"Oh fuck Dave! Pound it in me, yeah, fuck me harder!" I groaned as he slammed his rock hard cock into my body.

Dave picked up the pace as he lifted my legs over his shoulders and plunged his dick deeper into my twat. I groaned as I felt him hitting my cervix. I felt my pussy begin to convulse around his hard cock. I screamed out my orgasm as my cunt flooded its juices around his pounding cock. I heard him groan out as he filled my pussy with his hot sticky cum. He continued to fuck me as he emptied his nuts into my hot cunt. I kissed him deeply as his dick slowly began to shrink in my pussy.

"Wow Dave, you sure know how to please a woman." I said.

"The pleasure was mutual Sarah, you're a great fuck."

We dressed quickly and left the supply closet. Dave and I both work third shift at the VA hospital. It was pretty slow this weekend. They discharged most of the patients on our ward yesterday so this weekend we only had two young soldiers to tend to. Phil was a 22 year old man who lost his right leg and right arm in a roadside bomb in Iraq. Carl was an 18 year old who is suffering from serious eye injuries from a blast in Iraq also. The doctors are hoping by keeping his eye's covered he might regain his sight at some point in time.

Dave and I were sitting at the nurse's station when I saw the call light on for Phil's room. I told Dave that I would take care of it. He told me that he was going to put his head down and catch a few winks of sleep. I told him to have a good nap as I headed for Phil's room.

I walked through the door seeing Phil rubbing his stump. He lost his leg just above the knee. I asked him what the problem was. He told me that he had a terrible itch and just can't seem to satisfy it. I lifted his stump checking the bandages to make sure they were clean and dry. I told him that everything looks fine. I rubbed his stump gently trying to massage the nerve that was causing the itch.

"You are having what they call, 'phantom itch'?"

"It is a very common disorder among amputees," I added.

"What can be done about it, it's driving me crazy," Phil said.

"It usually passes after a few minutes, try not to think about it."

"I tried but I can't concentrate on anything but this fucking itch."

I looked down at him and saw that he was in agony. I also saw that the hospital gown had shifted up his legs when I lifted his stump. I could see his erect cock through the leg opening in his boxer shorts.

"Close your eyes and relax, I will try to get the itching to stop," I said softly.

Phil closed his eyes and tried to relax his tensed muscles. I rubbed the end of his stump gently moving in small circles around the base of it. I could see that he was relaxing the more I rubbed. I moved my hand up his thigh massaging all around as he sighed his approval. I kept my hands going upward until I was inside the leg opening of his boxers. I felt his cock head touching my hand as his eyes flew open.

"Oh don't do that, it's been so long I might not be able to control it," he groaned.

I took the tip of his cock in my hand and slowly felt all around its soft spongy head. I felt the precum that had leaked out of the piss hole. Phil moaned loudly as I moved my hand down his throbbing cock shaft. I moved my hands to his shorts and pulled them off his body. I stared at his erect 8 inch cock with its precum oozing from the tip.

"Oh Sarah, it's been so long since anyone has done that."

I used his precum to lube his cock as my hand went up and down his hard shaft. I went fast then slow, moved my hand up and down then twisted my hand as I moved it. I could see that Phil was enjoying every variation that I did on his cock. I moved my face down to his crotch and licked up his precum.

I tasted the saltiness of his juice as my tongue twirled around his soft cock head. I ran my tongue down his shaft, licking every inch of his hardness. When I reached the base of his cock, I started to lick upward. I licked the big blue vein that ran up his dick. I licked the all around the underside of his mushroom capped cock head. When I reached the tip, I sucked his cock into my warm mouth.

"OHHHHHH fuck that's good!"

I moved my mouth down letting more of his hardness into my mouth. Phil reached up grabbing me by the hair and humped his hips upward driving more of his cock into my mouth. I felt his cock at the entrance of my throat. I began to swallow as I moved downward letting his cock enter my throat. I heard Phil moan loudly as my throat muscles milked his cock. I pulled back a little to catch my breath and began to bob up and down on his cock. I knew that Phil wasn't going to last long. His hips were beginning to hump at my face faster as I sucked his cock harder.

"Suck it Sarah, OOHHHHH suck my cock!!" he cried.

I moved my hands down so I could massage his cum loaded balls. I rolled them softly in my hands as my mouth moved on his hard cock. I felt his cock beginning to swell in my mouth. His nuts moved up in his hairy sack as he moaned groaned loudly.

|"AAAAAWWWWW, AAAAAHHHHHHH, Oh Sarah, I'm cumming, Holy fuck I'm cumming," he screamed.

