"No, Willie! Stop it and get out of my bed or I will tell mom on you! STOP IT! No Willie, noooo, don't - you can't get under the covers with me!" Dee Justice cried out at her brother.

Knowing her parents had left her and her brother alone to tend the farm while they went to a funeral out of state, Dee understood she was at the mercy of her older brother when it came to getting him out of her bed. Willie, her brother, was always good to her, but in the past few months had become obsessed with her, especially her starting to develop body.

The frightened girl had resisted her brother's repeated attempts in the past few days since school was out to touch or see her when she bathed or dressed. Dee would be a teenager herself in a few weeks, and her daddy always said she was his firecracker, as she was born on July 4th. Why did she ever agree to play, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" last Saturday when they were hiking in the woods and were swinging on the grape vines hanging from a couple of the trees?

Dee had listened as her brother, who had turned 15 on Memorial Day, asked if she wanted to watch him pee? Before she could reply, Dee watched in awe as Willie pulled his shorts and underwear down, stepped out of them, and commenced peeing in front of her.


There was no doubt that the scene was a thrill to Dee. She had started to kiss boys when they played hide-n- seek at 4-H meetings, or during church camp last summer. Even last Wednesday after the 4-H club meeting, she and Buddy Woods had held hands and kissed while hiding in the corn crib.

No one thought to look for them inside the metal building and they even kissed with their tongues. Dee liked the feeling she received when she allowed Buddy to rub her tiny left boob. The preteen girl found her puffy little tit caused her to become excited, but she allowed Buddy to only touch her on the outside of her t-shirt, which she thought, was okay.

When Buddy rubbed the material of her shorts between her legs, Dee made only token resistance. Dee had held onto Buddy's wrist and whispered "You mustn't touch me like that, Buddy," but allowed his hand and fingers to feel her crotch. When the industrious Buddy found he could slip his fingers inside the legs of her shorts, Dee enjoyed the stimulation she was receiving as he was soon brushing across the cotton material of her panties that covered her narrow slit.

Dee and her best friend, Patty Smith, who lived on the farm next to her dad's farm, often spoke of letting boys touch them - but "how did you do that?" they'd asked each other.

"Now I'm about to find out how boys touch girls," Dee thought. "Should I let him feel inside my shorts? Would that be great or what, ohhhh!"


Patty told her that last summer when she went on the Nazarene Church two week camping trip to the Pocono Mountains, she and Tony Chapman had to hike on their "free day". They discovered a small stream and decided to eat their picnic lunch along the water. Tony asked if she wanted to play in the water. "It is only a foot or so deep, but it would be fun," he told Patty.

They discussed that neither had a bathing suit, but Tony promised not to stare at her if she didn't him. They were soon undressed. "There was no way. I couldn't help but look at him, and his thing was bigger than my finger and it stuck out in front of him," Patty confessed.

"Did he have hair on his thing?" Dee asked.

"No, but I didn't have any hair at that time either, and I only have just a little bit at the top of my gingy, even now. " Patty laughed. "Remember when we tried to count each others, and my few little hairs are just like yours, wonder when we will get real hair?" Patty asked her friend.

"Heck, I want to know when I will get boobs, to heck with the hair, cause boys can't see if you have it or not, but they can sure see if you have titties on your chest," Dee replied.

Patty then told Dee all the things she knew about sex, including what she and Tony had done at camp last summer. "After we undressed, we got in the creek but it was not deep enough to swim, but I wanted to touch his thing. So I splashed him to get him to wrestle with me or at least do something, and I wanted Tony to grab and touch me, like all over, you know, my private parts." She said smiling and continued telling of her experiences.

"In a few minutes, we were splashing each other a lot," she recalled how things had progressed so Tony touched her. "I pretended to be upset and jumped and landed on him, but he was stronger and ended up on top of me and between my legs. For a few minutes, we played around with Tony on top of me, and his thing kept bumping against my gingy," Patty said.

Patty continued, "Finally, I asked if we could play on the grass, over by some trees as the rocks in the creek hurt my back. We ran to the trees where the grass wasn't very high, as the leaves kept the sun from making it grow. Once more we were playing, with Tony on top of me, and he reached down and touched my gingy, and asked me to touch his." Dee listened with excitement to her friend. "For a few minutes, Tony and I played at touching each other, and I felt his finger inside my gingy."

"His finger was inside your gingy? Did it hurt? How far could he push his finger inside you?"

"Maybe up to his knuckle, because it hurt when he went deeper inside me. Then he moved on top of me again, and I felt him use his hand and guide his thing to my gingy and he started trying to push it inside me, and it went a little ways, like maybe as much as his finger had been, but it hurt!"

"Tony had his thing up your gingy, no way, you're making it all up," Dee said in disbelief to her friend telling about her and Tony.

"Dee, I'm telling you the truth, but after all that happened, I got scared and made Tony stop, and we didn't do anything after that."

"Wow, you had sex if Tony put his thing in you. I'll bet you're the first girl in our group to have sex.

"It's called FUCK!" Dee told her friend.


Now Dee knew that her brother was wanting to put his thing up hers, "No, Willie, please don't uncover me. Let me have the sheet. What are you doing? You can't take your clothes off," she said looking at her brother as he took off his undershirt. She saw how big his cock was, and he had hair growing all around it. It seemed different than it did last week, and Dee wondered if was because they were in bed together?

