Rachel Doyle stirred drowsily in the fragrant bubble bath as the shrill ring of the alarm clock woke her from her slumber. She had fallen asleep for 20 minutes in the warm scented water and reached drowsily for the bath-tub plug to release the soapy suds and quickly shower.

The pretty 24 year old brunette was 6 months into her internship with JP Morgan and was anxious to climb the corporate ladder and join the rat race in the world of investment banking. Thus far she was well on her way, with one small problem.

A big part of the corporate banking world required that she mixed and mingle with the creme de le creme of society, and to fit her jet-setting Yuppie image and life-style she had to get that flashy nice car. Which meant she also had to get her driving license before she was eligible to purchase the vehicle of her dream.

She had given herself 3 months to pass the test, but after 9 frustrating months and 5 failed attempts she was fast becoming desperate. It did not help that her colleagues were all asking when they could take a spin in her hot rod. Thus far she had avoided the question tactfully, and no one safe for Jenny, her chubby and rotund best friend and flatmate, knew of her predicament. But she could not hide the truth indefinitely.

Jenny had finally recommended her current Driving Instructor, Mr. Crivelli. Reputed as the best Driving Instructor this side of town, 10 lessons with this driving Guru would guarantee her the driving license she so badly needed. The only problem was that Crivelli's schedule was completely full for the next 3 months.

It seemed there was an overwhelming demand for his services. The grumpy old instructor had even refused to meet her, so Rachel's only chance was to catch him on a Saturday afternoon at the end of Jenny's driving lesson, when he dropped Jenny at the porch of their apartment. Jenny had hinted that Crivelli had a fondness for "pretty young things", and it was no secret in the office that Rachel was a natural head turner.

Her long jet black hair, willowy figure and milky white complexion had earned her the nick name "Snow White" and she was constantly at the receiving end of unwanted male attention. Rachel made full use of her stunning beauty in the office and she was confident that she would also have Crivelli eating out of her hands, all she needed was an opening which Jenny had provided.

Toweling herself dry, she stopped at the full length mirror to admire her long graceful limbs, full firm breasts, flawless ivory white complexion and 23 inch waist. Those were a lethal combination of assets that had served her well in the past. She quickly slipped on her white bra and panties. It was a hot summer afternoon and she chose a low cut black mini skirt, and a white blouse which hugged the contours of her supple figure. Her watch showed 2.59PM as she waited in the front porch for Jenny to pull-up. After what seemed like 5 minutes a black dirty Volkswagen slowly pulled- up.

As Jenny turned the engine off, Rachel walked quickly to the waiting car. Rachel's first glimpse of Crivelli fitted the mental image she had of him from their phone conversation and Jenny's description. He was a fat balding bespectacled Italian man in his fifties with a thick black beard. Rachel could hear Jenny engaged with him in an argument...

Crivelli: "No, no, I don't have time to meet your friend today, I already said my schedule is full for another 3 months"

Jenny: "Its ok Mr. Crivelli, Rachel only wants to say hi, and you will find she is very attractive and pleasant.'

Rachel guessed she would have to make her entrance now, she quickly walked over to the passenger's side and smiled brightly: "Oh Mr. Crivelli it is so nice to finally meet you, and Jenny was not exaggerating when she said you were a rugged and handsome young man, I am Rachel, we spoke briefly....."

Crivelli paused in mid-sentence, taken by surprise. He was running late for his next appointment and was anxious to get rid of his final student for the afternoon. But this fat, obese student had refused to vacate the driver's seat insisting that he meet her friend. He had neither the time nor the desire to meet more fat ugly women and as Rachel intervened he turned crossly to face her intending to brush her off.

However the sight that befell his eyes was totally unexpected. Standing by the window of the passenger seat was a stunning brunette beauty with jet black long flowing hair and a model's long lithe supple figure. Temporarily unsettled, he began again..

Crivelli: "Yes Ms Doyle was it not... but I cannot meet you today... I have another appointment in 10 minutes time at Spencer Street..."

Rachel moved closer and rested her arm on the side- window, allowing Crivelli to peer down the creamy white cleavage nestled snugly in her blouse.

Rachel: "Oh I only need a ride to Spencer Street Station...that's on your way is it not, it is such a hot day and I have not been able to call a cab so far..."

Crivelli said reluctantly: "Ok, but I take you only to the station, that's all, get in, and I have not fixed the air-conditioning yet so it will be warm in the car."

Jenny gave Rachel a quick wink and squeeze on her shoulder as Crivelli moved to the drivers seat; "Good luck, make the most of your opening, you only have about 20 minutes, that's how far Spencer Street Station is from here."

As Rachel climbed into the car, she already felt the oven like heat that had accumulated in the small interior. Crivelli himself was perspiring and she detected a foul stale odor in the car. But she was not deterred. They drove in silence for a minute, Crivelli's bedside manners left much to be desired, Rachel thought to her self.

Rachel: "So Mr. Crivelli the weekend is here, what do you do on Saturday nights?"

Crivelli: "I teach driving, Jenny was last student today."

Rachel: "But I thought you said you had another lesson at Spencer Street?"

Crivelli: "No I did not, do you not have ears, I said I have an appointment."

Rachel: "Oh I am sorry, who are you meeting?"

Crivelli: "All these questions, why all these questions, you get out at Spencer Street Station."

Crivelli was determined not to submit to the charms of this alluring young beauty. He knew girls like this one, they always had a hidden agenda but Rachel would be disappointed today, he was not a push over.

This one would be a challenge, Rachel thought, as she looked at her watch. 5 minutes had passed and she was making no progress with Crivelli. This was a first for her as she was used to having her way with all the office lads. And the stifling heat in the car also did not help. Already she felt her blouse clinging to her as beads of perspiration broke collected on her moist skin.

She crossed her long lithe legs, pulling the min further up to reveal creamy smooth skin of her inner thighs. Crivelli tried to ignore the tantalizing vision seated next to him, fighting the impulse to reach out and run his hands along the ivory white sweet flesh .

Rachel: "This is such hot weather we are having, I feel so hot and damp all over, don't you Mr. Crivelli?"

Crivelli: "I already said the air-conditioning is not working, that's why I am headed to Spencer Street to my nephew's car workshop there to get it fixed, your fat friend Jenny was also complaining the whole hour."

