Cindy Ella was busily scrubbing the kitchen floor with a brush, on her knees, when one of her step-sisters, Vera, ran screaming and giggling through the room. She was naked, as usual, and the extra skin she had hanging off her flabby body jiggled and swayed as she ran. Following her, also as usual, was Roger, the son of the Butcher whose shop was down the street. He too was naked, and his stubby youthful erection bobbed and bounced as he chased Vera, the object of his desire.

"Come on now Vera honey" he whined. "You know I love you and I need relief!"

Vera just cackled and ran on toward her bedroom, where, Cindy Ella knew, Roger would soon find his "relief". Vera was a dyed in the wool strumpet, just like her sister Maude and their mother, Gerda. That Gerda was also Cindy Ella's step-mother was one of the things that routinely made Cindy Ella sigh with remorse.

Cindy Ella scrubbed harder, trying to scrunch herself into a dirty ball that no one would notice. She had no desire to come to the attention of Roger, or Fred, or Phil, or any of the other men who routinely rutted their stiff pricks into her step-sisters and mother. She didn't want them deciding that she was fair game. Cindy Ella was a virgin, and intended to stay that way until she could escape from her bitch of a step-mother. That would be in just two short years when Cindy Ella turned eighteen.

If she lived that long.

Gerda had married Cindy Ella's father four years ago and, from the beginning had hated his only daughter. This was because of several things. For one, Cindy Ella was intelligent, which neither Gerda nor her own daughters were. For another Cindy Ella was small of frame, thin, and almost boyish. Gerda and her daughters ate like pigs and it showed. Finally, Cindy Ella was beautiful, with long blond hair, graceful hands and dainty feet.

That was bad enough for Gerda and her brats, but as the years passed, Cindy Ella filled out in all the right areas. Her breasts swelled along with her hips, and she developed a natural female sway in her walk that promised sweet nirvana to any man who saw it.

Gerda made sure no man did.

After she killed her new husband by giving him one of the many sexually transmitted diseases she brought to her marriage bed, she tried to kill Cindy Ella too, by working her to death.

Cindy Ella was a virtual slave and prisoner. She was never allowed to actually take a bath, though she routinely snuck enough water to take 'whores' baths', scrubbing herself clean under the rags she was permitted to wear. At first she had wished she could change clothes, but, as the men began coming to the house to splash their seed in every hole available, she gave that thought up.

While her hygiene was much better than that of the other women in the house, no one could tell through the filth she made sure covered her face, arms and clothing. Still, it was a disease infested house, now that her father had died, and no matter how much Cindy Ella scrubbed and cleaned, she couldn't combat the filth created by three women and who knows how many men who frequented the beds in the place.

Cindy Ella picked up the bucket and started off down the hall toward the back door where she could toss out the dirty water. She sighed. She had to go by her step- sisters' rooms on the way and she knew what she'd see. Sure enough, Roger had caught his prize and was lustily ramming his penis in and out of her as she lay staring at the ceiling.

Vera appeared to be thinking of something else, but every once in a while she remembered she was trying to catch a husband and that caused her to moan "Oh Roger, you're so good. Don't stop." She said it with all the heat of a teacher saying "OK, class, remember that two and two are four... very good."

Further down the hall was Maude's room. Maude had more imagination that Vera did, and that imagination was on display as Cindy Ella passed her room. Maude's current beau was an unhealthy looking young man named Percival who, apparently, had a low opinion of himself. He had allowed Maude to truss him up like a chicken while she had her way with him.

He was completely unable to move a muscle, though one of his muscles, protruding from his loins, was free for Maude to play with. She was in the act of dripping hot wax on that muscle as Percival moaned in pain. Cindy Ella hustled on. She was glad she didn't have to pass her step-mother's room. She'd seen Tully in the house earlier.

He ran the slaughterhouse on the edge of town and always smelled like death mixed with cow dung. He also liked to piss all over Gerda before making her suck his dick. But he was rich, like all the men who came to the house. Her step-mother and step-sisters were all trying to snag a rich man, and they'd stoop to any level to do it.

So, when news came that the Prince was going to have a party, at which all eligible "girls" in the Kingdom were required to attend, they began scheming about how they might come to his attention and hit the biggest payday of all. They demanded that Cindy Ella make them new gowns, that showed off their "charms" as they called them.

On the afternoon before the ball she had to do all their hair and then apply their makeup. They chattered and argued about how the Prince would find each of them irresistible, and how no matter which of them he chose, she would make sure to insist that all the others be brought to the castle to live as well.

