This is an expanded and (we hope improved) version of the story "Bred by My Brother-In-Law" posted to Dark Wanderer by Jenny. A comparison will show this is still Jenny's story. HV has merely inserted some explanatory details and added dialogue.

It all started out harmlessly enough. Ken and Suzie were over at our house having dinner, again! I never particularly liked these occasions. Ken was resentful of his younger brother's success in business while he had remained strictly blue collar and he tried to hide his envy by constantly making off-color jokes and little references to their working-class origins. My husband Jack, on the other hand, just liked his older brother, no matter, and paid no attention to the jibes. I, however, couldn't help but bristle and Ken was aware of, and reciprocated, my dislike for him. Tonight he was on one of his favorite subjects.

"So, Jack-boy, when are you going to be puttin' a bun in the cute little oven of that prissy little girl you married? I'll guarantee you, the lovin' gets a whole lot better when a woman's got your baby swelling her up! They just can't get enough of the cock that put a baby in'em, idn't that right honey?" he grinned as he reached over to pat the prominent bulge in Suzie's tummy. Suzie just giggled and snuggled closer to Ken. "Guess that's one reason I'll be going for number four when Suzie pops this one for me!"

Jack just laughed. "Katherine is up for junior partner this year, Ken. Not a good time to be starting a family. Besides she's is not really the 'mommy type.'"

I was grateful that Jack was supporting me, although I knew that part of him DID wish I stayed home cooking, cleaning and taking care of a houseful of babies, as his mother had done for his father and his seven brothers and sisters. I knew, too, he wished I'd meet him at the door each night eager for him to fuck my brains out. If I did, though, the same could happen to me as to MY mother. I was probably as fertile she had been and I had seen her plans for a career delayed and ultimately derailed by one quick pregnancy after another. My desire to avoid having a baby had to take some of the spontaneity out of lovemaking, since I couldn't take the Pill.

In fact as my career prospects improved, I became even more cautious. Even with rubbers, I seldom let Jack fuck me for five or six days on either side of my "danger zone." Subtracting out my menses and the uncertainties of a rather irregular period, there weren't many nights I could relax and just get fucked. Nor, knowing how easily I get turned on could I give Jack head or let him eat me in between times.

Not being a tease, I tried to keep Jack from getting too wound up when I wasn't going to be able to satisfy him. I started dressing more conservatively, seldom showing off my long legs and nice boobs in the frilly blouses, miniskirts, and strappy heels he loves. Fearing my own romantic reactions, I steered us away from candlelight dinners, wild parties, and going out dancing. I didn't dare wear the sexy lingerie and sleepwear that Jack gave me and I had to be pretty careful about snuggling up close at night; it would have been too cruel. In a word, I avoided all those things that the women's magazines advise for putting the spark back in your marriage. I didn't want any sparks starting a fire I could not control.

Ken roared at Jack's comment. "Katie not the 'mommy type?' ANY woman is the 'mommy type' Jack-boy, once she's getin' fucked properly. Maybe you're not be doin' a good enough job on Miss Society Girl. I'd say ole Katie's got a bod built perfectly for makin' babies. Look at those hips! Plenty of room for twins or triplets. And those hooters, man, she could produce enough milk for quadruplets. How about it, Sis?" He leered at me, knowing how I hated for him to call me "Sis" or "Katie." "Does caveman Jack-boy throw you down and fuck you 'til you don't know or care whether he's knockin' you up or not?"

That got Jack mad and he told Ken he was out of line, but he was mollified later that evening when Ken promised to come around to help out around the house while Jack was gone on his business trip. I wasn't thrilled by the idea.

That night I helped Jack pack and the next morning I kissed him good bye for two weeks. Knowing we might miss the next "safe" window I decided to risk getting a couple of condoms ready, hoping to get a "good-bye" fuck that morning, but Jack was in a hurry and left me feeling pretty horny. Of course, I knew that wasn't the only reason; I was always horny in the middle of my cycle. Ken was partly right: Mother Nature agreed that I had a body built for making babies and She didn't agree with my brain's decision to wait.

Later that day Ken came over. He was actually quite friendly and really did help moving a lot of things out of the garage into the attic as he'd promised. He poured us a couple of glasses on the wine he'd brought while I put the sandwiches and chips on the table. We were talking about nothing at all but he kept looking at me as we ate. The wine really seemed to go to my head because I was soon feeling strange, like I hardly knew what Ken was saying. What I did know was that the vague feeling of horniness from this morning had gotten MUCH stronger. I could feel my pussy getting moist. When I stood up after lunch, I staggered a little.

Ken put his arm around me. "Boy that stuff works fast."

"What are you talking about," I asked sluggishly.

"Why the drug I put in your wine, Sis," he grinned. "They said it might take another half hour to hit you," he replied pulling me closer and nuzzling my neck.

