She'd heard about the masquerade party that was being held by the fraternity house. She was in the locker room of the gymnasium at the catholic high school and overheard two of the senior girls. The towel-wrapped, slim blonde girl was telling the Indian girl in bra and panties that her older brother at the college was on the fraternity's planning crew.

"What is it, some kind of, like, initiation?", asked the sweet brown girl. Her nipples were large, dark circles, clearly visible through the bra's thin material. She slipped a colorful silk blouse over her head.

"I didn't really ask him about it. I picked up the phone to make a call. He must have been on a call; he didn't hear me pick up the other line though," said the blonde. She was towel drying her curly, damp pubes. She put down the towel and preened her short, curly muff- tugging her curls. "All I heard them say was that it was supposed to be held in the old cemetery. You know, the one by the McGregor farm? It's supposed to be on Saturday night."

The Indian girl was adjusting her short kilt and straightening her knee-socks. "So, do you think you're going to go? Those guys usually hold great parties. Is this supposed to be a kegger or what?"

Blondie was shimmying into a pair of peach coloured panties, "I don't think this is supposed to be anything like that at all. He was really sounding all serious and kind of hush-hushed about it. Besides, he get all pissy if I showed up one of his fuckin' precious little fraternity things."

Sarita said, "Yeah, but you said it was going to be some kind of costume thing. He'll never have to know if we just keep our faces covered."

Claire, the blonde answered, "Hmmmmmmmm, that might work. Besides, I might get some good dirt on him."

They giggled and agreed to think about their costumes in study hall.

Amy hadn't ever spoken to the two girls, but had seen them in the change rooms before. Their school was large enough to run two gym classes simultaneously. Where Claire and Sarita were both eighteen, Amy was only sixteen. To look at her, she was nothing you'd notice in the hallways; she was rather plain. In the locker room however, her charms were somewhat more apparent.

She dropped her towel onto the wooden bench by her own locker and started sorting out her clothes. She was a petite girl, maybe five feet three or four. She had long black hair; wavy black hair that came down to the small of her back. Her skin was pale and she had freckles on her nose. She stepped into a pair of pink panties with a little red bow on the front. Her sparse black pubic curls were tufted enough that her little pussy was almost obscured, but not quite. Her lips were just evident if you looked for a moment.

She tugged the panties into place. Next, she reached for her little pink bra. It was a very fine B cup, better to think of it as a sumptuous mouthful. She clasped it closed and then turned it around to slip her arms through the sleeves. Her breasts were like mangoes; pert and pointed and capped with thick coral nipples. Her areolae were large and her nipples were long and thick in the chill of the locker room air.

Amy wanted so much to be popular. She decided that she was going to think of a costume of her own and go to that party too.

When Saturday afternoon arrived, Amy had just put the finishing touches on her costume. She had whipped up a simple, but sexy belly dancer's costume. She made pink genie pants that were gauzy and showed off her firm young legs. She would wear her slippers from ballet class.

Her tight young belly would be exposed. She'd be a swirl of pink chiffon and skin. She thought about her costume some more. She debated whether she should wear bra and panties or just maybe just go braless, wearing only a slinky little pink camisole. She decided that that would be the best way to show off her pert little budding breasts.

Later that evening, she came down the stairs as quiet as a mouse. Her parents were asleep. She expected she'd be back long before morning; they'd never even know she was gone.

She went outside quietly and called a taxi on her cell phone.

Soon, she was standing at the edge of the cemetery. Amy crept her way in past the heavy iron gate and walked over to an old mossy mausoleum. She crept into the alcove and, peering around cautiously, she began to change into her costume. She stowed her clothes into her knapsack. She realized she had no place for her wallet or her cell phone or keys; so, she decided to stuff them in the knapsack and place the bag in the shadows of this resting place.

She stepped out into the pale moonlight and the chilly autumn air caused her breasts to tighten up; her nipples became hard and pointy, poking through her skimpy top.

Her ballet slippers became damp with the dew from the lawn. As she wound her way past old, worn stones, she began to hear voices. They sounded as though they were chanting something. As she rounded a small mounded plot, she immediately caught sight of their bonfire. Amy felt butterflies in her stomach. She made out several silhouettes, but didn't recognize anyone. She crept in closer; they were dancing around the fire. There was a sudden bright blast of light; someone spewed alcohol into the pyre. There was a chorus of drunk sounding cheers, loud, drunken male voices.

She steeled herself. She had come all this way and wasn't going to chicken out now. She slunk closer and soon was skulking behind a worn old headstone, when all of a sudden someone else spewed alcohol into the fire. In the ensuing flare of light she was suddenly spotted.

