I arrived at the hotel room, and found Lucy there. What shocked me, however, was that Sheryl and Beatty were also present. Furthermore, they were all laying on the king-sized bed, which was turned down with the mattress and top sheet thrown aside. The most striking thing about the three of them, however, was the fact that they were all wearing only their bras and panties, and were each posed in a very alluring manner.

Lucy in particular was in the "lying down, feet on the bed, one knee bent up and the other knee slightly lower, toes pointed" sexy pose that I always died for. They were rubbing each other up and down and trading kisses, and frequently gazed at me with a big grin.

I gazed down at all three of them. I smiled and said, "Well, it looks like you three had something a bit more interesting in mind than a rendezvous with only Lucy and I." Then she spoke.

"Well, we want to play a game," Lucy cooed with a sneaky and sexy smile. "I think you'll like this game," she said and smiled wider, "because you can fuck all of us."

My eyes widened and I acquired a huge grin.

"But there are rules," Sheryl continued for Lucy. "First, you have to fuck all three of us, and you have to do so continuously. You can't stop to rest once you start."

"Second," Beatty added, "you have to fuck each of us for 30 seconds at a time, no more no less. After 30 seconds has expired, you have to move on to the next girl. That way, you treat all of us equally."

All three of them looked at each other and giggled. Sheryl gave Beatty a full kiss on her upper neck.

"Third, and this is the fun part," Beatty declared, "you are not allowed to use a condom." She exhaled.

I was stymied. "Are you all on the pill?" I asked.

"None of us are," Sheryl replied and giggled. "We're all relatively fertile right now, too."

I swung my head around to Sheryl. Were they serious?

"Fourth, once you start cumming inside one of us," Sheryl explained, "you are not allowed to stop cumming until you are finished. You have to unload all your cum inside only one girl. This way, one and only one of us will probably get pregnant," she said.

All three girls, nearly in unison, unbuttoned and slipped off their bras, so that I got a big eyeful of their seductive tits.

"Oh, and one more thing. This game can only be played right now. Not tomorrow, not next week, never again. And you might not get an opportunity to fuck any of us ever again, either. Well?" said Lucy.

I thought about it for a moment. I'd have given my right arm and right leg to fuck either Lucy or Sheryl - - they were that hot. If I knocked up Lucy or Sheryl, I guess I could be okay with that -- but the risk of knocking up Beatty was awful. Moreover, I did enjoy the single life. I didn't want a baby at all, but how could I pass a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity up? It was like a horny male dream. A threesome with two super hotties. What good is being single, anyway, if you can't have fun once in a while, right?

As I completed the thought, all three women hooked their thumbs under the straps of their panties and slowly pulled them down, off their sensuous mounds, and down their long legs. I was salivating.

"Hell yes, let's play!" I found myself saying.

The girls all looked at each other and giggled. "That's what we wanted to hear," Sheryl responded.

I didn't even need a drink. I couldn't wait to get started.

I mounted Lucy, and she set the 30-second timer. As I started to fuck Lucy, I could believe that I was actually inside this unbelievably hot model, unprotected, and pounding away at her fragile frame. I thought I was going to fire my load right there at the start, because I felt so horny and yet so relieved at the same time. It was paradise fucking Lucy.

Lucy was a swimsuit model and was of Polynesian descent. She had a killer tan but wasn't quite brown: more golden somehow. She had the long, silky, ultra- gorgeous hair which is common of an Asian bombshell, and the thin frame to match. Her waist was tiny and stomach flat and tight, and her legs were long and slender.

Her face was immaculately cute, with a small nose, alluring eyes, and full lips. You would swear it was face of a 15 year old, although Lucy was 23. Her makeup was perfect, that of a porn star, and her finger and toenails were painted cherry red. Her tits were definitely ample and perky for an Asian girl. Lucy had been on the cover of Sports Illustrated on more than one occasion, and was definitely more famous than I probably deserved. Some guys have all the luck!

I was so into Lucy that I had almost forgotten about Sheryl and Beatty, laying seductively right next to me and Lucy. I had met Lucy less than a week ago through Sheryl, whom I had known for about a year. Sheryl actually could be a model herself. She was a tall blonde, also with a golden tan. (Maybe girls with golden tans wandered around in packs, I fantasized.)

She had big, bright green eyes and a cute face. She was tall and slender, but womanly in shape. She had a French manicure on both her fingernails and her toenails, and dark red lipstick. Sheryl's breasts were larger than Lucy's but just as perky, and her nipples were like pencil erasers: very erotic.

Her long blonde hair was set in waves that went to the small of her back. Sheryl's legs were among the best I had ever seen, too. Sheryl had only thought about professional modelling off and on, although, at 21, I had definitely thought that any swimsuit photographer would die to have her in front of the lens.