Rachel: "Oh is that where you are going, wait, just let me get the windows lower down."

She leaned across Crivelli and started winding down the window on the drivers seat, making sure that her soft firm bosoms made contact with his arms. Crivelli flinched as he felt her supple breasts pressing gently against his arms. This lass was young, perhaps no more than 23-24 years old. She must have had a bubble bath as her fresh sweet scent filled the small confines of the car. In spite of himself, he felt breathless.

Rachel: "There, that's a little better, I love the feel of the breeze on my skin...it gives me goose bumps."

Crivelli did not answer. Through the side of his eyes he noted how her tight fitting white blouse hugged every contour of her lithe body, accentuating her soft firm breasts. The blouse was so body hugging that he could see the faint outline of her nipple through the sheer material.

Rachel: "Do you know that I find older men very sexually alluring? They have a confidence that other younger more immature men lack."

Crivelli answered uncertainly; "Really?"

Rachel smiled and gave a long black hair a toss; "Yes, only older men know how to make a girl feel like a woman."

Crivelli remained silent and she continued; "You are so good with your hands, especially when you change gears, such strong masculine hands, its no wonder you are such a good instructor. Its really a pity you cannot accommodate me earlier in your driving schedule."

Crivelli impatiently replied: "We have discussed this before, I can only take you in 3 months, there are others waiting in line and its not fair to them. Besides there are other instructors in town."

Rachel sounded disappointed: "Yes, but none of them are like you. I have failed the practical portion of the test 4 times already and I simply need the license to get a car."

Crivelli smiled: "Yes, I have a 98% success rate, I have been teaching for more than 20 years and was previously a tester at the school, in fact I even helped them to design the current test procedures, so its no surprise that I can beat them at their own game. But as I said you will have to wait."

So that was why he was so good, Rachel thought, the old man used to be a tester and designed their current system. She had to close this deal successfully at any costs, the stakes had just been raised. She edged closer to Crivelli and unbuttoned the top button of her blouse, revealing the white lacy bra caressing her supple breasts.

Rachel: "Well surely we can keep the dialogue open, I am in urgent need of your services, I simply have to pass my next driving test in 1 month's time. My job requires that I own and drive a car, so I really will do anything, anything at all if you can just help me out."

Thoughts were racing through Crivelli's mind, he was a lonely old bachelor with hardly any money and even less physical charm. He knew that even average women would not wish to spend time with him, let alone stunning young beauties like Rachel. So this represented an opportunity of a life time for him, and he had to make the most of it. What had started out as an irritating pimple was now seen as a golden opportunity.

Crivelli: "Well, what exactly did you have in mind young lady? I am all ears."

Rachel: "Oh that's really for you to decide, but I can pay double hourly rates, money is not a problem."

Crivelli: "Paah, I make enough to live a simple life, I don't need your money...surely you have more to offer?" He smiled suggestively at Rachel revealing an uneven row of yellow nicotine stained teeth which sent shivers up her spine..

Rachel: "Well if increasing your fees is not what you have in mind, we can explore other options." As much as he repulsed her, Rachel realized she had to play his little game and keep the dialogue open.

Crivelli: "Well I am a lonely old man, its not every day that I get to spend some quality time with a lovely young princess like you. Why don't you join me and my nephew at the garage for a nice dinner, let us find out more about you?" He smiled suggestively.

Rachel hesitated. She had always used her body as a tool for negotiation, but she was also always smart enough to ensure she controlled the course of negotiations. The thought of spending even an additional minute with this disgusting old fart was revolting enough, let alone an entire evening. But she realized she had little choice, he had her where he wanted her.

It had been almost twenty minutes in the car and as Spencer Street Station came into view, she realized with a shock she had to decide now.

Crivelli: "Well Rachel, here is where you get-off. I will see you perhaps in 3 months, unless you wish to join us for dinner?"

Crivelli eased off on the accelerator, he knew he had to give her more time and encouragement; "The failure rates for the driving tests have been on the increase recently as they are tightening up on road safety protocols. There are some new procedures I designed, which will give you the edge." He studied her face and noted the indecision written on it. Will she bite?

Finally with a hint of resignation Rachel replied: "I suppose a harmless dinner with you and your nephew would be a good idea."

Crivelli's heart raced, he was a step closer to his ultimate objective. As he steered the car away from the station his devious mind began working out a strategy that would place him in a dominant position of negotiation over this brazen young lass.

Another twenty minutes of driving brought them into the less fashionable part of town. Crivelli had been more silent then usual in the last 10 minutes. Rachel had never ventured into this dark foreboding slum area and a wave of apprehension swept over her as Mr. Crivelli drove still further on.

Rachel suddenly realized that she may have made an error in judgment, here she was in a car driven by a man who was virtually a total stranger to her, driving to an undisclosed location to meet yet another unknown stranger. But it was too late to change her mind and she would have to see this game to its final conclusion.

Rachel: "Er, how far more do we have to go before we reach the garage," she asked nervously.

Crivelli: "Just another 5 minutes drive, and we will be ay Joey's garage. It's not exactly a classy joint that a broad like you is used to, but you can get used to it."

It was close to 4.30PM when they finally pulled into the entrance of a grungy looking, dilapidated single story building. Several cars were parked at the entrance, some with their bonnets raised in obvious stages of repair. Without a second glance at her Crivelli killed the engine and got out.

It was only then that Rachel realized Crivelli had been sitting on a stack of cushions. The old lecher was actually quite short, almost a midget. Rachel got out of the car and hesitantly followed him into the shadowy interior of the garage. She was not very tall, weighing in at 100, measuring 34C-25-35 and standing 5'4, but as she followed him she noticed in amusement that his balding head barely drew level with her shoulders.

The garage was small and dirty, the unpleasant scent of engine grease, petrol and paint filled her nostrils. The floor was covered by a thick layer of dirt and oil, and there was dust every where. She tried not to touch anything and stayed in the center of the garage.

Crivelli: "Hey Joey, where the fuck are you, I brought a little present for you."

A fat bald man in greasy mechanic's overalls appeared from a room in the back. He was in his late thirties and immediately sported her.

Joey: "Well, well, well look what the cat brought in. My, this is a nice little piece of equipment." He openly leered.

