As he stood beside the bed looking at his wife in disbelief, her words continued to burn into his brain. She told him how in her fantasy he would call her into his office and had her lift her skirt showing him her panties, before having her slowly remove them. Then she would unbutton her blouse and remove her bra.

Listening to her tell how he would then make her get on her knees and suck his dick until he shot his cum down her throat while telling her what a great cock sucker she was. It was almost like it had happened already and that she was telling him that she was fucking someone else besides him.

Looking at his young 18 year old wife as her words droned on, his mind began to flash images of her kneeling before her boss with his dick in her mouth. He could see her tits as her blouse hung open and her head bobbed up and down as his dick slipped between her beautiful soft lips until they were clamped around the base of his cock and her nose was pressed into his pubic hair.

He could see her hands grasping his ass cheeks as she pulled him forward and her throat muscles milked him dry. With gasping breath he looked down at his cock and was surprised at its hardness and size. And without a word he jumped into bed between her legs and had the best sex of his 21 year life.


The next morning as he got ready to go to work at the garage, she kissed him asking if he had liked the idea of her fucking her boss. Roger wasn't there when she climbed from the shower and walked through the house naked softly humming to herself. He never saw her taking a large box from under the bed and removing a sexy dress and without putting on a bra or panties pull the dress down over her head smoothing it over her curvaceous young body.

No one had ever treated her like a slave before demanding her complete subservience and the thought of it made her more then willing to let him make her his sex slave, to do with whatever he wanted. She was deeply in love with Roger but he just wasn't demanding enough nor had he been able to satisfy her sexual needs. He always said he was tired and only made love to her every few days.

As she climbed into her car the short dress rode up and the split up the side opened exposing her to any motorist that would happen to look as he drove by. She had always enjoyed being an exhibitionist and teasing men with the promise of sex, but until her 50 year old boss, she had never carried it to the end. She had not been able to help herself with him.

It was as if he was the father she never had, and she had dreamed of making love to him from the day he had hired her. She had even called him father as he had given commands to her. After fucking her he demanded her complete obedience in what ever he said. If she didn't, she would never get his cock again, she had thrown her arms around his neck and kissed him and promised to do what ever her daddy told her to.

Pulling into the parking lot of the warehouse she could hardly wait to see him. And when he came out of his office her heart skipped a couple of beats. Hardly looking at her he grabbed his coat as over his shoulder told her he would be back in a few days. She continued to wear sexy clothes for the next couple of days even though he wasn't there. She enjoyed the looks the warehouse workers gave her, as if they knew that she wasn't wearing any thing under her dress, and she enjoyed every bit of it.

She found herself walking through the warehouse swaying her hips promiscuously just to tease the men. She knew she was being naughty but she couldn't help herself. She was horny and she needed her pretend father, or her husband at least, to fuck her. Julia was coming from the warehouse late Friday when she ran straight into her boss. As he looked down at her with a scowl, she trembled with fright. She felt like a daughter whose father had just caught her doing something that she shouldn't have.

In a cold voice he told her to get into the office till he got back. As she sat waiting for him she wondered what he would do. Julia jumped as his soft voice rang in her ears. "Well my little cock hungry slut, Daddy leaves you alone for a couple of days and you flaunt yourself to his workers, are you such a slut that when I don't fuck you that you have to look for someone else? Get over here and lean over the desk and pull your dress up so I can spank you like you deserve for being a bad daughter."

With each slap on her bare ass Julia moaned with pleasure and excitement. She was racked by waves of pleasure knowing that he was treating her just as a father would for being bad. Julia had never realized how sexual spanking could be.

"So you like showing off, do you! Well if you like it so much maybe I'll call a few of the guys from the loading dock up here and let them watch you suck my cock and swallow cum. Would you like that you little tease, would you like people to watch while you suck my cock and swallow my cum? Answer me slut."

As her body spasmed with her first orgasm in several days a long drawn out, "YEEESSSSS!" escaped her lips.

And then without warning she felt his cock push against her cunt lips and plunge deep inside her. His deep plunging movements brought electric shocks to her body with the shame thrill she felt. Her daddy had spanked her for being bad, and now he was shoving his beautiful cock deep into her cunt.