"Drug?" I asked stupidly.

"Yes, just a little something to loosen up my in-control sister-in-law to make you one sleepy, horny little girl."

"No, no!" I tried to protest, but Ken just laughed.

"If you're not horny, Katie, why are your boobs so hard? I hadn't even realized when he put his hands inside my blouse. "Do you always get turned on so easily?" he taunted.

"No, it's just that ..." I gasped as he released my bra and began to worry my nipples with his fingers.

"I'd say you're wrong, Katie. You must be really horny to enjoy letting your own brother-in-law feel up your tits like this. It does feel good, doesn't it, Katie?"

"Uuuuu. Yes" I grunted.

"I thought so, but maybe we should be really sure."

"Be sure?"

"Yeah, Katie baby! Let's see how wet you are." I felt my panties being drawn down over my hips and Ken's middle finger slip in. I gasped with pleasure.

"Fuckin' A! You're leaking like a sieve down there honey. I guess ole Jackie-boy didn't give you any cock this morning. You must need some help, eh?"

"Uuu No!" I was trying to fight the feelings, but Ken's hand on my nipple and the other in my pussy was driving me crazy. "Please, please stop! Why are you doing this to me?" I cried.

"Well, it might be that I'm a nice guy who knows you're a horny little slut who isn't getting the hard dirty sex you need from my brother." His fingers n my cunt had me on the verge of orgasm. I could hardly think. "That's what you are, right, Katie? A slut? Would a cool career woman be just about to come on a thick finger in her hot fuck hole?"

"Noooo!" I moaned, needing him to push me just a little further.

"Would a nice society girl beg me to make her come with my hand?"

"Noooooooo" I moaned longer and louder.

"Then show me you're a slut. Do it!" he barked.

I was insane with lust. I'd have said anything. "Oh, god, Ken! Please!"

"'Please' what, Katie baby?"

"Please let me come. Make me come!"

"Well if I were a 'nice guy,' I would. But I'm not! I am sick of you looking down on me and my wife cause she is a stay-at-home mommy for our two and a half kids while you wont give my whimpy brother even one baby. But if you want to come, that's going to change." He scooped me up over his shoulder and carried me upstairs. He settled me into my bed and handcuffed my arms to the bedposts. Only then did I notice the video camera.

"Before I finish with you, slut, you're going to beg me to give you my baby. I'm going to make a tape of this afternoon. An edited version will make sure you'll keep it, or them. See, that drug I put in your wine also is a fertility drug."

"Oh god he's going to knock me up and blackmail me into keeping the baby," I thought.

Finishing removing my blouse he said, "Let's see those tits you always are hiding" As he threw my bra onto the floor, he exclaimed, "Damn fine boobies; my baby will love these."

"God no!" I screamed. He pushed my knees apart. "I know how to shut you up," he said, starting to kiss my tits and belly. I went wild. The cuffs were no longer necessary and he removed them. The camera recorded a rutting woman getting just what she needed.

"Aiiiiii!," I moaned as his tongue reached my overheated pussy. After about the fourth orgasm, I found his cock in my mouth. Soon, I was bobbing and sucking his dick while he taunted me and played with my pussy. Then he stiffened. "Swallow it all bitch," he whispered, "Or your hubby will find out."

I bobbed up and down swallowing as fast as I could as he came. "Nice job baby we have to make this a regular thing" He smiled and laid down on the bed pulling me on top of him "Time to make you a mommy" As he forced me onto his dick he played with my clit and sucked my tits to make me bounce up and down on his dick. "Yea bitch, being a mommy will calm your lawyer ass down. Now beg for me to make you a mommy or I tell hubby."

"Noooo oh god," I moaned. "Make me a mommy!" Tears rolled down my face. Suddenly I arched and came. "Oohhh nooooo ahhh." I was so embarrassed having come for him like that.

"Good girl," he smiled, "Now here's your baby! Ahhh!" he roared as he unloaded his spunk into me. I climaxed again. He held me tight as he came in me time after time. After he finished he made me stay there on him and kiss him. "Say thank you for making me a mommy" I was still delirious from more orgasms in a few minutes than I'd had with my husband in months. Not thinking about the camera I bowed my head, "Thank you Ken for making me a mommy" before the combination of the drug and series of powerful orgasms sank me into blackness.

When I awoke I felt Jack in me fucking me deliciously. As soft orgasm was starting to build and I pulled myself closer to him. Then my head cleared further and I realized it was not my husband, but Ken, rock hard again and in me. I was to far gone even to think about resisting. In moments he was again filling my unprotected pussy with his seed and my body consented to the breeding with a massive orgasm.

By the time Jack returned I knew I was pregnant. A little creative calendar manipulation persuaded Jack that he was responsible for my missed period. He was overjoyed at being a father. Unfortunately, he was only going to be a daddy.

