She was seated directly across the table from him, he assumed, next to her boyfriend. She had a vibrant voice, impeccable manners, and her body movements seemed to be fluid as she synchronized her movements with her speech. His hostess, Denise Morgan, introduced him saying, 'This is Mr. Paul Henderson, and Paul, this is Miss Amber Lynda Morgan, my lovely daughter.' Then she burst into robust laughter and added, "You're aware her father is chairman of the board of the bank where you are employed."

Her eyes, yes, it was her eyes. They were dark brown in color, but appeared to have a tint of orange in them. He wondered why they seemed to be so full of life. Her hair was pitch black adding to her apparent radiant gleam and vivaciousness. He could not believe how exceptionally attractive this young lady was. He tried not to gaze at her so intently, it's impolite to stare. He tried to concentrate upon Denise but he was constantly staring at the exceptionally attractive girl.

At first Paul was unable to determine what it was that added to the allure of the female that had suddenly made him feel like a teenage boy, instead of the 34- year-old chief executive financial officer for the leading bank in the state. He realized the dress she was wearing was the most attractive yellow he had ever seen. It seemed to be silk, yet there was no sheen, the thing that sets off silk from other fabrics. In addition, it was low cut emphasizing the roundness and fullness of her breasts. Paul could picture in his mind, the light shade of tan that most assuredly colored her nipples and areolas. She was so poised that he was convinced she was at least twenty one, later he found out she was only eighteen.

During dinner, she noted his lusty looks when he was speaking to the other guests. She would smile when it was appropriate to do so, and occasionally added a few sentences to the conversation. Most of the time however, she nodded and smiled as decorum dictated. Paul, brimming with self importance, believed she was looking directly at him and he took her smiles to be a sign of encouragement.

Looking around the table, Paul observed the other men were also watching the charming daughter of their host and or employer. After dinner, the guests were escorted into the library, with walnut wood covering the walls, and ceiling.

Mingling with the other guests, Paul found himself face-to-face with the lovely daughter of his host, and as she smiled, he wanted to pull her into his arms and take her to bed. This female, was in the opinion of the men in the room, the epitome of womanhood. Paul convinced himself a fling with her would be the ultimate conquest.

Finally near the end of the evening, they were able to speak quietly to each other. Amber told him, "Paul, I saw you watching me all evening. I so wish I could have been seated next to you. I understand you are thirty four. I must tell you, I'm only eighteen. If you wish, I will call you at your office tomorrow. Just don't tell my father. I understand you are not like other men. I want to find out for myself who you are. Do not try to call me! I will call you. Deal?'

'Are your eyes real, or are you wearing contacts?' responded Paul as he looked into her eyes. 'They are fantastic, so alluring!'

Taking Paul's arm in her own, Amber said softly, "Let's find a place where we can escape these mad humans, who only want to sample Daddy's expensive wine." Leading him from the party she said, "Let me show you Daddy's wine cellar." Off they went down into the bowels of the mansion.

As they walked into the basement, Amber informed him, "My eyes are real, and my Daddy says I'm beautiful as the result of inner breeding, or as he says in private, our incestuous families have bred to long together." Smiling at her own humor, she looked at Paul, 'My Dad swears my mother got pregnant by her father, and hell, that may be true." With a mischievous smile, she continued, "Daddy says my mother's grandpa got his sister pregnant, and that would be mom's mother."

Once they entered the wine cellar, Paul could not believe how many full racks there were. Not only bottles but four large casks labeled as coming directly from French vineyards. As he was staring at the stock, Amber turned and locked the door. Paul was somewhat surprised she had a key to the cellar.

"Accordingly to Daddy, any man who sticks his thing in me before my wedding day, he will de-nut. So, if you want me, you will need to marry me. Does that meet with your approval or are you willing to take a chance?'

'Your father always says there is to be no underwear left around a desk. He also says we are to keep our noses out of the business of others.'

"Really, Paul, my father says those things?"

"Yes, he will come up with strange quotes during bank meetings. It is easy to see where you got your sense of humor." Paul said, with a smile on his face.

"Obviously you didn't believe me about my ancestors. I swear my father has told this story many times; when I ask mother about my grandparents, she informs me they are all dead."

"Amber, are you trying to shock me' Your family has produced attractive women. By far you are the most attractive of all."

"Paul, if you really want to help me, hire a private detective and find out exactly who my ancestors are. I would like to know the truth. If I tried to uncover the past Daddy would find out, he always does find out what I do, he would punish me severely. Please check out my ancestors. That can be your wedding present to me from you.

"Now, are you saying you and I are getting married?' asked Paul with a certain incredulous air. 'You are truly lovely and I would certainly not turn you down. But that is not the way I want to ask you.'

As they were approaching the door of the wine cellar, Amber reached out and turned the light switch off, placed her finger over his lips to silence him In a moment's time, Paul she had pulled down his zipper, fished out his penis, gotten down on her knees and begun to suck him. He was shocked. His cock responded to the warm and wet contact of Amber's mouth. Her active tongue soon licked him to full erection and she sucked greedily while he held on to her head. Soon he was shooting his white hot seed into her mouth.

She didn't swallow it but held the full load in her mouth until he finished. When he was through she got up, and kissed him forcing his lips apart. She filled his mouth with the semen she had retained. Then after they shared the cum and swallowed, she whispered in his ear, "I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. When we are married there will be more."

They went back to the party, and for nearly an hour, Amber stayed away from him. She waited for over an hour before approaching him again. Finally she got close enough to ask, "Paul, walk outside with me. I'm getting tired of being around Daddy's friends and co-workers."

As she spoke, she walked from the room, through a door almost hidden beside the picture windows. They walked toward a pool house. It was as large as some people's homes. Once inside the house, she stood on tip toes and kissed him. It is was a deep soul kiss. Their tongues danced together. Finally after what seemed to be hours, she broke the kiss.

Unable to determine what Amber was doing, Paul knew that he would assuredly be fired if his employer saw him with his daughter. This time they weren't in the dark wine cellar. While Amber was kissing him, Paul relaxed enough to enjoy her lips on his own.

Without understanding why, he felt her reach down and grab his slightly hard erection. When Amber unzipped his trousers, Paul became frightened. He asked, "Why are you doing this' Is this your way to have me fired' At the least the wine cellar was dark?"

"Paul, my father makes my life miserable and controls my dates, even when I go out alone with a boy." Amber was gripping his cock in her soft hand, as she spoke. "Tomorrow, when I call you, I want to meet you after work."

"Your father will kill me, or at the least, I will be fired!"

"No, Daddy told me you would be the perfect son-in-law, and he may be right about something for the first time in my life." Wrapping her arms around Paul's neck, Amber's lips were once more kissing Paul's. It was a soft and gentle kiss, with the promise of more to come.

Reaching down once more, Amber gave his cock another tight squeeze. She moved away from the confused man, and left him standing in the pool house with a ragging hard-on sticking out of his trousers. Looking around in the semi-darkness Paul saw a door with a sign that read, "MALE CREW MEMBERS." Entering the door, Paul found he was in a bathroom as large as the living room in his home.

He reached down, grasped his erection, and commenced masturbating. In less than a minute, out blasted a thick eruption of cum. He was amazed at the amount spewing forth as he had been sucked off only a short time ago.

After washing his hands and wiping off his cock with a towel from off the wall rack, Paul zipped up his pants, and walked back into the overly large party room of the pool house. He stopped as he heard a man and woman's voice, and listened as they spoke about the man having his first sexual experience. Within a few minutes the couple was in the throes of copulation. He heard the woman say, "Gill, you're so hard and big! Oh! Oh! Don't shove into me so hard! God you are ripping me open!"

Paul had no doubt who the woman was, the voice belonged to Denise Morgan, Amber's mother. The man, Gill, had been seated next to Amber at dinner. Paul moved quietly across the room so he could see the two of them clearly. They were on a large leather sofa in the middle of the pool house.


After her orgasm, Denise asked Gill, "Promise you won't do it with my daughter, I want you for my own." Paul listened as Denise Morgan asked the youthful boy, "Have you done anything with Amber, oh hell, Gill, you're so fucking hard and deep in my pussy, tell me have you done anything with my daughter?"

"No way would I even touch her, Denise, your husband, told me if I touched his daughter, he would cut my balls off. Honest, Denise I haven't even copped a feel."

"Gill, you can fuck me every day of the week. Don't do my daughter! I will give you all the pussy you could want. Tell me you want me! Not just tonight but every night!

"Denise, your cunt is tight, wet and hot inside. Yeahhhh, damn, I'm going to come, NOW!" the teenage boy cried out as he emptied his massive load of cum in her. It was truly his first time that he really fucked a woman and he thoroughly enjoyed it. It didn't matter if she was his mother's age.

Standing no more than couple of feet from the couple who had just gotten off, Paul watched the shapely legs of his hostess, waving around in the air as she was being fucked by the teen boy, man.

At one point Paul watched, as Denise grabbed her ankles and pulled her feet back as far as she could splitting her hips wide apart. It made him wonder how she could stand the pain. She was stretched over Gill's body and hers was at least a foot off the sofa. In short Gill was riding her and she was riding air. Pumping him as hard as he pumped her.

Gill lay between the legs of his hostess, trying to recuperate when Denise suddenly decided it was over. "Get off me, I feel your cum running out of my pussy. Oh hell, I hope it doesn't get on my dress. Get off me, I have to clean up. You really filled me up. Hell you must shot a pint of cum up my pussy."

Gill moved from between Denise's thighs. The moonlight now shining through the windows provided sufficient illumination to show off the thick cream that was dripping from the freshly fucked cunt. Paul was surprised at the amount of thick male fluid flowing easily out of the clenched tight pussy. 'Hairless, tight, no wonder he was able to cum so quickly thought Paul. Some day I would like to find out how she would respond to a real man.

Standing quickly, Denise pulled her dress up and off her body. Paul could see she had perfect legs, wonderfully shaped. The hair covering her sex was dark. At first he thought she was hairless, now he realized the lack of illumination made it appear earlier she was hairless. In fact she had so much of it he didn't think she trimmed any at all. Then he realized she had indeed a bare pussy. She did indeed keep her labia bare. Bikini trim he thought to himself. "Grab a towel for me, hurry! Your cum is running down my legs! Shit! Some got on my dress!' Now her tone changed reflecting a fright, "GILL, OH SHIT!"

"Hurry! Damn it, I feel like a gushing fountain! Your load is flowing out of me, down my thighs and all the way to my feet! Damn! You must have unloaded a ton of cum!' Paul watched as the woman carried the dress to the bathroom, as she was impatient with her lover in bringing her a wash cloth.

The view of the naked and he guessed, 40-something woman walking into the bright lights of the bathroom, gave him an ideal view of her flawless body. Shit, I'd like a piece of that action myself. She isn't only attractive, but Denise is an older version of her daughter, marrying Amber could certainly have benefits.

Paul moved silently, cautiously to the door. He needed to escape before he was caught. He did not want to be accused of spying on the couple. He got out and was back at the party within minutes. He grabbed a cocktail, and began to mingle. His boss cornered him, and began to hold him in conversation. He maneuvered him away from the french doors as soon as he saw Denise approach them. He watched her enter followed almost immediately by Gill. He was sure Mr. Morgan did not see either one of them enter the room.

