The sun was streaming in through the gaps in the curtains. The bright light caused me to wake up. It hurt my eyes. Actually, it hurt my head too. I glanced at the clock on the nightstand and it said it was almost 1:00. I had to lie there a few minutes and get my bearings but it was beginning to come back to me through the haze of my hangover. Boy, that was a helluva Halloween party.

I rolled over to wake Nicki, my wife, and found she wasn't there. I assumed that she had already gotten out of bed and let me sleep. I dragged myself up, threw on my robe, and went downstairs to get some coffee. I called to Nicki and got only silence in response. Walking through the rooms, I found her in the living room, naked and sound asleep on the sofa. She looked so sexy on her back with her knees raised and slightly spread. It was as though she wanted someone between them.

I quietly slipped in the room and kneeled on the floor. I slowly repositioned her so I was kneeling between her legs. I lowered my head and began to lick her pussy. I detected the faint scent and taste of sperm. She moaned but didn't wake. As I continued, occasionally running my tongue over her clit, it was obvious that we had sex as I sure that I was now tasting sperm.

After several minutes she was moaning louder and writhing on the sofa. Her hands were on the back of my head urging me tighter into her crotch. She was now very much awake. Then, she raised her legs in the air and screamed as her muscles tensed and she came. When she did, she pushed out even more sperm from her pussy. I had remembered doing her twice and was surprised, and proud, at how much there was.

"Wow! What a way to wake up!"

She started to rise and her hand went to her forehead as she fell back onto the sofa. "Oh shit, I definitely had too much to drink last night."

I went to the kitchen and made coffee, and I brought her some; strong and black. She was still lying naked on the sofa and even after ten years I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She was beautiful and sexy, with a trim figure and full, but not large, breasts. Her legs were slightly muscled and shapely.

She sat up as I neared and I sat next to her and put my arm around her while she sipped from her cup. I stroked her back and moved closer. She put her hand between the fold of my robe and found my leg. She massaged it and slowly moved her hand up to my crotch. Meanwhile, I was now massaging her breast and kissing her neck. Her hand found my hard cock.

"Looks like someone didn't get enough last night."

She scooted slightly away from me and lowered her head to my lap. She moved the robe aside and I felt her tongue run up the side of my cock and around the tip -- it made me jump a little.

"Hmm. I think you like that!"

She sat up for a moment and took a mouthful of coffee, then swallowed it. She lowered her head again and took my entire length. As if her mouth wasn't hot enough before, the coffee made it absolutely steaming. She slowly moved her lips up and down, taking me a little deeper on each stroke. By the time she was taking it in for about the tenth stroke, I was cumming. It didn't feel like much escaped, but I had already unloaded at least three times overnight so I wasn't too surprised.

"Mmm. On mornings like this, I like having a little cream with my coffee."

She smiled and took another sip of her coffee.

We both went upstairs, showered, and dressed. Throughout this I was trying to mentally reconstruct the night with only limited success. As I remember it, this was how it went.

Our friends, Mike and Carol, were having a Halloween costume party. We knew they were a little wild, but they said the party would be respectable. There would be prizes, with the largest prize for the sexiest costumes. Well, I couldn't find anything that fit in that category, but I did find a Spiderman outfit that was about one size too small.

As a result, it showed every bulge and left little to the imagination. Fortunately I do keep fit so there were no unsightly bulges. Because it was so tight I decided to skip the boxers to keep the lines from showing or having them bunch up under the outfit.

Nicki had found herself a revealing nurses outfit that was short and showed off her ample cleavage. She added a white facemask, the kind that covers the forehead, eyes, and nose. To complete the outfit, she carried a stethoscope and wore white high heels. Holy cow, she looked so good I was willing to forget the party and stay home with her.

She commented on the bulge that was growing in my crotch from watching her. It was a twenty-minute ride and we teased each other as we drove about how much our costumes showed. About halfway there, she leaned over and opened the Velcro on my costume pans released my cock. She started sucking me in earnest. She got me to the point of cumming twice and backed off.

As we approached the house where they party was, she tucked my cock back in, with some difficulty I may add, and closed the velcro. Now, I really filled out the suit. She giggled and beamed at having gotten the last laugh in our teasing match. I told her I would get even.

With some difficulty, I walked with her to the front door and Mike was already there to greet us. He was dressed as a Roman senator in a toga, though he claimed to be Caligula. It looked as though there were about twenty people in the living room and dining area. Mike said the basement was where the bar was, so most of the guests were down there.