"Heyyyyyyy, brothers," bellowed a drunken frat boy, "It seems like our prayers have been answered and a sacrifice has arrived." The frenetic drumming stopped and all eyes turned to face Amy. The frat boy who shouted was dressed as a jackal. Amy saw another frat boy dressed as a goat and another as a wolf. She scanned the crowd and saw only frat boys in various costumes; she saw no girls at all.

"Ummmmmm, uhhhhh, hello boys," she said weakly. "Nice party."

"Come here you pretty little thing. You look cold," said another frat boy. His eyes were fixed on the silhouettes of her young titties, straining against the thin fabric of her little silk half blouse. Amy followed his gaze and noticed her bosom was clearly outlined by the bright firelight.

"Where are all the other girls?", she asked. She was expecting to see Claire and Sarita, if not lots of other girls.

"We've been asking the gods that all night," said one of the masked revelers. "But then you were delivered to us."

She didn't know what to do or how to act. She'd never been out to a party, even with other sixteen year olds, much less with a dozen or more drunk frat guys, celebrating God knows what. She wanted to be accepted so she reached out and took the hollowed out cattle horn that was being offered her. It burned her mouth. She'd never tasted brandy of course. "Drink up little sister", said a tiger headed frat boy. He tipped up the horn as she drank from it. Brandy spilled over her lip and soaked the front.

"Oooooooooooh!" she squealed.

All the frat boys laughed at this. Her thick left nipple was clearly revealed through her clingy wet blouse. "Let her drink up brother tiger," said the wolf-headed frat boy. "Go on little one."

Amy's head shook as the burn from the brandy spread down her throat. "O-okay," she said uncertainly. She had never tasted alcohol before in her life and after a few more sips, she was feeling tipsy. "I don't know what's happening to me," she said giggling.

The clouds drifted away, revealing a full moon glaring down at her; encircled by thirteen college guys-all of them leering at her. Each of the guys was sporting an erection, Amy noticed. Their togas appeared to be the only things that kept their raging lusts from view.

"Do you know what is going to happen to you tonight, you little silky thing? We're going to fill up your womb and one of us will be making your belly grow as of tonight."

Amy shook her head vigorously, trying to clear away her double vision. "What are y-y-you guys talking about, no, I gotta go home." The circle closed in on her in a throng. She tried to slip away from the hands that were clutching at her, but her wrists were soon clamped tightly and her arms were spread apart. "Please... just let me go home."

The tiger-headed one approached her and began rubbing his hands up and down all over her thin silk half-top. Amy's nipples stood out like thimbles and his fingers first brushed roughly over them and then were fully pinching them as she winced.

"Ahhhh, owwww, oooohhhh!" she hissed as tiger abused her nipples. She closed her eyes tightly for a moment but then opened them again momentarily as she felt two other sets of hands begin to paw her barely clad body. She shivered in the cool night air and her skin was goose-bumped.

Soon, tiger relinquished his abuse of her nipples and she felt him untying the sash she wore. The silky, gauzy genie pants slid down her legs as easy as you please. Amy's body was lifted right up off the ground and the wolf-headed one snatched her pants away and cast them into the bonfire. The serpent-headed fratboy to her left, turned her so she saw them go up in flames.

"Noooo, no, no, noooo," she said as she shook her head trying to break free from his grasp-trying to escape this nightmare. "Don't hurt me. Pleee-e-e-a-a-aaase," She was sobbing now.

In her short, innocent life, she had no experience to compare with this, no experience with boys whatsoever; but she knew what was going to happen to her.

"This might hurt you a little or this might hurt you a lot," said the wolf-headed fratboy. "Is that what we want brothers; for this virgin to be sacrificed painfully? Shall we sear this night into her memory for all time to come?"

A roar of approval was heard all around her. Amy knew that they were too far out in the old cemetery; she knew nobody could save her.

"No...no, no... no, no, no, no...pleeasse NO!" she cried.

Soon tiger and wolf both had their togas pulled aside and she was forced to witness them revealing their rigid erections. Each was pumping their cocks, engorging them with blood, getting ready for her.

Amy heard the sound of a knife locking into place and felt her silky top and vest being pulled tightly against her flesh as an unseen brother sliced through her clothes. Soon, she felt the soft, silky swoosh of her tattered clothes being pulled off her body and saw them fly over her head in an arc and land in the fire.

Now she was being held with arms spread apart wearing only the soft, high-cut panties she'd bought especially to go with her costume. Other hands from behind were now yanking her feet apart and she was clasped spread- eagled for all these fratboys to see.

