"Danny will you show me your dick," little Becky asked me as we played behind the shed in her backyard.

I looked at Becky sitting crossed legged in front of me. She had long black hair, pretty green eyes and a cute little nose on a beautiful face. Her chest was flat except for the two tiny nipples pointing out from her blouse. Her legs were tan and shapely for a girl of 10. I was 12 and my hormones were raging into overdrive as I thought about what she just asked me.

"If I show you my dick, are you going to show me your pussy?" I asked her. She told that she would because it was only fair. I told her to go first and I would show her mine after she was done. She stood up looking around nervously. She pulled her blouse over her head exposing her taut little nipples for me to stare at.

"Now your pants," I told her as I sat staring at her pubic area. She pulled her shorts down to her ankles kicking them off to the side. She stood there in her little white panties smiling at me. She hooked her fingers into the waistband and slowly pulled them down. I gazed upon her hairless little cunt. It was smooth as glass and red from excitement. I could see a little moisture that had formed in her slit. "Can you spread it open so I can see?" I asked.

Becky reached down with both of her hands and spread her pussy open for me to look at. I moved close to her cunt. I could smell the musky odor of her young pussy as I reached out and touched it with my finger. "Okay, that's all till I see yours" she complained to me. I pulled my finger back and stood up. I looked at Becky as I pulled my shirt over my head. I reached down and pulled my shorts and boxers off in one swift motion.

I stood before her completely naked and my cock standing at attention. She moved closer to stare at my 12 year old cock. Slowly she reached her hand out wrapping it around my dick. "It's so hard and hot but soft too," she marveled at it. Becky slowly started to stroke my hard cock up and down.

"Why don't we lie down and play with each other?" I suggested to her.

Becky stretched out on the ground with her head next to the shed. I joined her with my feet by her head so she could play with me while I played with her. Becky quickly took my cock back into her hand and began to stroke it gently. I moaned out loud as she picked up speed. I moved my hand to her smooth cunt. I ran a finger through her little slit. I saw her clit poking out from under its hood, just waiting to be played with. I took her little button between my fingers, pinching and rolling it gently.

I heard her groan as I tweaked her little clit with my fingers. "If I kiss your dick would you kiss my pussy?" she asked me boldly.

I answered her by placing my lips on her hairless cunt. I ran my tongue into her slit licking all the juices that were oozing from her little cunt hole. I sighed heavily as I felt her lower her mouth on my stiff cock. She licked all around my spongy head while feeling my nuts with her hand. She slowly took all of my cock into her hot mouth licking the shaft as she bobbed her head on my dick.

"Hey Becky do you want me to put it inside of you?" I asked.

She stopped sucking my cock as she thought about the idea of fucking me. "I don't know, I never did that before," she said. "Lets just do this some more and I will think about it," she said to me. She resumed sucking my cock as I licked her wet gash.

Just when I thought I was ready to shoot my load she stopped sucking and told me that she wanted to fuck me. I rolled onto my back so she could straddle my waist. When she was over my cock I reached down and placed it at the opening to her tight cunt hole. I told her to push back until it went in.

Slowly Becky pushed herself back until we both felt the head of my cock pop into her cunt canal. I groaned as I felt the tightness of her little pussy around my cock head. Becky moaned when I stretched her small cunt farther than ever before. I told her that she should push more into her. She started to push back again sliding a little more of my hard dick into her cunt.

It wasn't long before my whole length of cock was buried inside the 10 year olds pussy. Becky began to rock back and forth on my dick as the feelings intensified. Soon she began to shake as her orgasm approached. She squealed as she rode my cock pushing it deeply inside of her cunt.

I could feel my cum begin to boil. I started making sperm only about a month ago and I loved the feeling of it squirting out of my dick. Suddenly Becky screamed out loudly as he bounced on my cock. I emptied my balls deep inside of the 10 year olds pussy. I shot string after string of hot sticky cum up her cunt. We both were in the middle of our orgasm when we heard her father scream.

"What in the FUCK do you think you're doing!?" he yelled as he grabbed my by my hair and pulled me out of his daughter's sopping wet cunt.

My cock was still dribbling cum out of the end of it as he threw me against the shed. Her dad back handed me when I tried to get up. "You will sit there and keep your fucking mouth shut, understood?!" he shouted at me as I nodded my head.

I was shaking in fear as he towered over me. He looked at his 10 year old daughter with cum running out of her pussy and screamed for her to go get herself cleaned up. She picked up her clothes and ran for the house. He pulled my up to my feet by my hair. "Get your fucking ass dressed," he told me.

I pulled my clothes on as he shoved me toward the house. We went into the kitchen where he pushed me into a chair. Becky's dad dialed the phone and called the police. In a matter of five minutes two squad cars pulled into the driveway. He told the officer what happened and they put cuffs on my hands and took me to the patrol car.

I was fingerprinted, had my mug shot taken, stripped searched and placed in a holding cell. They had called my mother and she was on her way down to the station. They told my mom that they would have to hold me over night until I had a bail hearing the next day. I spent a lonely night in a cold jail cell before being taken to court. I stood before the Judge scared as could be. "Do you plead innocent or guilty" the Judge asked me.

The lawyer my mom got me told me to plead innocent. I stared at the Judge not knowing what to do. "Son did you or did you not have sex with that little girl" he asked me. I told him that I did but she wanted to do it too. He called both lawyers up front to his bench for a conference. When they returned he told me to stand up.

"It has been agreed upon to send you to Reform School for one year," the Judge told me. He said that if I kept out of trouble that my record would be cleared when I reached eighteen. My mother was weeping softly behind me. My lawyer told me not to worry that a year would go by fast. They took me out of the courtroom in handcuffs and to a waiting bus.

It was about an hour ride to my new home. I looked out the barred windows of the bus as we approached the reform school. It was a series of buildings surrounded by a high cyclone fence with razor wire on top. There were two guard towers, one in front and one in back. As we got closer I saw there were two fences it a space in between them. My stomach was in a knot from nerves. I didn't want to appear scared but I was shaking inside.

We soon passed through both gates stopping in front of the main building. The guard told me to get off the bus and enter the building. When I walked through the door I was met by two big guards who took me to an examining room. "Strip boy" the big one ordered me.

I removed my clothes as both men stared at me. The smaller guard moved in front of me looking inside of my mouth and ears. "Bend over the table," he ordered. I did as I was told. I felt my ass cheeks being spread moaning loudly as I felt his fingers go deep into my ass hole. He wiggled his fingers around looking for what ever they look for and then pulled his gloved finger out of my hole.

They told me to move to the next room. I reached for my clothes but the big guard slapped my hands away from them. "You won't be needing them no more" he told me as he pushed me toward the door. I entered the next room and had another mug shot taken. I was assigned the number 68068 that I would use while was serving my sentence.

Next they lead me down a hall still naked. I saw a few other kids and they were staring at me making snide little remarks about my body. I was led to a small window were the man behind it gave me some clothes, sheets, blankets, and a pillow. I was told to get dressed right there in the hallway.

When I was fully clothed again they led me to my cell. It was a small room with a very small window in it. It had two beds, one unmade, and two lockers, one which was empty. They told me to put my things away and make the bed. The big guard told me that my roommate would be back in a few hours and he would show me around the complex and explain some of the rules.

As I sat in the room I could hear other kids roaming the hallway. I tried to open the door but found it locked. I sat back on the bed as tears flowed from my eyes. I lie down on the bed and soon fell asleep. I woke up when I heard the lock click open on the door. I watched as my roommate walked into the room. He plopped down on his bed staring at me. "My name is Zack, Zack Abbott and I'm 14," he told me. I stood up and walked over to him.

"Hi, my name is Danny Wilson and I'm 12," I said as I extended my hand for a shake. Zack looked at my hand and laughed without ever taking it. I let my arm fall to my side as I walked back to my bed. "Look, don't get to friendly with anyone in this place" he warned me.

"There are a lot of guys that would just as soon fuck you in your ass than talk to you," he said.

"What did you do to get sent here anyway?" he wanted to know.

"I had sex with the neighbor girl."

"How old was she?"

"Becky's 10, but she wanted to do it. Her dad caught us and turned me into the cops."

He wanted to know all about Becky. How she looked and how it felt to fuck her in her tight pussy. I told him that she was a sweet girl and I didn't want to talk about her like that. He laughed again and told me that I better have a good memory because it will be awhile before my dick sees a pussy again. "They said that you would show me around the place," I told him.