I felt the first powerful blast of cum hit the roof of my mouth. Soon I was being flooded with his hot sticky cum. I swallowed rapidly to avoiding being drowned in a sea of cum. Phil had hold of my hair and was guiding my head up and down on his spurting cock. He shot 6 strong spurts of cum into my mouth before he began to dribble the rest out of his dick. I lapped up all the cum that was oozing from his cock as he finally let go of my head. When I pulled my face away from his cock, it was still rock hard.

"I guess I didn't do a good enough job," I laughed.

"Oh man, you did just great, but I'm still hard and horny."

"How about giving me a ride on that pogo stick?" I asked.

"Are you serious?" he said.

"I just sucked you off, it's the least you can do for me"

"Damn, climb on top then."

I quickly took off my uniform as Phil watched my every move. In a flash I was standing naked in front of Phil.

"My God, you are absolutely beautiful," he whispered.

"You don't have to say that, I'm going to fuck you anyway."

"I know I don't but you are gorgeous," he said.

I climbed onto the bed straddling his hips. I bent down placing my lips on his. I felt his tongue at my mouth and opened it to allow him in. His tongue moved all around my mouth exploring every inch of it. I sucked on his tongue softly as his hands found my chest and began fondling my breasts.

I sighed as his fingers played with my erect nipples. I could feel his hard cock against my cunt crack as I wiggled my ass on his hardness. I moved up so that he could suck my tits. He chewed softly on each nipple sucking the tit into his mouth as he bit down gently. My pussy was oozing out its juice in a steady stream as he sucked and bit on my nipples.

"OOHHH Phil, God you're making me so wet," I moaned as he bit down on my nipple.

"Move up farther so I can lick your cunt," he ordered me.

I crawled up to his face pushing my sopping wet pussy against his lips. I could feel his tongue snaking into my cunt crack. He ran it up my slit to my clit. He sucked my hard nubbin into his mouth and bit at it lightly. I groaned loudly as he began to suck on it steadily. I could feel my cunt leaking it's cum out onto his chin as he lapped my clit.

I moved up a little so his tongue was at my pussy hole. He didn't waste any time in plunging his tongue deep into my cunt. He wiggled it back and forth as it wormed its way deep into my pussy. I rotated my hips on his tongue when he had it all the way in. I slowly raised myself up then lowered myself down again on his tongue.

"Shit, that's enough, I need you inside of me now," I told him as I moved down his body again.

I raised his hard cock with my hand placing his cock head at the entrance of my cunt. I let my hips fall and felt his cock slide all the way into my cunt. I groaned as my cunt stretched to accommodate his 8 inches of meat. I could feel him bumping against my cervix as I ground my hips on his. His cock was pulsing inside of my pussy, I could feel each beat of his heart through the pulsing of his cock.

"UUUGG! Oh God Phil, I'm so full of your cock, shit it's stretching me farther than I have ever been," I moaned as my hips began to move up and down on his cock.

"Mother fuck you feel so good, OH FUCK!"

Phil took hold of my hips and began to lift me up and down on his stiff pole. It wasn't long before I was bouncing hard on his rock hard cock. I could feel it poking my cervix with each thrust of his hips. I was riding his cock hard and fast when my first orgasm hit me. I let out a shriek as I poured my cunt juice over his pounding cock. Phil moaned as my cunt convulsed around his hard prick.

"Holy shit, I feel your pussy milking at my cock," he groaned as I finished my orgasm.

"Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! OH YEAH!" Phil panted as he continued to pound into me.

I begged him to fuck me hard and make me cum again. I pleaded with him not to cum until I did. Phil reached up and pulled my nipples hard giving them a twist. That took me to the edge once more.

"Aw fuck Phil, I'm cumming again! Cum with me! NOW!" I begged him.

My body began to shake as I reached my climax. I shuddered and shook as my pussy gripped his cock in a vice like grip. Phil let out a loud moan as he shot his spunk deep into my cunt. I felt his cock twitching in me as he unloaded his nuts. He washed the walls of my cunt with his hot sticky cum in waves.

I couldn't remember the last time that a man emptied that much cum into me. Phil was moaning with each spurt of his cum. When his cock slowed down to just oozing cum I pulled his cock from my pussy. I quickly put his slimy cock in my mouth taking the last of his cum in my mouth. He groaned loudly as I cleaned his cock of all the cum I could find.

