of her time to University, she just didn't have time left over for romance. Sean studied the perfect figure and felt a sudden shiver run through his body with the prospect of seeing her nude. He couldn't take his eyes off her breasts as they pressed into the tank top in an enticing way.

Dani did have a steady boyfriend, Randy, and they had dated since they were in grade 11 together. Prior to that, she had short flirtations with two or three other boys but nothing more than heavy petting in the back seat of a car. Her limited sexual experimentation added to her purity and she just didn't know what the wicked, male mind was capable of. She often found herself in trouble before she even knew what the trouble was.

Bob and Carol left for the concert and nothing much happened for the first thirty minutes, until Sean suggested they all play cards. He had watched the gorgeous Dani move around the house and his emotions were climbing with the thought of the impending seduction. His mind kept stepping through the devilish plan and the excitement was driving him crazy with lust.

Dani was trying to watch television but knew that was going to be impossible with the boys remaining in the living room so she reluctantly agreed to a game of cards. Rummy was the popular choice, as they all knew how to play. After a few hands and much boyish kidding, strip poker was mentioned. The boys teased Dani and kept up a constant barrage of kidding that she was afraid to play.

Not to be outdone by meager children and by boys so young, Dani reluctantly agreed to play a few hands. After all, she told herself, what could these young boys do when she was so much older, smarter and more authoritative? Her feeling of superiority would never fail to get the young woman in trouble as she reasoned that she would be able to control any situation no matter what happened.

They played for about forty-five minutes and everyone took a few loses. Dan was the first one to be put in a vicarious position. He wore shorts and jeans and was forced to loose one and after much jousting from Sean and Jim, he eventually parted with his jeans. Dani even found herself getting into the game and uttered a few flippant jests of her own.

The game now took on a more sullen mood as everyone realized that things were getting down to the nitty gritty. Dani tried to beg out of the game but the response from the boys in daring her to continue worked to the boy's advantage. She knew things could get out of hand but kept telling herself that she was in complete control of proceedings. Anyway she reasoned that the game was sort of exciting and she got a thrill out of the shear wickedness of it all.

The game was being played in the large, carpeted area in the center of the living room and everyone sat in a circle. With Dan now down to the last garment, it was obvious what he was trying to hide as he sat back down. The tent protruding in front of his crotch brought nervous giggles as everyone else felt his discomfort.

Dani turned her eyes away from his predicament as she didn't want to cause Dan further uneasiness but she did join in the laughing. Sean and Jim joked about Dan's aroused condition while Dani did find it quite hilarious, as he did look awkward trying to hide his embarrassment.

Luckily, Dan didn't loose any of the next hands but it came time for Dani to make a decision. Trying to forfeit the game brought only jeers and teasing from the boys and Dani was hesitant to remove any more clothing. She told them that she was the adult in charge and couldn't be compromised any further.

Thinking fast, Dani came up with a solution to survive and keep her dignity. She offered to go into the washroom and take off a piece of clothing, which the boys readily agreed to. They were willing to do whatever it took to get the sexy babysitter down to her birthday suit.

Dani went to the adjoining bathroom and the boys whispered with intense anticipation about what would be removed. Their hearts were racing and each had a hard- on, which was beginning to throb. When she returned to the living room, the beaming smiles were obvious on the boy's faces as they instantly saw Dani's anatomy answer their puzzle.

The big grins turned to wide-eyed stares as they saw the big nipples pushing out against the flimsy tank top. Dani tried her utmost to hunch her shoulders so her breasts were not so obvious but it did little good. She was the brightest red from the humiliation as the boys eyes focused on her predominant womanly treasures.

Quickly she sat back down on the plush carpet and prayed that her body would not bring further shame. Her temperature must have risen many degrees as verified by the hot flush, which covered her pretty face. Sean grabbed the cards and proceeded to deal the next fateful hand. As luck would have it, Dani lost this hand as well and again her protests fell on deaf ears.

They were having nothing to do with her backing out and Sean did bring up one strong bargaining point. Dani would certainly not want the Clarks or others to know she was playing strip poker with teenagers. With the threat looming over her and against her better judgment, she swiftly returned to the bathroom. She reasoned that this time it would not be so shocking as they would not be able to tell she removed her panties.

Lingering in the washroom a little longer than necessary, Dani could hear the excited, high-pitched voices from the other room coaxing her back to the game. Slowly she opened the door and moved on shaking legs to her fate. A sudden rush of stimulation filled her mind as she walked slowly to her place and crouched once again in front of the exuberant boys.

Knowing she had but a single layer of clothes covering her most private areas added a mysterious luster to the whole affair. Sitting with her legs crossed, it almost felt like she was brazenly exposing herself to the boys. A shiver of excitement ran through her body with the realization she was getting damp down there.

The boys were satisfied knowing Dani was without undies and their vivid imaginations were filled with detailed pictures of what she looked like. Her hands were shaking so badly that the cards were hard to hold. Even her eyes couldn't see properly as for some strange reason, this seedy game was giving Dani weird feelings.

She had never so much as done anything immoral let alone played strip poker with such youngsters. Why she allowed Sean's treats to control her actions she would never understand. But then again, the Clarks would surely believe their sons before anything she said.

It was with great relief that Sean lost the next hand but he still retained a couple pieces of clothing. Dani had to admit that her emotions were sky high as the exhilaration of sitting in front of three thoroughly aroused boys was numbing. To be so daring never entered her innocent mind before tonight. Glancing around the circle, she could see that Dan was more than slightly aroused as the bulge in the front of his shorts stood out many inches.

