In her dream Jess stood holding her father's hand as she gazed across the street. Her mother smiled and waved at her in the sunshine as cars rushed between them. Jess was excited about celebrating her 12th birthday with her parents at the Art Institute. Her mother was arriving a few minutes late but she was smiling brightly at her little girl as the light turned red and she started across the street. She never saw the car that took her life.

Jess screamed silently and her eyes flew open. It was late and the house was dark but she could hear the TV in the living room and knew that her father had fallen asleep on the couch again. She felt her heart pounding in her chest and hot tears running down her cheeks.

Throwing the covers off she sat on the edge of her bed trying to shake the grief and the echo of shock that she always felt when the nightmare came. After a few moments she couldn't bear to be in the dark alone any longer, so she straightened her light cotton tank top and flannel pants and went in search of her only comfort... her dad.

Tom had fallen asleep on the couch watching the late shows again. He could no longer sleep in the bed that he had shared with his wife Paula. There were various memories of her in every corner of the house, but the bedroom brought back memories of her warm body, her smell, her taste. He remembered her more vividly in the bedroom than at any other time save when he looked at their daughter Jess.

She was a 5 foot tall carbon copy of his lovely Paula, and the likeness had only increased in the past year. Jess was beginning to develop breasts, and her hips were beginning to get a hint of curve to them. Her long straight auburn hair was often pulled back into a loose bun as his wife's hair had been, and her high cheekbones and ready smile were so like Paula's that he sometimes mistook her for her mother when he was over tired and the light was just so.

Jess found her father in the living room, sprawled across the couch in his sweat pants and a t-shirt that did nothing to disguise his athletic build. His thick dark hair was in complete disarray and he was snoring lightly over the sound of the TV. She quietly crossed to the TV and turned it off, considering for a moment whether she should risk waking him by climbing onto the couch by his side, or just suck it up and go back to bed alone and hope that she didn't dream again.

Another dream was exactly what she didn't want, so she quietly climbed over his sleeping form, curling up next to him with her head on his shoulder. A feeling of comfort and safety enveloped her immediately and she was just beginning to drift off when Tom shifted in his sleep and rolled to face her, his left arm laying across her waist. His whole body was now against hers, his chest and pelvis pressing her into the back of the couch.

She could smell his scent and feel his breath stirring her hair, but he was so close that she was finding it hard to breathe. As she tried to figure out how to push her father away a little without waking him she felt his left hand come up and stroke her hair.

The soothing feeling of his hand pulling and teasing her hair back away from her face made her relax a little more. Then his head moved across the pillow and she felt his stubble-covered cheek brush across hers as his arms wrapped around her and he pulled her up against him. His mouth came down over hers.

Her first grown-up kiss was shared with her father. His eyes were closed and his lips brushed against hers lingering for just a moment. Then his tongue traced first her top, then her bottom lip, then gently nudged her mouth open. As her lips parted her tongue brushed up against his. An intense feeling of heat and lightness began in the pit of her stomach and spread downward to her thighs and up into her chest. She felt like she was melting and floating all at the same time.

Jess's mind was spinning and her body was in a state of chaos. Without a thought she pressed her body against her father and wrapped her free leg up and around his thigh. She could feel something warm and hard pressing against her thigh and with every breath she could smell her father's natural clean scent mingled with his after-shave.

His hand pushed her tank top up over her hip and slipped beneath her pants to cup her rear. His hard bulge pressed into her crotch and she thought of those times when she had secretly and quietly touched herself in her bed at night. The feeling now was the same but much more intense! His tongue continued its assault on her mouth, licking and lapping at her tongue, adding to the dizzy feeling in the pit of her stomach.


Her father stiffened and his eyes flew open. He pulled away slightly and said, "Oh my God, I'm so sorry Jess! Please don't hate me honey! I know this is wrong but I was half asleep and dreamt that you were your mother. My God, what have I done? I'm so sorry baby! It's been so long since I felt..."

Tom's voice trailed off into a whisper and he hugged her to him, hoping that he hadn't hurt her. He knew that he should get up off of the couch. He wanted to get up off of the couch, didn't he? By all laws of God and man he should be taking a cold shower by now and praying that he hadn't scarred his baby for life. The trouble was he couldn't let go of her.