"Undress like you did the other day. Let me see you again. That is all I want, just to see how pretty you look, like we did in the woods, Dee, and nothing happened," Willie asked his cute sister in his best pleading voice.

"Willie, do you promise not to try anything, and when I tell you to get out of my bed you will, if I undress?"

"Sure, Dee, I just want to see your titties and your pussy cat. I promise to be good."


Yesterdays acts by her brother caused Dee to become uncertain if she should trust her brother. He had grabbed her and played with her little boobs and had rubbed his fingers between her legs. Dee enjoyed his touching, but when it felt good and caused her to feel funny, Dee became scared and cried.

This caused Willie to stop touching his sister, but he had her lay on the ground and hold her legs open so he could see her thingy. That wasn't too bad, until Willie asked, "Dee, touch my thing. Just hold it and kind of move your hand up and down on it, please?"

Sitting up and reaching out to grasp her brother's thing in her hand, she moved her hand up and down the stiff thing for a brief moment, and Willie had asked her not to stop. Before Dee had time to understand what was happening, her hands, stomach and her face was covered with white sticky smooth stuff. Dee had moved her face down so she could see how her brother's thing looked, and as she had started to say something, it shot the stuff out and some had splashed on face and went in her mouth.

"Willie, what is that stuff?" and as she spoke, Dee swallowed some of the slick stuff. "It tastes kind of weird. What did you get in my mouth? It's salty." Suddenly Dee recalled what she had learned in health class, and knew the stuff was called semen, and the older girls had teased Dee and her class mates by asking, "So, you learned about drinking sperm today? Guess you are ready to be a cocksucker, and swallow your boyfriend's cum."

Moving away from her brother, Dee had made sure he couldn't see her, and tentatively licked more of the strange fluid into her mouth. Dee found it wasn't unpleasant, and licked all of it from her hand. She caught the rest of it from her body with her fingers and licked and swallowed all she could. When she went back to where Willie was standing, she noted his thing was no longer sticking up in the air, and Dee understood that her brother had a woodie before he shot his stuff.

For a few minutes, and not more than five, Dee watched as her brother got a woodie once again, and asked, "Dee, will you make it squirt again?" Willie watched as his sister took his hard dick in her hand decided to ask for even more. Having seen his sister lick his stuff off her hand and swallow it, even the rest that had gotten on her body, he asked, "Maybe you can put it in your mouth and move your mouth up and down on it for me," unknown to Dee, her brother knew he was asking his sister for a blow job.

"Willie, I can't put your thing in my mouth. Why would you ask me to do such a weird thing anyway?"

"Your girlfriend, Chrissie, did it to her brother, Steve, and she told him it was fun, and he is 16 years old. Please try it just once?"

Unsure why, Dee sat on the ground in front of her brother and in slow motion, moved her lips to where they were just short of kissing the end of his thing. Before she opened her mouth, Dee heard her brother tell her, "Go ahead, and I will do it to you afterward." "Steve said he did it to Chrissie, and she really like it when he licked and kissed her between her legs," Willie said.

Lightly kissing the end of her brother's thing, Dee opened her mouth and could taste the stuff on her tongue as she moved her mouth back and forth a little ways on Willie's thing. Dee suddenly realized her actions were giving her brother what the girls and some guys had teased them about; becoming "cocksuckers" and "cum drinkers". Just as she was ready to take her mouth from her brother's cock, she felt Willie grab her head and move his thing deep in her mouth.

"UM, UM," Dee moaned out around Willie's cock that was now lodged in the back of her throat. She felt him shoot her mouth full of the liquid. "Cum. I'm drinking cum. I'm a cocksucker," Dee thought to herself, and was forced to drink the stuff from her brother's cock. There was so much, it caused Dee to gag, and some ran out around her lips and even her nose.

Finally Willie let loose of her head and she fell down on the ground and started crying. Willie took advantage of the situation and moved his face between her slender legs, and placed his face on top of his sister's pussy. Having heard his buddies and the older boys tell about eating pussy, and most thinking it sounded gross, Willie found the idea fascinating.

Dee felt her brother, Willie, licking her gingy and it felt strange and really good all at the same time when his tongue touched the spot where her fingers sometimes touched. However, the 11-year-old girl became frightened, and told her brother, "No. Stop it Willie. No more," and when he didn't stop, Dee slapped her brother's face.


Now they were in her bed, and Willie watched as his cute sister removed the t-shirt she slept in, then squeezed her eyes shut and pushed her panties off her body. Holding her eyes closed, Dee didn't see the look Willie was giving her. When she felt his hand touch her recently popped out right tit, Dee's eyes opened wide. "Willie, be nice. Don't hurt me, or make me do things like we did in the woods."

"Let me make you feel good by kissing your pretty little pussy. I promise you it will be better than yesterday, but don't stop me when it feels good."

"Willie, when you did that yesterday, I thought I was going to pee or something. It made my gingy have weird tingles in it, so stop if I ask you. Please say you will?"

