Maggie had been my brother's first wife. I even introduced him to her. I first met Maggie when I was 19. She was a 15-year-old red-hot teenage wet dream. I was renting a room from a local family. They rented out the third floor of their house. There were three rooms and a small bathroom up there. I had the big one over the garage, a quiet guy named Bob rented the middle one and the third room was rented by a guy name Fred.

Fred and I got to know each other pretty well. After a few days I met his girlfriend Karen. They were both only 18. About a week after I moved in, I was going over to Fred's room to see what he was up to. I knock on the door and the gorgeous young girl, about 15 years old, answers his door. She tells me that Fred is in the bathroom, did I want to come in.

To make a long story short, she was Karen's younger sister. Fred was sleeping with both of them. Not at the same time of course, but still. And they were both gorgeous.

I lived there for about a year. Then I got an apartment. I was over at my, then, girlfriend's house. When her sister came in with some of her younger friends. Maggie was one of them. We talked for a few minutes. Then I didn't see her again for about a year.

The apartment down the hall from me had become vacant. Who do you think moves in? Maggie, of course. The world is just too crazy for these kinds of coincidences. Well, we rekindle our old friendship. We even go out once or twice. But we weren't meant to be a couple, just friends, and that was fine.

Maggie and my brother was another story. They hit it off right away. They dated for about a year, got married for about six months and got divorced. Boom! I never saw her again, until last night.

It's been about ten years since the divorce. I'm in my late twenties and single again. I got off of work early on this Friday. I still live in the old neighborhood, but now I work about 45 minutes away. There was a strip club not too far from work. I had been there once or twice, but I didn't like to hang at a bar, get loaded and then drive 45 minutes to get home. So I only went on special occasions. Friday was one of those days.

It was mid afternoon, so I thought I'd stop in, have a beer or two, ogle at some of the gorgeous dancers and go home. I pull into the parking lot, and it's practically empty. I park my car and go inside. Like so many titty bars, the lighting is very low. I sit down at the bar. It's a medium size place but there might have been four other guys in here right now. The bar maid is a gorgeous young blond wearing a bikini top and some cutoff denim shorts.

I ordered a beer. The stage is about halfway down the bar; I'm sitting directly across from it. The dancers here are known for being particularly hot. After they dance for a song or two on the stage, they walk around on the bar doing individual dances right in front of you, on the bar. Their pussies and asses just inches from your face. Out here in the stix, all of the go-go bars are this wild.

Of course they have a private room for couch dances also. I'd never been in there, but the stories some of the guys tell...

So I'm sitting at the bar sipping my beer, watching the dancer across the bar from me. She was wearing this little white dress that's skintight. As the song continues, she un-zip the dress and is now in only a torn up t-shirt and a thong bikini panty. She was gorgeous. Maybe in her mid-twenties, with short blond streaked hair. Her nicely sized tits swung around beneath the thin t-shirt, the nipples poking erotically against the stretched material. A tight flat stomach led to a long lean set of legs. The tiny bikini bottom was pulled so tightly across her crotch her pussy lips were plainly visible.

Then this sexual animal of a dancer spun around on her heels and showed us her glorious ass. This girl had an ass to die for. Hard cheeks hid the thin string of her thong tightly. When she turned around again I finally looked at her face. Holy shit! That was Maggie dancing up on the stage.

She pulled her t-shirt over her head. She hadn't recognized me yet. In all the years I had known her. I had never seen her naked. Plenty of times I had seen her nipples playing peek-a-boo through various tops and T's. But her she was practically naked. She had great tits. The tits themselves were perfectly proportioned to her body. With a nice firmness and upturn at her nipples. And her nipples, oh my, small little mocha colored bits, nicely erect as she danced.

I did a spit take when I first recognized her. Every one at the bar looked over at me, to see what had happened. She shielded her eyes from the lights as she looked at me. Then smiling in recognition, she continued. Man was she hot, just saying sexy wouldn't be enough.

Maggie was doing spread shots and pointing her glorious ass right at me. My cock felt like a broomstick in my shorts. This went on for a few songs, and then she worked her way down the bar for tips. I was the last person she got to. Another dancer stepped onto the stage.

Maggie squatted down in front of me, on the bar. Her Firm tits even with my eyes. I looked into her smiling eyes.

"Been a long time." I said. She smiled, then starts to give me a dance. Twisting and turning, her sexy little body. She had this odd smile the whole time. She turned around and shoved her thong covered ass hole right in my face. I stuck my tongue out and licked her, oily with sweat, butt. She spun back around. My hands were on the bar. She lowered her ass cheeks right above them; on instinct I reached towards, then fondled her firm ass. She bought her lips to me ear and whispered.

"How about a couch dance, on the house? For old time sake." You didn't have to ask me twice. Maggie took my hand and led me into the area in the back where they had private rooms. If the stories I heard were any indication of what was gonna happen. I was in for something wild.

We stepped through a curtain and down a hallway. There was big biker back there; I guess he was the bouncer. Maggie whispered something to him and he laughed. Then let us into one of the rooms. Maggie locked the door behind us.

It was a small dimly lit room, A big armless chair, a small table with a cd player and a smaller plain chair, where the only furniture. I sat in the big chair, watching and waiting. My pecker as hard as a broomstick. Maggie slinked over, turned around and sat down gently on my lap. My rock hard prick sandwiched in between the cheeks of her tender ass. She squirmed her butt against my cock, and then leaned back against me. Stopping when her head rested against my chest. She turned to me, gave me a slight smile and said.