"How is that phantom itch you were complaining about?" I asked.

"Jesus Sarah, you are incredible. I don't have an itch anywhere now."

I kissed him deeply letting him taste himself on my lips. He surprised me by shoving his tongue into my mouth to get all of his cum he could. I broke off the kiss telling him that I needed to get back to work. He thanked me over and over again for taking care of his needs. I told him that anytime he needs to have an itch scratch just call me. I walked out of the room and back to the nurse's desk. Dave was still sleeping with his head in his arms as I sat down next to him. He slowly opened his eyes as he looked at me smiling.

"What are you smiling at?" I asked.

"Nothing much, just the stream of cum running down your leg."

"Sorry, I thought that I had it all cleaned up."

"Who was the lucky guy?"

"Phil had an itch in his stump and I helped him forget about it."

"If that's all it takes, I have an itch in my leg too," Dave laughed.

"Fuck you, you always have an itch," I shot back smiling at him.

Dave and I did our paperwork for the next hour or so. I sent Dave to lunch about 3 in the morning. I was reading my book when Carl's call light began to flash. I put my book down and headed down the hall. I pushed Carl's door open and saw him laying in bed with his arms moving all around searching for something.

"What are you looking for Carl?" I asked him.

"I have to pee and can't find the pee bottle."

"Here, let me help you."

I walked around to his night stand and grabbed the bottle that is used as a urinal. I asked him if he needed help and he told me that he would appreciate my help. I pulled the bed sheets down so I could get at his hospital gown. I pulled the bottom of the gown up to his waist.

I fished his cock out of his briefs and put the head of his cock into the bottle. I told him that he was all set to go. I waited and soon heard the steady stream of piss filling the bottle. He peed for a long time before it slowed to a trickle. When he was finished I shook his cock a few times to get the last drops out of his dick.

"Feel better?" I asked him.

"I didn't know if I would make it or not," he said.

I could feel his cock begin to grow as I held it in my hand. Carl gave a nervous laugh telling me that if I kept holding him I would end up with a handful. I laughed and told him that I wouldn't mind that at all. It didn't take long before he was at his full length of about 7 inches. He was smaller in length than Phil but his circumference was a lot bigger. His cock was about the size of my wrist. I wondered if I could ever fit something so thick in my cunt.

"Lordy Carl, your cock is really thick!" I said. "I think I need to clean it up a bit after you used the bed pan."

I lowered my head down and licked is thick spongy head. I could hear the moan the escaped his lips as he felt my lips close over his cock. My mouth was open about as wide as I could to get his huge cock head inside. I can't ever remember having a cock this thick in my mouth before.

"Oh Sarah, God it feels good. Thank you for this," he said.

I moved my head up and down slightly on his thick cock when I heard the door opening. Carl didn't hear it but I did and saw Dave standing there stroking his hard cock as he watched me blow Carl. I waved my hand at him signaling him to come in. He walked silently over to the bed. I pulled my mouth off of Carl's stiff cock and offered it to Dave.

I knew that Dave liked to suck a dick once in a while so I figured he would want to suck something this big. Dave didn't disappoint me, he took hold of Carl's thick cock and pushed it inside of his mouth. I moved up to Carl's head and let my lips touch his. I ran a tongue over his lips opening my mouth slightly.

"Whoa, if you're kissing me, who's sucking my dick?" he asked.

"That would be me," Dave laughed as he pushed Carl's dick back into his mouth.

"AAAHHHHHHHH Jesus, I don't care who sucks me, just let me cum," Carl groaned.

I crawled up on the bed so I could sit on Carl's face. I lowered my wet pussy to his lips as I faced Dave. This gave me a perfect view of Carl's thick cock sliding in and out of Dave's mouth. I felt Carl pushing his tongue deep into my pussy hole. I ground my cunt on his face as I sighed softly.

Dave was licking Carl's cock all around the huge head. I watched as his tongue came out licking up the precum that was oozing from the slit. Dave told me to watch and he would show me how to take it all in. I bet him a cup of coffee that he couldn't take the whole thing.

"Shit, watch and learn sweetheart," he laughed at me.