She was in heaven, she loved her pretend daddy so much she would do whatever he told her to. And she knew that he loved her too, hadn't he spanked her for being bad. When she felt him explode inside her with deep ricocheting rivulets of cum, her body shook with her own orgasm and she moaned out her love for him.

"OH GOD! Fuck me daddy, fuck MEEEE!" As Julia's body spasmed again and again her eyes closed, and her head sank to the desk in a sexual stupor.

Julia didn't see or even hear James making a phone call, she was not aware of anything but the marvelous feeling of making her pretend father happy. As she slowly recovered her senses and straightened her skirt a smile came to her pretty face. She knew that her husband Roger would love her fantasy story this time. He would be as hard as a rock while she told him the fantasy and then no matter how tired he was she would get what she wanted most, another cock. True to her prediction Roger did get hard and excited, and performed his duties as a husband in a fantastic show of sexual stamina.

For the first time in a long time he couldn't keep his hands off her for the whole weekend, and he couldn't get her in bed enough. In fact he wanted to stay in bed the whole weekend. For the next few days nothing happened at work or at home, except that she was now wearing her miniskirts and other sexy clothes all the time.

Roger was thrilled with her sexy clothes, it added to what he thought was not only her fantasy but his as well. He even took her shopping and picked out more revealing clothes. Micro mini's as well as garter belts, nylons and three inch heels. Telling her that he wanted her to wear nothing under her skirts or dresses but garter belts and nylons he threw out all her panties.

Of course she didn't tell him that she never wore them anyway. As the weeks went by Julia sank deeper into the clutches of James her boss, spending hours a day either in his office or in some motel as he not only used her mouth and cunt but her anus as well.

Lying in bed with her husband after James had used her body for his gratification she would tell him her latest fantasy and their sex would be fantastic. And then just as she was drifting off to sleep after their love making when she had told how James fucked her in the ass Roger told her that he would like to see her fucking strange men.


A week later the day came that sealed her fate, assuring James that she was his sex slave to use in any way he saw fit. Calling her into his office, telling her he needed a blow job she obeyed without question forgetting about his appointment with the warehouse crew in her excitement to please him. While she was sucking his dick, three of the men from the warehouse came in to talk to James.

They couldn't believe their eyes as they looked into the mirror behind James and saw her kneeling between his legs under the big desk slurping his cock. She had forgotten about the mirror in her excitement, and the thought of them being there, and that they might see her with the boss's dick in her mouth, that her hand dived between her legs rubbing her own cunt.

She almost cried out as her orgasm racked her body, but James filled her mouth and throat with his thick creamy cum just then and muffled any scream she might have made.

Thinking the men had left as James ran his fingers through her hair and smiled down at her, she glowed as his praise of her filled her ears. "Julia you're the best cock sucker I've ever met. You got so hot when Phil and the guys walked in that I thought you were going to swallow me whole. You like doing it when someone else is around, don't you."

She felt light-headed as she dreamed of his hard cock filling her cunt with her legs wrapped tightly around his humping waist. She got her wish, but not completely. Pulling her to her feet she looked over his shoulder and into the reflections of the men from the warehouse. Pushing her toward the men as he told them to fuck her brains out he also told her that it would make him happy to see her fuck them.

That night she told Roger how she sucked off her boos as she knelt under his desk while three men from the warehouse came in and that she had then fucked and sucked them while James had watched.

As Roger fucked her he thought that part of her fantasy was mixed with his and though he wished that in her fantasy it had been him that watched and not her boss he was pleased. The next day James called her into his office to tell her that at 7:00 that night she was to be at the VFW dressed in the sexiest whore outfit she had, and that if she disappointed him she would never get his cock again.

When she asked why the VFW he looked at her coldly before telling her that she was going to entertain several of his business partners. On the drive home she was of two minds, one, she thought about not going, but then the threat of never having his hard thick cock again loomed before her and even though she was a little frightened at the thought of being used by his friends at the same time she found it intoxicating. And two, pictures of her dressed in a light pink garter belt with fishnet stockings under her red leather micro mini with two inch slits up both sides almost made her have an orgasm.

Pulling up to the house she wondered what she was going to say to Roger if he was home. You know it's one thing to say you're going out with the girls, but quite another if your wearing an outfit like what she planned to wear. Lets face it, she was going to look like a whore with a flashing sign around her neck saying, 'FUCK ME'."