"Me too?" said Cindy Ella and then bit her lip, wishing she hadn't spoken.

Gerda laughed cruelly. "YOU will stay here, my worthless little tramp" and fix this dump up so when we sell it we'll get some real money.

Vera said that they could probably find somewhere in the castle stables that Cindy Ella could sleep and they all cackled.

Finally, they left, on their way to the ball.


The only time Cindy Ella ever got out of her smelly rotting rags was when she went to bed. Then she stripped them off, exposing her snow white body, which she washed carefully with a clean rag she kept in the attic. After that she crawled naked into her bed, which consisted of cast off clothing her step-mother didn't know she had and which she washed along with all her other washing chores. It wasn't a pretty bed, but it was warm and she put flower petals in it to make it smell nice. Usually she was quite glad to get into bed, since that was the only time all day she could relax.

Tonight, of course, Cindy Ella went to bed sad that she couldn't go to the Prince's Ball. Just before she got into her rag-covered straw pallet she gazed out the tiny attic window at the bright evening star and made a wish that she could be happy and free and in love some day. Then she fell asleep quickly. She slept the sleep of the good, deep and restful.

She awoke suddenly, to a bright light in the attic. She rubbed her eyes and peered at a hazy bright figure standing, hands on hips, above her.

"Get up girl!" the figure demanded. "Time's a wasting and we've got a lot to do before this night is over."

Cindy Ella stared at the figure, wide eyed. It looked female, sort of, but was too short and quite wide. It was dressed in a flowing gown that changed colors constantly and was hard to look at. "Who are you?" Cindy Ella asked timidly.

"For goodness sake, you silly girl... I'm your fairy God Mother, of course! Who else would I be?" she demanded. "Now, I said GET UP!!!"

Cindy Ella bounded to her feet as if she'd received an electric shock (even though electricity hadn't quite been discovered yet - but you know what I mean.) She was, of course, still naked as the day she was born, and her fairy god mother looked her up and down carefully. "Hmmmmm, not as much to work with as I'd hoped, but I think you'll do." She raised her hand, which held a short stiff length of something that could be a tree branch.

Cindy Ella flinched. She was often beaten by her step mother or step sisters with such a stick.

The apparition paused and looked with sympathy at the cowering girl. "We're going to have to make them pay for making you like this," she muttered. "Don't be afraid, girl. I'm here to help you make your dreams come true. You only get this kind of chance once in your life, and we only have until midnight, so please trust me and do what I tell you."

Cindy Ella relaxed slightly and raised her eyes. "Very well, mistress, I'll do as you command."

The little woman groaned. "I'm not your mistress. In fact, YOU are actually in charge here. It's YOUR dream we're working on here. You want to go to the ball, right?"

Again Cindy Ella's eyes got big. "Oh yes, more than anything."

"Well then, I'm going to get you there. The rest is up to you." said the shimmering being.

"The rest of what?" asked Cindy Ella, confused.

"Never mind. And call me Madge, OK? Mistress sounds so formal. Now, this is going to tingle, but it's necessary, trust me."

Madge raised her wand again and waved it. What could have been tiny snowflakes shot out of it and broke into two streams. One enveloped Cindy Ella's throat, and the other darted between her legs and disappeared up inside her. Cindy Ella squeaked and jumped, but she couldn't avoid the dust, or whatever it was. She felt a tingling in her throat, and up inside of her, just below her stomach.

"What was THAT?" she gasped. Then she stopped. Her voice sounded different. It was lower, stronger, more... sexy sounding.

"Oh, it was something I hope will come in handy, but for one thing no one will recognize your voice when you get to the ball. If you concentrate, you can make your voice sound like it used to by trying to talk like a little girl. Otherwise the... changes... I made are permanent. If all works out well you'll understand some day why I made them. She waved her wand again and again the snowflakes shot out and drifted all around Cindy Ella.

All the remaining dirt on her body flaked off, leaving her as clean as if she'd bathed in a spa. A luscious odor now drifted around her body, as of the richest perfumes. Her long blond hair was now done up on top of her head, held there with ribbons and clips that were decorated with sparkling diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Madge snapped her fingers and a tall mirror appeared. Cindy Ella couldn't believe what she was seeing. Her eyes dropped to her modest breasts and she frowned. She looked at Madge with a question in her eyes.

Madge frowned too. "I can't make radical changes, but I might be able to help a little. Again the wand, and again the snowflakes, which this time coated Cindy Ella's breasts and floated there, slowly soaking into the skin. Cindy Ella felt the tingling and a sharp stab of pleasure/pain in her nipples. When she looked in the mirror her breasts DID look a little bigger. But it was her nipples that had changed the most.