Paul watched as Denise walked across the floor. She was trying to go to the staircase, when her husband spotted her. He stopped her and went to speak with her. She ever the cool lady of society, turned and kissed her husband on his cheek, whispered something in his ear, and steered him toward the guests. He never saw the large cum stain on the back of her dress.

As Harley J Morgan moved across the floor, his eye landed on Gill. His daughter's boyfriend. He was sure he hadn't seen him a few minutes ago. He began to work his way over to Gill. Meantime, Paul was watching Denise go up the stairs through the large mirror on the opposite wall. He found the nearly six inch stain on the back of her dress right where her butt was pressed against the garment. In fact he could almost see the crease of her legs where the thigh met the buttocks. He was sure she was bare.

Paul watched as Harley J Morgan made a turn, and sidled up to Gill. Next moment there was an accident. Harley had bumped into him. Gill screamed as he felt the man's knee strike him in the groin. Then as Gill folded to the ground, old man Morgan promptly knelt beside him. He appeared to be offering him an apology. But Paul in the heat of the moment got close enough to hear what Mr. Morgan said to the young man. "The next time, I hear of you fucking one of my family members, I will cut your nuts off, now get the fuck out of my house."

Even though he had observed Denise and Gill fucking in the pool house, Paul had not seen Harley in the room, and mistakenly believed his employer must have been looking through a window.

Helping the young boy to his feet, "Old Harley" assisted him to the door, all the time pretending to offer his apology; finally Gill was out the door.

Paul watched as Denise came back down the stairs, wearing a dark red dress that reached to her shoes. Just as Denise reached the last step, Harley greeted his wife, and taking her arm eased her around to the side of the wide stairway. Paul saw Harley reach out and grabbed the crotch of his wife's gown. There could be no doubt the cuckold husband had gripped a handful of his wife's thick muff, and was pulling it as hard as possible, and Harley smiled the total time.

"For god's sake, let go! You're pulling my hair out! Stop!" Trying to look like she was smiling, she asked, "Harley, what is wrong with you?" Denise tried to pretend she did not know why her husband was so rough with her. Had Denise seen Gill receive the knee between his legs, she would certainly have realized she was likely to have more problems later.

Paul could hear the soft words Harley J Morgan spoke, while still pulling his wife's pubes, "You fucked that son-of-a-bitch! You fucked, Gill. Your cunt smells like a whore's! You will pay for this later! Go back up stairs and stay there! I don't want you down here again!' Before turning to walk away from his wife, Paul watched as Harley J Morgan made a quick yank on his wife's pussy rug.

He pulled hard enough that she fell to the floor screaming in pain. Harley bent over her and in faux comfort spoke loudly for all to hear, "Honey, did you trip on my shoe, I'm so sorry. Perhaps you should go lie down, I'll take care of the guests, you just rest, Sweetheart." Harley kissed his wife while picking her up from the floor.

Watching the attractive hostess, Denise, walk up the stairs, Paul determined he wanted to get the hell out of this house, and after other 10-minutes, bid his host goodnight. As he walked to his car, he was stopped in the drive by Amber. She was standing behind a tree.

She pulled him to her and hugged him tightly. Once more her tongue found his and danced with it. Paul sensing her heat, reached under dress and grabbed a feel of the young twat. He felt her garter, then as she opened her legs he discovered the lack of panties. Her pubic hair was as fine and soft as the hair on a new born baby.

"Paul, be the first man to touch me intimately, let me feel your finger in me! Please, I'm so frustrated! Make me cum!"

"Hell, she's soaking wet," Paul said to himself. Slowly he eased his finger inside the wet opening between Amber's legs. He discovered her maiden head was intact. "Your sex is perfect, you know that don't you, Amber?"

"I have no way of knowing. Honestly Paul you are the first person to touch me in such an intimate way, and it feels wonderful, but you kind of hurt me when you pushed your finger in deep."

"I didn't mean to cause you pain, but I touched your hymen. I apologize for causing you any discomfort." Paul whispered to the pretty teenager. Slowly Paul moved his finger in the edge of her parted and gripping labia, and rubbed his thumb tip against her hardened clitoris, and felt her body shudder. Knowing he had likely brought her to climax in only a few seconds, Paul asked Amber, "Did you enjoy my getting you off?"

Yes, that was my very first time; you're a kind lover, Paul." Then Amber hugged Paul and told him, "Tomorrow lover, I will call you. Don't disappoint me." Amber whispered, "Goodnight my lover," as she turned and walked back into the large home. Paul watched the sway of her hips, as she moved away from him; he walked the rest of the way to his car.

Walking into his bedroom, Paul removed his tux, laid it across the chair, so his maid would know to have it cleaned when she arrived for work the next day. No wonder everyone tells me that Harley J Morgan is such an asshole. He busted a kid's nuts, and pulled his wife's pussy hair as hard, he jerked her off her feet. He is one cruel man, and now his daughter is coming onto me, what gives with this family' Paul spoke out loud to himself, "Hell, Amber is a virgin, and I felt her cherry when I pushed my finger up inside her and pressed my finger against her membrane."

The next morning Paul received a call from Amber at 10:00 o'clock, Her sweet voice was something to hear. "Paul, Darling, I'm coming in to lunch with Daddy. I want you to join us." Trying to determine how to reply to Amber's comment, he listened as she asked him, "Did you find my present in your coat pocket?" Then Paul heard the sound of a kiss, and then the click as Amber had hung up the phone.

What did she put in my pocket, hell, I left my tux out to be sent to the cleaners. Calling his home, he waited for his maid, Jean to answer his phone, and when she said, "Hello, Henderson residence, may I help you?" "Jean Ann, this is Paul, Paul Henderson, and have you sent my tux to the cleaners?"

Paul hears a slight hesitation to the word, "Yes," and then he imagined a chuckle could be heard in his maid's voice. "Did you not want them sent?"

"No, that is fine. But... did you... did you find anything in my coat pocket?"

"Mr. Henderson, evidently someone played a joke on you, as there was a pair of ladies panties there. I-I took them out, sir, and placed them on your dresser, was that alright?"

"Yes, Jean fine. I was just told someone had played a practical joke on me. I was checking to see if it was true, thank you." Listening to the humor in Jean Ann's voice, Paul asked, "Aren't you curious as to why some ladies undies were in my coat pocket?"

"Mr. Henderson, I'm afraid of the answer, and if you want me to know you will tell me as you normally share so much with me.

"Jean Ann, one of these weekends, I'm going to have to take you once more on a three-day weekend jaunt, to thank you for being such a great employee."

"Mr. Henderson," the maid, laughing asked, "I know the weekend would be enjoyable, as was the other one, but do you think because I'm only nineteen, that I don't understand your offer, "For once more?"

"Now what could an old man like me find enjoyable being with a young lady, who could be my daughter, and who, at my age, would likely suffer a heart attack if things were like you were insinuating, then again, sounds like a great way to leave this planet."

"You aren't old, and we both know that. Have you forgotten my forgetting you were off one day when I came to clean your home, and I walked in to find you asleep on the sofa in the living room. You were not only nude, but extremely excited, you horny man?" Chuckling, she added, "And don't forget, you gave me reasons to know better when we had the 'overtime weekend'. That was wonderful! Really, it was. Thank you, Mr. Henderson."

"Jean Ann, perhaps I should have a live in maid."

"My dear boss, I just might take you up on your offer one of these days, just for a night or weekend, as you know I'm not getting married and spring break could be a fun time."

"Let me know when your available for overtime again, Jean Ann."

"I just might do overtime sooner than later, you BBB."

"Now what is BBB, Jean Ann?"

"Big-Bad-Boss, she laughed. 'Your so kind to me. Thank you for the money for the down payment of the car. Without your help, I couldn't have afforded it."

"That was your bonus for being prompt for the past year, and not failing to have the house spotless. You earned it. I did not give it to you.'

Paul hung up the phone and remembered how he had come to get Jean Ann. She had been dating a boy who was only interested in getting the young girl into his bed. He really did not have any idea how attractive and how neat she was. His name was Dave. He finally asked Jean Ann to marry him and offered her an engagement ring. She then had on a couple of occasions slept with him. Then without much explanation he broke off the engagement. She never saw him again.

Shortly after that she had gone to work for Paul trying to get enough money to go to college. One day she and Paul were talking and she told him the entire sordid tale. Paul told her to forget what happened. He offered to send her to the community college as long as she cleaned his house and cooked dinner for him. In fact he told her, 'If you desire to attend college, I'll pay your expenses. You can work for me around your educational schedule. However, there can be no other men in your life.'

Two weeks after that conversation, Jean Ann was waiting for him when he got home on Saturday after playing golf. "Hello, Mr. Thompson, I hope these party trays are what you wanted for this evening. The other items I have already placed in the fridge. I have my maid's black dress and grey apron you asked me to purchase. I can change without leaving."

"That's nice, and thanks for filling in for the party, but I thought you would enjoy the extra money, instead of hiring someone for tonight, and besides, you know the house."

The party was a mixed group of friends and employees from the bank. Paul was impressed with how Jean Ann had kept the food served, passed around the champagne and wine. After the party, Paul was setting at the bar in his combined office and library. Jean Ann had came into the room. It was about two am she told him put the left over food away, washed the dishes, and cleaned the kitchen.

"Hop up here and let me treat you to a glass of champagne, Jean Ann"

"Thank you, Mr. Henderson, and I must tell you I've never tasted champagne before, but that sounds like fun."

For the next half hour, they spoke about the party, how school was coming along for her, and after drinking her second glass of champagne, Jean Ann told Paul, "I feel like my head is spinning. I feel woozy."

"Jean Ann, it would be better if you didn't drive home. You can sleep in the guest room, at the end of the hallway upstairs."

"Mr. Henderson, I know you didn't plan this to happen. Its Friday night, and with Monday being a holiday, you have three days off, and would you like to take me away for the weekend?"

"Jean Ann, that is something that would be wonderful, but do you realize what you are saying and offering me?"

"Do you think I'm bad, Mr. Thompson. I'm sorry for being so bold." and as she spoke, Jean Ann commenced crying. She put her head down on the bar. Paul got off the barstool and took the girl in his arms. She was sobbing and shaking almost uncontrollably. 'I am honored that you are offering yourself. Why are you crying now?'

'You think I am a bad girl? You think I am not worthy of you.' she sobbed.

For the next half hour, they spoke of what Jean Ann had offered him. Finally Paul had to take her in his arms and carry her up the stairs. At first he headed for the guest room but she begged him to take her to his room. 'I want to be with you. I want you to keep me in your arms. Even if we don't go all the way I need you to hold me. Please just hold me.'

Paul put her on his bed and slowly removed her clothing. He could not believe how really perfect she was. She was about medium height, likely weighed as much as a soaking wet cat, perfect breasts, small nipples, light pink areolas, and a light growth of hair around her secret place between her perfectly formed legs. 'Paul, if you want I will sleep with you tonight, and then I can leave in the morning. I want you to be my first. I want you to take my cherry.' While she was speaking and he was undressing her he removed the bed covers and put her in it. Then he began to undress.