Rachel could feel the hairs rising on the back of her neck as she felt his leering eyes wondering over her body.

Crivelli: "Ah yes, this is my latest potential prodigy, Rachel. I brought her along so we could discuss some business matters."

Rachel put on her best social graces and extended her hand: "How do you do Joey"

Joey immediately grabbed her hand and she tried not to notice that his hands were smeared with axle grease and oil.

Joey: "Yeah Rachel, you can do business with me any day, or night." He openly leered. "We don't get many of your high society kind here so do make yourself right at home."

Crivelli: "Well you can put your tongue back in your mouth and come take a look at the car, the air- conditioning system is busted again."

Joey reluctantly left Rachel's side (much to her relief) and wondered over to the Volkswagen. As Joey and Crivelli engaged in discussions, Rachel reviewed her strategy plan. She did not know who disgusted her more, Joey or Crivelli, but Joey was now an added obstacle. She needed to have one on one time with Crivelli. She already knew that he was turned on by her, but even the mere thought of physical contact with him was physically revolting to her.

Crivelli returned and said: "Well tonight's dinner will have to wait awhile yet, Joey took a look at the car and he needs to hope over to his supplier to pick up some spare parts to do the job, he should be back within the hour."

Rachel: "Oh? But I was hoping to have an early dinner as I have an engagement later this evening."

Crivelli: "He wont be too long dreary, in the mean time we can get to know each other a little closer er? Are you still serious about taking lessons with me?"

Rachel: "Of cause, yes I suppose now is a good moment to discuss business."

Crivelli: "It is dirty and smelly in the garage, come with me to the back-office, it is more comfortable."

He led Rachel into an adjoining office that was just as dirty as the garage. There was an office table with left over pizza piled in the middle, assortment of car magazines and quite a lot of porn material also. Crivelli sank into the worn leather chair behind the table, but Rachel was anxious to close the deal and remained standing.

Rachel: "I would like to cut straight to the point, basically I need to get my license by end of this month, which is also when the next test is scheduled. I already signed up for it and paid the test fees. So its imperative that we start lessons as early as possible."

Crivelli: "Whoa there little Missy, we are moving too fast. I have not even indicated I will take you as my student. And of cause there is also a 3 month waiting list. It would not be fair to the other students who have been waiting for 3 months!"

Rachel: "But I absolutely need the lessons this week!"

Crivelli: "And I absolutely also need to get laid tonight! You see my dear, this is not a perfect world and I think you should sit down and talk this over in a friendly amicable level."

Rachel reverted to the softer approach. She took a sit opposite the table and crossed her long slender legs, giving Crivelli a good view of the sweet ivory white flesh of her inner thighs and the hidden pleasures that lay within. "Yes, you are right perhaps. Well, where shall we start, I have offered you higher hourly rates, but that was not the way to go, so perhaps you can elaborate on your needs..."

Crivelli: "I just did, I was serious just now, but lets start with what is practical. You skipped a few steps. Firstly, I need to know what's in it for me if I do take you in as my student. After that, we can deliberate on whether I can squeeze you in for a lesson in 1-2 months time"

Rachel: "1-2 months time! That's too late. But you do know I am in desperate need of lessons, and I will do almost anything you require, I will be a model student."

Crivelli: "Well, would you be an obedient student who will heed every word of her instructor?" He smiled suggestively.

Rachel was aware in which direction the course of negotiations was rapidly headed towards and she realized that if she did not play her cards right, she might end up between the sheets with Crivelli (and perhaps even Joey if the deal was not closed soon). She preferred to ignore the sexual undertones of the conversation for now as the mere thought of physical contact with Crivelli was physically revolting to her.

Rachel: "Yes, of cause I will be a good student, I never had any problems with my past instructors. And I am always punctual and never late."

Crivelli: "Good, that nice to know, but its not good enough. You must recognize your instructor as God and obey his every word in an unquestioning manner, can you do that?"

Rachel remained silent as she considered her options. She was running out of time and estimated that Joey would be back in 50 minutes or so.

Crivelli: "You hesitate, that is not good. How can I even take you as a student let alone consider putting you in front of the waiting list. There are far more deserving students who are worthy of my time and attention."

Reluctantly Rachel said: "Yes, I will obey your every word."

Crivelli anxiously moved to the edge of the seat: "Are you absolutely certain Rachel?" He searched her face eagerly for consent realizing he was almost within reach of his goal.

Rachel: "I am certain, I will obey."

Rachel was not sure why she agreed. She needed the driving license badly, but not so desperately as to even consider exposing herself to a situation which may require her to become sexually intimate with Crivelli.

The mere thought of physical contact with Crivelli was physically revolting to her. But she also found herself inexplicably excited by her present predicament. Here she was in the "less trendy" side of town, in a dirty ram shackled garage alone with an old pervert who had obvious sexual designs on her. Perhaps the element of danger was itself a temptation.. Whatever the reason, she felt compelled to explore the situation further.

Clapping his hands in glee Crivelli stood-up; "Good, then lets do a little role play. Lets imagine we are on our first driving lesson and we are in the car."

Crivelli got up and motioned for Rachel to take a seat in the huge worn recline-able leather chair. It did not look very clean (like all the other things in the small office) and had patches of mould and un-identifiable stains everywhere.

Noting her hesitation, Crivelli gave the chair an encouraging pat and said : "Don't be afraid, I guarantee its more comfortable then most conventional car seats. And do not be deceived by its appearance."

The recline-able chair now seemed to have a foreboding and menacing air around it, and Rachel gingerly approached it, with some feeling of apprehension. As she sank uneasily into it, her delicate lithe frame seemed lost in its large embrace which seemed to dwarf her all the more. Her sensitive nose also detected a pungent unwashed odor which only added to its imposing facade.

Crivelli handed her the old Cardboard cover for the Pizza box; "Take the wheel. Let's begin, you can start the ignition."

Rachel went through the motion of turning her wrist to insert the imaginary car keys. She moved her right hand to the gear to shift to 1st gear but before she could proceed further Crivelli intervened.

Crivelli: "Tsk, tsk, tsk, no wonder you failed your previous tests. Keep safety foremost in your mind, you forgot to adjust your rear-view mirror."