We made our way through the large home, recognizing some people, but not many. Eventually, we headed down to the lower level and the bar to get some drinks. Nicki drank hers pretty quickly and got another before we left the bar. She was drinking rumrunners and the guy tending bar was making them pretty strong.

We eventually split up and I found myself talking to a couple dressed as Tarzan and Jane. I couldn't help but notice Jane's large breasts and shapely legs and lack. I saw Nicki out by the pool where she was chatting with two people, a guy dressed as a doctor and a female hippie. Outside, there were people in the heated pool, some in suits, some in their costumes, and a few wearing nothing at all.

Over the next few hours, we mingled with the other guests and met back up on occasion. Usually, she would try to get me aroused again by stroking me through the costume or whispering something sexy in my ear. It never worked because she looked so hot I was already hard every time I saw her. Of course, the plethora of great female bodies, including the naked gals in the pool, helped too.

Near midnight, I found myself near the bar talking to "Jane" again. Tarzan was on the other side of the room talking to Carol. Jane was feeling pretty good at this point and was making no secret of the fact that she'd like me to tryout the treehouse with her. She made a few comments about the bulge in my costume and how she was getting "jungle fever" thinking about it. As good as she looked though, I was looking forward to doing the best-looking woman there -- my wife Nicki.

I excused myself to go look for her. Jane had gotten me even hotter and I thought Nicki and I might be able to sneak off somewhere for a quickie. I came across Mike in the basement and he said he had seen her by the pool and she seemed to be a bit tipsy. I wandered out the sliding glass doors onto the patio and found her reclining in one of the pool lounge chairs sipping another rumrunner. I sat down and ran my hands over her legs and up to her breasts, then leaned in and kissed her. She responded and started breathing heavy. I asked her if she was okay and she said she was having a great time.

After a little more talk I suggested we take a little walk around the house to check out the landscaping. As we rounded a corner with several large shrubs, there was a garden shed. I peeked inside and there was enough room for what I had in mind so I grabbed Nicki by the hand and pulled her in. "Nurse, I have a serious condition I need you help with."

It took less then two minutes for me to have her panties off, get her on all fours on the floor, and slip my cock into her from behind. I slid in pretty far on the first stroke because she was very wet and obviously excited.

While I was pumping in and out of her, I thought I saw something move outside of the shed's window. A moment later I saw it again. Someone with sandy blonde hair was watching. Well, I couldn't tell if it was a guy or gal, but it excited me to know we were being watched. I grabbed her by the hips and really started banging her. She was getting louder, saying, "Fuck me! C'mon baby, give it to me deep! I want to feel you cum inside me. Oh God it feels so good!"

That's all it took. I yanked her ass to me hard and buried my meat into her as far as I could get it and unloaded right away. After I finished emptying into her, she rocked back and forth to give my cock a few more strokes before it slipped out. We sat down and looked at each other, then laughed. We were sweaty and a little dirty from the shed.

I found a pile of old towels on a shelf and helped her clean off, especially her knees. I told her to go ahead out first and I would finish putting myself together and dust myself off. "I want more of that later, stud", she said as she left. I put my costume back on and then noticed she had forgotten her panties. Not having any pockets, I just secreted them away behind a box, intending to come back for them later.

I returned to the house and to the bar. Nicki was already there and halfway through yet another rumrunner. I suggested she might be careful or she'd be so drunk she'd lose control. She told me not to worry, that she was always in control. I knew better. I got a bottled beer and wandered upstairs.

It was soon time to dispose of the first few beers and I went in search of a bathroom. I went upstairs and found that the hall bathroom was occupied, so I waited. Soon, Jane arrived and commented on the wait and shortage of bathrooms. When the door opened, someone dressed as Yogi Bear came out and I offered to let Jane go first. She declined but thanked me so I went in. After finishing my business and washing up from my garden shed escapade, I opened the door to leave. When I did, Jane pushed me back in and closed the door behind her.

She quickly dropped to her knees and rubbed my cock through my costume. Despite the earlier action, I was hard and getting harder. After a bit of fumbling from both of us, my cock was freed and she lightly licked the tip. "Mmmm, tastes like you've been busy."

Then she took me completely into her mouth. She bobbed on my cock for a few minutes when I started to feel that tingling and my cock got even harder. She stopped and said, "Oh no you don't. Not until I've had some fun to!"

She turned and leaned forward on the counter, exposing her ass as her wrap-around rode up. She reached back and literally ripped off her thong and spread her cheeks. "Fuck me. Now. Just like you did in the shed!"