"That is so pretty, and looks so manly." Jean Ann said, while looking at the stiff penis that was stuck outward from Paul's groin.

Jean Ann was still sobbing and crying her body was wracked with the unmistakable shaking that goes with heavy tears. He reached over turned out the light and held the naked girl in his arms. He finally was able to calm her enough to ask her why she was so upset. Instead of answering him, she opened her legs. She tried to capture his erection and to take it into her.

To his amazement, Paul felt Jean Ann open her thighs, and capture his erection between them. When the tip of his cock head touched her virgin sex, Paul shuddered as the heat from her body was evident against the blunt head of his manhood.

"Jean Ann, I won't make love to you tonight, but in the morning, if you still want, I will book us a flight to some place where we can be alone and enjoy the weekend.

"Paul, thank you. I like feeling your hardness against me. Yours is the first male organ I've ever seen or felt. I'll do whatever you desire. I will be yours forever."

"Jean Ann, lets sleep now. I'll wake you around six in the morning. We can get up and leave for the weekend, or you can go home, the decision will be yours."

"Thank you ~ good night Paul ~ hold me like this all night."

"Good night, Jean Ann," and as he spoke, Paul lightly kissed her offered lips.

The next morning when Paul awoke, he was still erect, and his cock head was completely wedged between the tight grips of Jean Ann's labia. Paul realized that with only a slight effort, he would complete the entry of his erection into her teenage virgin sheath. Paul pressed forward enough for Jean Ann to feel what a male member would feel like if he entered her fully. Lovingly Paul kissed the soft skin of Jean Ann's exposed neck, where her shoulder length hair had fallen away to reveal the smoothness of her neck. His lips moved down to the slope of her pointed breasts.

Paul felt Jean Ann' body stirring as his lips kissed their way down her never before caressed breast until they found the extremely small nipple. Paul's lips parted, and his tongue massaged the tiny pink bud. Never had Paul felt such delight in suckling a female breast. He felt how his actions caused Jean Ann to press her breast against his lips.

Jean Ann awoke fully to her first stimulation of a man's mouth on her breasts. "What... oh Paul, I ~ that feels so wonderful, I feel so..." Immediately upon being fully awake, Jean Ann felt the blunt and thick head of the male member nestled between the lips of her sex, but didn't become alarmed. Without thinking, she held him, pulling him to her. He was pressing at her entrance and she was responding.

"Paul, yes... take me... Don't make me wait! We can leave later..."

"No, Jean Ann, I want to make it not only wonderful for you, but to be someplace memorable, for both of us." He got up leaving the girl frustrated and breathless.

Paul called the airline he normally flew, got reservations for the first flight out and said, 'We have three hours to be dressed, and at the airport. They showered together. Then he packed his bag. Actually she packed his bag and then dressed in the only clothes she had with her. They were the ones she had worn when she came into work the previous day.

"Paul, are we going to go by my place so I can pack' This is all I have with me."

"No, we will go shopping when we get to our destination. Don't worry about clothes, cosmetics, or anything. Leave it all to me.'

He found out she had never flown or been out of town. On the way to the airport she asked, 'where are we going?'

'I have reservations in Chicago. I thought I would take you to the Grand Hotel, a special restaurant I know, and then dancing.'

On the plane she sat by a window and watched as the plane took off. In the air she held on to his arm tightly. She did not know what to expect.

'Yawn, that relieves the pressure on your ears.' He spoke. She hardly heard as she was totally awe struck with the view. The flight ended way to quickly. They got the bag, hailed a cab and were whisked to the hotel. Once they checked in Paul took her shopping. They went to all the right stores. Bloomingdales, Saks, Wannamakers, and several others. He watched as she tried on the clothes he picked out.

He made her show each one to her and approved of five of them. Then he took her to Victoria's Secret. He picked out some lingerie for her. She thought it was a bit bold. She argued with him. 'Its not me. Its too naughty!'

'We will let the clerk decide.' he said to her. Then he got a clerk. 'I want you to go into the dressing room with her while she puts on these things. If you say they are not attractive then I will find something else. The clerk, a young girl, said, 'My dear, you go in to the dressing room. I sense you do not want to wear what your man has picked out. I will find something I know you can be happy in.'

Turning to Paul, she added, 'Your lady friend, has very good taste. I think I will be able to help her. Please just relax and make your self comfortable this could be awhile.'

She went off while Jean Ann entered the small room and stripped down. The clerk returned and entered the room. 'Your gorgeous!' she whispered. 'I think these are exactly what you want. They come in black, white, pink, and blue.' Jean Ann blushed as she tried on the matching bra and panties.

'The bra is perfect! I have never worn a thong. Its a bit uncomfortable.'

'You will get used to it. The neat thing is there is no panty line. You can wear a sheer garment and no one will know whether you have or do not have panties on.' At that they both laughed.

'I want to do the right thing.' said Jean Ann. 'He is making this special for me so I need to be right for him.'

'You are. This is exactly right.' said the clerk. Jean Ann got changed and the clerk suggested one set of each color. She agreed saying she was not sure what she would be wearing. She asked if she could return the items not worn. The clerk explained that in Illinois it was against the law to return under garments.

Jean Ann got five new dresses, and an evening gown. She and Paul returned to the hotel and went straight to their room. While Paul showered, Jean Ann got dressed for dinner. Paul told her to wear the dress with the low cut back and built in bra. She was to be strapless tonight. Jean Ann remembering the clerk's advice put on the thong. She was sure it would show in back but the lone strap did not go that high. When she looked in the mirror; she saw there was no panty line. All that was left was to put on her face and her jewelry.

She was ready to go when Paul got out of the shower. She was no longer a teenager and a girl. No, he saw the most beautiful woman. A goddess! He dressed quickly and they went down to dinner. "Your truly attractive and beautiful Jean Ann and I must say you've already given me more than I can imagine."

"You must not think ill of me, but Paul, I'm anxious for the evening to get here, and you make me a woman in the fullest extent." Jean Ann stopped about two feet in front of him. She pulled her dress up her leg until it reached her waist, then asked, "Like my stockings?"

"Hell yes!" Then he added, 'Your gorgeous! She made sure he did not see her cleft. She dropped her dress and Paul looked at her rear trying to see if she had panties on. Jean Ann caught him as he stared and said, 'You will not know until later.' then she laughed.

"You are a very mischievous man, but use your imagination as to what I have under my dress, besides; you turned me down this morning, so I might never offer you my body again."

"Never, I can't stand to live that long, perhaps we should turn the clock back and start the day over, please Jean Ann, give me one more chance to redeem myself?"

"Only if you promise to be on your best behavior the rest of the night. Kiss me once an hour. I might, I just might let you have at least a glimpse of something I have, and I must be honest, I am excited at the prospect."

Their dinner was in Jean Ann's words, fabulous. After dinner he took her sight seeing. They went to the Sears Tower. There, on the observation deck, Paul took several photos of Jean Ann. Another couple offered to take both of them together. Paul agreed and the couple took several more pictures of them.

Then they went several other places, before he took her to the last stop of the evening, a dance, cruise, along the waterfront of Lake Michigan. While dancing he told her of his love for her. His desires, ambitions, and life. It was all very mundane. She nestled in his arms as he led her around the floor. When they arrived back at the pier, he hailed a taxi and they returned to the Grand Hotel.

Entering the lobby of the hotel, they strolled across the lobby and window shopped, and rode the elevator to their room. Once inside the room, Jean Ann moved to Paul and hugged him tightly in her arms. Looking up into his eyes, she spoke softly, "Today has been wonderful, and I can never thank you for all you done for me, but I must know why I've been so lucky?"

"Sometimes in life a person meets someone, and that someone is special, its a feeling I get and only rarely." Paul moved over to the window, and after closing the drapes, held the pretty teen his arms. "Jean Ann, when I was seventeen, I meet a man whom I had never had contact with before. It was one of those dark dreary winter days."

Moving so he was holding Jean Ann in his arms, Paul continued with his story. "That man was my father. My mother had always told me my father was killed in the military." Pausing to consider how to tell the story, he continued, "For the next four hours, my father told how he had hunted for me all his life, as my mother had moved, changed her name. They had never married, my father said, mother was ashamed of being pregnant and unmarried so she left the small town, changed her name, and disappeared."

Jean Ann listened as Paul told how her, "My father spent thousands of dollars on private detectives, and finally one detective confirmed information my father had provide him, finally found me, and I was reunited with my father."

Paul went on, 'He had become wealthy over the years. He served in the Foreign Service, and it was while he was there he used that computer system to finally locate me. After we met and got completely reunited, he told me he was full of cancer and did not have too long to live. We lived together for the rest of Dad's life. He and I went to court and I got my name changed.

While I was doing that he got a court order preventing Mother from interfering with us. He sent me to college but he never saw me graduate. I studied medicine, became the doctor he wanted me to. But I was not satisfied as an MD. My life was empty. I returned to school, and obtained an MBA at Walton University. Passed my CPA exams, and obtained the job with Morgan Bank."

"I found you when I interviewed for a maid. I had already seen at least a dozen people, I found you. You were someone who had dreams, and so honest in speaking of your personal life." Hugging the teenage girl in his arms, kissing her hair, Paul laughingly explained, "Jean Ann, I must tell you, you are the only female I've ever interviewed that informed me she was a virgin."

"PAUL, your embarrassing me!"

"That isn't all, I checked you out and found your father was raising you, as your mother had passed away from breast cancer. Without anyone knowing, I arranged for your father to purchase the store where he had worked since he was seventeen. You must never inform him about my actions. Now you know my life's story. Jean Ann, pulled him closer to her. She looked up at him, and pressed her hips into his as she pulled him to her.

"I had no idea. Oh, Paul, you are such a kind and wonderful man, now you're paying my way through college. And my father, you have made him so happy, and he once told me that he didn't know how the "old folks" who owned the store had allowed him to pay for it monthly, with only five-thousand dollars down."

Tears rolled down Jean Ann's face, as she went on, 'You are making me so complete. I want you to take me tonight. Please! I want you to make me a woman!'

They undressed and got into bed. 'Would you like a night cap' I will call room service and have them bring something up if you wish.'

'That would be so nice. Why don't you order, and I will get cozy for you. She giggled. He ordered a bottle, and got into bed with her. In a short time it arrived with a note. The note said he was to call his office on Monday. He put it aside and offered her a brandy. It was the first time she had ever tasted the sweet, strong wine. It burned her throat going down. Paul laughed and showed her how she was supposed to sip it, slowly, as though she were savoring every swallow. She laughed too, and then tried it again. It still caused her to screw up her face but she managed to drink it.

After they turned off the lights, and she was sure he was asleep, she whispered out loud to her mother.

"Mom, I hope you can look down from Heaven and see me, and understand somehow what I'm doing.' I remember you said, 'When you give yourself to a man for the first time, make certain it is someone you will remember. He should be kind, caring, and loving.' You always told me Mom, 'I remember the first man I had sex with, and no, he wasn't your father, and no your father wasn't the second.' "I remember asking you Mom, how old you were the first time you did it, and you chided me saying you normally wouldn't answer that directly.