Crivelli moved to her front and pretended to adjust the imaginary mirror. Standing over her, he had a clear view of the creamy cleavage that stood out so invitingly from her blouse. Crivelli noted that she did not have very large assets, instead, her delicate frame housed medium sized bosoms elegantly capped by. Moving closer to her he detected her alluring feminine fragrance which instantly provoked a rising urgent hardness between his legs.

Feeling suddenly breathless Crivelli fought the rising primal urge to take her there and then. In a husky voice he whispered; "You also forgot your seat belt." He moved his hand to her lap and proceeded to fasten the imaginary seat belt. His hands strayed to briefly caress the bare flesh of her left thigh, savoring its silky smooth texture, lingering a moment longer there, before moving further up her thighs.

Rachel hurriedly cried out: "Oh dear instructor, there is a car pulling up behind me, we have to move on, I should really get the car moving."

Crivelli seemed momentarily lost: "Huh, oh yeah, put your foot on the gas..." he mumbled reluctantly

Rachel signed in relief, and gave her self a pat on the back for getting out of that tight spot. But she was not out of the woods yet.

Crivelli: "I have decided to conduct a mock test for this lesson." He announced. "For every minor mistake you make, I will confiscate one item of clothing from your person. Major mistakes will cost two items"

Rachel realized the stakes had just gone up, and if she was not carefully the game would only have one possible outcome. "Wait, since this is a mock test its only fair that we place a 20 minute time limit on the test, and if I pass the test, that also means you will take me as your student immediately."

Crivelli paused to consider the new offer. Twenty minutes, that was basically his window of opportunity. He was confident he could remove most of her clothing by then, but he wanted more time. "A standard test lasts 45 minutes at least, lets do this right."

Rachel: "Ok, that means it started 5 minutes ago and we only have 40 minutes left on the clock."

Crivelli smiled: "Well I can live with that, and since you have already made two previous errors, the seat- belt and rear mirror, I will remove your shoes first."

Not waiting for her consent, he reached down and removed Rachel's right shoe. Taking his time, Crivelli ran his fingers along her bare inner soles, slowly moving up towards her calves, admiring her long slender legs. He moved on to her left shoe, but she pre-empted him by quickly kicking it of her foot.

Un-phased he continued: "You may make a left turn at the next corner."

Rachel obeyed, taking care to give the left indicator before turning the wheel.

Crivelli: "Oh dear, you forgot to look right and left to ensure there was no on-coming cars before you made the turn. That's a major safety breach, it'll cost you two items."

Rachel could not believe her ears: "I did look, there were no cars, I turned my head, this is unfair."

Crivelli: "Life's not fair, you looked left only, you did not check for on-coming traffic from the right when you were turning into a 2 way street."

Rachel: "You did not tell me it was a two way street."

Crivelli: "Ok, fair-enough, but you should still have checked, I'll let you decide the 2 items to be confiscated as a compromise."

Reluctantly Rachel handed him her watch and hair-band. Freed of the hair band, her luscious jet black hair cascaded down her shoulders, ending short of her upper back, making her look all the more ravishing. Rachel saw the gleam in Crivelli's eyes and had anticipated this undesired effect.

The last thing she wanted was to encourage him further, but she was already running out of essential items and preferred to lose the hair-band instead of her blouse or her mini. Determined not to sacrifice any other clothing items and bare any more of her body, she made up her mind to proceed carefully.

Crivelli continued: "You are now on a two way street. Please change to the left extreme lane and make a u- turn."

Rachel made the motion of switching on the left indicator, checked her rear and side mirrors and also her blind-spot, before turning the steering wheel left. She breathed a sign of relief when Crivelli did not intervene. Her hopes rose as she also executed the u- turn flawlessly, giving Crivelli no opportunity at all. She realized that because the test and the car was all imaginary, she only had to follow the procedures in the driving manual methodically.

Crivelli was growing impatient: "You are reaching a two way junction, please make a left."

Rachel again ran through the procedure step by step, checking rear and side mirrors before turning the imaginary wheel.

"Oh, oh." Crivelli intervened with a smirk, "you forgot to stop at the junction. That's another major boo boo and will cost you your blouse and skirt."

Rachel protested; "You did not say there was a stop sign, that does not count."

Crivelli: "I don't have to, you should stop at every junction before you make a turn."

Rachel was unwilling to lose her blouse and her skirt all at once; "That's still not fair, I only need to slow down, not stop....."

Crivelli: "Ok I concede you are right, but you did not even slow down, I did not see you moving your foot from the accelerator to the brake at all. I'll compromise by taking only your blouse, that's fair."

Rachel realized she was caught red-handed and reluctantly unbuttoned her white blouse.

As the blouse was removed, Crivelli feasted his hungry eyes on Rachel's creamy white shoulders, which was in stark contrast to the jet black luscious hair that partially covered it. He could just make-out her small, perfectly capped nipples through the sheer material of the white lacy bra she wore, with the rise and fall of her chest.

Unable to control his primal instincts, he ran his finger tips along her neck, moving it down slowly towards her cleavage. The delicate soft region was warmer, slightly moist to the touch and he raised his finger tips to his nostrils, taking delight in her personal fragrance.

Rachel moved to brush his wondering hands away but Crivelli reminded her: "You have to be obedient my dear, that means complying with all the instructors requirements, that was the understanding."

He smiled when she responded with a look of silent rage, and continued to allow his fingers to trace the outline of her left breast. Through the thin sheer semi-transparent expensive silk fabric, he found her nipple and took hold of the sensitive tip, gently rubber and playing with it between his fingers.

Rachel wanted to proceed with the lesson, but also realized that Crivelli was loosing precious time. An estimated 15 minutes had passed and he only had approximately 30 minutes left of test time. The more time he indulged himself in this sensual exploration, the less time he would have to complete the test, increasing her chances of finishing the test with at least her skirt and undergarment on. So she decided to stoke his ego and play his game.

She leaned forward, appearing to enjoy his touch, and arched her back. Crivelli was surprised: "My, what's come over you, do you like this? I love to see the ice princess transformed into a molten heap of larva."

Needing no further encouragement he knelt in front of her and took hold of her other breast, massaging it. Rachel could feel the hardness between his legs as he buried his nose and mouth between her breasts while his fingers moved frantically over the rest of her body.