Before they had been brown and almost flat. Now they were dark red and stuck out proudly, like two fat June bugs sitting on her breasts. She touched one and felt that pleasure/pain streak shoot through her again. Madge smiled. "Be careful what you wish for, Cindy Ella. I made them super sensitive, so they'll pleasure you almost constantly. That can have side effects, though, so don't overdo it.

Cindy Ella pinched a nipple to see what that was like and almost fell down as her knees weakened. She looked in the mirror again. "I can't go to the ball naked!" she said. Madge waved her wand again and Cindy Ella gasped in shock as a gown appeared on her body. It was of the softest satin, dark blue, and thin as paper. It clung to her body like skin. In the front there really was no neckline, as it plunged between her breasts to just above her navel. She turned to look at the back and gasped again.

She could actually see the top of the crack between her buttocks! All that held the dress on were two thin straps that went up her chest and crossed over her back. In the front, where the top of two tall triangles covered Cindy Ella's breasts, her new stiff sensitive nipples were clearly visible through the thin cloth.

"I'm practically NAKED!" she squealed.

"Hmmph" snorted Madge. "Practically naked and naked are two different things. Trust me, you'll love this dress when you dance with the Prince."

"Oh! I could never be so bold as to ask the prince to dance!" said Cindy Ella.

"With that dress you won't have to ask." said her fairy god mother smugly.

"But... I don't have on any.... under things." Cindy Ella blushed.

"My dear, I sincerely hope you don't NEED any under things tonight." said her helpful fairy god mother.

In short order Madge had used common ordinary objects to create a carriage, horses and attendants to take Cindy Ella to the ball. The last thing Madge did was apply some makeup to Cindy Ella's face to ensure that no one would be able to recognize her, not that anyone would as she now looked.

"Remember, you have only until midnight. At the stroke of twelve the gown will return to being the rags you wear each day, the carriage will again become a pot with a hole in the bottom, the horses and coachmen will again be vermin. The makeup, your hairdo - all of it will disappear in a puff of smoke. Only the changes I made to your body will remain. Don't get caught out in public, or people will know who you are. For tonight you may be whoever you wish. Now. Go have fun."


Cindy Ella's carriage dropped her at the entrance to the grand ball room and she stepped lightly down to the pavement. People began to stare at her immediately. First of all she was alone, and in those days beautiful women didn't go anywhere alone. Secondly no one had seen either her carriage nor her before. The Kingdom wasn't small, by any measure, but most of the nobles knew each other.

This young woman was obviously of noble blood, but none knew from where she came, or who she was. The men stared because they'd never seen a woman so beautiful, so alluring. Her breasts were so succulent looking, the nipples clearly visible, and the dress almost falling off of that perfect body. Erections began appearing everywhere she went.

Women hated her on sight.

Cindy Ella saw the man announcing people as they entered the ballroom, but she couldn't give him her real name. The answer to her problem came when there was an argument about which couple should be announced next. While the argument was settled, Cindy Ella slipped past them and found herself in the midst of a swirl of sound and color.

She knew how to dance, though she'd never been to a ball before. Her father had danced with her when she was a little girl, so she knew all the steps. She watched enviously as couples swept past her, circling gracefully as they went around the big dance floor.

She felt a tug at her elbow. She turned to see Prince Rupert, heir to the realm, standing before her. She froze in fright.

"Milady" the Prince bowed. "I'm delighted you have decided to grace our presence with your beauty."

Cindy Ella blushed and curtsied. "Thank you your majesty."

The Prince insisted that she dance with him. They fit well, and found that each danced divinely. One dance led to two, then to three. The Prince knew that he should be dancing with lots of the women present, but this lovely girl, in her revealing dress, had captivated him.

Before he knew it an hour had passed and he had danced with no one besides her. He was so besotted he hadn't even asked her what her name was. All he concentrated on was getting her in his arms, and getting her to say "yes" to another dance. As they danced they chatted and he found her to be intelligent, kind, and capable of talking about almost any subject.

As the Prince danced with Cindy Ella he felt blood suffusing his face and something else on his body. She was so beautiful, so soft. She smelled so good. She was everything he'd ever wanted in a woman. Well, almost everything. She was too small, too lithe and fragile looking to be able to do what he wished she could do.

You see, the prince had a problem. Somewhere along the way one of his ancestors must have had sex with a horse, because what the prince had hanging between his legs belonged on a horse. The tip wasn't too bad, being almost normal sized, but when stiff, the prince's penis was a full twelve inches long and quite possibly as big around as a well grown cucumber.