Even though Roger's car was there, the house was empty and for that she was grateful, and when she found his note saying he was going out with some friends her heart leaped with joy.

Taking a quick shower and splashing on Chanel No. 5, she donned her outfit. The petite curvaceous figure looking back at her said sex with a capitol S. Her shoulder length red hair and green eyes, along with full pouting lips above a 34-21-33 figure standing 5 foot 7 inches on legs that were long and graceful was a knock out in any thing she might wear, even a sack. But now, with her red leather micro mini, she might look like a sex goddess to some, while to others she looked like a two bit slut.

Picking up her keys and matching handbag she was startled by a knock on the door. The man's eyes almost pooped from their sockets upon seeing her and with difficulty he stammered that he was here to take Mrs. Thompson to the VFW. Pulling up to the club the man led her across the smoke filled dimly lit bar, and as she swayed gracefully through the thirty or so men she smiled at the sudden silence and lecherous stares of the men and then she was standing before James and two men.

Julia didn't know that one of those thirty men was her husband, and when James reached up and squeezed her breast before pulling her onto his lap and kissing her she wouldn't have cared if she had known.

"Very nice. Daddy's proud of his little slut. Is she ready to have the time of her life, because tonight his whore of a daughter is going to get her brains fucked out."

Sliding his hand under her wisp of a skirt that was almost to her waist he pushed two fingers into her cunt and began slowly pushing them in and out as he asked the two men with him what they thought. Dropping her head to his shoulder and throwing her arms around James she began moaning softly as his fingers worked their magic. She began moving her hips in small, tight circles while trying to concentrate on what they were saying while they talked as if she wasn't even there. The men agreed that she sure was beautiful and had a hell of a body but, as far as her going along with what he said, they doubted it seriously.

Besides if she was really married like he said there would be built-in road blocks. Telling her to show them her driver's license to prove she was married he sank another finger into her wet yearning cunt. With shaking hands she showed them her license while telling them she was married but that now she was with her Daddy.

"You see guys, I'm the little slut's Daddy and this little red head will do anything for her Daddy, anything at all because she wants to make me happy, and she wants her Daddy to be proud of her so he'll give her his big hard cock."

Shuddering almost uncontrollably as James fingers worked on her snatch and his words entered her brain she let out a long deep sigh of pleasure. She told the men that she loved her Daddy and that she would do anything he told her to do, anything, because she loved his cock. Pulling his fingers from her hot snatch he put them to her lips and without a thought to the two men or where she was she sucked them into her mouth closing her lips around them and slavishly licked them clean.

Turning her face up to his just before shoving his fingers back into her cunt, he looked into her lust clouded green eyes. As his fingers slowly worked in and out he kissed her half open eyes. Her moans of pleasure were becoming more ragged as her hips bounced from his lap into his fingers and all three men knew that this foxy young red head was about to have a orgasm.

James' voice came to her as she bucked against his fingers telling her that he had bet these two men she would fuck everybody in the bar just to please him, and with ragged breath she moaned yes just as her mind soared upward in pleasure.

Leading her toward the pool tables on trembling legs he opened her blouse exposing her pert breasts, while his other hand squeezed and fondled her tight ass cheeks. "Ok Julia, make your Daddy proud. I want you to fuck them just for me. All thirty of them Julia. All thirty cocks just for my slut whore daughter. Make Daddy proud."

Leaning her against the table and turning to the crowd of men that had started to gather around he asked if they would like to see the little woman suck his cock, they all began to cheer. Pushing her to her knees telling her to take out his cock and suck it Julia did as told taking him into her mouth and began bobbing her head as her hands clenched his buttocks pulling him ever deeper until he was lodged in her throat.

Unknown to Julia standing within the crowd of men gathered around was her husband, who with disbelieving eyes had watched as she had walked in as well as her performance at the table.

And now as the crowd of men hopped and hollered, watched as his young beautiful wife only 18 years old knelt before them and sucked this man's cock into her throat like some cheap whore. Running his fingers into her hair he pulled her face from his cock and as he she tried desperately to again suck him into her mouth he told her that men were watching her suck his cock and then turning to the crowd he shoved his hips forward sinking his cock once more between her lips into the hot cavern of her mouth. Julia looked out through lust fogged eyes at the crowd of men gathered around them and her body shook with excitement.