Crivelli was lost in his sexual fantasy as he nuzzled the warm soft fragrant cleft between Rachel's bosoms. His mouth hungrily sort out a nipple through the silky fabric of her lacy bra. But he soon found that the bra, which had been a great turn-on, was fast becoming an irritating obstruction. With his nose still buried in her cleavage, his fingers fumbled for the hook to release the bra.

But Rachel laid a restraining hand on him. "That's a no-no Mr. Instructor, I have to make a mistake in the test first."

Crivelli finally realized he Rachel had conned him, he looked quickly at the watch, barely 25 minutes left and snarled. Fighting to regain his composure, he was determined not to be beaten at his own game; "Very well, you can proceed down the road and take the slipway into a one-way street."

"A one way street? This should be easy" Rachel thought. But Crivelli added: "Oh, its starting to rain."

Rachel immediately made the motion of turning on the windshield wipers. Crivelli was silent for a moment, and then smiled at her, : "There are at least two major safety procedures you skipped, you can think for awhile, but this will cost you your bra, mini and panties all at once"

Rachel was horrified, she quickly ran through the mental checklist and conceded: "Ok, maybe I should have slowed down, and I did not, but that's only one oversight, you can have the mini and that's all."

Crivelli shook his head: "You missed out something else, any way failing to slow in itself is a major fault and will cost you two clothes items, so lets have your mini and your bra." He stretched his open hands out eagerly waiting for her to hand over her clothing.

Rachel: "Ok, but you also have to tell me what I missed out, how do I know you are not just making it up?"

Crivelli: "Quit wasting time, lose the bra first and then the mini, before we talk. Or do you need me to help you." He sniggered and started towards her.

Alarmed by his advance Rachel quickly unhooked her white silk bra and handed it to him. Crivelli brought the silky soft material to his nose and inhaled deeply; "Mmmm, so this is what you smell like, fresh roses and lilies." His eyes widened when he saw her firm supple breasts, each crowned delicately with a nipple.

Rachel could almost feel his eyes roaming her upper body and gave an involuntary shudder. Crivelli flung the silky bra into the growing heap of clothing lying on the dirty office floor and greedily took hold of a breast in each hand. Freed of their lacy constraints they felt softer and warmer to the touch. He took hold of each nipple between his fingers again and proceeded to gently rub them again and again, smiling in glee as he felt them partially harden between his fingers.

Rachel suddenly felt breathless. She realized with a shock that in spite of her physical revulsion of Crivelli, she too had been unconsciously swept up by the make-believe game and the underlying sexual tension. Her skin felt moist and clammy and she could hear the rapid acceleration of her heart beat.

An involuntary gasp almost escaped her lips as Crivelli suddenly bent over and hungrily took her left breast and nipple in his mouth, sucking noisily on it like it was an ice-cream cone, while he continued to twiddle her right nipple between the fingers of his other hand.

Composing herself, Rachel interrupted his suckling: "What about the second item I missed out, what was it, or were you just bluffing?"

As Crivelli his head from her left breast momentarily, a slimy trail of saliva dangled from his lips to her nipple. Crivelli huskily said: "Well are you sure you want me to tell you, cause if I do, that means you also lose your panties, think about it."

He returned his focus, but now on her right breast and slowly covered the delicate soft skin around the nipple with warm wet kisses. His beard pricked and tickled the delicate area and he watched in fascination as goose bumps broke out on the sensitive skin. Again, he took hold of her now erect nipple in his mouth, covering it with warm wet saliva as he sucked and teased it to full erection, savoring the taste and texture of the soft skin in his mouth.

Rachel did not let his off: "You are bluffing, I did not miss anything else."

Crivelli: "Your mini please," he said huskily, "we can discuss that after you hand it over, but I advise that in your own interest you do not pursue the matter."

Standing up, she slipped out of her mini-skirt, feeling very vulnerable in her virtually naked state. Her petite slender body was now only covered by a small white lacy silk panty. She knew that the expensive material was designed to be as inconspicuous as possible clinging to her like a second skin so that it would not show through even the most body hugging skirt.

But it also meant it barely covered her pubic area, following the contours of her vagina. So fine and sheer was the material that she knew Crivelli would notice the indentations on it as it molded itself to the sweet crack between her legs. Her worst fears were confirmed when she heard a sharp gasp from Crivelli. The perverted midget had his eyes wide open and glued to the area between her legs.

As his eyes took hold of Rachel's near naked form, Crivelli could hardly contain his excitement. Eagerly he whispered: "Turn around and let's have a good look at you." From his experience, he knew that most women looked better with their clothes and make-up on to hide any flaws in their completely natural form. Only a rare 5% looked even better up close and naked.

It was his lucky day as Rachel easily qualified in this rare top 5 percentile. Her ivory white skin was flawless and whiles she was not too tall, she was blessed with long slender arms and legs. As she turned around, he sank to his knees and allowed his eyes to slowly follow the supple contours of her bare legs, all the way until it joined with a small inviting opening that was barely visible through the sheer white silky garment.

Crivelli was in haven, on his knees he reached up to again savor the delicate curves of her breasts. But the unexplored new area between Rachel's legs was too tantalizing. He could make out the small black patch of very fine pubic hair which was barely contained by the fabric. A single strand of hair escaped the tight lacy confines and beckoned seductively to him. Answering its call he moved his hands lower to unhook the silk garment.

Rachel: "No, no, you know your own rules, tell me what I missed first before you can uncover me completely."

Crivelli looked up: "And if I show you this is not a bluff, that you did miss another crucial safety procedure?"

Rachel: "Well that means I failed your test and we can terminate the lesson." She conceded reluctantly.

Clasping and unclasping his hands impatiently, rage filled Crivelli, his eager fingers came within a hair's breath making heavenly contact, separated only by a small thin material.

He knew he had an ace in the bag. Rachel had forgotten to also turn-on her headlights to improve visibility during a shower. The problem was that once he told her this, she would have failed the test (he would have removed the last article of her clothing), and Crivelli did not want the test to end now, especially just when it was getting interesting. He needed time to search for a new solution, but he also wanted so badly to simply rip the flimsy silk material away.