Two more hands and Jimmy was the first to be stripped. Undaunted by the prospect of being naked in front of others, he stood and removed his last garment with one swift thrust. The surprised look on Dani's face went unnoticed as the young, teenage cock sprang into the open.

Her mouth agape for a few seconds from the shock, she was unable to take her eyes off Jimmy's long, thin pecker. In all her experiences, Dani had not seen a cock in a fully lighted room as the places had always been dimly lit. Even then, she refused to look at a man's penis because of her strict upbringing, which said you just didn't act that brash.

After a little while, Sean became aware of Dani's intent gaze and wondered at her bold display. Jim did not make any attempt to hide his manhood as he bravely sat down and deftly dealt the next hand. He was probably too young to even realize what the significance was on this eventful evening or how much he would grow to relish what was happening.

There was not a sound other than cards being dealt and everyone was content with their own thoughts. Panic began to fill Dani's mind as her cards were real terrible and she suddenly realized that another lose was out of the question. "We have to stop now as this just isn't right for me to be playing strip poker with kids," Dani whispered and was adamant that they quit the game.

Dani pleaded with the boys and dropped her cards on the carpet. In obvious defiance to any of the poor girls wishes, Sean flipped the cards face up. "Well it looks like you lost and it's up to you which piece to remove," he said in his most enthusiastic voice. In dismay, Dani looked at the various hands and knew it was time to run.

With her first move to escape, Sean was smart enough to realize that intervention was needed if the game was to continue. He moved like a cat and put the startled woman in a wrestler's headlock just as she got to her feet. Sean was strong and big for his age and Dani was certainly no match for his superior strength. Holding her firmly by the head, he whispered directions to his younger relatives.

Dan and Jim each seized an arm and with Dani bound by the three, they showed no mercy. She felt cool air rush over her chest and felt the cotton material rolled up to her shoulders. Suddenly, demanding fingers took brazen liberties and one of them pinched a vulnerable nipple like it was a piece of candy. Struggling with all the strength in her feminine body proved fruitless. Dani's flailing arms were removed from the tank top in a flash and with a quick move; Sean loosened his hold allowing the top to be cast aside.

On a command from Sean, Dani was set free and she stood motionless for a brief moment as the hungry eyes devoured her luscious body. The dilemma was having a profound affect on her mental state as her once strong confidence was crumbling. With a quick lunge, she reached for the discarded top but it was ripped out of her fingers before she got a good grip.

"You promised to play the game and it isn't over yet," Sean told the frightened girl. "I really don't want to explain to your parents or to the Clarks that you stripped for us but I will if you force me," he explained. "I know how Bob and Carol will feel when I tell them that you forced us to play the disgusting game and how you made poor Jimmy take off all his clothes. Do you enjoy looking at his hard cock while you play poker with us," he asked with a devilish grin across his stern face.

Dani stood in utter shock and disbelief as the gravity of the situation was presented to her. True, they did have control over her, as her word would never be believed once their story was told. Sensing the poor girl's demise, the boys returned to their seats and started a new hand. Dani stood behind her location with her elegant hands trying to hide her nudity, which was now ignored by the teenagers. Dan dealt and her cards sat untouched while her mind raced for an immediate solution.

Reversing her thinking process, Dani suddenly decided to abandon the meek approach and try to regain control of the situation. When Sean motioned to her that it was her turn to play, she decided to be strong and show these young boys that she was indeed in charge of the house. Slowly Dani moved to her seat on legs that could barely keep her upright. Sitting at her cards, she removed her dainty hands from covering her small breasts and reached for the five cards.

Breathing got much heavier and louder as the boys stared at the sudden nakedness and felt an instant reaction in their loins. The enlarged nipples were nothing like what they imagined as they stood out from the ends of her uplifted titties.

Dani actually blushed as she caught sight of little Jimmy's erection as it jerked wildly to indicate he was still thoroughly aroused. Sitting directly across from her, it was hard not to look in his direction when playing. A crimson, colored blush moved from her upper body all the way up her face to the top of her head and her heart was racing like crazy.

Dani's determination was slowly being sucked from her mind as she glimpsed the long, thin cock and noticed the perfectly shaped, mushroom head, which glistened with pre-cum. Then she thought, "It is just as long as Randy's, maybe even a touch longer but certainly not as thick." Surely Dani got even redder as her thoughts went to wondering what Jimmy's skinny cock felt like and she quickly shifted her eyes to her cards.

The hand continued with her drawing three cards and Dani felt a bit of relief as she noticed two pair, which gave her an excellent chance at winning the hand. Suddenly her face froze in shock disbelief when the hands were tossed into the center of the circle and the three boys held superior cards. A straight, flush and three of a kind brought broad smiles to the masculine faces and they looked at Dani in anticipation. Seeing the blank stare on Dani's face, it brought cheers from the boys as the cards toppled from her dainty hands, drifting to the floor without a sound.

As she did earlier, Dani twirled on her rear end but before she could get to her feet, Sean who was sitting to her left jumped her. His strong hands grabbed Dani by the shoulders and forced her upper body flat on the carpet. Landing on her stomach, it brought a big whoosh of air from her lungs and she lay stunned for a few seconds. This gave the boys just enough time to gain the advantage.

Sean lay across Dani's back and held her right arm flat to the floor while Jimmy seized her left arm and held it firmly to the side. Dan grabbed Dani's legs and kept them planted firmly on the carpet so she was unable to escape their bondage. Her breathing restored, it quickened as the frustration of being held without a hope to get free of these three young boys rushed through her confused mind. Oh no, Dani thought. She had lost again and these devils now expected her to strip naked.