He pushed away slightly and stared at his daughter laying quietly in his arms. Her hair was in disarray and her tank top was gathered up above her hips. One of her legs was draped over his thigh and his hand was cupping her bare bottom beneath her pants, and on top of everything else he could feel her tiny nipples pressing against him as his cock pressed into her crotch. Her eyes looked directly into his and even in the dimly lit room he saw that she wasn't afraid... her eyes were dark with lust.

Jess was trying to understand why he had stopped, why he was upset. She loved her father more than life and couldn't understand why he was apologizing for something that felt so good. She didn't want the feeling to end.

"It felt good Daddy, I don't understand why you're apologizing. Mommy told me that sex is what happens when two people really love each other, and this is sex, isn't it? I love you daddy more than I love anyone else in the world. Why is that wrong?"

"I don't know baby, it just is. I can't seem to let go of you though. I... I liked it too." Tom thought about Paula and the stories she had told him about her unusually intimate sexual relationship with her father. He knew that she'd been part of a loving incestuous relationship, and he thought that she might approve of this if she were alive today.

"My little Jess, I love you." he said, stroking her hair. "Would you like to become a woman tonight? God knows I love you more than anyone else ever will, and I can make you feel so good." He kissed her forehead and then looked into her eyes. "I love you Jess, please let me do this for you."

"I love you too daddy. I feel safe with you and it feels good when you kiss me and touch me. Do it some more..."

Tom smiled. That last remark really got to him and his cock was reacted by stiffening even more, if that was possible. Before the her untimely death, his wife had been the most adventurous woman he had ever known both in the bedroom and out. They had done sexual things together that he knew his daughter couldn't even imagine yet, and his cock was raging at the thought of it. His daughter definitely had a similar love of adventure outside of the bedroom...

"Ok baby. I'll teach you everything, but there are some rules that you and I must always follow no matter what."

"Yes daddy?"

"First, NO ONE must EVER know unless I tell them. If someone else is going to play with us, I will select them. If you tell the wrong person about this I could go to jail and we could be separated forever. Do you understand?" she nodded. She certainly didn't want that!

"Second. Your mom and I used to play a game where I would make love to her even though she repeatedly told me to stop. I know it sounds funny now, but that made it more fun for both of us. So if you are EVER in a situation that you really want to stop, just say the word 'flower' and everything will stop. I promise you. That is your safe word. If you really want to stop, don't say 'no' say 'flower'. Got it?" She nodded.

"Good. Third. You are my girl and until you're an adult I am responsible for your health and happiness. If you want to make love with someone else you must talk to me first. Sex is a wonderful thing but there can be dangers and I don�t want you to get hurt. Do you agree with my rules Jess?"

"Yes daddy."

"I love you Jess."

"I love you too daddy."

Tom looked down at his baby girl's lips and ran his tongue lightly across them. Then he pressed his mouth hard against Jess's and pushed his tongue between her lips. He could feel her heart beating and her breath coming out hard through her nostrils. Her tongue snaked up to meet his and they played together, now in Jess's mouth, now in Tom's. He was completely intoxicated by her. She smelled clean, like strawberries and shampoo.

He rolled sideways and lifted her up on top of him as they kissed, pulling her tank top up over her small breasts and off over her head. Jess ran her hands up under his shirt and helped him tug it off, their lips parting only briefly to let the fabric of their clothes pass. Tom's hands held his daughter steady on top of him as his thumbs pushed their way between the bodies and pressed Jess's hard tiny nipples back and forth. She closed her eyes and moaned quietly against his lips.

"Daddy, I feel warm in my tummy and between my legs."

"That's normal. It's called being 'aroused' or 'hot'. Get up and take off your pants sweetheart."

Tom watched her as she stood up to remove her flannel pants. Her shapely little breasts jiggled a little as she moved. The tiny hard nipples so recently teased by his thumbs were standing at rigid attention on top of the small, firm globes. Jess hurried to comply and noticed briefly that there was a slick spot in the crotch of her panties. When she moved to straddle his body again, he guided her up to kneel on either side of his face. As she stared down into his eyes, Tom lifted his chin and flicked his tongue across her clit. Just once. She gasped and reached out one hand to steady herself against the back of the couch. Tom lifted his head, encircled her clit with his lips, and began the gentlest of sucking.