"Sure I will, but try to let it feel good, just once, okay? You have a little hair on your gingy, that is so neat." Moving so he could place his face between her skinny young legs, Willie was soon kissing the non- resisting pussy of his sister, and when he felt her hips begin to wiggle, he increased the pressure, and soon discovered she moved more when he licked the hard little thing in the long piece of skin that fit between her pussy at the top. Before long, Willie found his sister's pussy was getting wet, and he listened as Dee made soft sounds deep within her mouth.

Suddenly, Dee grabbed Willie's head in her hands and pulled his face tight against her pussy, and uttered, "Willie. Oh, Willie. I feel funny, ugh. " Neither brother nor sister understood that one had given the other a climax for the first time. Feeling the throes of passion rip from her sex for the first time in her young life, Dee held her brother's face between her legs as the strange feelings passed across her gingy five times.

Dee was unable to do anything except remove her hands from her brother's head, and spread her legs wider when she felt Willie move up over her body. The limited knowledge of what was going to happen if she didn't stop her brother, and the simple instincts of carnal acts, allowed the preteen girl to understand she was near to being made a woman. At least she would be giving her body as one, and once she was stuck with her brother's weapon, Dee understood she would no longer be a young virgin girl.

Willie was hard, harder than he had ever been and he remembered that Steve said after he made his sister, Chrissie, cum from licking her, he had lay on top of her and put his dick up her pussy and fucked her. Not waiting to miss the opportunity, Willie moved over Dee, who was still enjoying the after glow of her first climax, and she wrapped her arms and legs around him when he lay on her.

Using his hand, Willie worked the end of his six inches of young cock in the lips of his sister's pussy. Slowly he moved it back and forth between the lips as he had been told his friend had done. Then, Willie made a sudden and forceful shove of his cock into his sister. Striking against her young cherry, he listened as his sister cried out in pain, and with one more masterful push, tore his sister's virginity from her pussy.

"NO, WILLIE! NOOOO, OHHH! WILLIE, STOP! NO, WILLIE!! Why, Willie? Why did you burst my cherry? Now Im not a virgin." While Dee lay crying, her brother was moving his cock in and out of her pussy, and he felt proud that he was fucking for his first time.

Perhaps two minutes had passed before nature caught up with the young boy and he cried out, "Gosh, Dee. I'm fucking and I'm going to cum! Yeah. Oh yeah!"

Willie moved off his sister and looked between her legs for the evidence that he had gotten his first cherry, even if it was his sister's. "Wow, Dee. You felt so good. Look, you can see my stuff running from your gingy, your blood from my busting your cherry is leaking from your pussy along with my cum," Willie said proudly.

Crying uncontrollably, Dee saw the evidence of her lost purity and knew sadness unlike any she had ever known. Dee understood that she was no longer an innocent little girl, and wondered what she should do; should she tell mom, or at least Patty?

For another half hour the siblings tried to explain their feelings about what they had done. Willie felt proud, and as he was once more erect, tried to convince his sister to let him do it again. The young girl, knowing her only chance to be a virgin on her wedding night was gone, gone by the end of her brother's thing that was pointing at her once more.

"Why not? You've already ruined me, so do it again and then get out of my bed. Willie, you shouldn't have done it to me."

Within a few moments, Willie was once more moving his young erection back and forth in his little sister's wet pussy, and he felt her body commence moving with his. Then to his surprise he heard her cry out. "Oh Willie, something is happening! Oh my, Willie!"

This time Dee understood that she was experiencing an orgasm, and when her climax faded, she lay on her bed with her legs wide apart hugging her brother, and humping her tiny body up for more contact with her brother's thing that had given her complete pleasure moments before.

"Now what?" Dee said, knowing the exacerbation from what she and her brother had done. Dee looked at the bloody mess on her bed sheets, "and how do I clean this mess without mom seeing my bed?"

"I'll help you. We will wash them and put them back on the bed, and mom will never know," Willie told his sister. After washing the bedding and making her bed, Dee walked across the fields to visit with Patty.


The two girlfriends walked down to the small picnic shelter Patty's father had built by the farm pond. For a few minutes they spoke of simple things, and then Patty asked, "Is something wrong? You seem different, Dee."

"Promise you will never tell? Swear to have your tongue fall out if you tell anyone what I'm going to say?"

"I promise. I will never speak about what you tell me, honest." Patty replied to Dee.

"This morning, I got fucked, twice. I'm not a virgin anymore, and wish there was some way to start the day over," Dee told her friend, while her eyes had tears in them.

"You, you had sex, like you really 'fucked someone'?" Patty asked with a serious look on her face. "Why are you crying? Did you get raped? Is that how you ended up having sex?" Patty asked her best friend, while holding her hand.

"No, but I wish I had waited, like until I was married. Remember how we said we would be virgins on our wedding night, Patty? Heck, I'm only 12 years old, and no longer a virgin. I feel bad for letting Willie do it."

"WILLIE? YOUR OWN BROTHER WILLIE?! YOU DID IT WITH YOUR BROTHER?!" Patty shouted, as she questioned Dee if she really let her brother have her cherry and be her first? "How? When? Where did you guys do it? Dee, are you telling me the truth?" Patty asked in disbelief that her best friend let her brother do her.