Time seemed to stand still as everyone waited for the next move. Suddenly, Dani felt hands lift her hips and with deft sure fingers, Dan unsnapped the waistband of her jeans. Totally amazed by the brazen actions of the teens, Dani's breath caught as the sound of the zipper of her pants being lowered echoed throughout the room. "No, no please don't do that," she begged.

Dan's strong hands went to her slim waist and delicately rolled the jeans over the rounded hips, pausing about half way down the milky thighs. Loud gasps were heard as the nicest ass was exposed to the young, hungry eyes and no magazine could have prepared them for such a gorgeous sight. Everything was going much better than Sean could ever have anticipated. He sensed that Dani was in a helpless position, afraid of his threat to expose her indiscretions and she would never report them to anyone.

"Oh please, don't do that. Please don't touch me," Dani begged the youngsters as she felt bold hands caress her bare ass cheeks. Dan's gaze was fixed on the crevice between the muscular thighs and his temperature was rising at an alarming rate. He could barely make out the ultimate prize, which was slightly hidden by sparse, curly fuzz, and he could hardly wait for his turn to loose his virginity. Sean had assured both boys that tonight their fantasies of having sex with their babysitter would be fulfilled.

Then Dan satisfied the meaning of the card game as he stripped the last remaining bit of dignity from Dani's flailing legs. Sean could see Jimmy's concern and he whispered his reassurance, "Don't worry, you will be first to fuck her like we planned." This was the agreement made among the boys that the first one to be stripped during the game would be first to fuck Dani.

"You'll get your chance but like I told you, I am going to show you how to eat a woman's pussy. In fact, I am going to lick her furry cunt until she climaxes in my mouth," he told his aroused cousin. With that revelation, he gave orders that would make his dream come true.

The three boys held Dani firmly on the floor and kept her struggles to an absolute minimum. "Turn the slut over on her back so I can see her cunt," Sean demanded. "I'll show you what it's like to eat pussy and when you see a woman's passion button, you will blow your load," he told Dan and Jim who hung on his every word.

Hearing the stern order, Dani pleaded once again. "No, no, please let me go," she moaned hoping to gain sympathy. "No, don't. I will tell your parents that you forced me to take my clothes off," she spoke the words in a threatening tone in hopes of scaring the boys. It brought a chuckle from Sean, which was evidence that the tactic wasn't going to work.

"You won't tell anyone on us as no one will even listen to your sad ramblings," Sean told the frightened hostage. "You just be a real good girl and don't do anything stupid as we are all going to fuck your little pussy," he said. "Just think. You are babysitting two virgins and now you are getting a chance to show them how to screw," he whispered and turned Dani into a deeply worried woman.

Dani began to sob and tears welled in her eyes as she was turned onto her back, exposing her most private treasures to the vultures. For the first time she felt that the situation was beyond her control and she was utterly afraid that these boys would rape her. Their strength and superior power was easily overwhelming anything she attempted.

Now prone on the floor, the exposure of Dani's charms held the boys gaze, which did give her a momentary reprieve. This was the first real womanly body that Dan and Jim had seen up close and it certainly was better than Playboy magazines.

Sean had fooled around with some girls and had already lost his virginity but nothing compared to this. Dani's most desirable tits stood proudly and to a sex starved boy seemed to beg for a hungry mouth. Seeing the sparsely covered womanhood rise slightly in the air brought groans of agony to each boy as their passions built.

Suddenly Dani assessed her situation and it brought further sobs as her body shook from weeping. Her arms were held to the sides of her naked body by strong hands while Sean switched positions with Danny and forced her legs to separate by kneeling between them. In her present position, her head was held high enough so she could see her lower extremities and this only added to her despair. Her eyes opened wide as she saw how exposed her crotch was and realized that nothing could prevent Sean from touching her.

Dani removed her mind from what was happening and watched the movie unfold right in front of her face. She could see and hear but nothing really registered. Keeping her eyes cast downward, Dani wondered if her pussy always looked like that.

For some unexplained reason, she never looked at herself down there and this experience was totally new to her. She did have some sexual experience as she had certainly felt her private parts when she was alone, but Dani did not really look at them. Like now, how differently her rock, hard nipples appeared and she was amazed at how big and long they were.

Looking down again, she could see that the slit between her legs was entirely exposed to Sean's perverted eyes. It was almost like slow motion as she watched him reach for her most confidential attraction and she wondered if her slit was always so pink. Then she shuddered from the shame of such a thought. She should be scratching his eyes out and wondering how to escape the dirty bastard.

Sean crouched between the splayed legs and was about to follow his plan to the letter. He had read and heard all about Cunnilingus and knew it was one of the best ways to satisfy a woman. "I have heard all about eating a woman's cunt and now I am going to do it," he whispered. The statement never sunk into Dani's confused mind but her eyes opened wider when Sean's fingers touched her flesh. A violent electric shock shot through her lithe body as his fingers opened the treasure chest, baring her soul to the predator.

The scenes unraveled before her eyes like a Spielberg movie and it was with much guilt that Dani saw the tiny, pink clitoris. She marveled at its lustrous beauty and wondered what Sean was going to do now. "This little clitty is the center of her universe and you watch her ass bounce when I suck it," he bragged but nobody was listening. The two younger boys had never seen a woman's cunt before and the thought of actually touching one was mind-boggling.

It was a natural progression as the flower petals were spread and the nectar exposed for the bubble bee as time stood still for all. Suddenly Dani's heart held as the mouth neared the target and the tongue darted out to sting the waiting bud. The resulting cry was more of a loud moan as the shock was so intense that it robbed her mind or any sanity. The tongue fluttered over the tiny clit and nothing so severe had ever happened to Dani in her lifetime.