I wish I could say that letting Ken fuck me was a one-time thing. It wasn't. Whether it was the excitement of an illicit affair or that Ken's lewd words that night were all too true, I couldn't get enough of the cock that had put the baby in me. Ken was out of work around then and managed to screw me almost daily during my early pregnancy. Sometime he would come to the house after Jack left early for work and before I did. Sometimes I took a room for us in a hotel near my office.

It was wild, exciting. When Ken's cock was in me, I totally lost control and would do anything for him, things I would never do for Jack. He showed me the doggie position and how to ride him. I giggled as he got me out of all those sexy things I wouldn't wear for Jack. He taught me to give head and to love swallowing. I let Ken eat me for hours, making me orgasm over and over on his tongue. And many of these flings he continued to film. We watched them together before fucking on future occasions. With Jack, on the other hand, I felt no desire, whether from guilt or because Ken was filling all my sexual needs, I couldn't say. Jack seemed very understanding of his pregnant wife's quirks and soon stopped pestering me for sex.

Almost 9 months later some of my friends from work were giving me a baby shower at our home. I was on top of the world. My dangerous and embarrassing affair with Ken had come to an end when he got a job out of town on a construction project. In desperation at first and them with real feeling, I'd started getting Jack to fuck me daily if not more often. He was surprised and pleased by his newly horny wife and I was enjoying sex with my loving husband as never before. Soon I would be a new mother, but I would be returning to work afterward. I would have the best of both worlds.

Ken and Suzie stayed around after the other guests left. Suzie had given birth to number three and was about seven months pregnant again. "Looks like you two have a lot in common," Ken said as he playfully rubbed my belly. "So," he said to Jack, "You must be happy Katie is going to be a mommy. You going to keep her hat home so she'll be handy for starting on the next one?"

Jack just sighed "I tried to talk her into it. The way my business is going, she doesn't have to work. But she is hiring a nanny and intends to stay with the law firm."

"Well, maybe she'll change her mind once the baby's born," Ken said, ominously, I thought.

A week later I had twin girls we named Jacqueline and Jocelyn. Several of weeks after that I was home fixing the nursery, preparing to go back to work at the end of my maternity leave when Ken showed up at the house. He picked one of the babies up and handed her to me. "Okay Miss High and Mighty, you listen to me. Get your cow tit's out and start nursing that baby! If you don't want Jack to find out what a slut you are, you will leave your job and be a stay at home mommy"

"No, Ken. Your evil game is over," I replied calmly. "I've had a chance to think. I'll risk your telling Jack. After all, I could tell you wife, too."

That's when I heard Suzie laughing in the hallway "Stupid bitch!" she said. "Who do you think came up with the idea to knock you up to knock you off your high horse?"

Ken pushed my daughter into my arms and whispered in my ear. "Come on, Mommy, you can do it."

"Yeah. Get some practice. I've got three already; you can help me care for this one," Suzie smiled as she rubbed her belly. "It's only fair."

"Fair?" I shook my head, not understanding.

"You weren't taking very good care of Jack's need for sex while when you were first pregnant," she laughed. "Poor guy was pretty horny. One day he saw me breastfeeding little Jennifer and before he knew it, he was nursing from the other tit. Then I let him suck my pussy until he was drunk on my cum and took him to bed. I've been keeping his eyeballs fucked out since, usually early in the mornings while Ken was over at your house taking care of his little mommy-slut!. This one is Jack's most likely."

"You bitch!," I spat.

"No, darling, just a normal, sexy young mommy like you're going to be from now on," Jack said walking in.

"Jack! You knew!"

"Yeah, Suzie and I arranged for me to 'catch" her and Jack going at it one day and showed him the tapes." Ken explained. "He couldn't believe his reserved little wife had such slut potential. But I told him to play it cool and he could have a horny little stay-at-home mommy like I have."

"And that's what I intend to have," Jack leered. "There are a still lot of your old friends and family that might be interested in seeing some tapes of your affair, if you get any ideas about going back to work."

My career-girl world collapsed. I sat down in resignation. Jack handed me the other baby and began nursing them both, rocking and cooing as they drank hungrily from my breasts.

Its been a few months now and Suzie and I are nursing three newborns and getting fucked daily by Ken and Jack. Since there are only two of them, Suzie and I get together often for some girl/girl fun and sometimes we have foursomes with our men. Of course they never use condoms, so it's only a matter of time before I'm pregnant again with Jack's baby or with Ken's. Suzie says she hopes her next one is Jack's again.

I sometimes still think about my old life and plans, but I know that's irrevocably lost. I could never give up the hard, hot, frequent sex I'm getting now. The other day Jack told us he and Ken intend to keep Suzie and me pregnant horny mommies for years to come.

We giggled and nodded in agreement.

The End


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