Man! I will be grounded forever, Kimi Miles thought as she ran at a slow pace down the sidewalk. She was trying to get home before it became obvious that she had forgotten her 11:00 curfew. It was almost a quarter-after-midnight, and she was still 20-minutes from home. Kimi looked at the pathway that cut through the park and knew she could save at least 10 minutes by cutting across the park.

Kimi's parents forbid her to be in the park after dusk, but now was not the time to worry about parental rules, as she was already in deep do-do. Why did I allow Jimmy Sanderson to dare me to drink those Hot Shot shooters? Kimi knew the alcohol caused her to ignore the time.

What else had occurred, she was uncertain about, but she remembered waking up with her sweater pushed up to her neck. Worse yet, her bra had been shoved up over her boobies and her breasts displayed to whomever had walked by.

Who had done that to her and what all happened she wondered. It's too late to worry about it now, Kimi reasoned, but if she ran around the park that would add five blocks, plus three blocks back to her street.

Knowing her only answer was to head across the park, and through the trees and around the clumps of shrubs, Kimi begin trotting across the sidewalk of the dark park. When she reached the oriental footbridge over the meandering small creek in the park, Kimi failed to see the dark shadow of a man behind the clump of tall flowers at the entrance to the bridge. When Kimi started to step off the opposite side of the bridge, someone grabbed her from behind, and a gloved hand covered her mouth, and she was thrown to the ground.

While walking fast along the sidewalk, Kimi did not have any reason to observe the vehicle that was driving behind her, and then passed her. Nor did Kimi notice the driver, Louis McPherson, the driver of the van studying her.


Louis knew the girl was the one he'd been watching for the past couple of months, but had never been able to approach the attractive young girl without being where others could see him. Now it was night time, and Louis knew where she lived, and drove quickly to the end of the park, made a left turn, then turned left on the street that ran parallel to the park from the side where he observed the girl walking. Turning around and parking next to the sidewalk that ran by the park, Louis knew the girl would either walk through the park to reach the street she lived on, or walk the longer distance to reach her home.

Stepping from his van, Louis walked quickly into the park as he saw the girl on the opposite side of the park move to take the short cut through the park. Louis quickly moved into the park, and took up a hiding place next to the shrubs by the bridge over the small stream. What a chance, the little cutie is coming right to me, man I didn't think she would be this easy to get.

"Don't scream, or try to get away, or I will slit your throat," Kimi heard as a sharp point of a knife blade, pressed against her throat. "Put your hands behind you, and do it quick," and after she did so, she knew that some type of tape was used to bound her hands and arms together. Then another piece of tape was placed over her mouth. Before, Kimi could see who was attacking her, a rag was wrapped around her eyes, and she begin to cry out behind the tape over her mouth.

Kimi felt herself being pulled to her feet, and she was led across the park, but she was unable to determine where. Then she heard a car door open, and she was pushed inside and told to stay down low, and not try to rise up to see anything. For the next half hour she was driven to where she didn't know, but eventually the car stop, and she heard the sound of a garage door being lowered. Tears were flowing from under the rag used to bind her eyes, and Kimi wondered where she was, and if she was going to be murdered?

Kimi listened as the car door was opened, and she was told not to try to escape and she would live, and to walk slowly so she wouldn't be hurt. After walking a few steps from what had to have been the garage, Kimi found herself laying on some type of bed. Then the tape over her mouth was removed, and she was warned about shouting, or her throat would be cut, and that would certainly keep her from shouting forever. The teenager knew fear and that the threat was a warning that her throat would be slit.

"Don't attempt to resist me, and you will live, but any attempt to stop me will be the last thing you will remember, except taking your last breath, understand me, girl," the harsh sounding male voice sounded.

"Yes, but, please let me go home, I'm already in trouble for being out past my curfew, please..."

"Shut the hell up, curfew is the least of your worries, and now I'm going to removed your clothes." Then the gruff voice told Kimi, "If you make any effort to stop me, I will cut them off you, and put your naked ass out on the street so everyone can see what you have."

The tape was removed from her hands and arms, and then her jacket was pulled off, her top was pulled over her head. Kimi felt hands move to her bra covered breasts, and felt the man's fingers unsnapping the clasp on the front of her bra, "No, please, don't hurt me, I'm a virgin, really, I'm a good girl, please don't..."

"Shut the fuck up, I don't want to hear how good you are, or you wouldn't have been in the park after midnight." Kimi listened in horror as the man undressing her, said in a smearing voice, "You won't be a virgin by the time I'm done with you, nope, you won't have one virgin hole left."

Once her bra was off, Kimi felt the coarseness of the man's calloused hands fondling her firm 34-B breasts, and started crying once more, but was afraid to speak in protest. Then Kimi felt the man reach and unfasten her slacks, then pull the zipper down and eased the garment over her hips. Kimi couldn't see what the man was doing, but knew he was likely kneeling in front of her as he removed her slacks.

After her slacks were removed, Kimi felt the man's hands on each side of her waist as his fingers hooked in the waistband of her panties. Standing in pure shock and humiliation, Kimi knew she was completely nude. There was no doubt that the man was seeing everything she had always kept covered and protected from any male, except her older brother. Yet Kimi knew that someone had evidently saw and likely played with her breasts earlier this evening when she was passed out.