While he'd been able to stuff it into the odd serving girl occasionally, it was always painful for them. About the best he could hope for was that he could get a blow job now and then, but even that caused problems. The girls could only get a few inches into their mouths and if he pushed too lustily they choked and... well, it wasn't pretty. The prince had been looking for years for a woman who could take his horse cock and he was about resigned to having to settle for a basically sexless life.

And this little slip of a girl in his arms tonight could never even BEGIN to handle what he wanted to give to her. None the less, his penis didn't know that, and as they danced, and as his hands slid over the soft skin of her back, his unruly organ began to get ready for some fun. He tried to push her away, to keep her from feeling his hard-on, but she snuggled against him even more, pressing those delightful almost naked breasts against his tunic.

He wished he could take his coat and shirt off, to feel those undoubtedly hot orbs against his chest. The thought of that finished the job on his prick, which now stood at full mast. Or tried to. It didn't have room in his tight pants to do much more than press outward against Cindy Ella's leg and abdomen.

Cindy Ella, for her part, was oblivious to what was happening - at least at first. The feeling of a strong man's arms around her, and of her aching tingling nipples pressing against his chest had reduced her to quivering need for something she couldn't quite put her finger on. She was feeling things she'd never ever felt before. She wished again that her outfit had included panties. She was wet between her legs, and she could feel little runnels of wetness running down her thighs.

As she concentrated on that feeling she suddenly realized something was pressing against her in that region of her body. At first she couldn't identify what it was. She pressed her body against it and she gasped as she realized what it had to be. Cindy Ella had seen a LOT of cocks in her young life. Her step mother and step sisters were sluts of the first magnitude and there was always a naked man hanging around the house somewhere. But Cindy Ella had NEVER seen a cock that would produce a bulge like the one currently pressing against her. It had to be HUGE!

Still, they were in the middle of the dance floor. What could he do here? And, to know that he was so aroused by her made her feel... fluttery inside. More cream escaped her wet pussy to run down her legs. Almost unconsciously she pressed her abdomen gently against the lump.

The Prince felt the pressure of her loins against his and a dollop of his own cream oozed out of the tip of his princely penis. He steered Cindy Ella to one side of the large group of revelers, toward a thick curtain that he knew covered a door. If he could only get this wonderful girl alone for a few minutes, maybe things would progress in a manner that would be satisfying to them both.

Her arms were around him, and now he let both of his hands slide across and down her back. Without thinking, he let his hands slide lower... and lower... and lower, until, to his vast surprise, he found they had slipped inside her gown and he was now cupping two delightfully firm and round buttocks.

He kept her moving toward the curtain.

Cindy Ella felt his big warm hands on her buttocks and she sighed. She'd never imagined that a man's hands on her there could possibly feel so wonderful. She wished the night could go on forever. With sadness she heard the clock in the tower above her strike eleven times.

Prince Rupert reached the heavy drapes that covered the door to the special audience room. He made one complete turn while dancing, to see who was looking at them. Earlier almost everyone had been watching the handsome couple dancing, wondering who this ravishing creature in his arms was. Now, an hour later, and after much wine had been drunk, most of the dancers were paying attention to their partners.

Making his decision he reluctantly pulled one hand out of Cindy Ella's gown, parted the drapes, and whisked her through them, then through the door and into the audience chamber.

Cindy Ella was at once both confused and a little afraid. "Your Grace, what are you doing?" she pushed him to arm's length.

The prince knelt, looking up at her. "Fair maiden, you have stolen my heart. I cannot resist your wiles, if they are that, or your beauty. I must have some kisses or I shall surely die."

Cindy Ella had been all to aware of the massive thing pressing against her as they danced, and she doubted that kisses were all the Prince had in mind, but she too was captive to the influences of lust and she happily lifted her face to bring her cherry lips against his.

Her kiss was, at first, a chaste one. After all, she had no experience with kisses of any sort. Therefore, the prince, who was expecting something a little longer, was surprised when her lips pulled off of his. His eyes popped open, at which point he promptly stopped breathing. This was because in the process of leaning forward to kiss him, the front of Cindy Ella's gown sagged and her luscious breasts with their jutting nipples were exposed.

Rupert, though a gentleman through and through, was consumed with lust. As if they belonged to someone else, his hands rose to the straps of her gown and flicked them, almost negligently sideways. The straps, just as slippery as the rest of the dress, slid off her shoulders, and the dress, much heavier than it looked, dropped to the floor like a stone.