Jess started panting again as she watched his lips work on her most private place. "Oooooouuuuuuugh! DADDY! What's happening? I feel so good in my tummy." Tom's finger snaked up and entered her cunt, gently pressed against her hymen, and retreated from her body again.

"Ooooouuuuuuunggh!" Jess grunted. "Do that again daddy, it feels..." Jess's voice words trailed off. She was having trouble finishing her sentences.

Tom pulled his mouth away from her pussy and smiled at her. "I want to make you mine completely. Let's go into the bedroom and put your childhood behind you."

Jess smiled as she dismounted from his face. "Carry me daddy, like I'm your new bride."

Tom picked up his naked 13-year-old daughter in his arms and kissed her full on the mouth, spreading her tangy cunt juices over her lips and tongue. His cock was so stiff it was almost painful but he knew that he would have to take his time preparing her for her first fuck. He hoped he could keep himself in control long enough to bury his stiff tool in her virgin cunt before lost his load completely.

As Jess tasted her own cum for the first time she felt another wave of erotic energy wash through her abdomen and pussy. She knew vaguely that what they were doing was wrong, but she also knew that it's wrongness made it all the more thrilling for both of them. She wasn't worried or scared at all. She loved and trusted her father completely, and she knew that he loved her more than life and would always keep her safe.

When they got to his bedroom door Tom leaned over and French kissed his daughter again as he carried her over the threshold into what would become their bedroom. He carried her to the bed and pulled back the comforter, laying Jess down on the cool cotton sheets. Then he pulled his sweat pants off, allowing his rigid 9 inch cock to spring free. Jess pushed herself up on her hands and knees and crawled over to examine it.

"Is that your penis daddy? I've heard about them at school and mom talked about it when she told me about sex, but I've never seen one." She touched it lightly with her hand, noticing it's silky bumpy stem and the smooth dark bulb at the tip.

"Yes, that's my penis. But it's time you learned some proper terms if you're going to be my naughty little girl." He wrapped his hand around his stiff prick and aimed it at her mouth. "I want you to get used to calling this a 'cock'."

Jess tilted her head and smiled up at him. "Your... cock... is warm daddy."

Tom's heart skipped a beat and he almost lost his load right then and there. Instead he snaked his fingers through Jess' hair and pulled her head toward the tip of his cock, forcing her mouth to open around it. "Suck my cock a little baby, but be very careful not to touch it with your teeth. It's very sensitive right now... oooooh, that's it, that's my girl."

He watched as Jess closed her eyes and started to work on his swollen cock with her mouth. She sucked on the tip and licked the round top sending waves of pleasure through his groin. Her mouth could only take in a couple inches of the top, sucking as her lips advanced and retreated, her head bobbing slowly. He watched with satisfaction as her left hand snaked down between her legs to finger her clit.

He pulled away. "That's enough baby, you're doing very well but I want this evening to last." He smiled. "Come around here and lay with your legs off the side of the bed baby."

She dangled her legs off the side of the bed and propped herself up on her elbows with her hands laying on her sensitive stomach. Her sparse reddish-brown pubic hairs were slick with her juices and her father's saliva.

Tom kneeled down on the floor facing her. "Call this your pussy" he said as he smiled up at her. "Have you ever touched yourself there?" She blushed and held up her left hand to show him her glistening finger tips. Then she slowly licked her cum juices off of them as she stared into his eyes.

"I have at night when I'm alone in bed." she admitted. "It gets tingly sometimes so I rub it and the tingle goes away. I want to rub it more, but I tried rubbing it for a long time once and my panties got all wet so I stopped."

Tom smiled. "That's perfectly normal. Boys do it too but in a different way. Maybe later I'll show you how we do it. Right now I just want to lick your beautiful little pussy."

He lapped at her puffy outer lips. Then he brought his hands up and pressed her thighs further open, pulling her pussy wide open in the process. Her defiant little tuft of pubic hair trailed off onto her puffy lips. In the center he saw her tiny bud of a clit that swirled around and down, disappearing into her cunt area. She was dripping wet and the smell was like heaven.