"Just stand where you are, and do as I tell you, and if you refuse, you already know what will happen," the man instructed Kimi. As he spoke, the man picked up a digital camera, and took several photos, but did not use a flash, and there was no noise from the camera.

The shots were directly downloaded to a computer, via a long USB cord,, as Kimi was told to move one way or the other, Kimi assumed that the man was simple being perverted and looking at what she knew was her body being openly displayed to his eyes.

Then the man picked up a video camera, and started filming her nude form, and after several minutes of instructing Kimi how to turn and lay on the bed, he mounted the camera on a tripod. Adjusting the camera so it was pointed toward the side of the bed, the man walked over and turned on another camera, and this one was on a tripod at the foot of the bed. Both cameras were hooked up to VCRs, with 6-hour tapes.

Kimi couldn't see the man as he undressed, but had she been able to do so, she would have seen he was fully erect, and his erection was not exceedingly long, and likely an inch shorter than normal, but twice as thick as the average cock on an adult male. That however, wasn't the only thing she would have seen that was going to cause her pain, humiliation and the worst derogation of her young life.

Moving over to the bed, the man lay down next to Kimi, and she knew he was naked, and she cried out in fear, knowing she was going to be raped. "OH, NOOOO, DON'T RAPE ME, PLEASE ~ NO DON'T HURT ME SIR, AND REALLY... I'M A VIRGIN!"

"Then this is my lucky night, because I don't get virgins every time, as you girls start getting it on younger every year," the man said and commenced laughing at his own comment. Then the man's mouth settled over the strawberry colored nipple of the freckled covered breasts, with freckles covering the rest of the lovely red-haired girl's body. The man sucked and lightly bit the harden breast buds of the girl, and he loved the puffed up areolas capping her breast.

Damn, her breasts still haven't finished developing and they have the puffiness some girls' nipples get when their titties are just starting to grow. I've seen young tits like these in magazines and on the Internet, but these are the first ones I've ever seen in person, and certainly ever tasted. The man moved his fingers to the small patch of hair across her mouns, and Kimi attempted to keep the man from touching her pure sex. "You certainly have cute tits, and your pussy is nice and soft," then the man eased his finger into the folds of her tight 15-year-old sex.

"Tell me your name, and how old you are Little Redhead, and you sure are pretty, I guess your boyfriend thinks so, also."

"Please don't rape me, and I'm only 15-years-old, and my name is Kimi Miles." With a noticeable shudder that seemed to vibrate in her throat, Kimi asked, "Will you let me go home now, I won't tell anyone what you've done, honest," Kimi begged in her young teen voice.

Begging she not be raped, and crying uncontrollably, Kimi sobbed out, "No, don't do it to me, please stop, your finger is hurting me," she begged, as the large man moved on top of her young body.

Kimi felt the man use his hand to place his erection against her sex, but she wasn't excited enough for the thick cock head to enter her narrow sexual cavity.

When the man moved off her body, she mistakenly believed she was going to let go. Instead the man moved his face between her legs, and started licking and kissing her clit. Several moments passed, and Kimi knew what oral sex was, but the act she had looked forward to experiencing in the future, with someone she loved. Feeling the man's tongue enter her sex, she hated feeling the man's lips and tongue against and inside her pussy.

The man felt her body shaking in fear, but felt her rounded hips start to accept his tongue flipping over her clit, and in spite of her attempt to not allow the stimulation of her sex to feel good, Kimi felt her body respond. What was the man trying to do she wondered yet she knew she was now opened enough to accept his blunt end of his cock.

Sliding his body up Kimi's body, he asked in a mocking voice, "You're ready for my dick now, right baby?" Then he guided his thick manhood into the naturally wet sex, and it slipped into Kimi's virgin vagina.

Easing forward with his thick erection, until the ring of his cock was at last pressing through Kimi's inner pussy lips. Stroking firmly and quickly, the man, soon had his cock hear pressing pass her labium, and his cock head was pressing her cherry to the point it was hurting the teenager. Still the man only worked it back and forth in the outer limits of her tiny sex, and feeling the girl start to respond to his movements. Kimi's hips were moving upward in response to the stimulation, and the teen was not certain how being raped could cause her body to respond to the stimulation.

"Stop, please, don't do it to me, I want to be a virgin when I marry, I-I augh! Don't! You're making me feel funny, please stop!" Kimi could sense when the man was going to push into her young body, and cried out, "No, it hurts too much, I can't... aughhhhhhh, my god it hurts so badly," Kimi cried out as her virginity was torn from her body!


For the next two hours, Kimi was raped over and over, and she knew the strange man gave her no time to recover from one sexual assault of some sort, either from oral or sexual intercourse.

Several times during the assault of her teen body, Kimi felt her body wanting to respond to the driving of the man's penis in and out of her gripping sex. Yet when Kimi felt her body start to respond to the rape she was suffering, her mind willed her body not to respond in a desire to enjoy the rape.

After one assault and having her legs placed on what she knew was the man's shoulders, it seemed to Kimi that the man seemed longer and could shove into her deeper than any previous time. The teenage girl was about to suffer an even more obscene raping of her body, and Kimi was placed on her hands and knees and she felt the man preparing to enter his thing in her anus. "NOOOO, not that, I, augh, stoppppp, it hurts." it was too late, and the man raped her anus, not only once, but three times, one time right after pulling his penis from her suffering anus.

