This is a true story of a personal experience I shared with my senior law partner during law school pupilage days. For obvious reasons names of characters below are fictitious. Otherwise all events are true and accurate.

I was then 24 years old and was scheduled to be married in 3 short months to my high school flame Desmond. Desmond was an accountant and whilst we have been in love and enjoyed regular sex, I had always wondered what sex would be like with another man.

The opportunities were plenty for casual sex in thee office, my looks appealed to many male colleagues in the office. I was not tall, 1.67 meters, of fair complexion with long black hair, a slight figure (I weigh only 43-45kg), angular face and a petite body, with long leg/arms and small, firm breasts.

But sex in the office was out of the question given my catholic background (and parents). So I had resigned myself to my fate. That was until I received a surprise invitation by Jeff Smith, the senior partner (and office playboy) for a farewell dinner. Jeff had told me that the office had organized this for me in appreciation of my handwork with the law firm. And suspecting nothing amiss, I agreed.

I should have been alerted to foul play when no one at the office seemed to be aware of the farewell dinner. Jeff said it was a "surprise" and being the trusting fool that I was, I believed him. When he met me in my cubicle on Friday night, he even insisted that he had to blindfold me as I was not supposed to know the location of the restaurant. This he did in his car.

After what seemed like a 25 minute journey, we pulled to a stop and I was guided into a room. It was uncomfortably warm and humid and there was the unmistakable scent of sweat and semen in the air. My pulse raised as I heard alien voices and I enquired...."Where are we Jeff, what is this place?". Jeff reassured me we were in a "Theme Restaurant".

My blindfolds were drawn tighter as no-longer gentle hands pushed me roughly onto a damp smelly mattress and forced my hands above my head and handcuffed them to the bed posts. I heard the woman's voice again:

Woman: "She is gorgeous Jeff, just where do you find them, so young, lithe, so beautiful."

Jeff: "I do what I can to please you. You have the goods, now I need the crack as agreed Monica"

Monica: "Its in cellar, going already, why not stays for the main event?"

Jeff: "No thanks, the less I know oaf what goes on in the Dungeons, the better,"

A door slammed and in that instance I felt so alone. I knew from the voices that there were at least 4 people in the room, but as the blindfold was removed, I was horrified to be greeted by a silent audience of at least 5 men and 6 women all surrounding me as I lay bound to a huge four poster bed.

An overhead ceiling mirror presented a reflection of myself on thee immense bed. They were all old, above 60 at least and all of them were naked. A sense of utter revulsion crept through me as I gazed upon their old and frail bodies.

A woman moved toward and spoke, I recognized her voice as Monica;

Monica: "Welcome to the Dungeon Kelly, you are our honoured guest. I can see why Jeff demanded such a big haul of crack for an exquisite creature like you..."

Me: "Who are you, why are you doing this to me, what do you want?"

Monica: "Questions, questions, here we ask the questions, and you answer. Don't be afraid, no physical harm will come to you, after all you are the main event for this evening."

I turned my head and my gaze fell upon pair after pair of hungry eyes, and they were all staring openly, lustfully, at my body and me. I was disgusted when I noticed that one old bespectacled man was actually trying to peek up my black skirt between my legs. I squeezed both legs tighter and writhe away.

"She looks good enough to eat," one croaked.

"Me first!" shouted another.

And they all edged closer to the bed. I could feel their putrid stale breath and another waive of revulsion swept through me.

Monica: "Now, now, Kelly will be available for all, for the entire of this evening, so there is no need to rush. Without further delay, let us all proceed with the meal."

As the import of her words dawned upon me, I let loose an ear piercing scream. Immediately a gag was fastened over my mouth. Firm hands removed my blouse, bra, stockings and skirt. I put up a valiant struggle as they had neglected to secure my legs. But there were just too many of them. Layer after layer of clothing was removed, and as my panties, the last shred of cloth was torn away, they all collectively stood back to admire their handy work.

Never had I felt so vulnerable and humiliated. I could feel thee cold air brushing against the bare skin of my body. Tears of anger welled up in my eyes. Monica noticed and moved forward.

Monica: "Do not be afraid, I did say that not one hair on your exquisite body will bee harmed, and we will keep that promise. You see, all our err... diners here have a penchant for a common sweet dessert, we all believe that the body of a beautiful girl should be savored and experienced in the flesh. I would advise you to relax and enjoy this very unique experience."

I gave a weak kick, token resistance, as my legs were parted and handcuffed to each bed post. The old bespectacled man approached first. I could see the drool from his toothless old gums as he ran his fingers over my breasts. He seemed the oldest and most senior.

Monica: "Oh forgive me I forgot the introductions, this is Judge Bentley from Europe, he is very wealthy and has paid a kings ransom to be the first to worship your temple. He fell in love from the moment he first saw your photograph.

I could hear the Judge utter under his breath, "Exquisite, exquisite, skin so fair and smooth, so soft, , and so lithe a young body", he curled his tongue around my left nipple and began to gently suck, lick and taste. Then he moved to the right breast.

"Leave some for us," croaked an old woman.

To my utter horror, Monica said; "Judge Bentley, would you object if your wife joined you?"

The Judge did not reply as he sucked hungrily on my right nipple. Goose bumps appeared on my skin as I felt the cold trail off saliva he left across my breasts. In spite of myself, I could feel my nipples growing taut and erect. I felt flushed and breathless.

I sensed, rather than saw, the old woman join her husband, she took her place between my open legs. She kissed and caressed my inner calves with here lips...."so fragrant, soft and smooth" she muttered.