"Patty, let me tell you all that happened. It started yesterday, and you know our parents went to dad's cousin's funeral and left Willie and I home alone." Dee proceeded to tell her best friend all that happened including her being a cocksucker yesterday. Dee told how she let Willie talk her into undressing this morning and he licked her. The whole story was relayed in as much detail as Dee could recall.

Looking at her friend, Patty asked, "You enjoyed sucking Willie off and you swallowed his cum? What does it look and taste like? You let him lick your gingy and it made you have a climax, and you had one when he fucked you? Dee, are you telling me the truth? You liked it enough that you want it again? Really? You want Willie to do you again?"

"Yeah, when you come, it makes your gingy and even your whole body feel really strange and good. I mean really good. My legs got real stiff when I got off," Dee told her friend.

"Wow. Maybe Willie would do me? I want to find out all about sex, but did it really hurt when he did it the first time?" Patty asked Dee again, "Do you think Willie likes me enough to do it with me?"


That evening, as they were in the barn finishing their chores, Willie asked Dee, "Dad and mom will be home in the morning, so would you like to maybe play some more when we finish feeding the cows?"

"Willie, I'm sore, and I mean sore from when you did it to me this morning, but Patty wants you to do her. Would you like that?" Dee added to her partial refusal.

Knowing he might get to be with another girl, Willie immediately asked, "Maybe you can call her? Find out if her parents will let her come over? Do you want to call her?"

Having posed the question to her brother if he would do Patty, the female factor of jealousy creeps into Dee's physique as she'd hoped he would only want her. To her dismay, Willie wanted Dee to call Patty immediately, "Does she want to have me do her, and I will get her cherry like I did yours?"

"Guess he just wants any girl, and besides I didn't tell him no. Maybe I won't call Patty," Dee thought to herself as she worked herself into a snit. After they were in the house, Dee went to her room after fixing a sandwich and getting a glass of milk.

Sitting on her bed, and watching television, Dee decided to call Patty to see if her parents would let her come over, and spend the night. When she picked up the phone, she heard Willie speaking to Patty. Dee was mad and slammed the phone down and walked over and turned the dead bolt lock her dad had put on her door so she could have privacy.

In less than a minute the phone rang and Dee waited until the first ring had stopped before picking up the receiver. As she listened to the conversation between Willie and Patty, the perplexed preteen heard her best friend tell her brother, "Mom said I could come over, but she wants to speak with Dee first," Patty told Willie, "Tell her to call me right away, okay, Willie?"

"Dee is listening in on the other phone. Sis, talk to Patty, and then her mom. You know why," Willie told her friend.

"Why should I? Now that you did me, you just want another girl, and she is my girlfriend and neither of you care how I feel," Dee said in a tearful sounding reply as jealousy had completely overtaken her.

"Please, Dee, speak with my mom? I'll get her. So hang up, Willie, and let me speak to Dee in private before I have mom get on the phone."

"So you don't care how I feel? You just want to have my brother do you, even if I might want him to do me again, right Patty?" the baffled young girl asked her friend.

"No, Dee - we can have Willie do us both, and you can go first, as you know what to do. You can let me see what to do. Please, Dee, we're best friends. Speak to my mom, please? Please, Dee?"

"Okay, let me speak to your mom."

For about five minutes Dee answered the questions from Patty's mom, and finally heard her say she would drive Patty over in about ten minutes. "And you two girls behave yourselves and don't make a mess for your mother to clean up when she returns tomorrow."


They were seated at the kitchen table eating soup and roast beef sandwiches, when Willie asked, "You two want to play some kind of game after we eat?"

"Yeah, but not until you do the dishes when we're done eating," Dee replied. Once they were done eating, the two girls ran up stairs to Dee's bedroom. They whispered and giggled, and were soon undressed and walking over to Willie's room to lay on his bed. Dee told her friend, let me get a couple of towels, as I don't want a mess like we made on my bed. "He will come to my room first looking for us, and when we aren't there," Dee said, "Willie will come to his room and we'll be on the bed with our legs apart."

"That is going to be crazy," Patty laughingly remarked.

Moving her hands down to cover her tiny breasts, Patty told Dee, " Why can't we have boobs like Marcy and Lacy Wilkinson? Those twin beauties just turned twelve a couple months ago, and they have 32-B titties already."

"Yeah, do you know Joyce Coakley?" Dee asked, "She is like 14 or 15 years old, and she has 36-C boobs. All the boys talk about how they'd love to get-a-hold of them."

Just as Patty was about to say something in reply, Willie walked into his room, and seeing the two girls nude on his bed, stopped dead still in his tracks. "Gee, you're both so pretty," and as he spoke undressed, then moved to the bed and pushed his way between the naked girls, "Touch me, Dee."

There was no intended basis on his part, as Willie asked Dee to touch him because the reality of it was they'd shared each other and he remembered how great it felt to cum in her mouth and they had sex together. Yet, Dee believed she was special over her friend, and she rose up and started stroking and then kissing her brother's extremely hard thing.

Stopping for a brief moment, Dee told her friend, "See? See what I'm doing? I'm giving my brother a blow job, when he cums in my mouth, I'll swallow his male juices. Hee-hee-hee. This makes me a cocksucker!" Immediately after speaking to Patty, her mouth was once more bringing off the first of Willie's cums for the night and this one was soon filling Dee's mouth.