Being blindfolded, Kimi could not see that the man, who was raping her almost immediately after pulling out of her body, wasn't just one man, but one of four men who were repeatedly spewing her uterus and anus with their male cum.

Finally the man told her, "Okay, I'm worn out, and you're one-hell-of-a-fuck, so it is time to take you home. " Kimi could not believe her ears, when she heard the man tell her, "Okay, here is you're top, slip it on, and here are your slacks, so put them on, and I'll take you home." Reaching out, the man took Kimi's hand and placed then on her shoes, and told her to put them on, also. Before leaving the house, the man looked in her small purse and found her school ID card with her name on it, and her own personal identity card with her name and that of her parents, and her address on it, and he decided to drop her off at the park where he had abducted her.

Kimi was led to the garage, placed on the floor of the car, and she heard the garage door open, and felt the car backing out of the garage, then moving forward. For how long she was driven in the car she didn't know, but finally the car stopped, and she heard the man get out of the car, then the door was opened, and she was led to a spot where she was told to sit down. Kimi was told, "Stay where you are for five minutes, then remove the rag covering your eyes, and go home."


Kimi was unaware how long she stood after the car drove off, but finally reached behind her head and removed the rag covering her eyes. It hurt to pull the rag from around her head, as her hair had gotten tangled in the knot. After she removed the rag, Kimi looked around and realized she was where her street entered the park. Walking toward her house, she looked at her watch and saw it was shortly after 5:00 A.M. in the morning.

Moving her legs in her effort to get home and enter the house without her parents knowing what time she got home, Kimi could feel how sore her body was. Not only did her tiny sex cause her pain from being hammered by her rapist, but the man had shoved her legs in ever direction possible, and spread them so far apart, she at times thought they would be torn from her body.

Kimi recalled how one time while being raped, the man had held onto her ankles, with her legs somehow straight up in the air, and so far apart, she cried out from the straining of her muscles. Kimi thought her hips would be disjointed as they were spread so wide. This was one of the most brutal assaults she endured, as the man pounded against the center of her body, between her legs. The rapist struck her pussy so hard, it caused her to scoot on the bed until her head kept hitting the bedroom wall. During this painful rape, Kimi recalled how only her shoulders and head were resting on the bed, and her body ached from how she was stretched and twisted while being raped.

Now what, Kimi wondered, as she knew if her parents were still awake, she would be in big trouble? Kimi was embarrassed in having been raped, and just wanted to get in the house, go to bed, and forget for the time being what she had suffered from the man who she had never seen. Speaking softly to herself, with tears in her eyes, Kimi said, "I'll tell mom when I get up, but not now, I don't want my dad to know I've been raped."

Walking to the front door of her home, Kimi used her key to unlock and opened the door extremely quietly, then shut it without making any noise. Softly Kimi tiptoed down the hallway to her room, and was surprised when her parents did not shout at her. "Wow, I'm getting home and no one knows what time it is, or so she thought."


The next morning around 10:20, when Kimi got up, and walked into the kitchen, there was a note on the table for her. Picking up the note, Kimi read it slowly, "Kimi, your dad and I had to go visit your grandma, as she is very ill, and we will be home Sunday, you and your brother be good, Love, Mom." After reading the note, Kimi walked back to her bedroom, and sat on the edge of her bed for several minutes thinking about what had been done to her, and what she should do about telling her mother. Maybe it is best if I don't tell mom, that way she won't be mad at me.

Kimi felt the severe soreness inside her thing, and removing her panties, looked at herself in the mirror on the back of her bedroom door. There was still liquid leaking from the man having ejaculated into her body, and she understood what the wetness was. Kimi used her fingers to pull her sex open to see if she was torn, or if the soreness was from the constant raping she had endured.

After removing the panties she was wearing, as they were soaked from where the man's juices leaked, along with the blood from her ruptured virginity. Her panties had collected the evidence of her having been forced to endure sex, and the crotch of her panties was a mess when she looked at them. Taking a clean pair of t-bar-style panties from her dresser, Kimi slipped them on, and for the first time, felt a cold chill pass through her body as she wondered if she could have become pregnant from the rape.

Walking down the hallway to the bathroom, Kimi pitched her soiled panties on top of the clothes hamper, intending to hand wash them so they wouldn't be seen by her mother, knowing her mom would know she had intercourse if she saw the mess in her panties.. Using the toilet, Kimi felt a burning sensation as her urine ran from her body and some sprayed across her rubbed raw vulva. Kimi decided not tell anyone she was raped, and after brushing her hair, and washing her face with a washcloth, headed to the kitchen.

Kimi sat down at the table after getting herself a glass of orange juice, rested her chin in her hands, while having her elbows propped up on the tabletop. Tears were no longer part of her grief at the idea that she had been raped. The feeling in her sex was one of pain and felt so sore. For a few minutes Kimi tried to determine how many times she had been raped.

Knowing she couldn't recall all the details, Kimi got up and carried her orange juice to her room, and took out a piece of paper, and as she counted each time she was raped, and had oral sex performed on her, made a note on the paper. When she counted the times she had been raped in her anus, she couldn't determine if it was three or four.