Jean Ann recalled the one of the last conversations she and her mother had. They were sitting around the dining room table, her mother said, 'Honey, it isn't proper to ask such questions of a woman, but under the circumstances, I'll be honest with you.. I was somewhat open in sexual activity once I started, my first time was when I was nineteen.

I slept with nine men before I met your father. Your father and I experimented with swinging shortly after you were born, it was part of the popular culture in the mid 80's. I can't be certain, but I believe there was somewhere around twenty other men that I enjoyed having sex with, but your father was always there, and we only partied with couples.'

'Really, mom, you and dad had sex with other couples... that seems wild, and surprising, Dad didn't mind watching you with other men; guess he didn't because he got other women, that sounds so wild. Laughing, Jean Ann remembered telling her mother, "My mom, The Swinging Mom." She looked at her mother as she had listened to her tell about the various couples she and her father had partied with. Jean Ann laughed as her mother described one man they referred to as "donkey dick" because he was over a foot long, and as thick as her wrist."

Jean Ann asked her mother several questions about she and her father swinging, and her mother was honest, and told how she once allowed her husband and another man to do a double with her. "Mom, what is a double, and you mean two men at the same time?"

"Yes, I was sitting on one, with him in my sex, and the other man got behind me and worked it up my back side, you get the picture, don't you, as I'm not saying any more for a description.

As Jean Ann lay in the bed, next to Paul, half awake, recalling Mom's talk of the double penetration, she remembered something else her mother said that evening. 'It was the most intense sex I ever experienced. I did not more than once and it got better each time. Somehow it triggered the baseness in me. Her mother went on and told Jean Ann of the time she and her father went to Fort Pierce, Florida.

There at a swing party she lost track of the number of men who had carnal knowledge of her. She explained she was double penetrated at least ten maybe fifteen times while they were there. Her mother said, 'It was the most awesome thing I have ever done, but its not for everyone.'

Jean Ann slowly got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. She closed the door so she wouldn't wake Paul, took a leisurely shower, and after drying off, dressed in the expensive pantyhose, slipped on her gown, fixed her makeup, hair, tiptoed back to the bedroom, found her heels, and her new gown, and then silently went to the door. She turned on a light, and said loudly, so as to wake Paul, 'Did you order room service, Sir?'

Paul, awoke with a start and beheld the loveliest vision he had ever seen. A fresh, innocent, teenager, transformed into, a graceful, appealing, woman of lust, and desire.. "My, my! Absolutely stunning! Room service' And what service did you have in mind?'

'Let me, Oh hell! Paul! Please! Please! Let me make love to you! I want to make you happy. I can't stand it any longer! Please take me! Fuck me! Make me cum! Paul this was beautiful I don't the night to end with me being a virgin! ... Augh! Paul! I mean... Oh hell! You won't make me wait any longer... will you?"

Paul got out of bed and went over to her. He took her in his arms and she raised he mouth to his. She made the move and kissed his lips. He met her lips, and passionately held them together. Then he opened his mouth, and inserted his tongue into her mouth. He made it dance, she became more passionate, moaning and begging for more. He removed the gown, and the stockings.

He continued kissing and licking her. Finally he pushed her back until she was lying on the bed. She was unable to do anything or say anything. She spoke with her eyes begging him to continue. He kissed and licked his way down her body. Then up her legs, until he was at her sex. He took in the aroma and then he kissed her labia.

After licking and sucking for a while, she got so hot she exclaimed, 'Paul! DO ME! I'M BEGGING YOU FUCK ME! PAUL! MY DARLING! THAT IS SO WONDERFUL! PAUL I'M CUMMIIIIIINNNNGGG! OH DARLING!'

Her climax was hard and long. Then after he was sure she had come down from her high, he got on top of her. He penetrated her love canal and eased slowly into her. He got to her maiden head. 'The next stroke or two will hurt a bit. Are you sure you want to go on?'

'PAUL GIVE IT TO ME! TAKE ME! FUCK ME! PLEASSSEE!' Her body rose to meet his. She placed her legs on his back, an involuntary movement. She pulled him into her. Squeezing him into her as deeply as she could. She thrust and parried with him. Her maiden head was gone in a beat of passion.

Paul forgot she was a virgin and rammed his tool in to her as hard as he could. She moaned and tried not to scream too loudly as she rose to another crescendo. 'OHHHH! AAAUGGH! CUMMING! CUMMMING! OHHHHHHH1 FUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK!'

Her body stiffened against his. She held him as tightly as she could. Her pussy milked him for all he had. The entire moment was as awesome for her as for him. After she calmed down, and he got off of her he whispered to her, 'That is only the first time. In the morning, we are going sight seeing, in the afternoon, we will, you will see.'

"Paul, I have your seed in me, and it is a shame I can't become pregnant this night, but alas, my period ended two days ago."

Before going back to sleep, they made love once more, and afterwards, Jean Ann moved so she was lying over his body, with her legs straddling his, her sex oozing their combined fluids onto Paul's right leg. The next morning they awoke to find they were still entwined as they were when they went to sleep.

Jean Ann felt the stickiness between her legs, and realized what it was, but hadn't considered how much she would bleed. When she got out of bed, the evidence of her lost virginity was in sight. She laughed, then leaned over the bed and gave Paul a good sound slap on his butt. He awoke with a start. 'Get up! I can't wait to see where we are going!'

Paul got up and the showered together. Then in a new heat of passion, while he was washing her back, he lifted her up enough to penetrate her from behind. She leaned into him, accepting his hardness. 'You devil! Can't get enough!' Come to me big boy! Pump me full of your juice. I will milk that from you so fast.' she teased him as he rammed his tool into her hot sex again and again.

She felt his cream as he pumped her. She didn't get off but she was happy she had been given a second or was it thirds or fourth helpings of his manliness. She gave up counting. She turned to him took him in her arms, kissed him deeply. 'What shall I wear for you today?' she asked in her demure teenage voice.

'Since it is Sunday, and we are going to see, some of the other sights, I think a nice pair of shorts, a top to match and well, I'm sure you will look nice.'

He took her to see the Frank Lloyd Wright house and the University of Chicago. He took her to the Museums and to other points of interest. They lunched at the wharf, and then went back to the hotel.

It was late afternoon when they arrived in their room. There was a message waiting for them. Paul picked up the phone. He listened to it and turned to his companion. 'Jean Ann we are expected for dinner with Harley J. Morgan and his daughter. He want us to come to his club. We are to meet him in the lobby in a half hour.'

'I can't possibly be ready in a half hour! What am I going to wear?' Jean Ann was panicked. She had never been to a 'club'. She had no idea, how to dress. 'You pick out what you want me to wear. I will get a quick shower and put on whatever you like'

Paul went to the closet, got out a nice black number, he insisted she get a 'little black dress' and matching shoes. When she got out of the shower, she laughed. 'That was the last thing I ever thought I would need. Now I see why you were so insistent I get it. It is a standard for anywhere anytime.'

'That's right. You have to have one in your wardrobe. Every woman needs one of these. Now let me get a shower and you pick out a suit for me.' Jean Ann laughed. 'That's a no-brainer. You have two. black and blue. She got out the black one, a pin stripe, and a nice white shirt and tie. When he returned to the bed, he quickly dressed.

'Impeccable! My dear. Impeccable! They went down to the lobby just in time to see Harley and his daughter come through from the other side.


'Good Evening.' They said in unison. And then laughed. Morgan said, 'I will hail a cab my club is not too far.' They followed him out of the hotel and into the evening air. It was a bit damp but not too hot. In the cab the conversation revolved around the attire each was wearing and what they had done over the past two days. Each told stories of sight seeing and of traveling into Chicago. 'I'd never flown before. It was so exciting!' said Jean Ann. Then she and Amber, Morgan's daughter began to talk. They really carried on a private conversation even into the club.

During dinner, Morgan turned to Paul. 'I have a real problem, Paul. I called because the bank's largest depositor has decided to withdraw his capitol and move it to a competitor. I want you to personally take the case and fix the problem whatever it takes.' Then he added, 'I have another problem too. My daughter, wants nothing more than to marry you. I approve of this, but I want her to finish college. Could you talk to her and try to convince her to stay in school?'

'Harley, I will do what I can, on both counts. I will not encourage this relationship. I already have one as you are aware. But I will do whatever you wish within reason.' That is enough for me, Paul. By the way you lady is lovely.'

'She is isn't she. She is a very fine woman and a godsend. I couldn't get along without her. We were flying back to New York tonight, but since the problem you mentioned is here we will stay and take care of it. Thank you for dinner. I think we can find our own way out.'

Paul rose, thanked his host again and then collected Jean Ann. The two girls were having a delightful talk and Jean Ann did not want to leave. Still she remembered her manners, bid her host and hostess good night and walked out with Paul.

'Jean Ann, we are staying over an extra day or two. It is business. It seems our largest depositor wants to withdraw his accounts and go elsewhere.'

'Your job is to see he doesn't carry out this desire and make banking with Morgan more attractive. I understand. Paul, I have classes I have to be at in the morning. I want you to get me back home, so I can attend please.'

'All right, lets go and get you packed.' They went to the room. Jean Ann packed her new bag and Paul found a flight leaving in an hour. He took Jean Ann to the airport and made sure she got on the plane. That was the last time he ever saw her.

Just after he arrived back at the hotel, he turned on the TV and learned that a plane had crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. There were according to the commentator no survivors. Paul, stunned, stayed glued to the TV until he was sure it was the plane he so carefully picked out for Jean Ann. Finally he just broke down and cried. Numbness and then anger, then resignation set in. He would make the funeral arrangements when he could.

Monday: Paul went to the Morgan offices and met with the depositor. He told Paul that the new bank had offered and 8% return on the deposits, and 14% return on short term loans. Paul told the depositor he could do two percent better in both cases, and offer CDS to the employees of the depositor for five percent. A point above the going rate. The depositor agreed to the terms and a new five year contract was signed immediately.

Paul left Chicago that afternoon. He went first to Pennsylvania and made arrangements for Jean Ann. Then he went on to New York. It took him awhile to track down Jean Ann's relatives, who told him, they couldn't afford to bury her and anything he wanted to do would be satisfactory to them. He had never had to do this before and he found it very hard and difficult. He contacted a mortuary and made the arrangements. He got her into a local cemetery. Her family, was happy and agreeable. He attended the funeral and made sure everything was perfect. Then he returned to work.


Harley J Morgan called Paul into his office. 'You solved the depositor problem brilliantly. Tonight there is going to be a black tie affair in your honor at my home. You are to be there at eight o'clock sharp. Please do not be late. Now solve the other problem I have and you will be the next Chairman of the Board.'

Paul was stunned. He wasn't sure what the big announcement was but he was sure that he had heard Chairman of the Board. He would be at the Morgan home at eight o'clock.

Walking from Morgan's office into the large lobby of the executive office suites, Paul saw Amber standing, and looking in the direction of his office door. The smile, told Paul that she had evidently spoken to her father and had convinced her father of something.

"Hello, Amber, you look very charming today.'

"Hello Paul, I like your suit, is it Italian, you look handsome, Daddy must pay you well." Amber said with a softness to her voice.

Just as Paul was ready to reply to Amber's comment, Harley J Morgan arrived and asked, "You two ready for lunch, and I'm starved?"