Cindy Ella stood, her mouth open, in all her glorious nakedness. Rupert bent and found his face level with, and about two inches away from two pert breasts with extended nipples, both of which looked delicious. He just HAD to taste them. He leaned forward and his lips latched onto her left one.

Cindy Ella found out in another of those 'thrices' what one of the changes was that Madge's snowflakes had made. No sooner had the Prince begun sucking on her nipple than Cindy Ella had an orgasm.

Now she'd had them before. All girls her age have figured out what feels good, and if they make themselves feel good long enough they eventually stumble into an orgasm. But this was something SO much stronger that she was caught completely unprepared. Her mind was overcome by the shattering pleasure that she actually thought she might fly into pieces. Her knees failed and she fell backwards. As luck would have it, there was a padded throne right behind her, and her naked buttocks hit the pad as her nipple was jerked from Rupert's mouth.

Both youngsters complained audibly at the loss of contact. Rupert, being more in control of himself than she, saw her fall back. As she landed, her legs flew apart and there, before his stunned eyes, was the prettiest, plumpest, pinkest pussy he had ever hoped to see. Again lust overcame his self control and his head darted forward to feast on the split peach in front of him.

At that point, Cindy Ella found out about another change Madge had made. As the Prince's mouth fastened firmly to her labia, and his tongue slithered into her vaginal opening, his upper lip nudged her little teen clitty. To her astonishment, this felt even BETTER than his lips on her nipple had felt, and she tumbled into another uncontrollable orgasm. Her hands flew to his head, her fingers curled in his dark locks, and she pulled hard.

Her low sexy voice began a groan, that turned to a moan, that escalated to a wail and ended up sounding like someone was dying violently. That orgasm rebounded into another one as he continued to nurse and feast on her pussy until both of them were completely breathless and had to stop before they fainted dead away. Rupert sagged back, sitting on his calves, while Cindy Ella lay limp in the throne, splayed openly before him, like a virgin sacrifice on an altar.

For several minutes the only sounds in the chamber were their panting breaths as they filled their lungs over and over again. Cindy Ella stared at the man who had made her feel complete for the first time in her life. She had always thought that the other women in her house were sluts and whores who had no pride, no self control and no taste.

She was still sure they had no taste, but as to the rest, she began to see them in a new light. Her eyes dropped to the front of Rupert's pants, to the huge bulge that was plainly visible there. She felt a need deep in her belly, to see what was making that lump, to feel it, to make love to it, to please him as he had pleased her.

"Your highness, would you please divest yourself of your trousers?" she said, no longer embarrassed by her nudity. "I wish very much to ease your suffering as you have eased mine."

Rupert was torn. Lust still raged in his veins. But there was a part of his mind that realized that what he felt for this girl was more than just lust. He wanted her to stay in his life forever. And if he split her asunder with his lance of love, she would leave, like all the others had.

"Alas, lovely lady, you have no true idea of what you suggest." he said sadly. "For I am... afflicted, if you will, with a deformation that... well, frightens women.

"Do I seem like other women to you, highness?" she asked sweetly.

He did not answer, but instead stood. With shaking hands he unbelted his sword and let it fall to the floor. As he unlaced his pants she surged forward, her hands helping. She was impatient and his cock jerked because of it. Her fingers scrabbled and tore until, in one frantic jerk, she pulled his pants down to his knees.

As she had been revealed to him before, now she suddenly saw the object of her desire. Its effect on her was intense. Her pussy clenched, feeling somehow empty, though she'd never had anything other than her finger inside her. And this was no finger.

She looked up at him calmly and said "I find this MOST impressive. Surely it is the most magnificent I have ever seen."

Her words gave pause to the Prince. "You have seen many?" he said, his voice tight. He wanted her to say she'd never seen one at all.

Her gaze fell, but her answer was strong. "I have SEEN many, your Majesty." Now her gaze came up to meet his and her eyes were clear and untroubled by signs of dissembling. "But I have never FELT one against my body, as I did earlier tonight." She reached out with both hands and curved them lightly around his bobbing monster. "And I have never seen one that could possibly be like the one I am currently enjoying the feel of." She said it as if she were surprised.

Now the prince was confused. "But if you've never felt one against your body, that means you're a..."

She looked at him without flinching. "Before tonight I have neither touched, nor been touched by any man, Sire."

"Yet you wish to touch my manhood" he said, confused.

"More than anything" she said simply. Then, to repay him for what he had done for her, she leaned forward and slipped her lips over the head of his royal rod.

It was at this point that Cindy Ella found out what else the magic snowflakes had done to her throat. She ran her tongue all around the head of Rupert's cock, enjoying the satiny feel of the tight smooth skin there, and playing with the tight folds of his foreskin. But she had the strangest urge to get more of his cock into her mouth, so she did.