"Yeah, it's the roomies job to do that, come on lets go," he said as he pushed the button by the door to buzz the guard. I heard the click of the lock and the door swung open. Zack led me out into the hallway and began my tour.

He showed me the classrooms, shop, laundry, dining room, gym, and rec-room which was packed with kids watching television, shooting pool and reading magazines. Zack didn't talk to anyone but led me to an empty table so we could talk. He explained the rules of the place and told me that I would be assigned a job to do after school to earn money that I could spend at the commissary. Soon a bell rang and Zack said that it was dinner time.

Zack and I sat a table with two other kids. He said this was our table and we would sit here for every meal. He introduced me to Bob and Art. Art was my age and was in for breaking into a toy store. Bob was 13 and he was here for beating the shit out of a kid at school.

"Did you break him in yet?" Bob wanted to know from Zack. Zack gave Bob a look that shut the other boy up right away. We finished our meal and headed for our room for lock up. When the door was locked I asked Zack what Bob had meant about breaking me in. He told me that some roommates would fuck the new kid as soon as they met.

"Have you fucked guys since you've been here?" I asked him.

"Yeah, a few time."

"Have you ever been on the receiving end of it?"

"Yeah, a few times for that too," he laughed.

"Look, we are here for awhile, there is no pussy to get in here so we have to make do with what we got. The important part is to stay away from some of these guys. Some of them will rape you rather than ask you and it can get rough," he told me.

We shut the lights off and went to sleep. The bell woke me up at 6 in the morning signaling the start of my first full day there. I grabbed my soap and towel following Zack to the shower room. There were 8 of us in the showers at the same time. I noticed that Zack had a nice bush covering his long cock. My dick wasn't that big yet and I had very little hair around it. I finished with my shower and walked out to the changing area.

After getting dressed we headed down to the dining room. I was handed my work assignment from one of the guards. I was to report to the library after classes. "You lucked out Danny, that's a pretty cushy job," Zack told me. "It sure beats working in the laundry room like I do" he added.

After breakfast we headed for the classrooms. School was just like a normal school. The classrooms were set up the same way only the teachers rotated to the class instead of the students. After the final bell rang I headed for the library.

"I'm Danny Wilson, I was told to report here for work," I told the guard behind the desk. He looked me over from head to toe making me feel uncomfortable with his gaze. He told me to take cart that was full of books and put them back on the shelf in order. I wheeled the cart to the other end of the large room and walked between the rows of books. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to find two boys about 16 standing behind me. One was a tall black kid the other was a thin white boy.

"Look here Lenny, we have fresh meat to eat tonight," the boy laughed at his friend.

"I sure hope his sausage isn't too spicy, Gary" he joked with his black buddy.

"What the hell do you guys want?" I asked them trying to sound tough.

"We want you, newbie, and we are going to have you and your tight ass hole," Gary told me.

He pushed me up against the shelf of books putting his lips next to my ear. "If you even think of yelling, it would be a huge mistake" he snarled in my ear. "What are you going to do to me?" I asked him quietly.

He told me that the guard always takes a break for a half an hour at 4. When he is gone then you will find out. I glanced the clock and saw that it was 5 to 4. Five minutes later I heard the guard yell out to me that he was taking a break and would be back in a half hour. I watched as he left the room leaving me with these two big kids. As soon as the door shut, Gary pushed me down on my knees and told me to stay there.

I looked up at him as he unzipped his jeans. He fished out his black cock and waved it in front of my face. "You ever suck cock before newbie" he asked me. I shook my head no, as he rubbed the head of his stiff dick across my lips. I clamped my lips shut tight as he rubbed his cock all over my face.

"Lenny, open his mouth for me," he told his buddy. Lenny grabbed my face squeezing my cheeks until my mouth opened up. Gary took the opportunity to push the head of his hard black cock into my mouth. "Don't even think of biting down on it or it will be the last thing you ever bite" he growled at me.

Gary moved his cock deeper in my mouth making me gag as it hit my throat. I held my mouth open as he slid his hard meat into my mouth. "Jesus, he don't know how to suck a cock" Gary complained to Lenny. He told Lenny to take my cock out of my pants and show me how to suck a cock properly. I felt Lenny pulling my zipper down and reach into my shorts to find my cock.

I was so scared that I didn't have a hard on yet. Lenny pulled it out of my pants and sucked it into his mouth. I groaned as I felt his tongue licking all over my stiffening cock. "See Lenny, he likes to have his sucked" Gary told his friend. "Now I suggest you show me how good you can suck mine" he told me.

I closed my lips around his long black cock as I really got a taste of him for the first time. I couldn't believe what was happening to me. I moved my head up and down on his shaft causing Gary to moan out load. "Fuck, he has the hang of it already" he told Lenny. Lenny let me cock fall from his mouth and told Gary that he wanted to let the newbie taste his dick too. Lenny fished his fat cock out as Gary moved to the side.

Lenny shoved his thick cock into my mouth as I ran my tongue over his cock head. Gary told Lenny that they had to hurry before the guard gets back. Lenny pulled his cock out of my mouth as Gary told me to stand up. When I stood up, Lenny unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants and boxers down to my ankles.

Gary pushed me back down on the floor telling me to get on my hands and knees. I was shaking with fear because I knew what they were planning on doing. I prayed that someone would come in to help me. Gary knelt behind me as he squirted some lotion on my ass hole. "Please don't do this, I will do anything you want but don't do this," I begged him.

Gary didn't answer my pleas he just pushed against my upturned ass until the head of his black cock popped into my virgin ass hole. "OWWW, Oh God it hurts, take it out please take it out," I begged him. Gary pushed harder and sunk another two inches of his cock into my ass hole. "AAAAHHHH, Oh shit, you're killing me, Oh please stop, OHH it hurts so bad," I cried as tears flowed down my cheeks. I was sobbing loudly as the pain was so great.

"Lenny, shove your cock in his mouth to shut him the fuck up," Gray yelled at his buddy. Lenny came over to my face and pushed his fat cock into my mouth. He told me to suck on it and make it good. I bobbed my head up and down on his fat cock as Gary pushed his entire length of cock inside of my bowels. "OOWWW, Oh please won't you stop now. Let me go please," I begged them as I spit Lenny's cock out.

Lenny slapped my face hard telling me not to take his cock out again until he was finished. I was choking back tears as Gary began to fuck my ass with long slow strokes. "Oh man, your ass hole is so hot and tight," he told me as he plunged deeply in to it. Lenny was humping my face as I felt his cock begin to swell even bigger. "I'm cumming and you better not let a drop drip out of your mouth."

I felt the first strong blast of cum shoot out of his cock as it hit the back of my mouth. I swallowed out of instinct and gagged on the taste of his spunk. Before I could react he shot another powerful shot of hot sticky cum in my mouth. As I struggled to swallow his load he pumped more of his seed into my mouth.

After what seemed to be a long time he finally stopped spurting his cum and I let his cock slip from my mouth. Gary was plunging rapidly into my ass as I felt a searing heat flood my bowels as he emptied his nuts deep into my ass hole. I could feel each spurt of his hot cum as it shot into my ass. I was sobbing loudly as Gary pulled his limp cock out of my abused ass hole. Gary and Lenny told me not to tell anyone what they did or it would be worse next time as they ran from the library.

The guard found me laying on the floor sobbing loudly with cum oozing out my exposed ass hole and running down my chin. He called for the medic on his radio. He helped me get dressed and walked me over to the stretcher as the medics came in. "Could you please get a hole of Zack Abbott for me please" I asked the guard who found me. He assured me that he would call immediately. I was taken to the infirmary for a check up.

Zack came into the infirmary to check on me. The medic told him that I was okay physically but I might need counseling for the emotional trauma. I told him that I was okay as the tears began to flow again down my cheeks. Zack came over and took my arm leading me back to our room. "Okay, who did this to you?" he wanted to know as soon as we were in our room. I told him that I couldn't say anything about it or it would be worse next time.

"Listen Danny, you are my roommate and friend, I want to know who did this to you." I told Zack to please drop the subject. "I don't want you to get hurt like I did." I sobbed to my new friend. "Let me tell you something not many people know about me," he said to me. "I was the state champion in my weight class in karate, so nobody is going to hurt me," Zack told me.