They went out and around the corner to a restaurant where Harley kept a table. Cocktails were ordered then a lunch. "Paul, I understand that you are escorting my daughter tonight. Wonderful!'

Now what is happening, Paul wondered, as he heard the firm voice of his employer speak in a way that made him seem to like the idea of an older man dating his teenage daughter.

'Oh, Of course. Glad to do it.' Then Harley dropped the bomb.

'I also understand that after the dinner tonight you two are going out dancing.' This was news to Paul. He had planned on going back to his home and trying to forget the immediate past.

"Fine, Paul. Here is the way I see things. My daughter wants to marry you. I have no objection as long as she goes to college and graduates first. She has said she doesn't see the importance of school. She merely wishes to marry you.' He paused and then went on, "You will make a fine and outstanding son-in-law. I'm stepping down as president of the firm, but retaining the title of Chairman of the Board. Tonight you are going to be named President.'

Harley stood up and shook Paul's hand. 'Your deal with the depositor cinched the promotion. Congratulations!"

"Oh, Daddy, thank you! Isn't that nice of Daddy, Paul?" Still in shock, Paul watched as Amber moved over and hugged him, whispering, "You will get my cherry."

Unable to decide what or how to reply too either the father or daughter, Paul simply shook his future father-in-law's hand. "Mr. Morgan, I can't think of anything to say, as this is somewhat of a shock. Thank you!"

Harley J Morgan smiled at what his daughter had done by bringing her own ring to the meeting. He took his knife and tapped it against his water glass, stood up, and announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, I want you to meet the new President of Morgan Bank, Mr. Paul Henderson, and also I'm pleased to announce that he has just asked my daughter, Amber, to become his bride."

After a hearty round of applause, each diner came to the table to extend congratulations to Paul on his promotion and his pending marriage, the three of them finally sat down to enjoy their lunch.

Very coolly, Paul listened as Harley suggested he remain true to his daughter and not stray very far. Paul agreed. The thought had never crossed his mind.

Harley, Amber, and Paul left the club. Harley returned to the office, while he suggested to the others that they find thing to do for the rest of the afternoon. The implication was Paul had the rest of the day off. Just before he got in his car, he said to Paul, 'Your new office will be available in the morning, the maintenance people are going to work on it all night if they have to have it finished by morning.'

Paul took Amber into the park across the street. When he found a secluded spot they sat down on a convenient bench. Paul studied the eyes of the girl that had just set him up for life. Then he was shocked, Amber asked, "Tell me, are you larger than some men, as you are the first one I have ever touched and sucked off. I've never seen a man in the nude, but from the pictures or videos I've seen, you seem large?"

"Yes, you could say I'm larger, as nearly all men measure 6-inches, some less and some more, but I'm nearly 8-inches long, and around 3-inches thick, end of subject." Thinking for a moment, Paul looked at the girl across from him, knowing she had set him up, and if he refused to go through with the marriage, he would be lucky to ever get a job flipping hamburgers. "Amber, what else have you planned for me' Be honest!"

"Paul, I saw you when you first came to work for my father, let's see, that was two years ago, I was sixteen." Smiling she looked at Paul, and whispered to him, "I thought you were the most handsome man I had ever seen. I knew then I would marry you."

"Just as simple as that, you decided to marry me, without any thought of how I might feel about such a commitment. Are you for real, Amber?"

"Yes, and believe it or not, I have planned on this since then. It was I who got you invited to our home the night of the party.' Reaching out, Amber placed her hand on Paul's and added, "By the way, you must always pretend that we've been dating for the past year." Once more, Amber looked at Paul, and asked him, "Did you like feeling something last night that no other man has ever touched inside of with his finger?"

"My god, Amber, didn't you hear your father tell about viewing tapes from hidden video cameras, what if he saw you and I?"

"Paul, you never need to expect trouble from my father, and I will give you my undivided love," she promised.

"You're extremely attractive, and you're telling me that no one ever touched you, what else should I know?"

"Just what I've informed you about. My supposed boyfriend, Gill doesn't know what to do with his pecker, never tried to touch me, not even my boobs. On our wedding night, I will feel you between my thighs, love you forever. Paul, you could never find a woman who could love you more," Amber spoke with a serenity to her voice.

"Believe me or not, I will prove my love to you, and now I want to go some place where we can be alone, can we go to your house?"

The drive to his home took nearly 30-minutes, and once they were inside, Amber stopped and looking around, hugged Paul, and told him, "It is perfect, so lovely, and your taste is perfect." Amber followed Paul through the house, from one room to the other. When they reached the enclosed pool at the rear of the house, Paul stood in awe as the teen began to undress. "Amber, your undressing, what are you doing," Paul asked in disbelief'

"Aren't we going swimming, undress Paul, and even if we will be nude, I plan on coming to our wedding bed, a virgin, that's a promise." Amber stated that as she removed her suit. Standing before him in matching lacy and satin, ivory colored bra and panties, lace top thigh-high stockings, Paul could not believe how truly beautiful Amber was. His mind traveled back to the previous night, when he had seen her mother in the nude, and he knew that this female would likely always be attractive.

"Undress, Paul, I'm becoming self-conscious about being nearly nude, while you're still dressed." Amber slid down her stockings, unsnapped her bra, allowing her tits to swing free. She pulled her panties off while Paul's eyes took in her beauty. She had a thick black crop of pubic hair covering her mons, and it went down into a reverse V to cover her labia.

"My god, Amber, you're the epitome of female perfection, you're truly attractive," Paul said with admiration coming through in his speech. "Amber, how can you expect me to not want you, or even more so, take you to bed immediately."

"Darling, Paul, do you find it pleasant to have me standing in front of you totally nude?"

"Unless I or any other man is complete dead, and the meat falling from his bones, you would be making any man cognizant of the fact your truly gorgeous and pure undulated sex." PERIOD!"

"Darling, please, get undressed, and let me view my handsome lover, soon to be husband. I assure you, I want you as much as you want me, but I want to be a virgin on our wedding night."

He removed his clothes, and stood before Amber nude. His 8-inches of thick manhood was pointing from his body directly toward the image of femininity standing in front of him.

"Tell me, Miss Amber, what is the meaning of our being nude, and to not enjoy the physical aspects of our relationship?"

"Darling! Oh, my naive Paul," she laughed, "I'm nude like this so we can swim in your lovely pool." With that, Amber dove into the pool and shortly afterwards her head broke the surface of the water. "Paul, come in with me my darling."

Walking over to the deep end of the pool, Paul dove into the pool and swam over to Amber. She was floating on her back in the water. Moving so he was positioned between her firm thighs, Paul looked down at her, let his fingers walk up her legs, and part her labia. He could see the coral color of her inner sex.

He teased the soft folds of Amber's labia, leaned over and kissed her parted vagina. He moved his fingers, pressing into her love canal at the same time he was kissing and licking her hard clitoris, until Amber moaned, "Paul! Oh I'm floating, my darling, YES! I wish we were married. I want you in me. I can't resist any more. Please! Take me. FUCK ME! OHHHHH! IT FEELS SO GOOD!"

"Amber, I may well be crazy, but for whatever the reason, I want a virgin on our wedding night." After she came down a bit, he asked, "Have you ever stuck anything in there?'

"Nothing has even been in me, until your finger found me wanting you, and I don't use tampons, so I'm still pure, except for the entrance of your finger.'

"Before changing careers, I studied medicine and I have an MD license. My specialty is Obstetrics and Gynecology."

"Darling, I didn't know you were a doctor, why did you become a CPA and finance major?"

"Actually, I was bored as a doctor. I did not like listening to whiny women with no serious medical problems. I wanted to be the person to discover a new cure for a major illness, or the person to save both mother and child with some fantastic new procedure. I wanted to be the one who was in the spotlight.

When I found I had to do certain things to become that person, the price was to high and I returned to school. I wanted something different, so I went back to school, obtained my degree in accounting, took my CPA exams, all in two days. The rest as they say is history."

"Paul, I need more, bring me off again, give me some type of release, do something." Once more Paul was licking the opening and closing sex of the teenage girl that was surrounded by the thick black maiden hair "Darling, make me feel your love," Amber whispered to the man licking, kissing and then nibbling the folds between her legs.

"Amber, let's get out of the pool, and rinse off, I will try to make you feel wonderful, in a more pleasant way."

After leaving the pool, they stood together under the spray of the shower. Then he led the girl to the large chaise lounge alongside the pool, eased her down onto her back, pulled her legs open and placed them over his shoulders.

Starting at the soles of her feet, Paul began licking and sucking the toes of her right foot, then her ankle, then her calf, her knee, her thigh; it was like glass, smooth, with no stubble or single hair follicle pricking his tongue.

When his lips reached the thick muff covering her sex, Paul lay his face against the soft and damp down of her womanhood. Moving his lips slightly to the bottom of her mons, he kissed her parted flower. Slowly his tongue sought the narrow channel of her vulva, and probed as deep into her sex as he could reach. Then he licked down her slit, to the underside, seeking out her nether button, licking her anus, which opened slightly to his ministrations. Amber reacted by deeply sighing. Her hips made small circular motions as he licked and pressed his tongue into her rear opening.

Moving his lips upward and around her prepuce, he sucked and licked her core. Finally he returned to her love marble and stimulated that again. His caresses brought on another cry of ecstasy. She cried out, "Paul, my Darling, Paullll, you're making me feel wonderful, oh Darlingggg! I'm gettttiiinnngggg! Augh! YES!"

For a few moments, Paul enjoyed setting back and watching the lips of Amber's sex as they opened and closed in release of her heated orgasm. Knowing he was the first male to bring her love juices down, caused the male in Paul to feel an unknown elation.

"You went off again and even more than in the pool, and I see you enjoyed the feeling, tell me about your release, Amber, my love, did I give you what you desired?"

Amber cried out, "Oh! YES! IT was so good! I can't explain what I felt. OMG IT WAS GOOD! I'M YOUR WOMAN FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE."

Amber sat up, and looked into her lover's eyes, and asked, "Do men enjoy licking a woman in the back, like, you did to me' In my,' she could not say the A word, In my butt."

"Yes, and I want to show you the deep feeling a woman can have from your rear passage as well as the original way.'

For the next three months, Paul lived for the time when he could penetrate the teenage dark-haired beauty who was to be his wife. He performed oral sex on her almost daily. Her monthlies didn't hinder his enjoying her rapture he drove the girl's body extended orgasms. He knew exactly how to please her. He would teach her what he wanted later.

There was no doubt in his mind she was going to be his wife in every meaning of the word. Many times the two of them came close to completing the joining of their bodies in carnal bliss. Somehow it would happen that one of them remember to save the taking of her virginity till the night of their wedding.

Amber would not suck his cock, telling him that once she had felt him inside her body, then and only then, would she devour his thick manhood. Each time they were together, Amber enjoyed masturbating him and soon found her hands could make her husband to be, shoot off twice in a row without stopping to recoup, as he retained his erection.

During this time, Paul was a guest several times at Amber's home, and each time he visited with her parents, Paul would catch himself looking at Denise, wondering if she was still cuckolding Harley.

