When I was fourteen I had committed an act of incest with my eight year old brother, although I'm not really sure whether it was incest or not. It had happened while I was looking after him one night when our parents were out; we'd been playing around and Jim had accidentally touched my pussy through my panties. I don't know why, but his touch had made me so randy that I lost control for a while.

Jim had let out a yelp as I pushed him to the floor, opened his trousers and pulled out his cock. His yelp became a sigh when I started to wank him that turned to a groan when I leant down and sucked his cock into my mouth. I'd sucked my little brother to an erection, probably the first he had ever had, and then went on sucking him until he had a climax. His fluids were thin and unformed as they shot into my mouth, it was as he gave a loud cry of pleasure that I had come back to my senses.

Jim had been surprised and delighted by what I had done to him, not that he'd had much choice in the matter; in a way I had felt excited by it too, but after he had cum I felt nothing but guilt at my actions and that guilt stayed with me for many months.

Apart from that one night I never did anything like that again. It was as though for one brief moment I had gone mad and although Jim had enjoyed my madness I could tell that it had confused him as well; yet he kept what had happened a close secret between the two of us. It was a secret that we never mentioned to anyone, not even to each other and after a couple of years it seemed that we had both forgotten the incident.

Jim was fourteen when I next remembered what had happened, of all things it was a TV program that brought the incident to mind. Though the program had nothing to do with incest something in it had jogged my memory. It was a strange coincidence that the circumstances were the same as they had been all those years ago; our parents were away and I was looking after Jim. Not for one night though, this time it was for a fortnight.

My brother was sitting across the other side of the room from me as my memories bubbled up to the surface of my mind, glancing across at him I saw that he was looking at me and smiling. "What?" I said to hide my own thoughts.

Grinning Jim leant forward before replying. "I was remembering that night six years ago." He said quietly.

"What night?" I asked in feigned innocence.

"There is no way," Jim grinned, "that you could have forgotten the night you sucked me off."

"Oh that night." I responded pretending indifference.

Indifference was the last thing I was feeling, my pussy had got so wet over the past few minutes that my juices were soaking through my panties. But I was not about to let Jim know how excited I was feeling, not for a while anyway. Taking a deep breath I tried to meet my brother's eyes, they seemed to burn into me as though reading my very soul and after only a few moments I turned my eyes away from his.

"What about it?" I said breaking the silence between us at last.

"Do you remember," he smiled, "how you tossed me on the floor, whipped out my cock and sucked me till I came?"

Lord did I remember, the memory of his young, immature cock in my mouth flooded back to haunt and excite me even more. At the same time I wondered what all this was leading up to.

"I remember." I replied quietly.

"I never figured out" Jim sighed, "what the hell made you do that to me. Care to tell me now Penny?"

I breathed a silent sigh of relief at his question, for a while I had been wondering if my brother was hinting that he wanted me to do it to him again. Excited though I was I knew that I couldn't repeat the experience.

"I really don't know," I sighed, "we were playing, you touched my pussy through my panties and well, you know the rest."

Jim grinned and got to his feet, he came over to where I was sitting on the couch and sat down beside me. I was puzzled, but not concerned by his action.

"Touched you like this?" Jim breathed as his hand suddenly shot under my skirt onto my pussy.

Just like before a burst of lust rose in me, my pussy ached with it, my nipples ached with it and my mind was overwhelmed by it and in an instant I was out of control. With a low growl I twisted around and pushed at my brother's shoulders, his hand came out from under my skirt as he fell sideways on the couch; before he had landed I was tugging at his flies.

Unlike the last time I had barely got his trousers open when Jim surged back against me, before I could stop him he was on his feet and tearing at his clothes and my lust just seemed to grow with every inch of bare flesh he exposed as he undressed. The sight of his cock, already hard and erect, made my head spin as my lust hit an unbelievable peak, jumping to my feet I threw off my clothes then leapt at my brother like a mad woman.

Though he was bigger and stronger than he had been six years ago he could not stand up to my onslaught, and with a cry he fell to the floor; I lost no time in taking his gorgeous cock into my mouth and it was gorgeous! This was not the immature cock of an eight year old boy in my mouth it was a cock of a man; it filled my mouth as I pushed up and down on it in a frantic rhythm.