She didn't care if the whole town was there. Her Daddy was giving her his cock, and soon these men watching would descend upon her and she would willingly fuck and suck everyone of them because her Daddy had told her to." What do you boys think of my little slut? Can she suck cock or what? I'll bet this redhead cock hungry bitch would not only suck your cocks but fuck you too. How about it, Julia? Would you like these men to fuck you?"

A gurgling moan issued from her cock stuffed face as if in answer to his question just as her lips clamped tightly around the base of his cock and he began emptying his cum into her mouth and throat. Among the disbelieving eyes of the men watching her deep throat this man Roger found his cock almost bursting from his pants at the sight.

He knew it was sick for him to become so aroused and that he should push through the crowd and take her from these lecherous men, but instead his hand gripped the bulge in his pants as thoughts of his sweet wife taking on at least thirty men played across his vision.

As the last drop of his cum slid into her throat James's cock slipped from her still sucking mouth leaving a string of cum joining his cock to her pretty lips and then pulled her to her feet turning her to the crowd of excited men.

"Mrs. Thompson still needs some cock boys so if any of you macho guys think you can handle the cock hungry slut, have at her. Do what ever you want with the tramp. She won't give a shit just as long as she gets some hard cocks. Ain't that right Julia?"

A long soft "YESSSSS!" escaped her mouth as the men descended upon her. Pushing her back onto the pool table and spreading her legs the first man shoved forward almost burying his 6 inches fully into her quivering cunt as two cocks were placed into her hands.

Mouths descended to her pert little tits licking and nibbling her nipples to the bursting point. Roger almost shot his wad in his pants at the sight of his wife laying on the pool table, her feet on the floor and her ass on the edge of the table, her snatch at just the right height for a man to stand upright and sink his cock into her.

Her hands were sliding up and down the cocks as her body gyrated beneath the man gripping her hips and pushing his cock into her snatch as wails of unbridled lust issued from her throat. Someone jumped onto the table straddling her chest, and then locking his fingers into her red tresses pulled her head from the table and shoved his dick between her lips.

Julia's muffled grunts of pleasure as she was buffeted between the men only excited them more and as Roger watched, others stepped forward pulling their cock's out and began beating them off until they shoot their cum not only on her but on the four men who she was servicing. Again and again the men were replaced as they emptied their cum into her bucking body and still she showed no sign of slowing down.

Roger found himself between her gyrating hips and as his cock sank into her sloppy cum filled hole her legs locked around his bucking hips and he found himself strangely loving his wife more than the day they were married. Shooting his load into her and stepping away he watched as her body was flipped over twisting and turning her until she lay face down along the length of the table.

Three men jumped to the table and as two of them raised her to her knees the third crawled under her and sank his cock into her snatch. Pulling her ass cheeks apart as another knelt behind her rubbing his dick along side the cock plugging her cunt and against her cum smeared pussy lips the man shouted that he was going to fuck Mrs. Thompson's ass hole and with disbelieving eyes Roger watched as the mans cock pushed against her puckered ass hole and then slipped easily inside almost as if her anus were sucking him in.

The third man had shoved his cock between her cum smeared lips and as Roger watched in disbelief his wife set the pace for the men fucking into her three holes. Looking around he noticed that the crowd had thinned quite a bit guessing that more than half had left. He was startled by the voice. Turning back to his wife writhing between the 3 men he saw the man whose cock she had first sucked standing beside the pool table and in a blinding flash he realized that this was her boss and that the fantasies she had described before had really happened.

"Mrs. Thompson, Julia... Does fucking and sucking other men's cock as I watch turn you on? Does the thought of pleasing your "Daddy" turn that cunt of yours hot, just yearning for someone to shove it to you slut. Does it? Yes, Yes, I thought so. Well from now on my little cock hungry slut, your only pleasure in life will be having your ass, mouth and cunt filled with as many cocks as I can get for you."

Turning, Roger walked away, his balls aching and his cock once more as hard as a lead pipe as Julia's boss continued to talk to her. The next morning he was awakened by the feel of his wife's lips around his cock sucking him off and after she drank his cum she snuggled into his arms and began telling him her fantasy of wearing a red leather micro mini and walking into a bar with thirty men.



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