One Saturday morning, while he was swimming, and Amber was in New York with two of her girlfriends, picking out her wedding gown, he heard a woman's voice, "My, some men should never put on clothes."

He turned and saw Denise, mother of the bride removing her clothes and easing herself into the water.

"Aren't you going to speak to your future mother-in- law, or don't you recognize me, in my birthday suit, Paul?"

"Hell, Denise, if Harley finds us like this, he will kill us both, and you know that, plus I'm marrying your daughter." Moving away from the woman who was closing the distance between them in the pool, Paul spoke firmly to Denise, "You must leave, what if someone finds us like this, what Amber would think?"

"Alright, I'll leave," and as she spoke, Denise walked up the pool steps and out of the water, and picked up a towel and dried her body, then picked up her clothing and entered the home. He stared in wonder at her boldness, her perfect body, waited a few minutes, and then entered his home. Before his eyes lay his mother- in-law to be, on the sofa in his family room, nude. She was facing him, one leg hanging over the edge of the sofa, and the other bent at the knee and resting against the back of the sofa, displaying everything to him.

"Denise, you must leave," but as he spoke, his hormones kicked in. His cock, began to rise, and point in the direction of the dark haired beauty splayed openly. He moved with all the finesse of a lion, and jumped on her. He needed to bury his cock in someone, she was here and willing to accept him as horny as he was. Pure lust took over. He wasted no time in shoving his cock in deep and hard. His entrance was so sudden, she had no time to prepare for him. His rutting burned and irritated her dry canal.

"Paul, not so brutal, you're so doing me so rough, oh hell be gentle, PAUL! NOT SO FUCKING HARD!"

He didn't stop. He continued to ram in and out, as hard as he could. His fuck was brutal. He didn't stop until his ejaculation splashed deep against the opening of her womb. She tried to move with him, to keep up, but all she could do was to lay there and take him. Moving off the body of the woman who was the mother of his bride-to-be, Paul looked at her as she lay moaning and sobbing.

"Oh! God! that was the most violent, horrendous fuck I've ever had! I feel your come dripping from me. Hell, Paul; I hope you didn't knock me up. You could do me now you know.' Denise sat up, and then looked at the sight before her, Paul's cock hadn't shrunk. She leaned over and took it in her mouth.

Within moments, Paul was ready to take her again. This time he would be gentle with her. He got on the sofa, and he licked and kissed her. Sucked her nipples, and made her ready for his entrance. He even stuck a finger in her anus stimulating her to heights she had never explored before. When he did take her, she met him stroke for stroke. His cock and her vagina were one. She responded as she had never responded to anyone. At last she had a major explosion. 'So Good! FUCK ME MORE! GIVE IT ALL TO ME! FUCK I'M CUMMINNNNGGGG OHHHHH! GOOOOODDDDDD! SOOOO GOOD!'

This woman was either one hell of a good fuck, or she was horny as hell thought Paul. Then he remembered what she murmured to Gill in the pool house. She admitted she had not been fucked in over a year. Can it be that Harley is not taking care of this precious lady. I wonder what the story is.

He leaned forward and rammed his hard cock home again. She begged to be fucked harder. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him in deep. 'Fuck me hard! OH! HELL, GIVE IT TO ME! I LOVE YOUR HARD COCK! SO BIG! I'M CUMMING1 NOWWWW! OHH YEAHHHH! AAAAIEEEEEE!"

Five minutes after getting off the second time, Paul lay on the wide sofa, next to Denise and asked her pointedly, "Denise, when was the last time you were fucked?"

"Let me think, about three-months ago, why?"

"Just curious, and how long before then, Denise, and be honest?"

"What are you doing writing a book about my sex life, or do you get your jollies asking woman about their personal sex lives," Denise asked with sarcasm in he voice'

"No, trying to determine what your game is, especially since I'm going to marry your daughter, and your husband has warned me not to mess around on his daughter, so now answer my question."

"Paul, if I tell you the truth, will you promise to keep whatever you hear from my lips, a secret as long as you live?"

"Sure, why would I want Amber to find out I've had sex with her mother, do you believe I'm nuts?"

"No, but Harley would kill me, and I'm serious, Paul, the man is sadistic!" Watching Denise's face, Paul believed she actually rolled her eyes up in her head as she told him, "Paul, in all honesty, I believe my husband has either killed someone, or had it done, but I firmly believe he is a murderer.

"I know, he can be rough, I watched him pull your pubic hair the night you fucked Gill, and your husband busted Gill's nuts with his knee." Before giving her time to respond, he added, "I was in the pool house when you and Gill got it on, and his cum got on your gown, and I watched you take off your clothes, and I must say, you looked terrific after just fucking that young man"

'Then you know its been over a year since I have been with Harley. Paul, you can fuck me any time you want; have you always fucked a woman like you just did me?"

'No, but Amber and I are trying to wait till we are married. Our time together has been very difficult to say the least.'

"Tell me, Denise, why do you think your husband has been involved in a murder?"

"Before I had sex with Gill, it had been over a year, and that was a quickie, in Miami when Harley and I were at a banker's convention. I had gone to the hotel pool while he was in a meeting, and I found a young Cuban pool attendant who liked me, and poured his cum up me twice a day for the five days during the convention, and hell I must have made him happy, as he ate me out after fucking me twice.

Anyway, one afternoon, I returned to the hotel room after having Juan do me three times, Harley was waiting for me. He grabbed me, pulled my bathing suit off, shoved his fingers up my pussy, still soaked with Juan's semen. His tone was sheer anger as he spoke, accusing me of having some man's cum in me. He was sure it was the pool attendant.

I swore it was just my cream as I was horny and wanted him, but he jammed his fingers in me and when he pulled them out, he sucked the juice into his mouth, swore that there was a man's cum there and then he rammed his fingers in me again. He curled them under my pelvic bone, hooking me sort of and jerked me upward. I was sure he was going to rip my pussy out of me. He said, if he ever caught me fucking anyone ever again, he would kill the man. The next day there was an item in the papers about a pool attendant be found with a bullet in him along some back alley in the greater Miami area.

'Hum Sounds like he really did have the young man murdered. Denise you have to be very careful.'

"Harley, laid the paper down in front of me the next morning as we were having breakfast. He pointed out the article about Juan, although he hadn't been identified at the time the item was in the paper. That day, Juan wasn't at work, and the pool attendant working the booth, greeted me and told me Juan had been found murdered.

Before that, it had been more than three-years, we were on vacation in Russia, Harley had been called back to New York to take care of a major loan. For a week I fucked three young studs I met at various places. He never found out about them. Smiling as she recalled the three Russians, I guess they did me at least 40 or 50 times over seven days, I can't remember, but my little pussy was sore when I got home.'

"Don't you and Harley have sex' It's not my business, don't answer if you don't want to."

"You will love this, after I was pregnant and Amber was born, Paul never touched me, couldn't understand why, but when I found out, I was glad he hasn't. I was cleaning the library, one afternoon, I came across a letter from Harley's physician he forgot to put away.

The letter said he was HIV positive and so was his companion. It seems he has been having a relationship with another man. I tried to confront him. When I did he went ballistic. He screamed. He made threats. He got so far out of control I ran up to my room and... she stopped.

When she resumed speaking she simply stated he was dying now and the medicines he was on were doing little good. The man he was with committed suicide according to the article I saw in the newspaper but I think Harley may have murdered him. This morning, I overheard him talking with his doctor. He hasn't told me but his Aids is progressing rapidly and it is likely he has only a few months before he dies. I saw him pull a gun out of the desk drawer as he was talking. He kept pointing it towards himself but he didn't say he was going to do anything rash.'

"You should call the police, and..." Denise cut him off.

"No way, I don't want to be a part of his death or to prolong his life, he has been cruel to me in ways no one including you would ever understand."

For the next hour, the two illicit lovers continued their conversation about Harley and how Denise had sex only when she was safe from her husband. There were times she informed Paul, that it was two or three years in between episodes. When she was thirty, she became pregnant by one of the gardeners. They had made love almost daily. She got an abortion and he never ever found out. But I had the man fired to make sure he would stay alive.

"Denise, why did you say I might have gotten you pregnant today?"

"My darling husband makes certain I never get birth control, he believes this is the way to keep me chaste. Then every time I come in the house, he pulls my pubic hair. Paul, have you noticed I keep my labia trimmed completely' You may not believe this, but its because Harley can't get a hard enough grip to do damage to me. There were times when he pulled my pubes, tore out clumps of hair and skin. I keep it bare now. I have to.

Paul, I won't cause you problems with Amber, but I needed to see someone today after overhearing Harley. When I knocked on your door, and no one answered, I tried the door and it was unlocked.' Smiling as she continued speaking, "When I entered the house, I simply walked to the pool and was surprised to find you nude, and seeing that large thing hanging down from your body, I wanted some of it, and that is the honest truth."

Paul took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. He frenched her as deeply as his tongue would go. And when her moans were sufficient he began to caress her body in ways she had never imagined. When he reached her perfect pussy he played with it and then when he entered her he also pushed a finger into her butt-hole. She was in total ecstasy.

She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her. She felt him hit her G spot and she responded accordingly. When she climaxed this time there was no warning no crescendo. She just shot off. Drained, damp and listless she fell back and waited for him to finish.

They showered and dressed together. Denise told him things could be really bad and asked if she should call him or the police first. He told her to call 911 and then call him. He prayed Harley had not done anything to harm himself or anyone else.

Paul began planning. He needed to get into the house, find the stash of videos, remove them and get out all without being caught. He tried to think where the cameras were placed and if he could do it without being observed.

A little over two hours had passed since Denise left his home. The blaring ring of the phone broke his concentration. A sobbing voice, almost screamed at him. 'Paul, the police are here, and they suggested I call someone, so I'm calling you, there has been an accident, Harley has injured himself. He - - - he - he - shot himself."

Paul could barely understand the female voice. He wasn't sure whether it was Amber or her mother. Finally a male voice was on the phone, "This is police Detective Sergeant Jeff Asbury, and I understand you're the president of Morgan Bank."

"Yes, that's correct, but what is wrong' How can I help?'

"Mr. Henderson, we believe Mr. Morgan committed suicide. We would like you to come at once to the Morgan home. We need your insight into this matter.'

"That is not a problem, please tell Mrs. Morgan I will be there shortly.' He hung the phone up and put on his street clothes. Then he got the car and went on over to the Morgan's. On the way over he thought of all the reasons why he should get those tapes. How to do it, where they were, the entire thing. Then he became more concerned about the possibility the police had already found them.

After he arrived at the home and gave a statement to the detective, he went upstairs and tried to comfort Denise. She was uncontrollably sobbing and near hysteria. He got her doctor's name and asked him to come give her a sedative. Then he called the hotel where Amber was staying and left a message for her saying there had been an accident and she needed to come home.

The police left. However, he and Denise were asked to go to headquarters and give statements regarding the accident. Paul was told the coroner had the body because as routine an autopsy had to be performed. Then he called the funeral home, the one the family always used. He apprised them of the whereabouts of the body and asked if they would make all of the arrangements.

Finally he began to look for the tapes. He became a bit agitated when he could not find the recorders. He did manage to locate all the cameras. While he was searching, the phone rang. He answered it. 'Amber, you need to come home immediately! Your father is dead.'