My tongue was pressing tightly to the underside of it while my brother croaked out something I could not understand. Suddenly Jim was twisting around like an eel, his cock turned in my mouth as he thrust his way under my body. Then his head pushing between my legs; his tongue ran along the length of my slit; raising my head from his hard flesh I let out a cry of wild animal lust as my brother speared my pussy with his tongue.

Lowering my head again I took his cock back into my mouth making Jim groan, but his tongue did not falter in its movements and while I sucked his cock he lapped at my juices which drove me even more crazy. Gurgling around his flesh I felt an orgasm rising in me, as it hit Jim was twisting around again; moving clear of my shuddering body; pulling his cock from my mouth then pushing me onto my back. Just like that Jim was in control, his body covered mine as he pushed my legs apart and I gave a gasping cry of panic and lust as his cock surged into me in one hard motion.

"We're going all the way this time Penny!" Jim laughed as his cock started to move in my pussy.

It was as though a bucket of cold water had been thrown over me, although I still felt wildly excited I also felt horror at what was happening. My own brother was fucking me deliciously, my horror was at the way I was enjoying it.

Before long I found myself moving with Jim as his cock pushed in and pulled out of me, with each thrust I would raise my pussy to meet him then cry out as my clit was crushed between our bodies.

"Oh God I've waited years for this moment!" Jim gasped as his pace quickened. "Jim, please stop!" I pleaded half-heartedly, "We shouldn't be...oh God...Jim we mustn't...OH GOD...JIM STOP...OHMYGOD...JIM!"

The last was a scream of pure ecstasy as an orgasm ripped through me; deaf to my weakening pleas my brother fucked me like a man possessed and for my sins I began to respond to him like a crazed whore; screaming for him to fuck me as I locked my legs behind his back to pull his cock deeper into my pussy.

Fuck me he did, Jim seemed to go on forever as my body shook through orgasm after orgasm, my cries becoming weaker and weaker until they were mere whimpers and sobs, and when Jim pushed deep into me I let out a strangled, croaking cry. Groaning and quivering my brother shot his hot seed deep inside me, I could feel its heat spreading as his juices filled me and the sensation drove me to a new height of bliss. Then he was moving in me again, ramming his cock into me mercilessly as I sobbed out my ecstasy.

Impossibly his cock stayed hard inside me and with a strength I never knew I possessed I pushed my brother over, rolled him onto his back and rose to sit astride him, all without losing that wonderful cock from my pussy. Once more in control I rode my brother frantically, his cock sliding deliciously in me every time I rose or fell on him. Our groins ground together as I twisted and rotated my pussy on him, but Jim was not idle; his hands had risen to my boobs even as I had thrust down on him that first time.

"OH JESUS!" I screamed as he twisted my nipples hard.

I felt as though I had been possessed by pure lust, my very thoughts were overwhelmed by the wild sensations that ran through me as I fucked my brother; my body shaking and shuddering as orgasms hit me so close together that it seemed as though they were one long eternal burst of ecstasy. Then Jim was pushing at me, I yelped as I felt myself pushed onto my side on the floor, his cock was still buried in me and still thrusting as he fucked me. Or was I fucking him?

I no longer knew or cared who was in control all I wanted was to feel him sliding in me! For ages we lay on our sides fucking each other, it seemed that Jim would never stop, but at long and ecstatic last my brother rammed deep into me again and once again I felt the spreading heat of his seed filling me as I cried out my bliss.

Some time later I sat up, Jim was sitting beside me hugging his knees and watching me with a broad smile of contentment on his lips. I knew just how he felt; I was satisfied to exhaustion. Returning his smile I shuffled over until I could lean against his shoulder, putting one of his arms around me my brother held me to him.

"Satisfied?" he asked giving me a gentle squeeze.

"Christ yes!" I breathed, "Oh Jim, what the hell happened to us?"

"We enjoyed ourselves." he grinned.

"That's not what I mean and you know it." I sighed, "Jim, we should never have..."

I faltered as his eyes burned into mine with such desire that I felt like a specimen on a slide, but within me I felt an answering desire. Laughing I hugged him.

"Penny," Jim laughed, "you woke something in me six years ago, I thought having sex with you would put it to sleep again."

"And has it?" I asked with a sigh.

"Has it hell!" he laughed happily, "It's worse than ever, sis I want you so much it hurts!"