Then there was Beatty. I had known Beatty the longest, maybe 4 years. She definitely contrasted to the other two girls, and not in a good way. Beatty was about 30 pounds overweight by my estimate, and it definitely showed on her belly, legs, arms, and face. She wasn't attractive nearly in the sense that either Lucy or Shirley were, although her face was cute in its own way. Her hands looked a bit like that of a man, and her legs were awkward and not very shapely.

Usually, her hair was always thrown about without care or purpose, and she rarely wore makeup. Today, however, her hair was clumsily bunched up in a pony tail, and she had on a marginal amount of makeup which was applied skillessly to her face. She hadn't painted her finger or toenails, either.

Beatty and I were on-and-off friends, but I knew her much better than the other two girls. She was 27 compared to my 24, and was good friends with Sheryl. I hadn't been interested in Beatty at all for a relationship or otherwise, and I think she had finally realized that fact after the first 3 years or so of our friendship. But anyway, it was she who knew Sheryl and Sheryl who had brought Lucy to this little surprise party!

Before I knew it, "BING!" the timer went off, and Lucy pushed me off, almost violently. "Go to Sheryl!" she yelled.

I pulled out of Lucy with a quick yank, moved over to Sheryl's awaiting, upturned hips, and plunged down into her waiting cunt. I started rhythmically moving around inside her, sensing her pleasure at initial penetration. Then I started pounding her faster. It felt really good. Again, I felt like I made it to about halfway -- or maybe a little more -- toward my goal of orgasm for the 30-second duration. When I had just started to really have fun fucking Sheryl, "BING!"

Dammit. Now it was Beatty's turn. True to the rules of the game, I pulled out of Sheryl and reluctantly moved over to Beatty. She had a huge smile on her face. It seemed to me that she looked as if she was a virgin at that moment, as if she had anticipated sex for a long time. However, she did not carry the aura of fear that a virgin might just before her first experience. Her round and baggy face just gave a happy smile, a smile of gleefulness.

I entered her more slowly than I had the first two girls. Lucy noticed and yelled, "Hey! Get inside her now and start fucking!" I did.

Beatty was more wet than the other girls (as I assumed she would be -- she probably didn't get as much sex as the other two girls did, I reasoned) and therefore was quicker to penetrate. I started fucking Beatty loyally, although I was really thinking about Lucy and Sheryl while I was screwing her. Beatty seemed to be enjoying it a lot, and I guessed that I was glad that I could give her some pleasure. "BING!" It was Lucy's turn again.

This time, Lucy was more wet so I went in more easily. I began to think of my orgasm. I had to cum in either Lucy or Sheryl to come out on top of this game (sort- of), so I figured that I should try my hardest to fuck to climax at the beginning of sessions with either of those two girls. I started fucking Lucy harder and faster -- and Lucy's face and body were driving me wild. However, I didn't get nearly as close to orgasm as I had expected to when the bell went "BING!"

Inside Sheryl, I again started trying to score my prize of sexual bliss, fucking her hard and fast just like I love to do when I am trying to cum. Sheryl smiled at me and winked at me, and it turned me on very much. Again, however, the bell's "BING!" came far too soon.

Beatty seemed to be more vigorous than before when I fucked her, and moved with my thrusts as I engaged her body. She still had that very wide, happy smile on her face. I could feel my orgasm growing a little, but not too much, and I was happy about that. "BING!"

The rounds with each girl continued in succession, and I stuck to my word of playing by the rules. Just the sight of Lucy and Sheryl was driving my cock to a huge length and impressive rigidity, as my lust continued to increase even as I fucked. Their perfect 10 bodies made me mad with desire. On the other hand, Beatty's body wasn't much more than a 4, I would guess.

It wouldn't have done much for me (in fact, I might have made me less horny than if I had been alone) had it not been for the fact that Sheryl and Lucy were right there. I kept looking over at Lucy and Sheryl's bodies, even as I was fucking Beatty. Their presence apparently made it irrelevant that the girl I was fucking wouldn't normally have turned me on.

I kept taking my rounds: Lucy, then Sheryl, then Beatty, then Lucy again. After around the 6th round with each girl, I noticed that I was getting slighter closer to climax when I was inside Beatty than when I was in either Lucy and Sheryl. This was despite the fact that I was vigorously trying to cum in either Lucy or Sheryl when it was their turns. This puzzled me greatly. Sure, I was looking mostly at Lucy and Sheryl's bodies almost all the time, but that shouldn't make me get closer while inside Beatty -- in fact, I expected the opposite.