Dani's mind kept saying that she must not allow these kids to take advantage of her but her body was on a separate plateau. The vulgar tongue slipped between the spread labia and every muscle in her body quivered in anticipation. She was held firmly by Dan and Jim and it allowed Sean all the freedom in the world. Sucking hard, he attacked the tender clit, rolling it vigorously around with his tongue. No boyfriend had ever been able to get this far with Dani and she was overwhelmed by the erotic sensations.

She rocked franticly and all the while prayed that Sean would leave her throbbing clitoris alone for a just a few seconds so she could recover. His passion and lust were so far gone that he licked the tiny bud nonstop, relishing in the tangy flavor of his covert love. All the fantasies in the world would not compare to this immense satisfaction of eating a woman's pussy. He licked for all he was worth and sucked the clit deeper into his wanton cavity.

The sudden feeling of shame and guilt filled her engrossed mind as Dani felt a rising orgasm beginning in her deepest regions. Like a little schoolgirl, her hips thrust madly up to meet the ravenous mouth and she commanded all her willpower and stamina to stave off defeat.

She looked to her right for assistance, another fatal mistake by an overpowered young woman. Jim in all his unabashed nakedness had his slender cock in his fist and pumped it with a fury of a madman. He was in charge of holding Dani's right arm and he sat right next to her chest keeping her steadfastly bound. His intent stare shifted from her most womanly-endowed breast to what Sean was doing. Then he did the most erotic thing by touching her tit with the tip of his pecker while still fisting his skinny rod. Dani felt a further erosion of power as she watched him coat her inflamed nipple with pre-cum.

Almost in desperation, Dani rolled her head side to side until her dazed eyes caught sight of Dan who was holding her left arm steady. Dan was stroking his exposed cock and she was utterly amazed at how much longer, thicker and bigger it was than her boyfriend's.

Her breathing suddenly got more rapid and her heart rate increased as she watched the teenager masturbate mere inches from her bewildered eyes. For some mysterious reason she found it impossible to look away and watched him pump the long shaft vigorously. Seeing the most degrading and vulgar actions of the brothers should have repulsed Dani but it had a reverse affect on her.

Suddenly Dan followed his brother's lead and also placed the flared head of his prick against Dani's neglected tit. She was in a hypnotic trace watching him rub the head of his cock all around the hardened nipple, covering the entire surface with moisture. When Dan pressed the wide head into the delicate nipple, he made her tight stomach muscles quiver with newfound lust.

Sean devoured her pussy with a desert thirst and the sounds indicated a vast amount of wetness in the oasis. The crude, slurping sounds gave the scene an immoral effect but it inflamed the minds of everyone involved. Sean felt Dani's body respond violently to his molestation and she arched her back with every muscle in her feminine body. He began the affair with the intention of satisfying his male, sexual needs but now relished the thought of control over an older woman's ecstasy.

Dani's cunt was being eaten from the inside and as much as she never intended to succumb to these sinful boys, her body stiffened in an attempt to stave off an orgasm. It was the nightmare of her life and she was afraid to wake up for fear of what would happen.

Her horror filled eyes looked down at Sean and saw how he was holding her legs spread wide. This exposed her womanhood in such a vulgar fashion and she wondered at the sight of his mouth lapping the pink flesh. Every time his tongue raked over the tiny clitoris, her hips jerked as if they belonged to someone else. Dani could not imagine anything more degrading than what these three, young boys were doing to her now.

The final straw came as her eyes shifted to her left breast and watched Dan's young loins erupt with a sudden flurry of passion. The thick, white cum shot from his cock and soaked the erect nipple, as he was unable to stem the rising stimulation. Dani had never witnessed anything like this and watching Danny cum right in front of her face had an overwhelming affect. A pool of cum formed on the peak of her tit and slowly trickled down her upraised mound, captivating her gaze.

When Sean sucked the last bit of stamina from her vulnerable pussy, the powerful explosion rocked Dani's body and immoral lust filled her soul. She closed her eyes tightly, praying it would all go away but the orgasm was far too shocking. For a brief minute, Dani forgot these lovers were teenagers and allowed the ecstasy to consume her being.

"No, no, I mustn't let it happen. Please don't do that," Dani begged the boys. Then she realized all was lost. "Aaah, aaah, aaah," she moaned and moaned as the spasms shook every nerve in her womanly body and all dignity was lost.

Sean felt the velvety hips thrashing madly in his grip and he squeezed the soft ass cheeks so hard that Dani thrust her hips upward. He responded by sucking the tender bud deeper into his hungry mouth and used his teeth, lips and tongue on the exposed clit, punishing it relentlessly. Each time he nibbled on the protruding bud, her hips would shudder without any control. It was the orgasm of her life and Dani could not comprehend the consequences of such ecstasy in her bemused mind.

The last spasms were like powerful electric shocks as they made Dani's body shake violently, leaving her susceptible to the boy's wishes. Sean reluctantly took his tongue from the dripping slit and feeling Jim's insistent prodding; he switched positions with his youngest cousin.

Dani was vaguely aware of movement but didn't respond immediately. By the time she realized her right arm was free, it was too late, as Sean had taken Jimmy's vacated position. Young Jim moved between the splayed legs and held them apart, mesmerized by the glistening pussy. Dan continued to hold Dani's left arm steady and reaching for her discarded panties, used them to clean his milky fluid from her tit. A little shiver shot through her body as she watched Dan soil her undies and then toss them aside.

Pictures and magazines could not do justice to a real cunt and Jim marveled at Dani's feminine beauty. This was the first real one that he had seen and it took every ounce of willpower to rein in his climax before he had a chance to fuck the prisoner. He grabbed his long, thin pecker and held it aimed at the entrance to the biggest prize of the poker game.