"Augh, oh yeah. Gosh, I'm going off Dee, oh Dee," the squirming boy cried out as he felt his sister's mouth milking his young cock. His hands were holding Dee by the side and back of her head, and finally the last of his cum was only a small dribble, and he released the grip on his sister's head.

Leaning up, while swallowing her brother's cum, Dee opened her mouth so her friend could view her mouth full of her brother's thick cream. Pulling Patty by her arm, she moved her mouth so it was directly at her friends lips. Suddenly, before Patty could stop her, Dee started kissing her friend, and as they had practiced kissing on each other, Patty opened her mouth like they had done when learning how to French.

Using her tongue and pressure of air from her lungs, Dee moved at least half of Willie's cum from her mouth and into Patty's mouth. Keeping her lips on Patty's, the two 12-year-old girls knew they were sharing Willie's cum. For Dee, she immediately forgot any jealousy on her part to share her brother with her best friend. The three youngsters lay back on the bed, and for Willie Justice, being between two girls, he knew would be the highlight of his life.


Later in life, and having no way of knowing it at the time, 25-year-old brothel owner, "Pure Justice" as he had become known as, would find his body surrounded with some of Nevada's finest looking college girls working the brothels on weekends.

Willie Justice had only seen his Uncle George a few times in his life, as Willie's mother did not enjoy mentioning her only brother. So it was only a few times in his life Willie visited with his only uncle. The nephew and uncle each exchanged birthday and Christmas cards yearly and Willie always wrote a note with his cards, and would send his school picture each year. When he was about seven, Willie started buying his uncle something for Christmas and his birthday. Willie always looked forward to his cards from his uncle, as he sent him a $100 bill each year for Christmas, and a $50 for his birthday.

One year Uncle George had come to visit, and Willie could sense that his mom was uncomfortable around her brother, and was relieved when he asked to take his nephew to Disney World. For an 11-year-old boy, with an uncle who let him spend money like crazy, Willie found he really liked his uncle, even if his mother had trouble with him.

Some of the choicest of young females from the casinos found they could earn an extra $1,000 over the weekends, and even more if they went on out-dates. "Pure Justice" had a smaller group of girls; never more than a dozen working in his famous sex resort, but his cliental loved the sensuous and voluptuous eye-catching girls working for him.

One girl in particular, "CherryDeelight," was his favorite working girl and the two bedded together when he spent the night in his private suite at the brothel. Another girl he enjoyed sharing his bed with was "PattiCakes". Rumors in the brothel were that "PattiCakes" was his sister, and the "ladies" all loved her exceptionally long legs. "PattiCakes" tiny breasts were mostly nipples that were three or four times larger than any woman Willie had met.


Willie was now ready to explore his sister's friend, and he leaned over and started kissing her, even with his tongue. Willie shoved his tongue into Patty's mouth and he could taste his cum, which he had licked before when he masturbated. Moving his mouth down, Willie was soon sucking the tiny puffs of nipples on each side of Patty's chest. Moving in an awkward way, Willie was soon laying down to where he could lick the tender skin between Patty's 12-year-old legs.

The prepuce that rose out from between the smooth lips of Patty's gingy was soon being sucked by the 15-year- old boy, and his mouth was making the young girl find untold reasons to just let things happen. Then a strange thing happened between the boy and the girl, as his tongue started flipping the small penis like object faster and faster. The small, hard like object was now being stimulated even more than what Willie had done to his sister yesterday.

"OH WILLIE, OHHHH. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WILLIE!" Patty had cried out so loud that both Willie and Dee were afraid someone would hear her. Knowing that his sucking on the small thing between Patty's legs, and his tongue flipping it harder and faster, had made her climax, Willie became even more aggressive in orally stimulating the preteen pussy.

"AUGH WILLIE. I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE! NO MORE, STOP," Patty was crying out.

Willie stopped only long enough to tell his sister, Dee "Lie down next to her and hold her, I want to really do her."

For another couple of minutes the 12-year-old girls' climaxes were brought down, one after the other, and the thrashing of her legs and her hips trying to pull back from the contact of tongue and clit.

As her body was awash with one climax after the other, Patty was held down in such a way by the brother and sister; she could do nothing to stop the release of her orgasm, except one thing, cum! Patty's reaction to the oral stimulation was to commence clapping her hands, and as she did, Dee started saying, "PattiCakes, PattiCakes," over and over. Finally, Willie stopped his oral stimulation and moved his body up over Patty. His hand captured his young erection and guided it to the welcoming gingy of his sister's friend.

"NOOOOO, WILLIE! IT HURTS. STOP, I DON'T WANT IT! NOOOO!!," Patty cried out as she felt her hymen being stretched by the head of Willie's cock. Willie found it necessary to shove in and out of Patty's tight gingy four times before he was able to plunge his cock all the way through her cherry, and deep up her gingy.

For at least five minutes Willie was able to drive his cock up into the sobbing girl who lay under him. Willie listened as Patty kept repeating, "No more, gawd damn you. Willie, take it out. It hurts. God, it hurts! Dee - Dee, make him stop I don't want to be fucked."