After the 9th and 10th rounds, this trend was more apparent. I was definitely getting harder and closer to orgasm when I was inside Beatty as compared to the other two girls. I wasn't fucking Beatty very vigorously at all. All three girls still smiled at me as I fucked them: Lucy and Sheryl in a sexy and sinister way, and Beatty with the undisturbed, gleeful countenance.

What was going on? I was getting fairly close to orgasm while fucking Beatty during the 14th round when I figured it out. Lucy and Sheryl were not clenching my cock with their pussies at all. They were staying as loose as humanly possible, like soft jelly which doesn't push back.

They were not rutting with me as I fucked, either. On the other hand, Beatty was fucking me back when I thrust into her and she gripped my cock, squeezing it tightly and massaging it with her cunt muscles. She was doing the usual job of fucking that Lucy and Sheryl had shrugged off. Lucy and Sheryl were wearing my efforts down, while Beatty was invigorating my lust and bringing me closer to climax.

I guess I had been distracted by Lucy and Sheryl's good looks and didn't notice that their sex wasn't gratifying. This was very unsettling. "BING!" I moved to Lucy. I started fucking her desperately, screwing like a wild bucking bronco. I couldn't get anywhere. I wanted to cum so badly -- but my cock couldn't get there. I felt like it was a huge, overfilled water balloon which wanted to burst but had walls too thick to do so.

"BING!" I moved to Sheryl. Like a jackhammer I fucked, as if my orgasm was my ticket to salvation. I fucked and fucked and fucked, but still got nowhere. The time seemed to slow down as I pounded at Sheryl's cunt fruitlessly for 24 seconds. "Please -- please fuck me," I said to her. She didn't even blink and held her beautiful smile. "BING!"

I felt fear and dread. As I moved off Sheryl, she looked at my concerned face and gave a tiny little giggle. She almost sounded as if she thought I looked very cute. I reluctantly moved to Beatty, and paused as I placed myself at her opening. "Go in!" Sheryl ordered. I did.

I started pounding Beatty, trying to fight off my orgasm. I felt her pulling and squeezing and sucking at my cock with her pussy. It did feel good -- and my cock approved very much. Too bad my mind couldn't concur with my misguided cock's sentiment. I kept fucking her, as the rules stated. I was so close to orgasm now and I was very afraid. I looked over at the other two girls and their sexy bodies. My god, they were gorgeous. I saw both their faces looking over at mine, still smiling. They were so hot.

I looked over at the clock: "25 seconds.. 26.. 27.. 28.." Just as I started to pull out, I felt Beatty give my huge, bloated cock one last yank up with her cunt and I unleashed a tsunami of white fluid into her. "FUCK!" I moaned. As I began my orgasm, Lucy and Sheryl sprang up and ran over to me, Lucy on my left and Sheryl on my right, massaging me and rubbing their hands all over my back and chest. I felt both of them put pressure on my ass making it very difficult for me to escape. "You can't pull out now," Sheryl reminded me. "Yes, you have to shoot it all inside," Lucy reinforced.

I felt myself pump so much cum into Beatty's pussy that I was dumbfounded. If I had cum outside of her, I would have covered the entire room with white as well as all three girls. Wave after wave of intense pleasure shot through my body as I sprayed my semen inside this girl just like nature intended that I do. The pleasure was my reward -- my gift for fulfilling my role as a man.

I came for all of another 20 seconds before I finally stopped. Before I had regained my senses entirely, I felt Sheryl lean over to my right ear and whisper, "Daddy time." Then Lucy leaned over to my left ear and whispered, with a huge smile, "Now you're fucked," echoing the sentiment. I looked down at Beatty's face. Somehow, her smile was even more gleeful than before.


I couldn't believe my luck. I had been on two dates with the hottest girl that I could possibly imagine, and we had both had a great time at each one. I wasn't a good bowler or very adept at miniature golf, but that hadn't seemed to matter to Lucy. We had kissed for several minutes at the end of each date, but that was as much as we had done so far.

At the end of our second date, Lucy had said, smiling and still kissing me, "Hmm... Well, hmm.. I'm staying at my hotel for a few more weeks... Do you think that.. you would like to meet me at my hotel room tomorrow night?"

Was she kidding? I wanted nothing more! I was in heaven.

"Oh, I think we can work something out," I said with a sexy look and a smile. Lucy giggled.


When Sheryl introduced me to Lucy, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. "Girls who look like that don't exist in real life," I thought, but there she was. Sheryl, Lucy and I were at lunch, and I thought it was a lunch I wanted to last forever. By and by, Sheryl dismissed herself, claiming that she needed to go shopping, and left Lucy and I there together. What's more, Lucy didn't leave shortly after Sheryl did!

We talked for a while, and I tried to put on the charm as best I could. It must have worked, because Lucy asked if she could see me again. How about tomorrow night, bowling?

"Fuck yes!" I thought.