He was to go first by virtue of being stripped of his clothes during the game and he relished losing his virginity to such a sexy woman. The thought was extremely exciting and he welcomed going to school Monday morning so he could boast to all his pals.

"No, God no Jimmy, you can't do this to me. Oh please, don't touch me with your thing," Dani yelled to the startled boys. Everything sort of held and quieted for a few seconds as her pleas further inflamed their minds. Her demise was imminent and she was the only one in the room na�ve enough to think there was hope of escape. The urgency to fulfill a dream in his young, sex-starved mind drove Jim onward.

Dani used every bit of her strength and tried with all her might to kick free of the strong boys. She was no match for their superior power and they held her steady until the initial surge was past. "No, no, no please don't put it there," Dani begged as she watched the youngest boy press forward. When his slender cock touched the center of her crotch, Dani sobbed with a feeling of total helplessness.

Jim began to mumble words which were not very clear but then again, he was probably only talking to himself. "Oh, my first fuck and look at that gorgeous cunt," he whispered. "My very first pussy and my cock feels like it is going to explode at any second," he informed the listeners. "Oh no, I can't seem to get it in," he said in frustration as he was trying something for the first time.

She welcomed the reprieve as the words gave Dani some hope that she would not be taken. "Oh no, please don't put your thing in, oh pleeeeease," she pleaded and it was apparent when the narrow head spread the delicate rose petals. The wet, puffy lips separated easily, allowing the virgin cock to slip into the heated passageway. "Oh God, you mustn't do this," she begged and sobbed from not being able to prevent Jim's little arrow from entering her private domain.

Dani cried and tears flowed down her flushed cheeks and the young boy deflowered her pussy without any concern for her well-being. She could hear him moaning and within seconds the heated channel robbed him of any chance to prolong the passionate encounter. He felt an unfamiliar blast of cum jettison from his throbbing, young cock and he thrust forward with all his might to sink his weapon to the hilt.

The shocks of Jimmy being so deep took Dani's breath away as she felt him enter unexplored territory. She could not understand how he could penetrate her womanhood so deeply and it took her by surprise. He held his cock fully embedded and emptied his balls inside the most vulnerable pussy. Dani could feel his muscular hips jerking out of control and knew she was being filled with his virile semen. Sweat covered her body as her struggles had taken their toll and her muscles were exhausted.

She was so distraught by what Jimmy was doing that the whirring sound of a camera didn't register in her mind. Dan had quickly reached the small camcorder, which had been hidden in a cabinet and resumed his binding position on the prisoner without her being aware of his clandestine movement. He held Dani's arm to the side and started the camera, focusing it on the erotic scenes of his younger brother having his first fuck. The lens captured the pained expression etched on Jim's face from the intoxicating ecstasy and the evidence would forever be held over Dani.

The young boy was not aware of what he was doing and his long cock pushed into her cervix for the first time, depositing his seed inside her womb. Dani's breathing was very ragged and her futile struggles were to no avail as Jimmy fucked his very first woman.

Her dilemma of being almost twice the age of this boy was astounding and it added to the utter confusion in her brain. She blushed from the embarrassing fact and her body became rigid as she felt the quilt of what had just happened. After all, she was the adult in the house and in charge of babysitting the boys. Oh how could she ever forgive herself for allowing such a young boy to ravage her feminine body? Dani blamed herself.

Dan's youthful exuberance allowed him to recover from his previous ejaculation and he was getting anxious for his turn. "Come on Jimmy, hurry up and fuck her so I can have a turn," he said with urgency in his voice. As the quake slowly died inside his brother, Dan attempted to satisfy his passion by grabbing Dani's hand and placed it over his steel shaft. She flinched when the burning meat touched her skin and suddenly realized what he had just put in her hand.

She was instantly aware that Danny's cock was measurably larger than his brothers, not in length but in meaty thickness. His insistent tone indicated he was thoroughly aroused and he covered her dainty hand with his own. A shiver ran down her spine from the offensive deed and he began to pump his rod with the captive fist.

Dani looked at him with pleading eyes and asked him to have mercy. "Please don't. Please not anymore as I never did anything to you boys to deserve this," she begged without getting a shred of compassion. Dan looked her directly in the eyes and forced her hand to masturbate his cock. The commanding display of superiority overwhelmed poor Dani and her only protests were tiny sobs of defeat.

An eerie calm came over the room as Jim rolled away from between Dani's open legs and Sean looked on with a content gaze. Obediently, she lay motionless while the boys proceeded onto the next phase of action. Reluctantly, Dan released the grip on his throbbing cock and shifted his body into a prone position right next to Dani.

Dan whispered words that Dani wasn't prepared to hear. "You have such a beautiful, sexy body and I have dreamed of making love to you for a long time," he said in a soft, tender voice. "I want you to be the first woman that I have sex with," he whispered and pressed his muscular body tightly against Dani, putting his hips direct on top of her own.

Somehow her extended arm reached between the two bodies and her little hand closed around the thick shaft once again. Whether on its own initiative or placed there by Dan, she wasn't sure but the fiery cock throbbed madly under her touch, shaking any confidence that remained in her delicate mind. Her tummy trembled as she felt him shifting his weight, raising his body so it was now slightly above hers.

It was strange that no orders were given for Dani to open her legs as she spread them willingly, allowing Dan to slip between her thighs. Almost in desperation, she stretched her arm to keep a tight grip on his ramrod as she realized what would happen once she released her hold. Dan hugged her lithe body and no words were spoken as he arched his back to look into her starry eyes.