As she was still standing up, he motioned for her to place her left feet on the office table. When she did not comply he said: "This is still within the rules, the panties stay on for now." Reluctantly Rachel lifted her left feet onto the table. She knew this would give the perverted midget better access to explore the sensitive area between her legs, and it also stretched the already thin silk fabric, more tightly against her vagina.

For the moment he had to be contented with exploring the outlines of the delicate small crevice between her legs through this thin silky and annoying material. Gently, his fingers traced the dip in the fine fabric which marked the entrance to Rachel's vagina, familiarizing them selves with its width, length and depth much like a blind man would examine a fine object of art.

Not content to linger at the outer edges, Crivelli's fingers found the area where the white silky material appeared to almost hug the inner entrance of Rachel's vagina, and moved around that region in a circular motion to increase its outline and indentation. Locating the center region where the dip in the silky fabric was the greatest, Crivelli applied gentle pressure with index finger and gently encouraged a little more of the silky fabric to dip further into this nether region.

Crivelli found it erotic that only the thin silky barrier separated the hostile elements of the outer world from intruding into Rachel's moist interior. As his finger lingered in this nether region between heaven and earth, he could almost feel the warm moist heat that radiated from Rachel's crevice through the silky walls of her panties.

Unable to resist, he moved his face to within a few short inches of the entrance. At such close proximity, he was able to detect a faint whiff of her natural intimate scent that filtered through the semi-porous walls of the silk fabric, from deep within her moist interior. It was a delicious scent and for a moment he desperately fought to control the primal urge to bury his nose in the crevice.

As he continued to probe the delicate orifice, Crivelli realized that he was able to get more of the silky fabric into the fine crack. He smiled as a nasty idea entered his head. Momentarily his hands moved away and took hold of the elastic straps of the panties which hugged Rachel's narrow waste. He gently pulled the elastic band upwards and watched in fascination as more of the silky material moved from the outer edges and slipped into the divide. >From his unique vantage below her raised legs, Crivelli could also see that a lot of the silky panties had disappeared up Rachel's arse.

The silky barrier which had originally been a barrier and source of irritation to him was now a potent sexual tool. But with both his hands pulling on the elastic straps, he could not explore this new novel situation. Quickly he barked out: "Grab hold of the straps my obedient student."

As Rachel's unwilling hands replaced his own and kept the tension on the panty tight, Crivelli returned to the nether region to examine his new handy work more closely. The sheer silk fabric now embraced Rachel's folds even more closely. The tension had reduced the fabric to just a third of its originally surface area, and much of this was intruding into Rachel's small crack.

So intimate was the embrace that he could make out the faint nub of her clitoris protruding gently from the silky fabric. Fascinated and aroused at the same time, his fingers sought out the indentation of the small nub through the thin cloth, gently massaging it and teasing it. An involuntary shudder ran through Rachel as his index fingers teased the sensitive nub in a circular tickling motion.

Crivelli thought he sensed a change in the texture of the silk as it became damp and hot. Eagerly he buried his nose into the spot on the silky fabric which outlined the faint nub of her clitoris. He could almost taste her delicious scent through the semi-porous silk.

As Crivelli continued to explore her sensitive lips through the silk fabric, Rachel tried to understand the sudden urge that was stirring faintly within her. She knew that she had to quell this flicker now, before it became a raging inferno which would consume her.

She had to bring this test to a quick end, and there was still a chance she could walk out with all her clothes on and secure her driving lessons; "Ok, lets make this winner takes all. I will call you bluff, but if this is a bluff I have passed your test and I get my driving lessons immediately."

And then he smiled as he saw a solution: "Rachel, I can tell you have missed a major safety procedure, which would mean under the circumstances that you have failed the test as you would have literally lost all the clothes on you. But you have the option of doing a remedial lesson immediately for an hour, that would be all that is required to pass the final segment of this test. Do we agree?"

Rachel pondered this new option. She knew it meant she would definitely walk out of the garage with what she wanted. The only question was the price she had to pay. If she called his bluff and won, she was in a win-win situation. But if she lost her bet, she would still get her lesson albeit at a heavy price. She felt in a gambling mood and finally nodded her head in consent to the new terms.

Crivelli smiled as he revealed his wild card: "The headlights, you have to turn them on when its raining to improve visibility. Its game over for you, now lets start with the remedial lessons., and please do remember everything goes in this one hour session, you have to comply."

With a sinking heart, Rachel knew that she had been out maneuvered. It was a first for her. She started to retrieve her clothes but he stopped her.

Crivelli; "No, no, we start as you are when you finished your test. In fact, you still owe me your panties, come on," he gestured impatiently.

Reluctantly she slipped out of the flimsy garment and handed it to him. He immediately buried his nose and mouth in it; "Ahhh, what a heavenly smell, you have a most tantalizing after taste Rachel."

But Crivelli soon forgot the panties the sweet dessert nestled neatly between Rachel's legs. Until now he had only viewed her crack through the semi-transparent silk material. But his breath escaped his dry lips when his hungry eyes finally took hold of the small delicate pink slit which was surrounded by a small trim patch of fine pubic hair.

Suddenly, Rachel heard footsteps and a door opening and shutting. Joey had returned and had entered the office, standing at the doorway with his mouth agape: "Jesus Christ looks like I got back just in time, wow will you look at the top quality merchandise!"

Rachel suddenly felt very vulnerable standing in the office totally nude, under the scrutiny of two perverts who were roaming every inch of her naked body with their eyes. But she almost had a heart attack when she heard Crivelli's next words."

Crivelli: "Yes we are in the midst of a driving lesson and if you are a good boy you can be my assistant."

Joey: "No problem, I can be your assistant, lets get the lesson started."

Crivelli: "Well Rachel here just failed her first mock driving test, so we need to start the lesson with the basic fundamentals. The first lesson then is how to sit correctly in a car."

Both Rachel and Joey thought Crivelli had taken leave of his senses, but he continued; "Come sit here on the reclining chair again little missy."

Unsure of what exactly the old pervert had in mind, Rachel settled uneasily back into the huge reclining chair.

Crivelli: "You see my child driving requires great discipline. You have to pay complete attention to the road, and ignore all else. You must stare right ahead, forget your physical body, ignore that itch that needs to be scratched. Accidents happen only when people are distracted and become careless."