So, it was she that had spied on us! Who was I to say no? So I put my cock at her entrance and started pushing. It took me a good 3 or 4 strokes to get it all the way in because she was very tight. I pumped her for what must have been 15 minutes in several positions all over the bathroom. I know she had at least one strong orgasm and maybe some smaller ones. I told her that I was nearing my end and she pulled away and dropped to her knees. "If you cum inside me, my boyfriend will know when he fucks me later. I'd rather taste you anyway."

She slurped on my cock and then started taking me deep. Jane seemed to like the banana I was feeding her. Then I felt my dick passing into her throat and that was too much for me. My cock got hard, she moaned on it and I started cumming. She swallowed quickly, and then licked off the rest.

Then as suddenly as we had started, she put herself together and was out the door with a "Thanks that was fun!" She left her thong behind as it was ripped, so I put it in the waste can.

I cleaned up and slipped out of the room, hoping nobody noticed that we were both in there together. I glanced at my watch and we had been in there for over 30 minutes. I thought I'd see what Nicki was up to since it had been a few hours since our tryst in the shed. I started roaming the house looking for her. I checked in the backyard near the pool but I couldn't find her anywhere. I ran into Carol and asked if she had seen Nicki.

"I thought I the two of you downstairs a little while ago."

I went back to the basement to find her. It was only dimly lit and there were folks about. Superman was necking with a mermaid while Dracula was feeling up a princess. I wandered around a bit and didn't see her. There were other rooms, including two guest rooms on the lower level that had their doors closed. I had to use the john again and went in. After finishing I was washing up when I thought I heard Nicki's voice.

The bathroom, situated between the two guest rooms, had three entrances, one from the hall and one from each guest room. I turned off the water and listened. There were noises coming from both rooms and I just couldn't make out anything in particular. I decided to take a peek so I turned off the light and quietly opened the door on the right. The overhead lights in the room were dim and there was a queen bed in the corner.

On the bed was a young redhead who seemed to have on a Wonder Woman costume (but I couldn't be sure). She was busy sucking on the cock of a GI Joe, while a baseball player was using his personal bat on her from the rear. The scene was surreal and a tremendous turn-on. I continued watching and my cock hardened.

Wonder Woman was a wonder indeed. She had the perfect rhythm back and forth between the two men who were fairly still. She would take one deeper in one hole while releasing the other. This went on for several minutes when GI Joe suddenly tensed up and contorted his face. I saw Wonder Woman's throat working so I assume he was cumming and she was swallowing. That was confirmed with some of his jism leaked out and ran down her chin.

The ballplayer was still swinging away at her from behind and then stopped for a moment. She turned over and spread her legs and he entered her again. She wrapped her legs around him while he kept sliding in and out, his ass moving up and down being urged on by her. Then he tensed too. But, he pulled out and came on her pussy and stomach. Some even shot up onto her neck and face. I didn't want to get caught watching so I closed the door.

I then went and put my ear to the other door. I could hear muffled noises from the room within so I carefully opened the door and looked inside. It was somewhat dark as the only light was coming from a candle and a nightlight. I could see a double bed and a loveseat in the room. It was the loveseat that had my attention. I had to do a double take to be sure I wasn't imagining things. There, on the loveseat, was Spiderman with my wife kneeling on the floor between his legs giving him head.

I was stunned and my mind just went blank. I watched her head bob up and down on his cock. Then she stood, lifted the hem of her costume, and straddled him. She reached back and grasped the cock with her left hand and lowered herself on it. It was at this point that I noticed it was larger than mine. It was longer by an inch or so but much thinker; she could barely get her hand around it. It wasn't until I had this clear measure that I knew for sure.

She was so wet that her pussy took half of it on the first try. She rose up and settled back down again and again until at last she seemed to be sitting all the way down on his lap. As the last bit went in, she threw her head back and said, "Oh my god, this is so exciting that it makes you feel so big!" Spiderman only grunted and thrust into her. She raised and lowered herself onto his cock over and over again. Then he grabbed her ass cheeks and started lifting her on and off himself. "Jesus, your making me cum so hard, unnnhhh"

He picked her up and carried her to the bed, laying her on her back. He started really giving it to her. After about ten minutes and she had at least 3 or 4 orgasms, he pulled out and flipped her over. He took off his costume pants and his giant cock was sticking straight out from his crotch. He got back onto the bed and entered her from behind. As he did, she cried out again. He slowly picked up speed until he was slamming into her. All I could hear was the slap of their skin and her "Unnhh, unnhh, unnhh" as he hit bottom each time.

He started to slow down and she cried, "Don't stop. I'm almost there again." So he slammed into her a few more times while pulling her to him be her hips and then she came very loudly, moaning and screaming. While she was cumming she fell flat onto the bed and her pussy released his cock as she did.