I looked at him as I began to cry again. "I'm sorry for crying but I can't help it," I sobbed to him. He came over and hugged me close to him rubbing my back as I sobbed on his shoulder. Soon my sobs were reduced to a few whimpers as I sat up and thanked him for not laughing at me.

"Danny, nobody has the right to do what they did to you. If you want to suck a cock or get fucked in the ass that should be your decision not someone else's," he said to me. I plan on getting even with those to fuckers as soon as you tell me who they are. "Please Zack don't do anything, I don't want to cause trouble." He told me that if I don't do something everyone is going to know that they can mess with me. "Okay, what do you suggest?" I asked him.

He told me that I should tell him who it was and he would figure out a plan. I moved close to him and whispered that it was Gary and Lenny. Zack looked at me smiling saying that he would come up with a plan in a few days. He asked me if I was alright and I told him that I would be fine. "Have you ever done that stuff Zack?" I asked.

He told me that he never forced himself on anyone. But he admitted that he sucked someone's cock before and even fucked and been fucked in the ass. He asked me how bad it hurt when they did it to me. I told him that it hurt real bad at first but it seemed to get better after awhile. I said it wasn't that bad sucking Lenny's cock just when he shot out his load it was a surprise that I wasn't use to. Zack laughed and said that it is an acquired taste. "Are you sure you're okay Danny?" he asked me with genuine concern in his voice. I told him I was fine except for a sore ass. "I hope that it is okay, that they didn't rip anything back there" I told him.

"Do you want me to take a look for you?" he asked me softly.

"Yeah, thanks, it would make me feel better knowing that I was okay back there." I stood up unbuckling my pants and pulling them down to my ankles along with my boxers. I turned around so Zack could look at my butt. He told me to bend at the waist so he could see better. I bent over and felt him spread my ass cheeks with his hands. He moved his head closer for a better look.

"It looks fine Danny, a little red but looks like a normal ass hole," he chuckled. I told him that it still hurt and burned a little. Zack blew a puff of air onto my wrinkled brown hole. I groaned out loud as I felt his warm breath on my ass hole. "Did that help to cool it off a little?"

I told him that it felt good and he should do it again. He blew a strong gust of air across my tight rosebud as I felt my cock begin to stiffen. I told him that it helps take away the sting when he does that. I felt him gently blowing on my ass as my cock reached its full length. I groaned as I became aroused by my roommate's actions.

Zack surprised me by taking hold of my stiff cock and slowly yanking my rod as he blew on my ass hole. I moaned out as I felt the feeling of someone else's hand on my stiff cock. "Oh Zack are you going to do it to me too?" I cried out.

He told me that he would do it only what I wanted him to do. I told him that I didn't think I wanted to get fucked again but would suck his dick if he wanted me to. "Danny, if you want to that's fine but don't do it because you think I want it," he explained. I looked into his eyes and saw true friendship in them. "I want to suck you off Zack, I really do."

I sat on the bed as he stood before me telling me to take his cock out of his jeans. I unbuckled his belt and opened his jeans. I pulled his pants down to his ankles so he could kick them off to the side. I pulled his shirt over his head and saw his chest muscles ripple as the cool air hit his chest. He stood in front of me with just his jockey's on. I saw the huge tent they made in front from his big cock.

I pulled his underwear down so he could kick them off also. I reached up taking his hard tool in my hand. He told me to get naked also so he could play with me too. I stripped off my clothes in a hurry and climbed back on the bed. Zack bent forward placing his lips on mine. I had never kissed a guy before but Zack was gentle and his lips were soft like silk.

I felt his tongue running around my lips so I opened my mouth to allow him access. His tongue darted in my mouth exploring every inch of my mouth. I tangled my tongue with his as we sucked each others tongues. I ran my hand down his muscular chest to his hard cock. I stroked his stiffness as he tongued my mouth. I broke off the kiss as I kissed and nibbled my way down to his cock. I licked the head tasting his slimy pre-cum as he moaned softly in pleasure.

Zack wasn't as big as Lenny was and he wasn't forcing me to do it so I really got into making him feel good. I licked the underside of his spongy head and nipped at the crown with my teeth. I rolled his balls around in my hand as I swallowed his cock into my mouth. I slowly slid my mouth down until I felt him at the entrance to my throat. I gulped hard as I pushed down and felt his cock head enter my throat. "Oh fuck Danny, no one has ever done that to me before" Zack groaned out as he felt himself in my throat. I let my throat muscles ripple up and down on his cock as he moaned loudly. I pulled him out so I could take a lung full of air again. I swirled my tongue over the head of his cock licking the pre-cum that was flowing freely from his piss slit.

"Oh Danny, I'm cumming, OOHHH fuck!" he shouted as I felt his cock twitch and then spew out his hot sticky cum.

I swallowed as fast as I could to get his tasty cream. I licked at the piss slit as he shot more of his cum into my mouth. He was pumping his hips up to meet my mouth as he unloaded his nut sack into my eagerly sucking mouth. He finally pulled his limp cock out after I cleaned him with my sperm coated tongue. Zack moved over me and kissed me hard.

He pushed his tongue into my mouth getting a taste of his own juice as he licked all of it he could find. He then pushed me on my back and kissed his way down my chest. He nipped at my little boy nipples as his hand circled my stiff cock. I moaned as he sucked my nipples hard and pulled them out from my chest. My cock oozed pre-cum down his fist as he began to kiss his way down my stomach.

"OOHHHH, AAAAHH!" I sighed as I felt his mouth engulf my hard dick. He took my whole length into his mouth burying his nose in my pubic area. I had very little hair so it didn't get in the way of Zack sucking in my balls too. He had my dick and balls in his mouth. I could feel it as he began to hum softly causing a vibration in my cock and balls that went all the way through me. I humped my hips to his face trying to force more of my cock into his mouth.

Zack reached down and ran a finger through my ass crack. His saliva was running down my crack making it very wet and slippery. He licked all over my cock head as he slowly pushed a finger up my ass. I groaned as I felt the intrusion in my butt. "Are you okay, I'm not hurting you am I?" he asked with genuine concern in his voice.

I told him that it felt great when he goes slow like that. He slowly pushed his finger all the way up my butt as he took my cock deep into his mouth. I could feel my cum boiling in my nut sack.

"Oh Zack, I'm cumming, OOHHH God, I'm cumming!" I screamed as I shot a powerful string of cum into his mouth.

I continued to pump my hot sticky cum into his mouth as he plunged a finger in and out of my ass and used his mouth on my spurting cock. When I finally quit squirting my load he sat up opening his mouth to show me that he had my entire load of cum still in his mouth. He leaned forward kissing me deeply as he pushed my cum into my mouth. I pushed it back into his and we exchanged it back and forth until we each swallowed our share of it.

"Zack, thanks for being so gentle with me," I said.

"Hey, you're my roommate and roommates look out for each other."

I hugged him telling him that I was glad that I got him for a roomie. He told me that we better do our homework so we wouldn't get detention and lose our privileges. After the homework was done we began to work out a plan of revenge for Gary and Lenny. Zack and I over the next four hours worked out a plan to get revenge on my attackers. It all would take place in the library on Friday after classes were over.

My main task for this plan was for me to get Gary and Lenny to come to the library on Friday. Zack told me just how to that without causing them to get suspicious. "If you go by them they will be all over you about what they did to you. That's when you tell them that it wasn't all that bad and you wouldn't mind doing it again" Zack instructed me. He told me that he knew their types, the kids with the big egos and little brains. He laughed as he slapped me on the back and told me that this was going to be a whole lot of fun.

I could hardly sit still in classes the next day just thinking of our plan for revenge. When the lunch bell rang out I made my way to the dining room. I saw Gary and Lenny in the food line and I got in right behind them. "Hey Gary, your bitch is here" Lenny whispered to his friend. Gary turned around looking at me with a grin. "Hey did you come back to get some more," he laughed at me. "I think he would like to suck your cock again Lenny, look at him looking at you," Gary said to his buddy. Finally I spoke to my two attackers.

"You know I wouldn't mind trying again if you promise to be more gentle this time" I told them. I told them that it wasn't that bad and would have been okay if they went slower and not so brutal. "I would like to try it again to see if I really like it or not but you have to promise to do it gentler this time" I told both of them.

