It had been a grueling day at the diner for Mary Miller. A Greyhound bus had broken down just outside the small café and Mary ended up playing step and fetch for a bunch of none tipping assholes. She had been looking forward to a nice evening with her boyfriend but she was just too tired for that now. All she wanted to do was get home to her easy chair and relax.

Her eleven-year-old daughter Ashley recognized the worn out look on her mom's face and ran to meet her at the door. Taking the grocery bag from her mom's hands first she then helped to the Lazy-boy recliner.

After taking the groceries to the kitchen she returned to the living room and knelt in front of the footrest to take the shoes off her poor mother's aching feet. Then as her mom lifted up in the chair she rolled down the white panty hose that she wore. She then began to massage the feet of her hard working mom. She kneaded each toe individually kissing each one before moving to the next. Then she spent a very long time rubbing the tired woman's sore insteps before moving to her swollen ankles.

"Oh baby that feels so good," Mary repeated over and over as her loving daughter to relive the soreness. After the ankles the young girl moved up to the calves of her mom's legs and then to her thighs.

"I think I need a shower," Mary said putting her hand out to stop her daughter's rubdown. Ashley ran to the bathroom to start the shower then returned to help her mother to the shower. After helping Mary remove her clothes she stripped off her own white tee shirt and cotton panties and stepped into the shower with her mom.

Ashley soaped up a washcloth and washed the daily grime from her mother's tired body. She started with her back working her way down past her ass and the backs of her legs. The tiny girl then moved around to wash her mother's heavy breast kissing the tip of each one as she finished. Ashley adored her mom's thirty-eights and hoped her little walnut size nubs would grow to be as nice. Then it was down the tummy and finally her mother's very hairy cunt.

The little girl felt her bald cunt was much more attractive and often tried to get her to shave. Once she felt that it was thoroughly clean she knelt down and pressed her little lips against it. "Oh yes baby, you make mommy feel so good," Mary cooed as her daughter's tongue slid into the mature opening.

The young girl felt her mother's body quiver as she took she began rubbing her clit. "Oh yes suck mommy's clit," Mary moaned as Ashley sucked the thumb sized organ into her mouth.

It wasn't long before Ashley felt her mom's body begin to shudder and she knew her job was done but gave a few more licks just for the joy of doing it. Ashley would really like to have shoved her tiny fist up her mom's twat and gave her a good work out but she knew the woman was worn out so that would have to wait till tomorrow. So she towel dried her mom and helped her into the bedroom. After tucking the tired woman in she kissed her forehead and started out the door.

"Wait a minute baby we need to talk," Mary called before the girl could get out of the door.

"Yes Mama what is it?" Ashley asked hoping she wasn't in some sort of trouble.

"Well, Frank is coming by and I'm afraid you're going to have to entertain of him," Mary answered in an apologetic tone.

"Aw Mama not again," The youngster whined, rolling her eyes as she spoke. She hoped her mom bought the act. She was afraid that if her mother knew how much she liked having that big dick of his stuck up her little cunny, she wouldn't let her do it anymore.

"I'm afraid so, and there's more. I promised him something special tonight and I'm sorry, but you'll have to take care of that too," Mary added.

This peeked the girl's curiosity what more could the man expect? "What do I have to do Mama?" She asked trying not to sound anxious.

"You're going to have to let him stick it in your little butt-hole this time," Mary replied almost giggling at the pained expression that flashed across the girl's face.

"Mama it's too big he'll rip me open!" Ashley exclaimed a genuine quiver in her voice.

"No dear it'll only feel like he's ripping you open and I'm sure he'll be gentle," Mary assured her. But they both knew even when Frank was being gentle he was still like a bull in a china shop.

"Well okay, but if he hurts me you're going to have to lick it afterwards and make it all better," Ashley said hoping to get a rim job out of the deal.

"It's settled then. I'll call Frank and let him know. Now go get ready," Mary said patting her little girl on the rump to send her on her way.

"When I get bigger I'll stick my fist up your butt-hole and see how you like having it ripped open," The girl thought to herself as she scurried off.

Frank Morris gave an Academy award performance when he told Mary how sorry he was that Ashley would be standing in for her that night. The truth of the matter was he had fucked thirty-one year old Mary in the ass several times, but this would be his ten-inch cock's maiden voyage up Ashley's tight little anal canal.

He couldn't wait to destroy that virgin sitter. He knew it was going to be tighter than that little cunt of hers and that was plenty fucking tight. He couldn't help but think back to a few months back when Mary had to go into the hospital for an operation that required several weeks of rehab. The woman had been so terrified that he would stray that she had sacrificed her daughter.

If it hadn't been for her little daughter, he would have dumped the dumb fucking waitress weeks ago. Now he was certain that his ultimate goal of having both mother and daughter in bed together was just around the corner.

"Tonight however I'm going to fuck young Ashley's ass so hard she'll be walking bow-legged for a week." He thought to himself as he raised his hand to knock on the door.

Eleven-year-old Ashley took one last look in the full- length mirror to make sure she looked just right. Her thin little lips were coated with bright red lipstick to match the polish on her finger and toenails. She wore a white cotton blouse tied in a knot under her tiny budding breast a short tennis black tennis skirt that didn't even cover her tiny ass a pair of thigh high black socks with a little red garter on her right leg and a pair of three inch heels that she still had trouble walking in.

Her long blonde hair was in pigtails because Frank liked to use them like a horse's reins whenever he banged her Doggie style and while she wasn't sure she had a pretty good idea that getting banged in the butt would be a Doggie Style kind of thing.

"I look silly." She thought but she knew that this outfit turned the older man on and that was the important part. Satisfied that all was as it should be she scurried to answer the door.