Writing down each time she could remember being raped, Kimi made small notations, and each instance of being assaulted, she found that the man had brutally raped her nine times. Her memory of being licked between her legs was three times, but after writing her notes, still could not recall if it was three or more times that she'd been forced to endure the act of anal sex.

The worse of the rapes was losing her virginity, but the raping of her anus, caused the most painful assault to her body. Maybe I will call Carolyn and ask her to go with me to the mall, and we can talk about my being raped. Kimi knew that if she told Carolyn, she'd likely tell others, and then everyone would find out she had been raped. Kimi understood that everyone would look at her in a critical way, so decided not to call her friend.

Kimi returned to the kitchen, fixed herself a small bowl of cereal and poured another glass of orange juice. Seated at the table, enjoying her orange juice, she read the funnies in the morning paper; Kimi still could not bring herself to grips that she had been raped. Wearing only her panties, Kimi had forgotten that her brother Justin, 17-years-old, was home as he didn't have baseball practice on Wednesday, and that her breasts weren't covered as she sat at the kitchen table.

Oh well, my brother and I see each other nude sometimes, and until a few years ago, bathed together, and laughing as she recalled when they stopped. They had been in the tub, and I think Justin was twelve, and there mother had came into the bathroom, and looking at her son, told him, "Justin, you can't take a bath with your sister any more, because I see you're big enough to have a "stiffie," and you will want to start sticking that thing in places you shouldn't."


Justin had heard his sister come home last night, or this morning around 5:00 o'clock, and when he entered the bathroom, he spotted his sisters panties laying on top of the clothes hamper. Looking at the panties, Justin could see they were stained with blood, and what he knew had to be semen. Picking up the bikini style panties, Justin held them open and he could not believe the amount of semen that was covering the center of his sister's underwear. "Man, did my little sister get laid last night, and that was why she was out so late," Justin asked himself" Then he said out loud, "Guess someone got her cherry, from the looks of the blood in her panties."

Justin was awake when his parents left, as he was watching television, and it was only around 9:00 o'clock last night when they left to go help grandma. Now he knew his sister was extremely lucky, because if their parents had been home, she would never be allowed out of the house, after coming home about the time dad got up to leave for work.

Walking into the kitchen in just his briefs, Justin stopped dead-in-his-tracks, and facing him was his sister, and didn't have a bra on. This wasn't the first time he had seen his sister in the buff since they no longer bathed together until he was 12-years-old, Knowing he had just seen her damp panties, he decided to confront his sister about having sex.

"Hi, and may I say, you look fabulous this morning, Miss Kimi, and aren't those things perky this morning?"

"Justin, you perv, you've seen my boobs a zillion times, so what's the big fuss this morning, and I can see the straining evidence in your shorts that you must like looking," Kimi replied to her brother's comment, and saw the bulge in his underwear, and knew he was getting a boner.

Smiling at that look on his sister's face, and Kimi did not cover her breasts with her hands, he asked, "So, Kimi got laid last night, but shouldn't you wash out your panties before mom comes home on Sunday?"

"What?! Why are you aware of my undies, were you looking at my underwear? Oh hell, I left them on the hamper, but that didn't give you the right to be looking at them, you big idiot?"

"Me an idiot, looks like someone got laid last night, and the fact your panties have cum in them, sure means you didn't use protection." Looking at his sister's face, he saw she was upset with him and what he had seen so he said, "And lost your cherry as well, huh," Justin stated in a sarcastic voice.

"How dare you say such things, you better shut up, or I'll tell mom you were messing with my underwear," Kimi exclaimed in a raging voice?

"Yeah, if what I'm saying isn't true, then explain why there's so much cum and blood in your panties, why are you letting me see your tits, little sis, want some more?"

For the first time as she and her brother had been arguing, it dawned on Kimi that she was letting her brother, Justin, view her breasts, but he sees them all the time, so what is the deal with him today? The total situation of last night, and now with her brother seeing her in the nude, was more than the teenage girl could take, and Kimi busted out in tears.

Justin was taken by surprise at the emotional sobs, and the tears that suddenly came from her eyes. Walking to the other side of the table, Justin reached out and placed his hands around his sister and pulled her against his stomach. Knowing he must have hurt her pride, Justin told his sister, "Kimi, I'm sorry, I won't say anything to mom, and I didn't mean to embarrass you."

Still his sister sobbed her heart out, and her grief was more than Justin had ever experienced seeing or hearing a person express their grief. "Kimi, tell me what is wrong, did something happen that hurt you, I promise I won't make fun of you again?" As he spoke, Justin assumed the boy who she had sex with had made fun of her after having sex, and he hugged his sister tighter in his arms.

"Justin, promise you won't tell mom, but I was raped last night, I didn't let some boy be my first, and the blood was from some man taking my virginity, honest, I'm telling the truth, please believe me my dearest brother."

For a minute or more, Justin was unable to reply to his sister, as he was a teenager, and had no knowledge how to cheer up his sister, or let her know he would help her over the ordeal of being raped.

"Kimi, maybe we should call the police, and also mom and dad and let them know what happened?"

"No, no way, oh Justin, it hurt when the man raped me, and look, I made a note of all he did to me, and how many times I suffered the man raping me." While speaking to her brother, Kimi handed the paper she had made the notations on to her brother.