'Why, the bastard shot himself. About time. Paul I am not at all sorry. I hated him and all he stood for. He will get no sympathy from me.'

'Amber, where are the tapes?' Paul asked with all the urgency he could muster.

'Look in the library. Look for a secret panel in the wall. I know its there. I don't know how to get it open. Paul you have to get those tapes. Otherwise one of us will be blamed for his murder.'

'I know Amber I know that.' I have searched the house and haven't found anything yet. I will take your advice and look for the secret room. Meantime get your butt home! Your mother needs you.'

'I' m on my way. Be there as soon as I can.'

Paul hung the phone up. He was not surprised to find she had no compassion for her father. He apparently was one mean bastard who his wife and daughter had not loved in years. He went into the library and began to search for a panel that moved. He looked long and hard at all of the walls. He tried the pull on the fixtures, and push on the desk, then he stopped and thought for a minute.

If I were Harley and wanted to hide a door pull, where would it go. He got down and looked at the floor. He found a small almost imperceptible rise in the carpet. He felt it. A wire' a tube, he followed with his hands. It led from the desk. He looked under the desk and there on the underside of the right hand set of drawers was a button. He pressed it.

A panel on the far wall opened. Inside he found the recorders and the feeds from the cameras. He also found the stash of tapes. He took all of the tapes, DVDs, and anything that appeared to be a form of memory out to his car. Before he touched the recorders he put on some gloves. Then he disconnected the feeds and turned off the power. If anyone asked, the family could say in truthfulness they didn't know when Harley had disabled the security system.

He pushed the button again. The door closed. Now at least there was no evidence in the house of any wrong doings. Then he went upstairs to Denise. 'In the morning, I will have an attorney accompany you to the police. You can give your statement then. Your Doctor is coming to give you a sedative for the rest of the day and tonight. Amber is on her way home. I found the tapes and they are taken care of. I am saying no more about that.'

The phone rang again. This time it was the Coroner. 'I have to speak to Mrs. Morgan. I have the findings and I have to release certain information to the press. That is because my findings are public record. I can not protect her from the questions that are going to be raised.'

Paul replied, 'I understand. You have to do what you have to do. Mrs. Morgan is in no position to make any rational decisions at the present time. I am the President of the bank and you may refer the press to me.'

'Sir, I also need to know your desires as to the disposition of the body. The family has had connections with a certain funeral home for years. They are in the process of making arrangements and they will have the formal release papers when they come to your lab tomorrow.'

"Sir, I must tell you that Mr. Morgan was in the early AIDs stages.'

'Yes I was aware of that. He confided that to me earlier this month.' It was a blatant lie but it had to do. Paul did not want the press to think this was the reason for the suicide. It was going to be bad enough fending them off without getting these questions too.

The next morning he and the family attorney accompanied both Amber, who had arrived in the wee hours, and Denise to the police station. There they spent the morning going over question after question. The detectives wanted to blame someone, the tried first for Amber, then when her alibi was airtight they turned on Denise. She too told them not what they wanted to hear, but the truth.

With both Paul and her attorney present there was little they could do. They tried to charge her but her attorney was too aware of what they were doing. He refused to allow her to stay when they started to repeat their questions. They went from the police, to the funeral home. There they made all the necessary arrangements for the funeral. Services, viewing, internment. All nice and neat. All within the next two or three days. Then they went home.

'Paul, be a dear and make me a dry martini, shaken, with an olive.' said Denise, as she sat down on the sofa in their living room. 'I think I am over his death. He won't ever beat me or Amber again. He won't force me to do anything I don't want to. I am free of the miserable bastard.'

'I agree, Mom, he was a prick. He would never let me do anything I wanted to. He was always making sure I did the right thing, wore the right clothes and joined the right clubs.'

Paul returned with their drinks. Then as though there was no one else in the room Denise got up and began to strip.

'What are you doing?' Paul asked in disbelief. 'I am going to fuck you. I want you and I want you on my terms.'

'Mother, he is my betrothed. We are after all engaged. How dare you.' 'Amber, your way too young for him. He is closer to me than to you. You are a mere child. What could he possibly see in you?' Denise said as she strutted over to Paul nude and flaunting it.

'Denise, that is enough. Amber and I are engaged and I have come to really love and respect your daughter. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, though I do understand why you are doing this. If you go upstairs right now, I will not do anything else. If you continue, I will be forced to take more drastic steps to stop you.'

'Mother! Please! Your out of bounds. Don't do this. Stop coming on to Paul! Amber was practically screaming. Paul went to her, lifted her over his shoulder and carried her to her room upstairs. He gently put her on the bed and made her take her pills. Then after she passed out, he went down to his betrothed.

'She won't bother us for the next twenty four hours. Her sedatives are powerful and I gave her two of them.'

'She is almost as bad as Dad was. Do you remember Gill' Dad kneed him in the balls after he found out Mom laid him.'

'I thought you did not see that I tried to make sure you didn't.'

'I didn't. Mom told me about it later. In fact she told me when I found her upstairs crying and whimpering about how Dad hurt her that night. He almost pulled out all her pubic hair. He was so mean. You don't know the half of it.'

'I have all the tapes at my house.'

'You do?'

'Yep. I was going to give them back but perhaps we ought to watch them together sometime.'

'No Paul, I want them destroyed. I don't want to remember how mean and terrible he was. I don't want you ever to find out what he did to me, to my friends, or to Mom. Just please destroy them.'

'I will if that is your wish. Did you get a wedding gown?'

'I did. I found a gown, bridesmaid dresses, and even a tux for you. Everything will be fine. You will see we will have the best wedding of the century.'

The rest of the evening past very quickly. Paul decided it was time for him to leave but Amber said, 'Paul I want you to take me tonight. I don't want to be alone here with Mom. Take me to the guest room, and fuck the hell out of me. Please! I'm tired of playing the game. I want you to make violent, passionate love to me. Fuck me fast, hard, make me cum and cum again. Please! I'm begging you.'

'How can I resist that invitation. Lets go upstairs. You lead. I want to see your perfect body as we waltz down the hall. I really want you Amber. Your one of my favorites now. I know you will do what is asked of you and that you will learn.'

Once in the bedroom, Amber slowly stripped. She did her best to mimic an exotic dancer. She wasn't of course, practiced, but her efforts paid off. In minutes Paul had a raging hard on. He threw her on the bed, and took off her bra and panties before she could.

Then he fell on top of her. He kissed her, forced his tongue into her mouth, then kissed her neck, and down to her breasts. He sucked and tickled her nipples, pulled on them gently and while his mouth was working them his hands worked her pussy. He fingered her, played with her clit and brought her to her first climax.

'DO ME FUCK ME. DON'T MAKE ME BEG ANYMORE! GIVE ME YOUR BIG COCK! DOOOO! MEEEEE!' Amber's orgasm raced through her like a freight train. She bucked and kicked. When she came down she pulled him on top of her and forced his erection into her hot wet hole. 'FUCK ME YOU ANIMAL! TAKE MY VIRGINITY!'

Paul had no choice. He could not get off her. She had wrapped herself too tightly around him. He rammed his cock into her with a force she never felt before. She grunted and complained he was hurting her. But he was too far gone to stop now. He drove into her, popped her cherry and gave her another climax. 'FUCK ME! OMG! SOOO GOOD! SOO GOOOODDDDDD!'

When it was over, he took her in his arms and comforted her. 'I'm sorry if I hurt you.' 'No it is I who hurt you. You wanted to wait, to teach me, to fondle me, caress me, and be gentle with me. I guess I was too impatient. I wanted to learn much earlier and well when you began to teach me, I thought I would die.

Now I have lost something that I never really could measure anyway. It was not important. What is important that I saved it for my lover, my partner, my DEAR PAUL. Don't ever leave me. Please!' 'Darling, I never will. I promise to take care of you and your mother for as long as the two of you live. I promise something else too. I will never allow your mother to throw herself at me again.'

With that statement Amber burst out laughing. 'Mom usually get what she wants. I don't want to share you but I would rather have that than have her on our bad side. Mom can be one mean Bitch if she doesn't get her way. Dad used to control her by beating her. I can still hear her screams.'

'You needn't worry. There are other ways to control her and provide for her needs. It will take a day or two but I think I can get things settled.'

They fell asleep in each others arms.

Sometime during the night, Amber awoke and rolled over on to Paul. She woke him and begged to be fucked again. 'Take me please. Let me ride you. Put in me deep! She straddled him and put his cock deep into her pussy. Take me Amber! Deep inside you! I'm so deep in you! Deep! Amber, yeah, you feel so goodddd! I'm in you! Yeses! Amber, at last I'm in you! You're so wet and fuck me! Hard ride me Baby!"

For another five minutes, Paul moved his hard member into and back out of her ruptured virginity, and with a grunt, he unleashed his semen deep in Amber's sex, "Aughhhh," Paul moaned, as he ejaculated. That night, Paul taught Amber all he could about sex, and she took to it with no regrets.

The next morning, Paul woke up from a hard slap across his face. Moving from the bed, he looked at Amber, and saw the evidence of her lost virginity. She moved and once more slapped him across his face. "You son-of-a- bitch! You fucked me! You took my cherry! I will never marry you! Never! She stormed out of the room and went to her own bedroom.

Things were working better than Paul could have hoped for. Amber might call the whole thing off. That was a good thing. She was too young and immature. But to be safe in his position as President of the bank it had to be her decision. He could not make it. He knocked on her door and reminded her today was the funeral and she he needed to be ready to go in about 3 hours. She agreed to that then she said, 'I am not staying for the burial. I will have my friends pick me up. I am returning to New York. I never want to see you again.'

The funeral was a quiet affair if you can call over a thousand people paying their respects quiet. When it was over, Amber true to her word left with her friend Jackie. After the burial he assured Denise was all right and then went to his own home.

Paul checked his stock portfolio on his home computer that was tied into the one in the bank, and he found he had nearly forty five million dollars in Morgan stock at the current price. That amount of stock put Paul in control of fifty two percent of the outstanding shares, allowing him to take total control of the bank. He really did not want the Presidency so he opted to be Chairman of the Board. That position assured him he would maintain his interests, have a say in the way the company was operated and yet could avoid the day to day operations.

The next thing he did was to get the videos he took from Harley's home and edit them. At least he told himself he was editing them. Actually he just wanted to see how good or bad things really were. He inserted the first tape. Amber came on the screen. He watched in disbelief as she entered her bedroom followed by her father. 'Strip Bitch! Fast! On the bed now!

Amber took her clothing off, got on the bed and lay there. It appeared she had tears in her eyes. Her father, stood over her as he commanded her to play with herself. Finger yourself. Make your self cum! Do it! If you don't I will beat you to a pulp! She played with herself while Harley watched. In a few moments he walked out. He locked the bedroom door behind him leaving her in her room.

Picking through the media, Paul found some were lettered. Others numbered and others unmarked. When he opened the player and removed the disk he observed it had the letters H-A-M written on it. He assumed that meant Harley Amber Masturbation.

Then he found one, that was noted, "A-P-BY-HJ-D -G-V-F. That one turned out to be a record of his being with Amber in the pool house the night of the party. She had masturbated him and right after that they left the camera's view. Or he thought they did. Instead he watched himself walking back to the party, hiding, and then the camera turned on Gill and Denise who were caught copulating.