He spread her legs farther apart and aimed to reinsert his thick piece of meat, but he wasn't aiming for her pussy. He was above her with all his weight on her and placed his cock, gleaming with their combined juices, at the puckered entrance to her ass. He used his weight and angle to begin pushing it into her anal passageway. Nicki rarely gave me her ass.

The minute the head slipped past the puckered ring she tensed up and tried to push him back off. She was still in the throes of her orgasm and evidently couldn't find her voice. He continued pushing and slipped it in slow but steady. After he was at least an inch or two into her ass, she said, "No honey, not my ass please. Not here. Maybe later at home."

Spiderman just pushed her shoulders down to the bed and used his angle and weight to push his cock into her rectum. He held it there for a moment, then slowly started pumping it in and out of her ass. She started whimpering, "Honey, please stop." He just kept giving it to her and she was in no position to stop him. She tried to move away and get out from under him but he had her pinned to the mattress.

After a few minutes, he was pumping in earnest and his entire cock was now pistoning in and our of her tight asshole. He then wrapped an arm around her waist and I could just tell that he was beginning to play with her pussy and rubbing her clit. Well, that certainly helped as I noticed that she now had her feet in the air and behind him, almost pulling him in as she pushed her ass back against him, fucking him back. Then, she raised up on her hands and really started pushing back. I heard her say, "I don't know how you're doing that but it feels great. Please keep fucking my ass, give me that cock. Oh, god I'm cumming! Oh, god! I didn't know I could cum from you fucking my ass! Oh, god, you better take my ass more often now that I know how good it can be! Don't stop!"

The entire time he only moaned and grunted. Then he started pumping in and out of her faster and faster, harder and harder. She even fell to the bed it was so hard. He raised her ass up and gave it one more mighty push. "Ohhh, I can feel that cock get hard inside me. God, I can feel you shooting in my ass. I can feel your cock pulse and that warm feeling. Oh, I like it! I like it a lot!"

Spiderman laid on top of her for a few moments and she didn't move. Then he got up, put himself together and put on his pants. Then he made a hasty exit. Nicki lay there on the bed with her ass exposed and up in the air.

I started to enter the room when the door opened again and I saw Mike come in. He entered the room and slowly approached the bed. I heard him called her name several times softly. She only moaned in return. He ran his hand over her exposed buttocks and up to her breasts. She sighed in return. Then, He went to the door and clocked it and returned to the bed. I saw Mike get on the bed behind her and raise his toga.

As big as Spiderman was, I was surprised to see that Mike was even larger. He stroked his cock a few times to get it hard and positioned himself between her legs. I saw him aim his cock down as he pulled his toga off and placed it gently over her head. He lowered himself slowly and I heard a load moan from the toga.

It didn't take more than two strokes for him to bottom out in her pussy. He pulled back slowly and pushed in again, eliciting another moan from Nicki. He continued to push into her and pull out for several minutes. I noticed his breathing get hard then I heard Nicki cry out, "You feel so big I'm gonna cum again -- ahhhhhh!"

Mike pushed hard a few times and suddenly pulled out. He grabbed his cock and placed it to rub between her ass cheeks. Long white streams began shooting from it. They covered her ass, her back, and started to pool. He must have shot a quart of jism onto her. She collapsed onto the bed and he got up. He took a pillow case and cleaned up his sperm from her back, then took his toga and put it on. He looked at Nicki carefully and was convinced she was okay and probably just passed out from drinking. He unlocked the door and let himself out.

I now entered the room quickly and went to the door and locked it. I walked over to the bed with an incredibly hard dick straining to get out of my costume. I walked up to her and realized that she was indeed either asleep or passed out. I opened my costume pants and took out my hard-on. I couldn't decide where to start. Her head was near the edge of the bed, making her mouth almost completely accessible, while her ass being slightly raised opened up those possibilities as well.

I put my cock up to her lips and she sucked it in enthusiastically. After a moment, she said "Want more of me? Well, I certainly wouldn't turn down more of you." Then she went after my cock like a starved woman. I had decided that there was something else I wanted so I withdrew and positioned myself behind her. I put the tip of my cock to her pussy when she said, "No, I want more of this." She then reached back and put it at her asshole.

I pushed in and found she took all of me pretty quickly and easily. In fact, she was quite slick from the other load of cum the imposter had left. And a bit stretched I rarely get her ass so I was on a short fuse. Within just a few minutes of fucking her ass I could tell she was cumming again and that sent me over the edge. I was shooting into her bowels, mixing mine with the imposter's.