Justin could see that his sister had been raped nine times, had oral sex done to her, but worst of all, he read where she had been taken in her butt, more than once. Being a male, Justin knew that not only was one man involved, as it would be impossible for one man to have sex that many times in three hours or so. "Kimi, I believe you were gang raped, and there was at least four or more men that hurt you, and I'm sorry I spoke and acted so mean to you." Still holding his sister in his arms, he pulled Kimi to her feet, and told her to follow him.

Walking his sister to her bedroom, Justin eased her down on the bed, and after she was flat on the bed, Kimi held onto his arms, and pulled him down next to her.

"Justin, don't leave me, please stay with me, I'm scared, and you're sure that more than one man assaulted me, how can you tell?"

For the next ten minutes or so, Justin informed his sister about his knowledge of a man's ability to have sex that often and in such a short time, so he knew she had been gang raped. Then he asked, "Didn't you see who raped you?"

Several minutes later, Justin had been told the hole of the ordeal his 15-year-old sister had endured, and she held herself tightly against him as she spoke. Kimi had kept her face in the area between his shoulder and neck, hiding her face from his view as she spoke. Kimi asked her brother, "Do you suppose I'm pregnant, or got some kind of disease?" In a soft voice, Kimi asked her brother one more question "Promise me you will never tell anyone what happened to me, I don't want to be made fun of by my friends?"

The siblings fell asleep in each other's arms, and it was nearly one in the afternoon when Kimi awoke once more, to find her brother still holding her, and he was laying so his face was studying hers. "Decided to wake up, did you Little Sis?" Justin asked his sister. "How about I shower, and you get dressed and I will drive us to the Burger Bar & Grill, and have lunch?"

While Justin was showering, Kimi dressed and did her face and fixed her hair, and noted her eyes were still puffy. Kimi went into the kitchen, got ice cubes and wrapped them in a washcloth, and held them over her eyes. Looking in her mirror, after once more studying her face, she saw her brother's image in the mirror. Smiling, Kimi turned, and looking at her brother, asked, "Pretty enough to be seen with you, big brother?"

"You best believe it, and I want to know how you feel, and if your okay, Kimi, be honest?"

"To be perfectly frank, my pussy is sore as hell, and does it always hurt like this after having sex," Kimi asked her brother?

"Kimi, I don't know, and that is for two reasons, and one is I'm not a girl, and the other is simply that I've never had sex," Justin informed his sister.

"Thanks for being so nice to me, Justin, I'm starved, so I'm ready to eat a dozen mini-burgers, smothered with the thick grilled onions and mushrooms on them," Kimi told her brother.

Walking out the door of the house, Justin held the door of his car for his sister. Kimi eased into the car, and realized her mini-skirt was hiked up high on her legs, but she wasn't embarrassed, not after thinking how she had been setting at the table with her breasts on display, and they had curled up next to each other in her bed, in only their underwear. During the drive, Justin tried to keep the conversation humorous for his sister, and he knew she was suffering from the rape, and he wanted to hunt down whoever raped his sister, and make them hurt.

After a few minutes they arrived at the Burger Bar & Grill, and once they were inside, they saw their friends, and they chose a table next to Barbi Peterson and Kelly Davis, both girlfriends of Kimi. Kelly looked at her friend, knowing who Kimi was with asked, "Who's that handsome devil you're with, girlfriend?"

For an hour, they enjoyed being with their friends, and when Barbi asked Kimi if she would like to go to a movie this evening with her and Kelly, Kimi told her,

"I would love to, but our parents had to leave town on an emergency, so I can't go out."

Kimi listened as Barbi asked her, "Do you know how buzzed you got last night, shooting those "Hot Shots shooters?"

Kimi became tense, and knew her drinking had been part of her problem and she recalled she had awakened on a bed at the party, with her blouse and bra pushed up and her breasts exposed. Knowing she needed to reply in some way, Kimi told her friend, "Don't talk about that, my brother will tell on me for drinking."

"No I won't, but was that why you were so late getting home, and you didn't tell me you liked Hot Shot."

Justin mockingly acted like he was drunk, as he listened to Kimi and Barbi get into more details about drinking, and he felt his sister press her leg against his, to indicate not to say anything more about last night.

After finishing their sandwiches, and Barbi and Kelly had left, Justin decided to have a piece of hot apple pie with cinnamon ice cream. Looking at his cute sister, Justin asked, "Did you really get drunk, and have sex at the party, and you weren't kidnapped?

"No, honest Justin, I was grabbed in the park like I told you, and I also told you about waking up at the party with my blouse and bra pushed up over my breast." Kimi looked at her brother, and asked him,

"You do believe me, don't you, Justin."

"Sure I believe my Little Sister, and I hope you're okay, Kimi," Justin replied.

While they were speaking to each other, Kimi noticed two men, who appeared to be in their 30's, entered the restaurant and took a seat in a booth across the floor. Some inner physic caused Kimi to shake in fear, and for whatever the reason, she knew that those two men were involved in raping her. Looking at them more closely, Kimi watched as the one who facing toward the front of the restaurant, was starring intently at a young girl she knew, Angie Hughes, who was only 12-years-old, and lived three houses from where she lived.