It was a little less than a year after Beatty, feeling worthless and completely vulnerable, had run to and confided in Sheryl when she had been lying at the pool. Even after that time, Sheryl felt strong sympathy for her friend and anger at the situation which caused it.

Beatty herself was still melancholy concerning what had happened, but had composed her life so that she wasn't so much affected by it on a day to day basis. Still, she was obviously sad to Sheryl: she had been that way all year long. Sheryl had wanted to help her during that time, but didn't know how. Sheryl's friend Lucy was very confident and seemed to know everything, so Sheryl and Beatty had come to Lucy's hotel room when she had been travelling through town.

The situation had been explained to Lucy and it was clear that she understood completely. Lucy smiled a large, winning, knowing smile. Beatty and Sheryl, who were both sitting on the bed while Lucy had been standing and listening, just looked at each other, confused, but they were glad that Lucy might have some good advice for Beatty's problem.

Lucy came over to both of them, still smiling, and kissed them both, in succession. She put her arms around them. "Don't worry girls, I know exactly what to do," she cooed.


Beatty ran around Sheryl's apartment, to the backyard and pool area where she knew Sheryl would probably be sunbathing. Beatty was crying.

Surely enough, Sheryl had been sunbathing, but turned her head to the right when she heard the gate to the backyard opening and closing. It was Beatty.

Beatty ran up to Sheryl, and Sheryl could see the tears immediately. "Fuck," she said. "What is wrong?"

Beatty explained what had happened, and the look of anger and resentment in Sheryl's face grew and grew. "Who the fuck does he think he is??" she screamed out after Sheryl was done. "He can't treat you like this. You're a good girl and a great catch. He's a crazy fool if he doesn't see that. Fucking men. They are all pigs!" She continued, a little calmer, holding Beatty, "Beatty, I know that it hurts, but maybe you should try to find someone else?"

Through the tears, Beatty said, "No, it's him. I love him. I love no one else, and I never will."

Sheryl, with her mouth slightly parted, just stared at Beatty, holding her. Then a small tear came running down her face as well. "We can find out something to do about this. I'm sure we can help Brad to see how wonderful you are. Brad needs to learn to be responsible for a change, and quit being a playboy. We can think of something."


"I'm sorry, Beatty, but that's just the way I feel," Brad explained. Beatty was now crying at the dinner table, and the other customers at the restaurant were starting to look in their direction.

"But I love you!" Beatty yelled.

"No, you don't, Beatty. You just think you do," was all the comforting that Brad could muster at the moment. "I just don't think about you that way. We are great friends, and I value your friendship very much. I don't want to lose that at all."

"Please... please... can't you just give me a chance?" she replied through the tears.

Brad reached his hand over to Beatty's arm. "Beatty, I think you are a great person, and some day, you will find the man who is right for you, and you two will be very, very happy together."

"But I want you," she pathetically murmured. Then she seemed angry, "We've been friends for 4 years: I thought you might like me --"

"I just don't feel that way, Beatty. I'm sorry," Brad interrupted.

"It's my body, isn't it!" she screamed. Most of the patrons at the restaurant were now looking their way. "And my looks. I'm too fat, and I'm not pretty. I don't know how to be pretty!" she yelled, and a fresh batch of tears erupted.

"Beatty, don't say that. Of course you are beautiful," he said, wanting to add, "in your own special way," but thought the better of it. "You will find someone who deserves you someday."

"You don't appreciate me for me!" she yelled. "I'm not just some slut who you can use to tickle your cock!"

"Beatty! Hey, hush!" Brad said, feeling all the eyes on them. "It's not like that. We haven't even had sex! Are you nuts?"

Beatty sprang up and ran out of the restaurant. Brad sighed. He regretted the last thing he had said to her.


Beatty couldn't wait to see Brad at dinner tonight. She was smiling. He had unexpectedly asked her to dinner tonight, and that was exciting. It might mean that he had finally decided to show some interest in her! She was in bliss. He might even decide to ask her out again, and then maybe to his apartment...

She gasped at the thought. Beatty had always been attracted to Brad, and who wasn't, she thought. Brad was a pretty sexy man, with dark, thick eyebrows, a deep tan, tall, dark and handsome. She had fallen for him not too long after they had met nearly 4 years ago. My, how time had flown.

She walked around her apartment, re-arranging her flowers over and over again. She thought of Brad. "Yes, he'll want me," she said to herself, "and we'll go to the park as a couple and hold hands and go to parties and be a couple and be so happy together." She could hardly contain herself. "Everyone will see us and know we are happy. Then, one day, he will ask me to marry him!" she thought, as she twirled around in a full circle several times with a big smile. She was swooning in anticipation.

"And someday," she thought with sudden excitement and confidence, "I am going to have his babies."



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