Smiling at the position her friend was in, Dee told her, "You may not want to be fucked, but you're fucked already, so take my brother's cock."

After Willie had shot his cum up the cuddly looking young girl, Willie sat up on his haunches. He and his sister looked between the legs of the sobbing girl. They saw that Patty was bleeding more than Dee had. "Look at the cum and blood all over my cock and her gingy, man, I sure got her cherry, didn't I, Dee?"

Willie went to pee and wash off the mess on his privates, and when he returned he brought a warm wash cloth to Patty. It was about an hour later that Willie fucked his sister, and Dee, still sore from having sex earlier in the day, but she wanted to her brother do her really bad, especially after watching him and her girlfriend doing it together.

"That feels good. Go in easy. Yeah like that. Oh Willie, ohhhh, yesss," Dee told her brother as he took her for about three or four minutes. Then Willie pulled out of Dee and moved over and told Patty to lay down he wanted to do her again, and then do Dee some more.

"No, Willie. I hurt, and... no," Patty sobbed out but the larger youth was able to push her down on the bed and move her legs open and push his erection up into her bleeding gingy. Then he moved his cock around in her gingy for a couple of minutes and then moved on his sister and did her until he was ready to cum, and he once more moved onto Patty. Quick, in less than a minute, Willie was once more shooting his cum in the bleeding 12-year-old pussy of Patty.

For the next 15 minutes, the three young lovers spoke about what they had done and still sobbing a little, Patty told how she liked it, but it hurt like hell when he popped her cherry.

"Patty, give Willie a blow job. Let him feel your mouth on his cock and when he is hard, I want him to do me again," Dee told her friend.

They enjoyed each other until about 11:00 o'clock and finally went to sleep, but Willie had enjoyed doing his sister and later Patty once more. Feeling like he would never get another hard on, he went to sleep and believed he was a lucky guy.

Willie woke up around four in the morning, and found he was erect, and he moved over and pushed his sister's legs apart, and even though she was still a little sore, Dee like feeling her brother push his cock in and out of her tingling gingy. Dee pulled her legs up around Willie's back and soon found she was going to climax. "Willie, kiss me with your tongue in my mouth. You're making me do it again, ohhhh Willie!"

They went to sleep, with Willie on top of his sister and she had her arms wrapped around his neck. They woke up the next morning around seven, and once more brother and sister found carnal release between their young bodies. Moving apart, the saw Patty watching them, and Willie saw the inquisitive young friend of his sister move down and watch his cock as he started to pull it from his sister's gingy.

Willie decided to treat the second girl he had sex with, and had busted her cherry, to a treat, and he moved Patty's legs up on his shoulders and once more was stroking his still firm cock in and out of her gripping pussy. Patty was not expecting her friend's brother to do her again, and when she felt her legs on Willie's shoulders, she moaned out, "You're deep, Willie. Your deep and doing me again. Yeah, deeper!"

Looking between her girlfriend's slender legs, Dee saw her friend's little slit being punched open by Willie's woodie. When Patty's first lover pulled back out, the cum that had shot inside her gingy was leaking back out and running across her little pink, and winking back hole.

Curiosity made Dee move her fingers under the raised legs and hips of her friend, and she started touching the sides of Patty's gingy. She pushed her index finger against her tightly clenched shut pink hole under her gingy. Thinking to herself, "Wow, this is the first time I've ever been able to see what my own poop-poop looks like," as she studied Patty's anus.

Dee listened as her friend uttered a strange sound and it included, "Push your finger inside me, ugh-ugh-ugh." Patty's hips rose up higher and to her amazement, Dee watched her finger slip between the gripping hole of her friend, and once more Patty announced her willingness to have her best friend shove her finger up her butt.

"Ugh, it hurts. Move it deeper, but back and forth like Willie is doing with his thing in my gingy. Augh yeah, oh Patty, I love you deep inside my butt," Patty sobbed out as the stimulation in both her holes brought down her climax the strongest she had ever felt.

Willie pulled his cock from Patty's gingy, and wondered if his sister likes a finger in her butt hole, "Maybe I can put my dick up her butt." Knowing it was to time put action into play before the girl could change her mind, Willie told Dee, "Get on your hands and knees, hurry!"

Unsure why Willie wanted her on her hands and knees, Dee did as she was asked. She had no idea what was in store for her, until she felt Willie pushing his cock against her poop-poop. "AYEEE, WILLIE! WILLIEEEE, YOU CAN'T..NOOOO! OH HELL, IT HURTS AND BURNS. MY BUTTS ON FIRE, AYEEE!!" Dee cried out as she felt the first cock in her life going up her butt!

After another half hour, Willie was once more hard, and this time he assaulted Patty's pink sphincter, and the girl shouted and cried out for Willie to do her deeper and faster. "Willie, faster! Yeah, oh, faster!"


It was her first butt-fuck, but before she turned 25 years old, Patty would experience more than a 500 cocks fucking her ass. PattiCakes became well known for being the girl in the brothel to bend over, and all it took was $600 to get here to agree to being plowed up the ass, as most of the working girls refused to do anal sex under any circumstances.