"Justin, something tells me that those to men in the front booth, across the restaurant, were the ones who assaulted me." Then Kimi told her brother, "They are both watching Angie, and we need to warn her not to be alone with those men."

"Kimi, I understand what you are saying, but you mustn't believe all the men you will see in the future, will be the ones who assaulted you."

"I don't want then seeing me, can we leave, and wait until they drive off, and we can get their license number?" Kimi asked.

"Sure, you go out the side door, while I pay the check and meet you in the car."

For another half hour, Kimi and Justin watched for the two men to leave the restaurant. When they saw the men leaving the restaurant, they watched the two of them walk to a Cadillac, get in and drive off. Kimi wrote down their license number, and told Justin, "Follow them, I want to see where they go." The men were able to get through a traffic light, but Justin had to wait for the light to change, and by then, the men were out of sight.


The two men, Doug Jacobson and Tom Malone, reached their destination, and walked inside a large home in the affluent suburb of Bay shore, where they were greeted by Tony Antonio, and Louis McPherson, who owned the home, and had captured Kimi in the park.

The four men begin reviewing the photos and the videos of the rape of Kimi, and could see the mask they had worn in the videos kept their faces from being shown. Louis watched, as he was the first to take the girl and bust her cherry. "Man, I can't believe how I worked the head of my cock in and out of the entrance of her pussy for so long, I must have been five minutes just going part-way with the wench, and look at how her hips moved up to get more."

Doug watched as his friend finally shoved his cock in the girl, and he said loudly, "Holy shit, look at her face, man, she must have had one tough cherry, "Hell, look at the expression on her face, she pulled her lips all the way back over her teeth when you shoved your fat cock up her young twat!"

Finally they determined how the videos would be edited, and sold on the black market for the desires of those wanting to view young girls getting fucked. If the girls being raped were virgins, the tapes and CD's brought in more money. Then they begin to discuss the next girl they would attempt to find for their sadistic pleasures, and to film.

"While Tom and I were having lunch, I spotted a girl I've been watching, and I believe we should try to snare," Doug said with a massive degree of delight that could be heard in his voice. "I found out her name is Angie Hughes, and she is a 12-year-old delightful and charming beauty," Doug informed the others.

With a glint in his eyes, Tom spoke up and told the others, "Doug is right, this girl is truly beautiful, and has long gangly legs, and she was wearing a tube top today that showed off her tiny, and just popping out boobies." Tom then added, "Her boobs are just starting to pop out on her chest, no more than an inch, and doesn't even have enough for a bra." Tom added, "I have a bet with Doug that her little pussy is still hairless, but he thinks she has a few hairs on each side of her preteen slit."

"So, should I continue trailing her?" Doug asked.

"This girl is the most attractive of any we will have taken before, but she is young, and either she will tell she's been raped, or her parents will know, and this time the cops will become a part of the act, so should we chance taking this one on?"

"Find out more about who she is," Louis stated, "But be careful and let's get back here next Wednesday evening and see what you have found out."

After they could not follow the two men, Kimi and Justin returned home and spent the afternoon and evening watching television, and around 11:00 decided to go to bed. Justin had just started reading a sci-fi novel when Kimi walked into his room, wearing only her panties, and sat down on her brother's bed.

"Justin, I'm afraid to be alone, may I sleep with you, please?"

"I guess, but how do you expect me to sleep with those cute hooters of yours uncovered?"

Laughing, Kimi replied, "With your eyes shut, anyway in the dark you can't see them, and I always sleep in just my panties, so I didn't think anything about being like this in front of you." "Justin, do you remember how we used to always sleep together when we were little, and mom would give us heck.

Kimi got under the covers, and curled up against her brother and was asleep within a couple of minutes. Her last thought before falling asleep was how only 24-hours before, she had been a virgin and then raped, and her mind said to cry but her strong will, said no, don't let the rape get you down.

Kimi woke to find someone in her bed, and then realized she had gotten into bed with her brother. For the first time in her life, the 15-year-old teen found her body pressed against a male since she was a girl of nine or ten, while sleeping. Sometime during the night, Kimi realized that she had moved until her right leg was resting over her brother's body, and she could feel his erection against her leg, and he was nude.

Kimi's pointed and firm young breasts were nudged tightly against his side and onto his chest. Even more surprising, Kimi found her hand was on her brother's face, and evidently had pulled his head until his lips were only a fraction of an inch from her own.

The previous night when she was against a man, it was brutal, and not caring, now she found herself excited to be against her brother. Kimi could not be certain if the excitement was sexual, but she understood that for the first time in her young life, she was enjoying the feeling of a male against her body.

Kimi moved her leg off her brother's body, reaching down, removed her panties. Once more Kimi moved until she was against her brother, and she thought how it was only Wednesday night, and she could sleep with Justin three more nights. There was a strange feeling of her brother being nude with her, and she reached her hand down and felt Justin's nocturnal erection.

In a few minutes Kimi was once more sleeping, and when she woke the next morning, she was still nestled against her brother, and her hand was still gripping his erection. For some reason, this was not the same as being raped, and Kimi did not find the act of holding her brother's firm member in her hand necessarily sexual.

Looking at the clock on the stand, Kimi saw it was only half-past-six in the morning, and she pressed even tighter against her brother. Then she went back to sleep.