He brought his lips down and sucked on the clit, tasting her salty sweet cream and driving her to distraction with his lips. Jess moaned loudly as her head fell back limp against the mattress. He sat back a little and said quietly "That is your 'clit'." His hand came up and he pushed a finger slowly into her cunt and back out again. Slowly in and back out again, in and back out. "And that is your cunt."

Two fingers in and back out, in and back out.

Then three.

Jess's breath caught in her throat. "That hurts a little daddy."

"It will at first Jess. You're a virgin and you're incredibly tight, I can feel your hymen, and it's going to hurt when it tears the first time. But I swear to you that before this night is done you will feel like you are exploding with love inside. It's the best feeling in the world. I love you honey and I won't ever hurt you."

Jess looked down over her small breasts and into her father's dark eyes. "I trust you daddy."

"Do you want me to fuck you Jess?"

"What's 'fuck' daddy?"

"'Fucking' is what we call it when I take my hard cock and press it into your cunt hole, then move it in and out until we both feel so good that we feel like we're exploding inside. Your mom and I used to love to fuck, she thought it was the best feeling in the world. Would you like me to fuck you Jess?"

"Yes daddy, please fuck me." Jess said quietly as she smiled down at her father. Her lover.

Tom locked eyes with his beautify little girl, smiled and kissed her damp mound again. Then he straightened up on his knees so that his cock was level with his baby's beautiful downy cunt. He rubbed the jerking tip up and down between her pussy lips to get it slick with her juices, all the while staring straight into Jess's eyes. Then ever so slowly he pushed his cock down and pressed it a short way into her beautiful wet hole.

One inch. Two inches and he could feel resistance.

"I'm going to make your love explode inside you. Do you trust me baby?"

"I love you daddy. I know it's going to hurt, but I want to make you happy and I want to know what it feels like to fuck."

"You know if you want something Jess you should always ask me for it. If you want me to fuck you, just say 'fuck me daddy.'"

Tom's thumbs moved up to Jess's clit and began to massage it as his cock moved slowly in and out of her small cunt. Jess felt a little pain like a paper-cut as her tight virgin cunt stretched to accommodate the adult cock, but the pleasure was overwhelming and she soon forgot about the pain. The warm melting feeling between her legs grew stronger until it was a craving ache.

"Fuck me daddy!" Jess panted.

Tom pulled almost all the way out and then thrust in with one hard stroke, tearing her hymen. He pushed all the way through until his engorged cock was buried inside her tiny cunt, it's head pressed against her cervix. "Oooouch!" Jess cried. "What are you doing?" she asked as her eyes filled with tears.

"Stay with me baby. I had to tear your hymen the first time. The pain will pass quickly and you will never have to feel that again.. I promised you pleasure, remember?"

"Yes daddy. Ok." she smiled up at him nervously.

Tom moved his thumbs all around and over his baby girl's clit as he pulled his cock back a little. Then he leaned over her, cupping his large hands behind and over her shoulders to hold her body in place. His wet mouth came down on Jess's lips and he thrust his tongue into her mouth in tandem with his cock thrusting into her tight hot cunt. Jess tasted her own juices for the second time.


Into her cunt again, pulling out...


His tongue and his cock continued their gentle but firm tandem assault on her mouth tight hole...

Thrust, thrust, thrust...!

Jess pulled her mouth away a little and panted, "It ... feels ... better ... now ... daddy ..."

"That's good honey." He straightened and smiled down at his little girl as he propelled his cock into her again, this time going in about four inches, then out, then back in all the way up to the cervix, then out... She was as tight as a vice. His thumbs worked her clit hard and every so often he would lean over and thrust his tongue into her wet mouth again as his cock thrust into her tight hole.

Jess began gasping for breath and her eyes rolled up as her body ground instinctively against the onslaught of her father's cock. Tom was now thrusting into her to the hilt every time, the tip of his stiff cock thumping against her tiny cervix. Their bodies smacked together and the smell of sweat and sex mingled in the air.