Slowly but surely she worked her way toward my vagina. Paused for awhile, and then started licking hungrily between my legs. I closed my eyes as I tried to fight the waves of sweet torment that fed through my body. In spite of myself, I felt my entire body giving in to the experience. Every fibre on my body seemed charged with electricity.

Sensing a change Monica gently removed my gag and said, "If you behave, this stays off."

"Please stop!" I croaked weakly. "I can't take anymore of this!"

Monica smiled, "You don't sound very convincing, besides, this is just the beginning Kelly." With that she beckoned to another 2 men and they eagerly mounted the bed. The Judge had turned his attention to licking my stomach, and the lips of the two men replaced his on each of my nipples.

I felt degraded and humiliated and tried to ignore the delicious sensations that were infiltrating every pore of my body. The sweet torment and assault on my body and its senses sent me spiraling on a vertigo. My body was bathed in a fine sheen of perspiration and saliva.

While hiss wife continued to explore the increasingly moist folds off my vagina, Judge Bentley moved his tongue, mouth and nose to my upper arms, then lingered unbearably at my left armpit as he inhaled the musky odor, "Aahhh! So fragrant," he uttered and continued his exploration of my sweetly tortured body.

I was overcome with shame as I realized that I was unable to voluntarily reject the sinful and morally degrading acts that were performed on my body. >From deep within me I felt the first tell-tale signs of a damn building up. Slowly but surely the Orgasm crept closer.

I tried to shut my mind, body and senses off, tune out the delicious waves that rushed towards me. But it was hopeless. I felt hands, tongues, and fingers everywhere, on my face, my breast my inner thighs, my feet, my vagina....they were everywhere.

Through my half closed eyes I suddenly noticed that the rest of the congregation had joined in thee feasting. The scene from the ceiling mirror which gazed back at me looked like a pack of vultures descending on helpless prey. They surrounded me from head to foot.

An old woman licked my left ear, another kissed my neck and moved to my chest. I jerked violently as a wet warm tongue suddenly found the already hard and aroused nub of my clitoris, tickling it further, teasing it relentlessly and unbearably. Again and again the persistent tongue flicked over the highly aroused nub, delaying the sweet torment.

And then it came, "No! NOOOOO!" I cried hopelessly as the dam burst, wave after wave of pleasure engulfed me. My back arched, my body convulsed and I clenched the fist of both hands as I rode the crest of the wave.

It had been months since my last orgasm, but never had I ever experienced one, which approached this intensity and magnitude. The old woman seemed to redouble her efforts as she attempted to cover my entire vagina with her mouth.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, my tortured body returned to the bed, I breathed a sign of relieve believing the worst was over. My body felt spent, totally exhausted and drained of energy, covered in a fine sheet of perspiration. I noticed that several old men, including the Judge, had ejaculated all over me and the bed. Every pore of my body was covered in sweat, semen and saliva. The sickly musky odor of sweat and semen filled the room.

Vaguely I became aware as Monica glanced up from between my legs. At some time during the ordeal she had replaced the old woman. She looked at her watch and smiled, "Not bad in just over an hour, but we still have the rest of the night."

I looked back at her in disbelieve, "I cannot go on... I'll die!"

She laughed, "What about our remaining diners, who are still hungry?"

Whilst the Judge and wife and the two original old men had retired to the side of the bed, I realized that Monica and the remaining "diners" were not through yet. Ever so gently Monica continued to tease the wet folds of my Vagina with her tongue, whilst someone else undid my leg cuffs, opened my leg wider and lifted my buttocks of the bed. I could feel a tongue and mouth teasing my anal orifice.

I drifted in and out of consciousness as the assault continued on my body. Blurred faces drifted in and out of my vision. I was distantly aware that my handcuffs were also undone as they turned me over on my front, and later on my back.

As my limp body was caressed and prodded over and over again, to my amazement I felt the inner stirring again, from deep within me. It was slower this time, and stronger. Monica seemed to notice and said, "It will take longer for your second orgasm, but it will be more intense as you have already come the first time."

I was brought to the very edge, and suspended there for what seemed like an eternity. The bed sheets were drenched with a mixture of sweat, semen and saliva, Monica continued teasing my clitoris, gently flicking it with her tongue. Two women were caressing and kissing both my breasts. My sore nipples again became erect.

The waive came again, even more intense and powerful. My body convulsed in spasms, totally unaccustomed to such intense hedonistic pleasure, as the orgasm took hold. To my horror, none of them stopped their ministering, again and again Monica's tongue repeatedly teased my aroused clitoris. The torment was unbearable.

"She is coming again!" someone said.

And then I realized that this was no ordinary orgasm. There seemed like no end in site as each wave of pleasure was replaced by another wave of higher intensity and urgency. Wave after wave washed over me in ever increasing intensity with no end in sight. With a shock I realised I was experiencing multiple orgasms. At long last, the sensations overwhelmed my overextended senses and I blissfully lost consciousness.

It was morning when I opened my eyes. The room was empty. I lay spread eagled on thee immense bed. In rumpled soiled shits. I felt dehydrated and thirsty, and my body felt battered and bruised. But Monica had been true to her words, I was otherwise unharmed. The soiled sheets stuck like mud to my back and I painfully crept out of bed. I found the bathroom, showered and retrieved my clothes from the floor.

As I emerged from the room I noticed for the first time that I had been in a house located somewhere in the outskirts of town. Ten minutes walk brought me to a dusty main road and I was able to hail a cab back home.

When I returned back to the office the following Monday, I was told Jeff had resigned and was never heard from again. Neither was there any listing in the yellow pages for a restaurant called "The Dungeon".



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