Justin woke up to find his sister holding his erection, and at first was about to move, then decided to see what Kimi might do next. Lying perfectly still, Justin could tell by the sound of his sister's breathing that she was asleep. Moving his hand down, his fingers were soon touching the v-shape of his sister's pubic area. His fingers could not gain complete access to Kimi's sex, but soon had one finger buried inside her outer lips on each side of her sex.

Within moments Justin was once more sleeping and when he woke again, found his sister was moving her hand up and down on his erection. No more than a minute passed, and Justin knew he was about to shoot off his male juices. Justin knew that during his sleep he had turned onto his side, and his finger was pushed all the way inside his sister's tight slit.

That's when his male fluids shot from his cock and splashed all over Kimi's stomach, onto her sex where his hand and fingers were, and still she jacked him. Finally he sobbed out, "Oh, Kimi, you made me feel good, oh jeez, my cock," and Justin once more shot his semen against his sister's pubic area.

"Justin, your fingers kind of hurt... no don't take them out, just don't push them so deep and hard, I'm still sore from the man," Kimi said to her brother. Unknown to Justin, when he moved his thumb against Kimi's clitoris, he brought instant pleasure to her sex, and she utter a drawn out, "Yeah, that is so nice oh, touch me like that!"

For the teenage boy, he knew his thumb was touching the spot all his friends spoke about, and he lightly stroked across the hard little button, and wondered about the wetness he was feeling on his fingers? Once again he was erect, and without any objection from his sister, he moved on top of her, and Kimi opened her legs to her brother.

"Just put it in, don't go deep and hard, please Justin, it is sore, but you can put it in me if you don't go all the way," Kimi said to her brother. The teenager felt her brother shoving his erection up in her sex, and she thought he was larger than the man or men who had raped her. Kimi felt her brother's pelvic area pressing against her prepuce, and her clitoris was engorged with blood, and it caused her to seek her first climax, she sobbed out, "yess, oh, hold it in me, Justin, I feel you..."

The smooth thighs of the teen girl were soon holding her brother between them as she wrapped them around Justin's upper legs, and squeezed them so his body stayed tightly against her pubic area. Kimi eased her legs down and used them to raise her hips upward, and her strength enabled her to push her brother up with her from the mattress.

Nature took over, and Justin began the act of moving his teen cock back and forth in the warm and wet inner body of his 15-year-old sister, and he said in a harsh voice, "Kimi, oh, you feel so wonderful, is it okay for me to move?"

"Yess, oh, Justin be gentle, I'm sore, but you make me feel so wonderful, like that augh, oh, I feel so good, I'm going to come Justin, I'm doing it, now, NOW!"

Kimi experienced the feeling that she had felt when she was raped, the need to let her body seek release. Before it was not caring sex, just moments ago, her brother just produced the most unique sensation her body had ever felt.

"Kimi, I'm doing it now, tell me, do you want me to come in you, please tell me yes!"

"Do it, come in me, oh, Justin, come in me, I want your come!"

"MY GOD KIMI! I'M GETTING OFF! I'M COMING IN YOU! OH, HELL IT FEELS SO GOOD, YEAH!" Justin cried out as he unleashed his male ejaculate into his sister.

For the next hour the siblings lay next to each other, and Kimi told Justin not to interrupt her, and she related the difference she felt having sex with him, instead of how it felt in the degrading, and such a shameful thing as being raped.

They got out of bed, each slipped on a robe, and walked to the kitchen where they fixed ham and scrambled eggs, and wheat toast, for breakfast. Each had a glass of orange juice, and they sat across from each other, and Justin smiled and told his sister,

"You know, it is a shame to hide those cute breasts of yours from my eyes."

"You are such a perv, but if it's what you want," Kimi asked as she opened her robe and displayed her pointed breasts to her brother. "Satisfied, or do you want more?"

"More, but what more could a guy want with a girl seated across from him with her hooters pointing towards his eyes," Justin said and busted up laughing as Kimi stood up and opened her robe so her vulva was displayed. "Guess I got more, and you have a cute patch of hair, and Kimi, don't be mad, but have other guys seen or touched you down there?"

"Nope, other than the idiots, and that is the truth," Kimi replied to her brother's inquiry.

Until their parents returned, Justin and Kimi engaged in sex and enjoyed the act. Monday, after their parents came home and both had left for work, Kimi walked into her brother's bedroom. Crawling into bed with Justin, Kimi was soon doing something she had decided to try that she had been subjected to by her rapist. Mocking her face downward, after pushing the covers off her brother's body, Kimi performed oral sex on her brother. When her mouth was filled with his semen, she had to pull her mouth away from the squirting erection, and it landed on her face and upper body. Kimi gagged slightly at first, but tried to swallow her brother's come, but could only take about half of his load that had shot off in her mouth.


Two weeks later on Friday evening, while walking to her friend's house, and planning on going to the high school football game, Angie Hughes did not notice the car that pulled up and parked along the sidewalk on which she was walking. Wearing her junior-high school, seventh grade cheerleader shirt and sweater, Angie was lost in her thoughts about being able to join the high school cheer leaders at tonight's home football game.

The onset of fall, made it dark by 7:00 PM, and the trees blocked the streetlights, from illuminating the street under the trees. Doug Johnson, eased open the car door, he had taped over the light switch that turned on the lights inside his car. With gloves covering his hands, and a read made gag, he grabbed Angie before she was aware the man was waiting by his car for her to pass.