An observer would have notice a little sob of defeat and a tiny shrug of Dani's shoulders as she released his pecker. His length of steel dropped down between the vulnerable thighs, pressing into the wetness with the accuracy of a guided missile. She held her breath for she knew that in the next few seconds, a man cock was going to enter her once innocent pussy. A fantasy rushed through her troubled mind and Dani wondered if this meant that she would surely go to hell for her sinful actions.

She would never be able to describe the feeling as the wide head split her soul and forced its way into her vagina. The abundant lubrication allowed his thick prick to open her universe, overpowering her will to survive. Her breath held for an eternity and until commencement of the most obscene sexual encounter of Dani's life began.

In a most feeble protest, she pushed up with her hands into Dan's muscular chest, forcing his back to arch. This left her chest vulnerable to the remaining two boys and they assaulted the exposed titties with fervor. In what most would call a woman lost in lust, a train of passion overtook Dani as it roared up the slope to the peak. Her hips jerked wildly as her volcanic crater was filled with the big cock and the most powerful spasms rocked her womanly body.

Slamming his ramrod to the hilt, Dan planted his warhead into the deepest regions of Dani's womb and felt the overwhelming heat flow through his enraged body. The prior climax had given him newfound stamina and he began pumping his iron like a crazed madman. No man had ever fucked her so passionately or with so much demand and Dani felt like a rag doll in the clutches of a sex starved maniac.

Like a wanton schoolgirl, her loins went into convulsions as the young teenager fucked her with total abandonment. "Fuck, finally I am fucking a woman," he moaned through tightly clinched teeth. "Your cunt is so fucking tight, so fucking hot that it makes my cock throb," he groaned as his passions rose but he still retained control over his desires.

Hearing his crude comments turned her stomach to quicksand and her resistance sank out of sight. Try as she might, she was unable to stop her juices from flowing and they coated the thick cock, enabling Dan to thrust in and out at a rapid pace.

The rough caresses by the other two boys on her tender breasts aided in Dani's demise and the three consumed the babysitter for the second time. The lust overtook any reason that may have been left in her flustered mind and the orgasm brought feelings of absolute humiliation. Dan stretched the tight cunt with his enlarged pecker and sensing her climax, his strong willpower dwindled. His orgasm started as a small spasm in his inner belly and his virginity was lost forever.

Sweat covered Dan's exhausted body as he unleashed his venom into the heated passageway. Dani was coasting down the far side of the mountain by this time and obediently held his embedded cock to give the young teenager immense satisfaction. What possessed her to willingly aid in his quest for fulfillment she would never understand as she allowed herself to be taken by another teenager boy.

Sean could feel his anxiety build as he had waited all evening for his turn with Dani. Yes, he had experience with girls his own age but they paled in comparison with Dani's sexy body. Watching his two cousins satisfy their pent up sexual needs gave him a raging hard-on, which seemed to swell with each passing minute. He knew he was much more endowed than his relatives and was determined to change Dani forever.

It was time to put all his theory into practice as ever since his cousins came up with the plan, he fantasized about fucking a grown woman. From what had transpired so far, he was smart enough to figure out that Dani would succumb to their blackmail demands. The pressure he was about to place on her was designed to turn her into his personal slut and one he would fuck whenever he wanted. At fifteen, his lust filled mind was always working for ways to gratify his perverted desires.

Dani was beside herself with worry as she realized what the Clarks would think if they knew what happened while she babysat their sons. Her mind was sort of in a trance like condition and Sean took advantage of her quiescent state. He removed the last bit of clothing, which he still wore from being the winner of the poker game and now all bodies were stripped naked.

Being able to grope and feel a woman's sexy body without being rejected or resisted was any man's dream and Sean took complete advantage. His mind was still inflamed from drinking the intoxicating drug from Dani's pussy but he now needed more. Sensing her vulnerability, he swooped down to press his face next to the side of hers.

"Now you are going to get fucked by a real cock and I am going to turn you into my sex toy," he whispered into her ear. "You just gave two virgins the time of their lives but now you are going to get your slutty pussy ready for a big cock. Spread you legs and show me your soaked pussy and I want to see you play with your little clit," the vulgar boy ordered a stunned Dani. "I want you to get your cunny ready for me so let's see you finger that dripping slit," he added.

"No, there is no way in hell that I will touch myself and you must be dreaming if you think I will let you use my body," Dani said in a most confident tone she could muster. "I have done everything you guys have asked but it has to stop right now," she voiced her concern to a boy who wasn't about to take no for an answer.

"Let me see," he said and waited a few seconds for effect. "You may not be aware of what Dan did earlier when you were fucking his little bro. He put your acting career on record so it can be viewed by anyone who wants to see how a grown woman fucks a young boy," he said in a stern, confident voice. Dani was momentarily taken aback by his revelation and remained motionless. "Now you can always refuse my demands but that would be suicide as I will sure as hell let everyone see the incriminating evidence.

He was getting very excited and the pit of his stomach was churning like mad in anticipation. He sensed victory and closed in for the kill. "I said open your legs and show us your wet cunt. And I want to see your fingers open those puffy lips and play with your clitty," he ordered Dani.

Suddenly, she could feel his obvious arousal pressing into her slim waist and desperately thought of a way to escape. "Please, please let me go as I have done enough for you boys," she pleaded. "I just can't do anything more and it would be wrong for me to do what you ask," Dani whispered in one last attempt to get away from Sean's control.

"You have 30 seconds to spread'em or I will show everything to the Clarks," he said and began his trek to paradise. A new sense of fear entered Dani's distraught mind as she realized he was not kidding. What alternative did she have but to obey his sick commands?

A shudder of disgust went through her slender body as she complied with his vile wishes. This sort of thing was done in private and certainly not in front of others. His hand went to cover hers and guided it to the intended area of discomfort. When she felt the abundant wetness between her gaping thighs, it brought a shiver of agony to Dani as she remembered what Dan had just done minutes ago.