"How about we meet you in the library about 5 to 4 that way the guard will be going on break. "That's cool with me, see you then" I said as I turned away not looking back at the two assholes. I grabbed my lunch taking my seat with Zack and the other two kids. I told Zack that they took the bait. He just nodded and smiled at me. We headed back to classes as the bell rang. The afternoon dragged by for me as I waited for the last bell to ring.

When it finally did ring I ran out the door to the library. I walked in the door walking over to the desk. "Hello Danny, how are you doing, are you okay after what happened the other day" he asked me politely. "I'm fine and I want to thank you for helping me like that" I told him. I asked him if he had a break yet and he said that he would take one at 4.

I reached in my pocket and pulled out a dollar bill and told him to have something to drink on me for helping me. He told me that it wasn't necessary to buy him something to drink but I insisted and he finally took my money. "You know if you want to take a little longer break I can cover for you," I said.

"Hey, thanks a lot. I think I'll grab an extra 15 minutes that will make it 45 minutes, can you handle it for that long?" he asked.

I assured him that I was fine and being Friday it is never busy. He chuckled saying that nobody reads on the weekends. I pushed the cart to the other end of the library as he went back to his paper work. About ten minutes later I saw Zack sneak in the library without being seen by the guard. He snuck over by me and I showed him where to hide so no one would see him.

I looked at the clock and saw that it was almost 4 and Gary and Lenny hadn't come in yet. At exactly 4 the guard yelled that he was leaving for 45 minutes and I told him to have a good break. Two minutes after he left Gary and Lenny walked through the door. "Hey you little shithead, are you ready to get fucked again by my black cock?" Gary said.

"Yeah, but gentle this time," I told him.

Lenny was already taking his cock out of his pants as Gary shoved me down on the floor. "Hey, I said gently!" I complained.

Gary laughed a mean laugh and told me that he doesn't do anything gentle. He told me to strip off my clothes and suck his cock. I stood up taking off my clothes one piece at a time. He yelled for me to hurry up so I speed up and soon was naked in front of both of them again. "Get on your knees bitch and suck my cock," Gary growled at me. I reminded him again of his promise to be gentle. "Look asshole, I don't think I'm even going to use lube this time, I think I will dry fuck your sorry ass" he told me.

Just then Zack stepped out of his hiding place. Gary looked surprise but didn't move. Zack did a round house kick and put Lenny down on the floor with one swift move. Zack stood in front of Gary watching for any movement from the black kid. "Hey, this don't concern you," Gary told him. "What you do to my roommate does concern me motherfucker," Zack said to him.

Zack grabbed Gary around the shirt collar and told him that we were going to have some fun with him this time. "You think you can take me boy" Gary said. Before he finished the sentence he was down on the floor with Zack's foot on his throat. "Yeah, I think I can" Zack told him.

"Now while you're down there you might as well suck Danny's cock" Zack told him. Gary looked at Zack and then at me knowing that he was screwed. His buddy was still out like a light and he was no match for the karate kid. He moved his mouth over my hard cock and began to suck it. He ran his tongue up and down my shaft as I pushed my cock into his mouth. Zack asked me if he was doing okay for me. I told him it would be better if he would deep throat me.

"You heard the man, put him in your throat," Zack ordered him. Gary gagged when he tried to swallow my cock. Zack smacked the back of his head and told him to quit stalling. The next time he went down on my cock I felt myself slide into his black throat. I grabbed his hair and ground my cock into his throat. I could feel my cum churning in my sack. I groaned as I shot a massive load of my hot sticky white cream into his black mouth.

Zack told him not to spill a drop or there would be hell to pay. Gary lapped down every bit of my hot cum then licked my cock clean. When I slipped out of his mouth Zack pulled him to his feet and told him to strip down. "What are you going to do" he asked with a little fear in his voice. "We're going to fuck your black ass just like you did to him," he said.

Lenny was moaning as he slowly came recovered from Zack's kick. I told him to stand and take off his clothes or he would be out again. He stood quickly removing all of his clothing. Zack told Gary to get down on all fours which he did without complaining. He looked at Lenny and told him to kneel behind his friend. "Get his ass wet so Danny can fuck him, use your mouth asshole," Zack ordered him.

"I ain't licking nobody's asshole," Lenny yelled.

Zack raised his hand to smack him but Lenny already was moving his face towards the black ass of his friend. "Okay, okay, don't hit me again," he begged Zack. Zack told me to get down in front of Gary so he could taste my white ass hole. I saw the disgust in Gary's face as he stared at my puckered brown hole. I let out a groan as I felt his tongue slide into my asshole.

"Stop Gary, it's time that I bury my cock in your ass," I told him. I moved behind him as Lenny scooted aside. I knelt down placing my hard cock against his black ass hole. I shoved roughly pushing my entire length into his ass in one big shove. Gary let out a scream as I buried myself deep in his bowels. Zack told Lenny to get down on the floor like Gary so he could get at his ass.

I watched Zack bury his thick cock in Lenny's ass hole. I grabbed Gary's ass cheeks as I plunged in and out of his ass. I grunted as I filled his black ass with my hot cum. I slammed into his ass as I emptied my balls deep inside of his rectum. I held my cock in him as I watched Zack plow into Lenny's unturned ass. I watched as he shot his load deep into Lenny's fuck hole. When he emptied his nuts he looked at me smiling. "I think they should clean each other's ass of all this mess don't you Danny?"

"Yep, I think that would be the polite thing to do," I said. I looked and they both had tears streaming down their faces as they sucked the cum out of each other's assholes.

"Can we go now?" Gary asked after they had cleaned each other's ass holes of all our cum. Zack told him that it was up to me if they go or stay. Gary looked at me and asked me to please let them go. "I asked you nicely that day too, but you didn't give a fuck," I growled at him. "I think you and Lenny need to suck us off one more time."

Zack and I sat on the floor while Gary and Lenny crawled over to us and began to suck our cocks once again. Since we had cum already a few times it took about twenty minutes for them to make us shoot our loads. Zack and I shot our wads together and watched as they took it in their mouths. "Don't either of you swallow any of our slop," I warned them.

Zack and I filled each of their mouths with our cum. I told them that we wanted to see them kiss and swap our cum back and forth for a while. They looked at us pleading with their eyes as I told them to hurry before the guard gets back. They crawled to each other and kissed each other hard. Zack and I watched as they moved our come back and forth between their mouths. I told them to swallow what they had and get the fuck out of the library.

Zack told them that if they ever touched me again he would fuck them up so bad their own mother wouldn't know them. They ran from the library as Zack and I laughed. As the door shut behind Gary and Lenny we heard a noise from behind us. It was the guard that was supposed to be on break.

"How long have you been there?" I asked him afraid of what would happen. He told me that he suspected I had something planned when I told him to take a long break. He said that he snuck in the back door to see what was going on. When I heard the you two were getting the two that hurt you I figured I would watch and let you have your fun.

I thanked him very much for not stopping us. He told me that he was glad that I taught them a lesson. "I appreciate it and if there is anything we can do for you just ask," I told him.

He said that there was something we could do if we want to. "You don't have to if you don't want to," he said. I asked him what he wanted from us. He looked down at his crotch and I followed his gaze. His pants were tented way out in front.

I laughed and told Zack that we have to take care of this problem before we leave. Zack smiled as he pulled down the zipper on the guard's pants. I reached in and pulled his massive uncut cock from his pants. I was the largest cock I have ever seen. It was about 9 inches long and I could barely reach around it with my hand. I heard him groan as I grasped his dick in my hand.

Zack pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles exposing his hairy balls and sack to us. I bent forward opening my mouth wide as I could and place his cock in my mouth. I slid it in as far as I could and began to suck while I stroked the shaft with my free hand. Zack was busy with his balls and sack, rolling them around in his hand.

I told the guard to lie down on the floor. Zack and I both worked on his massive cock. We licked up the side of it and met at the head. We kissed each other as we had his cock in our mouths. We would take turns sucking his huge tool. It wasn't long before I felt him swell even larger and he grunted as he shot his huge load of cum.

I took the first shot in my mouth and moved so Zack could get the second shot. We alternated until he was completely drained of his cum. We licked his crotch clean of any trace of cum. He thanked us over and over for taking care of him. "It's the least we could do," I told him. We all got dressed and Zack and I headed for our room.