Quickly Doug shoved the gag in the girl's mouth, tied a strip of cloth around her head to hold it in place, and then slipped a pillowcase over her head. "You make one sound, and it will be your last, so if you cause me any troubles, you're dead, nod your head if you understand."

Angie was crying but she did as the man told her, nodded her head, and then felt her self being shoved into the car she had noticed just as she was being grabbed. Telling her to get down on the floor of the car, Angie did as she was told. Her body was racked with sobs, and she knew that she was in mortal fear and would be killed. The thourt she was going to be raped didn't enter her mind.

It took Doug nearly 20-minutes to reach Louis' Bay Shore home, and he pulled along side Tom's Corvette. Telling Angie to not make any sounds, and he would get her out of the car, and he exited his car, and walked around to the passenger side of the car, and opened the door, and helped Angie stand up. Doug led Angie into the house through the side door. Inside the house the other three men were waiting in the basement room that was set up for the assault.

Ones inside the house, Tony slipped a cloth under the pillowcase, and tightened it around Angie's eyes, then pulled the pillowcase off her head. The Louis told the quivering girl, "Don't say anything, and if you don't want to get hurt, take off your clothes, one item at a time, as I instruct, and you won't be hurt."

With sobs from deep in her young body, Angie removed each item of clothing as she was told. When she stood in only a camisole, and her panties, Angie felt the embarrassment that told her she was going to be told to remove her top next.

"Okay, now take off your top, and let me see those cute little tits that are pressing the top out with tiny points," Louis told the scarred girl. When Angie didn't reply promptly, Tom reached with his right hand and slapped her buttocks. With no further hesitation, the preteen girl reached down and pulled her camisole off her body. Her small breasts, which were only small points that stuck out no more than a half-inch from her body, were items of pure lust for the four men.

"Now take off your panties, and let's see if that little thing between your legs has any hair growing on it, Sweet One," Louis instructed the trembling girl. Slowly, almost like she was hypnotized into being a robot, Angie's fingers eased her panties down over her hips, and off her legs. When she stood back up, Angie was holding her panties in front of her preteen sex.

Doug reached out and pulled the panties from her hands, and before his eyes was a shaking girl, and there was perhaps twenty or so, fine light-brown hairs growing at the top of her cleft. Just a few days before it was determined if the girl had a visible amount of hair on her pussy, Doug would have the pleasure of getting her cherry. Wasting no time, Doug took the young girl by the arm and led her to the bed, and pushed her down onto her back. Immediately his mouth closed over her left nipple, and after suckling the tiny breast completely into his greedy mouth, he moved over and repeated his action on her right nipple.

With a slowness that was causing Angie to sob and her body to shake, knowing the man was going to put his mouth on her sex, sobbed out, "No, please not that, I'm a good girl, I'm not like that."

After several moments of enjoying the feel of the young girl's skin on her stomach, and then down her right leg to her toes, and back up the left leg, Doug settled his mouth on the small lips that were clamped tightly shut from his probing tongue. For the several minutes, Doug licked and sucked the tiny aperture of Angie's pussy.

Moving up the preteen's body, Doug was hard and ready to probe and enjoy pushing his cock into the virgin pussy he had just licked. His cock head touched the tiny slit, and it pressed between Angie's spit drenched sex. Using his hand to place his cock head where he could begin sliding into the resisting young pussy, Doug finally found himself lodged deep into her pussy entrance. There was no doubt that Doug had gained enough entrance that the head of his cock was against the girl's cherry, as she cried out for the first time as his cock was sliding up into her body.

"OH, IT'S HURTING ME, TAKE IT OUT, NOOOO," the 12-year-old virgin cried out in pain, as Doug, with a hard and sudden thrust, tore open the virgin entrance into Angie's uterus. Drawing back, and then with another brutal shove of his cock, he was buried as deep into the preteen girl as his seven-inch cock could reach. Doug could feel the thin and long legs of the young girl thrashing about as he fucked her deep and hard, and taking her deeper and harder as he felt his nuts about to lose his juices into the tiny slit. Then Doug shot-off his come four times, and each time he jammed his cock into the no longer virgin 12-year-old pussy.

Each of the men took the young girl three times, and finally they told her to get dressed and they would take her home. Instead, Doug drove about three blocks from where he had abducted Angie and Tom opened the back door of the car, and let the girl out on the sidewalk.

Immediately on being placed on the cold concrete sidewalk, Angie reached up and removed her mask. Looking at the back of the car, Angie's eyes fastened on the vanity license plate, and saw it read simply, "SAY NO."

When Angie walked up the sidewalk to her house, she saw police cruisers on both sides of the street. Her mother was the first to spot her daughter, and at nearly 4:00 o'clock in the morning, the teary-eyed Angie, was being hugged by her mother.

Angie related what had happened to her, and the police immediately ran the license plate number Angie had given them, and found it belonged to a Doug Jacobson.

Driving to his home, the police knocked on his front door, and when he answered the door, saw the police and slammed the door shut, and ran back into his bedroom. Before the police could either breakdown the door, or talk the man into surrendering, the police heard a single gun shot from inside the house.



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