I slowly withdrew and I thought I heard a "pop" when my cock's head came out of her ass. I was sweaty and almost out of breath. She was too. I grabbed a towel from the bathroom and cleaned her up. It was then that I noticed she was pretty drunk -- you'd have thought that would be obvious but I somehow didn't notice. I got her dressed and told her stay in bed and rest if she wanted or she could rejoin the party. As I left the room, I locked the door to give her some privacy.

I walked through the darkened rec room and noticed that most of the couples there were now in various stages of necking and heavy petting, with a little oral action going on too. I went up to the bar and got another beer. I then went upstairs and talked to Mike for a while. He looked really nervous and seemed anxious to get away. I didn't see Nicki and assumed she either passed out or fell asleep in the room. I mentioned it to Mike and he said it would be fine if we spent the night and went to tend to other guests. I have to assume he was feeling a little guilt for porking my wife.

Around 2 in the morning, the party was beginning to wind down and guests were filtering out. I helped clean up some and then Carol said they'd finish in the morning. I was beat too so went down to the basement to join Nicki. I was surprised to find the door unlocked and the room empty. Well, maybe she slipped by me. I went all through the house and couldn't find her, so I figureded that maybe she got a ride home.

I hopped in the car and drove to the house. I noticed a van in front but didn't give it much thought. As I went to get my hidden key around the back of the house (remember, I didn't have pockets in my costume) something caught my eye through the window. I stopped and looked more closely and found myself surprised for the third time of the night. Past the foyer, I could see into the living room and there was the guy in the doctor outfit with his head between Nicki's spread legs. She has her hands in his hair and was throwing her head from side to side, obviously enjoying it. I watched for a moment and decided I could get a better view through the sliding patio doors in back.

By the time I had gotten back there, Doc now had her legs up on his shoulders and was thrusting the his dick into her stroke after stroke. She was screaming and moaning how much she loved it. He told her that few women could take all of him like this and her pussy was damn nice.

After a little while he flipped her over on all fours and re-entered her. He pumped some more then thrust hard, put his head back and bellowed that he was "there". She was pushing back against him and wiggling her ass. After a few minutes, he pulled out pretty quickly and wiped his cock on her nurse costume. I then heard him say, "Anytime you need a ride, home or otherwise, call me sweetcheeks. You have the tightest pussy I've ever had." Then he left.

I went back to the front and entered through the front door. Nicki was still in the same position as when he left; apparently passed out. I looked at her, felt my cock trying to break through the costume material and said, "Oh, what the hell?" I undressed, got behind her and dipped my cock into her pussy. It was now so stretched and slippery that I was hardly feeling any friction.

Well, I knew how to fix that. I pulled out, placed my cock at the entrance to her ass and pressed. There was a little resistance at first, then her pucker opened right up and swallowed all of my cock. It was extremely wet and much looser than before, which I attributed to her being relaxed, but I was able to make a deposit into its recesses after only several minutes of pumping it.

After extracting myself from her bowels, I carried her upstairs and ran a bath for her. I cleaned her up and put her to bed, after taking a shower myself.

I woke up around 10 and she was already out of bed. I smelled the familiar scent of bacon and eggs and went downstairs. She had breakfast done and was flitting about as though she had tons of energy. Meanwhile, I had a slight hangover. I watched her and then we sat and ate. She asked if I had a good time at the party and I responded that I had. She then apologized for drinking too much and asked if we finished what we started. I asked her what that was and she said, "Don't you remember when I came up to you by the pool and asked if I could suck you off? Then you took me to the empty room in the basement?"

Now, I wasn't sure what to answer. If I told the truth, she might be freaked that she had done all those things with a stranger. I told her we did indeed finish and I even got more from her later. It wasn't exactly a lie, but it did bother me to do it. She said, "Did we do anything kinky? Because my ass was a little sore this morning."

I told her we tried but it didn't work out. She felt good about the whole thing and I figured I'd wait until the right time to tell her that she was sucked and fucked by three other guys, one of whom reamed her ass good, then I fucked her ass two more times. I just didn't think she was ready for that.

I never found out who the other Spiderman was as no one remembered there being two people with the costume. But, I did run into Carol one day at the local library and she said something odd to me. She said that she loved the fuck at the party and has thought about it a lot, but just can't do it to Mike again. Seems like the other Spiderman was pretty busy that night.



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    I loved the stories.
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    I loved it my wife and I have that same experience year after year. All at different friend's homes. she'll do at least 5 guys even teen boys and teen girls.