Zack and I collapsed on our beds when we got back to our rooms in a fit of laughter. "Did you see those two kids, I don't think they will try anything like that again," Zack giggled. I agreed that we taught them a much needed lesson in respect. Zack was still chuckling as I got up and sat next to him on his bed. I put my arm around him pulling him close to me. He turned to look at me and I kissed him on his soft lips.

"Zack, I don't know how to thank you for helping me take care of Gary and Lenny like that," I told him as I broke the kiss.

Zack looked into my eyes saying that he was just glad that he could help. I told him that if there was anything I could do just let me know. He hugged me tightly and told me that he would like to do it with me. I asked him what he wanted me to do and he told me that he really would like to fuck me one time.

I hugged him again and told him that I would love to do that for him. I stood up and slowly removed my clothes in front of him. I pulled him off the bed and yanked his shirt over his head. I dropped to my knees unbuckling his belt. I undid the snap on his jeans and pushed them down to the floor. I slowly pulled his jockey's off his body watching his stiff cock bounce as it broke free of its confines.

I slowly licked his cock from its base to its spongy head. I wrapped my tongue around his stiff dick as I lowered my mouth on it. I heard Zack moan loudly as his cock sunk into my hot mouth. I didn't stop until his dick was in my throat. I swallowed a few times so Zack could feel my throat muscles working up and down his cock.

"Oh Danny, you are good at that," he sighed as my muscles rippled along his cock shaft. I pulled him out of my mouth and began to lick and suck his lightly haired nut sack. I took each of his balls in my mouth sucking gently. He told me to stop before he shot his load. I just continued to suck feeling his cock swell and his nuts pull up close to his body.

Zack let out a low moan as he filled my mouth with his sticky goo. I kept sucking his cock softly as he spurted his load down my throat. I swallowed everything that he gave me while I gently rubbed his twitching balls. He finally pulled his cock from my mouth as he pulled me to his lips. We exchanged tongues as we kissed deeply. I reached down massaging his cock as it began to stiffen already.

"I want to feel you inside of me," I told him as I got on my hands and knees. I wiggled my ass at him smiling at him as he moved behind me. I felt his tongue inside my ass crack as he licked me to get me loose.

Zack took a long time rimming my 12 year old ass hole so he could fuck me. He reached down stroking my cock as he licked my puckered brown hole. I felt it when he slowly pushed a finger up my butt. He slowly began to fuck me with his finger. Soon he inserted a second finger stretching me even larger. Zack did this so slowly that I felt no discomfort only extreme pleasure. I was moaning and rotating my hips as he plunged his fingers in my ass. "Oh Zack, do it now, I want to feel you inside of me now," I begged my roommate.

Zack positioned himself behind my ass and placed his thick cock head at the entrance to my wrinkled rosebud. He slowly pushed forward as I pushed back. I grunted as I felt his large mushroom cock head pop into my ass hole. He asked me if I was okay and I answered by pushing my ass back causing another inch to sink into me.

Zack took each of my ass cheeks in his hands spreading them wide. He slowly pushed in so another inch of hard cock went up my ass. He pulled out leaving just the head inside and then pushed back inside sinking another inch into my bowels. He slowly repeated this process until his nuts were resting against my body.

"Oh Zack, you feel so good inside of me," I sighed as he held himself still until I got accustomed to the feeling again. I began to push slowly back against him giving him the okay to begin to move himself. Zack began to slowly pump in and out of my ass. I groaned softly each time he slid in all the way. My own cock was dripping pre-cum as he thrust his thick cock in my ass rubbing my prostate gland in the process.

"AAAHHH Zack go faster, please go faster and deeper!" I begged my best friend. Zack patted my ass cheek and told me to hang on for a wild ride. He began to take long thrust, pulling his cock almost all the way out and then ramming it back in real fast. He spread my cheeks apart with his hand so he could watch his thick cock sliding into my ass hole.

"OOOHHHH Danny, OOHHHH I'm so close, OOH!" he cried out as he plunged his cock rapidly deep into my bowels. Zack gave a gigantic push driving his cock deep up my ass as filled my ass with his hot sperm. I could feel each spurt of his hot cum as it painted the walls of my ass canal. He continued to fuck my ass as he unloaded his massive load into me.

When he finished squirting his sticky cum into me I felt his softening cock slip from my well fucked ass hole. I grabbed my shirt off the bed and put it over my ass to catch all the cum that was flowing from my stretched out ass hole. I rolled over on my stomach with my hard cock pointing upward. Zack moved over my cock and sucked it in his mouth.

He slowly sucked me in and out of his mouth as he ran a finger into my sloppy ass hole. I could feel his finger wiggling around my wet sticky ass hole as he bobbed his head on my stiff cock. It wasn't long before I shouted out that I was cumming and I shot my huge load down his throat. He sucked every drop of my cum that I gave him. He gently sucked my cock until I was completely spent. We hugged each other and fell asleep on the bed where we laid. We awoke to the dinner bell ringing loudly and the sound of kids in the hallway. We got dressed and headed for the dining room.

My year at reform school went by fast. I received a few letters from Becky saying that she was anxious to see me when I got out. I never answered any of her letters for fear that her dad would find them. When the time came for my release, Zack and I had a tearful good-bye. We did promise to keep in touch and he was coming to see me when he got out next year. Zack walked with me to the front gate where we hugged and I quickly gave him a kiss good-bye. I climbed in the car with my mom for the ride home.

I was home for about a week when Becky called me on the phone. "I want to see you Danny" she told me. I said that it was a bad idea because of her dad. She told me that he was at work but I still was afraid of the man. "I know, come over to my house about 7:30 tonight and look in my bedroom window. I will leave the curtains open slightly and bring your video camera," she said. I had no idea what she was up too but I agreed to do it for her. I had supper with my mother telling her that I was going out for a walk after dinner.

I helped her clean the kitchen before I left. I took my camera and headed for the door. I walked slowly down the sidewalk to the third house from mine and cut across the lawn to Becky's window. I noticed that there was a light on in her room. The curtain was opened slightly and the window as cracked open also. I peeked inside to see her standing by her mirror looking at herself.

Suddenly her bedroom door flew open and in walked her father. "Are you ready slut?" he growled at her. He went over to his daughter and pulled her shirt over her head. He then roughly yanked down her shorts and panties.

I quickly regained my wits and began to tape the scene in the bedroom. Becky's dad pushed her back on the bed as he shed all his clothes. I focused the camera on his huge 8 inch hairy cock as it swung between his legs. He walked over to Becky pulling her face to his dick.

"Open up you little bitch, you didn't mind sucking that fucking kid down the street," he told her as he roughly shoved his cock into her mouth. He face fucked his daughter as I saw tears rolling down her cheeks. I wanted to go in and stop it but I had a better idea.

I kept filming them as he abused his young preteen daughter. I watched as he flooder her mouth with his sticky cum and made her swallow every drop. He told her to keep sucking his cock until it was hard again. Becky worked on his cock for about 20 minutes before he was at his full length again. "Spread em' for daddy, Becky. I'm gonna fuck you hard tonight," he said to his little girl.

Becky's dad shoved his huge cock into his daughter's hairless little cunt hole making her scream out in pain. "Take it all, you took all that kids cock last year" he yelled at her. She begged him to be gentle and do it slow but he just pounded into her little cunt as hard as he could.

I heard him grunt as he filled her little hole with his hot cum. I watched as some of it leaked out around his shaft. When he pulled out of her cunt a river of cum followed it out of her hole. He pulled her face to his dick and told her to lick it clean. When he was satisfied with the job she had done he dressed and left the room. I quietly snuck away from the window and went back home to make copies of the tape I just filmed.


Becky called me the next day to ask if I was outside her window last night. I told her that I was and I got it all on film. "What are you going to do now Danny?" she asked me over the phone.

I asked her when the next time her dad would do that to her. She says it will probably be tonight again. I told her that wanted to hide in her closet until the time is right to put my plan into action. We worked out all the details of my plan and she seemed really excited about it. She told me that she would see me about 7:00 and we hung up the phones. I worked around the yard for the rest of the afternoon. After dinner I told my mom that I was going out for awhile and headed down to Becky's with the tape in my hand.