Jim and Dan were now off to Dani's left and they voiced their approval for what their older cousin was forcing her to do. "Yeah, make her spread her legs wide so we can see her pussy with my cum leaking out of it," Dan said in a shaky, excited voice. "I am going to fuck her cunt after you are done Sean as I am getting horny again," little Jim added to what his brother said.

Hearing the most degrading conversation from the young boys filled Dani with embarrassment but still she obeyed Sean's orders for fear of reprisal. Closing her mind to what was happening; she let her actions go without thinking. "Geez, look at that throbbing clit and see how she is squeezing it between her fingers," Dan whispered and further guilt washed over Dani.

It was a mystery how she found the strength to perform the vile deeds while the boys were watching but she managed. Suddenly she felt an insistent prodding in her flesh from Sean's weapon and knew he would never be satisfied by having her feel herself.

"Get that pussy hot for me as I am going to stick my big dick in you and I am going to fill you with all my cum," he said which punished Dani even more. "That's it," he said, voicing his approval as her fingers along with his caressed the most defenseless clitoris.

She wanted to yell at him to stop and just leave her alone for a few minutes as her resistance was waning. Being forced to masturbate in front of the other boys was a forgotten fact and she did her best to control her rising passions in an effort to save some dignity.

Then Sean leaned into her exposed chest and devoured a tender bud with his hungry mouth, taking possession of it like it was his very own lollipop. Sucking it with more vigor than was required brought expected results and Dani twisted and turned in an effort to alleviate the arousing caresses. He now treated her without any tenderness and once gentle caresses turned to rough, demanding foreplay by a kid who didn't know any better.

With the guilt Dani felt, she accepted his crude touch as punishment for her sinful actions and conceded that this young boy would be her master. When he ordered her to touch his cock, her dainty hand did as requested. It brought a gasp of astonishment as Dani felt the oversized manhood and she was puzzled by the fact it felt so much bigger than any other she had touched.

Her mind quickly switched gears and focused on his spear, which was searing the palm of her hand and giving her an uncomfortable feeling inside. "Oh Sean, you are far too big, I've never had one that big before and there is no way your co... cock will fit inside me," she pleaded with him, voicing reasons to quit the assault. "Oh, please you just can't be serious as you are much too large, oh please, oh its so big," she added to her excuses. "Oh God no, its so big. I have never felt one so big," she whispered and the confession from a 20-year-old woman made Sean feel extremely proud. Then her tummy fluttered like a little schoolgirl's waiting in line for praise from the teacher.

"Don't worry slut, you can take my cock and you will take it if you know what is good for you," he boldly told the frightened girl. "If you are a real good girl, I will take it easy but if you aren't, I'll ram the fucking thing up your ass and ruin you for life," were his threats and Dani shuddered with fear.

Her small hand held over his throbbing cock until he was ready to drive his monster home. "Open you legs wider so I can crawl between them, as my cock feels like it will explode if I don't get some pussy real soon," he told her. With that, he rolled over Dani's prone body and assumed the missionary position ready to open the front door. She stopped breathing, either from his weight or from the fear of what he intended, and held in preparation of his next move.

She kept protesting but knew his evil mind would not listen. "No, no, please don't," she moaned in his direction. Suddenly she felt the tip of his pecker marking the territory which was once her own. He was determined to claim her soul and he held his flaming tool ready to breach the stronghold. "Can you feel my cock," he asked. "Tell me you want me to fill your cunt with my cock," he whispered and immediately Dani felt the overpowering demands take hold.

Refusing his requests would certainly bring ruin to her young life and she could not think of any reasonable solution to prevent his assault. He gave a subtle motion indicating she do as he requested or else. Suddenly her world crumbled and the grown woman submitted her spirit to the fifteen-year-old boy. She could hear the other boys cheering and voicing their support for their cousin.

Dani felt alone and far too weak to fight such strong adversaries so she whispered in a voice that was almost inaudible. "Take me," she moaned and there was a pause punctuated by Sean's stern look for her to continue. "I will do what you say," she said but he wanted more humiliation. "Tell me what you are and what you want inside your filthy cunt," he demanded.

Her sexy body shook with the utterly depraved requests but she did as he asked. "I am a slut and want your big c..," she started but the words didn't come easy. "I want you to put your big cock inside me and fuck me like a slut," she said and knew that is exactly what she wanted. The most humiliating treatment had such a profound affect on her delicate mind that Dani felt possessed by the devil.

After the initial confession, the rest came easy. "Your cock is so big and I can feel it throbbing in my hand," she whispered. Then the words flowed, "You are so young but your cock is so big. Oh God it's bigger than Randy's, and it feels so erotic pulsating in my hand," she whispered to her young lover.

Numerous times Dani and her girlfriends had sat around and gossiped about boys. They chatted about what sex was like and what different experiences each had encountered, telling in vivid detail about dreams and fantasies. It all came rushing back to her and along with it the regretful feeling of not adding anything to the girl chitchat. Her sexual experiences were so few, not only were there not many, but none were of the adventurous variety or had any real dangerous excitement.

This could be the only time in her life that she might act with unbridled passion and the possibility made her mind crazy with lust. The fact it was with three young boys did upset her but their erotic caresses quickly robbed her mind of any sane judgment. Their touch heightened her passions and desires the same as that from any of her older boyfriends.

It was time to punish the slave and Sean inserted the tip of his overgrown lance into the fire pit, coating the swollen head with slippery juices. He arched his back into a big curve and brought his slim, muscular hips high into the air poised to strike his intended target. Dani felt the weight move off her body and gave a big sigh of relief as she found it much easier to breath.