Except for one girl, named Shanna, when she was only 15 years old, pleaded with her step-father to get her some fake identification so she could drink beer when she wanted. The stepfather had done as she asked, but wanted a blowjob as payment. When he tried to do anal sex on her, Shanna ran away, and found her way to Nevada.

Willie always tried out the new girls, and was surprised as hell to get two cherries from the turnout. The first cherry was one hell of a surprise, and not as difficult to punch through as the second, which everyone in the brothel heard the voice of the young girl lose, as she screamed out, "MY GOD, YOU'RE KILLING ME! YOU'RE DOING IT UP MY ASS, AYEEE. OH HELL, IT HURTS. You're doing it up my ass," Shanna kept yelling the total time Willie rode her hips.

For Willie, he always took the new girl up the butt and her pussy on her first shift. If she refused, he told her she wasn't cut out to be a working girl in his brothel. "Look, you never need to do it with a client, but I always try out the new girls so I know what they will be like with my customers."

It was another three months before Willie had discovered the girls true age, and she had left some papers out of her purse when she came into his office to be paid. Having known she had fine, and little hair, growing on the lips of her pussy, Willie assumed it was just because she was a girl with very little hair, which he found every so often. Shanna had made over $4,000 for the past two weeks, and had told the other girls her ass was so sore, as she had done 18 guys in a row up her butt and got as much as $400 a couple of times.

Looking through the papers and other items left on his desk, he found a high school ID card, and it was dated for the current year, and a couple of notes and other papers provided information to Willie that the girl was a teenager, and only 15 years old. Pulling her file from his desk, Willie looked at the copy of the girl's driver's license, and he recalled how he had swiped the card to verify she was legit and the driver's license was her own. "Now what?" he wondered.

Then Willie saw a way out, he would send her to visit some friends of his in Europe who were always looking for new girls. After speaking to Shanna for about ten minutes, he had her enthusiastic about traveling to Europe and knew she'd be able to work as she had in Nevada. Looking at Willie, she smiled and asked, "Want some backdoor action before I leave your house?"


Patty felt like her body was being driven to extremes, but for Dee, she couldn't wait to feel her brother take her butt when they got together. One evening Dee was hosting her 4-H club, and after the meeting and having a picnic style supper of hot dogs, potatoes, and baked beans, the group started to play hide-n-go-seek. Willie decided he wanted to play and had taking a liking to the 12-year-old twins, Marcy and Lacy Wilkinson, who he saw had tits.

Following the one called Lacy, he got her to climb with him up to his secret place in the barn. Willie had hidden some men's magazines where he had stacked some hay bales in a cubical shape area, and had even put an old quilt and a pillow in the space so he could hide out. Leading the cute girl up into his private space, he assured her that no one would find them.

Lacy had been watching the cute boy all evening but just knew she was too young to catch his attention. Now she was alone with the boy and he was holding her hand. When he asked, "Lacy, you're really cute. May I kiss you?" she wasn't certain what to do, so she just closed her eyes and soon found her lips being kissed by a boy for the first time.

They had lain on the quilt, and when Lacy heard Willie tell her, "Here, let me put this pillow under your head," Lacy knew she was in love for his kind act. It was dark, with hardly any light in the space, and Lacy could just make out the image of Willie's face as he kissed her. When she felt Willie kind of brush his hand over her left breast, Lacy reached out and captured it in her hand.

Willie could feel the girl wanted to be touched, but she was likely afraid of what it could lead to if she allowed him to touch her in such a way. "Willie, I've never done anything. You won't go all the way, will you?"

"I won't do anything you don't want, but maybe we should take our clothes off so they don't get messed up," and as he spoke, he was soon removing his last article of clothing, his under shorts.

"Oh Willie, I can't take my bra and panties off," Lacy whispered as she felt her new found lover attempting to remove them. Letting him remove her top and shorts had not been difficult to accept, but now she became frightened and understood what could happen. "Willie, I let you take off my bra and panties. Promise me you won't do you know what, promise?"

Knowing the comment was not really a statement to stop him but a question with approval inside the question, Willie told the vibrant young girl, "I won't ever do anything, E V E R, to make you not like me," Willie then unclasped the hooks on the back of Lacy's bra. She raised her hips up as Willie hooked his fingers in the waist band of her panties and pulled them down over her hips and off her legs. The light was dim shinning through the siding of the barn, but Willie could see the pointed crest of Lacy's breasts, and he could make out she had hair at the top and sides of her gingy.

Lacy shuddered as she felt her virgin breasts being kissed and sucked for the first time. Holding onto Willie's wrist, she felt his fingers searching out a place that had never been touched before. "Willie, not so deep. It hurts."

Lacy and her sister had developed fairly far along in becoming women, but had yet to have a period, but their mother had told them they would by the time they reached thirteen.

Shock ran through her body, as Lacy felt Willie place her hand on a boy's hard thing for the first time she was to feel one. After a few minutes of foreplay, Lacy was becoming heated, and her hips were moving around on the quilt from the stimulation of Willie's finger on her hard button at the top of her sex. Lacy had discovered the small hard bb sized thing, and often made her body release its desires.

When Willie moved on top of the girl, her body was aching for the release she found with her own finger. Now she wanted something, and the contact of the hard thing against her own, made her shudder.