Dave slowly sucked Carl's cock back into his mouth. I could see his tongue swirling around the head of the massive cock as he went lower. He had about an inch and a half left to go when I heard him gag. I chuckled out loud as he pulled the cock back out of his mouth. His eyes were red and he was swallowing hard to get rid of the excess saliva that his mouth had produced. He told me that he wasn't giving up yet. Carl's tongue was pushing in and out of my sopping wet cunt in a steady rhythm.

Dave sucked Carl's cock back into his mouth until he was at the gag point. I watched him as he paused for a moment and then shoved his face down hard on the rock hard pole.

"Oh my God, you did it, you have him in your throat."

I watched in awe as Dave's throat muscles were rippling up and down on the thick intruder. Carl moaned into my pussy as he felt his cock being milked by Dave's throat muscles. I loved the feelings that Carl's moaning was causing in my cunt. The vibrations from his moans were making me pour out my cunt cum in a steady stream. Carl was lapping up every drop that he could find.

Dave had pulled Carl's cock from his throat and was now bobbing his head up and down on it trying to get Carl to shoot his load. Dave reached down massaging Carl's nut sack as he sucked on his thick cock. Carl was groaning more often as he neared his climax.

"Suck me! Oh fuck Dave, suck my cock! Fuck Dave, I'm going to cum soon... OH YEAH! Suck me deep again!" Carl begged.

Dave moved his mouth down fast letting Carl's cock to slip into his throat again.

"I'm cumming! Oh so good! I'm cumming!!" Carl shouted.

I watched as Dave's throat worked hard to swallow all the sperm that was pouring down it. Dave was gulping fast so he wouldn't choke on the flood of hot sticky cum. Carl was moaning into my pussy that caused me to hit my orgasm.

"YES! I'm cumming too, lick my cunt, OHHH!" I shrieked.

Carl and I both shuddered hard as our bodies pumped their juices out. Dave finished swallowing all of Carl's cum and licked his softening cock clean. Carl in the mean time was shoving his tongue deep into my pussy to get every last drop of my sweet cream. I finally had to climb off of Carl to get him to stop. I looked down at his cock and saw that it was growing hard once again.

"Think you can do it now?" Dave asked me.

"I'll do it or I will fucking die trying," I told him.

"I can't believe I just had my dick sucked by another man but it was great Dave," Carl said.

"I sure would like to sink my cock into a hot wet pussy though" Carl told us.

"That can be arranged after I get this thick cock in my throat," I told him.

I bent down taking his cock in my mouth. I sucked it in until I felt it at the entrance to my throat. I choked back the instinct to gag as I slowly pushed my mouth farther down on his hard cock. I heard Carl groan loudly as the head of his cock popped into my throat.

"Way to go, I see I'm a good teacher," Dave said as my lips touched Carl's pubic hair.

I let my throat muscles work on Carl's cock for a few minutes while I breathed through my nose. I massaged his cum laden balls as I held him deep in my throat.

"Oh fuck, I want to feel your cunt on my cock," he moaned.

I climbed on the bed straddling his waist. I took hold of his cock holding it at my cunt hole as I lowered myself down on his hardness. I felt him slide all the way into my cunt as I let my body fall on his. He was a lot thicker than Phil or Dave and I really felt stretched. I looked at his face as I rode his cock. His eyes might have been bandaged but I could see the smile on his face and knew that he was happy.

"What the hell is all this noise in here," Phil said as he wheeled himself in the room.

"How the hell did you get in your chair?" Dave asked him.

"I may be a cripple but I'm not useless," he laughed.

"Can anyone join or do I need an invitation," Phil joked.

Dave asked him what it was that he wanted. He told Dave that he didn't really know but that since he sucked his first cock tonight he was in the mood to try just about anything.

"I wouldn't mine seeing you two suck each other off or maybe letting Dave fuck your ass," I told Phil.

"Wow, that is something I didn't think about but maybe I might just try it."

"Let me suck that cock of yours," Dave told him as he pushed him to the empty bed next to Carl's bed.

"Shit, I wish I could see two guys sucking each others cock," Carl grunted as he pumped his cock in my cunt.

"Have you ever sucked a guy's cock before Carl?" I asked.

"Only one time when I was about 12 and curious with a friend of mine."

Dave walked over to Carl's head and placed his cock on Carl's lips. I could feel Carl tense up as he realized that there was a hard cock at his mouth. I ground my cunt on his cock as his mouth opened up and took Dave's cock inside. I watched as Dave pushed his entire length into Carl's mouth. Carl began to fuck me hard as he sucked on Dave's cock.