Becky let me in through the back door. She told me her dad would be home in about 15 minutes. We went directly to her bedroom and I put the tape into the VCR. I turned the TV on and told her that when he got his clothes off to hit the play button. I went into the closet to await her dad's arrival. It wasn't long before we heard the back door slam shut. There were footsteps coming down the hallway towards Becky's room. Soon I heard him enter her room.

"I want you to do a little strip tease tonight," he told his daughter. "I want you to slowly take off your clothes and show me each of your tight holes," he added.

Becky stood up without speaking and began to take off her clothes while gyrating her hips in a sexy manner. When she was completely naked in front of her father he told her to spread her pussy lips to show him her pink pussy hole. He gazed at her as she spread her cunt lips apart and showed her dad the damp opening to her cunt. "Now show me your ass," he ordered her.

She slowly turned around and spread her ass cheeks with her hands as she bent over in front of him. He looked at her wrinkled hole as he reached out and placed a finger on her rosebud. "I think I'm going to take your ass cherry tonight," he laughed at her.

"Daddy no, you'll hurt me bad if you put your dick up my butt," she cried out to her dad. He just laughed at her as he began to strip off his clothes. When he was naked in front of her she hit the play button on the remote. He snapped his head around when he heard his voice on the television. Becky's dad watched open mouthed as the image on TV was fucking his daughter.

"How? Who! What the fuck is going on here!?" he yelled at Becky. That was when I came out of the closet.

"I suggest you sit down and shut the fuck up," I said to him. "I filmed this last night and have made enough copies to put you away for a long, long time."

I told him that all Becky and I were doing is showing our love for each other and you sent me away for a year of my life. Then you do the same damn thing only you showed no love to her. Becky came over to stand by my side. She was now 11 years old and still a very pretty girl. I truly did love her.

"You know daddy, if you would have asked to do that stuff with me I probably would have let you but you forced yourself on me," she cried. I saw the tears flow from her pretty eyes and run down her cheeks. "You raped me and treated me so cruel, daddy how could you," she sobbed.

"You're just like your mother, a whore who would let anyone in her pants," he said. He looked at me and asked me what I wanted. I told him that Becky and I had a plan. Becky went to her desk and took out the handcuffs and put them on her dad's wrists fastening the other ends to the headboard. I tied his legs to the footboard of her bed so he was completely immobilized.

I could see the fear creep into his eyes as he knew that he was completely at our mercy. I reached out and squeezed his nuts hard in my hand making him scream in pain. I walked to the kitchen bringing back a butcher knife with me. I set the knife on the nightstand. His eyes were glued to the knife and he began to shake slightly in fear. I told him that he has nothing to worry about unless he doesn't follow instructions exactly as he is told.

Becky came over to me and gently kissed my lips. I ran my tongue over her mouth letting her father see as I pushed my tongue into his daughter's eager mouth. Her dad couldn't help but see as she sucked my tongue. I moved my hands down her flat chest to her stiff little nipples. I pulled and tweaked them making her moan in pleasure at the feeling of it.

Becky started kissing me down my body until she had my stiff cock in her mouth. I looked at her father tied to the bed and saw that he was watching his daughter as she slowly sucked my cock. I let out a loud sigh as she slowly licked around the head of my cock. "Oh Becky, I've waited a whole year for this," I moaned.

Her dad told me that I would be going back to jail as soon as he got free. I reached down and put one of my socks in his mouth to shut him up. Becky giggled as she saw the predicament that her dad was in. "You brought this all on yourself daddy," she told him as she took my cock back into her warm mouth.

I told Becky that she had better stop or I was going to shoot my load. "Please Danny, I want you to so I can taste you," she said. I moved my hands to her head and set the pace for her sucking action. It wasn't long before I was face fucking her with slow steady strokes. I yelled to her that I was ready to cum and she pushed more of my cock into her mouth.

I grunted out as I began filling her preteen mouth with my hot seed. I pumped an enormous amount of sticky cum into her before I slowed down to a dribble. I told her to save some of it in her mouth. She looked at me wondering why and I explained that I thought her dad might enjoy a taste also. I pulled the sock out of his mouth as she kissed her dad.

He refused to open his mouth so I pinched his cheeks until his mouth opened up. Becky let my cum run from her mouth into her dads. As soon as she finished the task I shoved the sock back into his mouth so he couldn't spit it out. I watched as his throat muscles worked to swallow the sticky liquid down his throat.

I picked up the knife and handed it to Becky. "I'm going to let your dad suck my dick for a while. If he decides to bite I want you to cut his dick off" I told Becky. She took the knife in her hands and lifted her father's semi hard cock in her hand.

"Don't make me hurt you like you hurt me daddy," she warned.

I removed the sock again from his mouth and put my sticky cock on his lips. I told him to open up and get me hard again. He kept his mouth closed tightly until I slapped his face hard. He slowly let me put my cock inside of his mouth. "Suck it good or you will be sorry" I told her dad. He began to lick my shaft as he sucked on my cock head. I could feel my pre-cum flowing out of my piss slit. Soon I was rock hard again. I crawled off of her dad's chest pulling my cock from his mouth. I untied one leg pulling it over his head and retying it on the headboard. I did the same with the other leg and soon his ass hole was exposed to Becky and me.

I told him that the only ass cherry that was going to be taken today was his. I looked as his eyes widened with fear. I told Becky to go get some Vaseline so I could lube up her dad's ass hole. She came back with a jar of it. I rubbed some on his puckered brown hole and put some on my cock. Her dad was yelling into the sock in his mouth but we couldn't understand a word of what he was saying.

I placed my stiff cock against his asshole and gave a mighty shove forward. I felt myself sink in all the way to my balls. I heard her dad scream loudly in the sock as he felt my stiff cock rip into his virgin ass. Becky and I watched as tears rolled down his cheeks as I continued to butt fuck him.

"Don't cum in his ass Danny, I want you to cum in mine," she told me. I told her if that is what she wanted then I would be happy to do it. I reamed his ass for a few minutes longer before I pulled out of his ass. I went to the table and picked up the knife again. I cut his legs down one at a time retying them to the footboard of the bed.

I picked up his hard cock in my hand and put the knife next to it. "Okay, Becky is going to kneel over you and you will rim her ass hole to get it nice and wet for me to fuck, because that is what she wants." He was shaking his head no as he tried to spit the sock out of his mouth. I pulled it out for him and he called us both sick fucks just before I slapped him hard three times.

"Stop, stop, I'll do it, shit just stop hitting me," he cried.

Becky crawled over her dad's chest and lowered her ass down to his lips. She moaned out as she felt his tongue move around her tight ass hole. I told him to push his tongue inside to get that wet too. Becky groaned out loudly as he forced his tongue into her hot anal hole.

"Oh Danny I want you to put it in now," she moaned.

Becky moved over next to her dad and got on her hands and knees. I crawled behind her asking her if she was sure she wanted to do this. "I want you to do it, dad was going to but you're the one I want to do it," she said. I put some Vaseline on her puckered brown hole and some on my cock. I eased my cock against her small rosebud and watched in awe as it spread open slowly allowing my stiff cock to slide into her rectum.

Becky panted hard but never complained about the pain. She asked me to go slow but she reassured me that it felt good. I grabbed her hips and slowly sunk my cock into her bowels. Soon my nuts were resting against her body. "OHHH Danny go faster now, OH please faster, AH!" she begged me as she started to push her hips back to meet mine. I spread her ass cheeks with my hand as I plunged deeply into her asshole. "OH! OH! OH! Oh I'm cumming!" she screamed as she slammed herself back on my stiff cock.

When I heard her scream out her orgasm I flooded her ass canal with my hot seed. I groaned as my cum splashed inside of her ass hole. We both collapsed on the bed as my limp cock slipped from her brown hole. I moved over to her father and told him to lick me clean. I reminded him of the knife that was lying next to me on the bed. When her dad had my cock clean of all the ass juice it was Becky's turn to be cleaned by her father.

She squatted over his face and let my cum flow into his mouth and all over his face. "There daddy, you will never be able to say you took my ass cherry," she spat at him. "Come on Danny lets get dressed and get out of here," she told me. We dressed quickly and began to walk out the door.

"Wait, wait, you can't leave me like this," he yelled at us.

"Oh yeah, you're right," I told him as I picked up the phone and called the police. The last thing I did was turn on the VCR again so the police could see what an asshole he really was.