That felt good, but she wanted more.

What she did astounded both her and Rupert as he gaped down at her lovely head. She slid more and more into her mouth until the head was in her throat. Still she pressed forward and the Prince's cock slid easily down her throat until her nose nestled against his curly brown pubes. As the tip reached clear past her vocal chords, Cindy Ella felt a tremor start there and rocket to her pussy. She would have gasped, had her throat not been full of penis, but she was going to have an orgasm!

Rupert was frozen in shock. Never in all his life had any woman been able to take his entire cock into her mouth and throat. And this one did it as if it were the most natural thing in the world to do. He saw her shudder and began to pull off of his throbbing boner. But she only came up a couple of inches and then thrust her head forward again, fucking his cock with her throat. She shuddered harder and her hand flew between her legs. Then she froze, dragging air in her nose loudly and he realized she was cumming!

Still staring at this impossible scene, he felt the first surge of his royal semen leave his balls. "Oh no!" he gasped. "I'm cumming!" he shouted.

He was at once afraid he would kill this priceless woman by choking her to death, but the unimagined pleasure of what she was doing to him held him in thrall. His prick began delivering his spend and he felt her pull back just enough that her throat muscles could swallow.

Then her head glided forward and backward three times, milking him of every drop and swallowing his entire production without a single drop leaving her mouth. At last she pulled off, gasping for air as she fell back against the throne. Her fingers pulled violently and rapidly at her pussy lips as she massaged them.

It was then the big clock in the tallest tower of the castle began to strike the tune that announced it was eleven-thirty.

Cindy Ella panicked. She knew that in but a few minutes, she would be her step-mother's drudge again, dirty, dressed in rags. She mustn't let the Prince see her that way. She grabbed her gown, stepped into it and pressed the straps back onto her shoulders. "I'm to sorry" she moaned. "I must go."

The Prince was still recovering from the best orgasm he'd ever had in his entire twenty years of life. He was limp, and had no energy to match the panic that surged in his own mind.

"NO!" he bellowed. "I Love you!" he shouted. "You CANNOT go... I FORBID IT!!"

One couldn't blame him too much for reverting to a political statement. Such was his horror at the thought of losing the love of his life.

But she ran on, wrenching the door open and dashing through the curtain. "BUT WHO ARE YOU??" wailed the prince as he struggled to make his limp body rise.

"HOW AM I TO FIND YOU??" he cried in anguish.


Cindy Ella almost made it back home before the clock struck twelve. She was dismounting from her carriage when it clanged to the pavement, only a pot again. Her beautiful gown writhed all about her body and then hung, tattered rags again. Her hair fell, limp around her shoulders. She ran to the attic and flung herself on her pallet, crying.

After a while, though, she got control of herself. This was a night she'd remember for the rest of her life. No one could take it away from her. Her hand went to her breast, and she smiled as she felt the distended and ultra sensitive nipple he had sucked on.

Madge had said the physical changes would remain. She spoke, and her voice was still low and sultry. Then she tried sounding like her old self. It took a little practice, but soon she sounded just as she had always sounded. She decided she deserved one more orgasm before she slept. All she had to do was squeeze and roll her nipples.


His guests were astonished when the girl who had been dancing with Prince Rupert dashed through their midst, crying. No one thought to stop her. Then, moments later they were even more astounded when Rupert himself came staggering out through the curtain, half dressed, bellowing that someone stop the girl.

There was a flurry of activity, all of it unproductive, but the whole incident provided the kind of opportunity for gossip that a kingdom just thrives on. Rupert wouldn't talk of it, but everyone wondered what had happened in the audience chamber, and who the mysterious girl was who so upset their Prince.

As for Rupert, he managed to make it almost a month before he couldn't stand it any further. His spies had found nothing. No one knew from where the girl came, nor where she could have gone. The guards at the gate swore that no girl of any kind had left the village after midnight on the night of the ball. In fact, no one had entered or left the village that night. So Rupert knew that she had to be somewhere in the village. He went to talk to his Parents, the King and Queen.

The King had only one question for his son. "How will you know it is she when you find her?" It was a sign of Rupert's distress that, despite the fact that his mother was quietly sitting nearby, he willingly described what this girl had been capable of doing with her mouth and throat. He did have the decency to blush. His father stuttered and stammered.