He watched as Denise partially removed her clothes. He silently chided Gill for getting his sperm on her dress. Denise and Gill walked nude, back into pool room after cleaning off her dress. This time Paul watched as Denise took the young boy deep and hard, as she moved her legs up on his shoulders. Denise kept him locked in her pussy, when he came the second time. Then she waited a few minutes, sucked him, got him hard and had him again. While they were together the third time she learned he was a virgin. Denise asked Gill, "Are you telling me you're an honest-to-god virgin' Your serious' Gill?"

Watching the young boy as Denise had reached down and was gripping his boyish hard on, Gill replied, "Yes, I've never had sex before, and is it okay if I touch your, your breast?" Paul had back spaced the disk so he could view the young boy get his first time with a woman, and knew that he wasn't likely to get anything as good in the future.

Watching the disk and VHS tapes, it was apparent that more than one camera was used in filming the various rooms, and Paul could tell when Harley was at the remote control devices as he captured the sex or other acts on tape.

On another disk, he watched as Denise who was in her bathroom, showered, got out of the tub, dried off and then masturbated against the sink until she climaxed. Close up views of her face made her look distorted. Her face appeared to be like a candle that had melted. Before Denise could finish Harley walked in on her. Harley said, "You're so attractive, maybe I will do you..."

"Harley, you know we can't, your sickness could spread to me, tell me your only joking, please don't do that to me..."

Another video showed Amber preparing her bath, trimming her pubic hair, getting into the tub. There was even a close up of her pussy.

Then came one of the most damning disks he had seen. Amber must have been thirteen maybe fourteen. She was in the study and again Paul noticed there were tears in her eyes. There was a man Paul did not recognize with her in the room. He was watching lecherously as she stripped in front of him. He saw the man turn and say, 'You aren't lying. She is a super girl. Very beautiful. Nicely proportioned.'

Then another voice, 'She will do whatever pleases you. But she is not to be taken vaginally.'

'Daddy Please! Don't make me do this. I beg you! Please!'

'You'll do as your told! Anymore back talk and I will punish you! Understood!' The anger could be plainly heard.

The screen showed Amber, having the man put his dick in her mouth and later he took her anally. During the time she was with him, the man, whom Paul now realized was Mr. Jordan, forced her to do everything he wished. When she didn't her father came in and hit her with his belt. By the time Jordan was finished, Amber was a mass of welts. When they left her, she was bleeding from her butt and crying uncontrollably. 'I will finish what was started here in a little while.' It was so disgusting, Paul popped out the disk and went looking for another.

Making a quick glance at the abbreviations used as titles on the disk, Paul picked up one that drew his interest, A-11. My god, don't tell me that Harley has someone doing his daughter at eleven. Inserting the disk in the player, he watched as Amber entered her room, and got ready for bed. She got on the bed, and then a door opened and an older boy entered. For the next hour of the recoding, Paul watched as the boy and Amber explored each other's bodies. When the boy tried to push his prick up inside her tiny hairless sex, Amber cried out, "No Jerry, you can't put it in me, I might become pregnant."

I must remember to find out who Jerry was, and what happened to him, Paul made a mental note to himself.

Next he found a tape marked A-B. Paul noted it was in the front of the other tapes in the box. He began watching, skipping the empty rooms and found one of Amber walking around her room nude. He reversed the tape and watched as a black man entered her room. Again he noted she was crying.

She begged him not to hurt her. She was not speaking clearly enough for the microphones to pick up what she was saying. He watched as she sucked the man's member. Then he pushed her down on the bed and placed his hardness between her breasts. He shot his cum all over her face and into her hair. Then he let her suck him to hardness again. Apparently she allowed him entrance to her pussy as Paul watched the man enter her sex. But he noticed the man stopped short and waited until Amber had a good cum. Then he shot off all over her labia, belly and breasts. Finally, he stopped and pulled his pants back into place. Amber, was on her bed crying and begging the man to just go away or so it seemed to Paul.

Paul decided the decent thing to do with this damning evidence was to destroy it. Harley had destroyed himself and his family. Paul saw no reason to further antagonize the situation. After all the police had no idea of the existence of the room or the tapes. If they had they would have charged either Amber or Denise with murder. It was best he thought if they were simply gone.

It was some months later, that Paul met Amber at Grand Central Station. He was getting ready to go to a meeting and she had just gotten into town. He was quite surprised to see her and invited her to have a drink with him at the restaurant on the concourse.

'Amber, how nice to see you again. Your looking very well.'

'Thank you, Paul. Your looking well too. You didn't just want to talk to me and say hello. I know you have something else on your mind.'

'As a matter of fact, I do. I would like you to tell me about Jerry.' Amber's face turned white as a sheet. 'How did you find out?' she stammered. 'Daddy said no one would ever find out.' She shook in terror.

'Don't worry no one else knows. Who was he what happened to him?' 'He was my first boy. I wanted him to play with me sexually. I thought I loved him and I was going to give myself to him.'

'Go on.'

'Daddy interrupted us. I never knew how he found out, but he threw the boy off a balcony. Then he had the body taken care of. He told me if I ever did anything like that again it would only be because he would want me to. What you did not see was what he did to me that night. He burned my ass with one of his cigars. He told me I would get worse if he ever caught another boy in my room.'

Then she broke down and began to cry. Paul took her in his arms and held her. A waitress brought over a glass of water. They both tried to comfort the sobbing girl.

After that encounter, Paul did not see Amber for some time. He tried to keep tabs on her but she and he were on different paths. He also tried to keep an eye on Denise. But she was doing so much drinking that she was out of it most of the time. He would occasionally go to the Morgan home, and try to make sure she was eating, but when he did she was so sloshed, he usually just left.

His life seemed empty. The one girl he really loved had died in a plane crash. There was his work but that too was at this point routine and empty. There was just no one in his life to share his triumphs and tragedies with. Then one afternoon, while he was particularly feeling down and out, the phone rang.

He answered, 'Paul here.'

'Do you know who this is? I am going to give you three guesses.'

Paul began to perk up. Then it dawned on him. It was Jean Ann. 'I thought you were dead. They said there were no survivors. I was given your personal effects I thought. What! How! I don't understand!'

'May I come see you? Please! I have a lot to tell you.'

'By all means. Please come. Right now if you must. You know where I am?'


'I am in the Morgan bank right on Wall Street. Not to far from the exchange. I will call the guards and tell them to make sure to let you in. I am on the top floor. No I will meet you in the lobby.!'

'I can be there in less than ten minutes.'

'I will be at the door.'

Suddenly his whole life was changed. The one girl he had truly loved had returned from the dead. But how, what, why, and all the other questions would have to wait. He got his coat and went to the elevators. He got on and got to the lobby in time to see her step out of the cab. He opened the door and she just fell into his arms. After a scene of what could only be called, porn, they decided they had to go to Paul's home.

On the way, Jean Ann, explained what happened. 'The plane crashed in Pennsylvania. When it did, it split in two. I was in the rear, with one or two others and we all managed to get out. We walked some distance away from the crash before anyone came to our rescue. At the same time, there was a severe traffic accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

The police thought we were from that wreck and refused to believe we had been anywhere near the plane. We were held as witnesses of the traffic accident for a time, released and then it was a long time before I could get my identity restored as everyone had decided I was dead. You would not believe the trials I had to go through with Social Security. It took ages to get them to realize I really was alive.'

'Paul, is your offer still open?'

Paul was ecstatic. 'Oh! Jean Ann! Of course it is. I will never, ever, let you go again. Certainly, we can marry any time you wish. I have been empty and lonely without you. I missed your subtle ways, and warm smile, your caring, and your attention to details. Oh Jean Ann, let me hold you.'

He held her and then quietly led her upstairs to his bedroom. She gasped when she saw it. Her things were just where she had left them those many months ago. 'You never gave up hope. You were ever the optimist. Now you are mine forever. Paul I will never leave you again!'

They made violent, passionate love all afternoon. When they finally came up for air, it was only because the phone was ringing. It was Amber. 'Paul, Mother is very ill, she is so drunk, and so sick, I don't know what to do. Please Paul can you come and help. PLEASE!'

'Jean Ann, I have to go and take care of Mrs. Morgan and her daughter. I shall return as quickly as I can. If it gets too late you make dinner for yourself and I will eat when I return. The house is yours. You are welcome to stay as long,' She broke in, 'I will be here. I will always be here. There is no one else for me or anywhere for me to go.'

Paul got into his car and went to the Morgan home. When he arrived, he found Denise, on the floor. At first, he thought she was just passed out, but closer examination showed she was dead. 'Amber call 911. She is dead. There is nothing you can do.' Amber broke down. She wailed and cried and got so upset Paul went to get her a sedative. She waited until the authorities arrived. When they did she was able to answer all their questions.

After they left she began to cry again. Paul tried to comfort her but all she could say was she was alone and there was no one and nobody. Even Paul who had at one time been in love with her could not bring her out of her depression. She told him she was going upstairs to her room. He heard a thud and ran up just in time to see her fall on the floor a knife in her abdomen.

She had done the deed properly. There was nothing anyone could have done to save her. Paul called the police again and told them to come at once. Again the authorities had a death that they tried to say was murder, but had to rule suicide. The entire Morgan family was now just part of the historical record.

When he returned home, Jean Ann was waiting for him. He went into the living room sat in his favorite chair, then broke down. 'Why, they had it all, Why was he such a prick, he destroyed himself, his wife and his daughter. Why does money corrupt that easily?' He went on, 'I try to make sense of all this and all I get is more confused. Here is a very devoted woman, tortured by her husband's demons, powerless to take care of her daughter or to run, what had he done to her.'

Jean Ann listened and then went and cuddled next to him. 'Paul, my dream of an education is still there, I want to be your wife, to make children with you, and to carry your name. I think we need to leave this place, this city, and go somewhere where no one knows who we are or our back grounds. Paul, lets leave.'

For once, Paul readily agreed. The Morgan bank would run without him. He had the where with all to do about anything he wanted. He decided to make the arrangements.

The next day he went to his office and called a Board Meeting. "Gentlemen, as a fairly newcomer to the bank, having been her only a few years, I believe I must resign from the position as President and Chief Financial Officer. I am not going to say why other than it is for personal reasons.

"Mr. Sanderson is my choice as successor for Financial Officer, Mr. Martin and Mr. Zimmerman would serve you well as President and Vice President. I will be available as Chairman of the Board, but I do not expect to be present for any of the meetings unless the bank falls on hard times. I am sure you will approve the changes as I have controlling interest here."

There was an audible gasp from the Board members as Paul demonstrated to them just how many shares he held. After all the members examined the proposal carefully there was unanimous agreement. Paul left the bank and never looked back.

When he arrived home, he found Jean Ann had packed his bags and hers. What little there was of hers. In less than an hour, he had his big SUV rolling down the interstate and headed west. They had made no plans so they were free to go where they chose. At a place called Paradise, Pennsylvania they stopped for the night. In the morning they went on. The last anyone heard of them they were half way across the United States.

From there... their trail went cold.



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