I took Becky to my house where my mom agreed that she could stay with us since her dad was going to prison for a long time. I fixed up the spare room just for her. We would talk a lot about what had happened and what our future holds. All I know is that I love her and want to be with her forever. She told me that she felt the same way and I was the only one for her. I told her that she might have to help me with a friend of mine when he gets out of reform school.

"What are you talking about?" she said.

I told her all about what happened in the library and our revenge meeting that we had set up. She knows now all about my sexual activities while I was away. I explained that when Zack got out I would like to see him again. She asked me if I wanted to have sex with him again. I told her that I would love to have all three of us do things together. I told her that I was sure that she would like him as much as I do. She told me that she would think about it and decide when the time came.

We settled into a routine of school, studying and fucking on the week-ends when my mom went out. Before we knew it I received a letter from Zack saying that he was getting out in a week. Becky teased me a lot about being so excited about Zack coming for a visit. I told her that I would have died in that place if it wasn't for him. I couldn't wait to see him again.

Mom drove us to the reform school to pick him up. He looked fantastic in his new jeans and shirt. I introduced him to my mother and to Becky. He told my mom that she could pass for Becky's sister which made my mother blush and giggle like a schoolgirl. Zack was going to stay at our house for a week before moving back to his hometown about 50 miles away. Both of his parents were deceased so there was no rush to get there.

We chatted about all the stuff that happened at the school since I left. He told me that Gary and Lenny were still there then he whispered in my ear that they became the biggest ass sluts in school. We laughed about that making Becky and mom wonder what was so funny. Zack told Becky that she was a beautiful as he imagined from the description that I had given him.

"Danny talked about you every single day he was there," he told her. Becky blushed brightly as she listened to the compliments that Zack gave to her.

We finally arrived at the house and I showed Zack the room that he was going to use for the week. Becky was going to sleep in my room so Zack could have hers. I helped him unpack and settle in. Becky and mom were in the kitchen preparing dinner while we were upstairs.

I could tell Zack was a little uncomfortable but I put him at ease when I turned him toward me and kissed him hard on the lips. We sucked each others tongues and ran our hands over each others body. "Oh Danny, I missed you a lot," he said to me as he squeezed my stiff cock through my jeans.

"Yeah, me too Zack," I said.

I dropped down to my knees if front of Zack pulling his zipper down on his jeans. I reached my hand into his shorts and fished out his rock hard cock. I stroked his hardness with my hand as I looked at his face. He had a big smile on his face and his eyes were closed.

I slowly stroked his cock as I saw his pre-cum start to ooze from his piss slit. I placed his stiff cock in my mouth and gently sucked on it as I unbuckled his pants. I pulled his jeans and jockeys down with one big yank as I bobbed my head on his cock. I slowly pushed his cock all the way in so the head of his cock slid down my throat.

I heard his moan as I worked my throat muscles on his cock. "Oh God Danny, I love the feeling when you do that" he groaned as he pulled my head harder against his pubic hair. "Oh Danny, I'm cumming already, Oh I'm cumming!" he shouted out as I felt the first blast of his hot cum hit the back of my throat.

He unloaded a massive load of sticky goo into my mouth as I gulped down every bit of his seed. I gently massaged his balls as he pumped his sticky cum into my mouth. As Zack was finishing unloading his load into my mouth I licked and sucked his cock clean of all his delicious cum.

"Man o' man, I almost forgot how much I enjoy you doing that," Zack giggled as he pulled his softening cock from my sticky mouth. He pulled my to my feet kissing my lips so he could taste his cum on them. Zack sucked my cum coated tongue into his mouth and cleaned if for me with his. He pulled my shirt over my head as he pinched and pulled my hard little nipples.

I felt his lips on my nipples as he sucked and nibbled the hard little nubs on my chest. He hands were busy unbuckling and unzipping my jeans. He pulled my pants and boxers down as he kissed his way down to my rock hard cock. He kissed my shaft up and down from my balls to my spongy cock head. He licked the pre-cum off my slit as it leaked out. He lifted my hard dick licking and sucking each of my balls gently.

I could feel his tongue washing each of my balls in turn as he sucked them gently into his mouth. He moved his mouth back to my stiffness as he slid his lips over my cock head. I groaned out loud as he took my entire length into his mouth.

"Oh Zack, suck it buddy, Oh suck my cock!" I moaned to him as he began to bob his head up and down on my stiff rod. I ran my hands through his hair as his head was moving on my cock. I pulled his face into my crotch as I felt his tongue licking me all over my cock shaft.

"Oh shit Zack, I'm so close," I warned him as I felt my balls begin to tighten against me. I began to hump his face faster as I neared my climax. "Oh Zack take it deep, OOOHHHH suck it deep!!" I yelled as I shot my load deep into his fast working mouth. He was sucking, licking and swallowing all at once as I unloaded my hot sperm down his throat. He kept sucking hard making me spurt more than I normally do. I finally had to push his head away as I became too sensitive to have him suck me anymore. I pulled him up for a kiss as I tasted my salty seed on his lips.

"That was really sexy to watch!" we heard Becky tell us from the doorway.

I jumped up and asked her how long she was there. She told us that she saw both of us drinking each of the loads down our throats. "You should have jumped in and joined us," I said.

She said that she only came up to tell us dinner was almost ready. "As far as joining you, maybe later tonight, I will if you boys are up to it," she giggled at us. Zack and I got dressed following Becky downstairs to the kitchen.

Mom made a feast fit for a king to welcome Zack to our home. We ate until we couldn't put another bite into our mouths. Becky, Zack and I told mom to go relax and we would clean the kitchen up and do the dishes. She told us that she was going out for a few hours and needed to get ready. The three of us spent the next 45 minutes cleaning the kitchen and chatting about everything. When we finished the kitchen was spotless and mom praised the job we had done.

"Well, I'm off to meet my sister," she said as she bid us goodbye. The three of us headed for the living room and the television.

I used the remote to flip through the channels and found nothing to our liking. Becky snuggled next to me whispering in my ear that she would like to suck me off right here and now. I whispered back to her saying that Zack was in the room and I didn't want him to feel left out.

She giggled and told me that she would take care of that too. I looked at her smiling and kissed her hard as my cock began to stiffen. "Hey, lets go up to my room and listen to some music for awhile", I told Becky and Zack.

We all moved up to my room and flopped on the queen sized bed. I turned the stereo on and was listening to some old rock music when Becky said she was warm and was going to go change clothes. She grabbed an oversized t-shirt and went to the bathroom to change.

"You are really lucky Danny, she is a beautiful girl and really nice too."

"Yep, I know I'm lucky and I'm glad she is in my life"

"Can I tell you a secret, but you have to promise not to laugh?" Zack asked seriously.

"You know me better than that, I wouldn't laugh no matter what," I said to him.

"Danny, I never did anything with a girl before, in fact I never saw one naked in real life either just in pictures," he muttered.

"Don't worry, before the night is over I think you won't be able to say that anymore," I chuckled.

Becky came out of the bathroom wearing just an oversized t-shirt. Her small puffy tits were making the front of the shirt stick out slightly. She came over and plopped down on the bed between Zack and me. I could smell the scent of her shampoo as she rested her head on my shoulder. "If you two would like to be alone, I can watch TV down stairs," Zack offered.

"No, stay with up here with us," Becky told him as she took his hand in hers. She held his hand as she told him how much she appreciated that he looked out for me when I was in reform school. "You deserve a reward for your good deeds," she told him as she moved his hand to her breasts.

Zack's mouth fell open as he felt his first tit. I watched my best friend rub my girlfriends little puffy tits through her t-shirt. Becky let out a low moan as Zack pulled and twisted her little nipples. She pulled his hands away and quickly slid them under her shirt and back to her tits. He now cupped her bare tits in his hand.

She pulled him down on top of her so she could put her soft lips on his. He licked around her lips as she sucked his tongue into her mouth. I watched as they began to touch each other all over. My cock was straining for release from my pants. I stood up and stripped out of my clothes. I told Becky and Zack to strip also so we could have some fun.

When Zack and Becky were naked like me we climbed back on the bed. Zack couldn't take his eyes off of Becky. "What's the matter Zack, haven't you ever seen a naked girl before" Becky giggled as she watched Zack stare at her unblinkingly. Zack blushed bright red as he stuttered out that in fact it was the first time he ever saw a naked girl in person. Becky apologized for giggling.