His mother stood up and said "It is simple. You will have to announce that you wish to marry this mystery girl. Any girl who wishes to claim her place beside you will have to be able to repeat the feat you have so well described." She tugged at her husband's sleeve. "We must leave Rupert to see to the logistics of all this. Come with me dear. I wish to... discuss this... yes, hurry now dear." She was flushed as she left the room, dragging the King along behind her.

The announcement went out that any girl who could repeat what the unidentified girl had done that night - that is, take Rupert's sexual member completely into her throat - would be his wife.

Many girls came, claiming to have been the mystery girl. Most changed their minds immediately when the object they were required to fellate was shown to them. Only five actually tried it.

Rupert knew none of them were his love.

He decided that he would have to tour the village to find her, since she was either hiding from him, or had not heard of his pledge of marriage. He worried that she was married, and could not step forward, but then remembered her claim that she was a virgin. He believed she was with every fiber of his heart.

His mother doubted that. His description of what they had done together had rekindled fires in her that had been banked for many years. As a result of her renewed interests, she thought it might be possible that Rupert might have a little brother or sister before long. But she doubted strongly that a woman who could do the things Rupert described could be a virgin.

None the less, she assented to accompany her son on his search for his one true love.

For days they went from house to house, demanding to see every woman of an age less than thirty who resided there. Many were obviously not the woman he sought. One or two offered to try his test. They wished they had not.

Then they came to the house of Gerda, Maude and Vera. None of them had heard of the Prince's offer, having stayed in the house drinking and fucking every day since the ball. When they heard that any who passed "a test" would be his wife, Gerda stepped forward immediately and said "Oh Prince, I cannot stay away from you further. It is I you seek."

Queen Alana stepped forward. "I believe my son stipulated women under the age of thirty. As anyone can plainly see, you have seen at least sixty summers." Gerda was incensed. She was only 49, after all. But she'd been used and abused for a long time, and it had affected her mind.

Vera was next. "You must pardon our mother your majesty" she said smoothly. "She was kicked in the head by a horse and sometimes isn't herself. In truth, it was I who danced with you that night."

Queen Alana sighed and whispered in her son's ear. He smiled and said "Surely then, you will pass the test and I will marry you."

Vera, full of confidence, said "And what is your test, your highness?"

Rupert bared his member, which hung almost to his knee, even soft, and said "Slide the entire length of this penis into your throat and you shall be my bride."

Now Vera had sucked many a penis. She thought herself an expert of the highest degree. So, with a smile, she got to her knees and engulfed the head of her Prince's penis. She WAS quite accomplished, and her initial efforts resulted in Rupert's prick rising to it's full state of erection.

But she couldn't get more than five or six inches down her throat. Every time she tried she gagged, then choked, then coughed. It soon became evident that she could not do it.

She was roughly pushed aside by her sister, Maude, who had become quite excited at the sight of her sister trying to swallow the royal prick. Since Maude, quite erroneously, thought she was a much better cock sucker than her sister, the fact that Vera was able to get almost half of it down her fat throat made Maude sure she could do the whole thing.

So, when she went for the gold ring, so to speak, she was a little over zealous. She dove at the phallus of stone and managed to lodge it in her throat so tightly that she couldn't pull off of it. Nor could she breathe. In a short four minutes the Prince's cock was jerked from her throat by the weight of her unconscious body falling limply to the floor. For some reason Queen Alana smiled when this happened.

"Are there OTHER women in this house?" she asked. Gerda, wondering if she might be able to get some settlement from the Royal family for the death of her daughter, shook her head "No."


Cindy Ella heard noises in the kitchen. There was a male voice. Usually she ignored them, but this one sounded familiar somehow, and familiar in a good way. Who could it be?


The Prince and his mother turned to leave when there was a movement in the hallway. Cindy Ella stuck just her head in the kitchen to see whose voice she'd heard. She gasped when she saw Prince Rupert in her step mother's kitchen.

Queen Alana said "And who is this?" her voice carried the promise that unpleasant things might begin to happen any minute.

Gerda snorted "That's only Cindy Ella. She's of no interest to you, your highness."

Queen Alana stared at Gerda. "I believe I will be the one to determine who is... and is not... of interest to me."

Bad things were definitely going to happen. Gerda started to edge toward the hallway. A soldier just happened to be in her way. Queen Alana gestured at Cindy Ella to come into the kitchen.

"Who are you girl?" she said. As Cindy Ella came into the room Alana frowned in disappointment. This couldn't be the girl her son was seeking. She was too young, too slight to have done the things her son had described.

"My name is Cindy Ella," came the girl's voice.

Rupert's head snapped up, his eyes wide. "That voice!" he said. He looked hard at the girl, who was dirty and dressed in rags. "Say something else!" he barked.