"So how you been?" We both laughed. My hands had been on my lap. She took one in each hand. One she placed on her left tit, her nipple hot against my palm. The other hand she guided to her panty covered pussy. Her crotch was wet with a mixture of her sweat and juices.

"This was what you always wanted, wasn't it?" She asked as I gently pinched her nipple. She spread her legs to give me more room, and then pulled her bikini panty to the side. The scent of her sex filled the room. I slid a finger into her pussy. Her slick juices let me slide right in. She humped her ass against my cock and arched her back as she road towards an apparent orgasm. Now it was my turn to speak.

"This was what I had always wanted. But not the way I thought it would happen." Her hand slid between us fondling my cock and balls. Then she stood up and motioned for me to do the same. Of course I did. She looked me deep in the eyes. Maggie was about a half a foot shorter then me. So, she was looking up and I was looking down.

Even with half a smile on her face, she had some sad, sad eyes. She reached for my belt buckle, then my zipper. My pants landed in a pile at my feet. I kicked them aside. She put her hands on my briefs. They soon joined my pants on the floor.

My throbbing hard on pointed right at her pussy. She held my cock in her tender hands. I tore the buttons off of my shirt taking it off, then my t-shirt too. She was just standing there slowly jacking me off.

"What about the panties?" I asked her.

"There for you to take off." She said with a big smile. I smiled back. Maggie stepped back and I fell to me knees. She stepped towards me.

"Turn around would you. I want to see the gorgeous ass up close."

She smiled, and then turned around. I put my hands on her hips. Her musk filled my senses. Her ass just glistening with pearls of sweat. I put a thumb on the waistband over each hip, and slid the thong down her legs. I shoved my face right in between her ass cheeks. All the years I had craved this woman. Now her every scent was at the tip of my tongue. I shoved my tongue towards her asshole. I could hear her groan. Then she turned around. Her cleanly shaved pussy was at the tip of my nose. I grabbed her by the hips as I dove into her cunt.

Maggie shivered as my tongue hit her clit. She placed her hands on my head and ground my head against her sex. Her pussy was salty with her sweat and sweet with her juices. Then she grabbed my hair and gently pulled me away from her crotch.

I was now the person looking up and she was the one looking down on me. The sad smile was still there.

Life is funny that way. I think my brother fell for her, because he wanted to make a better life for her. Maybe you could even say he felt sorry for her and wanted to help her get her life together. Now I saw the reality of the situation.

This was her way of exerting some kind of control over situations. She was short is stature, weak in intelligence, but very strong on sex appeal. Funny thing, I fell right in and returned to licking her salty sweet pussy. This went on for a few minutes. Then I felt her pussy shake, and a thin load of girl cum squirted from her red-hot snatch. I licked up the cream like a kitten. My duties done, she pulled me up and we kissed.

When we were dating, we had made out a little. But this kiss was different. It was like we were making up for years of lost time. I had my hand on her ass. She hopped up and wrapped her strong legs around my waist, her pussy juice, running down her thighs. We stopped for a minute and looked into each other's eyes. I sat down.

"Do you want this to end now?" I shyly asked. Her reply was to reach down between us and grab my prick. She hunched up a little then slid my prick into her slippery, tight little pussy.

We just sat there, my cock deeply into her. Her sad smile telling so much. Then she started to fuck me. I had wanted to possess this woman for years. Now, here in the back room of this dirty bar, I was going to have her. Probably for the last time, I was sure.

Maggie held onto me as I lifted her by her ass and she would slam her body back onto my cock. Our lips met and kissed. Hard, like this would be the final kiss of our lives.

Then I felt it, the rumbling in my balls. Then I heard it. Someone was knocking on the door.

"Five minutes, Kitten." They said.

"I'll almost done. I'll be right there."

"Five minutes." He said.

She looked at me again with those sad eyes. Then climbed off of me and took my prick into her mouth. I came almost instantly. She took every drop. Then rubbed the back of her hand across her lips. I sat there exhausted. She stood up now. Once again looking down at me.

Her hair was a tangled mess. Her body covered in sweat. And her eye making was runny with her tears. I stood up, picked her up and took her in my arms. She hung her arms around my neck and quietly cried.

After a minute or so I sat her down on the big chair and I got dressed. I collected her stuff, as she just sat there.

"So what do you want to do?" I asked her.

"I have to stay." She whispered, through tear stained eyes.

I walked over to her and kissed her gently on the cheek. Then I said, "Yeah. I figured." I turned around and left the room. The big bouncer was right outside the door.

"Everything Ok in here?" He saw her crying by the chair. Then he grabbed me by collar. "What'd you do, to make her cry, asshole?" I thought I was dead. Maggie hurried over and stopped him before he hit me.

"Don't hurt him, Mike. I just got something in my eye." He let me go. I turned and looked at Maggie; our eyes met, one last time.

"Bye." We both said at the same time. I started to walk down the hallway. Mike went into the room. He spoke.

"Come here sweet heart, show Uncle Mikey where it hurts." I heard her giggle, and him laugh. The door closed behind him.

I ran out of the bar, my unbuttoned shirt, tearing on the door as I left, and jumped into my car.

Rather then feeling any kind of fulfillment. I just remembered two things: that sad, smiling face, and the giggle I heard as I ran down the hall.



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