With that, he pulled the lever at the side of the huge chair, tilting the chair into an almost horizontal position. The chair was equipped with leg rests which popped up as the chair reclined. Fully reclined the huge chair was as big as a single bed.

Crivelli continued; "Remember Rachel no matter what happens in the next hour, you cannot move, you must maintain your focus on the road ahead and exercise discipline. Joey and I will provide you with some distractions to test your discipline."

Rachel: "This is ridiculous, there is no such test procedure."

Crivelli hushed her: "My methods are unconventional but they yield the desired results, now be obedient my dear student."

Crivelli anxiously moved forward thrusting the old pizza cover again into her hands "Don't forget your wheel." He sniggered as he raised both her arms above her head, resting them on the head of the chair. Rachel was forced to clasp the pizza cover with both arms raised above her head. It was an awkward position, made bearable only because she could rest her arms on the top of the chair above.

Eager to begin, Crivelli started where he was, covering the length of Rachel's hands with gentle kissed. The prickly contact his beard made with the sensitive skin of her under arms raised goose pimples. The prickly ticklish sensation increased in intensity as his slobbering mouth moved slowly like a wet slug, towards her exposed arm-pit. Unable suppress herself, Rachel squirmed and almost lowered her arms.

"No no, Rachel, you must concentrate and ignore the sensation...." Crivelli whispered, before settling his nose and mouth directly on the cleft of her armpit. This was the region with the heaviest concentration of scent glands and he could smell the accumulation of her perspiration after a day in the hot confines of his car. Dipping his tongue onto the damp cleft, it had a tangy but pleasant after taste.

"Mmmm, I love the way you smell and taste..." he muttered. He lingered there for long unbearable seconds before moving down the side of her body, towards the gentle rise of her left breast. Designating this as explored territory, Crivelli's wandering nose and mouth moved lower down, like an obscene giant slug leaving a sticky trail of saliva in its meandering path.

Slowly he made his way down again to her bare inner thighs, kissing the soft white flesh and running his wet warm tongue along the length of her leg, moving up towards Rachel's vagina. He noticed that as he moved closer to the crack, the texture of the skin became warm and moist and he could again feel the heat radiating from the epicenter. This time however there would be no silk barrier standing between his probing nose and tongue.

Rachel's heart was in her mouth as she resisted the impulse to squirm out of the chair and push his head away. She breathed a sign of relief when Crivelli moved away from her mouth, but was quickly filled with apprehension as his nose neared the dewy opening between her legs.

The long seconds seemed to stretch into minutes as the old pervert took his time to run his nose and mouth along her sensitive inner-thighs. It was a highly ticklish sensation which increased in intensity as his tongue wondered closer and closer to her moist opening. A gasp escaped her lips as she felt his mouth settling on the outer lips of her vagina.

Crivelli: "Now you little bitch I am going to eat you till you come again and again and beg me not to stop."

The small flame that was already awake deep within her loins were slowly fanned by Crivelli's encouraging nose, mouth and tongue. Rachel tried to suppress the hunger that was present but had remained relatively dormant throughout her encounter. Squeezing her eyes shut she concentrated only on maintain a tight grip of the pizza box over her head.

"Yum, Rachel, you taste even better then you smell down here, especially with the silk panties gone." Crivelli smiled as he continued to probe the moist opening, burying his nose, mouth and tongue between her legs like a thirsty man,

She flinched involuntarily as Crivelli's probing tongue found the sensitive nub of her clitoris and made first contact with it. "No, not there please..." she muttered weakly, which only encouraged him further. Again and again the snaking tongue lashed at her clitoris, relentlessly coaxing the sensitive nub, teasing it to full erection.

Pushing his tongue now deep into her vagina, Crivelli attempted to cover her opening with his mouth. He detected the first unmistakable signs of her arousal when a tangy pleasant taste filled his mouth. "Ahhh, the ice-princess is slowly melting, lets speed-up the process..." He beckoned to Joey who, till now had been a speechless spectator "come on Joey, hope to it, you can have her top for now, lets turn this ice-maiden into a molten heap of lava."

Snapping out of his spectator mode, Joey needed no second invitation and immediately took hole of Rachel's right nipple with his mouth sucking on it like a man possessed as fondled her left breast and teased her left nipple with his free hand.

After a few minutes, he had both nipples at full erection and laughed: "Ahhh a woman's body is just like the internal combustion system of a car, you just need to find the ignition to get her going, now lets can find the accelerator and take this little hot-rod to the limit." And he moved on to explore every nook and cranny of her upper torso with his hands and mouth.

Rachel's defenses were fast crumbling from the simultaneous assault of both Crivelli and Joey. She looked at the clock and saw that she still had to endure 40 minutes of this torment before the session was over. She cursed her body, it seemed that all her senses were heightened in her state of arousal, so closing her eyes did not help much as she could feel hands, fingers and mouths moving all over her body.

Her body stiffened as Crivelli replaced his tongue with his thumb, moving it in a circular motion over her clitoris again and again, fanning the increasing flames that were building within her loins. The sensation was unbearable as Rachel shook her head, trying to close out the urgent hungry need that was fast building within her. Slowly Crivelli also inserted an index finger into the small pink opening.

Rachel had not had penetrative sex for well over a year and the penetration even by Crivelli's relatively small index finger was painful to her. But the initial pain soon gave way to a moist wet heat. After long minutes Crivelli extracted his index fingers from her moist interior, it was wet and coated with her liquid arousal "Mmmmm, tastes just like honey, only sweeter." He said after he inserted the finger into his mouth. Quickly he inserted two fingers back into her moist interior, still massaging her clitoris with his thumb.

With every tickle of Crivelli's insistent fingers, Rachel could feel her unwilling body being coaxed into further arousal. The hunger between her loins increased like an internal flame spreading swiftly and consuming her from within, forcing her reluctant body to search for the ultimate release.

Rachel cursed her body for its weakness, biting her lips she tried to shut out the raging fire within her but it was to no avail. A shudder ran through her as she felt Joey's moist tongue circling her right nipple again, clamping onto it like a vacuum cleaner, fanning the flames within her.

Suddenly, Rachel recognized the first tell tale signs of an approaching orgasm. Her body was hovering on the outer edges of a huge vortex and the tickle of every tongue and finger under Crivelli's and Joey's combined coaxing, nudged her closer to the black hole at the center of the vortex. She knew that if she tittered over the outer edges, there would be no way she could fight the immense forces that would suck her into the epicenter.