The girl held her head high. "I am ashamed that your majesty finds me appearing thus." she said with dignity. "I have no finery in which to honor your visit to this house." she finished.

Rupert was staring open mouthed. "It's you" he whispered. "IT'S YOU!!" He turned to his mother. "THAT'S HER... SHE'S THE ONE... SHE'S..." he stopped speechless.

Queen Alana frowned again. How could this be? How could this slip of a girl appear at the ball in a gown like she'd seen. She was just a girl! And she was a drudge! She smiled grimly. "Well, then, she should be able to pass the test easily, my son."

"Test?" said Cindy Ella.

Rupert blushed. "Um, I sort of told them what we did... what you did... that no other girl has ever been able to do?"

Cindy Ella lowered her eyes, blushing through the dirt on her face. "Oh... that." she said.

"Uh, I'm sorry, but I didn't know how else to find you." Rupert seemed to be floundering and his mother was looking at him like he had two heads. Rupert went on. "Do you think maybe you could... um... do it again? To show them that you can? So we can get married?"

"Married!?" Cindy Ella looked back up. When he nodded, she said "Your Grace, you are my Prince, and I will do as you command."

Once again Rupert exposed his massive cock. Queen Alana watched as the girl lifted it gently, carefully, and began to kiss and lick the head. She nibbled and sucked at it in a way that made Alana's own pussy begin to weep.

The Royal phallus got hard. Then it got harder and soon it jutted away from him like the shaft of some spear he'd been skewered with.

Then, with no fanfare, and no trick that Alana could see with her bulging eyes, this tiny girl put Rupert's cock in her mouth and swallowed it whole. Alana couldn't believe her eyes as she saw Cindy Ella's throat swell. Her son groaned and she glanced at him, only to see his head back, his eyes closed.

"That's definitely her!" he groaned firmly.

Cindy Ella stayed on just long enough to have a quick orgasm, but not enough to get Rupert off. She slowly let his cock slither out of her throat as he began complaining. As she let his cock slip out of her mouth completely he was reaching for her head.

"But I'm not finished yet" he moaned.

"Your majesty!" she said firmly. "The test was to see if it fit. That test has been accomplished. The last time we met I believe we let our emotions get the better of us, to my embarrassment. Should you wish to 'finish' this I suggest we repair to some place, more private.

He grinned and reached out his hand to her.

"After we are married." she finished.

Queen Alana laughed out loud at the look on her son's face when he realized that he'd found the woman who could satisfy him, but that he'd get no satisfaction that day. She turned to Cindy Ella, who stood proudly in the kitchen, despite the fact she was filthy and dressed in rags.

"I like you already" she said simply. "Let's get you cleaned up and dressed in something that befits your new station." She held out her hand, and Cindy Ella took it.

"NOW WAIT JUST A DAMN MINUTE!" Shouted Gerda. Queen Alana turned a frosty stare on the woman and she went on less loudly. "What am I gonna do without Cindy Ella? She does all the work. We need her here. What do we get?"

Alana turned to the Captain of the guard who accompanied them. "If this woman says another word... EVER... you are to cut her tongue out and bring it to me wrapped in the skin that currently covers her right breast."

The Captain didn't bat an eye. "YES YOUR MAJESTY" he stated.

The Queen pulled Cindy Ella's arm and they left.


Cindy Ella was given rooms in the guest wing of the castle. Beautiful gowns appeared, as if by magic. She was led to a large pool of steaming fragrant water, where she bathed for an hour. She ate dinner with the King and Queen, they saying that they needed to get to know their daughter-in-law to be. By the end of dinner the wedding had been planned and they knew that they'd love her as their own daughter.

Rupert, of course, was smitten. Like any man in love, he acted the idiot, following her around, pining after her when she wasn't in the room, suggesting that they should get married that very night.

In the end, Cindy Ella took pity on him. She let him get her alone in a room with many pillows and cushions. She let his hands wander. She let him pinch and suck her nipples, giving her several orgasms. He begged her to finish what had been started at her old house.

But Cindy Ella remembered that at the same time the magic snowflakes had altered her throat, another bunch of them had disappeared between her legs. She had a suspicion that there was one more thing Madge had changed about her and she couldn't wait for the wedding to find out.

Which is how Rupert ended up with his princely prick buried in Cindy Ella's welcoming pussy. He sighed with contentment as the little head of his monster poker snuggled its way through her cervix and into her womb where it happily spat and splattered his royal seed all over the place.

He'd found his perfect fit in life.

And they all lived happily ever after...


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