In her panic, she looked around, her eyes wild with fear. All the other fratboys she saw were standing with their togas pulled aside and they were all brandishing, what seemed to her eyes to be enormous erections.

"Brother bear, put her to her knees," instructed brother tiger. Brother bear was one of the fratboys grasping her wrists. He and Brother snake at her other side put a hand on each shoulder and soon Amy was thrust to the damp, mossy ground. By now her face was tear stained and she sobbed. "Now fix her head," said tiger.

Two hands adjusted her head forcibly and as Amy saw tiger approaching her face with his straining, twitching cock covered in pre-cum, she let out a wild scream. It was blood curdling. Many of the brothers were spurned on by her protests and their erect loins began to bob around, yearning to invade her soft, gooey virginal places.

Her face was scorched by the sudden sting of tiger's hand as he slapped her and she was suddenly silent. She was dazed and momentarily shocked; her mouth was agape. Tiger then stepped forth and slid his swollen cock along her pink tongue, right into her startled virgin mouth. Her eyes went wide. "Mmmmmmmph, mmm, gluuckk," she muttered as she tried to protest around the throbbing member and then gagged as it deep-throated her.

Tiger had his hands on her head and began to fuck her mouth and throat, slowly at first but soon his tempo increased. Through the eyeholes of his mask, her looked down at her eyes streaming tears and her mascara running amuck. He tilted his head back as his ejaculation approached. He'd been holding off for several days in anticipation of this ceremony and so the flood of come he sent down her throat was copious. Amy coughed and a gagging sound was heard from around the large member that was still nestled in her throat.

As the now limp cock was withdrawn from her mouth, a large strand of jism joined tiger's purple glans with Amy's pouting lips. "Now for the good stuff!" he growled. "Stand her up for me lads.

Brother's bear and snake wrenched her to her unsteady feet and now it was tiger's turn to kneel down. Soon his masked face was right in line with her pale lilac coloured silk panties and he hooked his eager fingers into the sides of the fabric and formed his hands into claws that now pulled her panties down slowly. Amy and the others could hear brother tiger inhaling her light girl-smell deeply. He lifted one then the other of her legs and put the panties under his robe where they disappeared. In stead, his hand came back out with his yet again growing, aching member.

All the fratboys could hear her snivelling and sniffing in her distress. "P-p-pleeeaaase... pleaaaaaaaase just let me go hoooooommmmmmme!" she cried; her eyes clenched tightly.

Ignoring this, brother tiger began to stroke her sparse muff; edging his way closer and closer to the cleft where her clit was hiding.

With a glance at brother's bear and serpent, they released their grip from Amy and tiger shoved her to the ground roughly. She gasped as the air was forced out of her. Her legs flailed as though she were treading water and Tiger fell on top of her and held her legs still.

"Wrists...ankles!" he ordered. Four brothers each took an ankle or a wrist and spread her wide open for tiger to feast upon.

"Now it's time to smash that little cherry of yours and have us a sacrifice!" he said loudly to her for all to hear. This was followed by hoots and cheers. When the cheering stopped, all that could be heard was tiger's excitedly heavy breathing and Amy's panicked mewing and crying. Tiger swept aside his toga and grasped his thick cock; rubbing it all over her tight slit. He oozed his juices all over her gash and soon Amy felt him pressing the bulbous head against her clit.

Soon his rubbing was met with success when her body began to lubricate itself, despite her protests. She fought to free her arms and legs, but they were held too tightly. Tiger and several of the other brothers who now knelt by to observe her defloration, saw his purple head start to slip between her lips. With that sight, they all began to stroke themselves more earnestly in anticipation of their turn.

He pushed his head in and out in short strokes until her pussy was juicy enough to cause no more friction on his head and when that moment came he... slipped... right into her halfway.

"On the count of three!" said brother wolf loudly. They all counted aloud. "ONE! TWO! THR..."

...but tiger had jumped the gun and lunged his raging erection deep into her, tearing her hymen violently.

"....EEEE!" they finished chanting as tiger's cock emerged covered in Amy's virginal blood.

At that same moment, Amy inhaled sharply and started to scream and flail her head from side to side. Tiger steadied her head and clamped his hand over her mouth and continued pumping in and out of her ruined pussy. "Shhhhhhh!" he said; but each thrust was delivered with such force that her eyes showed her wincing each time he slammed into her.

Soon, the eye holes of his mask turned white as the fratboy-tiger rolled his eyes back and pressed himself into her hard and stayed there with there pelvises pressed together. He was coming. He was shooting spasm after spasm of his seed into her ready-virgin womb. Would he be the one he thought?