Suddenly, reality struck her as the tip of Sean's overgrown spear pressed into her inferno and the abundant wetness offered absolutely no resistance. The warhead became coated with slippery juices and entered her pussy with ease and there was no room for her hips to go, as they were flat against the floor.

As the villainous boy teased, he pushed one inch, then two inches, and then three inches into the fiery dungeon and Dani's heart rate increased dramatically with every inch. By the time he inserted the first few inches of raging steel into her tomb, Dani's heart was beating so fast she felt lightheaded. Then he split her cervix like a knife through butter and entered the land beyond which was reserved for no man. She secreted so much lubrication that there was no need for his pre-cum as her muscles stretched to accommodate the manly pecker.

Vaguely Dani was aware of Dan and Jim as they hollered their approval from watching her hips suddenly thrust up to meet the invading cock. Sean reached under Dani's slim hips and dug his powerful fingers into the flaming cheeks of her ass, pulling up with all his might.

Hearing the crude remarks and the vulgar sound of two sweaty pelvis' slapping into each other didn't register right away. Then the disgrace of having the young boy slam his hardened cock to the hilt in her heated passageway was overwhelming. Suddenly she felt a desperate need for Sean's hose to put out the fire raging out of control in the core of her universe.

"Look at her ass go and I think she is having an orgasm, by fuck she is!" came the startling words of the youngest boy. He watched the grown woman quiver under Sean's muscular frame and knew she was experiencing another earth-shattering orgasm and the sight was truly fantastic, one he would remember for the rest of his life.

Dani had always conducted her life in a safe and moral manner but here she was in an unaccustomed manner of having sex with teenagers who were far too young for a mature woman. She was thoroughly fatigued after suffering three sadistic orgasms at the hands of these expert manipulators and the thought of them using the camera evidence against her was worrisome. Her distraught mind suddenly realized that the boy now embedded so deep inside her womb was filling her with burning lava, so much in fact that it leaked out around the tight seal.

If this was heaven, Sean loved it and his lust filled brain concentrated on one thing only, filling the deep cavern with cum. As he approached the highest peak of the powerful orgasm, he thrust his manhood into the smoldering volcano and found it impossible to pump his hips. The climax turned his muscles into strands of rigid steel similar to his pulsating prick and he merely jerked his loins rapidly to siphon the molten lava into the willing woman.

Sean was already dreaming of future encounters with Dani's sexy body and his cousins felt newborn ecstasy run through their veins. They all knew it was getting late but Jimmy had one more fantasy to fulfill. Hearing all about blowjobs and how a man truly loves to have his pecker sucked, he moved in for the kill. This would make him the envy of all his pals when he told them how this older woman sucked his cock.

Jim completely ignored Dan when he cautioned him that their parents could be coming home soon as it was getting close to midnight. "The show isn't over till 11 and they will take at least an hour and a half to get home so don't worry," he answered. With that, he brazenly thrust his long, hard prick into Dani's face. She immediately understood the significance of his bold move and desperately turned her head to the side to avoid his hardened cock.

Sean sensed Dani's reluctance and decided that the extra humiliation would be worth seeing. "Come on slut, suck the boy's cock as you just have time for a quick blowjob before his parents get home," he whispered to the struggling woman. "It won't hurt you and I can imagine that you love sucking hard cock, don't you?" he asked in a further attempt to torment Dani. With that, he abruptly grabbed her dainty hand and brought it up to Jim's slender rod.

Dani attempted to keep her fingers closed so she wouldn't have to grab the burning cock but Sean had other plans. "Get your fucking mouth on his pencil dick or I'll keep your clothes away from you until Bob and Carol get home," he warned the suddenly frightened babysitter. Dani realized that there was no way she could battle Sean and win, as he was far too manipulative. She felt totally helpless, as she would never be able to explain being undressed in front of the teenagers when the boy's parents came back.

Looking into Sean's deep blue eyes, she pleaded, "Please Sean, don't make me do it as I have cooperated fully with everything you asked." He simply brought his face closer to her and whispered his retort. "Suck Jimmy's little cock or else," he said with as much authority as possible. Then he grabbed her by the back of her head and twisted until she stared directly at the prized tool.

She uttered a few sobs but to no avail as Jim pressed his slim hips forward. His cock seared Dani as he forced the head to split the tightly closed lips and Jim filled her mouth. Putting her hand to his crotch, she easily surrounded the burning iron with her fingers, allowing it to radiate intense heat into the palm of her hand. Dani tried to keep him from ramming it down her throat and held it firmly which only added to his aroused frame of mind.

"Holly shit she is actually sucking my cock. Her fucking mouth feels so hot I can hardly stand it," he said to no one in particular. "Geez, I don't believe it. She's so fucking hot and I can't wait to screw her again," he voiced his dreams of the future. Dani was filled with so much guilt from hearing the disgusting remark that she had a hard time breathing and Jim's cock didn't help matters.

She all of a sudden realized that this young boy would be able to blackmail her into having sex with him whenever he desired. It sent a shiver down her spine and at the very next second, she tasted his poisonous venom. Jimmy punctuated her demise by climaxing into her hot mouth. Dani choked back tears as he shot the white lava down her throat and she swallowed to ensure his ultimate happiness.

She cried with the utter frustration of being a pawn for these teenager's happiness, but Dani conceded that there was no way out of her dilemma other than to obey their perverted demands. How they were able to control her inner being so much so that she experienced orgasms far beyond any in her past was totally outside her imagination. Like the three boys, fantasies of erotic encounters filled her mind much to her absolute dismay.



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