She stood up in front of Zack telling him to look and touch anything he wanted to. I watched as Zack pawed her tiny puffy tits and pulled the nipples gently. I could see the moisture forming along Becky's cunt slit as she became excited. "Oh Zack, you're making me so wet" she moaned as he pulled her nipples and twisted them gently.

Zack pushed her back on the bed and knelt on the floor staring at her cunt. She had just a few sparse hairs sticking out from the top of her pussy. I watched as he examined his very first pussy. He ran a finger through her wet slit and brought it to his nose to smell. He licked it clean before returning it to her cunt crack. Zack used both hands to spread her cunt open so he could see the inner lips and her tight little opening into her body. He found her clit that was poking out of its hood.

He rolled the little button around his finger. Becky's back arched off the bed as she moaned loudly as he pinched and pulled at her little clit. "Why don't you taste it Zack, she tastes so good" I told him. Zack bent his head down and ran his tongue through her wet slit. "Oh my God Zack, are you sure you never did this before?!" Becky sighed.

I watched closely as Zack stuck his tongue inside of Becky's cunt hole and lapped up her preteen juices. Becky was pulling his head tighter to her pussy as he wiggled his tongue deep inside of her.

"Oh Zack! OOHHHH I'm cumming Zack! OH YES!" she cried out as she arched her back off the bed as she flooded his mouth with her juices.

Zack drank down her sweet nectar as he continued to suck her cunt hole getting every drop that oozed out of it. Becky had to push his head away from her cunt after she had two more massive orgasms. "Oh Zack, that was wonderful," she said as she kissed him softly on his lips.

"Lie back on the bed Zack, I want to do it for you now," Becky told him.

He looked at me as I nodded my head that it was okay. He stretched out on the bed with his cock sticking straight up in the air. Becky bent down and kissed him softly sticking her tongue inside of his mouth to tease his tongue. I watched as they sucked each others tongues and ran their hands over the other ones body.

My own dick was as hard as a rock and I began to slowly stroke myself as I watched my best friend with my girl. Becky kissed her way down to his hard little nipples and bit lightly at them. She sucked them in her mouth and ran her tongue over each one making Zack let out a low moan of pleasure. She moved her lips down to his stomach and ran her tongue around his navel causing him to squirm and giggle.

She went down farther until her mouth was around his hard cock. She had just the head of it in her mouth and running her tongue all over the mushroom head of it. Then very slowly Becky started to move her mouth down on his stiff shaft. I watched as more and more of his hard cock went into her preteen mouth.

I could see her throat bulge out as Zack's cock head moved into her throat. I saw the muscles of Becky's throat rippling along his cock as Zack groaned loudly. "OH! OH, don't stop, please Becky don't stop!" he cried to my girlfriend.

Becky pulled him out of her throat and began to bob up and down on his hard cock. She reached down and gently massaged his heavy balls as she sucked him deeply into her mouth. "Oh I'm cumming Becky! I'm cumming!" Zack shouted as I watched Becky's cheeks puff out with the massive load of cum that he pumped into her mouth.

She swallowed as fast as she could but it still leaked out around his cock shaft as he humped his hips to her face. When he stopped shooting his cum she carefully cleaned his cock of all the sperm that was coating it. Zack pulled her up so he could give her a kiss and lick her lips of his salty cum. They kissed until I told them that I would like some action too.

Zack and Becky knelt over my outstretched body and began to kiss it all over. Becky kissed my lips and I could taste a hint of Zack's cum still on them. Zack was kissing and licking my hard nipples as my cock was throbbing with each beat of my heart. They both moved down to my stiff member and began running their tongues over my stiff dick. Becky licked my nut sack as Zack licked the pre-cum off the head of my cock.

They each started licking at the bottom and running their tongues up the side of my shaft until they reached the top and kissed with my spongy head in between their lips. "OH, you two are driving my crazy!" I told them. They took turns taking my cock into their mouths and down their throats. I could feel my cum churning in my sack.

"I can't hold off much longer!" I moaned as I bucked my hips up to their mouths. Becky told Zack to catch all my cum in his mouth and they could share it later. She bent down and sucked my nuts gently as Zack sucked my cock into his throat. Becky knelt on the floor so she could lick my ass crack as Zack licked my cock. She ran her hot tongue around my puckered brown hole.

As Becky stuck her tongue into my asshole I filled Zack's mouth with my hot sticky cum. She kept rimming me as I unloaded a huge quantity of semen into Zack's mouth. I watched as some of it dribbled out the corners of his mouth. Becky quickly got back on the bed and licked at the corners of Zack's mouth to catch all my sticky goo. I finally stopped shooting my spunk into his mouth and turned my head to watch Zack and Becky swap my cum back and forth. At last they swallowed their share of my load and flopped back down on the bed.

I went downstairs to get us all a can of soda. When I got back to my room I saw that Zack and Becky were in the "69" position. I told them to knock it off and have a drink of Pepsi. Zack apologized for being obsessed with pussy. I laughed and told him that I was too but there was no reason to rush.

I told him that I wanted him to fuck her so he could experience the thrill of having his cock inside a girl. "You would let me fuck your girlfriend?" he asked me. "Becky and I talked about it and this is our way to thank you for all you did for me," I explained to him.

He said that it wasn't necessary to do that but he wasn't going to turn it down either. We all laughed at how silly that sounded. When we finished our sodas I told Becky to get on her hands and knees so he could fuck her doggie style. She got up on all fours and wiggled her ass at him telling him to take her.

Zack looked at me again and I just nodded my head and told him to enjoy. He crawled behind Becky putting his thick cock at her preteen cunt hole. I told him to just push in slowly to feel the best he has ever felt. Zack pushed his cock against Becky's little preteen hole and watched in fascination as his cock slid inside of her hairless little pussy.

Zack's face had a look of pure joy on it as he slowly sunk the rest of his hard cock into Becky's cunt. When he was in all the way to his balls he just let it sit inside of her and enjoyed the feeling of her tight pussy. "Oh Danny, it feels like silk inside," he sighed.

Slowly he began to pull back and push forward again. He tried to control his speed but the feeling was too much for him and he began to jackhammer his cock into Becky's cunt. It wasn't long before I saw his ass cheeks clench together signaling his release. Zack groaned as he filled her tight cunt canal with his hot sperm. Becky was pushing her ass back to his bucking hips trying to get more of his spurting cock inside of her wet cunt. His orgasm slowed down to where he was just dribbling cum out of his dick.

"Oh that was the best, and I'm still hard," he said in amazement. I told him to keep fucking Becky if he could because she hasn't cum yet. Zack began to pump into her sopping wet cunt again.

I got some Vaseline from the bathroom and knelt behind Zack. I coated his puckered ass hole with the oily jelly and eased my finger into his ass. As he was stroking Becky with his hard cock I was plunging a finger in his ass hole. It wasn't long before I had two fingers plowing into his butt.

He moaned loudly as I sunk a third finger deep up his ass. When Zack's ass hole was stretched far enough I placed my stiff cock at the opening and pushed my cock inside of his ass. I felt the heat of his bowels surround my dick as it slid deeper into him. I began to match his strokes as he fucked Becky and I fucked his ass.

It wasn't long before I heard Becky scream out her orgasm as Zack plunged into her bald pussy. She was pushing herself back on his cock as she screamed out her pleasure. I felt Zack's body as he unloaded a huge load of sperm deep into Becky's preteen cunt. I could feel my cum rush up my cock shaft and spew into Zack's ass.

All three of us were moaning and groaning through our own orgasms as we let our juices flow freely. Becky's young girl juice was coating Zack's cock as he coated the walls of her preteen pussy with his hot cum. I was giving Zack's ass walls a whitewashing with my sperm as I pumped deeply into his bowels. We all finally collapsed on the bed. I crawled over to Becky and cleaned her well fucked cunt of all the gooey mess that I found there. She screamed through two more orgasms as my tongue lapped all the sticky mess from her.

As the three of us relaxed on the bed we began to make plans for the future. When we were all of age we would move to a new town and get a fresh new start. Until then we were going to stay with my mom. Zack was going to move in also since he really had no immediate family to go home to. I told him that I was sure mom would okay the deal.

We would live together and continue our fun. I would love to thank Becky's father for getting all this started but he is still serving his life without parole sentence.



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    It would have been better if Mom had come home and joined the fun!
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    The best story I ever read.