"Whoa!" Frank gasped his cock almost ripping through his pants at the sight of the little girl at the door She looked like an innocent school girl that worked after school as a Third Street hooker. "God Damn you look hot!" He exclaimed bring a tiny giggle from her lips.

Not wanting to waste any time he scooped the tiny girl up in his arms kicked the door closed and carried her to her bedroom. Once there he took a seat on the little single bed with the child still in his arms. He then pressed his lips to hers and felt her tiny tongue dart between his lips as his hand slid up the gentle curve of her developing waist and ripped open the knot in the white blouse she wore.

Their tongues explored each other's mouths as he massaged her walnut sized orbs. Her little nipples were already hard probably from the friction between the and the white cotton blouse. He began to kiss his way down her neck to the two puffy mounds of flesh as his hand began moving further South.

As he sucked and nibbled on her quarter sized nipples his hand found it's way to her furless vulva. "MMMMMM!" She purred as he gently rubbed her tiny clit.

Once he felt her begin to moisten he pushed her back onto the bed and dove face first into her tiny vee stabbing her slit with his tongue as his index finger continued working her clit. Soon her juices were practically pouring from her tiny opening and he slid two of his long fat fingers into the opening to prepare her for penetration.

"Gosh that feels good." Ashley cooed. She loved the feel of Frank's broad tongue in her little cunny hole and against her tiny clit. His fingers were like his dick long and fat and she pushed her pelvis down hard trying to get more of the digits in her.

It only took a couple of minutes before her little fuck-hole was ready for something bigger. He stood and began to slip out of his clothing but not until removing a tube of anal ease from his pocket and placing it on the nightstand next to the bed. When he slid his boxers down and exposed his cock the child dove at it like a stared robin. She was only able to get about four inches of the giant staff in her mouth but the hot wet vacuum was enough to make the much older man feel like he was in heaven.

Frank practically had to wrench his cock from the child's mouth but that wasn't anything new. The girl loved to suck cock and had a God given talent for it. Any other time he would be content to let sick on it till her brains caved in but tonight he had a different agenda. He pushed her back on the bed and lifted her legs.

"Hold your ankles sweetie," he instructed as he lined his cock up with that beautiful bald slit.

"OH GOSH!" She exclaimed as he pushed the first six inches into her moist waiting hole. The last four inches took a little preparation but after several short strokes she was ready. "Give it all to me," she moaned as she tried to arch up to get every inch possible.

Frank slammed the final four into that cock hungry little cunt then dropped her ankles so she could wrap them around his waist.

"DO ME!" She screamed her little butt wiggling in anticipation.

Frank continued to fuck at a slow even pace rather than the hard slamming fuck he usually gave her. This was about loosing her up and relaxing her for his ultimate objective. Soon it was time to roll her over onto her hands and knees.

"Don't stop!!" She begged as he pulled out of her hungry little cunt. Then as he rolled her over she began to shiver with fear realizing what was about to happen. Once he had it in place her whole body tensed in anticipation of what was about to happen but to her surprise he slid his cock back into her little cunny.

"Oh yeah!" She cooed when the huge cock slid back into the tiny orifice. She hadn't noticed him picking up the tube f anal Ease nor was she aware of him applying it to his long fat index finger. Her small body was again totally relaxed when she felt the digit slide in.

It happened so fast she didn't even have time to tense up but once she realized what was happening she clamped her muscles sop tight he couldn't move his hand. He allowed her a few seconds to get accustomed to the feel and once she relaxed a bit he began to fuck both holes simultaneously.

"MMMMM That feels good," she moaned enjoying the feeling more than she would have ever thought. She was soon pushing her little ass back to assist in her own impalement.

He could practically feel her juices flowing from her tiny fuck hole and knew it was time to make his move. He tried to make his move quick and catch her off guard like before but this time her reaction was quicker and she clamped her anus closed before he was able to get the head of his cock through the opening.

"Just try and relax," he said pushing hard against the tiny asshole.

"How do you relax when someone's trying to put a cruise missile up your butt?" Ashley wondered her tiny rosebud clinching tightly as it tried to stave off the invader.

Suddenly a loud "UMPH" filled the air due to the air being forced from the child's lungs as her sphincter lost it's battle and Franks cock sank balls deep in her virgin rectum. It felt to Ashley as if someone had stuck a hot poker up her ass and was using it to rip her insides out. She bit the pillow and grasped the sheets so hard that her press on nails were popping off and sailing around the room.

Frank stay stationary for a couple of minutes to allow her to get accustomed to the feel of having her asshole stuffed full of cock. Then before beginning to work his cock in and out he offered some advice to help her get through the destruction of her shit-pipe.

"Rub your clit that will help take your mind off the pain," he advised, then began to give short strokes, not so much to make it easier on her, but to keep her from expelling his cock.

It took some time but the girl began to get used to the pain and even seemed to be getting into a rhythm with his strokes. Then to his amazement as his strokes got longer she seemed to get more into it and began to push back against him. Soon he was pounding her little shitter like she was some kind of crack whore.

"MMMMM!" She moaned as the stokes got longer and more brutal. Her little ass muscles taking a vise like hold on his cock then releasing it as if she were trying to milk it. Soon his attack was almost vicious as he held her pigtails and slammed his cock to her harder and harder. Still she seemed to be trying to get even more of it in her.

Finally Frank couldn't hold back any more and flooded her bowels with hot sperm and when he was spent she was still trying to milk more out of him. The older man finally collapsed on top of the pretty little preteen unable to move and realizing that he may have created a monster when he heard, "Can we do it again."

That night Ashley thanked God for her hard working mom and asked for a special favor. "If it's not too much trouble could you get mom's boss to give her more hours?"

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