He withdrew his slick cock and immediately brother wolf took his place and began fucking her while digging his nails like claws into the tender skin on her hips. He too emptied his load into her pussy, hoping he would seed her womb.

To Amy, it was like a non-stop blur of poundings and different weights on her body and different breath smells and different masks.

It was: tiger then wolf. Then jackal added a fresh thick dollop inside of her followed by bear, serpent (who lived up to his name and fucked her as if possessed by a cobra), goat and hare. Rooster-boy left long bloody raking nail marks on her ribs as he went at her in a fury. Fox was next, then a beetle faced fratboy and a monkey.

Crow was next to last and he slid his rigid member into the now foaming, frothing, overflowing pussy she once had and pinched her nipples cruelly as he deposited his sperm.

Last came the rhino-masked monster. Slow and lumbering, he was powerfully built. "What a mess you are," he said and then spat onto Amy's stomach. He grabbed her ankles out of their restraining hands and tipped he pelvis back by lifting her legs up. This had the dual effect of keeping the lake of semen swimming down by her cervix and also, it positioned her as-yet ignored virgin rosebud right at rhino's penetration level.

"Fix my toga," he said to anyone standing nearby. Goat lifted up the fabric while rooster tipped Amy's head up and focused her teary, defeated eyes on the long shaft near her last virgin portal.

It looked enormously wide... painfully, cruelly, impossibly wide, even after all the fucking she'd just sustained. She was very bleary and hadn't divined what was unfolding itself before her... or behind her as the case may be.

Rhino forced his huge prick into her tight snatch and buried himself as deeply as he could within her. Amy looked like she was in agony. He stopped, apparently having reached her bottom, but there was still another two or three inches left outside of her ravaged birth canal.

"Huuunnnnnnnhhhhhhh!!" grunted rhino as he forced himself fully into her.

Amy screamed in reverse; sharply inhaling through the pain. Then he began to actually fuck her.

On each outward stroke he made a popping sound as he emerged from her spermy and seemingly injured pussy. There were droplets of red mixed in with the goo. Once he neared completion, he threw his full weight upon her and planted his big cock for his load's best possible trajectory. Amy let out a gasp as his weight knocked the wind out of her.

Rhino snorted loudly and bellowed like his totemic animal would. Amy felt as if a strong index finger was deliberately poking her cervix again and again. She realised that this was the force of his ejaculation.


Reefing his cock back out of her, a river of come dribbled down to her ass and rhino grunted again. "Ohhhhh yeeaaaahhhh! Hold her for me boys... hold her for me cuz she's about to die and go to hell!!!" His gaze was on her puckery and as-yet-untouched little rosebud.

Amy looked at him, barely conscious, and thought he was going to rape her again. He was, but lightning never strikes twice in the same place!

"Whaaaaat?" she said softly as she felt his massive tennis ball sized head pressing against her sphincter. "No, no... not there... please," she whispered as she gazed up at the rhino mask pleadingly. It simply nodded and the fratboy said, "Mmmm Hmmmmmmmmm!"

With strong, steady pressure and with the aid of his slime covered cock and the river of sperm running out of the gaping hole that was once her tiny, tender pussy-he forced her open and she began to scream and even when they put their hands over her mouth, they could all hear her suffering shriek as rhino continued to split her open.

Her tightly clenching rosebud was opening up to reluctantly accept the full width of his head and he pressed on forward into her. There was nothing gradual about the way her insides were being stretched as he kept forcing his whole length into her backside. Her scream was only interrupted by her gasps for air, wherein she screamed again.

"Make way," said rhino and everyone moved aside. He leaned forward and his huge mass covered her. Her small, sixteen year old legs were hooked over his enormous thighs and her delicate looking arms stuck out from under him. That was all the others could see of her.

Rhino was almost smothering her in his embrace; simultaneously using her body and the cemetery ground for traction. He proceeded to hammer in and out and in and out of her surprisingly fast. Each time his body slammed into hers concussively. Then after a sweaty frenzy of humping, he was became still save for the spasms of his monstrous testes as they emptied their contents into her rectum.

He got off of her bruised, sweaty body and they all could see the sperm and droplets of blood issuing from both her holes. She was ruined; and probably also pregnant with one of their babies.

They ended their ceremony quickly and dowsed their fire and dragged her limp, sobbing body to a freshly dug grave. The threw her into the six foot hole and scattered thirteen different ways under the moonlight. Prologue.

Spring turned to summer and summer to fall and whenever any of the fratboys drove past the house listed on her identification which they'd found, they saw her belly grew more and more and knew they had in fact ruined her for good. Judging by the size of her burgeoning belly and now huge pendulous breasts, they suspected rhino got his wish.



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