"DADDY!" She screamed. "Ungh! Unghhh! Aaaahhhhheee!" Jess's body convulsed in her first ever orgasm. Her body jerked wildly but all she could feel was her father's cock pounding into her and his thumbs on her sensitive clit.

"You're mine now Jess! I love youuuuaaauugh..." Tom gasped as his load shot up into her womb for the first time. The pleasure was so intense that he couldn't feel anything but her warm tight cunt and the primal need to pump his sticky white jism into it.

"Fuck me daddy! Fuck! Fuck! I... love... y-you..."

Tom could still feel his hot sperm jetting into his baby's squeezing, sucking cunt. He pumped and pumped to get it all out into his baby girl, finally collapsing over her body as his rigid cock became limp and popped out of her cunt hole with a wet slurp.

"I love you daddy. When can we fuck again?"

Tom smiled and kissed her deeply, his tongue probing into the very back of her mouth. "We can fuck as much as we please Jess. Now let me show you how your mother and I liked to clean up..."

Tom pushed himself up on to the bed and pulled Jess around until they were lying in a 69 position with their faces inches away from each other's glistening sex. He pushed her legs open gently and propped her upper leg up with the knee bent out so that her swollen cunt lips lay open before him. He did the same with his leg and said gently, "Lick me sweetheart. Lick me until I'm all clean and I'll do the same for you..."

He buried his face in her slick red cunt and started lapping at the juices there. Jess watched him and closed her eyes for a moment because the act was making her feel warm again. Then she opened her eyes and looked down at her father's limp cock. She was fascinated by the fact that it could be so long and stiff and then moments later lay drooping and spent. She licked her dry lips then lowered her head and lapped at the juices. She tasted a mixture of sweet saltiness that was unusual, but she didn't dislike it.

Soon her pussy started to ache again and she realized that her father was trying to arouse her for a second fuck. "Two can play at THAT game!" she thought. She was a little tender from her deflowering, but the pain was comparable to that of a paper cut and the heat unfurling in her stomach combined with the strengthening ache in her cunt were undeniable.

She lapped up the last of the juices from his cock and ball sack and then wrapped her mouth completely around the top few inches of his cock. Then she started licking at the tip of it inside her mouth as she sucked.

Tom groaned and began working her clit a little harder. He knew that he should leave her be for the night and let her torn hymen heal, but he also knew that he needed to fuck her again as soon as possible and he could tell from her moans and reactions that she felt the same.

In no time his cock was stiff and aching for her tight hole again. He pulled away from her cunt and dislodged his cock from her mouth, then pulled her around to straddle him once more. This time she would be in control and he was going to see to it that she enjoyed the ride.

Jess caught on quickly and swung her leg over her father's hips so that she was straddling him, her aching cunt hovered a few inches above his once more rigid cock. Tom held his cock at an angle and gently pushed Jess down until his cock was nestled inside her dripping crease.

Jess was a quick study and immediately began moving her hips forward and back, greasing his cock with her cunt juices. The feeling of his cock head hitting her clit was too much for her and she came quietly with a little gasp, bucking and heaving against his hips. Then she pushed herself up straight and guided his cock until the head was just touching her cunt opening.

Her head came up and she stared at her father for a long moment. Then with a quiet "I love you." and one firm plunge she buried his cock in her cunt and started pumping up, down, up, down.

Tom knew he would come quickly but he wanted to see if he could bring his little girl with him on the ride. He reached both hands down and placed them at the tops of her thrusting thighs, then angling his thumbs inward he went to work on her clit.

She began to moan and buck harder against him almost immediately and after just a few moments, maybe five or six thrusts of her body, she began to jerk and crash her hips against him, bucking against him mindlessly in the throes of an intense orgasm.

Tom couldn't hold back anymore. He lost his load, his cock jerking inside her as wave after wave of hot sperm sprayed into her beautiful, slick, tight 13-year-old cunt.

When he was finished Jess collapsed on top of him, leaving his drooping cock buried inside her twitching hole. She was exhausted and spent and she sighed contentedly as she lay straddling him with her head on his chest. Tom pulled the comforter over them both, kissed her head, and closed his eyes.

Father and daughter fell into a deep, restful, dreamless sleep.



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