Slowly Willie moved his thing in the edge of Lacy's pussy. He was not doing it too fast, as he knew he was making the young girl want him to do her. When the head slipped inside the clinching lips of Lacy's gingy, the surprise feeling for the young girl gave Willie what he wanted to hear. "Oh my. Willie, you promised. Oh my, do be careful. AUGH, WILLIE, YOU MUST STOP! W I L L I E, NO!" But it was too late, Lacy was no longer a virgin. For the next four or so minutes, she felt her body being violated and knew she had committed the sin of fornication that Pastor Blake always warned about in his weekly sermons.

After going off, Willie rose from the sobbing girl, and he smiled at himself, knowing he had gotten another cherry. "I wonder if I can get her sister yet tonight?"

For another ten minutes they lay speaking to each other, and once more Lacy felt her body being ridden by the young boy. Her legs seemed to become stiff, and her hips were bumping up from the guilt and her arms hugged Willie's neck.

"My, oh Willie. What are you DOING? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME, AUGHHHH! Then Lacy had her first climax during sex, and she knew that she would never forget this moment the rest of her life.

They climbed down from the hiding place, and sneaked around to where the food was still be eaten by the hungry kid. As they were filling their plates, Marcy walked over and asked, "Where have you been? Lacy, what have you been doing?"

"Nothing, Willie and I were just talking over by the big tree there by the barn. Why? Jealous I know something you don't?" As they ate, while sitting at the picnic table, Willie held Lacy's leg between his. He listened as she told him, "I hope you love me, and thanks for tearing your shirt for me so I could place it between my legs."

Before the summer was over, Willie had found to other girls to get with. The one he wanted, Marcy, he found out from her twin, hated him and knew he had done something with her sister. Each month at the 4-H club meeting, Willie and Lacy did it at least once.

Just before the county fair, the 4-H club was again meeting at their farm. Willie met a girl named Heather, who was 11 years old and she told him she loved him when they kissed for the first time in his cubical. When Heather was nude, she started to cry. He asked her what was wrong. "I know what you want to do, but mom told me never to do it until I was married. Will you marry me if we do it?"

"Sure, Heather, but we can't tell anyone until we are both old enough to get married, okay?" Willie asked. After licking Heather between her legs, he found he was too big to push his thing inside the girl without it hurting her lot. So he finally said they had done enough and when she was older they could do things.

Within another five minutes, he found Marcy hiding behind the gang plows and he asked if she would like to hide with him. "Why? so you can do to me what you must have done to my sister - - - what did you do to her? Tell me the truth, please Willie, and be honest. What did you and my sister do?"

"Nothing. We just talked and that is all. Besides, I like you. So do you want to go with me to hide?"

Marcy had no idea how easy it was for a boy to get her undressed, but she knew one thing, Willie had started kissing her, and when he removed her blouse and pushed her bra up over her breasts, she fell in love as he sucked and kissed her extremely pointed 12-year-old breasts.

Moving her hips up, Marcy allowed Willie to pull her Levis off. When he started to pull her panties down, she held onto the waist band to stop him from removing them from her body. "Let me see how pretty you are. Let me take your panties off. I'm nude so you should be, also."

"Willie, are you going to stick me with your thing? Tell me the truth. Are you going to put yours in mine?"

Within a few minutes, Marcy cried out as her virginity was split and she was certain, without a doubt, she and her sister were even. Yet Willie never confirmed it for her after they talked when he was done doing her.

To his surprise, he was able to do Marcy easy. She didn't cry out like her twin sister, except when he got her cherry. She cried out, "IT HURTS! GOD, WAIT A MINUTE WILLIE!" Marcy would not let him do her the second time, but he convinced her to suck him. When he shot off in her mouth she wouldn't swallow his cum. For Willie, he liked knowing he had gotten both twins' cherries, and yet he had never gotten Lacy to even kiss his cock. Now her sister had sucked him off.

During the fair, Willie had met with Lacy twice and both times he had found a way to do her on the far side of the fair grounds. He had her bend over as they couldn't undress and lay on the ground. Willie found the idea of doing it from behind really good, and he had his sister and Patty like that several times.

For Willie, the idea of sex had become something he wanted constantly, but he had to accept the fact that he couldn't do it all the time once the girls had started their periods.

Willie took both Marcy and Lacy as his "date" to his senior prom. When they ended up at the Sleepy Inn motel, he was able to get his dream fulfilled. The twins both gave him a wild night of sex. Finally Marcy told him, "You dummy, my sister and I talked about you doing both of us. Her first, and she told me so the next day, but you were always so nice not to tell on her."

After high school, Willie went to college. After four years, had found college life gave him lots of girls to stick his cock into. Willie found several virgins, and he loved keeping track of each girl he was with. He had done so since his sister. At the age of 24, and now running his brothel, Willie looked at his note book and found he had gotten 29 cherries, yet his sister was the favorite one to have gotten.

He was in his office in the brothel, when the floor manager walked in and told him, "You have a very important person wafting to see you He has a badge, but I think he has a VIP with him."

After speaking with the man, Willie understood what the man wanted. He called in Dee and Patty to take care of the man, while three well dressed men stood guard outside the spacious party room where anything the client wanted was provided.



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