His words should have shocked me, hell the whole situation should have shocked me, instead I felt exactly the same as my brother; fucking him was the only thing I could think of, it consumed my every thought.

"Like a raging inferno deep inside you?" I asked as I pushed his knees down. "More like a volcano," he grinned as he put a hand to one of my boobs, "bubbling on the verge of eruption."

"Oh Jim," I groaned as I took his limp cock in my hand, "we must be crazy."

"Then I like being crazy!" Jim declared with a laugh, "All I want to do is to fuck you and fuck you and fuck you until the day I die."

"Now I know that we are both crazy," I grinned, "because I want you to fuck me."

His cock was growing in my hand as I wanked him; his fingers were busy at my nipple sending waves of excitement shooting over my body like lightning. I could not wait for my brother to get hard enough for his cock to fill my pussy so deliciously once again.

My thoughts drifted back six years to that other day of madness, what I had done then had indeed come back to haunt me now, but my guilt had died and this ghost from my past was most definitely welcome. Then Jim interrupted my thoughts by pulling me onto his lap, I moved my hand quickly away as his cock speared into my pussy and our lips met in a kiss of fiery passion that drove all other thoughts from my head.

Twisting around I got my legs on either side of his body and thrust down on his cock with wild abandon, his hands crushed my boobs as he squeezed them and our lips met in a kiss so passionate that we should have sent sparks shooting off in all directions. It was as though we had both lost all control, almost like wild animals we fucked each other, my cries echoing around the room while his groans filled my ears.

The delicious feel of his cock ramming into me gave me orgasm on orgasm until I thought that I could take no more. Jim pushed up into me hard, his cock sinking right into me as he gave a loud groan, my voice rose to a gurgling scream as I pushed down on him while his seed spurted into my depths filling me with their spreading heat. For a moment we sat there, locked in our orgasmic bliss; then Jim gave a gasp and was moving in me again while I shook and shook and shook uncontrollably on top him.

A few minutes later my brother gave a sigh and stopped moving, I could feel his cock slowly shrinking inside me, but our position kept his cock lodged in my pussy. Putting my arms around his neck I leant forward and kissed him, as our lips parted Jim put his arms around me and grinned.

"This just can't be happening." I sighed, "I've never lost control like this before."

"Oh yes you did." my brother grinned.

"I did didn't I." I laughed, "What I can't figure out is why I only get this way with you."

"Maybe we are meant for each other." Jim smiled in reply.

"Oh God," I sighed with a frown, "don't say that."

"Why not?" he asked.

"If we really are made for each other it would be the ultimate joke on both of us." I responded sadly, "We can't marry the way other people can, you know that as well as I do Jim. If anyone found out about what we've done the law would be on us in an instant."

"You worry too much Penny," Jim grinned, "no-one will find out if we are careful, and even if we can't marry we could always live together."

"Come on Jim," I sighed, "everyone knows that we are brother and sister, don't you think someone will get a little suspicious if we live together and they hear me screaming my head off in bliss?"

"Round here maybe," Jim laughed, "but what if we got ourselves a place somewhere that we weren't known? Think about it sis, in a couple of years I can leave school and get a job, we could get ourselves a flat and screw each other silly every night. We'd just be one more unmarried couple getting on with our lives."

His idea certainly appealed to me and after a little more discussion I found myself agreeing to it, but that still left us the problem of the intervening years. Silence definitely was not golden when Jim was fucking me and our parents would hit the roof if they found us out; I had no doubts that dad would kick me out while mum would have fits of hysterics, but Jim even had an answer to that problem which made me wonder just how long he had been thinking of it.

"You're working sis," he grinned, "getting quite a good whack too from what I overheard, why don't you find our future home and I can come to visit you there. Mum and dad wouldn't object to me coming to see you every day and they won't hear what we get up to."

Not only was it such a simple solution it worked into my own plans so nicely, I had been planning on getting myself a place of my own just to get away from dad's strict rules, now I had a real incentive. Once again I found myself agreeing with my brother, he laughed and pushed his cock up in my pussy and I gasped with pleasure as I realised that he was hard again.

"We've a quite few days to go before mum and dad get back," Jim grinned as he squeezed my nipples, "let's make the most of them. In between fucking we can plan our future." With a smile I leant forward and kissed my brother as his cock started to move in my pussy. The future would have to wait for the moment I was having all I could do to handle the present.

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