"Fuck Carl, keep sucking it like that and I'll fill your mouth with my sticky cum," Dave said.

Carl sucked harder on the cock as he pushed his cock faster into my pussy. Dave held Carl's head as he began to face fuck the blind man. I watched Dave's cock slide in and out as I rode Carl's cock Dave was panting hard and I knew that it wouldn't be long before he emptied his balls into Carl's mouth. I reached down and massaged Carl's heavy nuts as he pounded his cock into my pussy.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming Carl! Take it all! Oh shit here it cums!" Dave shouted.

I could see Carl swallowing fast trying to get every drop of Dave's hot sticky cum that blasted out of his cock. Dave held his cock deep in Carl's throat as he spurted his seed out. Carl took every drop of the slimy goo into his throat then licked Dave's cock clean. Carl grabbed my hips and started to push me up and down on his stiff pole.

"Oh fuck Joan, that was so good, now I want to cum in you," Carl said.

Carl grabbed my hips tighter and began to bounce me on his hard cock. I felt him go farther inside of me as he slammed his cock up into my cunt. My hips began to quiver as I neared my climax. I urged him to go faster and harder as he panted out loud.

"Come on Carl, fuck me, OHHHHH fuck me hard, fill me with cum," I groaned.

I heard him moan deep in his throat as I felt his cock begin to pulse in my pussy. I felt the first blast of cum shoot deep in my cunt as I ground my pussy down hard on his spurting cock. Carl reached up pinching and squeezing my nipples as he emptied his balls into me.

"OHHH, OHHHH, OOHHH, OHHHH, take my load, OH YEAH!" Carl moaned.

When his cock began to go limp, I climbed off of his sweaty body. I quickly took his slimy cock in my mouth and licked it clean of our combined juices. As I cleaned Carl off I could feel his prick begin to harden already. I told him that since he couldn't see what Dave and Phil were getting ready to do, that he should just lay back and listen to the sounds of two guys sucking each other.

Dave went over to the bed that Phil of lying on telling him to move over. Phil scooted over giving Dave room to join him on the bed. Dave asked Phil how he wanted to do this. He told Dave that he wanted to suck him first then maybe fuck him after that.

"You sure are one horny one legged son of a bitch," Dave laughed at Phil.

Dave rolled over on top of Phil moving up his body until his cock was on Phil's lips. I watched and described what was happening to Carl. Phil stuck out his tongue licking the precum that was oozing from Dave's hard cock. I saw Dave's cock disappear in Phil's mouth as Dave pushed forward. Dave continued to shove his cock in to Phil's mouth until Phil's nose was buried in Dave's pubic hair. Dave let out a loud sigh as his cock popped into Phil's throat.

Carl's cock twitched when he heard the slurping noises coming from the other bed. I reached down and began to stroke Carl's 8 inch rock hard prick. I described every detail of Phil sucking Dave's cock. I told him that Phil had Dave's cock in his throat and was milking it with his throat muscles. I whispered to Carl that Dave was getting close to filling Phil's mouth with his seed.

"Oh God Phil suck me deep, OOHHHHH yeah that's the way."

"Fuck, I'm getting close! AAAHHHHHHH! I'm cumming now! I'm cumming!" Dave shouted.

I swear I saw Phil's eyes bulge out when the first powerful blast of Dave's cum shot into his mouth. Phil quickly closed his lips around Dave's shaft and sucked hard on the hard pulsing cock. Dave grunted each time his cock shot another spurt of his hot cum out. After about 6 powerful shots of cum, Dave's cock finally began to soften. Phil let the limp cock slip from his mouth as he licked his lips clean of all traces of Dave's cum.

"Fuck that sounded hot," Carl groaned out as my hand stroked his hard cock.

"I want to try a cock up my ass", Phil announced. "I never did anything like that but then again I never sucked a cock before like tonight."

"Do you feel up to it?" I asked Carl.

"You mean he wants me to fuck him in the ass?"

"I would like to try it Carl, but I'll stop if it hurts or I don't like it," Phil said.

"Will you help me Joan?" Carl.

"It would be my pleasure," I said as I reached for the KY jelly that was in the night stand.

I helped Carl out of bed and over to the other bed. With Phil missing a leg it was going to be a little more difficult. I applied a generous amount to Phil's puckered brown hole and then to Carl's large cock. I told Dave to hold his leg up while I hold his stump up giving Carl enough room to kneel behind Phil. When we got Phil's legs in the air, I told Carl to move forward until he felt Phil. When he was in position, I took his 8 inch rock hard cock and placed it at the entrance to Phil's bowels. I asked Phil if he was ready and he nodded his head. I told Carl to push slowly as I held his cock in position.

"OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!" Phil sighed as Carl's huge cock head slid into his ass.

Dave and I looked down at Phil's brown ass hole and saw that it was stretched wide open around Carl's massive cock. I asked Phil if he was okay and he grunted out that he wanted Carl to stay still until he grew use to having him inside his ass.

"Okay, I won't move, but I have to tell you that it feels so fucking good. So tight and hot," Carl told Phil.

Dave reached out taking Phil's cock in his hand. He slowly began to stroke it up and down while Carl held his cock just inside of Phil's anal opening. I heard Phil sigh loudly as Dave's hand moved up and down on his hard cock. I noticed that Phil's ass was beginning to push against Carl's cock as Dave used his hand on him. I told Carl that I think he should start to push his cock in farther.

"OH GOD! OH GOD!" Phil moaned as Carl slid another two inches of hard cock into his ass.

Dave increased the movement of his hand on Phil's cock. I reached my free hand down and massaged his hairy balls. He groaned out his pleasure as two more inches of Carl's cock entered his bowels.

"Carl, fuck me now, push it all the way in, hurry please, I need to feel it all in my ass!" Phil cried out.

Carl pushed steadily into Phil's ass until he was totally imbedded in Phil's ass. Carl said that he wished he could see his cock buried in Phil's ass hole. Carl started to move is cock in and out of Phil's ass as Phil pushed his hips back to meet Carl's.

"Oh fuck I'm cumming! Oh yeah, I'm cumming!!" Phil yelled.

I saw his cock spew out its hot sticky cum. It flew up and landed on his stomach as Dave continued to stroke the spurting hunk of meat. Phil's cock shot about 7 strong streams of cum out onto his stomach and over Dave's hand. When it finally stopped pouring out its seed, Dave licked his hand clean of the cum that dripped on it. I rubbed my hand through the globs of cum and put my fingers to Carl's lips.

"What the fuck is that?" he wanted to know.

"I figured since you're fucking his ass you could taste his cum," I told him.

Carl sucked my fingers in his mouth licking the cum from them. I pulled them out and picked up more of Phil's sticky cum before pushing my fingers back into Carl's mouth. He steadily fucked Phil's ass as he cleaned the cum from my fingers.

"OHHHHH I can't hold off much longer!" Carl cried out.

Carl began to really pound his cock into Phil's ass. Phil was groaning in pleasure as Carl slammed his cock into him.

"AHH! This is it, I'm cumming! Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" Carl shouted.

He rammed his cock deep into Phil's ass hole and held it there as he emptied his load deep into Phil's bowels. Carl was shuddering with each blast of cum that shot from his cock. I saw the white sperm begin to leak out of Phil's ass as his bowels were flooded with Carl's cum. Carl let his softening cock slip from Phil's ass hole. There was a small stream of cum that followed it out.

I helped Carl get back in his own bed. Phil lay on the other bed panting and trying to get his breath back. Dave helped Phil get back into the wheelchair so he could go back to his own room. Phil paused by Carl's bed thanking him for the great fuck. Carl told him any time he needed a stiff cock to let him know. Dave pushed Phil out the door as I went to get a wet cloth to clean Carl's cock. I returned and cleaned his cock of all traces of his cum and Phil's ass juice. I bent down sucking his soft cock into my mouth for one last taste. He surprised the shit out of me by getting rock hard again.

I swallowed his cock down my throat and sucked on him hard. I wanted to taste his salty load and I wanted it fast. I bobbed my head fast up and down on his 8 inch cock as my finger found its way to his ass hole. I slowly snaked my finger into his puckered hole as his hips bucked up to my face. I had my finger buried all the way up his ass when the first blast of his hot cum shot into my mouth. I drank down every drop of his sweet salty load. I licked from the head to the base getting it spotless again.

I moved up kissing Carl softly on the lips. He thanked me for the great time and told me that he would never forget my kindness. I said good night to him and walked back to the nurse's station.

"I love being a nurse and making people feel good," I told Dave.



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    1 year ago
    Shit that was me, I have most of my eyesight back but I still thank about that night all the time. Thank you again for the fun.
  • Anonymous said:
    4 years ago
    Nice story