She tried to hide the raging inferno within her by presenting her body as a cold unresponsive slab of ice to her tormentors, hoping they would give-up. But her rebellious body again betrayed her to Crivelli's wondering fingers which were exploring her warm moist interior.

Crivelli smiled as his probing fingers detected increased wetness in Rachel's vagina: "I think I found the accelerator for this little hot-rod, and I am going to floor the pedal and burn rubber..." With that, he buried his tongue once again between her legs, sticking the warm wet organ as far into the small pink orifice as possible.

Joey countered; "Naaah, you found the stick shift, the accelerator is way up here, look at the way her little pink nubs are jutting out, just waiting to be eaten," and he moved his warm wet mouth to Rachel's left breast and nipple.

Slowly but surely the liquid fire within her loins spread and connected with the other small fires that were being fanned through out her body. Together they would merge into a huge with only one possible explosive end. As her last defenses crumbled, Rachel failed to suppress another shudder which ran through her body, encouraging both her tormentors to intensify their assault.

The worst part of the ordeal was that she had to mentally focus on keeping her hands above her. It would have been easier if she had been tied down. As it was, she had to keep both arms raised above her voluntarily. Her fast diminishing physical resources were divided between fending off Crivelli and Joey, as well as fighting the natural urge within her to bring her arms down to fend off her predators.

Both Crivelli and Joey could feel the sexual tension which was building up within Rachel. Her ivory white skin felt hot and feverish to the touch and was moist with her perspiration. Her breathing was rapid and a flushed look replaced her usually white complexion. Both of them felt another shudder running through her body. Realizing that Rachel was about to come, both of them redoubled their efforts.

Again and again Crivelli continued the sweet torment on her clitoris and vagina, teasing the small nub into a fevered state of arousal until it was fully engorge with blood and had expanded several times in size. Seizing on the moment, he clamped his entire mouth onto the quivering small nub, licking and sucking it.

Rachel cried out in frustration as Crivelli's insistent mouth and tongue brought her over the crest. She was now caught in the huge whirl pool of the immense vortex and was quickly sucked towards the bottomless black hole at its center. Already she could feel the small tremors of the approaching orgasm and knew that the battle was over.

Rachel prayed for the end to come swiftly, but the hunger was all consuming as it continue to intensify with no end in sight. She opened her legs pushing his mouth deeper into her crack searching for the blissful release that remained tauntingly just beyond reach.

Not content to just taste her tit, Joey bit down savagely on her fully erect nipple, seizing hold of the sensitive small nub between his teeth and clamping down painfully on it. The coppery taste of blood filled his mouth and he kept a grip on the nipple. The pain caught Rachel completely by surprise, she flinched and cried out in shock. Not to be outdone, Crivelli pushed his index fingers up her arsehole, tickling the tight opening before venturing into the tight orifice.

Caught between Crivelli's talented tongue and his teasing index fingers, Rachel was already on the brink of orgasm when the sharp biting pain on her nipple from Joey's teeth sent her into a sexual frenzy. The final combined assault finally triggered the huge orgasm within her. "Noooooo..." Rachel cried out in desperation as the sheer intensity of the orgasm consumed her completely. Her body convulsed as if it was seized by a billion bolts of electricity, and her back arched in spasm lifting her upper torso off the chair, as the first wave of the orgasm took hold.

Crivelli and Joey were merciless and gave her no respite, eager to tease her sexual frenzy into an even more fevered state of arousal. Joey moved his mouth from the bloody tip of her right nipple and now bit down savagely on her erect left nipple. Small rivulets of blood trailed slowly from the tips of both breasts down her sweat slick body.

Crivelli inserted a second finger painfully into her anus. He could already feel the strong contraction of Rachel's vagina as she was caught in the throes of the immense orgasm.

For Rachel the orgasm seemed to stretch on for eternity as her body failed to find the blissful end of the gigantic wave of pleasure. Suddenly she realized through her fevered mind that the first wave of pleasure was replaced by a second even more intense wave.

In no time, Crivelli's pistoning tongue, and hot sucking mouth pushed Rachel over the brink. He could feel the contractions in Rachel's pussy that signaled her orgasm. Even with his head buried deep between her soft fragrant thighs, he could feel the rest of her body going rigid as it was seized in a series of convulsions. He paused for awhile and watched in morbid fascination as the pink, petal like lips of her vagina appeared to open and close on their own. They appeared to beckon to him and heeding their call he dived into her moist wet folds again.

With Crivelli's tongue drilling into her and Joey's mouth fastened on her tit, Rachel reached the precipice of passion. All rational thought left her as she succumbed to her need for release. Rolling waves of red-hot rapture spread rapidly from her loins to every part of her. For a wonderful moment of eternity she was filled with ecstasy and time stood still as each tickle of Crivelli's tongue brought her to the crest of an ever higher orgasmic wave. On and on they teased her until she felt her body could take no more.

At long last, with her sweat slick body totally exhausted, Rachel found the final release to her marathon of multiple orgasms. With a final convulsive shudder, she felt like her vagina was turning itself inside out as several jets of clear fluid squirted from her gasping pussy.

Thoroughly drained by the intense session of extended sex, Rachel slowly felt her body floating gently back to earth. She was totally bathed in sweat and felt numb all over. She was rudely awakened by Crivelli: "Well, well Rachel it seems in your moment of final passion, your hands have left the steering wheel."

In dismay Rachel noticed that her hands had dropped to her side and the pizza cover was lying on the floor. Noting the dismay on her face Crivelli continued: "Now, now my dear, no need to worry, you performed admirably throughout your tests and Joey and I have decided you can start proper lessons as soon as you wish."

"Why thank you Mr. Crivelli," Rachel managed to croak.

Crivelli: "Of cause, since we have made exceptions in your case to allow you to proceed with lessons even when you failed the final initiation, there will be further impromptu tests in your daily lessons." He smiled.

Rachel was too tired at this point to argue and decided to deal with this new issue as and when it arose.



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    You are a great story teller I would love to sit next to you while write then fuck you after you have finished cause I love your imagination and want you bad
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    Incredibly erotic story! Thank you!